Trademore Disaster: A Cue To Avert Future Flooding Within The FCT

Trademore Disaster: A Cue To Avert Future Flooding Within The FCT

9/27/2021 2:47:00 AM

Trademore Disaster: A Cue To Avert Future Flooding Within The FCT

Residents of Trademore Estate in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are unable to forget the trauma of September 12, 2021 flood experience, which claimed

A resident of the estate, Nathaniel Akpan, says most of the residents are still living in fear, as not much has changed since the horrible experience, apart from plans to clear blocked drainages in the area.According to Akpan, residents do not know what to do, as many of them wish they could relocate from the estate to higher ground areas, because they fear that such flood might reoccur before end of the rainy season.

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“We are all still living in fear because the FCTA has not come to do anything in this estate to avert the kind of flood that happened last time. Moreover, if not for the economic situation, most of us would have moved out of the estate, because we do not want to experience another disastrous flood,” he said.

Estate Surveyor, Mr Osadebamwen Francis, notes that the only way to avert such floods from reoccurring in the estate is for developers of the estate to construct a massive underground drainage system, because the estate is prone to flood whenever it rains heavily.

“If you look at the topography of the land, you will know that the estate is prone to massive flood. That is why as a developer, when you are developing houses on that kind of land, you must be prepared for the future, by creating massive underground drainage systems that cannot be blocked by refuse.

“However, most developers in Nigeria do not care about the people that are going to live in the estates. What they are only after is their money. That is why residents of Trademore Estate are going through this kind of horrible experience whenever it rains heavily,” he said.

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