VIDEO: Tinubu, Abbo In Heated Argument Over Sex Toy Shop Assault

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VIDEO: Tinubu, Abbo In Heated Argument Over Sex Toy Shop Assault.

The drama surrounding the assault by Senator Elisha Ishaku Abbo on a woman in Abuja continued on Tuesday with the Senator engaging in an argument with members of the Senate Committee set up to investigate the incident.


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Tinubu is in has no ordercity to judge Abbo

What a bad youth representative...

Nobody above the law the senator Alisha Abbo is wrong let him apologies to the country and the family of the lady that he assault.

He should go to jail that's where he belongs, ANIMAL in human skin.

Nooo...I totally disagree that senator remi is rude! She is not! Even in higher institution, student like others can question another in a similar case like this under student union. The senate president selected this committee, Abbo is very arrogant.

I really don't understand how Nigerians think , can you imagine him arguing with the panel ? , it shows he lacks manner, am not sure if he had ever shown respect to any female before. Am very sure this is not the first time of him hitting a lady.

In as much I disagree with Abbo. Bringing the press to the investigation room is wrong and the condescending way Tinubu addressed the guy was not acceptable. Why threaten suspensionShe should remember that her husband would have done worse than Abbo did

I think this senator Abbo needs a mental health examination. I wonder how his wife has been coping with him.

Channels24_UK Some of them seated in the committee are more sinners

This Tinubu Woman is shameless...she is even worse than the man she's interrogating...tribalist...

I saw the video, this abbo guy is not cultured at all, he has no respect for constituted authority, his gesture towards Tinubu shows that he meant that she is a woman, look at the way he is pointing fingers as if he is addressing his children

You guys in the media house aren't really helping this nation with your choice of words.

Why is protecting or defending him even an option? Why is it on the table? The Senate should be more interested in sanitizing itself of arrogant 'unnigerian' people like this. He should be punished just like anyone else. No sentiments. chamberlainusoh



I won't be surprise tomorrow this RemiTinubu will want to be Lagos State governor. Talking to a fellow Senator like he's a local government chairman! How many time have she spoken up for FreeLeahSharibu? Nonsense! Mannerless woman

The best punishment is for a campaign and a move by his people to recall him from that sit. He has not learnt anything

How about the Omo Ovie Egege the Mace thief as a deputy Senate president?

APC members carry the matter on their head..they suddenly find their voice, if it is APC senator, they'll all be blind and deaf

Give it to him !😀

What's thiefnibu problem with senate issue, is he a judiciary.? Busy body no go kill them

Do they have right to question him about his private life ?

Someone that was in court and was taking selfie..... Remorseful No!!!

Senator Abbo need to be more calm and mature.

Is this not the sen. that was snapping selfie inside court premise while he has a case to answer. Let's watch how far this heart breaking issue can go!

And instead of him to be remorseful, he has the nerve to talk say he'd fight suspension!

He thinks because he has money he can oppressed, if I where the one I'll kill em in that shop and nothing is going to hell with em God punish em papa

With political tears welling in a panoramic press release, now contradicted in not-guilty court plead and now strapping duel with a female senator over the case, now it is clear that ElishaAbbo is everything wrong about being a senator. Terrible!!!

Senator indeed

He can't change. He has issues with women.

Having this 'Extinguished Joker'(ElishaAbbo) seat in the red Chamber(NGRSenate)to make laws for Us will be the Greatest Joke of the Century; Guy is such an unrepentant, arrogant Buffoon. This Idiot should be recalled immediately. This Dude is Sick Abeg😡 Shame on Adamawa People

A whole senator in sex toy shop. This our country with different act. Someone called leader should be a counsellor, motivator with sound integrity. Nawa...when are we growing up?

I love Madam Oluremi,I happy the way she spoke to the boy that thought he is man because he matured man will never rise his hand on a female. He must be suspended and jail.

This boy,the so called slapping senator... Abbo,he is rude,proud,arrogant and money miss road...Please let him face the full music...infact he will end in Jail!!!!!!!

But this elisha Addo is a funny man oh. Well I leave everything for the house to handle I reserve my comment

Foolish tiny man abbo is seen here clearly unrepentant. This country should simply be divided if justice is moderated in this case. I'm highly disappointed at Sam Egwu trying to calm Tinubu.

Isorite see what anger can cause 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

ayemojubar Mrs Tinubu in a committee to address an assault? I don't believe this,well it is finished.

The man has erred and apologized publicly, the Senate and general public should forgive him or serve his punishment. Shikenan, enough of all these dramas

This guy apologized for assaulting a lady suddenly he has pleaded not guilty

Who is senator. Tinubu that can talk to Sen. Abbo like that? She isn't questioning the senator but trying to intimidate d senator that was fully elected by his constituency.

sama_on_point This guy is unrepentant. He looks like a serial offender that maltreats women

Plasticremorse was what he did... Slapping senator

Tailored questions to frustrate the man out of office. Tinubu's wife has hidden agenda.

How can she be tellin him to off that Mike. Is he her boy. Like it or not he's her colleague .. U can go about ur committee business without speaking like an overlord.

Any day any Nigerian is convicted of Assault, we should always remember that 'Sex Toy Shop Senator '-Elisha Abbo, Senator representing Adamawa is walking free!! Justice delayed is Justice denied! We are watching.ElishaAbbo PoliceNG MBuhari SPNigeria DrJoeAbah ProfOsinbajo

Y arent they asking him if truly he changed his name from cliff?

She who go to equity must with clean hands.

Its crystal clear that ElishaAbbo is unrepentant. Of course, he should be suspended. Its not a threat sir, but the truth. There is even another story that he had been assaulting his late wife! PoliceNG I hope you are watching!

ayemojubar Video with audio or Idonbelivit. IFB

People like Sen. Tinubu is not suppose to front and loud her voice on issues like this because her husband is a core criminal that has defrauded this nation. Bullion van stuff is still very fresh in our mind. So she should buried her head in shame.

How can she threat her fellow colleague with suspension? Can you see that she's even stopping her fellow comm member from talking. Were was her voice when Ganduje was caught on camera?

Abbo never see anything. He will give up his quest for the house of senate. We are bringing the heat to any where you find yourself

Many people are passing through various spectra of health challenges....Extreme Anger is a sign of health challenge that needs experts on anger mgt. Yesterday a custom officer was taken to HOSPITAL because he did a coup on his boss. Thank God he wasn’t sent to PRISON.

That guy is rude and should step down as an honorable member look at how he still addressing the panel not remorseful at all

Nothing here to see, just kangaroo posturing for public approval. Hogwash

I wonder how some ppl think?, they're trying to blame madam tinubu for her role in the panel too, sentiment everywhere in nigeria

They are both senators I love the way Abbo replied her. What dose mean by saying his digging another hole for himself

I've seen enough already. If this is the best that can come out his senatorial zone in Adamawa, I guess they deserve our collective pity. What I see is an animal who's unashamed about his conduct that's drawn public outcry across boards. PDP should canvass for his resignation.

DeeOneAyekooto ogundamisi

When I see sinners and arrogant evil doers gather to publicly stone a comrade, it surprises me. Most of the faces I saw in that hall are election riggers, thuggering against opponents and vote buyers. They are worst than Senator Abbo they are investigating.

He is very arrogant...looking like starved cow..sometimes these guys from the other part of the country are so full of themselves...things will change soon...voices are being heard and it is left for the law to function blindfolded...soon she will wear the blindfold again...soon!

I watched this video several times..this Abbo is something else..did he really apologized from the dept of his heart He seem arrogant and has pride.

Tinubu is stupid

Why is Mrs. Tinubu taking it personal.? She could not even allow the gentleman senator sitting close to her to talk. I hope she has not turned it into APC versus PDP matter.

There's definitely a huge difference between tendering an apology to appease the public (playing to the gallery) and the apology that stems from realizing /admitting one really did wrong.

This Abbo man is very arrogant. Another young man with bad home training just like that kogi gov. When young men like this are trained by older politicians, you expect Nigeria to progress. How can?

Why are this People trying to frustrate this Man whom all of them were elected on thesame platforms, why can't they quize the People threatening the peace of Nigeria because of RUGA. This country stink.

It's obviously in his character to disrespect women.... his mouth like i take exception 😑😣😏😏😏

Its a shame seeing this!! How can senator Remi Tinubu be part of such a committee? The same woman who assaulted and slapped senator Bwacha from Taraba some years back, now she is pointing fingers? This is Nigeria anything can happen

The guy is not even repentant

Remi Tinubu

His so full of himself ....shame!

ONLY in my county.....

That is why sumtyms i lov Europe, If it is there, he won't returned to tha sit of a senator bcos he tanish da image of it

in the midst of all this, for whom and with whom was the senator buying something in sex toy shop? his wife(s)? i doubt it.

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