Viral Videos: Mummy G. O.'s church tightens security; deploys 'holy' police

11/01/2022 2:37:00 PM

Viral Videos: Mummy G. O.’s church tightens security; deploys ‘holy’ police

Viral Videos: Mummy G. O.’s church tightens security; deploys ‘holy’ police

When a PREMIUM TIMES reporter visited the estate on Monday afternoon, something was different.

by January 11, 2022 4 min read In the last two years that Evelyn Owolabi, a teacher, has lived in Adeyefa Estate, Iyana Ipaja, she said she has never witnessed the influx of visitors that now throng her neighbourhood in recent times.enforce a sit-at-home order declared by the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).Bimpe Olajiga at Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God Bimpe Olajiga Published 10 January 2022 At exactly 08:14 SaharaReporters, New York Jan 10, 2022 The founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, Funmilayo Adebayo, popularly known as Mummy GO (General Overseer) has been linked with a number of memes on social media with her “hellfire” threatening messages.

She would later discover that Mummy G.O.He said the police and other sister security agencies have brought the shooting spree that earlier rocked some parts of the state under control.’s Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God Church, located in the estate, is responsible for the sudden increase in strange faces.For weeks, Mummy GO has become social media sensation with many online users turning her hell-threatening sermons into memes circulated online.‘‘It’s shocking.ADVERTISEMENT The situation heightened tension in the Enugu city as vehicular movements were disrupted while shops and schools were forced to close.I don’t even understand what’s going on and why people are rushing here.Jewellery: You will have to return that drop-dead neck, head, or leg jewellery before you leave home.

I don’t attend the church,’’ she told PREMIUM TIMES on Monday afternoon.“Following the alleged cases of sporadic shootings at Topland Amechi-Awkunanaw, snatching and burning a of Toyota Sienna vehicle and a tricycle at Umueze and Agbani axis of Nkanu West LGA of the State, by miscreants alleged to be enforcing illegal sit-at-home order, which caused panic within Enugu metropolis in the morning hours of today, 10/01/2022; citizens of Enugu metropolis and the State in general, are hereby assured that the Police, in collaboration with other Security Agencies, has brought the situation under control.I was about to enter the church when a security official who identified himself as Brother Femi said my dress which was some inches above my ankle wasn’t long enough.The church, the most impressive building in the estate, is sandwiched between two uncompleted buildings.Victor, an usher, said both buildings belong to the church.First was the presence of ‘holy’ police stationed at different estate points to frisk new faces and prevent nosy strangers from gaining access into the church.Brother Femi led me to a female usher in the church simply called Sister Bunmi who brought out a carton with several fabrics which had different colours like purple, orange and grey.Front entrance of the church They made it extremely difficult to photograph the street and the church building itself.A meme posted online says, “Jeans will lead you to hellfire".

When our reporter attempted to pull a fast one, the holy police temporarily seized his phone and deleted the photos and videos.Thankfully, he was able to secure a few on his backup.I sat in the class for age 40 and below?? (English or Yoruba class?) with a slim, dark-complexioned lady, who wore a purple top and a very long black skirt as the teacher.Evangelist Adebayo Funmilayo, popularly called Mummy social media fans and critics alike, has trended for months for her unorthodox, questionable, and sometimes humorous sermons.I noticed they all had a Sunday School booklet and not long after, an usher walked up to me to advertise the booklet for N400.You must not adorn dreads and curly hair as well.

PREMIUM TIMES featured her on the ‘interesting’ Nigerian preachers that trended in 2021.Missing in action This Newspaper partook in the church’s Solution Monday prayers hoping to see the church’s founder, but alas, she was missing in action.Since videos of her preaching went viral, the firebrand evangelist has carefully avoided the public’s prying eyes by staying away from recent church activities.She dwelled on how God is helping Mummy GO despite her many persecutors online.Although the reason for her absence is unknown, many believe that ‘Mummy G.O.Painted nails: For Mummy GO, painted nails are a reflection of immorality.

’ fears for her safety.The three classes collapsed into one with the men moving to the right-hand side of the auditorium and the women occupying the left-hand side.During her infamous interview with the , Mummy G.O., who feigned ignorance of her viral sermons, stated that people threatened her because of her end-time preaching.Hymns were recited afterwards and then a man wearing a grey suit mounted the pulpit and led a short prayer session.She also inferred that the videos making the rounds on social media are fake.

Adeyefa Estate “Even Satan will not say all those things talk less of someone that calls herself a ‘holiness preacher.” According to the evangelist, the perpetrators of those viral videos sought after her life.I made a rough count of the congregants in the adult church — 57 men and 46 women; all forbidden to wear necklaces, earrings, make-up, and any fashion ornaments.She said they had started eight years ago through a magazine, but it did not result in much.Thus, they resorted to social media.The famous preacher also stated that she received death threats and strange calls for her kind of preaching.She asked us all to go outside the church auditorium to take several positions and pray.

“I’ve been receiving some strange calls at times.They said, ‘you are driving away from people from our kingdom’; at times, they use guns to threaten my life.” Her remarks perhaps explain why she has been absent from church in the last week.All rights reserved.Solution Monday Solution Monday, as the name implies, holds every Monday morning from 9 am till “whenever the Holy Spirit releases us” this was according to the preacher, Pastor Sam, who simply introduced himself as Mummy G.O.

’s assistant.Gifts for first-time visitors to Mummy GMO’s church Although the reporter joined the service at 10:30 am (an hour, 30 minutes late), the service had begun with an intensive praise and worship session.After ensuring that the congregants were ‘properly’ dressed and had no jewelry and bangles, the reporter was allowed to join the service in the company of other visitors.After the service, newcomers were invited to the altar while the pastor prayed for them and gave them audio recordings of previous Mummy GO’s messages and gospel tracts.The service featured an intensive sermon about the ‘end time’ and ‘how God plans to destroy the world.

’ Advertisements Pastor Sam, a dark-complexioned stern-looking man, dressed in white Senator attire, delivered the sermon in English.A Yoruba language translator stationed at the church entrance assisted him.The pastor claimed the wrath of God would begin in any Nigerian state surrounded by water.He asked the congregation: “What surrounds Lagos State? How far is the bar beach from Iyana Ipaja?” The congregants, who were roughly 80 in number, were mainly middle-aged.There were a series of prayer sections in between the sermons.

The prayer points were repetitive.“The Lord said I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on; Lord have mercy on me and save my soul,” the congregation would often shout and fall to the ground while praying.Congregants praying near the altar Our reporter was undercover, but Mr Victor was still sceptical about sharing any relevant information about the church because of the undue attention lately.He said they also had to intensify security measures.READ ALSO: Mummy G.

O of Kpatakpata fame, Sister Kate other interesting Nigerian preachers that trended in 2021 “People on social media have given my mummy in the lord a nickname ‘mummy G.O.’ They think we are illiterate and dumb, but the truth would always remain the truth regardless,’’ he said.In passing, he revealed that the church has existed for over 20 years in the exact location and that the founder’s husband is not a pastor.Ten things you must know before visiting Mummy G.

O.’s church If, after reading this article, you are still keen on attending Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God to see things for yourself, here are ten things you must know No chains, jewellery, bangles, or beads are allowed If you plan to wear jewellery to Mummy G.O.’s church, get ready to be stopped by the holy police at the entrance.No jeans allowed Get your long plain skirts and trousers ready.

Mummy G.O.and her holy police won’t take it likely with those who wear short dresses and jeans trousers.You must cover your hair No coloured hair is allowed, and you must not visit Mummy G.O.

’s church with your hair uncovered.Get your giant bibles ready They gave our reporter a brand new Bible.You must not come to Mummy G.O.’s church without a bible.

According to the preacher, you must hold the bible firmly.No phones allowed The holy police would ensure that all phones are switched off from the gate when asked why they explained that phones are distractions to the angels of God.Make-up Is prohibited If you visit Mummy G.O.’s church, ensure that you do not wear make-up.

During the Solution Monday sermon, the preacher asked the congregation: ” I don’t think God is making mistakes by making us the way we are.So why are we adding things to our face?” Get ready to shake your head while you pray If you do not want to look odd or out of place, be prepared to shake your head and clap your hands while you pray.The bell on the altar regulates the prayers.Blessings of pure water sachet After every sermon, pure water sachets are blessed and shared, but you cannot eat on the church premises.Do not breastfeed your child in the church Boldly written at the church entrance is a warning that nobody should breastfeed a child.

Otherwise, mummy G.O.and her police would come for you.Newcomers should get ready to collect tracts Mummy G.O.

would be delighted to see you, as, her holy police, having ensured that you meet the requirements to be allowed into the church, would warmly welcome you with newcomers’ forms, gospel tracts, and the audio recording as souvenirs..

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