We Don’t Want Another Buhari in 2023, Says NEF

We Don’t Want Another Buhari in 2023, Says NEF via @thisdaylive

1/16/2022 4:19:00 AM

We Don’t Want Another Buhari in 2023, Says NEF via thisdaylive

*Says North’s support for Buhari in 2015, 2019 a mistake By John Shiklam in Kaduna The Northern Elders Forum (NEF), has said that northerners will not want another Buhari again in 2023. NEF’s…

He said Nigerians, especially northerners will go for the best candidate, whether he or she is from the north or south.“This is not propaganda, it is not fiction, it is a fact on the ground”.“Choose a northerner if you want, but please make sure he is the best among those that are available, including candidates from the South,” the NEF spokesman said.

He said those saying political parties should not field northern candidates are not democrats.“The constitution says every Nigerian should be free to vote if they are qualified to vote, every Nigerian should contest if his party fields him or her.“Northerners should be very careful in choosing who they vote for.

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That another Buhari you must get whether you like it or not, you can continue to deceive yourself not us we no the truth that you supported Bokohari in 2015&2019 was not by any means been a mistake. By the time the North is completely destroyed by the terrorists you bred then ... God no go gree 😲

Northerners can't afford another Buhari as president in 2023 —NEF - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Please can u loud it so everyone can hear. Nigeria cant afford another northerner !!!! 1983-1985 General Buhari was a Fiasco, currently he is a disaster, a man with such and unsound mind, should never be allow to be an association leader, how much more a local government Chairman, it's a big shame to have such a man as President.

2023: North Will Not Vote Based On Sentiment As Done To Buhari – Northern EldersAhead of the 2023 General Elections, the Northern Elders Forum has said the region will support only a Presidential candidate who has the capacity to address the nation’s socio-economic and security problems irrespective of where the person comes from. The elders say they will no longer vote for a candidate based on sentiments as … Continue reading 2023: North Will Not Vote Based On Sentiment As Done To Buhari – Northern Elders Mumu man Lies Yeah

2023: Time running out for new electoral bill, says INECContinued delay in the assent to the Electoral Act (2010) amendment bill may affect the adoption of the new amendments for the 2023 general elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission has said. inecnigeria Chairman, Mr Yakubu is a criminal. Buhari will never signed it , nothing anyone can do about it , APC will tell PDP to go to court when they rigged the elections , 2023 we will have Supreme Court President Let wait and see

It was mistake electing Buhari as President - NEFHakeem Baba-Ahmed, the Director, Publicity and Advocacy, Northern Elders Forum (NEF), has said that it was a big mistake done in the country by voting So what's the solution now It's time to correct the mistake. Why are you telling us this at this point? Where were you before the election?

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