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Where is Hisbah? Tweeps react to Yusuf Buhari's fiancee's bridal gown

Where is Hisbah? Tweeps react to Yusuf Buhari's fiancee's bridal gown

8/4/2021 9:16:00 PM

Where is Hisbah ? Tweeps react to Yusuf Buhari 's fiancee's bridal gown

Hisbah is known to enforce Sharia precepts... questioning its silence on Zahra's choice of outfit to her bridal shower.

Segun AdewolePublished4 August 2021Yusuf, son of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), will soon marry his fiancée, daughter of the Emir of Bichi, Princess Zahra Bayero.A 145-man committee was inaugurated by the Emir of Bichi, Nasir Ado-Bayero, to facilitate a hitch-free wedding Fatiha which will hold on August 20.

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Part of the preparations for the wedding Fatiha involved a bridal shower thrown for Zahra who wore a white gown to the event held on Tuesday in Abuja.Zahra Bayero in her bridal shower gownWhile many congratulated Zahra concerning her outfit after photos from the event went viral, some were quick to point out the silence of the Hisbah Police in Kano and others who love to view such outfits from a religious lens.

Hisbah is known to enforce Sharia precepts in Kano including alcohol ban, ban on prostitution, indecent dressing, amongst others.Its modus operandi has left many on Twitter questioning its silence on Zahra’s choice of outfit to her bridal shower.#ArewaTwitter, headtopics.com

a group of northern youths who love to call out immoral displays by adherents of the Islamic faith, has also been silent.Last year, the group had called out Kannywood actress Rahma Sadau over photos she shared on Twitter which had her dressed in a gown believed to be immoral.

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😂😂😂 Sharia law is only enforce on poor Nigeria Muslims Hypocrite Sharia law is a big lie.its a way to put fear in people to control them easily.Mad people everywhere. They were busy drinking beer Hisbah is on break for now, to resume operation after Yusuf's wedding Face de fear face o Hisban is for poor people

Hisbah is for the poor northerners 😂 Hisbah is for poor people. Hisbah is dead drunk. They will react when they regain their sobriety.

See the pictures of Yusuf Buhari’s fiancee that set tongues waggingPictures of the bridal shower of the Emir of Bichi’s daughter, Zahra Bayero , who will be getting married to Yusuf, President Muhammadu Buhari’s only son, in a few weeks, have got many talking on social media platforms. 🗣 SHARIA LAW IS ONLY FOR POOR NORTHERNERS SHARIA LAW IS ONLY FOR POOR NORTHERNERS SHARIA LAW IS ONLY FOR POOR NORTHERNERS. Kano hisbah and the state government should be ashamed of themselves. It is clear that their shenanigans are only for the poor. U cant serve Allah half way is either u r good or bad but nothing like what hisbah Kano is doing. Very disrespectful to the religion of Islam. Munafukai She had a frozen themed bridal shower, used a Christian wedding themed dress, didn't cover her hair, exposed her cleavages abi shoulders.. Lmao.

Clowns Even Saudi Arabia has relaxed many of its strict religious regulations. NickOgbonaya Terrible tribe NickOgbonaya Hypocrites After seeing all these things, the so called poor people will still support and defend Buhari govt. Mind you Islamic laws are for the poor Muslims alone, not for rich Muslims, how many rich Muslim thieves has their hands cutoff? I come in peace

Where are the Islamists,they have developed woodpeckers syndrome, cows Cowarfs, Jokers Efulefus Hisbah are not after the Rich, but they are after the poor Northerners. Allah is watching everyone of them. Say no to Hisbah. Northerners won't say anything,the day they'll have education, they'll destroy all their leaders, suffering the poor with their useless law

I think Hi**ah has been assigned a role in the planning committee. To make sure no girl comes dressed in anything close to d brides.

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Hisbah are at Abba Kyaris house trying to protect him from FBI & Interpol please they don't want to loose one of their major financiers..... Lolz I believe HisbahCommander is busy arresting hustling Muslim guys & Igbo business men In SabonGari shame on you Hisbah U will put alcohol or spirit in a jug and say is Tea & will be sleeping with ur fellow man's wife in a Hotel rather to execute u commence Investigation

You see eh,they need a serious revolution and revamping in the North. Hisbah nonsense😂😂😂 Confused people! Kano Hisbah and those they protect are muslim infidels. You can only find real dedicated muslims in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE and other core Arab nations. Yes, my tweet is boldly directed at the muslim terrorists, bandits and their sponsors in northern Nig

You like make Dem sack Hisbah Hisbah is for the poor & eye service to the public. Check hotel rooms in case...

AGF Malami inaugurates NHRC's first governing council in six yearsThe President Buhari administration failed to inaugurate another governing council of the NHRC since 2015. Hmmmm.

The so called poor no dey see? As dem no dey hear can't they see? Let them galvanize themselves against uneven administration of the so called sharia law. Draconian laws are for the poor. Hisbah has gone for recession Nope, you won't see ArewaTwitter here because they're over there standing with AbbaKyari.

...bunch of hypocrites 🙄 Nonsense. The rich is always above the laws in Nigeria because they may the laws just to oppress the poor and the voiceless.😏 Hisbah police isn't aware of the event but was shocked on behalf of MBuhari... This testifies to the fact that, religion is meant for the poor while love is meant for the Godly minded. Northerners are only enmeshed in religion because they are mentally poor, nothing fits them than poverty and religion.

Selective justice administration. Who is hisbah father to harass the buharis'? ikay_nna

Buhari Regime Appeals To Kidnapping Bandits To Leave Schoolchildren Alone | Sahara ReportersBuhari’s ministers, Emeka Nwajiuba, who is the Minister of State for Education, made the appeal. I agree. If only they can leave school children alone and take you with them. Leave the schoolchildren and focus on the able-bodied youth abi. These folks are hilarious walahi They should face their teachers and guardians 🤣🤣

They're all hypocrites. BajTunji Islam d wear white gown now... Wetin person no go see for gate Kyari didn't deliver the hisbah early enough. Kyari disappointed Hisbah is for poor men On recess Northerners just left the comments section 😅😅😅😅 They want to be like western world 🌎 but there bokoharam religion won't allow them

Hisba is for the poor This testifies to the fact that, religion is meant for the poor while love is meant for the Godly minded. Northerners are only enmeshed in religion because they are mentally poor, nothing fits them than poverty and religion. On koo app

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It's for the poor Hisband police is a slap to Nigerian version of Islam. Mohamed could be weeping in his grave over his followers in Nigeria They have not seen the pictures. I'm 100% sure they'll punish her if they catch her Hisbah? Hisbah isn't for the rich. Get this straight. 100% quality shorts available for ₦6,000 Whatsapp:08119038620 Location :Lagos

Sneakers available for just 12,000 Size 41 - 45 Location: Lagos Whatsapp: 08119038620 Pay on delivery option available within Lagos Hisbah is for the poor Hisbah is for the poor. The elites are allergic to Sharia laws. Hypocrites Wait....!! This is a bollywood artist or this is from Arewa... I don't blame govt , the poor ask for Hisbad

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Islam is for for the poor not the rich They are busy sowing clothed for clients in Diaspora, or on recess .... Don’t even try Power Hisbal and poor Northerners are behind closed doors chanting Haram, Haram, haram but can't do nothing, the rich and powerful among them will be struggling to take pictures with her. Hypocrites

They are 'north' aware. From southerners as usual. Lol😂😂. Headgear and covered body are only for the poor. The Rich are allergic to sharia. Dem no born dem well make dem say anything.... The stupid Islamist people will not go after the Yusuf Buhari's bride. Their Sharia law is for the hapless poor amongst them.

Hisba is for poor people

Na like this them do hisbah mouth 😄😄😄😄 Their laws are only for the poor Waiting dey do dangote wey open yansh for Nigerians That one na for the people for the street. They'll come and be mentioning the holy prophet's name in no time. Stupid ideology. Hisbah only prosecute the poor north or should i say middle best. They can't harras their boss Buhari and co

Hisbah are for the poor Hisbah you say Hisbah don waka lo, lol. Thise pipu call hisbah are religious terrorist. Forget them Sharia is for the poor and middle class Northerners.

Hisbah don do sojunu Hisbah/sharia is more effective when it concerns the poor. You don see rich man wey sharia give short sleeves? Dem lock Hisbah for outside! Dem no let am enter party! So much hypocrisy 🙄 It's definitely for the less privilege in the north... Hisbah is for the poor , not for the likes of Ganduje , El rufai , Buhari and other Rich Arewa 😅🤣

Hisbah &Sharia in Nigeria is for the poor. Even in Kano go &checkout Ganduje's daughter wedding or even her SM pages. Story 😂😂😂Leave matter for 'Matthias' Which hypocrisy hisbah The Zoo Their laws are only applied on the poor.🤗may God save the poor

Anyone who thinks their is a sharia police in Nigeria is just being fooled, they are nothing but political hoodlums policing. Hisbah is for those poor people in the north. Who born them here. 😆 🤣 you can only rob a Nigerian but you can't cheat a Nigerian. Hisbah don blind Hisbah is for the poor Sharia and HISBAH, only for the poor and oppressed. The smelling hypocrisy in Arewa.

Islam is for the poor Hisbah is still busy arresting Mannequin in Kano They are Hippocrates the so called hisbar or what ever you call them Islamic law is for the poor

Ahhhh it's Yusuf buhari jooor.... His wife cannot be seducing anybody.... Na BahHis dey town now. Hisbah is making sure dignitaries are comfortable. They will resume after the wedding by arresting any bride wey won do like her. The boy is handsome sha The law is for the poor Hypocrisy of the highest order!

They are hypocrites