Use Your Position To Stabilise West Africa – UN Secretary-General Tells Buhari | Sahara Reporters

Use Your Position To Stabilise West Africa – @UN Secretary-General Tells @MBuhari | Sahara Reporters

9/25/2021 2:06:00 AM

Use Your Position To Stabilise West Africa – UN Secretary-General Tells MBuhari | Sahara Reporters

According to a statement by a Presidential media aide, Femi Adesina, the UN secretary-general revealed this at a meeting with Buhari on Friday, at the 76th session of the United Nations general assembly (UNGA) taking place in New York.

Sep 24, 2021The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to leverage on his leadership position to ensure stability among West African nations, in terms of democracy and good governance.“According to the UN scribe, Africa, especially West Africa, was generally seen as an ocean of stability and good governance, but was deeply concerned at recent reversal of fortunes in democratic rule in some parts of the West African sub-region with coups overturning elected institutions,” Adesina said.

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“He, therefore, urged President Buhari to continue to show leadership as he looks up to Nigeria to help stabilise the sub-region in terms of democracy and good governance.“On terrorism, the secretary-general commended the efforts of Nigeria on this global phenomenon, assuring the Nigerian leader of the United Nations’ continued support in her efforts to address the prevailing security and humanitarian challenges that have arisen, especially with the internally displaced persons.

“He also commended Nigeria’s efforts on climate change, expressing willingness of the world body to cooperate with the country in this regard.“President Buhari applauded Mr Gutterres for his global leadership and the success of the 76th session. He assured the secretary-general that Nigeria had achieved appreciable successes in tackling the insecurity caused by terrorists and bandits.

“The president also thanked him for the global organisation’s intervention in activities towards reducing the effects of climate change, especially with the support for the Great Green Wall programme, which is aimed at arresting desertification across the Sahel as well as the campaign against deforestation in Nigeria.”

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UN MBuhari He can't even stabilize his home State UN MBuhari When Nigeria have not been stabilised UN MBuhari Shame to United nations and world leaders by Buhari should use his position to stabilise west Africa bywar UN MBuhari Esse sujeito é um mentiroso compulsivo. UN MBuhari I guess the UN just defrauded Africa with this comment

UN MBuhari The hate you give UN ReferendumNow UN MBuhari Oga can you give what you don't have many west African are fare better then Nigeria. UN MBuhari UN Secretary-General may not know that President MBuhari does not lead Nigeria, it's the CABAL that rules Nigeria. UN MBuhari Stabilizing west Africa to buhari means putting Fulanis in every available position and taking it over as in conquering

UN MBuhari Is this another way of telling Buhari is his onslaught of the people …🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️? On whose side is this UN on…😳😳? The people or the Terrorists …😭😭😭? UN MBuhari Stop wasting your time.

UN Assembly: Buhari Government Cannot Stop Friday’s Grand Protest, Self-Determination Groups Vow | Sahara ReportersThe Chairman of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination, Prof Banji Akintoye, disclosed this in a statement on Thursday, alleging the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government of sponsoring a counter-protest. MBuhari You mean that Aboki man with no certificate. 😂😂😂 MBuhari Bursted!!!! MBuhari All their propaganda have failed.

UN MBuhari What is this man smoking? I UN MBuhari How can they entrust west African stability into d hand of a terrorist, UN MBuhari Una dey Craze. Has he stabilized his HOME state... Not to talk of Nigeria. Chinemerm4 UN MBuhari How can an impersonator, aka Buhari, a criminal, murderer and terrorist have the capacity to stabilize West Africa? Has he been able to stabilize his local community in Katsina and Niger Republic? antonioguterres

UN MBuhari Person wey never fit stabilize Kastina, talk of Nigeria, na him you dey talk say make him stabilize a whole West Africa. Haba! Secretary General, fear God nah. UN you guys should tell MBuhari the truth he needs to know, not pampering his evil acts on Nigerians. We are tired. UN MBuhari No be mumu be dis

UN MBuhari Abokis use his position? I never hear or see where blind man lead a well seen man,it's impossible. Nd it seems the westerners claiming super power ar blinds also. UN MBuhari By supporting Boko Haram, banditry and going after proponents of self determination? UN MBuhari Now it's well noted that UN is in support of Fulani terrorist govt under buhari to fulanise the whole west Africa. Buhari who cannot stabilise his own family, state and his country can never do anything. We need referendum in Nigeria to save lives. FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow

UN MBuhari Even the UN has become a joke, stabilise which West Africa? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Civil society, SERAP Urges UN To Order Buhari To Lift Twitter Ban In Nigeria | Sahara ReportersThe group asked the International body to speak for the fundamental rights of Nigerians noting that 'the freedom to expression whether offline or online is a fundamental right' which should not be tampered with. SERAPNigeria UN MBuhari that's not possible SERAPNigeria UN MBuhari Instead for them to seek for referendum they're talking about Twitter. We need to go our separate ways. SERAPNigeria UN MBuhari UN “order” a president of a sovereign state!! You guys ok ?

UN MBuhari That so sickening, all you got is distability or disaster either 😪😢 africaupdates UN MBuhari The smallest country in Africa is mocking what position is he referring to? The same man watching his country burn with insecurity, inflation, corruption etc....? UN MBuhari I guess the UN is sick to expect that from a Bloody Buhari

UN MBuhari Africa are backwards because world didn't see Africa problem as a global problem. Middles east, North Korea and China dominate news. Covid brought global discussion while ebola just manage by Africa. Buhari worst situation in Nigeria and w/Africa. You tell him to stabilise. UN MBuhari I refuse to laugh

UN MBuhari Tell him if he will hear 👂 UN MBuhari UN that is to turn the whole of Africa as a terrorist ground. UN MBuhari What does the UN know but talk? UN MBuhari He can't even stabilize Aso rock where he lives. UN MBuhari All these so-called world leaders are so dumb. Nonsense

Fani-Kayode’s Fourth Wife, Chikwendu Sues Discredited Minister, Police Inspector General, Demands N800million | Sahara ReportersChikwendu, in a suit filed through her team of lawyers led by Abdul-Aziz Jimoh, also cited the Inspector-General of Police, the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Force CID, Commissioner of Police FCT, and the OC Legal (CID) FCT Command, CSP James Idachaba, as respondents in the matter. realFFK Zamfara kidnapper 🙄 ole realFFK realFFK will have to decamp hellfire to pay this money because Buhari no go give am realFFK This brother is broke and desperate

UN MBuhari Exactly UN MBuhari Buhari that cannot stabilize his own local government and his own state in Nigeria. UN MBuhari Did I hear West Africa? When he is yet to stabilize his own country? No now UN Gen Sec this can't be coming from you UN MBuhari lt is obvious that UN is bias,UN has forgotten the objectives for which it was formed. How can UN ask buhari to stabilise west Africa, when Nigeria is destabilised,does it mean that UN is not aware of the agitations and extraordinary rendition of mazi Nnamdi kanu?

UN MBuhari UN MBuhari Hmm Allah know everything.. UN MBuhari For those who do not understand what this means, it means he is expected to do the needful and stop blaming the invisible. It means he has all it takes to stop terrorism in his country as well as other west African countries but he pretends as if he doesn't have the resources.

UN MBuhari Not your fault UN UN MBuhari I hope they know he is the one behind the insecurity we have here UN MBuhari More like deSTABILIZE West Africa

At UNGA, Buhari Raises Alarm Over Incessant Coups In West Africa* Calls for debt cancellation for developing countries * Renews advocacy for equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines * Seeks reforms of UN security Buhari Calls for debt cancellation for developing countries

UN MBuhari So they don’t know that Nigeria is more divided now? UN MBuhari He can't hear you UN MBuhari Fulani herdsmen will now remember that they have grazing routes all over west Africa. D region go erupt in chaos UN MBuhari He couldn't stabilise his state kastina, is it Africa he will stabilise? Like this secretary General don't have sense,

UN MBuhari West Africa go scatter be that UN MBuhari Na Buhari first start am UN MBuhari He is using it to scatter it UN MBuhari This is the kind of respect size brings to the largest Africa nation in the world ,size provides a large military presence and protection ,large domestic markets for business to thrive ,that attract investors all over the world

UN MBuhari 🤣🤣🤣 UN MBuhari He's using his position as Terrorist-In-Chief to infest terrorist in west Africa.

N20billion Judgement: Igboho’s Lawyer Reacts To Plan By Buhari Government To File Fresh Charges | Sahara ReportersMalami had said the Nigerian government may file fresh charges against Igboho after his recent victory in an Ibadan High Court. Let the Fulani govt pay the 20b first before filing any useless charge. 20 billion after the Africa diaspora sponsored ethnic extremist leaders orchestrated the beheading of people in the south west and tag it herdsmen to win followers to their cause and everything has stopped after his capture confirming they were responsible

UN MBuhari If only they knew.... UN MBuhari 😄😄😄😄😄 UN MBuhari What's his position, the leader of headers who go around killing citizens, the bandits forgiver or what, first ask him for the hospital he said they built for debt cancellation, and you come inspect what you're cancelling debt for.

UN MBuhari Does he has the skills to do that ? UN MBuhari When he is struggling to get his home state ravaged by bandits and kidnappers stabilized, nonetheless Nigeria and now you are talking of Africa. Can UN denied they don't know what is happening in Nigeria? UN MBuhari If u dont recognize Buhari you all know now UN recognize him

UN MBuhari So UN and UNGA76 are blind to what is happening in Nigeria. A man that cannot stabilize the presidential villa, talk less of his state and country how does he stabilize West Africa and Africa as a whole. UN MBuhari Buhari who can not stabilised his country, not his state, not even his local government. Is it the same Buhari that you are expecting to stabilise West Africa? Africa is on there own. FreeMaziNnamdiKanu

UN MBuhari The world Is happy with what is happening in Nigeria. She is no longer a threat to her neighbours or to the West economically and militarily. They would have been pushing for sanctions now if Nigeria was making progress. No one likes a competitor and so Nigeria is on track-DOOM UN MBuhari EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives YorubaNationNow BiafraExit Yorubaexit ReferendumNow NoToRestructuring SayNoToNigeria ilanaomooodua UN UNPOintl AmnestyNigeria RusEmbNigeria POTUS UKParliament USinNigeria GermanyUN UNHumanRights EUinNigeria 10DowningStreet RT

Police Arrest Women Allegedly Selling Fuel To Bandits In President Buhari’s Home State | Sahara Reporters.PoliceNG Arrest Women Allegedly Selling Fuel To Bandits In President Buhari’s Home State | Sahara Reporters Remember to update us when they release her as well. Very important!! PoliceNG Not surprised PoliceNG It's ok

UN MBuhari He couldn't stabilize his own state Katsina ,is it now west Africa? UN MBuhari Which position is he talking about. Or As the head of terrorist sponsor , He is using his position to turn the entire African continent a terrorist headquarters of the world.war against Boko haram is a war against the north said Buhari

UN MBuhari E be like say this guy is as dull as Buhari oooo! So he can’t see the emptiness in Buhari’s skull even from his presentation? Chai! UN MBuhari He is yet to stabilize his own country.....He is a failure UN MBuhari What do you expect to hear from a few group corrupt people? People that has collected unimaginable bribes, They are all blind and deaf to hear or what is going on in the so called country named NigeriaUN. Evil everywhere. Not only stabilize, na stabilizer.❌‼️

UN MBuhari Crazy UN! Telling someone who has monumentally failed to provide security stability to his home state of Katsina, being told to stabilize the whole of West Africa, isn't it? UN MBuhari Has stabilize his country before e begin stabilize others? UN MBuhari UN is a fraud and they really dont want African freedom and development. let's stop fooling ourselves. Are they not seeing people crying daily on social media? its all satanic end time agenda.The world is doomed.

UN MBuhari Connect buhari to stabilizer em no go fit still stabilise Nigeria. Does he even look stabilized to you? UN MBuhari An unstable man that cannot stabilize just one town in his country 🤣

UN MBuhari Hmmmmmm!!! Seems this man saying this haven't been to Nigeria before, I advise him to follow SahaaReporters or Channelstv to see Buhari's achievements. UN MBuhari Oftentimes I ask myself, this UN and buari which one has brain? 🧠 UN MBuhari They are making mockery of the fool. Lol 😂

UN MBuhari If he will hear but keep on telling him UN MBuhari UN is another problem of the world aswear down UN MBuhari What position does a terrorist sympathysing leader have if not bringing more pain, deaths and blood to West Africa ? UN has lost its competency for not having condemned Nigeria Government and her current leadership !

UN MBuhari He's the major reason West Africa became this destabilized. West Africa was well doing before he came into power. The stats and facts are there for all to see. UN MBuhari He cannot even stabilize his country. UN MBuhari Abi awon eleyi ment ni, which position? UN MBuhari Someone who cannot even stabilize Daura

UN MBuhari Buhari is the opposite of stability. UN Sec General is joking. Buhari and his policies are the root causes of instability in Nigeria UN MBuhari Man never stabilize his home town in Daura not to talk of Nigeria, let alone the west Africa smh UN MBuhari For ages, UN West Africa, is non existent to West Africans. Is Buhari stable in his own backyard nor within himself? So much unsuitable instability cannot be sustained by his northen hegemony. Next time, please, Talk to stable Presidents!

UN MBuhari Which position? UN MBuhari It is just like telling RealFFK to stabilise Nigeria when he can't manage his family UN MBuhari Let him stabilize his state first then he can now stabilize his country before going to the other countries in Africa. UN MBuhari All this one na mumu talk. These guys supports Buhari

UN MBuhari That one that can't stabilize northern Nigeria ?; UN MBuhari UN,MBuhari could not stabilise the country he's ruling not to talk of the whole west Africa.MBuhari is a failure & the worst president ever in Nigeria. UN MBuhari Man wey never stabilize his own country wan stabilize West Africa.

UN MBuhari An advice befitting a beggarly president, in other words call your kinsmen to order, don't use your position to beg. He prolly thinks UNGA is another trades fair, or Charity ball party UN MBuhari How can you ask instability to give you stability? It's like asking molten magma to give you iced block

UN MBuhari Position 🤣!! Terrorist, unknown gunmen and Boko Haram 🤣 UN MBuhari E no go better for una UN . You guys are scam UN MBuhari Buhari wey no sabi him left or right . UN MBuhari 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 UN MBuhari Buhari has no position, terrorist Sponsor running a terrorist Government. Terrible!! FreeMaziNnamdiKanu

UN MBuhari Buhari to stabilise W/F UN MBuhari Abi he go use am scatter dai. UN MBuhari Stupid advice , you know his destabilizing the region , he is a terrorist sponsor so how can he stabilize west Africa .