Why I Believe Buhari Government Knows Bandits Terrorising Northern Nigeria—Nollywood Actor, Chiwetalu Agu | Sahara Reporters

Why I Believe Buhari Government Knows Bandits Terrorising Northern Nigeria—Nollywood Actor, Chiwetalu Agu | Sahara Reporters

10/24/2021 3:22:00 PM

Why I Believe Buhari Government Knows Bandits Terrorising Northern Nigeria—Nollywood Actor, Chiwetalu Agu | Sahara Reporters

The veteran actor was initially arrested by the Nigerian Army for allegedly soliciting support for the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) after he was caught wearing a Biafran outfit.

Oct 24, 2021Nigerian Nollywood comic actor, Chiwetalu Agu, who was released last Tuesday the custody of the Department of State Services (DSS) has shared his experience in detention. The actor disclosed this during an interview with Showtime Celebrity.

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He said,"The federal government’s brigandage is the problem. With this present administration in power, we will never get democracy. What we have is militocracy; shame on Nigeria. All freedom fighters and civil society groups will continue to be disappointed until the present administration leaves the corridors of power.

"The truth is that they are scared of the actualisation of Biafra. There’s no comparison between the North and South. The North is the epicentre of atrocities, man’s inhumanity to man. Why is it difficult for this present government to move in and apprehend the bandits terrorising the northern region? This is because the government knows the bandits. headtopics.com

"The symbol on the costume I was wearing was the rising sun and that was what it was. I believe with my soul in the rising sun. From my geography class, I learnt that the sun rises from the East and sets in the West."Rising sun is about growth, you don’t remain where you are forever. I told the soldier that even as a sergeant, your aim is to rise above that rank. Some of you who are Major-Generals today were once of lower ranks but you have risen. So, you should embrace the rising sun."

Sharing his experience in custody, Agu said,"I had finished a job in Asaba, and was driving down to Onitsha. My fans upon sighting me in a car milled around me. And when I saw their hungry faces, I decided to park by the roadside and purchase some loaves of bread for them. And before I knew what was happening, everywhere was crowded with people. 

"I wanted to spend N5, 000, but I ended up buying N10,000 worth of loaves of bread. It wasn’t long before the soldiers showed up and started scaring people away. When they came close to me they said ‘we want you or whatever.’ I said to them, ‘what did I do? What crime did I commit that is against the constitution? They couldn’t explain.

"At that point, they decided to use force, prompting me to sit on the casement. When I noticed that they meant it, I knelt down. It was the point where they dragged me into their waiting Sienna bus, where I was sandwiched between two armed soldiers in the back of the car with another two armed soldiers at the extreme and their leader who sat in front of the bus. They drove me into the Onitsha barracks. headtopics.com

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"That was the point where there was a fisticuff. While in the barracks, their senior officers took over the matter and began to query my costume. I said to them that the costume as far as I was concerned was innocent. I pointed at the rising sun symbol and said ‘I am proud of it.’ I am happy you didn’t arrest me in connection with IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra), ESN (Eastern Security Network) or Radio Biafra. That was the point they went physical. And it didn’t take time before they arranged another SUV car and took me to 82 Division of Nigerian Army, Enugu.

"In Enugu, about three Army Generals were drafted to interview me because they brought in a camera and for 10 hours they couldn’t get anything from me. They went as far as opening my social media handles in search of whatever. But at the end of the day, they couldn’t lay their hands on anything. At that point, they said they were okay with me. The following day, they were going to showcase me in a photograph with them to tell the world that they were handing off my case. I don’t know whether DSS in Enugu demanded me and they took me to them.

"While in the DSS office, their boss wasn’t interested in anything other than to transfer me to Abuja. I spent four to five days in Abuja. All they did in Abuja was rigmarole. I thought the investigation done in Enugu would have been enough for anybody to know what transpired. But one arm in Abuja decided to start afresh, just to waste my time and maybe, tactically extend my stay in Abuja. While there, I didn’t know how the tension was mounting globally because they seized my cell phone. I was told that the constitutional lawyer, Chief Mike Ozekhome together with other human rights lawyers were rattled. The whole place was set agog and I think at that point, they got intimidated and started thinking of how to release me to my colleagues.

"Another aspect of my stay there that was excruciating was hunger. I went there suffering from ulcer and diabetes. For five to seven hours, they couldn’t bring food to me. I told them that ulcer patients can eat up to six times a day. That place is something else. But all in all, God was with me. At the end of the day, the representatives of the National President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, led by Steve Eboh, arranged for us to pay a courtesy visit to Chief Mike Ozekhome who was happy to receive us. When we got to Enugu, AGN members there gave me a wonderful reception. Today, I am a free man. headtopics.com

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Pls follow me and I will follow back This sun must rise. I no longer pray for Nigeria Unity nor for good governance, rather Am praying for supper Disintegration. Iseeeée They can't do u any harm Sir, if you talk, u die, if u nor talk, u die, why not just be telling d truth? D government is bad and everyone knows it

BiafranTweets Even sheikh Gumi said it on TV, channelstv If he can be so brutal about your wear why sympathetic to attackers terrors Because buhari is a Fulani and president, our security officers are helpless or doing what buhari wants them to do i.e. making it look like crushing bandistry is like rocket science.

Na man you be. TRUE son of Biafra land This man has just become more popular They know, I just can't figure out why they want the nation to sink. Your own motherland

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The more Nigeria comes hard on Biafrans the harder they make Biafrans become. Fearless man, fire on Of course, they know them and the sponsors in govt. Papa onye dot nation nd the rising sun Reading through the text, I saw nowhere he said Buhari knows the bandits terrorising Northern Nigeria. Nevertheless, he made some undeniable facts. He's a man among men.

ChibuikeChined4 Jermiah 1:14 says it all 14Then the LORD said unto me, Out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land. My favorite man ❤️❤️❤️ He has gone to military barrack and DSS office no level. This government is full of terrorists. Jihad will destroy them 'Isaiah 49:24-26'

What benefits is bubari GOVERNMENT aimed in sponsoring to bandits over northern nd southern states?!

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Mr rising sun ☀️🤡😂😂 The North is the epicentre of atrocities, man’s inhumanity to man. Why is it difficult for this present government to move in and apprehend the bandits terrorising the northern region? This is because the government knows the bandits. Nothing but the truth. Before nko, everyone knows buhari is their chief commander

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SaharaReporter u beta know

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