Buratai, Nigerian Youths

Buratai, Nigerian Youths

'We have decided to recruit Nigerian youths to end insurgency in Northeast' - Buratai - Daily Post Nigeria

‘We have decided to recruit Nigerian youths to end insurgency in Northeast’ – Buratai


‘We have decided to recruit Nigerian youths to end insurgency in Northeast’ – Buratai

The Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai , on Wednesday said the army will soon embark in recruitment of Nigerian youths

“This special training will now be integrated in every training in the Nigerian Army. So, this means that anybody that is recruited in the Nigerian Army with effect from now, will have to go through thatIn a swift reaction, the Governor Chief David Umahi, who was represented by his Deputy, Dr. Kelechi Igwe, decried shortchanging of the people of the state in the recruitment of the Nigerian Army.

“The story will be that only two or three of them are engaged and when you go to look at the list, you will discover that men from other region will answer Ebonyi state name, take up the identity of our people and take the quota that is meant and reserved

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Beginning with your sons Include your children Hahahaha oga which youth? Chaiiiiii you too funnyyy. Don't for get to recruit your children too because they are Nigeria youths Aswel. Please is better to keep your mouth shut. Who will go and get killed without compensation to his family but later the terrorist to enjoy foreign education

Deploy your children and all the children of those in Govt. You are recuiting them again to be killed right? Your family members you gave slot that are in offices should go there first. Nonsense This man is a clown😂 Confusing everywhere! We don’t need LazyYouths for such task! Let the Hardworking children of the political class be on the forefront!

What the Nigeria army chief is saying is that if you join the Nigeria army and you arrest a jihadist Boko Haram terrorist then he claims repentance to evade the law and be released

Boko Haram: FG reveals how Nigerians can end insecurity - Daily Post NigeriaSecretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr Boss Mustapha, has said Nigerians must uphold the tenets of moral, religious, and cultural values to put Audio submission! After 5 years of general MBuhari being in power? Ok kontinu, let's see the gibberish you've got. 😏😟 Stop this post, you people 👨‍👨‍👦 know Nigeria government more I, who are the insecurity is them, please 🙏

You will have to bring in your family members and friend not youth. Biko All the whole Major General don japa. Changed their Twitter name sharp sharp. Recruit your children mofo🤨 I guess that’s only the areas where Nigerian youths are useful! ✖️Give them better eduction. ✖️Give them better life. ✖️Give them chance in politics. ✔️Make them Political THUGS. ✔️ Deploy them to fight the mess you created

Very, very good! Recruit those within the areas affected, train & arm them & you will see how they take on the terrorists & bandits fire for fire & with zeal & passion! Gone through the comments and everyone youth is joking about this not until you influencers are enlisted and killed would people start taking statements like this serious.

A beg needed it well well You mean the Lazy Nigerian youths or the repentant Boko Haram fighters? The latter is your best option because you don't need to claim more innocent lives just to cash out. When you know they can't get job,the next is to kill them in the hand of book haram. Recruit your children too sha

This is stupid talk, how many youths have you sent there to die... If not joblessness who go join Nigerian army b4?

Insurgency Attacks: Senate task NEDC to rebuild religious buildings - Daily Post NigeriaFollowing the wanton destruction of religious and public institutions by the Boko Haram insurgents across the Northeast, Senate on Tuesday adopted a

Thank God that buratai children are also youth,your son can lead to squad to war against Boko haram Ain't we lazy Nigeria youth? Me I did not have appetite to work 🤣🤣🤣 Lemme know if there's any other vacancy I already watch american films and I know how they fight in Afghanistan and Syria, pls where's the venue for sharing gun let me coman collect my own?

This man is madooo Very mischievous. Who are those liking the nonsense he's said? Please you people should start with Yusuf Buhari as it is very clear that he is jobless When I wanted to join they were doing man know man, now they want me to come and join as a recruit. Chukwu a ju. Tueh. buratai's sons should be recruited first then all the children of the majors and generals.

Your children are youth let them lead the attack 'fool'

StackPathFake news Wily u kip kwiet? We are not expecting otherwise, say the truth and in 24 hours Experience a forceful retirement.

Which Boko Haram, same one you've defeated many times since 2014? You should also employ Buhari's children to go and fight. Let the other lazy Nigerian youths get a job in NNPC/PPRA North easterners should enjoy what the started. Ndi ara They sha wan kill us by all means 🤣 I think Nigerian Service Chiefs should recruit there own children and relatives first to fight Boko Haram. If this was lucrative employment into NNPC, will they rush to the poor youths? NGRPresident MBuhari HQNigerianArmy officialEFCC NGRSenate realFFK ShehuSani

I am very sure that the recruitment of this time will be less strict, and you will definitely take more youths from the Southern & Eastern Region. Because you people have decided to hand over our youths to the Boko Haram. While the repented BH members will be used to make it up. All those in government there children can help.......

Your aim of employing NigerianYouths is defeated on arrival. Nonsense! You are Clueless on how to do your job. Just tell the youths to defend themselves. *Shikenan* Imagine that folish statement' TO END INSURGENCY IN THE NORTHEAST' not Nigeria any more. Am patiently waiting for oil money oga I no de do.

I support the motion

Over 500 youths protests alleged land grabbing by Cross River Government - Daily Post NigeriaOver 500 people in Cross River State have staged a peaceful protest against the Cross River State Government after attempts to take over a parcel of land

So that you waste them tacitly and tactically. Here comes the draft...... Recruit your sons first Dem send SARS that one nor reach, now dem won kukuma wipe youths totally.... When people won join the Nigerian Army nor be una dey use politics dey screen people out too... Una father well well What did u recruit b4?

We’re very busy. The rest of us are lazy! So no Buharist comes under this news to say that they are ready to face BH Nigerian army is the most organized corrupt force in the country... Recruit the youths to their death, after recruitement what weapons would they use to fight. The same rifles used in the biafra war. Wow what a country. The same Boko haram that's fully funded by the

This Buratai guy dey mad gan!! Please recruit your children and APC followers to fight for you. No sane Nigerian youths go collect form Lazy nigeria youths. Hav important now abi😓

Kazeeem Tiamiyu: Ogun govt calls for calm, says youths have rights to protest - Daily Post NigeriaThe Ogun State Government has reacted to violent protest that erupted in Sagamu area of the state on Monday, following the death of a footballer , Kazeeem

60% of youths from the south will be “conscripted”. They will unleash terror on them using the ISWAP and Boko Haram. 90% of the active southern youths will be decimated. Well crafted ethnic cleansing and genocide. We will be sitting ducks when they attack the rest of the south! By giving them 30 thousand naira monthly?..SMH

Please deploy SARS officials. Those guys are really good at killing. They'll finish boko haram one time. Nigerian youths are who n who? I hope all your male children will be in there to fight Bokoharam? Na today Nigeria Govt is trying to reduce population of the youth before 2023 Northern youths not Nigeria youths. I cant sacrifice my life for that useless country

Eku recruitment Don't worry. You have enough manpower in the North to recruit. The position is only for Northerners let them take we surrender federal character must work there

Sagamu: Ogun Police have declared war on Nigerians - Segalink, Adekunle Gold - Daily Post NigeriaConvener of EndSARS Movement and social media activist, Segun Awosanya, also known as Segalink, has condemned the actions of some operatives attached to How my brother Very sad indeed.

Sir please limit your catchment area to NE, NW, NC geopolitical zones. Why the need to recruit Nigerians to fight and end insurgency when there's a palatable offer for them on the table in the creation of an agency that will ostensibly cater for their welfare Is it still necessary to fight them anymore

What will soldiers be doing? Recruit the Nigerian youths in NNPC, with their knowledge the can make our Refineries functional again, end fuel scarcity and even make fuel available at a more Affordable price. Oga Buratai take D bull by the horn. Lead D fight to sambisa. We the youths are too young to die

Confused bunch of fellows I will join if only Nigeria bring in new weapons not dis wood gun they re using now On behalf on the lazy youths... We can't This Man is stupid! Go recruit ur familia I would gleefully join the war if i see YUSUF BUHARI also at the war front

Buratai weyrey So that your catch and released bokoharam will kill some more abi? Better recruit your family members o Instead of sending your repentant terrorists abroad use them to fight themselves. Its cost effective too😂. No need to train anybody Planing to kill all out future leaders, so that Una go still the rule for old age.

Once I see pictures of his children who joined and that of all the service chiefs, I will submit myself. Lmao, Nigerian youths are lazy please, they don’t have strength. You people should maintain the same energy you keep when NNPC, CBN, PTF and co are employing only politicians children and families. Or better still recruit all SARS officers, they are trigger happy anyways.

That job is supposed to be for the so called 'repentant terrorists' because they are already used to the terrain and understand Boko haram strategy, so they can come up with a counter strategy to end the war. 3. The FG won't take care of your family if you don't make it back alive. 4. The FG/NASS are planning an amnesty program for the repentant insurgents. Ask yourself this question.. Isn't my life worth more. Go listen to Chike's song 'Soldier' as you make your decision.

What are we talking about? Are y’all saying BH finished the Gallant Nigerian army? And they are no longer capable? Too many questions to ask. And y’all saying you want to recruit youths. Honestly I’m ashamed. Boko Haram is controlled by the Nigerian Leaders and Buhari is the current Leader that’s why he has not taken any measure in tackling the insurgency, how would the leader of a Nation forgive the terrorist of its people. It’s speaks VOLUMES it’s FISHY!!

Dear Nigerian youth, Before you agree to be recruited to fight insurgence, Here are few facts i think you should know. 1. The FG is not going to provide efficient/standard equipments for you. 2. FG will release this insurgents back to sociey after you captured them. Let me just laugh and pass Let Buhari son lead the charge i will follow

Story telling.. tales by moonlight.. why now? I feel, some might take it up for the possibility of earning a wage but I bet if any could indicate interest for the country's sake🤔 Deciding up and down in the rubbish 🤦🏽 If Na Immigration, CBN job now them no go call youth. But to go war front them go want make youth dey there. Only if una pikin go dey there then we go dey office. Ogun kill all of una

Let the Army Generals & Politicians recruit their kids. How many CBN, NNPC jobs have u placed its advert HQNigerianArmy MBuhari nassnigeria HouseNGR NGRSenate SPNigeria They have started kidnapping youths into the army, this man will finis the NA completely, please PoliceNG why won't you draft trigger happy SARS officers to the NE?🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

You have decided to waste Nigeria youths.

Ha.. Were wee born to suffer for u guys? They simply don't want better life for us. They just want us suffer all day... Recruit us in better posts, no! Army kor, harmless ni. NNPC, EFCC, FIRS, CBN, DPR, EMSL, ECL, NAPTIN, NERC. Arent they jobs? U cannot come and kill us..thnk u But so many Nigerians applied for SS You didn’t accept because they have no connections and pick only those with connections

MBuhari recruit SARs to end insurgents. Leave nigerian youth alone I have so much to say but let this peace of God keep me still Pls how can I tell him directly that he's mad? I want to look him in his eyes & tell him 'thunder fire u'. Are any of his children in the northeast fighting insurgency? Both him & general Buhari are satan's incarnate.

Recruit your son first after then buhari son is also fit is not by riding power bike!! He should put those skills to work 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Tell all the army general to first recruits their first sons and daughter...... And put them in the war front. Awon werey Ko ni dafun yin loruko jesu.... First recruit ur family members, at least una get youth for una lineage

Like lamps to the slaughter no thank you f y'all sons of b***hes What is worrying HQNigerianArmy. An army staff that have being working with Nigerian army will be saying that new recruit are the one that will end this insurgency men where are experienced soldiers? take the front line and end this. Bring your children from abroad and recruit them. You want to recruit youth and get them killed, while their killers have fun as repentant rubbish. Posterity will judge all of you.

SARS can get the job done more efficiently. They are the best option Sir no need for recruitment. We are not at war. Need new strategies. (1) resign because you have failed Nigerian army. (2) Allow all Generals both retired and serving to return back to barracks.(3) If you are sincere resend the repented B/H to fight instead of keeping them.

Wait, the President's son that crashed a power bike some years ago is a youth! Let him lead, we will follow! Biko according to your presido we are lazy and as it is we totally accept we are lazy. Join ko. Join ni arrange government . Please pick the youths from the North. Leave southerners out of this mess your people created. When it is time to go to war, they begin to advocate for a balanced quota system.

Was it non Nigerian youth you were recruiting before? Pls recruit your family and that of MBuhari son

Lol is this fr? You guys created a money making machine that is holding the whole country to ransom and now you want to stand young Nigerians to die? You guys will never cease to amaze me With your nepotism and na my padi pikin politics?😒😒😒😒 Who have they been recruiting since? Old men, kids or what?

If it's CBN jobs now, they won't inform Nigerian Youths. Let the Generals recruit their Children and relatives. I'm not supporting this idea bcos there's a problem All these old men with all their experience should go and fight the insurgency, at least it started in their time, so it should please end with all of them. Youths own the future.

Lol na youth una she one use to fight. Give is banking jobs and other jobs. We no do this one alaye When NNPC CBN job opportunity comes up we won’t hear now that you’re looking for people to die for your wickedness the opportunity is open to Nigerian youth. Who have they been recruiting? Cameroonian youths

I have the list of those to be enlisted: 1. All the bloodthirsty energetic men of SARS, PoliceNG please release them asap, 2. Yusuf Buhari, children of Lying Machine Mohammed, the children of ProfOsinbajo, and the children of service chiefs cos Boko Haram has been defeated,

If na NNPC work Nobody go hear dem go share am for top dis wan sef we no wan Hear We’re too lazy for that 🤨 Where can I take soldier form? Please help? Fu*k you baba, we are not applying 😂 Please start with MR President's okada riding son. He can use his okada riding skills in Sambisa. Your sons and daughters they abroad they study na me go come carry the cross abi? Mr. Man use SARS member and those repented Boko members instead. Use Police and SARS, they have maltreated youths alot. Use them please they can't be getting paid for nothing.

Lazy Youths can't fight use SARS officers To recruit Nigerian youths?🤔 Nigerian youth... Most of them are engaged in farming. Go carry your own people. Mad man. OceanWealthz Army uniform go fit u.

Buratai hope ur children, cousins, niece, nephews will be among and take the front roll. After endangering the life's of our military u are looking for its youth, shame on u When You want to recruit normally, y'all allocate all the available slots to your children, but when you need puns to die for free in the hands of terrorist, you want to carry out a transparent recruitment..I thought you said bokoharam has been defeated sometima ago?

Abi oloriburuku ni man yii ni Let the Federal character apply. CBN, DPR, NIMASA, NPA and NNPC jobs are for their kids but your own children are only good enough to fight terrorist. God forbid Let them recruit their own children first and should start from the presidency then innocent citizens can then follow

Richie_ixii Leeeemaooo We that are very lazy right now....infact SArs just minus one of us last week.please we are currently not available at the moment. thank God say I lazy o

Admit cadet into the forces una sell slots.. Now you see... This one is high on cheap northern gum! Mtchewww Where are the Buhari and APC’s supporters? It is time to answer the clarion call of patriotism! Show yourselves now! This is Buratai twaddling to justify the recruitment of “repentant Boko Haram “ into the Army.

If it's shell job they will never let Nigerian youth 2 know. So they are 2 recruit their child lyk Yusuf Buhari nd others. I don't understand this man oo, were they not recruiting Nigerian youths before? This one he said, we've decided eh? I think it is better to say this is not a mission of sacrificing of Nigerians life. This conspiracy must be discovered and shall be foiled by God because this sucks. Please someone should help us uncover the secret plot here.

All these security agencies like police, Navy, peace corps, name them should be sent to North East for 6 months to fight Boko instead of running the streets doing nothing. Leave the youths the youths of this country alone Ori yin lo daru.... These ones are looking for pawns as bait to play their dirty policies. We are not interested in your game of Chess. Only the gullible will fall for this.

After it will be Yoruba and igbo boys u go send to face them

Who is a Nigerian youth? Good You should first recruit your children and Buhar's son and also children of all the ministers, Abba kyari, Daura, CJN, Governors and all the military chiefs. Ogun lo ma pa gbogbo yin danu, eyin eleribu mashanfani yi! Kanipe ishey ni NNPC, CBN, FIRS bayi, eh o ni so fun wa, awon omo yin nikan le ma ko s'ibe. Ogun de tan bayi, eh wa le'n wa youth kakiri. Ko ni r'agba fun gbogbo yin.

His children should take the form Nigerian Youths: 😂👨🏽‍🦯 Please stay guided Nigerian youths please beware of suicide mission😒 Ehn? 😂😂😂 why does this tweet smell like dead rat? 😂 😂 😂 Nigeria youths 😂

Ogun go kill all of una! When there are vacancies at NNPC and CBN you guys secretly employed your children now its time to face death you're calling to employ Nigeria youth to join the military go and enroll your family members! Nigeria youth are not interested! 3c. w9😄😚😃 fnoth 😘😃😋😊😏🎒📿👡👑💝💟💔💞💓👍👍🤘👎👎✍💋👁👃💘🙏💏🙌☝👮👳🙀💩😛😜🙃😲🤓💚💙🚩🛄🚸⛔🚺▫🔄⛛⛛⛛⛓⛛⛛🚱⛶⚠⛡⛒⛛🔷⚫🔻🔰⚫🔷🔰🔶⚫🔶⚪💠⬜⚬🔻📛🔺🔻⚫🔷🔷⚫🚷⛛⛙⛔😍🙂😎😑😅🙂😋😑🙂😅😊😐😐😋🙂😄😋😐🙂😅😋😐😅😎😊🙂😄😋😑😃☺

If currently have people serving in the Nigeria army it's better for you to call them to resign before they feed them to the terrorist. Yusuf Buhari should be my squad leader. I go man front gallantly How about the sars! How about the rehabilitated Boko Haram members(at least they know the nook and crannies)! It's now the lazy Nigerian youth that shud come and go and face Boko haram! You need help sir

Ogun go kill all of una! When there were vacancies at NNPC and CBN you guys secretly employed your children now its time to face death you're calling to employ Nigeria youth to join the military go and enroll your family members! Nigeria youth are not interested! The same lazy youth u people wanna recruit

Just redeploy SARS to the Northeast abeg Revolution is getting closer than ever. They should recruit everyone recently made it to the NNPC graduate trainees list. If they want to enjoy this country, they should work for it.

Well, we have warriors here who would die for Nigeria. BMC over to you... Kuku kee me na This animals should leave us out of this mess.... they should recruit their children and family members to go fight insurgent. Moreover sars are capable enough to face them. Recruit your son. Start with your children smh

God go punish u buratai or waiting then they call you self Better place to dump sars, dss and make sure the family of the politicans are all in, nonsense Which youth you mean the same youth the president called lazy or you will import them from Chad and Mali? Well done u hear... Looking for innocent youths that u will send to die for nothing... God is watching you guys

Recruit your children

Lol 🤣😂 You can IMAGINE this man Start by recruiting your kids and that of your fellow Generals benefiting from this insecurity. All the money France is paying you people to keep it going...use it and equip your kids...Nonsense Enwagboso Potbellied Army Chiefs And your children are not youths . So that they will not come and die in u guys sponsored terrorism

The Federal govt granted pardon to Ex members. Will be nice to recruit them for such jobs and leave poor Nigeria youths alone. With the rate of poverty in d land sum people might just apply sha😭😭😭 Use repentant Boko Haram to fight boko Harams... Nigerian youths are too lazy Why can't you recruit your children to end insurgency

Are you saying that our HQNigerianArmy does not have what it takes to end insurgency or that BH is overpowering the Army? This one that God will punish.

Small something 😊😊😊 send SARS go there, they will raid everywhere, trust those guys for that You and buharis son should lead the charge we would follow from behind Take SARS officials off the street, they can do better fighting boko haram Fire burn this people Please what figure of speech is that from Buratai, Lazy Nigerian youths over to you guys.

Sulaimon! Murderers. Which Nigerian youths? Is it the already condemned lazy youths as pronounced by GMB? Soldier don finish for barracks?. Ooh really? Thought military have 'technically' defeated them.

QuotedReplies Vacancy! Vacancy! Vacancy! This is an opportunity for those our Twitter experts ... rise up and blow those bastard up 🏃🏃🏃🏃 Who have they been recruiting before 🙄 E ni kure sir. I thought this was a joke o. You people are mad in this country, ontop 33k you want to turn us to village warriors 🙄

I no join again 😂😂😂 Till y'all goan upgrade ya shiit When one hears Nigerian youths, it would look like it is truly Nigerian youths. Let him just say the truth that he would recruit Fulani & Hausa youths, including the so called repentant terrorists. I will only join if Ibrahim Buhari is joining So dat Nigeria youth will go and fight and die abi.pls sir make sure ur children are in involve too.

Sir may I ask you Start with your children currently in d abroad?

Be sure to include your children, those of other service chiefs, the president, V. President & all other key members of the 3 arms of Government. Rubbish HQNigerianArmy NGRPresident MBuhari ProfOsinbajo One factor is the nearness to raw materials. Those who are not boko Haram and those repentant ones are enough. They are all close to the location of the theater of war.

Go and recruit your family and every member of buhari cabinet..I'm sure they have youths as children.. That SARS are killing the youths is not enough right? Now Army want to send them to fight Boko? You people are heartless sha! God forbid, NNPC and CBN is meant for your children. mr_muize Shubomiii_ lagudaoflagos Castrofied MOTMomentz Am very sure this men would do a wonderful job.....mr buratai

Error!!! The youths in your extended family should be just enough You are posting the rubbish, you are posting in the nonsense... you are talking in the thing that did not have a good experience When we needed the job, u rejected us because we don't ve a army general to back us up. Now that u ve be render useless by the boko boys. U want to recruit the youth. Now it is clear the leaders never wish the youth to prosper in is own country. Devilisaliar

NA needs only sophisticated weapons and directive to end BH. Yes let the SARS officers use that same energy in which they use to assault and kill innocent Nigerians to go and fight insurgency. SARS will do a better job Briggswaves1 It's time to uphold her honour & glory ooo Hope its not same we that MBuhari said are lazy sha😎

Oloshi people. Nigerian youths also include your children o. Charity begins at home. Go and recruit your children and your family members, nonsence Obviously these men are mad. They should start recruiting their children. Even SARS and DSS can join in and stop harassing young men. Better still let them start with their rehabilitated Boko Haram members. Nonsense and Buratai

jibir Deploy Sar officers there oo them sabi shoot. Nigerian youths are lazy in this aspect biko.

What exactly are u using all these bricks in your chest for if you can't end terrorism/bandit? Where is the god of thunder 🤔 Wr are lazy remember? How far JABA_OFFICIAL itsthvboi __Tunmise Sodee_x MichaelAdoghe_ COD boys, Free for All? I hope you have enlisted your children,brothers,nephews and cousins

If it is CBN or NNPC job youth will never know. Start recruiting una children first 🙄 Brutai & IGP kindly deploy all SARS across the Nig into Sambisa forest because the know how to kill & the love killing people. Let them be deployed in Sambisa forest to kill and dehumanise Boko Haram. Also let them go and search Boko haram phones bc the received highest alert.

I am not interested 😂😂😂 New Post Update: How the Government Made Nigerian Youths Lazier. Read, share and react muzzammilwrites Even if they really need youths,let them pick from the North

👏👏👏 Which Nigerian youth do u want to recruit. Laughing in Togolese Alaobayo drealifemaranma see non sense... imagine they carry bayo to maiduguri😊😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Same boko haram that oga Buhari will release later Recruit ur children sir If its INEC job now nobody would recruit us Let me handpick for you sir...dj_skai halloking31 dayo_0 dammiedammie35

The admin of Daily Post will just be looking for trouble everytime. When did Buratai say this 😂😂😂 You said? Recruiting Nigerian youths to fight insurgency, give youths wheelbarrows, okadas, youths should not hope in white collar Jobs rather they should go into farming. as democracy dividends. When I was young its old men that I saw doing security jobs not youths.

Looking for more fresh soul to kill, Nigeria make una shine una eyes oo...

I'm sure u lot have kids if u dont I'm sure u have relations that can still be considered as youth so it's not a problem just recruit them into the army to fight the monsters u breeded case close is not just to embezzle money u can also give up ur kids and loved ones to fight Enlist Buhari's children and grandchildren.

Most of the senators, governors and even the president are retired military men so take them to the war front, let them fight BH don’t kill the youth of our country Carry your first and second born, Before you recruit other youths 🙄.Awon alaye baje.They need more sophisticated weapons,better training, full aerial support, better compensation to boost thier moral, initiative to support thier families in the advent of life injuries or death.

Are sars not competent for the job? Don't you have children? BUHARi has a son, he's also unemployed Gidi_Traffic news headline HELP US TO TELL HIM THAT, THE SENATORS, HONOURABLE, GOVERNORS AND THE PRESIDENT SHOULD ALL PRESENT THEIR CHILDREN.......RUBBISH This country keeps getting shitty day by day...

Thank God more of them are there Northeast Wait first ✋, is it the same boko haram you claimed you've defeated? Or is there another boko haram? Please start recruitment with your children, BUBU son, elrufai son, chief Lai Lai son, Vp son.... Etc Start with your children I hope our southern youths know what to do,don't join Nigerian army it's an avenue for killing our young men,instead,stay back and let us protect our homestead.

Abeg which nigerian youths please send SARS to figth boko haram We are lazy sir. If PPPRA, NNPC, CBN, NIMASA etc are conducting recruitments, our heads are not rejecting such. Return repentant book haram members to the battle field; they know the way around sambisa. Don't waste money training lazy youth like us.

I thought they said youths are lazy, they should recruit SARS who are blood thirsty and free us lazy youths 😂😂 You kill our hope and move next to kill us Recruit the repentant boko haram members, they know the terrain better. Leave people’s children alone.

Jokers 🙄 Am sure brutai has family members and extended families they should be lead to slaughter not innocent souls,you want to continue with mass burial of our youths God will not allow you MBuhari children should go and join the HQNigerianArmy Eleribu ni yin se. ...The plan you have for us is to goan die abi. ..awon irondiron yin lo ma ku iku boko haram

Gbogboyin ti yawerey You have decided to recruit them to end their lives abi? Start with your sons seun_weezy come and join o Nigerian youth 😹😹 Recruite ur children we don't need it This a way of over crowding the Nigeria military with Fulani terrorist.. We are Watching your Games play on...

what an insult to the Nigerian army😯 they are trained for this job but yet they seek for an assistance from Fellow Nigerian youths... Who did this to us😭 So that you wi starve them of food, guns, shelter and other basic things and let them be run over by Boko Haram, while your children lounge abroad.

We that we are lazy Your son should be the first recruit Allii_Bob Those Nigerian youths you want to recruit must be from north make sure you don't involve other youths in that your plan of wasting innocent bloods after they were killed you and your empty head president will release them (Boko Haram ) into the society

Recruit politicians' kids only. Terrorism will stop at once Looking for destinies to waste... Quite unfortunate! This man is the most dumbest military top have ever seen.. Recruit my foot.. Empower those boko haram repentant now.. Make them go fight thier oga's So the plan is now to use Boko Haram to officially commit genocide. What about using the 'repentant' and 'rehabilitated' Boko-Haram terrorists? What about using SARS operatives? What about not making terrorism look so lucrative?

Recruitment or no recruitment Nigerian soldier's have the power to fight the insurgency of this nation, But you and I know quite well that BokoHaram is just a new part of Nigerians learner political activity. I don't see why you put people life in line to go fight BokoHaram

Please sir talk to the IG to give you SARS official to use to face insurgency they can shoot n kill very well they will be very useful They should recruite their children now lol 😂 Na so!! 👎🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃Make catch any of my friends on this recruitment list.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Gv Buhari's son gun, and he will lead the battle...

I wish you well That's, recruiting repented Boko Haram members to end insurgents (Boko Haram), or which Nigerian youths is he talking about? Carry the young men in your family, I have to design something later today.

Sounds like: 'we have decided to sacrifice the lives of Nigerian youths to end insurgency in the Northeast' You see now, when you refuse to retire people and inject fresh blood, this is what you get. Na conscription the man dey advocate? Hire sars as mercenaries.. kill unaself problem solved Pls recruit ur children n dat of ur colleagues, repentant Boko guys n finally GMB n Osinbanjo's children. Nigerian youths are no good for such plssss. RUBBISH!!!!

Use your people and family members alone, after all, na your village them bandits aka BH and Fulani herdsmen Dey. The politicians and their families seem to be the only ones benefiting from Nigeria. Let them send their children so that their Nigeria can survive. I have left Nigeria since to my village mbok

And you think recruitment of young Nigerian will stop that? Well it a moving step but other firms like ministries, factories, educational centers, and organizations should also start recruitment too.. Trust me is this done you'd the decrease in killing in Nigeria Your First son is a youth Oga go and sleep

Now that is let's go and die you decided to recruite the poor back ground Nigerian youths,why cann't you carry children of big men,army generals children and Ministers

Start first with your children and all the Cabral's children including Mr. President Who were you recruiting before? The decrepit? Southern Youths Beware. Some of the Northern youths that are yet to be recruited into CBN, NNPC, Sovereign Wealth Fund should be conscripted into the Army. A government that frees captured Boko Haram terrorists but don't bother about out Soldiers being killed shouldn't be trusted

not nnpc, CBN , firs, NPA jobs... Do not forget we are lazy. Kindly recruit the adults You are just incompetent Sir! Resign and allow a competent person to take over! Our Armies are amongst the best in the world! Youths from the South (South west & South East) are the target, don't ever join the Army, you will be killed

I think Sars are more stronger and more efficient compared to the current army we have now, they should be replaced by SARS am no longer interested because back then in 17RRI i was carelessly rejected because I don't have money am a top ranked officers in the military Go and recruit your family Members and your claimed repentant Boko Haram members

Check the down power point...because the bokoharam they recruited have started their mission.... what kinda nation is this? You rehabilitate terrorists and call them repentant terrorists after all their Meyham mated on innocent souls then open your mouth to recruit innocent citizens to go fight and waste their lives because obviously we have everything to lose because even

How Nigeria hurriedly turned into a joke 😠😠 luck at this man ohh You've got several boys that are youth also, draft them into the army, don't worry nepotism won't count here. They're simply going to be serving their fatherland. Please include your children and your kinsmen in the recruitment process. Buhahahahahaha... Lazy youths!

Good one Make Dem kuku cancel Army, Police SARS etc and allow everybody to carry gun. Infact, Boko Haram sense go reset sharp sharp. u are recruiting vulnerable youths to go and die for nothing why u and your senior colleagues embezzle the security funds buying exotic houses in DUBAI .God will surely judge u

Mad people everywhere Oga start from your house oo.. Provide something better for Nigerian youths The youth's have more than enough to offer don't send them to early visit to heaven if your men can't End Insurgency Is it The Youth that will do such Only in Nigeria Incompetent men handles sensitive position

it has to be crack Vagabonds In Power, My garri is okay for me, person go die finish money dem no go gree person family Recruit SARS officers, they are best for this job. Iyalaya yin ni e ma recruits, eyin olosgi yi If u can only recruit me through short service no problem😁😁😂😂😂😂😂 Let our 15years experience ogas go and we join later....

You better start with your many many children.

There was a time when some of us were driven to join DefenceInfoNG . Mine was NigerianNavy but after witnessing the interview process at Onne, I just lost taste for our military. Something wey no be we cause am. Na we dey suffer am. They shld transfer sars, dss and police that are always hungry of shooting there.

It will take six months to train good soldiers and a huge stash of cash (which we don't have) to buy weapons. So I will advice we draft all the SARS to fight boko haram bcos police can fight the criminals on the street. SARS are the best for this job you will thank me later. Yusuf buhari should lead other Twitter generals to the field to conquer boko haram. We trust them to win the war

Na old men una dey use before? abeg make una leaves oh Recruit the Repentant Boko Haram members you want to rehabilitate, don't disturb we the youths, please clueless Use the money to be spent on training them and get drones. Technology is the only way forward Most northern politicians have hands in Boko haram so don't send innocent Nigerians to die where you and your people know where lies the problem

From training school straight to fighting insurgency. Pls lets be rational. Ok may be its ur own format of SIEWES OR IT. in d militry zone. Ndi Igbo have left the groupchat. This man sense dey under him foot. Please who did they recruit before? Some weeks ago this demented looking idiot told all meaning Nigerians that there is no more insurgency in Nigeria that what they are fighting now is terrorism, the same govt told Nigerian youths not to rely on govt for jobs. Confused lots, go get ur de-radicalized BH, nonsense.

Your children are mostly eligible sir. God bless you as you do the needful That it gotten to the chief of army staff and also to the president of Nigeria in other to encourage our soldiers. God bless Hmmmmmmmm, to end the insurgency in northern part.... I think more people are needed and also for the operation, intelligent is more needed because going to war you've to mind, going and not coming home or going and come home either with injuries or not but I'll like that this...

Use the rehabilitated boko haram people now, I’m sure they got it Reporting for duty sir...

My humble submission is simple.... Deploy Youth Corpers🙈 they have undergone the training in camp already through morning drill and man o war drills. No Sir, we are not looking for this kind of work.😂😂😂😂 You see SARS they are very strong and reliable set of youths Ehnnn!!! sey you wan use force come carry me for house ni

Nigerian youths will still register Send sarz, stop killing us. Generals should lead troops to war front, oya brutai carry bazuka It will be more honourable to resign now.. take a bow out ! Can DHC says we decided to recruit Nigeria youth is HE not a Nigerian ?,also those youth that will b recruited will only be useful to d northeast,that is hw HE sounded

This is good, to be honest. As we all know that the president, senators, governors, and all politicians have children. Let's start with them. Their children should go first.

Are this not the youths that HQNigerianArmy is calling for rescue? Oh so all the training that your personnels went through is to oppress the masses while your coward soldiers can’t defeat boko haram? What do you call a group of dumbfvcks? - “The Nigeria Army” 🤦🏽‍♂️ QuotedReplies Are our leaders pretending not to have sense?🤯

They are looking someone son to kill. Why not deploy SARS to maiduguru Start with your family members!!! No its spiritual aid that you need Ogun kill your father!. Na which people una bin dey recruit before now? Foreigners or the Aged? Walk of shame

Well... Starr with FSARS men, since they like acting tough. I neither physically or mentally fit I have been applying for the past 3years and I have not been selected still waiting for this year tho victory is from GOD alone Oti ya wéré plus your enitere family... Go and employ your Children Starting frm Buhari's son,VP's son, children of all senate members,children of all members of house of Rep.Children of all ministers&commissioners,children of the 36 governors & deputies,children of all members of state house of assemblies.Children of all security service chiefs

Use the repentant Boko haram members Funny man. LMFAOOOO... they wanna start drafting niggas I'd go if MBuhari son is going..

Please we are LAZY. LEAVE US ALONE. GIVE YOUR SON GUN let him lead the line. He should take after his father. Buratai is talking in the nonsense The ones that are already in the army, how are they being taken care of You can recruit your own children and that of your kinsmen. If na better thing now, una go remember Nigerian youths?

Cause we resemble bush meat abi🙄🙄🙄 You are talking in the nonsense Thank God we have Sarz willing and ready oga just deploy them to fight boko haram since we have shortage of man power the oppression is enough Recruiting Nigerian youths can not end insurgency, the Nigerian leaders should their ways. I so much appreciate the Nigerian army for hard working.

How many of your children, senators and the elites children would be on the recruited list? You are a cursed man. Which Nigerian youths? So the children of the poor are only good for Boko Haram to be slaughtered? Go & look for those you gave jobs at CBN, NNPC & the other lucrative parastatals reserved for the children of the rich or are they also not youths?

'LET THE DEAD BURY THEMSELVES' ~ Jesus Christ. For it is written, my children beware for they are looking for who they'll offer as living sacrifices to Bokoharam.

This is good news but on one condition , the president will resign his post for the youth since he is no longer needed . Thank God I'm no longer a youth. NYSC member can’t be receiving 33k for fancy😂 Are u admitting to your failures? Useless govt Recruitment for poor Nigerians to fight BH and those elites kids work comfortably in the places like FIRS, CBN and NNPC.

We Nigerian youth are in serious trouble....Sars are Killing us..now it's time to recruit soldiers still the same Nigerian youth. Most useless statements in the history of Nigeria coming from the Nigerian Army General 🤦🏿‍♂️ We are lazy Abeg Chukky4fab please sir take this guy

Dem wan equip una oh. moviclade1 The ones that are already in the army, how are they being taken care of You can recruit your own children and that of your kinsmen. If na better thing now, una go remember Nigerian youths? Mad man At least, this will take the lazy youths off the streets to be slaughtered. That's what have been decided.

Ajatz02 Y Don't u put your family and generation there anu Hahahaha the problem isn't soldiers we lacking If CBN wants to recruit they will never remember the youth but he don reach to die now they remember us. You are doing well sir Buratai aye Ma baje Ni.. Oloshi oloriburuku WO Bo she n wo Have you been using and recruiting foreigners before?

Lmao....I hope you don’t mean Corp members sir

We are not interested 😒 Good!!! Pls inform all the guys in the government(house of rep, Senate, Aso rock, ministers, governor etc) to release their sons and daughters.... We other youths would love to read about their activities in the National dailies 😆😆😆 We wish them good luck.... that will include your children sir? I guess!

Rehabilitated BH, can do job very. OyebodeSurdman1 After calling us lazy, you’re all mad!!!! Old people never end insurgency Na youth go come end am?😂😂 Start with your family members Y'all should recruit repentant Boko Haram members, to go & fight der pass!! Pls liv us out of it, y'all left us out of NNPC, CBN & the rest; same energy should be applied here

Start with ur kids first If it's CBN jobs now, they won't inform Nigerian Youths. Let the Generals recruit their Children and relatives.

The next level some of you voted for is here. Eh sir, shebi you people haff been eating the monies (actually billions in dollars) alone?! Emmm, solve the problem alone na! Or you’re looking for more youths to sacrifice?! Sir we have sars recruit them now Minus me though Kolo dey worry u...see head like Akpu

So who has he been recruiting in the past, Chad and Niger youths? Please prioritise Northern youths in this recruitment exercise Una dey ment This is a disgusting news!!..The ones claiming security personnel cannot combat boko haram. You are looking for the ones with bright future ahead.. After all you say they're lazy..So who is really lazy here ?

The HQNigerianArmy should request the deployment of SARS & DSS to fight insurgency totally before your recruitment.

Downsizing of Nigerian population continues... Blood thirsty uniformed arm robbers AKA SARS should be deployed... Terrorists Vs terrorists Recruit only from the north , we no do again , CBN no dey ever recruit ? Na to go die for una head bi this o, the north has more beggers in the world , help them out recruit them .

U are not serious That will help us So 10 years experience is not required for this abi, if na CBN or NNPC jobs available, you go tell us This so funny u want to send people's children with no military training of any kind.when SARS a legalized terrorist group are readily available.use the nuisance u people created to fight insurgency and leave Nigerian youths alone we are to lazy to fight

If it's top jobs now a qualified applicant would apply and there would be no vacancy or they would get back to us, but they need someone to face bullet now they are publicizing....go and fit ur family members as usual now Lmfao! We've decided to decline this recruitment. What happened to those kids in NDA?


Lol, you have deviced a means of executing innocent youths. When there is need to recruit to face insurgents, they remember ordinary youths but when it's time to recruit into CBN,NNPC,FIRS & other lucrative ministries & agencies, it's for VIP, politicians childrens, no more federal character We are not around.

Go and recruit your children and family members All the change agents, please line up and be counted Its time for next level Recruite all the General and major general on Twitter Buratai is definitely smoking some strong shit Yes adebuharis buharideens, major generals, buharist loyals ... where u guys at? una no go apply?

Big men pikin go do am......awon weyrey Go and recruit your children

Slay lamb 🥩 I have said this. Nigeria is not worth dying for. Joining the army is like a death trap. You will have to recruit those who come from the Flashpoints.. They created the hydra. The kind thunder that will blast that man that made that statement..if it's CBN and NNPC recruitment it's their families that will be recruited Ndi Ara!

God punish you. Where are the tweeter generals..? All generals should be deployed to the N/E to show why they are generals not going around with army personnel in the peaceful environment while others are being killed in the war. Please all the repentant boko men should be grafted into the army once rehabilitation is done

I understand your son is also a youth sir.. Can he be on the first batch to benefit from this sir We have too many Almajiris in the North. They should be recruited as soon as possible. If they could use them rig elections, they should be used to protect the President they voted for. Few suggestions 1. Use rehabilitated, repentant Boko Haram fighters. 2. Sars officials nationwide who have demonstrated tremendous trigger happy tactics 3. The children of all heads of security, politicians and ministers. 4. All the generals themselves

Dancin durun uwa

This thing is easy, conscript all SARS officers into the army to face insurgency. They are youths naw Nigerian youths especially Southern Youths, run for your lives. Buratai is at it again, to recruit you and send you to the North to be killed by ' repentant Boko Haram mem' Am very sure what he meant is as informants, not direct participants

You and your family should go and fight. Send your SARS and police, they are completely jobless in this country,let them go kill the real people that should be killed no innocent civilians What The ones SARS is killing?!!!!!!! Oga abeg face front. 🖕you. Buratai or whatever your name is. The most useless and scared Army General in the whole world don open mouth and talk nonsense again,he knew the pple who are sponsoring BokoHaram but refuses to arrest them,his President asked him to move his command center to NorthWest and he refuses,he scared of BokoHaram.Yeye

Thanks but no thanks

Who wants to go and die? The dastardly trinity, The father: buhari. the son : lai mohammed. The ghost : buratai Oga buratai dere are enough crazy FSARS for you to make use of. They even know how to shoot a gun so well, why disturb yourself over Nigerian youth that don’t even know anything According to Bubu, Nigerian youths are lazy. Buratai should order the recruitment of SARS instead of the 'lazy youths' .

After deceiving the Nigerian populace that insurgency has been handled before elections Mr Buratai cos as far as I am concerned you are not a General, now u need untrained youths to end insurgency ...U ARE A SNAKE SIR BIGGUNMODU kay_ansem reeplaysumtin CrossAteiza Your LOYALTY to an INSINCERE LEADERSHIP is WASTE. You can never ACHIEVE the potential that is possible and available for team, organisation, nation and everyone.

The ones you already sacrifice is not enough for you? Your children and that of your cohorts are available for the position look no further they are the true Nigerians Everything about this country is a joke. Ready to kill innocent children I think they should recruit their children also Recruit your sons and daughters first

Buratai can recruit his son and even Buhari son also na. Abi are theynot part of niverian youths What happened to your children and that of the politicians sir? Go and recruit them in first... Nigerian YOUTHS don't MIND your SERVICE CHIEFS. BE WISE. Their families are secured. Their children will not be part of this REVRUITMENT. Even the Service chiefs are always going around with almost impenetrable SECURITY. Don't be FOOLED NIGERIAN youths. BE WISE!

He should recruit his children..eni ori yo o di ile E ba wa sofun won wipe, oriburuku nba won ja... May be you should lead by example by recruiting your children and grandchildren if any. Olodo Mad ooooo ,u people want to finally kill us When propaganda fails you. The ARMY chief, BURATAI, and his COLLEAGUES are JUST LYING to NIGERIANS and the WORLD about INSURGENCY in NIGERIA.

I hope you all know the youths they are talking about? It's not you, it's not me.

Recruit ur children EVERYTHING POSITIVE that is EXPECTED to HAPPEN but is not HAPPENING is simple not HAPPENING for ONE REASON alone; LACK OF WILLINGNESS. INSURGENCY can be ENDED without addition ANYTHING but with the CURRENT MIGHT and RESOURCES of all security agents and WILLINGNESS. Khenke_kenny99 olamiii007 azan044 sorefunmi your chance to represent your beloved country at BOKO HARRAM OLYMPIC

The soldiers you have,have u taken care of them, not to talk of new ones? 😂 😂 😂 We're OK with Npower..... Employ your children and relatives.... Carry SARS and PoliceNG men, they are more than capable to fight the Boko Haram menace. The fastest way to die. Instead of taking sniper or jumping into Lagos lagoon, kindly obtain this form, you can thank me later

Good. Send recruite MBuhari GarShehu FemAdesina ProfOsinbajo elrufai Abba kyare, mamman daura's sons into the army and hand them ak47 to lead from the front I cover myself with the blood of Jesus Thank God I'm no longer a youth Enlist ur son first.

Buhari's only son should be the first to be recruited then I can consider to join if I will be in the same unit with his son. Lol are they trying to reduce population? We will fight on social media sir. Buratai should go and recruit his sons, nephews and family friends. Anuohia after everything you will call terrorists rehabilitated citizens.

You better not start kidnapping youths to force them into the army. Eyin oloriburuku. Please recruit your sons and relatives too sir!.... Who were they recruiting before Liberian youths Instead of joining Nigerian army why don’t you sell one of your kidneys? Are y’all kids involved God forbid not Nigeria youths but Nigeria army

May Almighty make this mission to be the end of this insecurity problem in this country What are SARS meant for? Looking for youths to kill more right? 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Please recruit the children of top politicians like you do when there's NNPC, Customs, etc So SARS, NSCDC, NPF, Soldiers, Airforce, Navy, DSS IPDS, Man o war even EFCC is not enough to fight them

The youths are too lazy, they can't fight... Why not recruit your able age mates, boko haram will be history... Sir, I have an idea: Why don't we send the rehabilitated Boko Haram insurgents back into the field? Since they already know the MO of their former employer and colleagues, they will very effective at this, only difference is they are fighting for the government now.

They know what to do only they are prolonging the issue. Youths look forward to the military draft... colusuyi YOU'RE MAD

Fulani herdsmen can do this job at ease. Please stop disturbing us the lazy Nigerian youths. The way the thing is going these clowns might just arm Corps Members and push them into this war oo🙆‍♀️ Will you keep 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐 Hope it's not nysc sha? Send men from SARS units to fight them paponzo10 moslekogun work don dey Naija o

Oga start with ur entire family members. If it's something beneficial would u consider Nigerian youths? Nonsense Aymbjn Chebi dem know,how dem dey take favoritism employ their unqualified pikin for work. Keep the same energy,motor no go jam us o. they're out yet again looking for another set of innocent Nigerians to sacrifice for this unending war that is making some people billionaires

start with your children bro Alaye jor jor hold your job, shebi your oga said that we are lazy, the soldiers wey dey with una, you no treat them well, Buratai you are not doing well, ooin hold your job, I say ooin hold your job. Lolz, they want to use this as population control or what, operation wipe out the youths, so what our armed forces can't do untrained youths would be able to accomplish.

To do what No way This people don’t rate us The Army is not looking for y'all chicken-hearted social media kids. Those who will join the Army are applying already. They receive thousands of applications every year & their screening process is tough. All of you spewing gibberish here should hide your faces. Awon ode!

Very good sir, but please start from the youths in ur family sir Na the same lazy youths na in una Wan use fight bh smh pot of beans world Let's go

This is another nomenclature for recruiting 'the unrepented but accepted BH members' into the Nigerian security forces. We know already.. EndBH EndArmedFunlaniBandits EndThekillingofNigerians EndSARS Since SARS officers have itchy fingers, why don't the Nigerian Army redirect them all to the North-East..they should help us kill all them bloody insurgents.

Go and recruit your family members! Werey! Them wan send Nigerian youths go 'Hacksaw ridge' If army cannot end it, how can youths end it? Start from your sons,el rufai sons nd co You want to kill the innocent 😔 Recruit SARS What about the army?..Stupid set of Imbeciles..I dont blame them tho...The are even the sponsors...

They should use the “Repentant ” Boko Haram soldiers please that’s a much better option.

Carry ur son go battle field useless Souls is it the Nigeria dat am staying in Ending the bokos or ending the youths. How long does it take to recruit and train a professional soldier? Do we have to wait that long while the BHT menace fester? No, thanks. We're too lazy for that🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶 Thought one of your bosses said Nigerian youths are lazy? Lazy people don't fight y'know 🤷‍♀️

This is the real time to see patriotism in Nigeria. All those commenting dust should note that you can't eat where you don't plant. Employ your kids sir Please recruit this one Danee_nk I’m sure the police has SARS men that can answer the call. Nigerian youths are to lazy to die.

Well done sir Why not use d repented boko haram t fight d terrorists? The comments under this tweet😂😂😂 Ko ni da fun yin, we no get time una hear? Go mobilise SARS for this your operation Using the Sars officials instead of Nigeria Youth isn't a bad idea Buratai The ones you have recruited, how do you caters for them.

This is coming from the NA Chief. Very strange. I remember that year I wanted to join the Nigerian Army. If it's NNPC or CBN now you people will add your kids and relatives solo without informing anybody , do the same now....send your kids to end the insurgency. But our leaders dey crase o😒

Your son first others will follow. Lead by example I knew it! Buh when did 16 years become recruitment age... Is it for the Defense Academy, which I can understand, or for other ranks which I don't agree with... Cos i don't support us arming kids with killing machines. When other countries are utilizing their youths in building the economy, you people want to send us to battle field to go and die. God is watching

Recruit ur children then to end the insurgency. They r youths too. MUMU Omojuwa isn't that short, his time has come The same youth the president tag lazy, do you want to lose the fight? MoghaluKingsley renoomokri AishaYesufu adeyanjudeji realFFK ShehuSani come and join d arm now to end boko haram. This is the right time to show ur activism not shouting like dogs.

The same youth Mr integrity called lazy and criminals. They weren't employed into NNPC et al but now you remember the poor youth, lazy and criminals to be recruited to go chest rocket launcher ans bazooka. Oluwa abunkun yin sir Start with buhari children.

Hey Gov't and PoliceNG should give guns to those rehabilitated repented bokoharam to fight their brothers and see what happens. HQNigerianArmy and PoliceNG and OfficialSARS should collaborate, deploy those SARS killings Nigerians bcs they'll kill us and nothing IG would do. Recruit us for death missions but recruit your relatives to seat in positions at NNPC and CBN. Please ask your brothers to end insurgency

It can't still end if the engaged youths are not properly equipped.⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️ Recruit your children first.. Not only oil company meant for them. Nice one bro, You get family now, from your side and your wife Side, tell them make they join first if they survive we youth will think about it You can start with the First Son.

So that you can wipe us out right? E no go work Who will apply when you're busy rehabilitating boko haram after the soldier fough and lost their lives then leaving behind families and love one's Nobody force anyone to apply. Those who wants to join will join. We know many of you here habor nothing good in your heart except hatred. You don't even like your own neighbor! Idiots.

Keep the NNPC and CBN jobs for children of politicians but recruit Nigerian youths in the army to go fight wars. Lol thanks bro, I’m good.

Shebi you're insane They should deploy SARS in Lagos and Ogun state... Believe me Boko haram will End in A week The same way y'all EMPLOY influential people's kids in NNPC, CBN and the rest. Go and recruit them also to end insurgency. Na person pikin dem dey send work wey dey end for midnight. Mad people.

Recruit all your sarz officers Hope they don't die like chickens there. You people should equip and assist them when necessary. There are looking for kamikaze soldiers to sent to the war front without equipment while their kids get NNPC and CBN jobs. Recruit your children first and the rest of us will gladly sign up. suicideByBokoharam HQNigerianArmy

trendydjtimic If Nigerian youths /civilians are the ones to fight terrorists, what it means is that Nigeria military has been scrapped. Nigeria doesn't have military anymore. It will not be well with them Recruit SARS. I'm sure their trigger happy fingers will match that of Boko Haram. Love and Light oloriboo.

Omo ina lan ran si ina Alexa please play me kygo ft Selena Gomez • It ain't me. Story of the gods See something so this people never even decide to recruit us before so now them wan kill all the Lazy youth with the help of bokoharam... Thanks but no thanks Start from the elites' children Clarion call🤣 Please nobody should disturb me o I'm the Chairman of the Association of Lazy Nigerian Youths (ALNY)

__skillzz get ready. Dem go need your strength You have famliy members bring them to join Nonsense Is this why FG increased NYSC Allawee to 33k

Recruit yourself So the ones in the war fronts are elders Give us a chance, seems motivating. But we don't want die because of this book_haram and the people s of zamfara Your children will come first We know who he is referring to! Hope ur son go dey among Are the once there from niger,chad or togo... Anyone who apply is a fool

its__ATM you no go join

Konida funyin sir!!! Send your children there.. Oloriburuku somebori Invitation to commit suicide Let their families youth go and stop them amen.. nonsense Oga start with your children Buratai funny pass gordons abeg Be kind to recruit all the SARS officials and get them off the streets. Kagemartinz Chimaokoroafor akinloye_Mary _Bamtef donjossy make una come out o

They want to end your carriers, if Service chief like Burandooooo is on throne, my families will not join. He told us Boko Haram is an enterprises. Nigeria is full of mad leaders. I don't blame Buratai or Buhari. If it is to give job, you will Give to your cartel's family members. Now to fight BH you want youths to go and die. Oga sir, what are your children doing? are they not youths?

Where is aisha yesufu and her disciples 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Una job don ready o 😂 ishakaa tfx47 trolls_queen Mide0403 Funkemyfun YusufOlatunji45

Where are those who added generals and major generals to their names. O ruola na omume!!!! So why the hell do HQNigerianArmy get so much money from the budget every year if they can't do what they are supposed to do. So its now civilians that will fight insurgency? Chai. MBuhari ProfOsinbajo NGRSenate sack these men. They are tired. We have younger bloods.

Lol hahahahaha “we have decided” when will you also decide to give nnpc board members to nigerian youths to manage Awon wherey SARS are the best fit for this job since they are so trigger-happy. Deploy all of them. Then employ Nigerian Youths into the Police force When will Nigerians begin to think in unison?

These people really want to see the youths killed in high numbers..Sars is not killing us enough , Mad people ! The children of the poor get recruited to fight insurgency but the elite kids are recruited to join NNPC,NCC and the rest. God bless Nigeria Lmaaoo which youth to end insurgency, the one sponsored by the govt or which one you lot are just looking for lives to waste ehn?

Obviously is the southern they want to recruit for that cause!

Now they are looking for the youths to sacrifice, it is no more lazy youths again.. crappy Hahaha. I really hope this is a joke. I thought this same insurgency is already technically defeated! Why are we still trying to end wha is defeated? This is absurd. They are looking for who to send into exile to trade with death, they will never remember the youths on job programs and other necessary benefits .. They remember their co elites for promotions and in the navy force but calls upon the poor masses for recriutment

The youths defending Buhari and co should be employed Ajatz02 BUT WHEN YOU CATCH THE KILLERS YOU RECUPERATE THEM BACK TO THE SYSTEM U want to kill all of us abi?... It can't work You can start by recruiting the children of the number citizen, the children of all the northern elites, the children of all executives n rep members, children of all the northern generals, children of all the Buharist and most especially, the children of all Apc and PDP members

I agree with you sir, since the old soldiers can easily tap from their wealth of experience.

Make unna decide well well. Make sure your children are among Ooh my, they choose the old ones when they need a leader, and the young ones to fight insurgency💁‍♀️ this country is in big trouble Werey ni gbogbo yi The MQ-9 Reaper (equipped with Synthetic-aperture radar), Can assist with whatever insurgency you're fighting in the north!, but for propaganda and evil people, everyone has refused to think! Recruiting youths and graduates to the battle field. It's a pity!!!

is he talking of the same lazy Nigerian youths,common you guys can do better,,its obvious you are not ready to story the fight,,lol lol Recruit the SARS killing innocent souls in the communities for that.. Afterall those idiots knows how to kill better.. They should recruit there children They better be northern youths.🙄

Not with my brother, nephew or any close relative.

ChiefOjukwu come and enlist with the Nigerian army to combat insurgency I rather to go concreat work ooo😂 It's will be good for ur children's to be recruited bcos na them chop plenty protein for abroad we d poor no get straight abeg make una help us this tym we need una assistance beside na una wit una children get naija

If you don't like yourself join them the next aboki closer to you will be the one to shoot you, army that terrorist has taken over That's another strategy Please recruit your family members and leave us alone abeg Bokoharam will surely top the list . Nigerian youths are not interested Donate Two youth from your household 😂 😂 then we will follow them behind 😂

Recruit SARS, they seem to be very good at killing

TheOlutee would be a good addition General It’s better I use myself for ogu ego than to join Nigeria army.ndi ara Recruting nigerian youth as what, militant or military Yusuf Buhari should lead. At least OBJ has a soldier son. Customarily, the princes of England and many others too go to war Buratai should recruit his children to fight bokoharam

Isaac_Tadongdi They want to recruit the lazy youths eventually... What sort of crack does these people smoke sef? Govt officials statement lately are terribly something, yet some people think education is not necessary again. How do you think these people will be talking if they didn't attend any institution at All?

If he said the Nigerian Army is recruiting personal to be trained as special unit, the form will not be enough. Two similar statements. So now its Nigerian youths that don't knw the value of their lives Mr buratai you have children and family where are they are they not youth abi Nigerians..... Lead by example

This man is not intelligent at all, never been impressed with anything he has said over the years. He and the other security chiefs will make OfficialAPCNg lose power at the center in 2023. Economy is bouncing back, massive infrastructure. Just these irresponsible men.

If not give right training against terrorism you are killing NGYouth MBuhari we are monitoring if this youth is only JudeoChristians Igbo and others tribes IntlCrimCourt take note to Prevent Genocide and crimes against Humanity PrevGenocide GenocideReport HURIWA_NIGERIA Ajatz02 Makes sense Twitter major Generals this is the time to act, go and end this insurgency, go and defend Nigerians for once... it's call to service of fatherland(motherland)

😂😂😂😂this pple want to kill all of us sha... That jobless Buhari's son that crashed a 56 million naira bike should be recruited to join the Nigerian army. Nonsense and Arizabalaga. Recruit your children, they’re chopping out of the bogus salary y’all are collecting so they should serve their nation too.

Who wants to die soon Abeg leave me Youths Obey the clarion call! 😆 Because Nigerian youths are lazy,na why una wan kill us abi,God no go gree for una,awon werey,allow us make we enjoy our laziness in peace ooo So before you guys were recruiting grandpas or Niger citizens to combat Boko Haram? I’m confused 🤷‍♂️

Who were they recruiting before, Ghanaian Youths? Haba manager... So after Military fail to hand insurgency, Nigerian youths will do it, bugati you dey hear Like the ones dying there everyday are not enough. Recruit your children. They are Nigerians too afterall General go and recruit your family and love once, we are not interested or perhaps recruit the repented Boko Haram members you and your sec has released. You can't pay the entitlement of the soldiers you have at hand yet you are looking for 🐑 to send to the 🦁 den. Mechewww

Nigerian youths, before and after Buratai's statement. 😂😂😂 the replies are killing me Ehn, you say? ! Okay, I am ready but my acceptance fee is $500m Please help us to remind him that Nigerian youths are lazy biko! HQNigerianArmy instead of sending innocent youths to die why not deploy technology. How much is UAV and UGV's. If you must send anyone, send SARS. That's were they ought to be.

But when they are looking for admission into the military schools in Nigeria, you'll be doing selection. Country that is not willing to have sense is the country someone should fight for? What manner of machineries do they even have? Upgrade the machineries before workforce samtobbie Oyewuwo_ you have always loved the army, oya u dont need to struggle for NDA, come and join Yebu Yebu.

I nominate the following patriotic Nigerians MrAyeDee ,DOlusegun ,toluogunlesi ,BashirAhmaad , Yusuf Buhari, seyi Tinubu and many more Sir, I look forward to their recruitment as they can be trusted to be of great service to Nigeria... Looking for Igbo youths to recruit to send them to go & die, unfortunately for you we're now wiser than you fools

Use the repentant boko haram to fight them. How else can they prove their loyalty to us? Moreover that was they can make it up to the people they killed in cold blood As strange as this may sound, I will be the first to volunteer for this, I have been wishing for any of this opportunity to face those bastards. If am able to kill 1 or 10 even if I die so help me God.

Buhari's son is a youth, start from him. I'm sure you have children sir 😂 Leemawo who is we? Recruit your family and relatives. When NNPC and co comes out, recruit us.

Burutai should recruit his village pple and SARS officials The same insurgence you can employ the use of armed drones to combat? I understand that your agenda is to get all youths (outside the elites households) killed while pretending fighting insurgency y’all set up for political gains. A suggested list to chose from 1. Children of elite 2. SARS & DSS officials 3. Buratai's sons 4. Children of North Eastern politicians 5. Yusuf BUHARI 6. Bashir Ahmed None privileged Nigerians youths will prefer the recruitments at NNPC, FIRS, CBN, etc

Lmao......Oga buratai shey be u get pikin na recruit him first post him to chibok then I fit reason am..... Cannon fodder, as usual. Nobody has any decent plan for the youth of this country🤦🏾‍♂️ You pipo cannot recruit us to companies to fight corruption....its insurgency! Come to my house n force me na! As if u don't av village pipo!

To die for a mechanism set up by the power intoxicated elderly ones to sabotage the previous government... We say NO!! FIGHT YOUR FIGHT!! It is a welcome development. However, the selection process must be transparent, whollistic and evenly spread. What if our youths join the army to get the military training and abscond after the training? The military training can be useful when they face SARS, herdsmen, bandits and a civil war. Just kidding 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️

This one is Olodo General, very dull

Please go and recruit members of your family Apayan please all your children's should be at the war front we will think about joining later 😂🙏🏼 Abi is this man okay like this? Awon eleribu...! If it’s CBN job now , they won’t announce. dayosura yo__bami Yhousuf Now it’s time to serve your nation.... Obey the call

Audio generals... in the Roman empire, you hear of generals who were injured in the heat of battle. Now, our own behave like company CEO. Small thing na contracts and advertisements. Oh Lord, give us true generals that can face our true enemies and not civilians on d streets. Start with your APC families... from Buhari to Elrufai to bullion van to osinbajo n others can join. Awon cultists werey

But who are these so called Nigeria youths that they are talking about to recruit into the HQNigerianArmy, if not the Fulani terrorists. They have come with their evil agenda to kill, decimate, pillage, to take over everywhere, and to impose their barbaric form of Islam! If it becomes a law that i must pick a side, I'll go with Boko haram because right now it seems they are the winning side. I no wan die abeg, and I know if I get caught, my able president will not shoot me on sight, he will instead send me to one of those rehabilitation centers.

Buratai should recruit 1000 repentant Bokoharam he released... Our youths deserves better not this useless apc govt...

You when you guyz are ready to buy sophisticated weapons.. People will join army as for now anybody going there is on a suicide mission God forbid bad thing... Nigeria youths don't dare join Nigeria Army because Bokoharam are dangerous and buhari govt does not bothered about your well-being. Nigeria youths don't join Nigeria Army.... I beg you guys in the name of God 🙏

Which Nigerian youths? Recruit the 'repentant' Boko Haram members. Blood-sucking demons & vampires are always on the lookout for fresh blood to drink! '...And they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine... ' (Isa.49 v 26B). God's Word must be fulfilled to His glory! Using the rehabilitated Boko Haram members is the best because they already know the nooks and crannies. 🚶

Why not recruit your son they can end it, not using Nigeria youth as kite anymore You are now informing lazy Nigerian youths, but if it is NDIC, NNPC, FIRS, NIRSAL, PEF , NCC jobs now we won't here or see it here, go and recruit from your family and village to face BH. Sango scrape that mouth of yours. Recruit your child(ren) and that of othet chiefs. After that, recruit the chidren of other reputable elites.

Make him go recruit him children and all those EndSARS to face boko haram...your papa

Recruit repentant Boko Haram, let them show they deserve the pardon. You have been recruiting Nigeria youth ever since to go and die while you sit and chop the money Where are the people that said Nigeria is worth dying for? This is your opportunity to prove Bishop Kukah wrong. 💪💪💪 So that what ? They get killed , waste their lives and you bury them in mass graves .. then their families continue to suffer .. this country is not worth dying for ..

The same lazy youths? Who will join you? nigerian youths kwaaa remember we are lazy oooo. after they kill all youths you will now grant amnesty to murderers. una igbo get correct oil. Best way to die in Nigeria.... Join the army🤣🤣🤣 It's a time like this that they will remember that there are some people in South South South West But if it happens in NNPC they won't remember us .

Are they running out of sacrificial lambs?

Nigerian youths as fodder for the cannon? Sad Shey nah Afghanistan 🇦🇫 youth unna dey recruit before wey dey give us headache 🤕🤷🏻‍♂️ Are all these people just mad So it's Nigerian youths that can stop insurgency now abi Issoryt They want to tactical recruit the boko haram members into the army official now

don't recruit us we're not interested, SARS is there for you, they can kill very well.. i can never be part of Nigeria military until this country is restructured... And besides I can do your job better than you so why should I work under you? Youth killer leave us alone oooo Beast of all nations To recruit Nigerian youths to end insurgency keh! As if we are the one that started it🤣🤣😂 😂 😂 🤣 What happened to those with 20yrs experience Sir?!😂

I know you have people within your lineage that you can put up for possible execution,so find them and get them enrolled. Okay,Mr. Buratai?🤔 Recruit your kids from abroad

Sending young dudes to death BMC Are Nigerian youths not lazy? Your oga ontop said it Me when get knowledge pass you nahim you won recruit and send me to my death..! After reintroducing Boko Haram insurgents back into the society, you're looking for more people to send to the world beyond. Better recruit your Fulani brothers.

Yusuf Buhari is eminently qualified for this Job. He is trained abroad, a son of a General who defeated the dreadful Maitatsine. He fought in the Biafra war & conquered. A son of a General is needed in the Army to lead from the front so that Boko Haram will be vanquished. This one na free tickets suicide mission. Recruit ur children

This means a lot for those who are awakened to the plot twist here. If it were to be NNPC, FIRS or CIPM and reasonable recruitment out there, they buy the slot because it's not meant for the poor. (Only the rich &elite)but Yes this is what they want for Nigerian youth( to die) Our major challenge in the fight against BH is firepower not manpower.Give our men excellent equipment and see them end this war.Even if you recruit/conscript all of us we still won't achieve much with poor ,outdated weapons

You don't have jobs, good plan for the youth of this country at all, but you want to recruite them to end insurgency. How about your son's and daughters, your trained armed forces and your wicked politicians. You wicked, blood sucking leaders. Abeg go call your families

Mtswwww All commentators should think beyond the surface... A couple of years ago, I was interested in joining the army but y'all say I ain't good enuff, that I need a first class or a 2.1 to go and die......... Anyways, enjoy ur war, e go be Recruit buhari supporters. Problem solved! Wen it's this Nigeria youth .....Wen it is recruitment at NPA...CBN....EFCC....ICPC .....it will be elite youth ......please call on the elite youth....in borno..... yobe....in this way the war will end

Start by recruiting your children. ifiee Just say it, you mean Southern youths. Cos we are the ones your Oga labelled lazy... Shey it's if we choose to apply for it? When it is time to combat the monsters you all created, you want the children of the poor whom you deprive of good things to take the lead. But when it's time to share the good things, you only give in for the blu-blooded ones into the army SMH

Convert SARS to join the army. Even the government knows that the youths are lazy. Crazy people.

If you like yourself and love your life font go near burutai army o because they’re only going to sacrifice you to their sect Boko Haram and nah die be dat o 🙄🙄🙄A ni ya weyrey o Recruits the children of elites and politicians, they are not only good for NNPC, FIRS, NPA etc, they are also capable of enlisting in the army, please don't under rate their fire ability. Fair is Fair. FixSociety EndCorruptionNow

Gengen!!! I hope Corp members are not part of the youths referred in this 😂 If the youths refuse to join now they will still label us lazy youths..please is this the only job vacancy avail? It's your plan to waste the youths of Nigeria. To fight you need youths but to enjoy and make useless decision you need the clewless elders.

Why don't u guys give all those repented Boko Haram gun and withdraw all our Nig soldiers so as to let repented Boko Haram and unrepentant ones face themselves. At least, when repented Boko Haram die in battle, he knws dat he die for sth; helping to convert his brothers. At least d elite children need dis job.

The same youth Mr president claimed they are lazy? Olusegun_09 seun_julius dinhoptarh Kayodeoshinubi and Adebys10 will like to join you sir.. they are one of the Nigeria best minds you can think of. During their active university days, they were all MaN o war member chasing away cultist, u can count on them.

You mean you want to sabotage and kill them to incorporate, settle and establish immigrant killer Fulani Herders? Deploy the youths defending buhari and sars. They are capable As much as I love the army, if any of my friends decide to take up this offer... I’ll take him to a therapist for evaluation! Use the repentant members to counter them. They understand their terrain, and know their ways - ask from PoliceNG how SARS was built. Roll the drums.

Finally there is job for all the buharist😆🤣🤣 The lazy ones? So that you play with their lives Lmao... you people want to decrease the population of Nigeria youth ba? So all the soldiers yafu die finish because i don't understand the involvement of the youth o. Youths be careful? Buratai wants some youths Massacred.

Fools, continue playing politics with the lives of your people until Borono became a desert, that's when you will know what you did to yourself. 🎶youth obey the Clarion call Let us lift our nation high Under the sun or in the rain With dedication and selflessness Nigeria is ours Nigeria we serve🎵 NYSC corps members, read these words. 😂

Left to me every politician shoukd have atleast one child fighting in the north east. If there were no insurgency recruitment won't see the light of the day. Recruit children of the elite They should recruit repentant Boko Haram members... 98 bay Allison alias BOKO Haram of the Nigerian Army. Are you going to recruit Shekau too?

didacus_dee it’s time to serve your county oo Who is called 'we' that decided this? How come the same 'we' didn't publicly decide to announce recruitment to NNPC, CBN, FIRS, NLG etc? Stop wallowing in self deceit and face reality. Imagine recruiting for a technically defeated BH. Are you saying your soldier are old and weak that can not fight insurgents.

I pity the useless and senseless youth that will apply for his/ her death. and the youth say, we are not interested sir, thanks for your kind gesture

I thought they’ve been defeated Recruit your own children, and the governors kids, if it were NNPC and FIRS you will recruit your own and the president's own. Thunder fire your generation There’s no insurgency in the Northeast. A billion Nigerian plus all the man made weapons on earth cannot stop the deception and wickedness going on there. Only the truth will make us free. It’s a shame that humans never learn from history. There’s a law of sowing and reaping!

Recruit buhari's son first Useless Recruit your village people. Ndigbo let no one of us apply for this job. It's a suicide mission. They won't call Nigerian youths for NNPC job, recruit yah people Ikor Idaad Ye Ufofop Buratai should go and recruit his family people and friends.. when it comes to the justice jobs, the children of the elite get them but na we una wan recruit for insurgency fight? 🌚 PS: I thought Bh has been defeated ? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Dear Burutai, I don't even have an issue with this. Just hand-pick all the morons on Twitter who affixed Major General to their names. With their dictatorial tendencies, they will defeat Boko Haram in 20 Seconds. Recruit them all!

Get ready to also recruit your own son's to end insurgency. And let him be at the war front Nigerians will appreciate you. Please recruit from the north, recruit those killer herdsmen to go fight boko haram since a whole army can not fight anymore. Where our Twitter generals?😂😂😂😂 Hmmm! Which youths is he talking about? Abeg my people hide yourselves. Let Buratai engage SARS They don't miss their targets

God punish you, you’re looking for more innocent youths to kill especially from the SE n SW Professional joker. Some guys will still rush to get forms.... Nnpc recruitment nko...what of cbn jobs.... Na d one wen ppl go die una dey make public.....ooin This is actually a thing. Have you seen how voraciously BMC and BMO generals attack people that say supreme leader is incompetent? Let's deploy them to NE and tell them BH/ISWAP said GMB is clueless, to activate them into a frenzy. This recruitment isn't funny either.

Him face dey like burnt matches midelove2000 Lmao These clowns.. Hire your daughters n sons instead!!

Is that man okay? Just asking for a friend Nobody in their right mind should sign up for this. The powers that be don't want to end this war that is making them money. They rehabilitate Boko Haram. A country that can't rehabilitate roads will fix die-hard killers. Yeah ok. The very fist time i went close to this moron, i asked my friend in the army how this man became the army chief, my friend could not answer....but i thank God my friend listened to me and ran away from the army,maybe he would have been a prey to those vultures.

I can't. I'm lazy. All of you will not die well... *Code* and *trams* even *Ref* don't make people go this mad, what did this idiot took that mad him go this mad biko nu, Bura, you have gone completely mad..wetin remain now na to start dancing naked around the market square. Chukwu ekwela ngwere gbaa ajii

Nigerian youths.. How many is your ear = 2. What do you do with it = hearing You will not die for the old, older, oldest Nigerians to lives 😂😂😭 I can’t stop laughing No sensible Nigerian youth will join the Nigerian military with the way the current military architecture is structured. It's more like you saying to the youths: '' HEY YOUTHS!!! come and join and die'. Until the Nigerian govt tags boko haram as the enemy, forget it. It's no use.

To recruit repented boko haram members i think 🤔

What has this drug addict taken again, biko nu, sometimes i wonder how this guy became the army chief..well go to kano state and recruit all those *Gandollar* youths he just band from street begging and the disbanded bloodthirsty *SARS* ..other youths are *LAZY* oooo We are lazy, please leave us alone🤨

Be looking for sacrificial lambs up and down o We are ok being lazy🤗🤪 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️ Japaaaaaa Aye yin ma baje nio Sure? Where is your Son? What's the essence of been the 4the best Army in Africa if you can't deal with the demons you created.... They go come come city dey shakara common citizen for street.... Awon werey

This talk for weak me if no be say I don tire to dey weak...😂🤣

We ain’t doing that shit go carry your pikin and your oga pikin . Recruit your sins and daughters first 🤣😂 nothing wey Musa no go see for gate! AMOTEKUN & CJTF are available🏃‍♂️ Buratai and bulantashi 😂🤣🤣 So the call is recruiting to fight insurgency, not recruiting for recruiting sake. Oya if you wan die line up here, let's see the hardworking youths. Me, I'm very lazy kain thing

This government is damn stupid We are Lazy Nigerian Youths, If you train us, we can't fight. Please go to your village and recruit Katsina Unlazy youths. Oga has smoked Burna boy's weed replica...bleh! Mobilize all the overzealous SARS officers to combat BokoHaram

Let them recruit 'Shega Ka Fasa' abi the group was created to fight Amotèkun only? Then you've finally decided to run mad.. So its other country youths they have been recruiting since...Apc This is retrogressive and self centered. Start with Buhari’s kids. Werey! you will recruit the youths in your family lol

CLICK ON THE LINK, WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE. I'LL FOLLOW BACK 😏😏😏 You guys are just confuse Recruit APC defenders first.

They should recruit all members of SARs for this purpose and allow the Nigerian youths walk around safely while they achieve their goals in life. Recruit them Na thunder got fire una...haha just recruit the repentant boko haram member na, at least they know all the tactics of boko haram. This fellow Tyjani3 itsAdeRose IShedraq titoh_ferry toolzbabe Haleecares will love to join...Sir 🙄🙄😜😜

Dasuki wards should be included Youths or Boko Haram repentant? Haaa! Your father....Who you won send go meet death sebi you get relative & friends...You free to recruit them as for me mo Japaa... Sabo da recruit din kannen uwarkuneh koh_su shiga atura su akashe su, kuje kudebo ya'yanku na NDA mana aikin banza😒😏😏😏😒

Dady : When i heard that the Army is looking For youth to fight bokoharam in Sambisa forest Visus. When I gakpa🏃‍♂️ Dear Nigerian youths, I hope your head is still correct? 😂 Be guided and continue soaking your garri hopefully till 2023. May we not be be a casualty on the winning side.

You can recruit northeast youth The same lazy youths ? If this guy doesn't do drugs then the food he eats should be checked for illicit substances. Clarion to all Buharist....show your love for the president. SARS and DSS are competent enough to face their mates - Boko Haram, rather than vomiting their stupidity on harmless citizens in the city.

Go and recruit your sons and daughters. We are done with this country Offer good pay and see boys turn up.. cos nobody go die for Una corrupt leadership for free Lol... jokes These guys and their cic are obviously bereft of ideas. Can they just resign? Imagine a fresh graduate from Babcock University given AK 45, vest and RPGs and then gets deployed to Borno to fight boko haram.

To end insurgency or end youth in order to reduce the population. Someone should advice buratai to quit smoking cheap igbo Buhari's children and buharideens should lead the line OGENNA_O Recruit your children first Which war did he fight to qualify him as a general? How did he become a general when he couldn't defeat untrained Boko Haram? Shame on Buratai&his over weight,over fed &corrupt generals. May the blood of Nigerians hunt those in power&Service chief down who have failed to perform.

But you people say Nigerian youths are lazy, how will they fight insurgency? 🤔 Olorun maje oooo How many Buratai and Buhari children are fighting at the front? They prefer NNPC. I just wish Southerners can withdraw from this army. Let only northerners keep killing themselves. Stupidity and madness this man needs to go down 6feet

lol so .... which youth una da recruit b4 now ? somalia youths ? .....Orueeeee

It's like this mad people are planning to kidnap us to fight Boko, no more night waka from today! We are ready to end it. Since you guys are not ready to end the Game ☕️☕️☕️ AbdulAzeeznew come n see thatsgotti tphayenic KennyUnleash Use d northern hunters instead😎😎 BMC over to you Who else is here like me to read the comments of Nigerian youths?😁😁😁😁

All the Buharideens and GEJist should apply, their heroes are responsible for boko haram, let them join them Buhari kids must join to fight. Please recruit Yusuf buhari first

WTF.. !!. You and who? Recruit your children, baba buhari's children nd other top govt office holders children to fight insurgency. Nonsense, na poor man pikin na e fit to die. Bunch of useless people. Straight way to Heaven or hail tizzyranking Start by recruiting your family members first and then the family members of other politicians, followed by the so called Special Armed Robbery Squad.. not Anti robbery.. they are Armed robbers. They don’t protect us from thieves .. they are the thieves themselves.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Recruit the Northern Youths. They have the numbers atleast. They won’t be useful for only voting every 4 years Start by recruiting your family mennebers first and then family members of other politicians, followed by the so called Special Armed Robbery Squad.. not Anti robbery.. they are Armed robbers. They sing protect us from thieves .. they are the thieves..

Take all SARS officers to the North East since they've been disbanded from our streets. We need their bloodthirsty zeal over there. Everytime I see post about senators to Ministers comments and the likes..it doesn’t always make sense and it is always painful. I mean your sons and daughters will be there

Lemme tag ppl to apply make them release link o. Come and fight for your country. fifodharey KizzleOfficial Mz_keeke g3nius3nc3 Lordkroze Hmmm If 2 of your children can lead , I swear I go Follow apply . Abi nkan se yi ni....they will start arresting youth illegally and send to Borno now oh They are lazy o DefenceInfoNG recruit your Fulani brothers, your sons and family members then join the repentant boko members

Clarion call? Koni dafun clarion call. They should send Sars to go there na. Shebi they like to kill ehn they should deploy them there.

Kami Kaze Form is Available. One way ticket to meet your maker in pieces. Recruit who? Lmaooo. I laugh in Spanish. Okay but on one condition, you will start the recruitment from all the politicians children, nieces, nephews, cousins, uncles Nd aunties first then we move to the police starting from you. Elenu gboro.

We get tattoo plenty ó. And we no dey comot am for anybody. Only a stupid youth will join Nigeria army at these time Hope ur kids will be included? Onyeanra NYSC BATCH A should get ready, its gonna be lit from now on 🙄🤣🤣 Are we in a civil war ? Child soldiers loading.. E don burst o. The Lazy youth again?😒

I believe most of the elites have kids that are unemployed, kindly start with them, for a matter of fact mbuhari's son Yusuf is a youth so charity begins at home and even you Burutai To do what? Recruit your family! More like recruit and get them killed without any compensation. gbilo your country needs you

Recruit your children, he adds weed to his fura Don't you have children? They should help you end it You, your family and your lineage alone will end Nigeria insurgency IJN. Amen! Mad man. I prefer to be unemployed than joining the army But sons of our leader should be included and must be the ones to lead the war as their fathers and mother lead the nation. Weaked pple

'We have decided to recruit Nigerian youths to end insurgency in Northeast' – Buratai 'Buratai and Buhari have decided to recruit human shields to keep insurgency at bay in Northeast' - Me. Who wants to die? Form is available. 😅😂🤣 Buratai_COAS No oo. they will only go there to laze around like lazy Nigerian youths that MBuhari called them. But we can agree of only your own children will participate! That's all! If not I'm walking the hell out on all y'all... including all Nigerian youths!🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️

Deploy Sars instead, Nigerian youths are lazy These ones are looking for who to kill , I can't wait for when a Nigerian president will probe this guy and the entire funds released from this war on terror! Thanks, but let President give you Yusuf Buhari, vice president's son and each Senator and Reps should give you their biological sons, even to the Govs, then I will think maybe I will join....... 🤔

Please how on Earth did this man get to occupy this very sensitive position?! Are you people done making money from the insecurity in the country ? So that they will go and slaughter them and then release their murderers back into the society Hell nah!

U guys shoudt learn about intelligence in the head not with weapon American u intelligence to get insurgents not with mouth Una just wan recruit so called repentant boko haram members. Ist the lazy youth It is the lazy youth Make sure the president children and our political leaders children should be included..then we proceed.

Please recuit your brothers abeg! Na una problem And you don't look like Joker o Oga! please, I'm lazy. Which youth ? Better start from your kindreds, please don’t forget to involve you son , thank you 10k Yankee a week Bokoharam will not see a week.

If It Ever Comes To The Level Wia Una Go Dey Enta House To House Dey Drag Youths Out Of Their Homes To Join The War at Sambisa..Just So U Knw,My Gun Will Be Pointed At Only 1 Direction.. The same lazy Nigerian youths abi the ones based abroad? Sadly a lot of our youths will fall for this and will be wasted.nigeria is not worth dying for.

This Buratai guy is naught. Haven't your Boko Haram sucked enough blood of Nigerians already?👇 Nigerian youth ? So our lives don’t matter right , ? This is your chance to represent your country, comrade Ciba cibaratti We no do. Unserious General. You want to recruit southerners to kill. Recruit almajiris and send them to fight Boko haram

So you have decided to kill all Nigerian youths?

Tell him to recruit his children.... Abeg, we are too busy being lazy. We no do😒 The lazy youths finally have use😂😂 Start with your first one! Wonders shall never end Wonder shall never end. They have come again oooo, them wan turn us to hunters The HQNigerianArmy should ask that the PoliceNG deploy all SARS officers across the nation. They have been trained and are already bloodthirsty. Let them go and fight Bokoharam. Then, start a proper recruitment of Nigerian graduates into the police as replacement.

He is a fool. When they just released the ones army capture. Why Buhari children no dey get this jobs? Biko we are lazy leave us alone

All the best. 👃🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ So he is telling us our soldiers are all old men. Okokomaikooo!!!👀👀👀 We have decided to recruit repentant Boko Haram terrorists to end insurgency in the north east-burukatai Recruit your children Must we wait till rainy days to beckon on thunder to start striking this idiots? After you had many soldiers killed and buried in secret graves while telling the families they’re doing great, you now want to recruit more people to be wasted?

It would have been better said that they have decided to send more Nigerian youths to early graves... Olodo 🙄 👇🏾 That is prince harry in the army MBuhari children and the rest politicians children should join first Well, why not the youth of the unstable area Why recruit more when eventually the bloodsuckers would end up been romanced? The decision to rehabilitate and reintegrate BH is the worst I have seen. Our troops are just been used as sacrificial lambs. No need to recruit and shed more innocent blood. We get the message!

First recruit your sons and daughters then include the remaining released boko haram members..no one is interested to enlist into a bastardised institution. This people has lost it completely obi_Nwosu A call of National Duty .... Them dey find sacrificial lamb o. Pls start applying Please no come south east for the recruitment........

obi_Nwosu Nigerian youths...people that armies can't defeat, it's now ordinary civilians that can fight them. Jokers 😂😂 Which youth were you recruiting before? Please leave our youth alone o! You can go to our prisons and use them to fight Boko Haram Recruitment from the north by the north and for the north. No problems

Run oooooooooo This is a clarion call to all those 'Major Generals' on Twitter.,.Oya, it is time to prove your love and loyalty to PMB and Naija....Abi na only mouth una get?

Your children should be number one to lead because good leader live good example. First include ur children and that of the politicians also There should be a Law that every Male child of all the Service Chiefs,Governors,Senators, Reps members But Federal & State,Ministers, Vice President and President Of Federal Republic of Nigeria should be in the Army.. Make this Law today and Boko Haram and Banditry will stop Tm..

Good morning! Ah ! Werey said Nigerian youth,...Do you call us to enjoy the loot too and top job slots..hope your first son will be among the recruits.... You should not oversee that recruitment, resign and let someone else handle that , you have failed together with your boss You guys have said it all, apologies to all good folks in the north but this aboki has lost his sense. No more idea from his head

Recruit Northeast youths to fight their Northeast brothers Biko Please recruit them from your family members alone. We are tired of burying our youths.

Eh! So which country's youth have you been recruiting 🤔 let Yusuf buhari be the Lieutanent while recruiting since he is northerner too Mix Dem with your children. 😂 we will not apply Recruit your children first.Don't you have boys that are willing to join you and end the insurgency😂😂😂 Specifically, they are talking about Northern youth

Say God God will punish you, Let your children first join. Be sure to include your children as well as those of other service chiefs, the president, V.P., & all other key members of the 3 arms of Government.

So the people causing insurgency in th North are not Nigerians? Separate the country or Recruit the north to fight in the north Start with your children and grandchildren Pls ask ur children to apply d youth ain't interested... Don't know y a general likebu can't be on d war front 😂😂 Which Nigerian youths?

You are just planning to spill more fresh blood for your gods, right? May God forbid

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