To be safe from coronavirus, shave your beard, CDC warns

'Covid-19', 2019-Ncov, Coronavirus

To be safe from coronavirus, shave your beard, CDC warns

'Covid-19', 2019-Ncov


To be safe from coronavirus, shave your beard, CDC warns

The Centre for Disease Control in the United States has warned that facial hair can interfere with face masks and respirators, which are being used around the world in an effort to combat the globa...

Published February 28, 2020 Kindly Share This Story The Centre for Disease Control in the United States has warned that facial hair can interfere with face masks and respirators, which are being used around the world in an effort to combat the global spread of coronavirus, a.k.a 2019-nCoV. The CDC has come up with an infographic, which displays assorted styles of beards, and showing the ones that are compatible with masks and respirators. Health officials said some types of facial hair can keep the exhalation valve from working properly, PUNCH HealthWise reports, quoting the CNN News. Styles such as side whiskers, handlebar mustaches, and several others are okay, but styles such as mutton chops and full beards are not recommended. Things like goatees and villain mustache are okay, with caution. The main idea is that the hair should not cross the respirator sealing surface. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

work of the one wey dey for head. Omo all of us Na gorimakpa. Ladies no more Brazilian hair too. This makes no sense. You can’t just shave a be healthy you must wear a mask too, and nobody wants the hitler So I should change my identity... Hmmmm,I dont think d Chinese has beards,yet it came to d world through them

KCmacaulay 😂 melaningoddexx Here we go again Lobatan Swiftor Lol hi AndeJiga How about .. no?

Nigeria’s recession buffer weak as Coronavirus drives oil near $47/bblWith the impact of the coronavirus taking a toll on oil demand and the economy in general, the fear of another recession appears to be imminent as oil price

Uncle Wole must not hear this.....i repeat he must not! aigbona_imonike Iykepaul better head word now o 😂 This warning can not be real... How many Chinese keeps beard? Absolutely non of them... So why are they infected so badly? buhrema Huh? Shaved beard, I've adhered to this directive. How about our hair's?

r3al__AJ iam_allii 😂 na true How e wan take werk? 🤔

Coronavirus has pandemic potential, take actions now - UN Chief warns countries - Daily Post NigeriaUN Health Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says the coronavirus has pandemic potential. Ghebreyesus says the spread of Coronavirus to countries such as

There's no 2020 advisory from the CDC advocating shaving This has been debunked. Please update your readers , Ona dey mad finish This is another fake news. It has been fact checked 👇 🤦‍♂️... Who teh una dis one¿ To end COVID19 shave your private part Shaving of beard for some guys they will look like they have aiidy been infected by coronavirus😒😂😂😂

montarwine Oluwa wetin dey occur....

Coronavirus: U.S. issues travel warning as South Korea reports 505 new cases – Daily TrustThe United States has issued a new warning against travel to South Korea as the Asian nation reported 505 additional coronavirus infect...

These guys are fr fr 😂 I'll take the risk. I Clap for you so make i shave my beards now make i look like monkey China the origin of the Corona virus self no shave their beards na Nigeria you go dey hear shave your beards soon you go hear have a clean shave private part bullshit 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Vallkere It's time to shave

Sunkanmi_kingss Na u dey behind this handle abi Punch strikes again with fake and misleading 'news'. E na dey madt oooh 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Why not to cut your neck completely?! Ndi ara!

Coronavirus knocking at the door, WHO warns countries – Daily TrustThe World Health Organisation yesterday called on countries to boost their readiness against coronavirus. WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier, speaking at a news briefing in Geneva, said that the virus was literally knocking at the door. Lindmeier said that WHO officials were meeting in Rome to discuss measures taken in Italy, which he said were “pretty …

Some beardless man in the Lab 🔬 Just Lost His gf to a beard gang member FALSE NEWS! Taken out of context 😭😭😭 I am very sure that 70% of Chinese doesn't keep beard but why is the Virus more endemic there. But Chinese don't keep beards Don_Tee001 mh_abdulrahman_ Baba kufa kun sha .. 💔😂😂 Yea! U all cut your dreadlocks and remove your tattoos also🤒

I don't believe this. This is personal, not science. And if it's science I still don't believe it. Chinese people don’t keep beards... Is there really a Corina virus case in Nigeria? Davidokoroma have you heard😂

Can Your Beards Put You At Risk Of Coronavirus?The way a man styles his facial hair has more to do with fashion and personality than health. However, according to top health officials in the United States, your facial hair can be better for protecting yourself from coronavirus. Coronavirus Beards

ozor_gerald jennygodswill you that always look for bearded brethren. I started keeping my beard because of your usual post, now see. 😝😚😄😀😂🤣 Make all of us come resemble warder abi ? Naija things must different Because Chinese doesn’t have beards, that was why the disease spread right? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Foolish people grow old too

D_Moghalu Jaeb0la They are talking to you oh! What are you guys planning to do to __Mbah 😥 Officialregha I think you need to consider this I know once Nigeria record their 1st case, 'em go over show' em sef. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 No no no... I can't!

Coronavirus: Senator laments Nigeria's lack of preparednessThe Deputy Senate Leader, Ajayi Boroffice, has lamented Nigeria's poor preventive measures towards Covid-19 (coronavirus).

You are talking in the Nonesense... We wee not take eet. Memxieyy legendary_Major , Izzuddeen__ Talking in the rubbish PheyvourhC 😂, Nigerians are too extra !!!!! My Uncle Made iamSMADE come see ooh 😮😯 My Inlaw davido the small beard 🧔 wey you dey manage they say make you remove am ooh and also help me tell King specialed1787 okay 👌

This indeed corruption virus 🦠 Does China people have beard 🧔

Nothing is touching these beards of mine😏🙄😏 But why? sobakii_ Marfisto101 You're talking in the rubbish, you're talking in the nonsense Lmfao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣.. Funny Let's be guided biko This small thing I've managed to grow in the past 4yrs. Abeg I never dey travel out jare.. UnclePamilerin you are safe Me right now 😛😛😛😜

Ooin Don uwarku sunnar zamu aske 😏 At least we have a choice to make and I choose to keep my beards. It’s a lie don’t listen akinfenwa_ayo That person at the CDC that said this thing has no sense just like that EFCC man that said it was corruption that caused the coronavirus... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 isolova!!!! TUNDEYEMIOMOYA BlackboyOb

Ebitu,shave your beard...I like too much

__Mbah pls for your good you need to shave thanks _rereloluwa please don't shave anything. KhalidElAmar Shetty gbo awon eyan beard gand seunCyrus hope you've shaped Leviticus 19:27 You shall not round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard. kay_jay001 Ignore this post.. Pls! 😅

Who would have thought a day will come when all men will be equal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 God! Someone should wake me up! The beard wey I take 5years gather.

nellsonpapi hehehe Hann This condition is unislamic, bizarre suspicious. The condition maybe from anti Islamic hearts wonder4ulworld Okay So a lady or a beardless man can't be safe àbí. Otí wa dáa báyìí. Sooner or later we will kúkú hear drink chloroquine like salt was drank for Ebola E b like say na my mama dey run dis handle 🤔🙄

May29_Official Sheyman nii SegunChinedu I guess you'll be fine fam☻ Abu_Mikey apparently your beard is a health Hazzard

It took me five years to get the beards I have,this too shall pass... I ain't shaving o Adedayo108 obaro_dg ohhhh..... Y'all can't relate Senseless message from useless people. What has happened before now to does keeping their beard? This is nothing but islamophobial Ogbeni_Peter plis shev Hold it youngestflacko 👀

dammiedammie35 Please don't shave yours 🙏 oafeez2010 u hear 😂

I feel like landing a big Tyson_Fury PUNCH on these bunch of jokers😤. I dont have any iota of fear towards this corona..mark my words, this desease is not in nigeria.God purnish the devil. Well said. Follow OlujimiAtinuke IFB aa_junaid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But Chinese dont usually have beards Saint_Iykay What do you expect the witches and in America to say. God is a Nigerian. He will deal with covid 19 the same way He dealt with Ebola in Nigeria.

Punch and yeye headlines zheyz_ please shave your beards 😩

They Don come again 😲 mubeeq Una dey mad .... na only for naija u wee be saying different things mtchew fazzy_d Engr_jigga don’t think this is for you itsibraheeem iam_damayor 😂😂😂 something is telling me to tag you Beard that God has finally blessed me with? Ebola did not kill me....even HIV and Gono concoction did not.'s Corona? Corona ko....Legend Extra stout ni

AyoJaguda This will be a tough one for the beard gang like us..

You want to destroy the BGA abi? Beard Gang Association StevieOkoye zas_leo Somebody tag Nigerian mothers Oris _Ortodox else na leg i go dey use shake u now. But on a more serious note. CORONAVIRUS CAN NOT SURVIVE IN NIGERIA, CORRUPTION WILL KILL IT Seems you guys are mad. Make i shave my expensive half cast beards? 🙄

I hope all the uncle lion's can hear o😂😂 Izza deying something.. BeardGang truth is coming out clearly, is coronavirus a world order to castigate the beardees... ? Na corruption dey cause corona nor be beards...

The reservoirs of the virus are beardless!!! Nigeria my kwantry Hustle oh😂😂 unicodeveloper is this loud enough waleOayeni something is telling me you need to see this. LOL. Y’all bugging. Lmaooooooo what did u guys smoke biko? Beards wey I don dey nurture? Abegiiiii Fantabulous 🤣🤣🤣 Iz like want to receive Punch

ayooluwa234 DGbatsorun gen gen. 😂😂

Akuko Chai coro why nah? So we should all look like Police men bcos of Corona....NEVER!!!😂🤣😂🤣 Gabbichulo 😂 Your life or your beard ? 😂😂😂😂 My Mum sent me this!! Lemao Ha ha 😂😂😂 Jonteemoty This is crazy, Sars gon arrest you if you’ve got beards mehn

😂 Hum4re folurunsh ooo Swagberg Did u get this Kimatheedandina kats_malik TempahYah Aba guys should just start cashing out on this abeg! AbaSaveOurBeards Stop deceiving people I am just waiting to hear the next news on how much million of dollars the FG will use to fight the virus. We now know what you know,but remember that you're scaring the Investors away with that News. Good night FG

learsiSretep Tired of this country You na too dey lie

iam_temileyi designbyteetrix alaye se iwon ngbo? Farabaale ko shave that you can be safe 😂😂😂😂 eldeen_ameen u are safe bro Wetin be this now?😭 So now this people will make me shave my lovely beard. So bad 🤔 dylana032 💀 You had better advise everyone to take there personal hygiene seriously instead of talking about beard.

Our parents shouldn't see this Baby Vic_Naya you are safe 😍😘 Nothing wey Ajay no go see for drug bunker, Chinese that doesn't grow beards, are they better More like this senseless advice is coming.

Please shut your trap!! AyoRahji I will just see and pass You are talking in the Nonsense, You are talking in the Rubbish. _valkiing Above all.. Just get this👇👇👇 It is really life saving.. Order CoronaVirusUpdates FridayThoughts Nigeria CoronavirusOutbreak CoronavirusInNigeria And again Carter_leesexy

Okoto will always come up in Nigeria, it's not to bathe with salt this time na to shave beards, ona for say make we dey brush with chloroquine, abeg leave all this meow yans 🤡🤡 What will __Mbah have, if the beard is shaved 😂 😂 😂 😂 this is lie. Allah protect to us from any kind of this nonsense coronavirus. We will not cut anything

Lol rough play sir_sadiiq 🤨🚶🏻‍♀️ Ibrahimkhalif99 FaisaalMahe How about our hair, nonsense. Absolutely nonsense. Nigerians agencies will be coming up with fictitious things Rubbish. adewalefajana Good evening bro If this appears on your TL, kindly RT. We Install car tracker to prevent car theft, monitor activities of ur driver that do pick up and deliveries, school buses, Uber/Taxify car etc. Shut down stolen car with your smart phone. DM or WhatsApp: 08134544657

QuotedReplies Una no well

JstLeslie ...Dont know why my mind said i should tag you..🤣🤣 Rubbish No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper Comman be my barber. Werey oshi I just shaved mine. Very painful though But Chinese guys don't keep beard. Abi our own coronavirus na Limited Edition. Shave Kọ Hi dear Orekson victoronuka

I pity them alfa's for 9ja😂 Dear Sir/Madam I need assistance on a matter the need to be investigated on . BifolaX you don tag Simon Biyiturner My friend Praiz_jr no go gree ooooo I have been keeping this beard for two years now. 😂😂😂😂😂 Wahala dey o

TheWalePeters PemiPo_Official LOPE_64 i_beat_face king_baj_ aladimma_ and 99 others I'm just preaching the gospel dears Na wa o Asiwaju_Lerry ...Oh sorry, you don't have lasie_paul will never do this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 UncleMohamz maybe u av nt see dis But the Chinese hardly keep beards, so punch educate us more on the relationship between the virus and beards.

Beard gang, how market? aejaey kaji ko? 🤣 😬 Chinese don't even keep beards.

Yeye 😂😂 China wey get original version of CoronaVirus how many of their victims get beards. Say sth else pls. coronavirusnigeria CoronaVirusUpdates 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You guys are joking 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Richie_ixii I no hear when China say make people shave beards ohh nah 9ja wan start now

You lie there 🙄 TalbaSadiq Safe first sir 😂 aireyys come o, roll call kikikikikiki, our village people are after us . Awon Beard Geng... Leemao😂😂 Bumbo-rassclaat😒

I don't think this advice make sense So my beards that I have invested so much in? I should go and cut it because of one stupid virus? Mad oo... The virus go cure it’s self when e make contact with my beards! Nonsense and Ingredients 🤨 Those without beards are also talking., Okoto yarn 😏 You’re talking in the rubbish,you’re talking in the nonsense,you’re talking in the thing that did not have a good experience...How would my phone recognize me sef?!

Sere joke oo Bumboclaat😡😡😡 We will do anything you people say but 🙋i have a question. The Chinese people that brought this disease, how many of them have beards? I guess we have to go bald too

u no hw many years i don suffer dey save this small one when i try get😑😑😑 Beardless Men Association at it again🧐🤧 Naija scientists don carry their own come, beard again. Does Chinese peoples have beared? kofi_jn AA_FADEEEL Something I manage to grow for years? I'll pass ,🚶‍♂️ Can I shave what I don't have

Come and shave it Now okoto imasuen_design

i'll rather die with integrity 😂 Ah! This is rubbish... next they will say those with dreads should shave it all off. SirUTI come and see oo 😭😭 Let them ask us to shave our hair to na make all men dey on gorimakpa. lamide_black i thought you should see this 😁 Konks4real Ehn ehn The story inaccurately says the CDC is telling people to shave their faces to help ward off the coronavirus and omits that the graphic was made years ago and unrelated to the current outbreak. The warning for reducing facial hair is in relation to using respirators!

bgnphotography Lani_baba

That is the end of awon beard geng What a country! So the thing de magnetic.. Everything for Nigeria is always weird.. Which one is shave beards. Next one na bath with salt.. Jhay_Loyal Issa trap.. Don't fall for it. OfficialArole 🚶🤗 teemanMX cbenlaz gabsaf2011 SMiTHiE___ Finally ur advantage is here

pengmanmodel don't listen to them oo.. They just tryna Unpeng you. They are liars. It's Nigeria i will first hear this. Do the right thing not given excuses. No. It's been a pleasure knowing you guys dhagodfather please 🙏 atomified I can't see this alone. lasisielenu please shave up bro I love you And what happens to the hair?

itz_charz drip or death? You choose. Nonsense and useless talks of the day.

NiggrRaw Chinese don't keep beard yet they have highest casualty. Punch illiterate lack basic knowledge of physiological transmission of viral infection. drakejustice1 💀 What is CDC? 🙄 Sheh moh Shave-chenko? That will never happen I swear! Abegi 😏🙄 Ahh Oh please! What about tattoo? Team BeardGang come and read this

itsTunjiDavid onikoyi_olawale shave your beards😂😂 😁 Beard gang awfa🤣🤣 _badamosi SeyitanHarvey Like seriously thank God I don't have one when God is doing good for me was taking it for evil 😂😂😂 Heaven accept me... My beards ain't going nowhere Person who wrote this nonsense can't grow beard Never

Haha🤣🤣 Allah will save me but I will not shave my beard

🤣🤣i no fit laugh Boss_Alkali 😂😂 What about contact with money exchange🤔 hmmmm If anyone asks why you shaved, here's your excuse. kejimicheal IdrisEpic come and hear this Hmmm, Awa people have started. Corona it is then __Mbah you are safe. Beardless men be feeling fly right now UNILAG_EFIWE they say I shuu call you. 🌚

I'm not understanding...🙄😏🤔 tobiOlutunmbi alexlobaloba 😂😂😂 Oviagel_ 😢 AdekanyeSolomo1 for yours and our safety bro Don't be wicked to yourself, family and friends please 🙏 Dremodrizzy shey you dey hear Am sure mnay here didn't bother reading at all. I won't do u good by saying what's in it. Keep being ignorant

😂😂😂😂 emcee_wheelyems come and see something quick quick At lest clean shave is accepted.. not entirely removing the whole beards Beard wey i don relax put cream...okay nah

natydrey because i care!! Some people will not have problem doing this,they kukuma do not have any strand not to talk of a fully groomed beard😄😄tag any beardless person you know. Very interesting precaution Have never seen a Chinese keeping beard Abeg mak una shave so dat we can differentiate between bois & mehn dem

fyne_fii 😂😂 Lmao what is this We that don't have beards nko? What do we shave? Now the price for shaving beards will escalate

Does beard have sometin to do wid virus.. Chaaiii Totally incorrect... Breard has the speciality to protect humen being from contagious illness abumoye01 shave bro 🙃 SARS will start shaving beards now😱😱😱 I have never like keeping beard self _ordealy Atanda_Waziri You're not serious But Chinese people don't really keep beards ma.

Awan beard gang See wahala... Beard gang

dwight_doctore Why don’t you guys verify Information before posting? This is misinformation. Please stop it This probably is the most dumb article I have read today. A new paper house talking about beard being shaved to keep you safe from the virus. Damn!!! Why do such articles keep making rounds when we should be speaking about the primary and safest ways to prevent the spread

motion93 come and hear o lol, you people shld stop this rough play 😿 Can I shave what I don’t have ? Where the beard gangs at? I endorse this message. Let’s all be equal. The one time beard men gotta be a No!!! 🤣🤣🤣🙄 You mean I should shave all these? Maka why nah?! 😢 😭

Some men would prefer getting infected than shaving😀😀 dammiedammie35 your attention is needed ooo 😂😂 When I'm planning to get beard oil eniturn SMiTHiE___ your prayers have finally reached the gods oooo Hmmmmm 😳 😳 Na one death go kill person,Beard wey just dey connect 😏 Oshindaretoyin 😂😂😂😂😂😂

But what if it is all a prank to accord some accocolades to this administration.. Just as GEJ's administration for the successful curtailing of the Ebola virus.. Just saying sha This is a conspiracy and an attack against the Beard Gang beardgangattack conspiracyagainstbeardgang tadee_og 😂😂😂

The 5 strings of beards that I have grown for the past 5 years... 🙄🙄🙄 Men shave your beard... E don happen! Beard or no Beard if e catch anybody. E catch am be that How many Chinese men get beards? Don't tell me what to do Wetin concern Beards with coronavirus... Last thing oo How can u tell __Mbah to shave his beards? He will now look like burnt boiled egg 🙆🏿‍♂️💔🌚

🤔 Its_Kene good afternoon oo Na so China do their own 9ja make una wise up ooh

Precautions for anything that comes to Nigeria is always different. Really💗😩😩😩😬😬 The beards is staying 🙄🧔🏿 You people should think of better things to say please Corona virus na jin tsoron sunnah humbleking_king boy come read the latest.. lol xavierighorodje iamshaddee This will aid those pastors now to begin the “Beards is of the devil” sermon.. Rubbish Orangutans

__Mbah lost his hair, and now you want him to lose his beards? kukuma cut his head off na So na bears now Coro dey take enter😀 Med o

OfficialArole hafa I just tier Lolzz 🤣😂😂😀😂 Wata sabuwa You Na don start rubbish , Everything about 9ja is always diff Lol skenks 😂😂😂 After several years of struggling to join beard gang. Finally made it now this! Very good

Niggaz wha? Una just dey find talk cos as for me my beards ain't leaving my jaw. Good news for beardless guys 😏 The beard I just started keeping 😩😩 It's only fools that still take the NigeriaGov seriously... Really!? Time for beardless guys to shine. 😅 Come shave my own na 😂😂😂😂😂 Adonbilivit

Beard geng , las las una cup don full 🤣 Ndi BeardGang gather here!!! surfy__ Hrkhanofficial AdewaleFashiku 😂💔 Abeg ×3 I dey go barb today.... PrinceJitt EnemohA Raidgan 🌚🌚🌚 This country is a complete joke Come and shave it The way Arsenal lost yesterday and crashed out of Europe is really sad.

Tomiiwa__ buck_fuddy_ AbdulMateen__ KingDazini NDC or wetin una call una name wetin concern bears with coronavirus. Una don high on codine diet What beard can bring, so also the hair will. 😂😂😂😂😂 STdairo I love you bro, shave and stay safe skenks OBILO92 MrAdeWest . BIGGIESHOWW meothmans Iameziokwu I love you bro, you need to shave

Shave fire

That's really some bizarre recommendation one can really be hygienic without shaving not...... For me to shave my beard you must pay me first I spent a lot of money on it😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 But all the thousands of Chinese people killed by he coronavirus don't have beards na!!!! No, Coronavirus is scare of men with beard.

rihanat_sona You are talking in nonsense be safe from corona stop visiting punch newspaper Beard 🧔 gang ,Haq haq haq Hi dear Eduardo_Nero Shave it o

Hope this new innovation will fly. The fear of Coronavirus may be so impactive Want to get your face free from dark spots, pimples and hyperpigmentation? Order your face kit today...scrub, wash, toner and cream. Shave my God-given beards when I'm not mad? We die here 🤣🤣🤣 If only this would restart the country. I will consider it.

AndeJiga BunkASS! You seen this shit. Awon beard gang rogo🤣🤣🤣🤣 I feel like the whole world is ganging up against us. This one go hard oh... my brother una know since decades wen person dey gather this beards? But health is wealth and in this case alternative forgone will be applied. okanrens fashybou

Shey una de wine me ni?, How many Chinese get beards 🚶 😠😠 Which Kain wahala be this ! Anyway, something tells me Nigeria will be the first country to contain and curtail the COVID 19 spread. wandechris 🤣🤣🤣 watch now Just one minute! Protect yourself and others E don happen 🐱😆 shave those beard mofucka's 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Italians are very wicked this the same way they spread HIV and AIDS, I pity the Nigeria people because they will be the victim of this deadly disease and no country in the world will be at they help mostly now that we have useless government who only doesn’t value human but cow. KR3Wmatic oya please do the needful. 😂😂

😂😂😂 Beard gang 🤣 nnamdi_odoh sirvikk0 come and see oo

__Mbah will not have any problem with this They should shave their beard but leave moustache untouched? Hmmmmm! frizzyfroze Awon Beard Gengs. 🤣😂 Lawal_Nappyboy I can pay for you!😂😂 Mad ohh iam_allii This post is getting a lot of RTS I guess is the beardless guys hand kingsleynovich

I can't imagine __Mbah What about the armpit hairstyles😂😂😂😂 Chinese no dey keep beard now, so how come they are still not save from the virus What kind of rough play is this 😂 This beard that grow like grass now..... What will I do to it for God sake. Coronavirus should just let me be jor oo Up to 90% of Chinese men doesn't have beard, why are they not safe from the virus😱

Interesting precaution. I knew they would come for us eventually, I just knew. This is a conspiracy against the patriarch most especially the Beard Geng. Boys fine now they came for us. I always knew. Nigeria don start again, useless country Beard gang runner up vechelly, will you not give up now? Tag Tally and Melo them along...😅 We die here oo

StanleyAleakwe Pls,where is the shaving centre? Naaaah! Not the beard gang squad My old man can't wait to send me this Lol. This one no enter abeg Beardless geng eating good today😏 They've always wanted us to look 'decent'... Now it's shave beards, next don't carry locks, don't sag your pants and always wear belt...

Pick your choice. What of the hair on your head 😂 Nothing wey we no go hear, wetin concern beard gang with another corruption causes Coronavirus gaffe be this one? My own advise is that, anybody who take a stupid thing or post online, anybody who's the admin shu remove it, bcos this stupid thing, it cannot continue lie this.

Padre_slim you're safe bro U for say shave ur hair too _AfricanGhost surifoll What rubbish Ndi beard geng oya make una gather for free shaving 😂 Kutt!!.. Is it Because BUHARI Dont have it!? Fuck this!!!!!! What has beards got to do with Corona virus again? lynixobi

Cc Sir_Wizz . Why do I feel like this was meant for you. Take the guy to sambisa Forest to meet shekau Med ooo 😂😂😂 SARS officers would be happy with this news 😂 Wahala oooo 😂😂 All I know is the admin of the group shu delete it jay_vart ebunlomo__ DagogoJosh hakhere Khalifar01 DewaleShi2 moyosore04 tunschan007 I think they are talking to you


theblaccgod you see what God has been saving you from? Obiworkout ow are you Did WHO say this? Wahala 😂 Who will tell my doctor? She will be offended.... Lmao something that's just coming out 😂😂 volqx franklin_zip 😏 🙄🙄🙄 Oyindamorela_ LarryMinnah AtolagbeOA elamincarter they are calling you guys here

__Mbah NBG things No Beard Geng 😂😂 Wow! So, I'm loosing my beards!! Bye bye cool look. this is unbecoming of a newpaper Story o😎😎 Truthfully83 Anyone that has ever worked in a facility with excellent safety principles know this. You must shave before you even go for a fit test. With this test, you'll also know your mask size as there are various sizes to fit the face. I can volunteer to teach.

Lmao.. Na beard dey harbor corona abi😂🤣😅 Ebukar1 Okoto Meow Meow!!! where are my beard gang come forward 🥺🥺🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Make dem no think am o.

SageerAbbah Chinese guys don't keep beards, yet the virus started with them. tiwani_holloway FriBenson I wanted to tag you here then I remember 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂 musteemasanawa I knew me not growing beards was for a purpose.. FolorunshoAhmad leader, what will happen bayi? neekystandardd Ayomideisrael Read first!

Hmmm... Naija!!! Dem don start... Not trimming any shii. What you didn’t know about coronavirus (Must watch) neekystandardd Please read the whole story first to read why! Thank God I don't carry beards!

Beard gang!!! beard gang!!! Keep it to yourself gang 😂 peng_writer oga_yaseer 😂😂 hay_whye Afe Babalola 2.0 😂 drFrost_catcher come and see You people will not listen Oh my goatee. This is bad news for the beard gang. VeryWickedMan VeryWickedMan VeryWickedMan 🤣🙄 Study: Men with beards carry more germs than dogs do, every sample of beard hair collected was crawling with bacteria. Nearly half had bugs and bacteria considered hazardous to human health.The dogs tested had lower levels of microbes, a bacterium that causes disease.

nanaphotostudio 😌

Hate speech tobialagbe I’d rather eat the razor Sweet boys association how far? 😏 And now Ajayi Crowther University, oyo will be fully glad... demstardm Omo_Alufa_ I no be Yahoo boy nah How possible See 9ja strategic measures 🙄 Nonsense, they have come with their dumb recommendations Lol JustToki quteword😂😂😂

Hahahah! operation clear beard. Hahahaha Beard gang una don hear am.... 🤣🤣🤣 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Is there no other way out? I just started growing mine. I've never kept beards until now that I'm close to 40 and for my acting career. This is not good ooooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 We that have no beards, have nothing to worry about 😊

Lol jokes Which kind joke be this? Did our mums send you? 'To be safe from corona' or to reduce risks'' Jedi

In China, Italy, Hong Kong , South Korea & USA where coronavirus affect dem we never heard such. Nonsence Eyin bearded gangs The virus don turn awon beard geng to military personnel... See confusion everywhere 😂🤣 BeardGang how far 😂😂😂 Fuck them This is Nigeria plenty prevention ideas. They should not confuse us with all this do don't do abeg.

iamblobz 😂 Did anyone even read why they said so? 😏 Do Chinese men have beards? 😄 Naija can over do ehn😏🙄 Beards that took me 315,360000m seconds to grow, if you don't gtf😅

Thank God, without bread we lose nothing . _Olayemi_ being beardless has proven to be beneficial for once😂😂 True Jraimz Hahahah see method wet naija want use stop guys keeping beards Can you these wereys 😂😂 So this is the best they can bring? If a Nigerian official says this, they will be all over the place calling him illiterate.

It's play you are 🙄 Cc beared gang. AkibaDuke they said I should call you

Beard gangs right now..... aburo_stone_ maxvayshia how true is this please? Set awon beard geng no go gre oo😂😂 Coman carry clipper and shave me na. Rada rada This coronavirusu is turning to something else oooo..May Allaah save us all 🙏🙏🙏 Shave o Beard Gang, now we'll see who the baby faces are. Beardless fam, it's our time now 🙌


Skatenger IamErujeje RemiAdebayo jidusky21 Lmao Haha Ogbeni_Peter 😭 Which kind thing be this one You people have started again oooo😠😠😠😠😠😒😒😒😒 mosesagegenu Rubbish Remmzor_YBNL UgwunnaEjikem Tife_fabunmi life_of_mrey

How many people have beards in China? Yet they have recorded the highest cases. Abeg oo. Na only naija own go get aro inside.🙄 If they can't desist from this falsity solvency to muzzle Coronavirus, the virus will widespread nationwide. This table get iron leg... Una no fit shake am sef, not to talk of breaking it ...

topealaka Mophils I am reading sontin. 😅😅 this is funny. Between, you can order shaving sticks ....awon set Alfa sule... beard geng 😂😂😂 We don start again ooo, china don't have beards oo, o Lord come down and answeret by fire 😄😄😄😄 naija don kill me Olluwakayode 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

It’s time to shave it off😂😂😂 Ndia abiakwa, Shave my beards kwa. *Repeats tems-try me* Abeg, make unna no even go there operation shave your beard ThatCuteNerd gbenle darling please read up.😂🤣😂🤣 The beard gang..... Bella39454231 Kai manyan arna qarya kukeyi wlhy This makes no sense. . Well, nothing really makes sense

You are talking in the nonsense. methodways do the needful 😂

Abi mo ti shave ni🙄 Corporatte_Thug hope you don see this?😂😂 Wat about the hair in private part ? cc mankindxpensive Set awon The choice is yours, coronavirus or beard. _lanr3 I will shave today. No more beard gang.

Coronavirus: Innoson seeks N4 billion loan to start producing ventilators

Behave yourselves or lockdown’ll be extended, minister warns Nigerians

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[BREAKING] COVID-19: Germany donates N2.2bn to Nigeria

Chinese medical team to arrive in Nigeria soon — Health minister

COVID-19: Chinese medical team to arrive Nigeria - Daily Post Nigeria

COVID-19: 10 Billion Naira to be released to Nigerians in their bank accounts (Sponsored) - Daily Post Nigeria

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Coronavirus: Innoson seeks N4 billion loan to start producing ventilators Behave yourselves or lockdown’ll be extended, minister warns Nigerians [BREAKING] COVID-19: FG to evacuate Nigerians abroad [BREAKING] COVID-19: Germany donates N2.2bn to Nigeria Chinese medical team to arrive in Nigeria soon — Health minister COVID-19: Chinese medical team to arrive Nigeria - Daily Post Nigeria COVID-19: 10 Billion Naira to be released to Nigerians in their bank accounts (Sponsored) - Daily Post Nigeria Akwa Ibom rejects COVID-19 results, asks NCDC to conduct fresh tests COVID-19: We regret begging US billionaire for ventilators- FG Channels Television @channelstv I never had N30 billion – Davido Nigeria Can Now Test 1,500 People A Day For COVID-19, Says Health Minister