Why I sponsored bill to establish agency for 'repentant' Boko Haram members - Senator

Why I sponsored bill to establish agency for ‘repentant’ Boko Haram members – Senator


Why I sponsored bill to establish agency for ‘repentant’ Boko Haram members – Senator

The sponsor of the bill that seeks to establish an agency for the rehabilitation of repentant Boko Haram members, Ibrahim Gaidam, has explained why he introduced the bill in the Senate.

, Ibrahim Gaidam, has explained why he introduced the bill in the Senate. The introduction of the bill has attracted outrage from many Nigerians. They fear that releasing the ‘repentant’ Boko Haram militants into civilian population could be counterproductive as hardened fighters would return to the terror group to commit more atrocities. Some serving and past senators have also kicked against the bill . The lawmakers described the bill as needless, waste of resources and misplaced priority. This is even as they questioned the nationality of the insurgents. Justification Explaining his motive, Mr Geidam, who is the immediate past governor of Yobe State, said the proposed commission would help repentant insurgents to re-enter mainstream politics, religion and society. It would also would promote reconciliation and national unity. According to the Nation Newspaper, Mr Gaidam gave these reasons when he addressed a press conference in Abuja. “The agency when established will help rehabilitate and reintegrate the defectors, repentant and forcefully conscripted members of the insurgent group Boko Haram to make them useful members of the society and provide an avenue for reconciliation and promote national security,” he said. READ ALSO: CAN, Dunamis Church pledge to cater for family of pastor killed by Boko Haram “It will also encourage other members of the group who are still engaged in the insurgency to abandon the group, especially in the face of the military pressure and enable the government to derive insider-information about the insurgency group for greater understanding of the group and its inner workings,” he added. “It will enable government to use the defectors to fight the unrepentant insurgents. It will help disintegrate the violent and poisonous ideology that the group spreads as the program will allow some repentant defectors or suspect terrorists to express remorse over their actions repent and recant their violent doctrine and in the long run, re-enter mainstream politics, religion and society. “The agency would also help to combat future recruitments into the insurgents group. If defectors told their stories and were made more public, their experiences would play a key role in countering Terrorist propaganda, which in turn would lessen the appeal of joining the group,” he explained. Rehabilitation, an alternative option The Yobe East senator said rehabilitating the repentant insurgents is an alternative and the challenge is to ensure that repentant terrorists are rehabilitated “in the best possible way so that they become useful members of the society.” “In view of the fact that the Boko Haram insurgency is becoming increasingly aggressive since its inception in 2009, marked by extreme brutality and explicit targeting of civilians…it has become necessary for us to go back to the drawing board and adopt an alternative approach, in addition to the military option which has so far performed significantly well. “There is no doubt that many members of the insurgents’ group have defected and many more are willing to repent given a window of opportunity and this is confirmed by many organisations including NGO’s that have unalloyed access to the Boko Haram. “There is the need for a more strategic and comprehensive approach to entice those members of the group who, after realising the futility of the course they are pursuing have eventually decided to voluntarily lay down their arms and chose the path of peace. Hence, the need for the establishment of the National Agency for the Rehabilitation, de-radicalisation and reintegration of repentant insurgents to accommodate the defectors.” He further said those captured active in the battlefields will be required to, in addition to the psychological therapy, “participate in the criminal justice process”. Having been introduced, details of the bill will be discussed in the Senate on another legislative day and lawmakers are expected to deliberate on the legislation. Read more: Premium Times

Mr senator, why didn't you sponsored bill to establish agency for internally displaced persons as a result of Boko Haram. Without a thought for the victims of the wicked actions of Boko Haram, you are a sponsor. Bill to establish an agency for the widows and children of the Nigerian soldiers who scarifies their lives fighting the insurgency would have been better

How corrupt can one get, they keep increasing the bar Your basis has no meaning with our group because we are strictly for humanity and will never support anyone that takes away human lives . No forgiveness , forgiveness can only come from the Creator Think twice Mr Senator, a state you can't control as a Government then.

People like you are not meant to be in the upper chamber. I would have loved to see a bill to Carter for the families that were destroyed by Boko Haram. Why special treatment?Are there no systems already responsible for apprehension of criminals - prosecution - jail time / rehabilitation as well as integration back into the society were their skills will be best utilised?Why divert resources to cater for what has bn catered for?

There is nothing like repentant Boko-Haram terrorists. Their membership is based upon an ideology that's culturally and politically rooted with sympathisers in the highest echelons of Nigeria's government. Of course, these 'repentant' ones aren't brainwashed. Were they? Oponu U are one their sponsors mtchew

What about bill for children out of school in the north? Dunce

Boko Haram bill insult to Nigerians – Plateau Senator🙌🏽 our campaign against the bill was fruitful If not because Nigeria is failed country with failed institutions the idiot should have been rotten in prison by now Let's share this Country...

If justice always prevail in this nation,how on earth does a legislature knows that 'boko haram are ready to lay down their weapons not knowing what their constituency needed. You didn't even sponsor a bill to establish an agency for the families affected by Boko Haram. But you deemed it fit to sponsor a bill for the 'repentant' BH. Your wickedness is gut wrenching 😒

Member Can't even bother to read this Borno prayers have started manifesting...all BH sponsors shall be exposed. Get out here old man ‘This man should be arrested with immediate effect For God sake this country is turning into a ZOO Ewu.. In a country where d constitution states it clear dat its citizens must be protected & u took oath of office. Look at how u bypassed law & order of a sane society & presented dis deadly bill. U were a gov; wat did u do with security votes. Value of Nigerians is now Politics!

Ask the 'yahoo' whether he bothers care about the welfare of the troops securing day and night the country which they all benefit from. Demikiwala militaryblower

Repentant Boko Haram bill will solve insurgency problems - Senator Gaidam - Daily Post NigeriaSenator Ibrahim Gaidam representing Yobe East Senatorial District has reiterated his stance on the controversial bill to establish a National Agency for smh Big fool how ? Really?!🤯

There is no reason This agency you are proposing, who will fund it? How MUCH does the entire north east contribute to the national treasury? You want to milk others to sustain vagabonds and criminals. You should be arrested and investigated thoroughly... First BH supporter like you claimed that Boko harem members are not Nigerians, So does it mean that we are building rehab Centers for Foreigners that came to attack us in our own country? With whose Taxes?

Bereft of ideas These are the main boko haram terrorists... This dullards speak English they seriously don't understand how does integrating supposed repentant boko boys bring about national unity? Are these the set of people that decide the fate of a nation sooo sad right now. Repentant Boko Haram? What does that mean?

And here comes a senator in my country trying to justify his stupidity and lack of sense! His perfidious heart is unable to spare a thought for the helpless victims in IDP camps save for the gruesome murderers.😎 You have exposed yourself as one of their Patrons. Waiting for the disposition of other Senators on your evil plan.

Boko Haram insurgents ready to lay down arms – SenatorAnd they told ya that heh? We are tired of this stories How did he know?

Please there should be Agency for repentant kidnappers and criminals in the prison, after the Agency for repentant boko haram, there should be Agency them,You are part of Nigeria problem, how I wish your family is a victim and then you continue with the bill. Stupidity on display No reason is good enough, Mr Senator!

Shame on you This bunch should be arrested ,investigated, and jailed because it's very obvious he is an affiliate of BH probably their representative in government. Please what's the senator's Twitter handle? He should be arrested. Nonsense upon ingredients Mumu senator Looking for boko haram sponsor? Go no further☝️ UN UNHumanRights realDonaldTrump UKinNigeria 10DowningStreet ICC

Even the President mentioned this in his recent visit to Maiduguri, the Local should stop supporting BH. As a political leader in Yobe u should speak as a leader not as foreigner. What Gov Zulum is now doin supposed to done U and your Co previously. I doubt were u belong Sir What do you expect from a criminally minded soul?

What about the Almajiris? Stupid man!

Why Senate must reject rehabilitation, reintegration of Boko Haram bill - Sen. Gyang - Daily Post NigeriaThe Senator representing Plateau North Senatorial District, Istifanus Gyang, has called on his colleagues to reject the bill seeking to establish an

Since you are a sympathizer unko. I only pity southern soldiers who died for a quarrel between family members You sponsor the bill because you and your children are bokoharam members.👌 You want to compensate those you & others created to aid your various election riggings. Now no more free Cash to Sustain them so Nigeria should takeover your likes creation responsibility. You all will be exposed someday.

You are a bokoharam apologist Giedam didn't raise hope for children rotten away in IDP camps, didn't raise hope for the children of the slain soldiers & their widows but he wants an agency dedicated to the murderers. Shettima made Chibok principal a commissioner after abduction discas2001 KashimSM MBuhari

No reason Use the resources to recruit more people into the military. Use the resources to train your youths in skill acquisition. Use the resources to rehabilitate victims of bh. Ask the US what happened to freed terrorists. You're their sponsor. Why not sponsor bill to take care of the widows and parents of soldiers that died in the war against Boko Haram Sense is far from u Mr. Sinator abi bokonator!!!

Nobody cares about your why? Wat about the north East development commission

Boko Haram: Minister reveals why Buhari pardoned 104 terrorists - Daily Post NigeriaThe Federal Government, through the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar-Farouq, has explained why Boko Haram should put their form out o Murderers shld be tried not rewarded. GMB’s action is mockery for victims of BH. There’s no sensible explanation for releasing deadly, merciless & heartless terrorists who joyfully behead pastors & fellow humans; rape & slaughter women, kids & elderly; kidnap & burn ppl’s homes Just look at the trash she is giving as a reason for their release. As a minister with conscience what have you and the govt done for those in IDP camps ? What is their standard of living in those camps? What parameters were used to know those killers have repented? God sees!

So youths have to pass through Boko Haram to benefit from the funds that will be released You didn't think of Bill for Idps but BH, He's one of the patrons of BH He should be arrested for life, again, he should have the backing of the so-called president to put such a bill before the house. Senator you want repentanted Boko haram to enter main stream politics to rule our dear country abi.

Bill to establish an agency for the almajiris skipped ur mind abi? 🤡 , that what you’re. Oloriburuku Senator The guy should just go and sit down. Has he seen the videos where BH members slaughter innocent people? I think this guy should be investigated 🙄, he's explanations are senseless. All these old nitwits are behind the Boko Haram insurgency itself.

Military confirms loss of soldier in Garkida encounter with Boko Haram - Daily Post NigeriaThe Nigerian military has confirmed that one soldier died while another was wounded during a gun battle with Boko Haram militants who attacked Garkida, a

Have some decency, shame, get off the news dude. You did not make any sense with your bill. Bill to establish an agency for the almajiris would have been better, Sir. A replica of Niger delta but his sense didn't tell him that we are dealing with Terrorist here. Politics of envy and greediness. All I read was rubbish..bias country .lets do same for the criminals in prisons “Repentant criminals

Yhu should be arrested .....you have no 'why'

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