We won't reveal our plans against insurgents - COAS – Daily Trust

We won’t reveal our plans against insurgents – COAS

4/6/2020 5:48:00 AM

We won’t reveal our plans against insurgents – COAS

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai on Saturday said the next line of action against the Boko Haram insurgents will be kept secret, and charged troops of the Operation Lafiya Dole to be set for a busy undertaking in the fight against the insurgents. Buratai stated this at a dinner in …

Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-General TukurThe Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai on Saturday said the next line of action against the Boko Haram insurgents will be kept secret, and charged troops of the Operation Lafiya Dole to be set for a busy undertaking in the fight against the insurgents.

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Buratai stated this at a dinner in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, in honour of former Theatre Commander (TC) of Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj. Gen. Olusegun Adeniyi.“We will not disclose our plans but I’m sure that as you settle down, you will have a very busy time. And all the new commanders should prepare for a very busy period,” Buratai told the new Theatre Commander, Maj. Gen. Farouk Yahaya.

The Army chief praised the outgoing commander for his bravery and good style of leadership all through his tenure at the head of the operation.ADVERTISEMENTHOW OVER 5000 NIGERIA MEN HAVE PERMANENTLY OVERCOME TERRIBLE BEDROOM PERFORMANCE DUE TO THIS RECENT DISCOVERY BY MEDICAL CONSULTANTS

“It is an honour well deserved for someone who has shown very high level of dedication, commitment and demonstrated a great understanding of the operational environment. He came at a point when actually most of the FOB’s were falling and his coming proved a turning point in the operation,” the COAS said.

He emphasised that moving the theatre commander out of the theatre of operations is not for any other reason but rather a normal administrative function carried out from time to time.In his welcome address, the new Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj. Gen. Farouk Yahaya assured the Army chief that he will put in his best in the operation so as to attain the desired mandate.

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Lazy generals with his army that can only use their muscles on innocent citizen of Nigeria,you all need to go learn from Chad,including hide and seek president of hausa fulani. Business Men Abeg which plan do you have , you push soldiers into arms way and you say you have plan Hahahahahahahahaha yeye de smell. They are still on the drawing table . Chai .

Wich dirty plan b dat? COAS and his troops do no have any cogent plan to defeat Boko haram.. For five years? Oga sir which PLAN abeg?! You are failure and will die with Ur filthy plans Do you even have any plan mugu Chad did not reveal theirs either. We just saw it on the ground. Mun gaji da gafara Sa bamu ga qaho ba (a mirage plan?)

This man should just resign and hide his head in shame Then do it sir! Do you ever had a plan before? For how long will this be You have no strategic plans; what would you have revealed! Stop covering up You're out of ideas, we need fresh minds.. The insurgents are not ghosts, they leave trails, if u do ur job properly they'll be decimated by now, it's not rocket science

Dan makaryata Lol 😂 Nigerians come and see this one, like say he he plans true true. Don’t worry we understand you n your boss means Oga you can keep to yourself, Chadian armies are give us d real deal. Hmmmm mm Idriss Deby My friend, you don't have any plans! Shame on you, Chadian troops did your job for you.

Olodorapata Best wishes sir I feel like unfollowing coz of how they disturb my timeline with this news. Y do you keep repeating it? That has been the challenge in fighting Boko Haram insurgency. Please your operations should be secretly carry out. It worries Nigerians for exposing your theatre plans to fight Boko Haram in the public domains. GodBlessNigeriaArmy

Plans that are already released Paper general But I never knew they had plans And an Army of another smaller country is doing your work for you. Right now does your plans really matter? Laughs .. no plan Mr man you don't have any plan 👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️ You got none see who is talking Oga you have no plan. Gerrout!

Hahaha. Technically defeated plan ko Before, did we ask you to reveal it lol 😡😡 Una don come again Oloriburuku U don't hv any since 2015 😂😂😂How can I backstabb myself. He's use his common sense. Like say una don ever get 1 before , link up Jack Bauer So you have finally woken up from your slumber. If you have any plans just execute them and let actions speak louder than words and stories, GEN. Wake up

You'd be a dumb commander if you had, even in football coaches don't reveal their strategies how much more the army Which plan? 🧐 They know you want to hug, kiss and schooled them in abroad already. Do u have any plans? Useless!!! Releasing Boko Haram is your plan that can not be released once you know others region are not giving dam about them.

Commend Chad for a good job done and you're here telling me about plans.... You guys are planless... fighting the boko Haram has turned a lucrative business for the ogas at the top Plans coupled with sabotage from the same government.... what a pity Plan that hasn’t been for years, is that one plan? Because you have none

You’ve never had any you lier!!! Ok Keep planning till 2023. Bro U guys have non...so keep quiet. Chad is dealing With Boko-Haram while Boko-Haram is dealing with Nigeria soldiers. EFCC needs to investigate DHQ to expose the powers behind this unending insurgency in Nigeria. Chad is dealing With Book-Haram while Book-Haram is dealing with Nigeria soldiers. EFCC needs to investigate DHQ to expose the powers behind this unending insurgency in Nigeria.

Which plans.. Lol Continue planning, while others are executing plans. Because u guys are in a privileged spot u think u can all do as u like, but don't forget that what affects the eyes will also affect the nose one day Do u really have plans Don't say it cos BH already know even before you opened that bunker carvity of yours.

Who said you should reveal anything? But whatever it is, is definitely not working Amnesty plan Sure Like say una get plans before. Owing to the victory of forward-charging troops of Chadian Army in Nigerian territory Damansak, Buratai ought to be remorseful, keep quiet to save HQNigerianArmy, MBuhari and NGRPresident some shame.

Na this guy foolish pass. When their oga say make dem rehab BH why e no tell am say na bad thing. some northerner be mumu all dey do is ranka dey dey Which plan dem get before. Shior!!!🤓 Which plan. ..? Over five years now and you have plans. ..You must be dreaming. MAY SOULS OF OUR FALLING HERO'S RESTING IN PEACE AMEN! !

U no get any plan oga!! U guys gv been planing while Chadians ar executing their plans. Alot hv died an more will still die if dis ur so call isolated plans are nt executed wit all honesty. Let me guess sir, its diamond formation, wright? Continue hiding your plan sir. But if I were you sir, I will copy from chad.

Nobody needs it after All, just flush them, that's all! You don't have any plans sir. Ok We hear you sir, next If at all you have a new good plans. Same statement for five years now and thousands of your officers and men are dying while you enjoy not revealing your plans as if you have any 😭👹 As if you'd ever have one🙄 General market

Plan to have more money or plan to defeat BH Because you're using it to make money right? Posterity shall judge you Buratai_COAS I like that Leemau. Okay. Las las na operation one thing e go b. Park well jor “I can assure Chadians, the entire zone that border with Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon is now under control, not even a single Boko Haram Terrorist.” “We taught them a lesson they will never forget, those of them alive. — Iddris Debby, Chadian President

Better for u Do you even have any? You can't reveal what you don't have. 😀😀😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Worst COAS in Nigeria. You sold our fearless men of warriors to your heartless and merciless Boko Haram brothers. Traitor and betrayal. God will judge according to the evil and the innocent blood you shed in Borno. May Allah not forgive not forgive you

Insecurity no ideas Better.? We are not even interested thanks Nonexistent plan This is how a General should talk not after planning strategy, you succumb to the pressure of the people by telling them the next move to make to either capture or destroy BH. FOOD SUPPLIER; I am a corps member, I can supply a trailer of processed garri weekly, if federal and state govt, church or NGO need a supplier for garri they can reach me through call or WATHSAPP 09027067031 or 07081509678 for more info.

Don't worry, our troops have done it.. Go and continue sleeping Be mindful of your rank and file! Keep it The plan to recruit them into Nigerian armed forces They already know if you have one! Audio planning, u should have been removed long before now. There has never been a plan Don't let the people see how far ur effort

Sssssssssshhhhhh! Shout the F up! 🤫 You guys have no plans whatsoever! Lazy general!😬 You get plans? Just look at his face like cow dung Oga you no get plan. By now u shud have resigned. I just pray this war destroys all evil men. Shame!!! Actually, no plans🤦🤦🤦🤷 You will be hiding it while chad are busy taking position on defeat boko haram

Better for you. You have no plan.don't lie. Which plan do you have again? After all these years spending as CoAS, you prove nothing to tackle the issue of insurgency yet you are creating another plan,please hold your plan Mr. Security. You never had plans and I don't think you will ever have. Lyrics- The words he thinks but dare not speak HQNigerianArmy COAS

Story for the gods. Boko Haram are very weak now. If you really want to see their end, go to the battlefield now and join hands with Chad army and defeat them once and for all. God bless Nigeria. Failed man, which looks like a monkey I'm certain that the COAS has no plan to reveal against the Boko Haram. Just look at the replacement of the field commander and you will know what plans they have for Boko Haram.

Burafraud.. Bullshit The chief Army Staff is bereaved of ant new ideas as to how to put a stop to the activity of the Insurgents the earlier the president knows there is a need for fresh ideas the better for the country Which plans😂😂 Your plan is to grant them amnesty and train them abroad. You are planning while thousand last die.Awesome!

Baba...trash that plan n seek intelligence from Chadian troops. Nigeria army has become a disgrace to Nigeria citizen ordinary Chad kill Boko Haram in 100s but Boko Haram is Killin Nigeria solider why Hmmmm as if u hv any. Go and learn from chadian army Please we are tired. We need a good replacement. See who is talking, its been years but no results

Audio news You get You don't have to reveal what you don't have Yes u wont The repentant boko haram will Nigerian Army Is capital Wahala We are tired of your empty promise, look at the president of the Chad, he mean well for his country by leading the troop to confront the BOKOHARAM and came out with huge success, NOTE he is not a train military officer. Maiduguri is your own state is a shameful.

With the might of Nigeria's military, if you wanted the insurgency to be over last year, it would have been. Your plans, you mean how to beat Nigerians during this lockdown? How can you reveal something you don't have? When this govt leaves, the corruption perpetuated by every facet of the govt when unravelled, would be mind-blowing or mind bogbling. Stay tuned!

Do u ppl even have plan... If it is me I will be ashame to come out and talk osi ati iranu he still have mouth to talk instead he should praise the chardian president for bringing relief to the continent mtcheew self centered set of people which plan let it die inside of you We already knew 'money making contrivances'.

Hahahahaha! 5+ years and we are still hearing of plans. Chadian Army with no plan has achieved far more. No wonder, many soldiers have tendered their mass resignations. Let's keep fooling ourselves. We and the world know the truth. See his nose. Rubbish! Hmm shirme Milk in a dead cow☹️ Rubbish Ode 😂 You are a foolish general, far left get lost!

Tah na lie.. Shey una get plan This one dey add (s). Their is no plan.order than misapropriating the defence fund We asked you to defeat terrorists and not to reveal your plans against insurgents! Mad man Ladies Which plan do you have except the plans to release them, and recruit them into the army. For howmany years v you been planning, your are a failure.

It is not about revealing with all due respect, it s about Acting, go out there, Lead the Troops, Be there in Person, we Nigerian s will be Confident that This war will come to an End... As if u av any Because they're no plans. Part of the plan may be rehabilitation and reintegration... Do you guys have plans? I don't think so!

We know the plans already: CAPTURE REHABILITATE RE-INTEGRATE Then they are free to contest for any elective position in the country. Our gallant soldiers on the otherhand will be court martialled for complaining about lack of firepower and being sacrificed as sheep. You haven't plan, rather than to 'KILL'!!!

The plan than is often gonna be abscond by counterparts How many years? Just say you don't have any Go and vow to Chadian president to give you tactics. Full of lies and deceit. Thunder will fire you all. We want to see results,not aeroplane flying Plans to reinforce the insurgents. All hail the Chadian army who will keep overpowering your plans.

Always Do u have a plan? Eyin oponu dede Hmmmmn Take a cue from Chad Thesame plan of sending them abroad or which one... Nonsense always boko haram are killing our people along Damaturu-Maidugiri road and no respond from Nigeria army. God will furnishe you there. RIP my brother who was killed by boko haram Wed 1, April 2020

Rubbish talk from rubbish men! In Nigeria, no plan on itself is also a plan! Pls, kindly replace the cache of arms Idris Derby seized from them! This one is another bastard your time will come you will be investigated Plan of 5 years😁 Did you have any plan? The answer is capital NO If our government is not careful Derby will soon enter Abuja to search for Shekau. He is not playing at all.

Whatever it may be, Learn From Chadian Troops. CAS no be u be the insurgency. Nobody is interested in knowing your plans, all we want from you is just the end result. Your result is all we need. Because you don't have any Did the chadians revealed their plans? We saw action. Let's see action from u first before you talk.

Rubbish incompetent BH war is definitely making some folks rich. Who ask for your plans. We don’t even want to know them. Is results we need not plans jaare ☹️☹️ Weyrey ... which plan you get 😂 The history remains the same! Which one have you revealed before?lubbish👎🏼👎🏼 Chad did not publish it on National dailies but took action that announce Chad. So let the action that will announced Nigeria begin.

shameless Ole COAS Buratai As if there was a plan abinitio or there have ever been a plan. Its unfortunate that you people have compromise you are no longer fighting for the country rather do your pocket mtsw The sooner PMB acts against you the better for the nation. Tele nko ! Na today, Rada rada Nigerian military are only planning how to come up with another python dance with another code name. 😊😅😑 only good at showing their cowardice weakling on the street of Nigeria molesting armless women and men .

Do u guys have plan? I'm calling on all Nigerians to as a matter of urgency, stop condemning anyone both in Government and other individuals who holds some important position. This is because across number of us ve been known on that pattern, but alas, things have not changed yet. Nigerian military are only planning how to recruit back the captured islamist terrorist Boko Haram back to the Nigerian military. Sometime you ask yourself between Nigerian military and Boko Haram terrorist who is indeed the real terrorist?

Ooni, no plan to reveal abeg. The only plan is to make money out of boko haram issue. Oga you don't have any plans, you're as clueless as your commander. They are planning to rehabilitate them again. Using style to condone terrorism. Look at Chadian with little defense budget decimating islamist terrorist Boko Haram while their Nigeria counterparts with huge defense budget running into billions of dollars are only good in stealing the money playing politics with the life of the military.

It is better to keep surprising the enemy . Broda werey!.. Which plan, do you have any, for how long. Nonsense and plan. 🤡🤡🤡 Politics no go gree una plan anything about una brothers, that's Boko When Buhari will not let you go for those with experience to take over from all the damage caused by your poor leadership.

because you don't have one We all knows you don't have any cogent plans than to deceive your boss. Una get plan? What even different dis government and Bokoharam? That's because there is no plan Shut up!!! Shut up 🤔 But Chad just did.... Smh. Funny people. Gerrout This man is a failure, shio liers you don't have any plans than to get more money to build estate in Dubai

This statement came out of shame because Chadian military led my their President has proved ragtag quota system Nigerian military Generals wrong by proving that islamist terrorist Boko Haram can be decimated without politics. Plans ? Did he has any plans that to send them back into the society ? Failures keep giving excuses...

Wash 🤣🤣🤣 As if there's any. Only good at python dance and one uselessly useless code names and enforcement of convid 19 lockdown and molesting and killing innocent Nigerians. Do you still have any plan? Go meet Derby for Tutorials 🚶 Lolz..do they evsen have any plans?🤣🤣🤣 they powers and plans only is to intimidate and beat up civilians.

¢нα∂ яєρυвℓι¢αи єχρσѕє∂ иιgєяιαи αяму ωєαкиєѕѕєѕ ιи fιgнтιиg ιиѕυяgєи¢у Keep your building plan inside your pocket and go and sit down one place JEEKAN_Julde Congratulations Sir, but save it for yourself I don't think we need it, but kindly remember you also give birth to a child you don't know how he will also end up. A lot of people children are been killed everyday in maiduguri with the name of serving there country.

But what is wrong with our country, why has our military turn to powerless. God take control Continue planing, while Chad use their better plan and got a resounding victory in just less than one week, we have been fighting this War since 2008, but Chad use 1 week to batter those Animals into pieces, which kind of PLAN do we have plssssssssssssss

U hv no plans .......I blame Buhari.....u should be at the front of the war leading the army ....not being the media mouth of the army clearly that's what yhu re You have lost that opportunity. You are already on the negative side of history If really there were plans on ground, the plans would have reveal themselves, they don’t need someone to reveal them( no plans)

E don tey, no be today. Una get plan b4? Successful attack on Bokoharam by Chadian soldiers is a very blow to Apc regime & Nigeria military. Malaria dey ur brain What plan do you really have? None. You're as clueless as he who appointed you. lifeless How I wish you have one. Well, its left to you but we have seen the Chadian plans. May Allah continue to safeguard our soldiers and make them more steadfast. NB: they are humans and close to breaking point. Nigeria is still a playing ground with time bomb beneath its earth!

Nigeria army wahala So they have plans before? Audio plan Dishonest quarter-system General. Don't worry, awon oko yin nduro de yin. Translate yourself Una no get plan... Just keep ur head down For five years you've been holding this your plan to your chest. Your men are killed in their numbers; keep planning oo Planner until only you will remain.

Your are a mumu man. Sharapp You don't have any plans against them. Fool Oga go and sit down. I keep wondering how you have tarried so long in that office as Chief Of Army Staff You have no plans. Go and learn from Chad. You absolutely have no positive plan sir Does ur 🥥 head hv any real or imaginary plan oda than d already in d open secret plan 2 profiteer wit reckless abandon in consonance wit ur cohorts led by d blood suckg Presido nt mindg d daily slaughter of human lives in d hands of BH,ISPWA,be it civilians,soldiers or officers

Una get plan? Dem Don bribe una, eyin were I laugh you in sokoto language Who ask you one I Clueless man I laugh... 😂 😂 Oooohhh! So you folks have plan? You are a bunch of comedians? That's for you MadeNigga 'Nemo dat quod non habet' 😠 Did you guys even have any plan? What plans again? Your plans are baseless better seek Chad's military intervention

Which plan biko, will you GEDDIFOK😏 Because they have no plan See this guy The plan is to make sure BH is kept safe for cash outs in every year budget, those captured injected back into the society and repeat same thing again until their tenure elapses..it’s common sense 5 years of planning without results, mr planer continue planning

Shame on you and so called retired general buhari From what chad army did it shows that you only doing movies with life young soldiers You and your top military personnel know much about Boko Haram and the killing of Nigeria soldiers God will never forgive you and you shall die a painful death... Try and lead the troop to Sambisa forests

Una get plans... You are a dog You have no plans Do u have any? Clowns! What plans? You don’t have any plans, all you do is come to the city and start terrorizing innocent citizens I just love this man, the way he pulls his scam. Na 2day But Nigeria media houses would help in doing that and your forbidden to react.

Chad have no political interests. That's why they are winning. Shame on Nigeria ide_derek Do you have any plan except to loot in Nigeria Oga plan. For five years plan...what you could achieve many years, Chadians has in a day. The most attacks are been carried out in your state and what does that tells, inept and incompetent to man the war. What do i know, so long you keep raking in your millions the winning of the war doesn't concerns you.

You and Buhari will one day accounts to Nigerians how u both spent so much taxpayers funds but couldn't do shit abt BH. All ur plan na wash abeg go sit don some where jo You've no plans Better, the soldiers are always complaining about bad Intel while the insurgents have the day Certainly, we don't expect you to said out you plans in fighting insurgency. But you should know that, history will judge you according to your did and Allah will hold you accountable to it; period. So, the ball is in your court.

babyabdulkadeer Lol We don't need to hear it. We want to see it the way we saw the Chadians. Insurgency in the North will never end until there is a sincerity of purpose to fight BH..Is really taking decades to end this insurgency...Probably some group of unpatriotic Nigerians are benefiting from this and would not want it to end...May God Help Us

Hmmmm!! Your plan is to captured BH life,so u handed them over to FG for foreign scholarship.... Which plan? Your plan to ask for Prayers against Boko Haram or your plan to ask Chadians troops to release the 'Repented ones' they captured? If na for Civilians body, una no go need plan. Shameless bunch! No plan but always planning to loot.

Plan indeed and did chadian soldiers reveal their plans before they attacked shouldn't have said anything cos you have no plan at all babyabdulkadeer Oga ur plans have finished already My prayers right now is that u nd useless soldiers should not ambush and kill Chadian soldier nd give us fake news that they were killed by Boko Haram bcos that is all u know how to do . Keep killing ur soldier by making money Frm d govt. God will punish u foolish man

🙄🙄 Bro, u are out of idea.... Just admit and move on. Very empty I know. You plan is caught the Boko Haram and take them abroad for education Uhmmm God bless chadian troops 👍👍 for Nigerian Army God de watch una If at all you have any plan Endless and empty plans. Go and rest. Really? Sipping on gin and juice.

Take your L in peace, Chad 🇹🇩 have proven to be more proactive and willing to put a stop on the menaces of the insurgent. babyabdulkadeer Useless In psquare voice, 'Na audio🎵🎵🎵' Oni yeye😄 Do you have any plans at all? I wouldn't do so considering the media we have in this country and large pool of domestic enemies who want the military to fail in order to spite Buhari. If they fail we fail. Pray for them.

You don't have any plan. yes don't reveal to us your plan to fail That is If you have any plans against them. babyabdulkadeer It's a lie oga. Go and sleep jare Foolish plans that will lead to fucking Nigerian women You dont have any. You have no plan, bunch of failures retire and eat the grief called retirement package

Sir you are turning to a comedian, how did we got here? How years of planning sound very unserious I don’t think you have a plan at all. You got no plans fool your plans is to embezzle funds for your pocket Nothing more You have no plan. All your might is geared towards making a fortune out of the ingurgency. IDIOT.

Nobody expect that from you but actions like that of Chadian troops. Remember when you said that Boko Haram are not in Nigerian territory, they attacked AUNO, Boko Haram would be defeated in 3dqys time, they destroyed ur logistics and killed 49 of ur troops. HABA BURATAI? Finally ,Why have you been revealing it all the while and decides aiding abetting the criminals. At least you can say something now after the recent win by Chad soldiers .

As if you guys have got a plan before 🙄🙄🙄 This is the best option/ method to battle the insurgency, why will all steps to fight be disclosed all in the name of democracy and transparency. AbadaJulius - you guys r planless Why would you? They have no plan For how many years now, dem never reveal their plans and never still stop insurgents

i just really hope there is a real plan cos the army has been planning for over 6 years and i wonder if these insurgents are more than 100,000 ... Are they that much that they give us Problems for this long? Does the Nigerian Army or government have a plan in this regard? How can a terrorist group threaten the lives of nigerians and still be in the news till date?

Saboteurs, putting the lives of our men in Danger. Now Chadian soldiers taking the glory of what you should have taken, continue. God will put you people that sells our galant men out in shame Amedoreports Zero plans.. go and drink kunu 🤥😥 Empty brain. Keep your plans, Chairman hiding committee (CHC)

When Chad had already done the job and free many Nigerian soldiers held in captive by Boko Haram. We are not interested in any plan that will not yield good result for Nigeria. The one u revealed what have you done. See the topography of his head like improper noun. as if we wan know, we are seeing the plan of the Chadian army

How can you reveal what you don’t have🤷🏻‍♂️...Mstwww 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️ Which plans,, u arr a diagrace in nigeria,, chadian soldiers clearing up boko haram in less than a week bt u have been there for over 5years now no any positive outcome Hhmmmmm!!! That's if you have any. Biggest fool ever Go gefe my friend, you don't have any plans.

I doubt if there's any plan in place, how long have you been there? Have we seen any positive result? Abeg Park well Remember this? This was revealed u don't have any plans Please retire God help u Who is interested? What has hiding it achieved for you when Chadian soldiers are the ones now freeing Nigerian soldiers from BH?

You have no plan bro. Just resign What plans, some of you are the insurgents we're talking about Yeah, it should be classified secret. That's you are a soldier Cos there ain't none. Jokers! Propaganda master Kitipka gbasa gi isi n' anya dia. Aloota continua. You think we are stupid ba? Na your turn, enjoy.

Exactly! How can you reveal what you don't have? Yes, is because you guys are not ready rescue Nigerians that's just it. Which plans What time HQNigerianArmy When all your men are no more? Keep quiet jor... So, U haven't seen how Chadian soldiers finished boko boys🙄 We only want result, we are tired of stories, loss and reports. Oga go do your work

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂r Don’t reveal anything. Just carry it out if you have any plans. That’s what people are waiting to see. And even if your boss doesn’t want to make any changes, you could also retire voluntarily as a gentleman to save the military. Give way so others with fresh ideas can come in... U don't have any single plan unless u mean plan to replace the weapons that Chadians took from them. Failure

That is better. U don't have any plan What plans mr looters profiting security vote. Campaign after election😏 Was there any plan on ground? For years your planning.. Mr army planer.. Mad people 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 don’t worry Chad doing well already U don't have any plan self Stop saying that , we don tire for your matter Abeg .

Hmmmmmm, u hav none Shameless, Institution of women rapists.... Act like the Chadians soldiers. Clear our doubts. Make us believe again MaziNnmdiKanu IPOB You don't have any plan jor Cause there’s no plan butt head Which plan? Did you have one in the first place? Chadian troops have shown us that our military strategy is sh*t. You sit under AC in Abuja & you're telling us about plan.

Of course you can't now so that you wouldn't be double crossed. You need to take queue or learn from Chadian army. Boko Haram enablers We see ur plans in press release and not in battle field. Look at Chad how they gave Boko Haram a bloody nose. Which plan again? No plans Hahahhaha. Which plan una get? No be wait una de wait for BH to attack una.

Rubbish....If a small Chadian army could executed a very commendable operation within two weeks.And you have be failing us for the past 3 years.permit me to say..you are a total let down and you should resign.we need gallant men like General Adeniyi who was recently redeployed. That's is if you have any significant

Look at this one Keep planning while Chad Generals are working I disagree sir, you don't have any plans Plans for five to six years, lol Lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣 Please don’t. We don’t want to know. Just get the job done. Fool...you have no plan. nurdamu You can't reveal what you don't have Na today..... Plan no, na to kill our army husband Nigeria sabi

We know the plans already, camp them in hotels, give them chickens and juice, send them abroad on scholarship. Mtchewwwwwwwww, nonsense Failure 😂😂😂 You had no plan!! Keep deceiving your self the day of reckoning is..... keepfaith Which plans? I dey laugh. Chad don poor sand into una garri. Be proactive. No body wants you to reveal your tactics. Stop all politics in fighting the insurgents and you will see the end of them all.

As if you have any U get plan.see u see plan You have no plans, many of your men has die under your watch without you taking any action if they complain you fire them, show example by going to the war front and see what they are passing through if you think you are a general Waiting to see d result of the plan.. if you need to ask d Chadian president how it is done. Pls do.

you got none, aboki go dey deceive aboki lol Chief you don’t have any plan at all,check out the progress in Chad few days ago with little defense budget , but what do we have here loosing our best Military due to sabotage. Fear God the world is coming to an end Mtcheewww 😂 no need of telling us. It has been ineffectual from the word go😳

Who cares...... 😂🤣😂🤣😂 It's simple, get caught by the insurgents and pray for Idris Debby and his boys to come rescue you; master strategy... As if they have any clue mscheew! Which plan. The war that Chad is already winning. Abeg go siddon make you allow real soldiers complete the good work. Later we go hear say BH don ambush una.

What plan? U get plan? It’s good, because you need to have a genuine one. Copy from chad please. This wan gat no plan. Almost six yrs as COAS no level. Retire he no gree Keep it to yourself biko. Huh Are you not ashamed? See the achievement of Chadian troops. Go and sit down, you have no plan. Does this man still have plans?You are still incubating your plans since will release the plans immediately after 2023.

You dey mumu yourself It is because your plans suck,. Because there's no plans against insurgents in the first place. Wee you keep chut!!!! Rubbish talk The plan they would use would be made known by their Oga at the top...mumu people. Plans already known. Pretend to fight, collect huge budget, capture a few BH release them and pay them compensation for active participation in the charade and call them repent BH and the circle continues while your pockets grow fat

Do u have a plan Nonsense, 6 years in office how many soldiers you have lost on the war front Is it even a war, its just a hoax, a money making machine for u generals and soldiers are the sacrificial lambs Always planning to loot. I refuse to behold a failed troupe. Nigerian army is a disappointment, especially in this current administration.

Kikikikikikikiki. Baba! Go and ask Chad how they did it . Humble yourself sir ! The insurgents won't defeat themselves you know .Do your job I no you have plan to pardon insurgent Is getting too long please win the game. You have ran out of plans and ideas moron , better publicly request for chadian government to help you , you and your oga at the top r criminals

Sherap Nonsense! This goat is Still talking! He will soon ask the Chadian troops to live so that Boko Haram should continue killing our soldiers. They are aware that if Boko Haram are eliminated by the Chadian troops they will not have access to continue stealing Billions! IDIOTS! Better! Do you have any? Results would have showed Sir.

Go rest Oga, no plans No need to reveal plans just show results. See coward 🤣🤣 Who need your plan? What about those ones you have been revealing ever since all these days? Any good or positive news thereafter? Don't reveal your plans against insurgents but we all know your plans for insurgents. There is truly true God.

Hmmmmmmm Course u guys are lazy 😂 Okay Comedian. Mtcheeew 🥱 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Don’t test COVID-19 vaccine in Africa – Daily TrustWe unequivocally condemn the suggestion by two racist French doctors that a vaccine being developed for COVID-19 should be tested in Africa. Their suggestion is racist, cruel, irresponsible and a throwback to the colonial era when Africans were the guinea pigs for all kinds of medical, social and political experiments. In the course of a … DanSeun1 Test it, let we all go back to work we are hungry Africansarenotlabrats if they can't test it on themselves, they can as well use animals It should be test in Europe not Africa, they have numbers of death there and it main use is for them

Premier League players' 'backs against wall' over coronavirus, says Rose – Daily TrustNewcastle defender Danny Rose says footballers feel their “backs are against the wall” over talks about wage cuts, with Premier League clubs due to speak with players’ representatives on Saturday. Top-flight stars, currently out of action due to the coronavirus, have come under fire after a number of clubs furloughed non-playing staff but left players’ … Danny Rose that I know plays for Tottenham Hotspur not Newcastle

'Fake activists weaponizing falsehood against Buhari, appointees for personal gains' – Daily TrustThe Citizens Against Fake Activists (CAFA) has raised an alarm over the enterprise of fake activists exploiting the current coronavirus outbreak to discredit President Muhammadu Buhari and some top government officials for their personal interest. CAFA says these selfish Nigerians are using fake news as a weapon against the president, misleading the general public into … Mr president fear God 😏 Tell them they have nothing to say You don't blame them, when they don't see or hear from their president it's natural for them to speculate

IPPIS: ASUP suspends planned strike – Daily TrustThe Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic has suspended its planned industrial action due to overriding national interest and humanity but will resume at a more auspicious period, says the union. Covid-19 has made all strike action in the current useless What is their problems now 😂😂😂😂who cares?

COVID-19: Resident Doctors Kick Against FG’s Plan To Invite Chinese Medical ExpertsCOVID-19: Resident Doctors Kick Against FG’s Plan To Invite Chinese Medical Experts Abeg, doctors should not strat their ego trip here!! We need people who are open to drug trials and pharmacists in order to stop this needless deaths. This is risky in my own opinion China should stay back in there country

COVID-19: I won't wear face masks - Trump ignores medical advice - Daily Post NigeriaUS President, Donald Trump, on Saturday declared that he will not wear a face mask. This is despite new medical guidance advising people in the country to One kind of man I so admire realDonaldTrump God is your shield as you’re the only man on earth fighting against the actualization of Illuminati He has the vaccine ..