We're Dying, Why Are We Serving Nigeria?— Police Officer Cries Out In Video | Sahara Reporters

We're Dying, Why Are We Serving Nigeria?— @PoliceNG Officer Cries Out In Video | Sahara Reporters

6/22/2021 2:08:00 PM

We're Dying, Why Are We Serving Nigeria?— PoliceNG Officer Cries Out In Video | Sahara Reporters

He stated that since his deployment to Yobe State, he had yet to receive his other allowance for feeding and upkeep apart from his salary.

Jun 22, 2021A police officer in, Gujba local government area of Yobe state has decried the incessant attacks on members of the Nigeria Police Force and police formations across the country.The officer, who appeared in a video, claimed four of his colleagues were killed recently while the property of the surviving officers was burnt.

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 The Sergeant called on the Nigerian government and other well-meaning Nigerians to look into the affairs of police officers.He said, “Good morning fellow Nigerians, see what has happened to us in Gujba. In Gujba, there was an attack here on the 17th, four of my colleagues were killed. Those of us that survived, see what we are passing through. See how they burnt our things.

”Since we came for this operation in Yobe State in December, this is June making it seven months, no feeding, no allowance, because of N63, 000 I'm collecting in Nigerian Police as a sergeant, I'm dying in Yobe here. Look at how they burnt our things, look at how many people have died.  headtopics.com

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PoliceNG Every personnel should ask their units for their insurance coverage and benefits in service, in case any thing happens, they used you and dumped you PoliceNG The day you people realise we are your friends not the elite,then your deliverance is closer than you think.but before then be enjoying the fruits of your labour.

PoliceNG Why must you starve, you have the guns and bullets to attack both politicians and elites ,not poor masses that are suffering like you. PoliceNG So sad, d security agencies should be d one enjoying most. Bt reverse is d case in Nigeria. The reason security agencies in naija is corrupt is dat, they aren't properly paid. You deploy d military 2 sambisa forest & get dem killed by bokoharam. God will judge you yeye leaders.

PoliceNG This man is a goner. PoliceNG No body should take police officers serious in this country, not until you Sto using force on peaceful protesters, even if you where given order, Cary out the order with sense, because your condition is no different from the protesters. PoliceNG Same police wey dey shoot protesters

PoliceNG To serve Nigeria is not by force, so resign PoliceNG PoliceNG now you are crying this is just the beginning.Remember those youth that put their lives on line protesting for d interest of you and I what did u do?Some of them are still under detention now.But I want you to know that they are fighting for u but u choose to kill them

PoliceNG It is because you are serving in a country called zoo nothing is working people dying in every state in the zoo called Nigeria PoliceNG Na crocodile tears be that

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Nigeria's Police IG, Idris, Linked To N250million Unapproved Contracts At Police Academy | Sahara ReportersIdris served as the Inspector General between June 2016 and January 2019, and he is being asked to account for financial misappropriations at the police academy. PoliceNG But he doesn't look like someone that eats money PoliceNG Kputum, probably the worst IGP ever.... PoliceNG Those are the real terrorist killing people silently in this country. Authority stealing pass armed robbery. They have led many youth to bad activities through their greedy ways of life. They should make sure they treat him in the language he didn't understand 🤐

PoliceNG Your pain is so sweet to us because you don't have sense because of 20k you killed your fellow citizens who came out to protest for bad government PoliceNG Wahala nor dey finish for this country PoliceNG Omo,die there because you are rejected already in your family because of the atrucities you follow nigeran government to commit against humanity in the country 🤣🤩😅😂

PoliceNG This one go soon collect sack letter for speaking up PoliceNG This officer should be arrested for protestic, he's a secessionist and enemy of Nigeria, he's an Ipob police officer from PDP.....🤣🤣😂 you never see anything, karma eh.....after killing those protesting for your welfare....buhari must hear this.

PoliceNG May God Protect this man. PoliceNG Divide the country peacefully PoliceNG 2)...forces we're battling with in this contraption PoliceNG 1) Who are you actually crying to, is it ya deaf NGRPresident or the masses u harass, tear gas, arrest & assault anytime they hit the streets to protest for the betterment of everyone? Now na still morning, this life is turn by turn, face ya problem, we already have enough....

PoliceNG But when they send you to attack people protesting for better Nigeria that you all the PoliceNG officers we benefit from you so quick to answer that order and find joy in pulling your trigger

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PoliceNG Thrilled give this one orderly room trial PoliceNG Resign, start a business and defend your people for breakup and war that the fulanis are leading us to PoliceNG Ifb immediately ❗

There Will Be Tribal, Religious Wars In Nigeria —Cleric | Sahara ReportersOkikijesu said there will be a deadly crisis between the Hausa and Fulani For ur mind now, na holy spirit tell u o...we all know this already, ur network is damn slow... They never see foresee something good or solutions to issues, oshi iranu....see his long mouth. Oga respect yourself oooo...Na you wan bring tribal religious war... Our only enemy in Nigeria is fulani caliphate,,and it's a collective enemy,,so don't bring that there divide and rule tactics..

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