Donald Trump, Nigeria, Us, Visa Restriction

Donald Trump, Nigeria

US to place visa restriction on Nigeria, others


US to place visa restriction on Nigeria , others

President Donald Trump Eniola Akinkuotu, Abuja United States President, Donald Trump, is set to add Nigeria and six others to a new list of countries on America’s visa restriction, Wall Street Journal reports. According to the report, Nigerians would not be barred from entering the country but would not be issued with certain types of visas. The Trump administration plans to roll out its expanded travel restrictions on Monday, marking the three-year anniversary of the initial travel ban Trump signed on his seventh day in office, sparking controversy at the beginning of his term. Unlike the initial travel ban list of 2017, most of the new countries don’t have majority-Muslim populations. Several of them, however, have had relatively higher rates of their citizens overstaying visas in the US, according to DHS data. The report reads in part, “The Trump administration plans to add seven countries to a group of nations subject to travel restrictions, including Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, along with others in Africa and Asia, according to administration officials who have seen the list. “The new restrictions would apply to travellers and immigrants from Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania. The countries wouldn’t necessarily face blanket bans on travel to the US, but could have restrictions placed on specific types of visas, such as business or visitor visas, administration officials said.” Nigeria could be on the list because it has a high rate of persons overstaying their visas. In the 2018 fiscal year, 24 per cent of Eritreans on business or visitor visas overstayed their permits, along with 15 per cent of Nigerians and 12 per cent of people from Sudan. Those compared with a total overstay rate in the category of 1.9 per cent. According to WSJ, some countries could be banned from participating in the diversity visa lottery program, which awards green cards to people in countries with low levels of immigration to the US. President Trump has called for an end to that program, saying it lets undesirable people into the US, and he has proposed reorienting the existing visa system toward skilled workers instead. READ ALSO: Operation Amotekun: Presidency, govs’ meeting called off, South-West holds rallies Nigeria had already been barred from participating from the lottery programme over six years ago. The officials said the list isn’t final, and on Tuesday the White House was still debating whether to include one or two of the countries. The Department of Homeland Security didn’t respond to request for comment. The State Department declined to comment. The administration has said its policy restricting travel is necessary to prevent potential acts of terrorism, as countries on the list don’t adequately vet their travellers to the US. The first order, which banned travel to the US by most residents of seven majority-Muslim countries, was struck down by a federal court and withdrawn. A second iteration of the ban, issued in March 2017, was also struck down by a federal judge who said it still amounted to religious discrimination against Muslims. A third version of the policy, issued in September 2017, was upheld by a divided Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling in June 2018 on the grounds that federal law gives the president broad authority to suspend entry to the US Those current restrictions blocked travel by individuals from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and North Korea, and by political officials from Venezuela. The administration briefly included Chad on the ban list, but removed the country in April 2018. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Thanks to America for this wonderful gift. What do we expect when some fools were busy burning American flag because of Iran crises Is US issuing visa to Nigerians! capital no. Ltt them hold on to their visa. Country in total 00 percent. ..😎 An achievement under APC led federal government by BUHARI. SHAMEFUL 😎

We die here💪 realDonaldTrump should also remember some us in Nigeria praying against his impeachment. Am truly not surprised.. Some are even clamouring for a 3rd term for someone that the rest of the world leaders don't even like to associate with...oh no wonder he's always traveling for many world leaders have visited you?

The flag that was burnt still dey pain trump Every country does WHAT IS GOOD FOR ITS COUNTRY. Nigeria closes Border! America stop visa! Let the music play! Naa only we Nigerians Waka come this world eeeh! Which kind wahala be all this one. If Ghana mess, dem go say na Nigeria, if cotonou shit, dem go say naa Nigeria.

Coronavirus: New virus spreads to US as Nigeria remain silent - Daily Post NigeriaThe new coronavirus, which originated in China recently, has found its way to the shores of the United States. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Is it nigeria that will provide solution ni

Lolz It's obvious realDonaldTrump is angry with Nigerians that having informed Nigerians that buhari is lifeless how did we elect him again in 2019. He's angry that majority of those who re elected him are equally lifeless and he wouldn't want such lifeless folks in the United States Not now Trump, finish one first kwanu

who cares they should dey their dey lets dey our own dey. Our guy Boris Johnson gatch us. 'Next Level' Work! They should calm down oo, at least till my vision 2022 passes. Kin pa ga abinda kika jawo mana. You dared the dude too much, he is now retaliating Shey ko pay? Which way Nigeria..... I'm weeping for this country

Thunder fire them

Amotekun: No amount of Police can stop us - Yoruba group dares FG - Daily Post NigeriaThe Yoruba Worldwide Congress (YWC) has on Tuesday, declared that no amount of intimidation from Nigeria Police Force, an agency of the federal government Solidarity is the key... Nigeria leaders watch your back the war is warming up. That's the spirit.i love this

US should pity 'we'(nigerians) that have legit business now.... Wet in we do them? The one we are currently observing is what? It's all over the news, once that ban is in place the shit hits the fan. Thanks to incompetent Leaders busy dithering whilst everything else crumbles Welcome development Stop confessing negatively.

SMH What 😫😆😪🙄🙄 I don't know why I don't believe this can happen. The worse it would be more more difficult to get visa to their country. But complete ban I so much doubt that. you will always need us for good or for bad. That would be nice

Amotekun is a Christian agenda to silence us - Osun Muslims - Daily Post NigeriaMuslims in Osun State, under the banner of Osun State Muslim Community (OSMC), have condemned the process for the recruitment into the newly launched Lol .. the north have got to you people in osun.. Tinubu apc osun state. Religion sentiment is a great set back to Nigeria development. For a country of numerous religion should be declared fully secular. Not only Islam and Christianity are religion in Nigeria. Lmaoooo

They should please include politicians in the list ..awon werey Do it shap shap I am tired of over rated one country as if God is from US, we do have successful pple in Nigeria that did not travel to US!. This is a welcome development that Is long over due IT IS OVER DUE The visa restrictions should only be imposed on Buhari, his family, members of his APC party, Cabals, his spin doctors and propagandists

'Countries being considered are said to have failed to meet State Department standards on biometrics, information-sharing and counter-terrorism measures' We seen this coming tho. Buh our government ddnt to anything bout it. I can tell yu, those selfish and self centered leaders who brought this on us will still travel.

IS best for them...Thats what those stupid muslim boys caused..protesting for Iran that is not even a friend to Nigeria...I cant wait for Biafra to be free from Nigeria If this happens then Gen Buhari would have committed a cardinal sin against the young citizens of Nigeria by depriving them the ability to be able to explore all options available to them in life trying to be successful globally especially US which is worlds largest Economy.

Afrobeat_World adlynquart

US calls for immediate resumption of Libya oil operationsThey are only interested in the oil. . Not in that country well being or it’s citizen. That was their main aim in Libya. More reason why Trump favors Khalifa hafta. Or what? 😀

See wetin shiite pple cause us nw.. Am very sure if not fr dat protest they held abj in support of iran we wouldn't have been placed under this so called restriction.. Well, my grandpa no travel out for once and he was very rich and great. So, I can be here in Nigeria and be the richest man in the world even without stepping to some certain countries

At least you will fight your war with Iraq abi Iran alone, don't involve us abeg. If it's not done,then they're cowards Who even need to travel to US with the great job Buhari is doing with our economy, before the end of the year we shall be among the top 20 economies in the world 🙄🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ Interesting as if it hasn’t been happening since ...

What's my business, I have been in naija since I was born, those that would be on red alert now are the thieves who have hidden our collective money in US. They will thinking how to move their stollen money from US Why not our political leaders? Trump please rethink this ooo Interestingly excellent!!

Trump takes credit for ‘roaring’ U.S. economy in DavosThe strong performance of the U.S. economy under the current administration is a model that the rest of the world should follow, U.S. President Donald... Cp

Wetin Dy d us sef wey d man wan kill himself upon 😏😏😏 Yes oo That ryt! Naija must get sense That's good Welcome development. Nigeria is fast becoming a den of terrorists. Sir,please put a stay on this thought till i come over Visa restriction affects only the poor that is trying to run away from ABUSE. The Leaders have already given their children American Passport by giving birth to them in USA with stolen Nigerian Money.

Oga o When it has been fooled severally by those who shd not have the visa. Eko yin re. Pls is lagos among

VIDEO: ‘ Stop calling us NEPA, it shows you don’t want electricity ’ – Discos Spokesperson, Sunday OduntanVIDEO: ‘ Stop calling us NEPA, it shows you don’t want electricity ' – Discos Spokesperson, Sunday Oduntan TuesdayMotivation TuesdayThoughts TuesdayMorning ReadThis HaqHaqHaq... Can this spokeperson talk to his manager in Gwagwalada FCT to improve his power supply from 4hrs in a day to what is attainable in other part of FCT? He ordered his workers to give light 2hrs in the morning and night only, this practices is fraudulent. Stop smoking weed

Heaven doesn't pass through America Nigeria is better than the U.S This man has never liked Nigerians EU_Commission should follow Now wen I say I want go Ameria, naim Dona ban us, please unban us o, I take God beg you because Nija don't tire me. 🙄🙄🙄 No wahala na We go stay for our country We thank God for life.🙄

Business or visiting visas please, that's it not a full restriction...A ni se ori buruku ooo Tanko should be number one on the ban pls See what supreme court, releasing dreaded insurgents back to the society and terrorism have caused .

I hope the ban is only for our politicians who have turned this Country to an object of ridicule. Meanwhile our useless politicians dey pack our money go there wey dem take dey develop their country. I hope this visa ban include the politicians as well. If not for our useless government watin b america

Go to hell with your useless visa QuotedReplies On all Nigerians please! Who wan come dia sef? Good news What next? America Visa is not a licence to success. Excellent Is it possible to stop them from obtaining visas to other countries not just the US. That would be much better. Let's see if they don't fix the rot in our country.

God Bless America 🦅Trump2020landslide Who get una time self.. We are more blessed with natural resources than American.. realDonaldTrump you doing a fantastic job ayemojubar All thanks to Bubu and his cohorts When America get his ass impeached let him still come and put restrictions on naija We need to go back to the basics as a country and get our systems working ; security, employments, infrastructure, governance, education, health systems etc.

Una no get better news abi These present crop of leaders has done much damage to us! Good one. Great move POTUS 45. Although you should have focused the ban on the North and some idiots from the south. realDonaldTrump

Toh..... kassala don nor hear word go and come back na lie Better Who Care's ☹️ Technically they Big is already on their banned list. May dey just want to formalize it now. Thank God, the US is not the kingdom of God. Phew! Most Nigerians are preferring Canada over The US even before now. US shift I beg.

Pls put it till 2025 nothing concern me... Person wey dem go soon impeach... Ode US is capable of anything when it comes to their country. Toilet paper Baba chill make we cross fes, you can close it next year. Ko kan aiye

We go soon ban u tissue paper It has been long over due. I love President Trump! God bless America 🇺🇸 Election around the corner again Before nko what is my business in USA, Iran can attack them with suicide bomber ,please I can be a victims I heard about it three days ago in New York. It was a shocking news. This would affect so many people and businesses in Nigeria because other western countries might follow the US steps.

But why Carry on ....Nigeria is a Muslim country I thought the visa restrictions hs been there since..Did you remove it b4 well this is serious realDonaldTrump please go ahead

Who cares Halleluja!! Let's hope it'd lead them to start looking inwards for the solutions to their problems Na where I want travel na una don start yeye stuff again 🤨🤨 At least Buhari has achieved this. Not yet confirmed Wel done to the Imo indegenes in diaspora. We sef go soon ban you😂 See wetin those people cause now

No problem we are OK Why are you all asking, 'WHY?' don't you have a country to stay?

😂😁😁😁😀😀😁😁😁 😞 For what .... why ? Why if i may ask Why? Am planning to visit America.. Be clear!!! *On some Nigerian Government officials*

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