US President, Donald Trump Impeached For Second Time

US President, Donald Trump Impeached For Second Time

1/14/2021 12:47:00 AM

BREAKING: US President, Donald Trump Impeached For The Second Time

US President, Donald Trump Impeached For Second Time

 Updated January 13, 2021Republican and Democrats clap as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) commends Capitol Police and law enforcement for their work after Pro-Trump demonstrators stormed the Capitol in the House chamber on January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Pool/Getty Images/AFP

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  Donald Trump became the first US president in history to be impeached twice when the House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to charge him with inciting last week’s mob attack on Congress.The Senate will not hold a trial before January 20, when Democrat Joe Biden assumes the presidency, meaning the real estate tycoon will escape the risk of being forced to leave early. He will, however, depart in disgrace — and likely due to face a Senate trial later.

The only question in the House had been how many Republicans would join the Democratic majority.In the end, 10 Republicans broke ranks, including the party’s number three in the House, Representative Liz Cheney.Holed up in the White House, Trump had no immediate reaction but he earlier issued a brief statement insisting that he opposed violence among his supporters.

“In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be no violence, no lawbreaking and no vandalism of any kind. That is not what I stand for,” he said.“I call on all Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank You.”Reflecting the fear of upheaval, armed National Guards deployed across the capital and central streets were blocked to traffic.

In the Capitol building itself, guards in full camouflage and carrying assault rifles assembled, some of them grabbing naps early Wednesday under the ornate statues and historical paintings.Trump survived the first impeachment almost exactly a year ago when the Republican-controlled Senate acquitted him of abusing his office to try and get dirt on Biden’s family before the election.

This time, his downfall was triggered by a speech he delivered to a crowd on the National Mall on January 6, telling them that Biden had stolen the presidential election and that they needed to march on Congress and show “strength.”Amped up on weeks of election conspiracy theories pushed by Trump, the mob then stormed into the Capitol, fatally wounded one police officer, wrecked furniture and forced terrified lawmakers to hide, interrupting a ceremony to put the legal stamp on Biden’s victory.

One protester was shot dead, and three other people died of “medical emergencies,” bringing the toll to five.Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the chamber that Trump “must go.”“He is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love,” she said.

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And Democratic lawmaker Ilhan Omar branded Trump a “tyrant,” saying that “for us to able to survive as a functioning democracy there has to be accountability.”But Nancy Mace, a newly-elected Republican congresswoman said that while lawmakers “need to hold the president accountable,” the speed of the impeachment “poses great questions about the constitutionality.”

The top Republican in the House, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said that while Trump deserves censure, hurriedly impeaching will “further divide this nation.”McConnell open to impeachmentTrump, who has been stripped of his social media megaphones by Twitter and Facebook, and finds himself increasingly ostracized in the business world, is struggling to impose his message — let alone any kind of resistance.

His refusal to accept any responsibility for the horrifying scenes on January 6 — including his insistence Tuesday that his speech was “totally appropriate” — has infuriated allies and opponents alike.The main question now is to what extent former Republican allies in the Senate will turn on their party’s figurehead. Last year, they acquitted Trump overwhelmingly after the House impeached him for abuse of office.

Powerful Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell has made clear there is no time before Trump’s January 20 exit to hold an impeachment trial, given that the Senate is in recess until January 19.However, he said Wednesday that he was open to the possibility of voting to convict Trump in a trial, which could still be held after Biden takes over.

“I have not made a final decision on how I will vote and I intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate,” McConnell said.The New York Times reported Tuesday that McConnell is signaling privately that he believes Trump did commit impeachable offenses.

This presents a potentially fatal shift in the ground under Trump’s feet, because it could lead other Republican senators to join in convicting Trump with the goal of turning the page in the turbulent relationship between the party and former reality TV host and real estate magnate.

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Meanwhile, the increasingly toothless Trump’s social media woes deepened late Tuesday when video-sharing giant YouTube said it was suspending his official account for at least a week, out of concern his videos could incite violence.He is also being cut out by the business world, threatening his financial future once he leaves the White House.

The latest blow to the Trump empire was when the mayor of his native New York City, Bill de Blasio, announced Wednesday a termination of contracts to run a golf course, two ice-skating rinks and a carousel in Central Park.“New York City doesn’t do business with insurrectionists,” de Blasio, a Democrat, tweeted.

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Ohhh...! How Can You Impeache sitting president twice Yet our own house members and senators are just here going about looking for who to blame. They are experts in condemning what is not their business and looting our scarce resources. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria endbadsenators Why is it Nigeria is not like USA does it mean that this present government in Nigeria has not committed any impeachable act?

The evil plans of the devil to destroy the world will fail. This is a serious issue Hmm! What's the meaning of it somebody that has been daefeted the impeach him o alot grief Channels face your stupid country leave develop country alone Channel is fast in reporting the American news, but being very lacardasical in reporting the atrocities that is happening in the Nigerian presidency, God is watching 😔 😡 💔

Fake news no one can impeached President Trump not anyone So fucking what ! I wish we still have National Assembly and House of Representative. Our President is overdue for impeachment. Pls they should wake up and do the needful. The US president has not been impeached before, point of correction, motion was moved for impeachment and it failed, these is another motion it may suffer the same thing.

Impeachment of this man is not fair this man loves God any man who loves the lord to the world will hate the person wickedness wicked generation Donald trump will eventually be the president of America, let's watch the story line b4 jumping into conclusion Trump is a servant of God, persecution is one of the attributes...

I think we need this kind of effective legislative and judiciary in this country........ Can this happen in Nigeria? Where presidency will deploy all the security apparatus to national assembly to frustrate the impeachment move. Mnmmnmmml m ln m m. L m llllllllllllllllll He should go out ! He who lives without discipline will die without honour

That is where there is order and discipline Whither Nigeria and her African brothers? Senate will overrule the impeachment and he will remain the US president until 20th We dont have a good government in Nigeria we all know that Delay is not denial. Until it’s over This system can't work in Nigeria over night you will just see change of gears,legislators sending apology the presidency.,Or a press briefing from the chamber staying we remain loyal to the president

Who is now the living death person, impeached, disgrace & rejected for second terms president in the recent America history if not biafrans mentor Donal Trump. The effect of pride is shame and not glory Good for him What then is the reason of the impeachment,is it a calculated attempt or just deserve it;in nutshell,democracy must surely thrive.

It will not happen Trump has become a disgrace in the US history but some idiots were saying pence nah hero why oshi no be like am ... when the real test came he bkd out nd d dems took it into dre hands .... Without 2/3rd majority of the entire house, a sitting president can not be impeached by an angry simple house majority!

It is just the beginning of the process. The Senate is going to do the trial and the truth is that they cant get the number in the Senate. Why is Nigerian president not impeached as well Which one is 'impeached for the 2nd time'? Killers of English, he has be impeached and yet he his still in the oval office, anako bullshit

That guy is a real star. Why was he still on seat if he was impeached There is no other name given among men and women for us to be saved, it is only the name of Jesus Christ. The proof has been seen in all the several efforts of people to dent the the gospel. We know that the devil will continue his works as it is written...

D. D. Dd I wish is pmb dat is impeached You're quick to talk about other countries, leaving your home unattended to. Nigerians should drive lesson from U.S government the House pass this ...but the senate has not confirmed he still the President till Jan 20 that he will hand over power..thanks And buhari is still president, this life no balance

Good one, d man is a monster n a power intoxicated fellow like African leaders Nigeria senator and House of Representative are toothless bull dogs 🐕, can only bark not bite. Please can someone tell me what the word 'IMPEACH' means in politics ? getting confuse They impeached him twice and he still remain in office.

Get it right; President Donald Trump hasn't be impeached before. Channels_No_Fall_My_Hand_oooo Impeached for second time and he is still there and you claim to have a system that is working 💯%... The breaking news should be Donald Trump removed as President not impeached for the 10th time Not yet uhuru is to impeach the other is to Remove...He go nowhere...they kiss the floor again, except the Republican worried of him leading the party for another 4years, else they can't trade him.Trump OS a survivor.

Fake A system dat works wit strong institutions,while shameles Nigerians laughed d desecratio of d American congres, insted of burying deir head in shame & see dis as a testamnt dat no 1 elected is biger dan d laid down institutions of a great nation! Good riddance 2 bad rubbish, I can only wish dis is naija😞

The greatest POTUS remains in office..What does impeachment mean? If they like let them impeach him 20times, it's not Trump that they are just fighting, but they are fighting the lives and destinies of many Americans born and unborn . This fight is beyond what u are seeing 2day and letter years some and Americans including the ones fighting....

They are fixing their own shit in the USA, if it was to be in Nigeria, would have changed the headline or reported rubbish also the presidency as the always say it would say they have been offended by the allegations laid on the president like they’re doing with KUKAH “US President, Donald Trump Impeached For The Second Time.” Time to tell Trump that enough is enough. He insulted everyone on his way and lied to become the president. His four years of divisiveness had been a bitter pill for Americans to swallow. He will be missed by racists.

Whate are all the Nigerian prophets tht claimed to see visions of Trump's victory lolz I want to ask questions does it mean that they don't have army and police to destroy the impeachment as it used to happen in Nigeria? Therefore for every democracy to work effectively the institutions must be independent not to control by the chief executive the president.

I want to ask does it mean that they don't have soldiers and police to destruct the impeachment as in use to happened in Nigeria. Therefore for our democracy to effectively the institutions must be independent and not under the control of chief executive (president). Donald Trump has just been impeached twice.when will d one we are having here in Nigeria get his own impeachment? House of Representatives what are you doing😳😳😳😳

I think the writer is highly high... African mentality Donald has, 'we die there' from the very beginning he was voted.. he is a good man but not a politician. He use political ambition to destroy years of his good deeds.. what a pity..he became a laughing stock to the whole world. Were you get this new from channel's

Wow! Nothing is permanent, stay wise. Trump impeachment took away his immunity to stand trial not removal, if found guilty of what he's being charged for, possibly it will mar his political career or hinder him from contesting for any political posts “Mr Trump, a Republican, will now face a trial in the Senate, where if convicted he could face being barred from ever holding office again. But it is unlikely Mr Trump will have to quit the White House before his term in office ends in one week.

🤣🤣🤣 NGRSenate and HouseNGR, I think you are learning from the outside world. Stop criticising one another. We need you guys to be more objective, proactive and pragmatic. Deal with issue related. Don't respect MBuhari but the constitution. Here in Nigeria some Senators call for the impeachment proceeding of the President, it turned out to be crude appearance to others.

Trash! What is PELOSI and the DEMS so scared of? That Trump might return 2024?😂 If his political career is dead why the second impeachment? 😂😂😂 AjuriNgelale pls someone should help a failed mum, things are just too hard,am on an empty stomach but even if I did my son is my problem, 200 naira will buy indomie now for him,today is more important thann 2moro,pls help me for his sake and God 0467312190 G.T. bank

trump trump trump too popular He has not been impeached yet, would have joined the congress to impeach Trump if they have the will..mtchew Country that their senate works not one country that the senates are just there Why are Nigeria media so quick in making such announcements but fail to announce relevant issues and news that affect the so called one Nigeria.

Wahala On behalf of NGRSenate and Nigerians,we are very sorry for inviting MBuhari over insecurities challenges we are facing in the country. Wetin concern me......wetin suppose happen in Nigeria. The God that did it for American please come and do it for us in Nigeria, impeached Buhari for is, Nigeria only has goats in the Senate and House of Rep.

Serves him better. He is a Racist, There's one malam we need to reason him matter with utmost seriousness The bully is being bullied Foolish channels station ever,wetin concerns you face urs here Why the second impeachment Nigerian senators and House of Representatives should emulate the United State congress and impeach MBuhari simple

Problem no dey finish for this life. Whether you are rich or poor, life will serve you with your own challenge. I wonder what POTUS is going through even as a president.. A whole US President 😐 trump has not be impeached before Sir! If he is impeached now will be the first time. Take note TrumpImpeachment impeachment

dayomatti gattu_so Meanwhile in Africa, someone has claimed presidency as birth right. Corruption has taken over judiciary and legislative system. Shithole. Impeachment that is death on arrival, the house is on wild goose chase Impeached means nothing until he's removed from office OK! Use this same energy to impeach buhari becase he is a threat to Nigerias democracy

I hope d senate can confirm his impeachment this time so his political career can end in disarray and his hope of contesting in 2024 is dashed Trump is legend o😅 That is a government with serious legislative and judiciary not the abrakadabra government that we have in Nigeria. All rogues covering for one another. Nice one.

Democrats have murdered democracy in America 🤣🤣🤣 Impeachment does not remove the president unless supported by 2/3 members of the senate. It will fail woefully in the senate. Good one! No room for megalomaniac...