Boko Haram Leader Usamah Killed

Boko Haram Leader Usamah Killed

Troops kill Boko Haram leader, Usamah, others in Borno

3/31/2020 11:10:00 AM

Troops kill Boko Haram leader, Usamah, others in Borno

Operation Lafiya Dolebeing coordinated by the Defence Headquarters, Abuja, have killed a top Boko Haram leader, Abu Usamah, and scores of other terrorists during a gun battle with the insurgents in Gorgi in the Damboa Local Government Area of Borno State.

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The military said on Monday that Usamah, one of the top commanders of the insurgents, was killed by troops on a subsidiary operation,Ayiso Tamonuma,noting that his death had created a “consequential vacuum in the Boko Haram leadership.”The Defence Media Operations in a statement noted that ammunition including two AK-47 rifles, two AK-47 rifle magazines, one Rocket Propelled Grenade bomb, 273 rounds of Anti-Aircraft Gun ammunition, 101 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition and a Boko Haram terrorists’ were recovered after the killing of Usamah.

The Director, DMO, Brig Gen Bernard Onyeuko, said, “Own communication intercept confirmed by accurate intelligence revealed that a top Boko Haram Commander, Abu Usamah, was among those Boko Haram insurgents killed during the Gorgi encounter. He sustained gunshot wounds in the fire fight that ensued during the encounter before his foot soldiers hurriedly evacuated him and withdrew. Nevertheless, Abu Usamah died in the process.

“His death has no doubt created a consequential vacuum in the Boko Haram leadership particularly as the gallant troops remain resilient and continue to rout the criminal elements from their last enclaves in the North-East.”The military spokesman noted that in another development, troops of 159 Task Force Battalion in Kanama community in the Yunusari LGA of Yobe State, killed scores of the Boko Haram terrorists and the Islamic State’s West Africa Province insurgents who attempted to infiltrate their location on Friday.

“The terrorists were decimated by troops supported by the Air Component of Operation Lafiya Dole. Furthermore, during the encounter, several terrorists were neutralised while one Gun Truck and various arms and ammunition were captured by the troops,” Onyeuko added.

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👎👎👎👎Same story 👎👎👎👎 M A country such as this.... Bokoharam killing military on daily basics.... Still our so called leaders are doing nothing about it, instead their concerns are to released those ones in host edge termed ( Repented insurgency). Please, stop shaking the table.. Evidence da Kai Buhari government killed shekau 100 times and yet Shekau is alive and doing great. Make una kontinue

I want to see his picture after death How many times are they killing this their leader Pls, stop this fake news here Biko! Another scam to calm the recent Nigeria army exposure. Bravo! The boko haram leader nor get body but they kill am.... How many leaders of Boko Haram will be killed before they are being defeated?

Where is the evidence. The US will show evidence of Usama Bin Ladin. Show us Video of Usamah and his men. Dead or alive. I hope the original one was killed this time, not tomorrow we'll start hearing another ghen ghen Troops will kill Boko haram errand boy when He is sent to buy water, Una go say leader. Shebi all of them are kukuma leaders na.

E ti yawere BUHARI is quite angry rn..... How dare they? They have been killing them since 19gogoro they never still finish? Na every time dem dey kill leader / commander. Normally wen u eliminate d leader of a gang / bad guys u hav finished dem 70 to 80% but dis book matter. Hmmmmm, I govt is not telling us something & dat thing is d TRUTH

show me pictures. If they kill army we see pictures, but anytime the army claim to have killed bokoharam we don't see pics. How many times are they killing this their leader You keep killing leaders everyday. Audio killing Big lie joor Liars 🙄 Our military have no evidence of killing Boko Haram leaders but there is always evidence when ever Boko Haram kills the solders. I wonder who you guys are kidding.

Please provide simple evidence. We are tired of this kind of story Nice one!! This is photo oops abeg, just using this to cover your redeployment of gen Adeniyi How many times will they kill the Leader of boko haram... Is he a WalkingDead? And they have repented. Let the authority not hear that , my question: *Which of the leader? (few months ago, same headline popped up on my browser).

Audio Boko Haram na terminator False news, Nigerian military have confessed openly that they can't fight Boko haram Truely? Audio Leader Killing. If the work don taya una make una talk. Well done! Make sure to catch Sekau alive Audio killing. According to theatre commander on a new video released, Nigerian army are suffering in the battle field, they lack sophisticated weapons, they could not get close to where Boko Haram assembled themselves, they keep shooting RPG, Granage with others 2 keep distance

Which one I beg? Confusionist All this things are lies the are rather killing all our soldier's and God will surely punish all of them.... Worse government ever Audio meanwhile the general whose complaints video went viral has been relieved of service Evidence please ? Show us bodies... Or it’s another diversion on the dismissal of the Major General?

Same old gist...smh Continue to deceive yourself HQNigerianArmy. Its you dying everyday. NigeriaGov is a scam. Its every week they kill boko haram leader. Which day will they finish killing him? 🤔🙄 Proof of death, we are tired of this shii. We ain't fool! The BH leader no De finish. Can we have the picture of this Boko Haram leader called Usamah and the others killed in Borno.

This fight is real o. For how long will this continue Well done, Nigerian army! But pictorial evidence of the late leader's body would communicate better Na lie but i can't see the face of the dead terrorists Is a good news if it is true,because I don't how many times they want to kill Boko Haram leader or have Boko Haram leader do refund life

coronamoni It's Shekau that we know is their leader. One out of nowhere Usama is not our business. Their leaders too plenty everyday they’re killing leaders with end to the troops under his command BuhariPayNigerians50kEach Let's make this trend so that government will hear. People are staying at home starving. Folks let's do this.

Nice one man No be so dem kill Shekau? Wheres d corpse plz Good! They should kill me till they're no more. They're like coronavirus to Nigerians. They're only trying to spark ethno-religious conflict, all to no avail. wonder4ulworld Shekau? Buhiar and APC supporter won't been happy for you killing boko haram.they show more love to boko haram

Big fat lie Same old sh*t 😉 Can someone please tell us the reason why the mobile police men posted to the northeast region on special duty under State commands are yet to be paid their three months allowance, despite all these killing going on out there? PoliceNG MBuhari ProfOsinbajo SaharaReporters

The picture please Story Nigerian military is Islamic filled,Arabic is communication for both troops and Boko Haram..what do you do when you encounter your brother that close?we should stop moving with our heads backwards.Mobilepunch. Video evidence pls Our gallant soldiers, may the heavens reward you for the sacrifices that you make to keep us safe.

Boko Haram on quarantine this is the best time to get em' Audio track. How many leaders dem get biko🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻 Boko Haram on isolation Now is the best time, with the Tchadians blockade at the boundary the Nigerian army would deal with boko haram. I don't know why COVID-19 cannot locate boko haram members and kill them all. Well welcome. Proof of evidence. Please!!!

Boko must have have over 199 leaders. When which day and timt Audio killing Is it the same troops they are giving wrong OPS details? Stop confusing us abeg. They should stop killing our soldiers abeg. Where is the proof of death. All nah audio killing or Audio donation Naija😂 This is what we heard two years ago. New leaders everyday.

The first good news this months Audio leader Nice one. Let the gallant Nigeria soldiers troops bombard and kill them all. I always believe in them if not that everything is being politicised in this country. Shekau is the main issue meh! Bravo Zulu to all officers and men... 🙏 The Nigeria army have been killing the Boko Haram leader since 2016 ,pls oh Hw many leaders do dy hv?

Audioe killing Has Shekau resigned No prove as usual but when they kill our soldiers we see dead bodies Everything in this Country is audio. Kai Let them continue to deceive themselves. What's the difference btw Boko Haram and the so called Nigerian army ? Are both not the same? Change your Service chiefs which are long overdue for retirement, no. Buy arms, no. Continue wasting..!

Lies Kill them at the spot, don't capture the alive. I'm afraid they might be release Audio Are you sure and hope it is not one of them you killed and called him the leader? Technical defeat Tueh! Weldon Gallant soldiers As usual na Pls tell us another news😏😏😏😏😏 This sect produces leaders every 2secs like corona virus, therefore this is no news.

Good, result are now coming after chief security officers are been questioned. Everytime we killed boko haram leader...tomorrow we just injured boko haram leader. Next month we broke his head, 6 months later we sighted him drinking alcohol with his gang members Let him die for once. Or is this Nigeria movie?

I’ve heard this so many times. I don’t know the leader anymore 🤷🏽‍♂️ Everytime we killed boko haram leader...tomorrow we just injured boko haram leader. Next month we broke his head, 6 months later we sighted him drinking alcohol with his gang members Looks like every Boko Haram member is a leader. Y'all been killing leaders since.

😂😂 I tire the leader they reincarnate? Were is the picture of his dead body since you recovered arms&ammunition I have the video Picture evidence pls Proof!!! 😏 The leader that will still resurface AjuriNgelale Where are the bodies for proof? Where is his body plsssss You guys have started lying again. When they hear it now they will kill more soldiers

AjuriNgelale Let's get a picture. Good news. More victories Audio country 😢 Let's see evidence of ur work..... Stop lieing on a daily bases.... If its bokos dey have evidence. B7t u guys have nothing to official will come n lie to us as if we don't know how u look from inside Una Don start again Abi? Eti mad

Is Imamofpeace aware of this update? I guess the soldiers now do the right thing.... Kill them instead of getting them arrested just for Buhari and APC government to release them as repentant fools Lie There's another leader find him too and kill him too but if want this digital end Now kill the leader in aso rock

How many times Dem wan kill am🤣😅 Just yesterday we saw video coverage of Chadian soldiers engaging BHt after which we saw corpses of the terrorists and we're glad at their victory but here in naija all we hear is paper reporting with no visual evidence. This is totally wrong I hope this time it is real. Not like the other time

Proof pls. Audio killing !!! We need evidence, I know you guys are lying 🤥 Another one will soon regenerate. Let see him, because they have been killing this same person for almost a week now They shouldn't kill any boko haram member o. They're on scholarship to study at Harvard. Good news but we can't wait to jubilate over end of boko haram

Great one. It seems Boko Haram Leader has more than 7 lives, because Troops kill him every year. I can’t wait for them to take his last one.. 🤷🏿‍♂️. Yeye people 😏 Great feat. If no be audio killing This is a good news....more grease to your elbows HQNigerianArmy Scam jacksonpbn . whats up Corona news Is it with gun or bow and arrow 👀

Na everytime our troops dey kill boko haram leader... Na how many Dem get to be exact.. Where the corpse The same troops that claimed Shekau is dead If this is true a big shoutout to our gallant army God bless Nigerian Military 🙏🏾 Scam Awon werey with their audio killing Them go still kill am next week. Just like shakarau they kill 5times. Still him still de alive. Hmm

Audio donation, audio killing They know the names of boko haram leaders I don’t understand, how many times have they told us they killed boko Haram leader Technically killed or actually killed? Recently we saw Corpses of our gallant soldiers and the wreckage the insurgents did to the vehicles... Pls where is the body of this leader?

They kill 90 of you and you kill only one commander Una dey rake , Una well done oooooooo. Really? I hope you do The soldiers are clearly angry. They do not want to capture the Bokoharam members for fear of being released by this Government. Show us the evidence of this claim please. We have long stopped trusting what you say

How many boko haram leader dem get Ok Audio! Abegi liars and liars

Nigerian army kills top Boko Haram commander, Abu Usamah - Daily Post NigeriaThe Nigerian Army says it has eliminated one Boko Haram top commander, Abu Usamah in its operation that took place on 22nd March 2020 in Gorgi, Damboa Technically Please let's see prove it.. we're tired of audio killing After a week, the said killed commander would kill Nigerian army again. Nonsense!

Troops eliminate another top Boko Haram commander Abu Usamah – DHQThe Defence Headquarters says troops of Operation Lafiya Dole (OPLD) have eliminated another top Boko Haram commander, Abu Usamah in an encounter on March 22 at Gorgi in Borno.

Top Boko Haram Commander, Abu Usamah Killed – MilitaryTop Boko Haram Commander, Abu Usamah Killed – Military Once we believe this was Shekau. Now Abu Usamah. And how many times is their top commander supposed to be killed before he actually dies? evil men Again

In rare video, military commander says Nigerian troops outgunned by Boko HaramThe theater commander of Operation Lafiya Dole speaks to the Army chief on last week's deadly attack on soldiers. Connect with us on WHATSAPP:09076579519 FACEBOOK:TOM_EMINENT TELEGRAM:09076579519 LINKEDIN ID:EMAIL:TOMEMINENTGMAIL.COM CALL 08130339385

Boko Haram attack, with '15 gun trucks' repelled by Nigerian soldiers - Official'Yet, we are not running or fleeing from them. Me and other generals are on the ground. We are good to go,' an army general said. Kudos to Nigeria soldiers WHY BOKO HARAM PERSISTS UNDER MBuhari BH MADNESS persists, under MBuhari, who promised to LEAD FROM THE FRONT, 'cos: 1. CENTRIFUGAL PoliceNG 2. POWER TUSSLE AMONG SECURITY CHIEFS 3. CRUDE ARMS & AMMUNITION 4. CORRUPTION 5. LONG STAY OF ARMY CHIEFS 6. SACKING S/A MERCENARIES Fake news

VIDEO: Nigerian Army Generals admit Boko Haram challengesWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. God in his mercy will continue to watch over u people My God will keep you n ur troops safe sir IJN