We’re prepared to tackle potential Coronavirus outbreak – FG

Coronavirus, Fg, Nigeria

Coronavirus, Fg


We’re prepared to tackle potential Coronavirus outbreak – FG

Ifeanyi Onuba, Abuja The Federal Government on Tuesday expressed its readiness to tackle any potential outbreak of Coronavirus. The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Farouq, said this during her visit to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja. The minister was at the airport to inspect the arrangement and facilities put in place for the early detection of Coronavirus among in-coming passengers at the airport. She was accompanied on the visit by the Ministers of Aviation Hadi Sirika; Minister of State for Health Olorunnimbe Mamora; and Minister of Information Lai Mohammed among other top government officials. The World Health Organisation had placed Nigeria as a high-risk country to experience an outbreak of Coronavirus. This is because Nigeria has strong trade links with China and about 40,000 to 50,000 Chinese work in Nigeria. During the new year holiday, about 8,000 Chinese travelled out of Nigeria to their country to celebrate the holiday. But Farouq said a lot of technological tools and human resources have been deployed by the relevant agencies of government at the Airport as well as the National Center for Decease Control Agency’s laboratory at Gaduwa, Abuja. These measures, according to her, are also being constantly reinforced by other activities lined up by relevant Ministries, Agencies and Departments. She said, “The World Health Organization has declared the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic as a Global Health Emergency due to the number of people and countries affected. “Nigeria has responded to the pandemic challenge by mobilising all relevant government agencies to ensure our people are protected by putting in place measures for prevention of the spread of the virus, early detection and if necessary managing cases detected in the country. READ ALSO: Tension in Togo as opposition tries to end Gnassingbe’s 53-year-rule “The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development’s mandate involves the protection of vulnerable citizens who are affected by disasters including biological disasters like the Coronavirus and Lassa Fever. “To prevent outbreaks of diseases, disaster and provide succour for the vulnerable population, the ministry is tasked with coordination of responses by relevant government and non-governmental agencies in the country. “This informed my visit today to see all the efforts that have been put in place by the relevant agencies against the Coronavirus pandemic.” The health minister in his comments said that while there are no reported cases of Coronavirus, the health sector already has an effective coordination architecture to prepare for a potential outbreak. He said prevention is critical to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. He said the Nigerian public health sector has demonstrated an effective and sustainable coordination system that is filled out on emergencies. In his comments, Mohammed said that FG has put together an inter-ministerial committee to ensure that Nigeria is ready to tackle any potential outbreak of the disease. He said sensitisation is being made by the ministry to enable Nigerians to understand the nature of the virus. “We are ready for the Coronavirus, we have not recorded a confirmed case of the virus but we have the ability to handle the crisis in case it happens,” he added. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

using EFFC of course, go ahead With 620 trillion Naira 😅😥😄😉😆ndi ala. Laughable! Nigerians are under God's protection period. Human(government) effort is zeros. Basket mouth again? Story Nigeria federal government? Another way to siphon cash With that rotundus nurse or what? God forbid! Who is prepared With this picture right? 😃😃

May God not allow Coronavirus to come to Nigeria because you're just running your mouth. Are they done with Lassa Fever...corona virus no be catarrh oo We aren't moved by mere words of mouth from the FG, we want to see actions. The truth is we aren't ready and may God take this plaque far from us. Amen

Coronavirus drops for 14 consecutive days -Chinese CommissionChina’s National Health Commission on Tuesday said daily new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outside Hubei, the epicentre province of the outbreak, have dropped for 14 consecutive days.

Na so dem go dey make mouth now, when e apun everybody go vanish....dem go come dey ask for two hundred thousand million dollars for treatment of infected persons. What is wrong with FG... Lassa fever outbreak in Lagos has not been tackled, poverty is still on the neck of the masses... FG You people are the most joker of the centery. Uncle corona, pls don't mind this people, they are sleep talking

When they haven't tackled the bokoharam they know. Dear Corpna Virus, please dont mind our FG. They didnt mean it o. We are not and will never be ready for you. Naija is not ready for any eventuality of corona outbreak , please stay where u re. It's all eye service They have started again I just pity fellow Nigerians

Joke of the day You are not prepared. The moment you decided not to quarantine incoming passengers from China you have failed already. My dear Corona virus, please kindly disregard any statement from the federal government, it's fake news. Please don't mind them. Thank you

Hospital director in Wuhan dies of Covid-19A hospital director in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, the epicenter of a new coronavirus outbreak, died from the disease on Monday, state media reported on Tuesday.

In your mind? Hmmmm..... My hands are clean oooh. Let’s stop this joke. Please tackle unemployment and other challenges facing the country first and leave Coronavirus out of it. You know sincerely that you can’t tackle any outbreak of this deadly virus. Let’s stop deceiving ourselves and our people please.

Why must this be mentioned every time, pls Leave the Sleeping Dog Be I don’t like what I hate. How many Federal Government controlled health facilities have up to 18hours daily power supply? Please CoVid-19, don’t visit us. We can’t hold you. Opportunity for more money going into private pockets? We haven’t tackled common Lassa fever my FG is telling me we are ready to tackle coronavirus. Abeg comot for dia 😂 yeye

Attention please, Lassa fever is on the rampage! & therural poor etc are in grave danger. You guys up there can always hop on the next available private jet for treatment abroad at the slightest sign of innocuous headache. Hahahaha. Lies Attention please! Lassa fever is on the rampage!

Coronavirus: IPhone global supply to reduce as China battles scourgeAs China and the world continue to battle the scourge of the ongoing Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, iPhone producers have said the production and sales of the product will be 'temporarily constrained'.

No no no pls don’t make such statements. We’ve not dealt with the common it’s the complicated you are bragging you will tackle? FG should better don't pray for it outbreak.. Oga corona virus,please I am specially begging u on behalf of the poor masses in this country, please tender justice with mercy.... Stay in ur dearly lovely China.... We are not ready for you.....but please wait for lai Mohammad and his cohorts outside the country.... Once....

......they are out please hold them ....thank u sir corona for your fair hearing..... Coronavirus is formidable even to the best prepared. We are only looking up to God. If Boko haram could kill so fluently with all the government bragging, pray Coronavirus change its mind about coming here. Yanga dey sleep, trouble go wake am, na palaba e dey fine.

Strategy of money embezzle The almighty God will not even allow it to enter Nigeria in Jesus name. Or else, it will be the mother of epidemic in this country This FG had serious problems God please help us uncle as they are hungry of u go to aso Rock straight cindikel come and read comments

Taiwan records its first coronavirus death as global toll passes 1,600Taiwan reported its first death from the new coronavirus Sunday, as the death toll from the outbreak rose to 1,665 inside mainland China.

Have you even contained Lassa fever? Will u keep quiet? Pray it doesn't enter here. Looting mode Looting by covid-19 Make una pray make e no reach the country at all. Countries with good health facilities are afraid of Covid-19. God forbid when ordinary malaria una neva handle. Common Lassa fever,una neva fit curtail, na baba Corona Virus una wan put chest. Abegi na mouth una de make

Corono go just finished them .. c'mon Boko Haram that we can see and face physically we never eradicate na virus Can these people just negodu and leave COVD19 where it mbok🙏🏽 Will you keep kwayet there b4 una go attract wetin no find una...

Coronavirus Epidemic: WHO Warns Against Overreaction Coronavirus Epidemic: WHO Warns Against Overreaction.

Calm....it's coming Like yesterday🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ Make them.recieve just a drop then Prepared to do what? When common malaria is finishing people Somebody please give me the official account of the FG.. I need to tell them something With mouth , They are only good at words Well how well have FG managed malaria and lasa fever...?

Put in pressure guy ReekadoBanks Dipcin01 Una dey alright so..... WHO na lie be this ohh no mind our FG 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Coming from a country still battling malaria and polio that have been eradicated in other serious nations. I enjoy how Nigerian politicians mock themselves.....

India Bars Chinese Wrestlers Over CoronavirusIndia Bars Chinese Wrestlers Over Coronavirus

Who are the (we) Pls Coronavirus am begging don't come to Nigeria Unknown gunmen, you can't even tackle What figure of speech is this? Corona please don't mind them ooooo, please they are just children, they don't know when they said that. Coronavirus kill FG there. Wetin dem get, for 36 states, just only 3 quarantine lab.

Ha! 🙆🙆🙆🙆🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 Which country will adopt me? EndLassaFever has not being curtailed less him father. Abegi! And you think we belif you. Ẹyin témi, ojú lalakan fi nsori o. Ema gba belifin o, e lo dira yin

Abeg have u succesfully tackled Lassa fever, how far av u gone in creating a laboratory drug ( una even get functional research laboratory ni?). Dats just on d domestic front o Thank God ohhhh. We are happy clapping for you. Cabal government. We don't have choice than to believe you Dear Coronavirus , pls don't mind this government, don't mind our utterances. Imagine we can not manage ordinary Lassa Fever is it the almighty coronavirus. Pls sir Coronavirus don't mind them. Thank you sir.

You think this is election promises... 😂 This FG funny even ordinary Boko Haram wey Dan kill for years and u have spent trillion u have not tackle it na coronavirus u wan tackle that even China never see vaccine Incase Corona dey come make he first land from the NO 1 citizen Lol..... Laugh ooooooo I pray we dont get to that point because Lord knows we cant handle it as much as we think we can because; 1. The pathogen is still been studied and infection rate is still not confirmed even though we know its high 2. As optimum as China's quarantine can be, look at the nos.

We Don tackle lassa finish...kolona abi na Corona no listen to them no space for naija. Hmmm.. This government wants to kill us all Tackle malaria first. People that still go to UK to treat headache is challenging coronavirus. Yeyerity Hope so The way Nigeria is inviting this Coro! Hmmm

Who's this one U think say na prayer dem won use tackle am ? If na prayer forget it , we are more than a conqueror Jokers association, what an irony! When we have not successfully handled Lassafever dear Lord you are the only hope of Nigeria and Nigerians Una dey invite am ni abi wetin b una problem with this Corona self. Cuz say una tame Ebola that time, una liver kon strong abi. Abeg oga Corona, dont mind dem ooo, na mouth den get ooo just dey ur china jeje cuz d one we dey battle self is bigger than u so dont worry to come here

Corona virus please don't listing to these clowns ,don't come to Nigeria, they cannot tackle u,I no wan make dem make u vex.dem never tackle lassa fever since over 10 yrs na a whole u dem wan tackle. Corona pls don't mind Nigeria FG oo. ordinary lasa is showing them shege. These people no get sense. Common malaria they can't handle

08166965520 Travel and work or Study in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, QATAR and Schengen country with our 80% guarantee package Call now on this number 08166965520 or WhatsApp. This is a very rare opportunity to move to 🇨🇦Canada for work, study or business. Stop saying rubbish FGNigeria please, we pray and hope it doesn't come to our country... China has better and up-to-date medical infrastructure in place than Nigeria, yet the virus got out of control it. FGNigeria dont claim what you don't have. PLEASE.

Imagine this stupid Man....Sorry is your case. That may be a directive from Kyari's qtrs. Remember, lassa fever is still killing people here. It's junior to Covid19. At least they got gloves Is this a joke of some sort? Pls we aren't prepared at all o. We Nigerians reject Coronavirus outbreak o. In short, we bind and cast it away in Jesus name. Amen

Na so health workers fighting coronavirus dey dress? This people are mad ooo. I pity innocent health workers that they will sacrifice as usual wothout benefit Oh shut up! With EFCC? Do you know that when Ebola came a female doctor was the one constructing a small makeshift quarantine.That doctor lost her life.This government is just making noise. Why don't we start by you guys showing us the quarantine facilities?If you're hoping on Nigeria you're finished.

And you're yet to tackle Lassa fever completely oo.. Dear Coronavirus Abeg we play too much in this country, we don't have what it takes to host you Abeg no near Us.. Thanks

Just sharrap, u wey no fit eradicate ordinary malaria fever since BC. ⚡🔥ur 🤫 Abeg no invite Coronavirus here. With this your health budgets that cannot even provide mosquitos nets to the pregnant women. eobonare 😾 That person that make such statement will go mad. Tackle wetin? Una don tackle LASSA and other killer diseases in town already? Abeg Covid19, Stay and die in China.

Dear Coronavirus.. This one na just mouth oo . Abeg no come Nigeria Liars! A friend of mine came into Nigeria via Abuja Airport from Taiwan yesterday. Did anyone check their temperature? This Gov't is confused. It's Taiwan not part of China? For more jokes text NGN to 419 Malaria remains a killer-disease in Nugerian, and you are here flexing muscle for Coronavirus. coronavirus pls forgive them for they do not know what they are saying. We are but a poor people vulnerable to the commonest disease, look not our way.

May God help us to avoid Coronavirus invasion. Our government can brag on tackling Coronavirus 🦠 , our trust is in God. No to diseases and death, YES to LIFE. Lol they shaa Want to cash out from this 🙆‍♂

Corona be smiling at us”ki le mo” how many times ate we going to tell Federal Gov that we dnt want to hear that nonsense? Hy COVID19 dnt mind them pls. We cant even contain Malaria and typhoid.. People that can even tackle her own internal issues like Boko Haram na external issue dem won come do . We just dey pray make the thing no just enter lag

Audio prepared..na true CoronaVirus please don't mind him. He's not prepared anything just stay in Asia Continent they are more prepared. Set awon tarkwa bay 😒🙄 Corona virus pls don't mind them this people oooo they can not tackle you oooo it is only mouth they have, ordinary ur cousin malaria they can not tackle🙏🏾

Corona Virus please don't mind us... We are joking... Sir coro I take God beg you, joor dakun 🙏 🙏 🙏. We are not part of this news biko. Government that cannot tackle Boko Haram lasan? God forbids coronavirus in Nigeria till everybody die finish na China government go dey blame.....🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dear nCoV, do not listen to these ones making noise about being able to tackle you. they were just rehearsing a movie script. Nigeria Federal Government, one day u people will put us in serious trouble. Nah Wash You say What Oga Corona! No mind Dem ooo. Na joke ooo My country people on weed again. Even Coronavirus' distance cousin(Lassa fever) here with us is still worrisome. If you can make China shiver, how much more Nigeria. Dear most respected Coronavirus, please don't consider Nigeria at all. Remain in China.

How? Shut up your mouth! China that are far better than us are still struggling to fight it, then it is Nigeria that don’t have a anything. Pls if I see any news concerning coronavirus in Nigeria again, I’ll sue that blog. Nonsense and ingredients.. God please forgive Nigeria FG, they're joking and not a serious minded people.

We are not prepared o. Dog will not carry you people's child o WE BUY FAULTY OR CONDEMNED SOLAR INVERTER BATTERY.PLS HELP ME RETWEET THOSE THAT HAVE MIGHT BE ON YOUR TIMELINE Thanks 🙏(08107105177)(09090839033)

😀😀😀😀😀 Dear Uncle Coronavirus, with due respect without arrogancy, pride and powerless attribution of capabilities we don't have, I, The President of good people of twitter debunk the news by our Superior Body, we say we are not capable, and Nigerians plead that you remain in China. Joke of the day

It's not by nose mask abegg Na lie o ! People wey no fit pack dirty for road na him go tackle coronavirus? These government thinks this is an issue that they can play with life of citizens. It better you refuse entry to people from China than tell us these prepared cock and bull story Prepared? 🤣🤣 We that are never prepared for anything...Ok let’s even assume we were actually prepared..We still can’t face it. Joke country

Dear Coronavirus, no one dears to request for your service in Nigeria. Why should we disturb your peace, when the Chinese haven't even gotten enough of you?. Their is not like Coronavirus disease in Nigeria this is just a away of extracting money from the government Y are these people boasting any how na ? This thing never enter Nigeria na , corona baby pls ignore them

Tackle Lasa fever, leave Coronavirus to China, they will eradicate it. That even western world can't tackle? Na wah for these liars o They are rather prepared to use the virus as a vehicle to embezzle. God let Corona virus never visit Africa..... If the headline reads 'We re not prepared to tackle potential Corona virus outbreak - FG', una go still complain🤥🤥

Pls do not repeat it again! Can FG built hospitals in 10 days? Are this people crazy why are they anticipating this virus this country is a joke Can these people just shut up and tackle all the problems facing the country at the moment? They are always talking the opposite. How prepared are you?

Y'all think this is lassa fever right? Let it not 'outbreak' first. We have seen how visible security issues are going so far talk less of invisible killer. God help us please so that our government will look elsewhere. They say they need seasoned professionals with impeccable records to take over government at all levels. And when these people come and do the work. They are given this type of treatment. You guys should continue with the insults if it makes you feel better...

We are praying not to come to Nigeria if it comes, RIP Nigeria. Then they will tell Nigerians to start praying, Iwo Oloun, how did we end up with these Misleaders Talk is cheap action is real God please 🙏 forgive them for they know not what they're saying 🙏🙏 It was a slip of memory Father Lord! 🙏🙏🙏

Why's she keeping the distance ifeanyiokoye04 Coronavirus, Pls Don’t Mind Them; They Are Just Joking🙏🙏 If I were in Madagascar, I prolly wouldn't border about this statement.

Are you guys normal at all? Anyone traveling into the country from any Asian country should be placed in isolation for 14 days. Don't just come here and be talking trash to deceive Nigerians. We are never ready. Corona abeg no answer them ooo.. Dem dey wyn u ni.. Corona virus na beg we dey beg Shut up!

Dear Uncle Coronavirus, pls don't listen to their empty threat, even your distance cousin Lassa they can not handle. Pls Sir don't mind them it's a slip of tongue Just last week they said they have 685M imagine money that can not even buy face guide. Just stay back in China. 🤣🤣🤣 Nigeria Comedy Central The BH that you know and can see their work, but haven't arrested anyone. Is it Corona Virus that you don't have the equipment to test or confirm someone has or not that you want to tackle... The FG should start by telling us how to find a carrier

Be humble fa Are you sure its not already in Aba. Are traders no longer going to China? The Nigerian community in China has suddenly gone silence or is it self quarantine People that defeated insurgency but r now fighting terrorism They’ll defeat the virus and still be fighting the epidemic after Na so una go dey whine mouth dey call person wey dey on him own jejely. Abeg Oga Corona no mind them, na joke be that. Kindly stay away from Naija for now abeg. This administration never tackle wetin dey tackle dem finish, talk less of you... COVIDー19 COVID19

😂😂😂😂😂 ha ha ha ha rooters

Se olori buruku ni awon federal government yi ni. As China big so dem never cure Coronavirus.. even if coronavirus hit Nigeria e should just go to aso rock No talk wetin you no fit do oh! Just because you want show off. Dear Coronavirus coronavairus COVIDー19, Pls b mindful of where you go to. Africa has her peculiar problems where most of d leaders are only prepared 2 embezzle our common resources but largely unprepared 4 oda things, esp. you Sir CoronavirusOutbreak. Kindly ignore Nigeria.

dressed like this abi Dear CoronaVirus, Sorry o dear, please don't mind them. I warned them not to take Colorado...they didn't listen. Just wanted to let you know that NIGERIA CANNOT AFFORD TO TACKLE CORONAVIRUS O, please dear na joke we dey. Certainly not yours; Natasha ✌🏾💅 D way ure tackling boko haram right? God will never allow that to happen here cos this present fg lacks focus.

You guys are a joke... plz don't play politics here Corona please don't mind them. It's just a joke fa.

Coronavirus don't come to Nigeria o. Don't mind these people With just the form you people collect at arrivals 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Corona dont mind them ooo..they joke alot. pls stay china Please stop making mouth Corona virus, please do not mind them. These clowns again Now I know FG is smoking ijebu weed I wasn't sure before

Even God knows that, you guys are not prepared kankan. God forbid!!! You people are incapable of handling any situation in Nigeria. shattap

Like Boko Haram I guess. I pray so A government that hasn't tackled maternal mortality. Clowns. Who is the FG that's saying this nonsense? I hope they mean every word. Wallahi you guys are not😒 May God never allow it to come our way.

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