Abba Kyari, Nigeria

Abba Kyari, Nigeria

Why Nigeria must not hand Abba Kyari over to FBI- Dr. Gololo

Why Nigeria must not hand Abba Kyari over to FBI- Dr. Gololo

7/30/2021 10:23:00 PM

Why Nigeria must not hand Abba Kyari over to FBI- Dr. Gololo

Nigeria n based security expert and Lawyer, Dr. Garus Gololo, has advised the Federal Government not to hand over the embattled Deputy Commissioner of

DCP Kyari is currently standing trial in an American court, over an allegation of bribery, as revealed in the report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who is currently prosecuting a Nigerian suspect, Ramoni Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi for advance fee fraud.

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FBI agents reportedly arrived in Nigeria and met heads of security agencies, ahead of the arrest and extradition of DCP Kyari to America, for the continuation of trial.But Dr. Gololo, while interacting with newsmen in Abuja on Friday, said it would be totally wrong for the Nigerian government to release such a global class super Cop, who is an envy of the whole world.

He said, “The International Criminal Law allows any country to carry out an in-house investigation or trial of any suspected citizen of the nation, such as the allegation against Kyari since it is not an act of terrorism against a foreign country”.Gololo wondered why the American court would order the extradition of DCP Kyari, who is the smartest and most proactive Cop Nigeria would never want to lose.

“Let Kyari be tried in Nigeria according to our own law. What they are accusing him of is not an act of terrorism or money laundering. They said he allegedly received bribes and I think that is the duty of ICPC to investigate and if it is found to be true, Kyari should be prosecuted and jailed according to our law.

“Nigeria is a sovereign state and we are not under any country’s law, we have our own law, we have our own court and the international criminal court also allows him to be tried in Nigeria, even if the offence was committed in America since it is not terrorism or money laundering. We are an independent nation.

“That is why you see that the Beninese government refused to extradite Sunday Igboho to Nigeria to be tried, even though he was declared wanted by Nigeria’s government”, he added. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

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Those that don't want him to be handed over may be in one way or the other involved they are therefore scared of implicating them as well😀 So that he will not expose you all Trash Story story...just because say Lai and Buubuu name de that list So this police man is afraid of his life but killing an innocent citizens...

Abba Kyari The chief executive director of all Tailors in Nigeria and the number one contractor of any type of native clothes👗👚👖 in Nigeria We are waiting for our own native clothes too from Abba Kyari 😂😂😂😂 Foolish leaders Hand you wanted Benin Republic to hand over Sunday to Nigeria, what an irony

Is like Ogun wan dismantle you, but Nigeria police can kept innocents people in they are cell

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Nigeria must not only arrest and hand over Abba Kyari but dismiss him and prosecute him as well This is how they will all enter the US net. Criminals Nigeria must hand Robber Kyari over. Nigerians are good people with bad policemen and government This is complete nonsense talk. The kind of ideas that make people think their above the law. Best of the best my foot! This guy messed up terribly. He should own up and take responsibility. That's honourable!

He must be handed to FBI oh just because his police they shouldn’t hand him to FBI big fat lie he will go and face his charges Gololo is an old man who sit at home and watch the she goat tight to a post.. just look at that wawa mutum talking rubbish Nigeria has already been labelled a corrupt country, shielding this cop goes a long way to prove the point.

Deliver him to US his a criminal and ur tell us why FG should not hand him over to US... okay let him remain in naija i kukuma trust US they know what to do I dey even pray make buhari no hand am over, u.s fit send men come whisker d werey in the middle of the night No one above the law let him go and face his trial that will be lesson for other corrupts police and FG too. We need to eradicate or execute corruptions because without execute corruption i don't think Nigeria can progress or move forward. So it will better to hand him over now😡

Hushuppi: Interpol asked to arrest Abba Kyari, hand him over to FBIThe International Police, Interpol, has been asked to arrest Nigeria 's Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari . Deji Adeyanju, a popular activist, said AbbakyariGucci FBI ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow D real reason why crime persist in Nigeria becos those in power are involved

Even other nations can handover Nnamdi Kanu and presently Sunday Igboho arrested in Benin Republic why can't Nigeria hand over Abba Kyari? The police cop has a case to answer & should face same. Period Nigeria is a coward construction industry by British empire and you are always slave to every country including some other African countries are the same, Nigeria politicians and police department soldiers are killing innocent citizens everyday, nobody can save them

Look at useless man defending his fellow thief Then NewYorkFBI FBI should please come to Nigeria and effect the arrest of Abba Kyari because this corrupt Buhari administration will never do the needful and extradite anyone in its cabal, but are quick to harass and arrest innocent citizens fighting their rights

nwokolo_leo He must be arrested.he has been arresting people and killing them in Nigeria Who knows whether there are more criminals overseas that the DCP is sewing clothes for . Since Sewing clothes is part of his job in police commission .Abba Kyari fashion designer 👩‍🎨 Now the rule of law would be followed but would not be applied during kidnapping of Kanu and extradition noise over Igboho who is not a murder . The police commission should be ashamed that the celebrated DCP is linked with notorious international fraudster .

Why not say the same for all the young ones who were taken to America for same allegations.. stand with your own, but you should have said this long before now Thunder do your job here. But if ordinary citizen now una go don handle him/her to them already

Hushpuppi: Probe Abba Kyari, hand him over to FBI if found guilty - PDP to BuhariThe Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on Thursday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to order a forensic investigation into reports that the United States, Just like ATIKU was handed over to the FBI in US, after the Jefferson saga ? Include everyone in this picture and their grand patron atiku too They will shield him like they did with Patanmi

Yeah. But Igboho should be extradited. He must go there But is Na Norma yahoo boy una go don hand over an since fucked up people He must be foolish to day that, why should a state that mean well for humanity hide a criminal simply because he's a fulani Fraud Government Dr Gololo or ogogoro e be like say na 🐐 born you

FG no fit do gragra with US on this matter otherwise dem fit place embargo on Naija oil, no country go buy am again ask Iran, Venezuela, wetin dem dey face for many yrs, big owu dey there. I don't ask for una opinion & keep your sentiments. Na so! But you’re there begging Benin Republic to hand over Sunday Igboho. What is good for the Adamu is also good for Adam

THIS'S YAHOO YAHOO PLUS IGP, EFCC HAS BEEN DOING HIDE AND SEEK IN THIS COUNTRY CALLED ZOO WHERE IS EFCC NOW FOOLS EVERYWHERE. If you claimed you are an innocent. Why not you go to American to defend your self

PDP wants Abba Kyari handed over to FBI if culpable | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has demanded a forensic investigation into reports that the United States’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) linked the head of IGP Intelligence Response Team, Abba Kyari , to the international fraudster, Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi. The party said the revelation about the alleged involvement of Kyari, a deputy commissioner […] Hope that will also be their voice once Dino name is mentioned? Immediately with out any delay. What is' If' here, u think say na Suleja police station dey 🔎 am?

USinNigeria UKinNigeria POTUS VP NGRPresident NigeriaGov FedMinOfJustice If Abba Kyari is not handed over to US for justice to take place, Nnamdi Kanu & Igboho should be released immediately without any deliberation or delay. ABBA KYARI is a criminal, killer, fraudster!!! THIS'S YAHOO YAHOO PLUS IGP, EFCC HAS BEEN DOING HIDE AND SICK IN THIS COUNTRY CALLED ZOO WHERE IS EFCC NOW FOOLS EVERYWHERE.

Very funny people... Is better to hand him over now, b4 is too late. Because many of them are involved they won’t let him to expose them But Nigeria can ✋ over MNK, And can't hand over Abba kyari, Shame on this contraption, Even to make him present in court, Dss , can't Nigeria nah scam The US will not release theirs if it was the other way round. My problem with this is move is that the NPF will cover it up and other culprits won't be mentioned so there won't be justice. Therefore I care less if the carry him away and he never returns. Super cop my yansh.

This super cop moniker is a shame in itself, it beholdens bad behaviour. Wtf is super cop is he robocop? If this guy is from southern nigeria by now nigeria government could have hand them over to FBI since 😡 Jihadist Terrorists Buhari clan protect each other. Shame. No matter if Kyari stay there with FBI most wanted must stay in NG. end west world luxury. Go in Borno with BokoHaram friends

Because he's innocent 👍

I Didn’t Collect Money From Hushpuppi, Says Super Cop Kyari Nigeria 's deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari has denied allegations of collecting money for favour from indicted fraudster, Raymond Abbas also known

I no all this stupid article will start rolling out Dr. Gololo when will you wise up Rubbish 'However, the extradition of DCP Abba KYARI won't be automatic. It would follow strict adherence to international/municipal legal mechanisms' - Abubakar Malami (AGF ) THE SAME INTERNATIONAL LEGAL STANDARD NIGERIA FOLLOWED IN KIDNAPPING KANU AND ATTEMPTING TO EXTRADITE IGBOHO?

See why they won't sell you weapons Rubbish talk Deliver old Roger K to Dr Gololo. Nonsense talk. Perhaps Kyari helped him out in one rogue case and he's obligated to pay back by writing why a criminal and mass murderer should not be handed over to FBI Super thief must be bundled to US. This name dey like one kain ancient native deity name

How Police Chief, Abba Kyari Flew To Hushpuppi’s Dubai Mansion To ‘Have Nice Time’ – US Court | Sahara ReportersAlso during the trip, Kyari bragged to Abbas about some of his so-called crime-busting activities in Nigeria , to which Abbas responded by playing allegiance to the police chief. PoliceNG Sahara reporters the devilish news media are here again to destroy another great man..... If there is truly an evidence for this then bring it out so that he can be charged too. But if there is no evidence then the alligation is useless! PoliceNG Northern Arewa Police 👮🏾‍♂️ so called super cop is a THIEF🤤 PoliceNG Anywhere there's flexing, chopping and merry he will find his way there.,yet he's institution (NPF) is commiting atrocities

Mumu has been given some cake to talk. Let the man go to US and answer it simple .. FBI ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow The highest punishment (if any at all) is only a slap on the wrist if tried in Nigeria

Fine officer no shaking you are innocent,no body can bring you down God is with you So Nigeria have there own law to follow in the case of Abba kyari while in the case of Namdi kanu the Kenya govt don't have there own law to judge him b4 smuggling him to Nigeria? chukwuokike will never shame us last....All must hail biafra

'Global class cop who is the envy of the world'. This Gololo man is a Kolo man!😁😁 If NIGERIA government can not handle this man to FBI then they should release mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday igboho now. But Buhari can kidnapped Kanu and chasing Igboho

He is innocent nah...let him go and clear his name nah We have our own law and our own court. Yeah we do and we have our own hospital too but we travel over sea for treatment so Abba Kyari should go and answer his case SIMPLE!!! Nigeria is number 12 most dangerous country to live in the world. Nigeria is a crime scene

A police officer that abetted a crime. He should go and claim his innocence that's how it should be. He must be handed over to the FBI for the crime he commit. Thunder fire golodo