We’re fully in support of Ruga settlements, says Nasarawa govt

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Nasarawa State government has said that it is fully in support of the Federal Government initiative to establish Ruga settlements in the state.

The government said the move would solve the perennial Fulani herders and farmers clashes across the 13 Local Government Areas and 18 development councils of the state.

According to him, the Nasarawa state government had been deeply concerned about how it could ultimately tackle the persistent Fulani herders and farmers clashes across the state.


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What is the contribution of your state to national purse? Zero contribution in deed. No wonder you welcome another opportunity to have more from the sweat of southerners. Can't you as governor build ranches for the herders if they contribute to your state igr.


All the wahala in the north always started from the middle belt ,go and check history... U can even give ur family land for cattle rearing ...who cares

Everybody is telling us lies god day

Oga mallaam make you sopport oooooooooo,no problem

Cow face

Keep all the cows...Nasarawa people don't cry Las Las.... 😃😃😃

Why wouldn't you be in support. Na home them dey.

I will PERSONALLY kill anyone found in ABIA state bunchoffools

Ruga.... We don't even know the meaning in the south.

We know, you don’t need to tell us you will fully support RUGA.

He looks like a RUGA or a RIGA 🤦🏽‍♂️

Yes that is what we are talking about. Let it end there and not to spread down.

With ruga settlement issue settled, thank you nasarawa govt. Nigeria can now move onto the next one.

Also give them automatic employment without school certificate. It won't move us here.

You are free to accept your master buhari plan. We south south and south east day no to buhari Ruga.

No problem, make una dey support

JustForYouToKnow The word 'Ruga' means 'village' in fulfude

The truth is all writing on ur face . U ve no choice wat a shame 💯

Him face be like RUGA sef

Let it be in your state and the other northern states,no problem.

scarfizal Good, let Ortom and his folks in Benue take paracetamol for Nasarawa headache too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Why won't you? Is it not your cows and the rest you are fight for?

Hahahaha oga you don't have choice, after all you are a fulani Man, but you can also donate your family house for the settlement lol

I hope that this will solved the issue Farmers herder's clashing. And I don't know how the gvt will sustain it with the issue of low revenue mobilization

Sambisa Is A Forest. Boko Haram Has Been Defeated. Why Can't The Government Give The Forest To The Herdsmen for RUGA?

That’s a Ruga state by default! Ready before introduction if I may add

Congratulations to you. Please the cattle settlements should be restricted to the north alone. The whole of the South vehemently rejects cattle settlements in its entirety.

Make ensure Eggon people had farm land in Katsina, Sokoto etc if not you are a failure.

Not just to support, take it to ur own village

That’s your BUSINESS

mizz_mariey ,u see

They should stay at the North and Central.. We don't need RUGA in the south.

The North has the land mass to support this Ruga scheme......

Before nko....and am.sure Treasury would be used for continuous funding for the feeding etc for the animals too

Good one there!

Na them them

He is part of the despicable plan.

Let those who forget that actions have consequences don’t come and begin to guilt trip us when the herders begin to unleash mayhem on them and ask us to join in bringing awareness to self imposed problems. SayNoToRUGA

They are already part of u, so u don't choice

You are not we are mtschewww

We wish you well

Good for you people. The herdsmen are your people

Na dem

If you are in support of Ruga settlements, then ensure that the settlement be built beside the government house. In that way, you would not put those communities that would resist the Ruga projects in harms way.

For sure you'll support the evil plans, how do expect a Fulani to disagree with his brother. If you're sent to distroy the state, my guy think well before thunder locate you.

Good one. Ruga is best in the North

Dear Govt Sule, I don’t know you and who sat dawn in Nasarawa state to approve Ruga Falani’s settlement. Pls if this is your 1st agenda in the state, you’re heading to failure.Nasarawa People have had enough of these rubbish.

Very good. Keep it up North. You can ship meat to us down South. Great idea.

We know your plans

That’s for the north alone at least cows 🐄 belongs to you people RUGA. Must not come to the south east and west

Terrorism penetrating through Nassarawa!

Why won't u support them are they not family? But rest assured that whatever plant is what will harvest. We don't Fulani herdsman as a security in the state at Large.

Finally a volunteer arrives...all herdsmen and their cattle can now settle in Nasarawa. Thank you sir 🙏🏻

Yes now.. sure you would be in support! You are the same Fulani terrorist... Not sure why “The Real Hausa” men don’t get rid of the Fulani invaders...

That is for you

No one cares, ours is NO!!!

Do so because u and Fulani have something in common, they are ur father's,but where hell we full is if I see a bastard piking with no home in my town

You are of the same blood If you like give them your sitting room none of our business

Set up farms in the south, grow and ship grass it to the North via the rail lines on daily basis. Build irrigation channels and everybody will be fine. What is about to happen now is called coverteousness, and I want to believe that Islam will not support this.

Mtchew.Keep it to your region we don't want it in ours

That's your business dude NassarawaState . But inform your Lord's and principals we in the south reject this your demonic plot. The entire land Mass in your state should be enough NoToRUGA NOTORUGASETTLEMENTS NotInOurLand

Mumu Man

Let's spread the hashtag endRUGA istandagainstRUGAsettlements

Southern Nigeria say No how about that Mr

Let them do it in their state not in Anambra state please

Do it only in northern region alone count the rest out.

Yes it your right to enjoy especially the north that make money from farming not the south, you want our oil and also our land for your cattle farming. Who do you guys really think you are.


You're one, manage yourselves. No spared area in south/west

Is this the Voice of the Populated Dominant Eggon or your own Decision as the Governor by chance?

Mr man don't try that

Ehhh there will build it there na let the government not force it on all the state

Why all this? this is business, let them go and acquire the land why FG want to course problem to the entire nation. I haven’t heard this before.

Let me hear pray for Nasarawa then I will remind y'all.

Then give them your state.

I hope its you fathers land you re giving.


Na them

Ain't you a mallam? If you no support, na me for support?

sumakor shey you see what i told you earlier the state government are among the one forcing the ruga

Sponsored APC Governor's and the shortlisted Ministerial candidate does not have option to Ruga settlements, everything is okay!

Don't export idiocy to other nations of Nigeria.

Congratulations Nasarawa state.

A standing ovation for this man and his people. Keep the cows in the North.

Then put them in your states and stop disturbing everyone!

Our own is, don't bring it to south.

Fulani has taken over Nasarawa since the inception of this government, the man in question is a Fulani man.

Nice one, na ur people

Kindly set up the RUGA thing in only states that would accept it. I know only the core north that will accept it.

Sule Puppet , not surprised anyway

That’s fine, but establish it only in your state of origin!! Would you be happy to have Yoruba oba or an Ibo obi installed in your state as well? Why are these leaders fomenting troubles! RugaSettlements Nigeria

Your choice, of course!

Give them your family house...Mr Ruga

I don't expect you to say otherwise

He that Wear the shoe no were it pain, God bless you for standing for your people

It's ok, I just hope we won't hear any complain after sometime? Am jes asking in advance

You even look like a Nama.

That's a lovely government for Nasarawa.. As it's ok for you keep up there don't bring it down here..

Give you family and you house for them

The pple in northern part of this country are very stupid,, they support rubbish things and when the wahala start now, they will be the one to suffer most. Mmmmmmmmm;

Yes to ruga settlement👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

Did you hear that? No hate! No sentiment, what a real Nigerian that differs from haters!!!

Y Una no go support. Abeg make e dey only for da side ...

Go ahead and how does it affect other states? But mind u d cattles should not cross ur boundary to Benue people bcos we are against RUGA !

This is a great development for Nasarawa state. Please let it be only in the North. We will be happy with the 97% vs 5% treatment in this instance.

Yes give them your papa house join as long as Una no come This side

Fuck you And the Rugs. Do it in your own state don't try come down yo any Biafra's land or fave the wroth of the Gods And we will defend it with our last blood

Wetin concern FG with cattle business... why is FG not providing “ruga” for other categories of farmers...


Nobody is disputing that with the Northerners, they are part you. You should go ahead and settle your RUGA in your regions.

Psycophancy! He's the most useless governor ever. Mtchwww!!!

Mtcheww nonsense ... What’s in Nasarawa sef apart from the poly and university... 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

So keep them here... Thank you

I'm not sure you knw what you are saying, at south south we don't need it


Why is it that Gov that support RUGA settlement are APC, see the country can't move forward with this act

Good for you.

Enjoy oh..You no need tell us

Fulani people invaded and conquered the indigenous peoples of Nasarawa State. A state where only Fulani rules cannot go against Fulani agenda. So it's expected. Go ahead and do whatever you like.

That's a gov that wants peaceful coexistence in his state.

Off course cows will love some luxury.

Have you asked for the opinion of the nasarawa people mr ruga?

It's not of our business.... Don't bring that RUGA to my state... OfficialAPCNg

Nice just let it be within the north

You are a gullible Ruler and not a leader

Good for Nasarawa State.

Sounds about north...


Who cares. But don't extended it to another man's land.

That's when you look at it objectively. Congratulations to Nassarwa government for choosing to leave in peace with all and sundry.

We don't need it here

This is nassarawa

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