We Shall Never Allow Any Violent Protest In Nigeria Again, IGP Warns

We Shall Never Allow Any Violent Protest In Nigeria Again, IGP Warns

11/28/2020 12:36:00 AM

We Shall Never Allow Any Violent Protest In Nigeria Again, IGP Warns

We Shall Never Allow Any Violent Protest In Nigeria Again, IGP Warns

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Updated November 27, 2020 The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has warned that the Nigeria Police Force will not to allow violent protests in the country.Speaking during a meeting with Commissioners of Police in Abuja on Friday, Adamu said the Force was ready to combat any group attempting to cause a breakdown of law and order.

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“When #EndSARS protests started peacefully, we provided security for them. We were moving with them to make sure they were not molested by any group of people and it was going on well until it turned violent,” he said.“When it turned violent, they then attacked the people that were even giving them protection. So, we shall never allow any violent protest in this country again.”

The IGP also reiterated his commitment to tackling the several security challenges in the country, calling for the cooperation of all Nigerians.The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu speaks during a meeting with top police officers in Abuja on November 27, 2020. headtopics.com

 He also promised that the Force would arrest prisoners who took advantage of the recent #EndSARS protests to cause mayhem in parts of the country.The Minister of Police Affairs, Muhammad Dingyadi speaks during a meeting with top police officers in Abuja on November 27, 2020.

 On his part, the Minister of Police Affair, Muhammad Dingyadi, called for the commitment of the police personnel while discharging their duties.While expressing the confidence of the Federal Government of the capacity of the Force, he asked the IGP to lead his men to continue to maintain peace and security in the country.

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ode leye if it happens what will do. The IG mentioned violent protest. Once EndSars protest is not violent, it is welcomed be that and it is the duty of the police to make sure it does not turn violent. Simple equation. Thanks for your time and today But he will allow violent killings of hundreds of Farmers. Good logic.

Well. That's fine sir. I hope very system we put in place today let's remember that our children, grand children will pass through it. Foolish man Oga that was peaceful protest and remains so. He’s a foolish fellow Both Channels TV and the IG are fool's There was never a violent protest in the country, till you guys send in your army. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

Iya yin una never see anything, wait for 2023... una go run 440 🤨 Is this how a professional police officer should behave? Why making threats Mr IGP? Is this how you intend to regain the trust of Nigerians? How do you expect them to look & treat your men? Oga, please build robust relationship with the people so they can help make this easier.

The salient question to ask should, Why the protest? If the why is properly addressed, then, there won't need for protest. Ifb I guess you are talking about the Hoodlums Mr IG. EndSARS protests was not violent. How many times do we have to tell you that? Lol. Nigeria will remain a joke as long as we still share that country with Hausa people lol

Egbe nu soun jare... Violent kini.. The Protest was peaceful until It was hijacked by Government Goons... This guy self na one big mumu See en cap self you go know say this one need help nonsense. werey! You are doing well, 🖕🖕🖕 Him don commot him face mask today EndSARS protest was never violent until FG and SG thug supported by police started causing violence

You and your FG employed hoodlums that turned a peaceful protest violent. US and UK sanctions loading.... Protest is the right of the people stop intimidating speech You mean State-sponsored violence before it went out of control? I. G. P Ogun ma pa e fun mi (Na thunder go strike you for me) The dead tell no stories! You need to be alive first ....

May Nigeria never happen to us say a big Amen!!! Is this the Police awakening and finally growing some balls? Because this is a direct order to the govt who sponsored hoodlums and thugs to go on violent protest, side by side a peaceful EndSARS protest. Govt & police vehicles was seen commuting hoodlums to attack peaceful protesters in Abj,some were captured on videos/pics.he come u nver arrested these knwn hoodlums?u can’t stp any 1 fry protesting,provide protection for the protesters & stop threatening

Right now there's insecurity everywhere in Nigeria, what's your answer to that Mr IG? Oga police shutup. Think before you talk. Them stop the misgovernance. When you create a monster out of the people, they'll act like one! IGPIsBadBoy December 7th We move ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 all this hoodlums in Uniform, will not allow us hear word in this country, EndSARS protest phase2 is coming with full force,

Man man See em face 🙄 Endsarz really give all this idiots work to do we are coming again if those frozen account is not release Abi your IGP is mad ni! Mad man They are still not reading between the lines🤦‍♀️ Mafo Nah 2023 everything go end Puppet We shall Never Allow Any Evil Government to take away what belongs to us

That's what I expected from you since. You should play hardball on any miscreants ENDSARS protesters conveners supporters and campaigners. 🤡 There is never any violent protest Mr.IGP.Except Violent police brutalizing the innocent armless Nigerians. Get it clear. But the peace protest shall continue till you and your boys hear what youths are saying... End police brutality!

ThankGod say una nor go send thugs again. 🤧we move This is wat happens when u support or work for terrorist President like President Buhari When a whole IG open his mouth & said this means his not in his right senses IGP, I will personally warn u as well STOP THREATENING US We're Nigerians we owes it 2geda Stop your brutalities

Noisy threats is a strategy in dictatorship rulership. It sounds like what a mere recruit prospect could say. I guess the said IGP doesn't know the lawful responsibility around his duty. Please tell this man to channel this energy to the north. It will do him a lot of good. Imbecile Na Bandits fit you not peaceful protesters

This niga is jst making mouth Yet people are kidnapped on a daily basis Alaye, you are worrying about the wrong violence. Are u out of ur senses Shey na only me observe say this man mouth bend to one side ni? Hin stroke survivor? Then tell FG to call off ASUU strike o. When Gideon comes, all the corrupted altars will be destroyed and all statues of godlessness in government will be crushed into powder.

Please if you don't have something reasonable to say,then shot d fuck up Your days are numbered and your reign is for a short while not till eternity. It's only a powder-less gun you can silent. And you've done that with the old generations... This generation is overloaded with gun powder and bullets join.

Point of correction dat is not violent, it was peaceful protests Owrong now.... it was peaceful protest but u police and your fellow member make it violent You will kill the remaining one of us if we protest ? Weakest guy! See mumu Go and handle Boko Haram first!!! We just started, seh bi you guys don't want to hear world

Was there any violent protest? Or are you guaranteeing the safety of peaceful protesters? Which one you dey yarn sef? Inna newa see chu tin🤓🤓🤓 😂😂😂😂 then make things go well na Violent protests by whom? The only people that was violent was the military and the tugs they employed to distrust the peaceful protests

IG IS A STORY TELLER! IG IS A STORY TELLER! IG IS A STORY TELLER! IG IS A STORY TELLER! IG IS A STORY TELLER! IG IS A STORY TELLER! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 But we won't tolerate Police tolerating thuggery in our society just to cause havoc. People are losing their lives on the daily up north, our static IGP is busy threatening against any form of peaceful protest. Clearly his priority is not really protecting our lives but blackmailing and threatening us.

This is our problem....they hate the truth*...aboki with empty brain* He should just go to hell already We already know y'all are a Mfking dictator, soon you will borrow dictators Rule book from Kim to rule and useless our lives the way you want Again, please tell the IGP that EndSARS protest was at no point violent. It was went state sponsored thugs came that it turn violent.. let's face the issues and stop looking for issues where there are clearly no issue.

What of peaceful protest? We no go talk now.. judgment day is coming soon 🧏🏼‍♂️🤫 Tell your men to behave normal and stop killing innocent Nigerians Yesss! you will be there to protect us when we are out protesting instead of allowing hoodlums to perish us. You see say dis govt and police men no wan learn at all,abi Dem no know say na democracy we dey,abi Dem think say we still dey slave trade abi na second slavery we dey .....I need answer pls EndBadGovernmentInNigeria EndSARS

This man is fukn shameless Let follow each other But we'll stage a peaceful one As if there was violent before. Ogbeni face bandit and boko first before coming for the peaceful protester's What about peaceful protest PoliceNG_CRU Werey....make una do the right thing . Second wave 24 dec endsars See how e look like okoro wey don sour Will you keep quiet

Mr. Nigeria, stay there forever!. He’s saying they’ll kill more next time Hope he is not referring to the endsars protest a violent one Clown 🤡🤦‍♂️ Just allow the peaceful one Sha Shut the FU 👎 U never still understand say u no get power😂😂 u guys better change if not the next wave of protests no go dey funny! Change! We deserve more than the bullshit u guys are displaying

But you can tolerate violent crimes like terrorism, banditry and kidnapping. SHAME! Yet the useless, unfortunate encyclopedia we called 1999 constitution mandated this same IGP to deploy police to protect this same protesters against assaults as long as it takes. Who is deceiving who? Dead book walking.

Don't like my comment Just follow me and I will follow u back immediately sweet16_____ When did they allow it before? Will you allow a peaceful one ? Poes IG😡 foolish people Hahahahahaha