‘To avoid possible Lassa fever infection, avoid drinking garri’


'To avoid possible Lassa fever infection, avoid drinking garri'

Published Kindly Share This Story On Web image The Director of Public Health, Enugu State, Dr. Boniface Okolo, has cautioned Nigerians against the consumption of soaked garri to avoid contacting Lassa fever. Okolo, who gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Saturday in Enugu, said the rats that cause the disease were mostly in contact with Nigeria’s most popular staple food, garri Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Kukuma kill me Is this a prank They finally want to take away ijebu delicacy, so sad. I love my ijebu garri anytime of the day. Caution pple from eat rat 🐀 n not to stop drinking gari.. Me I still drank my gari, ice cu6with sugar yesterday b4 d food ready so don't tell me nonsense cuz me n gari na 5 n 6.

Bet how😫😫 We survived Ebola and many more... Drinking Gari or contaminated gari? This advice no sell at all. Does d expert know how many Nigerians rely on gari for survival in the absence of more nourishing foods? They aleaus say this everytime there is an outbreak. What if garri actually protects you from it but because they want you to be more susceptible to it so you can buy the drug to treat it,they tell you to avoid it ?.

Hmmmmm...very impossible oh. A valid lie, Garry that our four fathers drank and the was no lasser fever.... So you people wants our culture to be eliminated....... I don't get dis, are the rats sleeping inside the garri

Lassa fever: Death toll rises to 24Death toll from confirmed cases of Lassa fever seems to be increasing by the day, as latest report from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control ...

Ìyẹn á lè di ẹ o Abi weyreh lawon eleyii ni - shey e fe gbepe sha? Stop ginni? I just finished drinking garri....Look for other measures to curtail it, not to stop drinking garri. Or take Adcorpfarms Hygienically processed and packaged garri! With extra protein added! Those that can afford to avoid drinking garri should avoid it, but for those of us that can't afford to avoid it, lets do well to ensure we keep our garri container sealed always. Dont leave any food stuff opened, and find a means to control rodents population in your house.

This advice no follow biko trafficbutter Una don mad since 1888 I go die if I no smoke garri with cold water after playing my weekend 5 aside football.... So wetin una dey talk no concern me.. News have it that few cases of Coronavirus has been reported in US and France...its probably on it's way to Africa by now...I guess you know the market square 😎

Better to die from Garri than die of hunger pls

New Lassa infections outstrip 2019 record outbreak – Daily TrustSome 10 people who tested positive for Lassa fever died in the third week of January, bringing the total number of people killed in the latest outbreak to 14 this year, according to data released by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Nigeria... living on the edge

And rather die of hunger instead Abi? I bet it that this Lassa fever is not in out country yet, they are looking for ways to embezzle money again. Eyin ole buruku yii Hehehehehehehe.... I can't fa 😭😭😭😭😭 Cornflakes is better, abi?🤣🤣🤣 Our own garri? Garri that has been saving lives.. Sadly, such awareness is not getting to the most affected Members in our Rurals. They need to know that Uncle Lassa is here again with his annual Deadly visits. Where is our Lassa preventive approach annually to cutdown on Casualties of the disease? Na Garri again waka com

Joke of the year😂 I no kuku they drink garri na eat I dey eat Story for the gods, Lassa fever do not exceed lassa local govt .. Maybe people of Lassa LGA should stop drinking Garri not all Nigerians..if all Nigerians should stop drinking Garri then hunger will kill more than Lassa fever would have killed

Lassa fever: We are working to contain epidemic – Governors – Daily TrustThe Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) and Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi, on Thursday said the governors are currently working to ensure that the outbreak of Lassa fever, which has claimed lives in Kano and Ondo states, does not spread across the country.

Abeg Abeg! Crazy RealOlaudah Can't someone be broke in peace Pls store garri in a Closed container ans not in bags off the floors too! editor you're mad Hollucrystal Y’all joking fam No one can separate me from my garri Not Lassa fever or Xray fever I’m definitely having garri today and not even this post can stop me.

🎶 This life, I can't kee mysef, allow to soak o, this life, I can't kee mysef, gari gat to dey ooo. 🎶 I follows medical health experts instructions very strictly. But on this, they are wrong. Just soak the garri with boiled water biko. Put it in the fridge to cool down, then add groundnut and milk.

Lassa Fever: Edo records eight deaths in 175 casesThis stuff is spreading fast

No job. Then, I should stop drinking garri. What do you want me to eat? Joke of the century If I no drink garri, wetin I gain💁 Wow....!!!! Is difficult especially Igbo people Dnt understand u oo !!! Is it drinking of Garri of with cold/normal water With groundnut? With Sugar? Or inside Ceramics plates? Pls make us understand better!! So nt jus to AVOID!!...

You people must be JOKING me that just finished garri😏😏 Fuck that , garri saving lives since 1800 The gari wey help you to this stage, you're waging war against her. Ori yin ti Buru

Lassa fever: Death toll rises to 24, more people infectedOH GOD 🙄🙄🙄 Another way to make money

Nedeua I can't understand. God will judge whosoever wrote this article,what can fa na😉 Garri ooo Garri I hope you know what you are saying, when you mention NIGERIA you mention garri because garri is our second most eating food in Nigeria. As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women , Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00). Contact Hon, Adams ON, +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program).

Garri be saving life since 1800 or before sef 🤓🤓🤓 Garri wey don save my lives in Nigeria 😂😂😂😂 Abeg... Don't talk am again ....😏😏😏 Tchew!!! 😏😥😏 For reals? Wtf!! 😏😏😏😏 Are u kidding me 😥😥😥 If we avoid garri, what will the government avoid MissLadyMissLad You seems to b high on garri

Lassa fever: Edo govt confirms death of eight personsEdo State Government on Thursday said it recorded eight deaths out of a total of 175 cases of Lassa Fever since the current outbreak of the epidemic in the state. Yoruba proverb says: 'Ti afefe nba damu ologi, ki elelubo ko ma jafara'(when wind blows away pap, then the yam flower trader is in soup) What concrete steps are governments around South West taking to guard their borders against lassa fever This is beyond political rhetorics.

Kuku kill us Ok The carefully processed ones will fly. Relax. Me that drank garri yesterday.....how possible is this please? Drink Golden Penny Garri. GPennyGarri Please who said this should come and answer me in Curt I'm ready to defend my beloved garri to the last,who is coming with me to the court. Provide food nah

Why do u Wana always put cry on poor masses face ehn Hundreds of Nigerians will die of hunger from not drinking garri. How many will Lassa Fever kill? This is not a viable measure to preventing Lassa Fever Please find other options U people dont just have consience, garri loun loun I mean a whole garri that has been saving lives since the time of our forefather, pls it wont be stopped in our head we carry on the legacy, thank u✌

Garri wet obasanjo dey drink everyday, you come tell me say make I no drink again... Una don high before this tweet CynthiaJos14 Gbagbe.. We no go die Hmmmmmmm This post no be for people like me ooo Kukuma kill the citizens 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 If I hear Kilon shele bayin...kuku kill us nah Igi cassava lo de ma wo pa yin bi ese wa yen sebi esp opolo yin nu ni eyin asiwin yi

Mad ooo.......your family go die of hunger last last,garri wey be say na epe student food,make una no start madness for here oooo,abeg go display for another place jare Trying to cut the population into half before the end of the year? Wtf? ayemojubar Lassa, here i come😊

Joke of the century😆. You want us to abandon our 'pre-first aid treatment' and then go for what?🧐🧐😒😒 Aaaaaaah OMG🥺🥺🥺 ayemojubar Haaaa!! Ko po !! Just wow, this is an extreme low. I no kuku dey drink garri, na soak i dey soak. Soak and eat. They have ban rice, they want to add garri, allow me to enjoy my sour garri in peace

Lol I just finish drinking garri.... Avoid drinking garri is like death sentence ooo I'm so sorry, I'm a student Yinmu That means the whole Nigeria go catch the fever.... Lol you guys are not serious ok...

Abeggii.. Die na die.... Nigeria sef na die... The one Boko Haram kill pass lasser fever... Gari the only stable afternoon food since ages.. Just spray chemical in the air make we all kuku die.. Joo.. Nigeria tire person Just like telling us to die Thia lassa fever wahala,has spoil market for garri seller again.

Mad oh Garri that I fried myself. Chai, students power again. I chop garri 4 times a day in my Sch days Whoever tweeted this... How do you like your thunder, boiled or fried? 😒 But can we eat Eba? That's not possible Now seeing those pictures is making me to salivate 😋😋😋

Seriously 😏 Better advise let your garri be in enclosed container not only garri I think is applicable to cereal types of food Which kind rubbish be this one nahh. If this thing reach garri, na the thing fit kee meooo. I can’t stop drinking garri for any reason This is what am just taking now Ehn!...iro nla! We die here.

...FOH,....Garri stays🧘🧘🧘🧘 femibimbo E be like say una want cause mass murder. Which other food they easy to get The only hope of a common man..ask suprême court if i lie Instead of government to tell me to stop drinking Garri cos of Lassa fever, they should put in place facilities that can take care of emergency cases.

Wetin common man go de eat? I will rather go and live in Sambisa forest than quit drinking garri... Una dey mad. How then do you want me to enjoy my favourite meal- beans? God will deliver us Kukuma kee us Wetin Garri do una again now, why will you decide to blackmail garri Oops just had some with chilled water and ice cubes 😋

Stop drinking garri After having foreign rice in their store... they block the boarder and ask all Nigerians to eat stone and sand rice... all is well That was how they said we should bath with salt water during ebola🙄🙄🙄

You guys just gave our parents another reason to be calling us every 30 mins.. 'ọmọ mi, báwo ni? Pẹ̀lẹ́... hope you have not drank garri today'... Abeg abeg abeg ! make them no carry this one come oh! some pple I know will just pass out right now, unto which level na!make shift mbok! One can actually re - heat it before drinking.

Forgerr it Shatap!!! Find another solution Anu Waka,what are we going to eat? hmmm. Na dem be this! me way I soak garri today nko why I no die? Them done hijack all d food finish from the masses, even rice. Now na garri dem want to face. Useless people🙄🙄🙄 Na una go get Lassa fever😂,make I no drink garii keh

Which gari

I drank garri yesterday 😐😐 Ko le work OK! But na garri sure pass, I dey garri before going to work daily WhatsApp us 09076831195 Why not try our services ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Name: Kiki Location: Lagos Ig: Work: ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ If you like what you see or you still want to find out more while not Dm now or contact us at 09076831195 on whatsapp

JimohMark Microwave or heat the garri in frying pan if you don't know the source. That kills the Lassa When are visionary and greedy leaders did not provide us food Because hygiene has been thrown into the toilet and everyone needs quick money, heck a rat can take a s*** on the Garri and no one cares. Almost everyone 25 yrs and above had Garri at some point in time in their life.

Famine don come , don't drink garri ke !!!! It's only exposed gari that should be avoided please. Most importantly hygiene is necessary for everyone for health purpose. Afterall, health is wealth. But if you already had garri in your house, stored inside airtight containers long before the lassa fever outbreak, and you also have no rats in your house....they always show themselves through thier droppings and the damage they cause. Why stop drinking garri?

suundaz Iffa slap you😂😂 Ki ebi le ba pawa kú abi?....... 😏 This food has been saving lives since 1960. How can you be drinking garri in a flat plate?!! That must be Ghana garri! We no get rat for house now meanwhile we still have some at home..should we pour it away? there are other preventions aside this jare!!!

Do you wanna kill the students

Taah komot here.... which kain rough play be that one.. That I am doing as I typed this message. How will some students survive in this country😥😥😥 Seriously? Just come and put a rope on my neck because I won’t 👀 Una don start again 😁😁 Now, someone is high on weeeeeeeedddd How possible? Even the garri picture you posted here is inviting.

Una dey craze

What of the Garri I brought from my village since last year? Common then you need to provide food for Nigerian students Miìgbó....e so fún àwon agbèrò tó wà ní Ásó vilà Are guys serious? If i take am do Eba nko? My Dad told me his Dad is from Abeokuta, Totoro, Owu to be precise, If I do not drink Garri in a day, there will be combustion. Garri amd its derivatives are my daily food

Shit and I drank yesterday, so I'm now infected? Nope! It has do more with how you source your Garri than to avoid drinking it. Haba! Nutritionist or whatever,no be so. No way Ijebu garri has been saving lives since 1888. Ndi iberibe. Avoid drinking garri korrr! Mistchewwwwww.

Chai, hunger go finish man o. Garri is the only consolation we get frm all the nonsense our govt is doing with food availability, nw these rats are adding salt to injury The bond that join us together with garri is stronger than lassa fever 🙄🙄🙄 and the person that uploaded this picture.... We get one on one talk sha

How do we solved without drinking gari? It's d source of living in Nigeria I blame you, thank your father if not you go appreciate garri wella. It doesn't pass through heat process so it's kinda prohibited for consumption. Something dey worry una. Yo! Guys kindly update your audiomack playlist with this lovely song! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤪🤪🤪🤪

You want make hungry kill us? Abeg all die Na die. You guys are mad

Who will feed the poor ppl who have only Garri to survive Wọ́n bẹ̀rẹ̀ Which kind of nonsense is this, me that I'm just planning to drink garri this afternoon with cold water. It's bad enough that I can't drink it with ground nut because of my nut allergy, now you are saying I shouldn't even drink it at all. Me I'm drinking this one.

My fav food on a hot day! why is naija liacdis nna? Simple pleasure again na wahala odiègwù 👹 Say something else. I took garri yesterday......eyin elenu poshi 😂😂😂 laugh in garri and moi moi Buhari why? 🤣 Where did I keep this catapult? Someone's head needs stone like Goliath's. oghogho_Jacinta please bring about two cups in addition to the one you will drink in office on Monday.

That’s the only food we survive on everyday na lasa go kill una family if anybody spoil the production of gari in this country Ogunlomapagbogboyi and awon oloribu ti wan she findings Ofo, what else do you pipu want us to eat again after ban of rice ?😡😡 Quack doctors everywhere. I have been eating garri since time immemorial. Lassa fever ko, Ebola ni .......

U people can't stop ⛔ from taking gari and groundnuts. Because this food 🍞 save 💾 many in this world 🌏. Watt about soaking it 😏 Haaaahhh! But I just finished drinking garri 😞 And eat what? Fa fa fa... Foul! This one go difficult o

Instead to advice us to be more careful in storing garri and prevent rats from infesting our stores, they want us to eradicate the most readily affordable food in Nigeria! Hmmmm!😞😞😉😉 I have some garri bought b4 the outbreak, i will finish it and won't buy another one Should I also stop taking eba? Which kind nonsense talk be that! Who tell una say rat dey my house? FYI, I store my garri in a container not in a bag on the floor.

Well excuse me We'd come back toLassaFever later... Punch me, who takes Garri in a flat plate (is that one even drinking Garri or eating Garri) Hmmm I know some people who'd rather die Is that the rat that pursued GMB from the Villa Rock Garri that has been saving lives for centuries. Mo ro pe werey shey yin sha...

Hiyaaaaaa I just drank Garri Now oh!!!!!! Biko stopiiit

Setting up Rats again to say an amount was spent on this n that, Lassa kor Abi Ori awon eleyi o pe ni? Sound this message louder to the makers of 'Checker Custard' powder beverages. The idea of packaging dried garri mixed with sugar, salt and milk and inserted into the custard containers is totally wrong. Evil marketing strategy...

Even with this decorated kind garri? Avoid garri? I hear you. Please not my life saving garri Our Ilaje, Yoruba & Ijaw brothers... we know it will not be easy but please comply because we love you all.🤦 Kuku kill us in Nigeria now Ano understand? Impossible Rubbish.. Me way be say na garri dey ease my headache

Blaaah! Kole werk 🤧 Na the comments dey make me laugh 😃😀😅 You people are not serious Hmmm you wan kill person? Where is it written in the consecution of food to be eaten....the best non advertising food but with many consumer Las Las something must kill a man. Avoid drinking garri ke na make all the Naija die be that o......omo ko possible

Only if those rats 🐀 have eaten the cassavas at the farms. You can’t tell people to just stop drinking Garri suddenly. Garri that our forefathers drank without any sickness. Make una park well oo. Tell us what’s the koko. Our life saving remedy..abeg make una no joke go that side biko To avoid this pls tell Nigerians on the need to have a clean stock houses, most of the shops where food stuffs are sold are quite dirty smelling with rats everywhere. Our markets is dirty our stores are dirty.

Hmmmm the only available for the poor After rice has be come big man food. He started that soaked gari exposes and makes you vulnerable to the virus. Salt will delassa the garri. Talk again They are some how correct because rats usually urinate inside garri but u will never know You come use Daviso ?! 🤣 Nike TheCakeChancery they are calling you

Na craze the worry una! Make una no go fight poverty na make the poor no drink garri again. una don craze AlexAgbo23 We die there niyen.. Garri wey I dey smoke as I dey type this tweet.. Yinmu

For this Nigeria Ah that means nah only the poor go die of Lassa fever ooh. Garri that we're managing to sustain us during this hard times fah You guys technically want to take the last hope of the masses. E koshi danu My dad has been saying this already. What if I covered my garri container very well?. Pls say another thing.

Awón òlòrí buruku ólóshí eich_dee U donmit how is it related edakun Rubbish Why and how

😂 😂 😂 Garri, first aid treatment 😂😂😂 Kuku kill us🧐 Wetin poor go come dey eat in this. Buhari regime ? Una dey craze..... Make I do wetin? And drink wht,abeg shift

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