Auno Attack, Boko Haram, Prof. Babagana Zulum, Soldiers

Auno Attack, Boko Haram

We need 100,000 more soldiers to defeat Boko Haram – Zulum

2/19/2020 9:00:00 PM

We need 100,000 more soldiers to defeat Boko Haram – Zulum

Kayode Idowu, MaiduguriBorno State Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum, has said that the nation might need about 100,000 more soldiers to win the war against Boko Haram.He advised that at least 50,000 people from Borno should be engaged by the military with or without western education to prosecute the ongoing war on terror.

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Zulum stated this on Wednesday while playing host to the House of Representatives’ Committee on Defence led by its chairman, Hon. Babajimi Benson.The governor stressed that the war against insurgents cannot be competently fought and successfully won without manpower, technology and proper funding.

Zulum told Benson during the visit that “you cannot fight this insurgency to an end without technology and without manpower and without funding”.READ ALSO:Egypt’s Coronavirus case tests negative – WHOHe said, “Take my words, they (the military) don’t have the manpower, they don’t have the equipment. Kindly advise the Speaker and the Senate President to tell Mr President to approve the massive recruitment of soldiers. We need about 100,000 more to be recruited into the Nigerian Army. They should come and employ the locals whether they have western education or not.

“We need to recruit nothing less than 50,000 men from Borno, we have able-bodied men that can join the Nigerian Armed Forces on an ad-hoc basis.”Earlier, Benson had informed the governor that his committee was in Maiduguri to pay a condolence visit in respect to the Auno attack.

Benson added that his committee was in Maiduguri to see what could be done to assist in the ongoing war against insurgency in the state.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

We need a 100,000 more jobs or schools to defeat Boko Haram The ones that are guarding the houses of rich politicians in Osborne Estate, Parkview and Banana Island nko? This is the true of the matter Gov. Zulum you can recruit the sons and daughters of Borono State so that the work can be done perfectly.

Then lost another 99000 to death bcos of boko haram...why not get drones to solve this once and for all. Sorry to say this, with 1 million Soldiers under the current spirit, I don't see end to the scorge No you need to fight the way they fight catch them.and kill them not release them Combating boko haram is not by deploying 10,000 solders, is by given the ones on ground the upgraded weapons they need. Upgread there welfear and packages, take care of our falling heros's family's.

Use these useless sars officers or repentant boko haram since they once worked with the group to learn their tactics and modus operandi. The drone may kill innocent captives, just saying. The war seem unending bcos it's a conspiracy. Ogun kill you. .....carry ammunition enter bush too nah . Sheybi unah dey carry dem go rehab after capturing them Carry all your family member go

TELL YOUR FAMILY TO JOIN ARMY NOW . Lmao y’all joking right? Okay saheed emeka taju Suleiman Chinedu go and carry gun let go and die You know how Buhari shares Federal appointments?, ehn ehn! do it like that. I'm not sure there's any plan to stop bokoharam It's not about the soldiers but the NA lacks logistics if the current tactics is not working. Its not about crowd

Recruit your children and children of your relatives and send them naa Clowns. When did Zulum become War Expert? We need 21st century equipments not Man Power More soldiers to waste abi Even fighting war with another country dos not require such amount (incompetence) people General Zulum 😬 With the corruption in this war even 1 million soldiers can’t win Boko Haram.

To sacrifice for BH Once they will all come from the north go ahead. Recruit your family member na show Go and build them I really don't know what to type sef.....🚶🚶🚶 They are all dead and some jobless youth want to die drinking gari than to be slaughter by BH What's wrong with the ones in barrack You gave them hunters gun and expect them to win a war against people holding sophisticated weapons . Where are they jet fighter and ammo we bought from America

It’s not about numbers it’s about conscience How do you want to defeat them when the government is creating ministry for Boko Haram The one they gave u guys wat d u guys u it for What they're meant to do is Convert those already captured Boko Haram members and use them to go back into the sambisa forest

How many people are in Boko Haram? Legion? Go to black market to go and buy now When other countries are using unmanned drones as not to risk life of soldiers. Let’s make use of efficient technology to combat insurgency and stop being myopic This is an iron age thinking. Today, military strength is not in numbers. It is about intelligence and weapons. One nuclear weapon launched by few intelligent officers is enough to wipe of the entire Nigerian federation

The funny thing is that people will still sign up for the army despite incessant bh attacks because people are hungry and family must chop. FG is not ready to fight terrorism Right from the beginning of the comments, many IGBOs, men and women have comments and their comments was all about bias and hipocracy.

classic_abdul Nigeria needs at least 2million military officers. We spend so much to maintain our political office holders while our security is deteriorating and our education and infrastructure are also dying out. Without secured borders, we are not a country. Recruit and pay them well. Tell your children to join the military.... nonsense

If you have one million soldiers without good leadership and with snitch all over the place working for Boko Haram you won't defeat them. Is this who PDP want to bring out as president lmao 😂😂😂 You should employee your relatives, friends, kinsmen or repentant boko haram after all Una get population. na people when una want to use as sacrifice Una they find may Amadioha strike you down..... Awon Oloriburuku

Recruit your family members nah Why don't just come straight and say you want more 100000 souls slaughter. You don't need more soldiers, you need sincerity and integrity from the rulers. You need to do away with Nepotism, religious discrimination and bigotry. Oga is not all abt population of soldiers,all we need is intelligent commanders and equipment

From where please? Lord of the Rings?😦😦😦 Retiredsars We have 109 senators in Nigeria...and I heard one of them boasted if having 27 children or there let's say on an average each senator will have 20 average 😂 109 *20=2180...and we have about 360 in the the maths😤 Dear governor Zulum, what Nigeria Amy needs is intelligence to defeat Boko Haram. America didn't use 100,000 soldiers to defeat Osama in far away country.

So it’s not GEJ’s incompetence any longer? Funny people You people have the population. I'm sure its a minor issue for y'all Please mobilise your family extended family to join you in quest. Really! More 100,000 soldiers that would be sacrificed unjustly in the name of defending their father's land? I thought they said Book Haram has been technically defeated? Chai!

You need Intel & technology, not necessarily more man power! 100k more for sacrifice ?🤣🤣🤣 And 500 million dollars too. Recruit your kids first....,then Dangotes' MBuhari NGRPresident it is sad that in this technology driven era. You're still day dreaming. This is what you get when dummies put themselves in position of authorities. Rather than be creative in their thoughts, they think rudimentary

You zulum,MBuhari and some of your family members is needed at the the war front not the innocent citizen Pick your family members to fight boko haram!!!!!! We have enough soldiers Tell FG to recall those they send to peacekeeping and motivate them. Use 10-15 drones and save Life... I hope you can send your child for war 😁... Nonsense

That is a clear WAR ZONE scenario just painted. BORNO requesting for military occupation. Look at this one. 100,000 soldiers without better fire arms and ammunitions and you expect them to perform miracles. 100,000 soldiers to go and sacrifice at battle field for something that you people created... 100, 000 more to be sluttered right?

With the of conspiracy and sabotage in our military. Even 1 million soldiers won't be enough. Why don't just say you need the whole Nigeria 🙄🙄🙄.... What's the population of the entire Nigerian army? Mtchew I don't understand y this Almangeris Elites ( Educated Illustrates) always reason dishonestly, fraudulently & typically to conduct an act to always stealing...! Inventor of drone in us army is a Nigerian can't u seek his assistance...!!!

Interesting logic how many do we have right now to justify this projection? To go wast there life as usual you guys most be jokers Story. Your president and the military said boko haram has been defeated so you are calling them liars Repentant Boko Haram members should be converted into soldiers and send them back to Sambisa forest. They know the nooks and crannies of the area and with support of Nigeria soldiers; Boko Haram will be defeated. I don't know when they will have sense to take this action!!!

Impossible Mission Hehehe 🤣🤣🤣 Re employed those you have captured before you know it your 100,000 of them have completed. I weep 😭 for Nigerians. You're looking for people's children you'll send. To die and still release the same people who kill them... Rubbish!!!! Hypocrite so that the 100000 soldiers will end their lives, no weapon available for the present soldiers to work with. Government backing Boko Haram, giving them money and encouraging them to increase by giving them amnesty and freedom to operate.

Those that voted should be recruited. Simple They should take all those soldiers that they sent to do operation python dance Nigerians knows that this govt is not sincere in this fight, why did this govt disengage the south African machineries that was engaged by gej? Replace Brutai to a southerner and see what will happen

Recruit them only from your village or better still from your family! And I have been applying several times but yet I can't be given the chance to serve my country. So sad Mumu pple People willingly wanted to join de army but bcos of corruption and politics u picked those who don’t have the interest.. Deal with ur problems since you still in the Stone Age

They will use matchet to fight abi LIE Kuku goan recruit every member of your family, stop killing out soldiers in the name of fighting insurgency Don't 'angry me' o, you don't need shit. What you need is education, orientation and poverty alleviation schemes. An educated mentally up right person wouldn't buy the idea of suicide bombing or insurgency. I think your societies have a bigger role to play in eradication of BH than deployment of military personnel.

These new 100, 000 soldiers should be recruited from the north east since they know the terrain more than their other regional.colleagues, also try to equip them with sophisticated weapons and motivate them as well. This Governor seem like a serious person tho. More power sir. Sars men should try to flex their muscles in Sambisa forest kwanu not only on innocent citizens.

Well, he should first contribute his adult male family members including in-laws, sure that would subtract at least 50 from the magic number. Did US need 100,000 foot soldiers to defeat ISIS? You need a different tactics, Boko Haram is changing tactics always, but Buhari continues to use the same tactics he initiated since 2015 that failed from the beginning. Stop thinking from your BEHIND this is 21 century. WAKE UP!!

I disagree 1st how many are des hudlums 2nd how much is their budget our prob is I efficency What is Boko Haram army population that we need another hundred thousand more to defeat them The ones you people are converting from BH to the NA nko?🙄 We don't need more soldiers, we need more ammunition and truth from our government them. They are hiding something from us. And they are deliberately not reinforcing our military men for the battle.

Therefore recruit those without education...and expect intelligent results? Smh In this modern era,all U need is drones nd then use soldiers 4 mop up action. Or better still, employ d repentant Boko Haram members Looking for more poor parents children to kill rite.Let the Rich children do the dirty Job.

So that you can kill them all ba? Mtcheew! But there are about 50,000 in front of Nnamdi Kanu's house in Abia.... why not re-deploy them Northerners 🤔 Is it based on statistics or mere Assumption? Employ foreign military Machinery with Sofiscated war technology. Recruiting more Northern Soldiers means wasting resources, doing the same thing and expecting different results.

I only see a reason for the government to say they will. Now recruit those repentant bh members into military service..... Wait for it... You will understand Just recruit civilian Jtf, borno state indgines and others from North Eastern states. They know the terrain, they understand the language. You need more people to use to extend your plans to get more terrorism money and waste their lives.

🤔I guess some boko haram are under rehabilitation why not bring them to the war front to face their brother, since they know all their hideout and are good at handling ammunitions NGRPresident MBuhari In a country where the number of soldiers isn't up to 150k, okay oo Pick out of your family members too.

Employe ur amajiri as soldiers to solve the problems u created. Stupid North It's true 100000 southern soldiers Is it a case of number or of intelligence? What will the 100,000 soldiers do? Fight with their teeth, maltreated, betrayed and waste their lives? True biafrans can not join Nigeria Army again. Many of us were killed without enough armories given to us to stop boko haram but now u people are looking for another RAMs to slaughter, e no go working!!!

Stupid man if you have family among those soldiers will you ask for more despite what they are going through in the hands of those dinosaurs 🦕 you’re unable to Educate ( north youth) oloriburuku somebody GovBorno More like 100,000 human sacrifices, the ones you people have sacrificed is not enough. 100,000 more soldiers to be killed abi, when you made the state more vulnerable by releasing those blood thirsty demons from prison.. Please enjoy the implication of that release..

I can pouch out some buharist wailers here for the mission Make una negotiate the terms and conditions 😌 Why not kuku enlist us all into army? Is that the solution? When people were hustling yo join Nigerian guys used politics to push them freind go and enroll I thought they've been defeated?

Make life good for the people and you would have defeated boko Haram by 70 percent Recruit them from your family As a true citizen,you wouldn't mind recruiting your some loyalty abeg Atleast your state can provide 60k soldiers then your neighbours will complete it, 😔 see who's fighting boko haram

Is this guy now a military spokesman? The strength is too much. Just request for 10,000 soldiers only But your state can produce this number. The total soldier in Nigeria is how many if we move 100k to borno Are Abba Kyari and Buratai not from Borno State? Are soldiers not dancing snake dance in peaceful States in the South? Are the police not degraded by same Buratai? I know you can call a spade a spade, do so!

Has the service chief b8replaced by Zulum?! since!!, later una go request fr d entire nation....emaa pawa tan ooo Prof you are a good man, May God help you but it seems the formation has to be reworked too. Who doesn’t know you are doing your best? Can we do a rough analysis of how many soldiers we have lost, why we lost them(lack of weapons, foods, etc). It's appears there's more to dz war than meet d eyes. Sending our men to a war that's been lost is suicidal.

Hundreds of thousand voted in the north. I believe you have the number in the north to defeat Boko Haram as well. We can't stand sacrificing brethren from other parts of the country to pay for the calamity you brought on yourselves. EiE. You all need honesty, not the number of soldiers. A battalion of million soldiers without honesty can't win a war; give them the best arms, without honesty, they'll be defeated.

Out of that 100, 000 i would like to see half of your relatives and maybe all children. And your cousins that way could be better. God will expose you people’s secret one day. Recruit Borno State people naaa How many are the Boko Haram fighters? We need change in Leadership. Only 2 people needs to be changed. Just change the President and Chief of Army.

You need sense, truth and willpower. Your Oga have wasted many soldiers life because his service chiefs are incompetent as he is. More 100,000 soldiers to their grave and propaganda to cover your shame Are you not a man? Recruit your family 🙄 Half of this number governor is on the roads in south east extorting money from road users.

Start by enrolling your family members and relations as combatants. Boko Haram population should more than 200000 then and who are the ones the useless government said they are winning?🙆🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ ayemojubar Story! Akiko... Then how many people is boko haram? Nigeria doesn’t need that much to defeat Boko Haram but need sophisticated equipment and well trained personnel

Shut him up immediately 🐏 And you release 1400 Boko Haram (though you called them repented)... Even if u are given additional 1million soldiers u can never defeat Boko Haram, reason is because u will end up & equipped the soldiers with very poor local hunter guns to face BH who has sophisticated & automatic machine guns. Boko Harams are well equipped than Nigerian soldiers

Air attack is the best option. Helicopter gunner in formation Federal government is using our soldiers for sacrifice 'claiming the're fighting boko haram What is the total strength of the In deed Playing Nigeria like Chase moves, funny people! 100,000 more soldiers in did. I didn't see this tweet🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

100.000 more to die without necessary arms to fight. Best is, u enrol all your male children and family members You don't need more soldiers...let the sabotage and corruption in the system be addressed; BH will be defeated in a hurry. You guys wan kill people children with your incompetence... This isnt the way forward for now

Make ur all ur family join na Simply you need CHICKENS to feed BOKOHARAM Una father Las Las repentaned Boko Haram released Start with you and families Please how many are the boko guys Oshee commander in chief, governor faa. It is well. Our politicians [scam leaders] can start by sending their first and second sons, maybe a daughter to balance the equation...

The deradicalized Boko Haram, will be good enough 100,000 lives to waste in Borno on Shekau. Mehn!!! while other countries put more INTEL in place, we just send personnels to field to die. Infact, sane countries develop drones to save lives in the battle but not in Naija Your people are jobless give them the job.

You are looking for more 100,000 blood from the south to kill right? Bross you don't need number, you need intelligence without conspiring with the Boko Haram. Love you guys. Follow me I'll follow back ASAP. Let's go guys 100000 Pere abi How many are these Boko haram fighters that it will take additional 100,000 to defeat!

You trade the one you have with UN money, you trade their life and rehabilitate their killers, go home and pack ur family, after all your children schooling abroad can become soliders. wickedFG He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches? And Boko Haram is less than 5000? Whoever said this is a fool, what do these ppl take us for ? The soldiers in the forest are dying of hunger and thirst, so you want more of Nigerian lazy youths to come sacrifice their lives right ? God will purnish not only you but your kids and your generations to come amen🙏🏻

Na only idiots will still want to join Get them from your region ..... Enough of southern and Eastern region brothers are dead already from the problems created by your region ...... Argue with your phone 📲... if you come here and talk rubbish ... Ogun blind you in advance They should use evil (the rehabilitated boko haram,bandits) to fight boko haram. The innocent blood of people from other regions you have shared is enough.

Noooooo... kuku carry all of us go sambisa... some people don't know book sha😯 Zulum would have made a better president than this fellow wasting his time there How many are Boko Haram members? You need to be better armed and pay your soldiers better. This man represents light and thruth, he refused to belongs to the group of cabals and puppet to tyranny and dictatorship president MBuhari and OfficialAPCNg and their cohorts

Get good drones and a special satellite to defeat them.. you think you can just waste people's life like that, they also have families too. Soldiers you will recuit and send to fight Boko Haram without food and water and a monthly pay of 49k per month abi.. Funny government Allah ya ida nufi So that they can catch Boko haram for you to release them back again abi? Whilst they sacrifice their lives for your nonsense.

This's a clarion call for all Buhari's online crusaders! No better time to demonstrate loyalty to the blvs in than now. All the loyalists to the govt should embrace this opportunity to prove themselves beyond ranting on SM or remain Vain-singer forever! Una no get children? Solution: (1) Use Repentant Boko Haram Members (2) Use the over 20,000 soldiers in the South East. (3) Use SARs who seem too powerful for civilians. (4) Use drones But remember: Boko Haram has been technically defeated. - APC.

Stop recruiting boko haram into the Nigerian 🇳🇬 military. Tell ur big Bros gen buhari to purge the military boko haram enlisted convert That's great for this suggestions E done finally happen!!!!!! The released BH members will soon amount to that. Oya, begin born children to go fight for you As cannon fodder?

I volunteer AkintundeYusu11 and Mukhmeed. They're patriots of this great nation and very good at ground wars. But the ones you have presently are dying. So they need a 100k+ 100k abeg, are we going to war against another country ni or what. You are mad! Person Pikin you won push go war front! Good jobs wey you all don recruit your Pikin dere...Now death dey you want the masses to place their head under it...God pass you!

So that bokoharam will kill more abi? It is not the number that is important. It is the technology and skill of the soldiers Recruit the repentant boko boys. Stop sending our men to suicide mission impossible It is not about the number if soldiers, the leadership is not engaging them with sincerity of purpose. Our military has done it in Liberia, Somalia, Sierra Leone and can do it again.

You don't need numbers to fight Boko haram. U know how u fought Biafra war. It's logic. Cut off supplies of food, fuel, their Financials and weapon/ammunition purchase & tap into their communication, and break their chain of command and introduce airstrike area bombardment and they will all surrender. Don't come and bring local approach when Technological warfare and intellectual logistics can do the job. they will all surrender. Don't come and bring local approach when Technological warfare and intellectual logistics can do the job.

100,000 or 100,000,000 Naso naso Convert N power beneficiaries to army increased they stipend They should recruit from the north,that will be better... Call on the your youths/apc thugs that retained Buhari there... Lol. Even if you dash me this work now, I will gladly reject it. Go get your children into the military and fight the insurgency you guys brought upon this land.

Make your family members soldiers and send them to Biko haram When even Boko Haram named buhari as their spokesman during Jonathan's era,northern Muslims know the Boko Haram deal with them Borno gave buhari the highest number of votes let their youths join the army to save their lands,i.knew the army is running short of personnel,they created the monster let them kill it.

You that they can all die stupid leader when the want to kill boko haram they will give them order to live enemy blood of innocent soldiers including my brother Ayo will put all you to shame other trip should not join soldiers let house only join they should be killing them self Fa fa fa foul. What we need is Reformation of all stakeholders. The government, military and community. Give them one million soldiers, they'll all die if this stakeholders are not reformed or one.

No is not 100,000 soldiers is 5,000,000 soldiers 😎😎😎it's not about the numbers of our military men.... It's about doing the right thing to defeat boko men God please punish all these blood suckers All that's needed is intelligence and sophisticated weapons! it’s not soldiers that you need to defeat Boko Haram my concerned Governor you need technology a drone to be precise. Remember Iran 🇮🇷 Suleimani? Yes that kind of technology

Police has over 300, 000 men and women they should be trained with some from civil defense to make the number With gun you will kill a terrorist but with proper education you will kill terrorism. By the way why can't they call back all the soldiers in the South East that are doing nothing and send them to borno

Sir. I respect your courage. Am ready to join and Assist the Military if permitted the killings is much. Another excuse will arise To continue killing them Abi? No dey talk like this. E dey vex us. Haba The more increasing, the more mortality rate of the soldiers increases, all we need is a special training, and we need to learn from US FBI as well. Lastly, provide a good ammunition.

Go and carry your children to join na... Awon oloriburuku E ti yawere sir But Buhari said there's no war..that the soldiers should be in the barracks..ok o Mission impossible, chai! Can u imagine statement!! This is embarrassing. Ask yourself, how many Boko Haram do we have out there in the forest? Smh You people are looking for people to kill more bah? I don’t blame you all, send your children to fight the Boko Haram.

1 million soldiers without funding with respect to arms and ammunition's, drones, intelligence, special training, motivation while on duty and for those that die in active service will not yield the desired result. I weep for d officers who ar treated like pawn that die regularly Is simple just recruit the northerners we won't complain.🙄🙄

How I wish you were the President? We have thousands of them mounting road blocks in the east just extorting motorists, they should be move there We hv them in Aba, Abia State. Use all d quota in d army dis time and employ out of d 6million voters u people always have during elections.....u have ur answers

Go and recruit your fore fathers...oloshi Covert sars to soldiers their out everywhere doing nothing but robbing innocent people Recruit from your state Whaaat? Is this a joke? We have them here in Lagos escorting elites with their nicely starched kaakis. Pure waste of limited resources Even if we have 100,000 soldiers, there'll be no point cos Boko Haram is sponsored by the government of Nigeria.

🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ Not true. We need a change in strategy. This is not a war between armies, but an unconventional war. Shame on you. Una pikin wey Dey abroad gatz dey among the 100k Ua looking for more blood to shed This man is honest, and refused to belong to Buhari’s govt liars group. So that you can offer them to your gods right?

That shouldn't be hard I think the repentant bokoharam members dat was released should be recruited immediately nd deployed back to sambisa to prove their allegiance Wow, now we need to be worried. This is serious! 08166965520 Travel and work or Study in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, QATAR and Schengen country with our 80% guarantee package Call now on this number 08166965520 or WhatsApp. This is a very rare opportunity to move to 🇨🇦Canada for work, study or business.

They should massively recruit able bodied men From the North Eastern States. They know the terrains🤔🤔😜 They are coming? Just wait for them and dont go and solve your own problem. Many people from the South have lost their love ones who are helping you fight Boko haram without adequate care😡 Deploy d repented Boko Haram terrorist.. They should prove their true repentance at f battle field

abi 100,000 more KIA's Omo come see You people are planning the downfall of the soldiers from the south abi? It will not work. With advanced Millitary weapons, technology you don't need up to that Drones,More Mi-35, 100MRAPs, Tanks Game Changers We have them in the south east mounting road blocks Bring your children back home to join

Move them from the eastern road blocks/check points. Raid Almajiri centres and conscript them. Alternatively, deploy the “repentant” boko haram members. Dey r wasting inside barracks across d nation Invest in drones... soldiers will be used to mop up after drones destroy Target

NGO trains 100 women in skill acquisition in Gwagwalada – Daily TrustA non-governmental organisation (NGO), Sulbrax Empowerment Initiative for Youths, has organised a skill acquisition programme for 100 women in Gwagwalada Area Council. Speaking at the end of the three-day training on Saturday, the director of the NGO, Alhaji Suleiman Barde, said it was organised to empower the women through various skills acquisition aimed at reducing …

Boko Haram: Borno governor declares Monday for fasting, prayers – Daily TrustBorno state governor, Babagana Zulum, has declared Monday, February 24, 2020 for statewide fasting and prayers alongside an intensified offensive by Nigeria' military and volunteer forces against Boko Haram insurgents. Princeshaibu10 God/Allah will surely expose those that are behind all this killings and they'll be punished for it I'll join you in prayers That's good efforts That is good Allah Will help you

Gallant Nigerian soldiers rewarded for historic successes against Boko HaramOne of the soldiers could not attend because he was still recovering from gunshot injuries. Applause Una self no dey ask questions which historic success? Haba! Which of d success

VIDEO: Almajiri boy showing soldiers the training he received at Boko Haram campVIDEO: Almajiri boy showing soldiers the training he received at Boko Haram camp TuesdayThoughts tuesdayvibes This almajiri system is a menace to the north and Nigeria in general.

Suspected Boko Haram Insurgents Attack Chibok Village, Burn HousesSuspected Boko Haram Insurgents Attack Chibok Village, Burn Houses Again, Nigeria which way You mean, the same defeated bokoharam, in lai Muhammad voice So we still at this, how sad🤦

Boko Haram attacks Chibok again - Daily Post NigeriaA community in Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State, Korongilum has come under heavy attack by the Boko Haram sect. Many houses were set on fire by This country is finished.. This country be fucked be up mehn💔💔