Troops need prayers to defeat Boko Haram, bandits – General

6/14/2021 9:35:00 AM

Troops Need Prayers To Defeat Boko Haram, Banditry — General

ByIdowu IsamotuMon Jun 14 2021A Nigerian Army General, Brig.-Gen. Abimbola Yussuph, on Sunday sought fervent prayers for the troops to win the war against the Boko Haram insurgency, banditry and other criminalities.Fielding questions from journalists in Abuja during the third anniversary of Temple of Mercy Prophetic Ministry, he said the war against insurgency had reached a stage where some level of spirituality should be involved.

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Bandits kill 12, block Sokoto-Gusau road for hoursHe said: “Even at war, we still have some level of spiritual component because the man fighting this war has a belief and whatever he believes, you need to encourage him so that he can continue to fight.

“So, I’ll say we need that spiritual component to keep fighting and I know, by God’s mercy, we’ll see an end to this war because for every war, there must be a time people will come to the round table.” Read more: Daily Trust »

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Why are we now wasting money buying weapon we for kuku go get prayer warriors to start the matter clueless people in high places everywhere نصر من الله Nop, they need ginger! No rather they need to withdraw all the ones in peaceful south and send them North. Yes anointing oil and 'ontu' incompetent people occupying key post is the problems we have in this country.

NkemdiMary Prayer kill una there terrorist army Just like every other countries e.g Isreal, use prayer to fight their war Defeatist and absolutely unprofessional! JISTLAB_ Prayers from where? So nobi ammunitions, money etc una need now na prayers abi?😂😂, but if na unarmed protesting civilians or for south east una go dey ginger forgetting prayer abi.🙄 Una welldone oo. Soon prayer warriors and speaking in languages go full sambisa

This shows how unserious we are as a nation. If Israel are not praying and are using intelligence and modern weaponry to fight their wars, why are we now relying on prayers?

Boko Haram Recruited Spies, Weapon Smugglers With N5,000 — Zulum | Sahara ReportersThe governor stated this while delivering an address to mark the 2021 democracy day and the second anniversary of his government. I don't get it. What is he up to now? Gov. Zulum please, stop deceiving yourself you guys are in this thing together, try a new trick. U can see the tiredness of this whole chaos on his face, kaii is not easy.. How about 'repentant boko haram'?

Which prayers? The need proper anti insurgency training, better military equipments, n better tactics oriented leaders, that's all, chai... Some people can be annoying. You fool need prayers to fight bokoharm but you people are happy killing unarmed igbos This one choke me o NigerDeltaRepublic Una go pray for unaselves

Mali with less military strength, defeated boko Haram without praise and worship. Keep fooling yourselves. The world is watching. The General should go and ask Israel how she's dealing with Hamas. I will be the last to pray. They need in tell and weapons. But you need war to defeat Biafra. Evil zoological republic

Nigeria soldiers av generals now... Start five days prayer and fasting... God will not listen to u, because u av killed innocent Nigerians, and all ur sins will not go unpunished

How Army chief, Faruk Yahaya can end Boko Haram in Nigeria - Al-Mustapha - Daily Post NigeriaHamza Al-Mustapha, Chief Security Officer to the late Nigerian military ruler, Gen. Sani Abacha, has advised Major General Faruk Yahaya, the new Chief Of 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 a terrorist government in Nigeria lead by late MBuhari can't kill his brothers. Stop wasting your time writing junks. ashiabuhari is in Dubai with her new boyfriend and left us with demon. I wish she can say the truth and end this blood sheld in Nigeria. zoo Is he the one Al-Mustapha the murderer who killed Abiola wife? Go and rest joy killers

Patience is easy to advise but difficult to exercise. Nobody said it would be easy, maybe that’s why Allah loves those who are patient :) 🙄😒🤡🤐 .....but will use all their military might against defenceless south easterners. Spiritualism can't win war Same prayers they used in killing Igbos and protesters abi? 🙄

God destroy pharaoh and his chariots... Nigeria govt is evil beyond humanity. So this is what buhari appointed yahaya to do? Israel didn't pray, Israel protect their people with IDF. femigbaja shame on you people. Before prayer would work, FG must expose and arrest their sponsors and block their sources both financial and manpower. And they know them all … stop deceiving us

We have been praying. Unfortunately, Buhari and his team refused to say Amen... Troops pray for yourselves to recieve sense... When you all have sense then you learn to work with the masses to chase out the bad govt... Boko haram is not out problem. Anyone I mean military personnel who killed the innocent citizens shall be killed brutally :karma

Though Boko Haram killed, beheaded our lecturers, students, we won’t shut varsity –UNIMAID VC - Punch NewspapersThe Vice-Chancellor, University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Prof. Aliyu Shugaba, speaks to DOGARA BITRUS about the impact of the over decade-long Boko Haram insurgency on the academic activities in the university There are schools in safer areas than UNIMAID. Na who dey alive dey get degree We understand, they are doing the servitude of your god, keep it up, they should also keep it up. Sir you are not normal.. if you were the one e for better

Lazy soldiers. Catalyst4eva Completely failed state. And need shot at sight to terrorise innocent civilians. Terrorists in uniform We also need prayers to have electricity and good roads And citizens need prayers to survive Nigeria. TODAY'S Web design project. Web Page layout, CSS Flex box and CSS grid. Let's show you how to them. SUBSCRIBE

Na confirm weapon fit do am... The troops need buharimustgo to defeat bokoharam And brilliant, diligent and smart people too. Not bootlickers. Failed failed failed Everyone call for prayers to cover for their inefficiency because they know that Nigeria will take the bait because it's the longest and most effective playbook used by politicians to deceive ignorant Nigerians.

Boko Haram pays recruits N5,000 to spy, smuggle weapons - Zulum - Daily Post NigeriaGovernor Babagana Zulum of Borno State has insisted that Boko Haram offers new recruits N5,000 and use them as spies in communities. Zulum, who disclosed Block all thr northern borders. It same price to hire pro Buhari supporters President Buhari gave two surprising interviews recently. In this video, I reviewed certain aspects of the interviews that stood out. Kindly watch and share your thoughts.

PrinceAdebanjoO No strategy required. No tactical call on the ground. No equipment required. Just prayer. They need tactics and intelligence, superior firepower and equipments . Israel didn't rely on prayer because every human no matter the weight of their sin calls on God too. So what they need is not prayer but the aforementioned.

They need EQUIPMENTS .... Call Chris Oyakilome. A Nigerian Army GENERAL wants to pray his way out of armed conflict. It is truly difficult to wake up the man who is pretending to sleep. Meanwhile shebi President na retired GENERAL too? Is this the GENERAL thinking of the Nigeria Army? But needs maximum force on indigenous People Of Biafra and Eastern Eastern Security Network! Una try for this country.

Idiots. Please some kind Hearted Individuals should Come to my aid before it's too late. I have given in to depression. I don't think I can make it. I think I need to End it soon💔💔😭😭😭😭.I have Fought for a while now 💔💔😭 If the army doesn't leave the East, I'll start praying for ISWAP. 🤡🤡🤡 Prayers ke

Vehicles used in Imo attack provided by politicians – UzodimmaThis one keeps politicizing the insecurity situaion in Imo State.

Hahahahahah I laugh in Arabic and Chinese Like serious? U pple are mad. U dnt need prayer to kill innocent protestant and ipob pple If to say the politicians and military na prayer warrior things for don better you mean Oga general It's only in UAR 🇳🇬 people pray for something meant for a man to do normally & expect God to come down to perform miracle. Nigerians pray for criminal politicians, bad roads to be good, for terrorists to stop killings etc.. instead of act, the pray. Dumbest

Prayer or equipment? Prayer, prayer warrior General. Join the pulpit and leave the gun. That's easy, no budget for them again. But they need weapons to kill IPOB? No prayers, go and fight them.

IDPs challenge overwhelming, we can’t cope any longer – OrtomNCDC increase money from 50,000 to 505,000 over half a million.. for passengers from India.. Brazil and Turkey... Before arriving to nigeria.. covid-19 has become business to some individuals in nigeria.. evil set of people.. is buhari aware.. who's behind this fraud Devise other means. Plant edibles in their camps, rear livestock. Make them functional and see how useful they will be. June12thProtest Do u believe I actually hate listening to ortom whining like a cry baby all the time. His an authority for God sake, tell him to learn to handle and take care of his responsibilities like a man that he is