Tinubu donates N50m to Niger State govt to help tackle insecurity

Tinubu donates N50m to Niger State govt to help tackle insecurity

Babangida, Niger State

1/20/2022 6:23:00 PM

Tinubu donates N50m to Niger State govt to help tackle insecurity

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu , has donated N50 million to the Niger State government to help tackle the security challenges in the state.

Tinubu Support Group disclosed this in a post onFacebook, saying, “Asiwaju in Minna, donates 50 million naira to the state government to support security challenges faced by the state.”This comes days after the APC chieftain donated N50 million to the families of victims of the recent killings in two local government areas of Zamfara State.

Photos courtesy Tinubu Support Group

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Baba go donate tire Why doing now that we are approaching election.....this one na eye service abeg reward from God no dey there Tinubu & Buhari birds of the same feather. Please retweet to save Nigeria. Just because 2023 is next door Why not donate it since years back where the killings was much, we cannot afford another Methuselah in office,he is a dishonest personally to trust the highest office of our great union, he is not feet to be President. He was the part of the current system.

Will it bring back all the people that have died? Bullion van He loves his country Where Tinubu de see this money na? Where does a presidential aspirant get all this money Nigeria/Africa is a joke 🤡 Oga tinibu you nor hear watin mummy GO talk.she say if you nor give me 5 million you will go to hell.

2023: Ex-Lagos Governor, Tinubu Visits Former Dictator, Babangida In Niger State | Sahara Reporters Tinubu arrived at the hilltop residence of the retired General at about 2.30pm and both went straight into a meeting behind closed doors. I will say it again. Our ppl will never learn and history will always repeat itself in Nigeria. We all see the effect of old age in the governance of the country yet ppl are cool with BAT's ambition. Honestly, we deserve better. Shop's are opening all cause of 2023😹😹 Hmmm cruise 😂😂 Jagaban is ready to spend any amount to get there, Wetin this old men dey find for aso rock yet the people are suffering daily?

Donator-in-chief! Somebody want to buy Nigerians by every means Despirate measure by an unpopular man. Would that make you the president of Nigeria?. It is time to spend all the stolen money you took from Lagos State. This is disgusting😚😚 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Votebuying? Stolen Lagos money Tinubu's last shot Father Christmas, we dey wait for my Area...

The money bag.

Bandits Sack Two Local Governments In Niger State, Kill Scores, Rape Women | Sahara ReportersHouses, food barns, including other properties were also destroyed in the process. Fake news, no such thing in Niger Yet they are not taking territories! Propaganda has short legs Just the way HQNigerianArmy used to do it.

Campaign don start 🤣🤣🤣 Wehrey invest lmao Giving back what he got from the people. Only dat Eko took from Lagos and gave it to Niger. All the same. Presidency dey really dey hungry Eko!!!!! Nigeria is in your hand, y'all have been making terrible mistakes since 1999, let's see if money is going to be a factor again in 2023. SayNotoTinubu

Na so 😁😁 politics don start Where has he been all this while? Now election is around the corner and started spending looted money So he just learnt of insecurity today? It’s called a war chest Tinubu keep donating money to the north, so the south doesn't have any problem 50m can solve abi? He must think he has the south in his pocket, e go shock am

B4 u know dem go drop igboho's case and release him na then you go know say our lives have been a game of chess in their world

220 people killed, 200 kidnapped in Niger State between January 1 & 17 - GovernorPresident Muhammadu Buhari recently announced a major military operation in Niger to tackle the terror groups there. Just imagine and we are not at war! The business is 2023 not this kidnapping buhaha

This guy just kept on dishing out the Lagos state money to the north. Trying to perfect a failed from inception ambition. Unless this kind of political strategy stop in Nigeria we just playing politics... Niger state vote alone will make him president, continue omo-ale Yoruba Our Incoming President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu AsiwajuTinubu , Showing what true Leadership means ! God Bless Our Beautiful Country Nigeria Amin. 💖🇳🇬

Am sure people will still vote. The starting point Jagaban borgu..all of a sudden starts donating 50 million around..hmmmmm...2023..must be really serious.. Campaign strategy, baba it won't work this time The money you stole from us giving it back to make you look like a good person... 😩 It's about that time again

Sani Bello: Niger has recorded 50 attacks, lost 220 lives in January aloneGovernor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State has said not less than 165 civilians, 25 security personnel, and 30 local vigilantes were killed within 17 days this year. Who we go ask ..... Your messiah is in power this is worrisome not what happens in abu dabhi

Hope you people are aware that he will collect his money back? Where is Mr philanthropy since five years ago, abi bandit just start killing ni? Its bcos of 2023 he just started donating money to tackle insecurity and visiting State. Very desperate 😂 😆 lol He's buying Nigeria already. He will surely sale Nigeria when he gets the power

Moves done start. Why did he donate the money and who did he donate the money too. Is he saying the security devision of the country as failed that politicians or individuals should donate for them. What is he now preaching Who send him All these are coming now that him AsiwajuTinubu is eying the number one seat of Power in nigeria. Keep deceiving yourself man.

Kudos to a great leader

Gunmen kill three policemen, two vigilantes in NigerThe Niger command said scores of the gunmen 'were equally neutralised during the gun battle that lasted for hours'.

Please, Tinubu should come and donate money to my hospital here in Dlta; the money is always readily available to spend and do philanthropy close to election year. Nigerians shine ya eyes! Season of donations! Baba just Dey dash money 💰 anyhow 😂them this one ☝️ get money 💴 Useless Man moving from state to state donating looted money

Oni baara nbole bo. All Of You Will Suff€r if you vote for this man 😡😡😡 Tax refund to Niger State 🤣🤣🤣🤣 All this donations will be recovered once he assume office Owo olowo l'egun na Nigeria army and lies, no terrorists was killed. 49 killed while 200 innocent women and children were killed by terrorists in less than 2 weeks,is on the news. Nigeria army always deceive the world with false news. They are all muslims,they are 99% fulani people.

Bandits killed 300 persons, kidnapped 200 in Niger January attacks – Gov - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria The Niger State Governor that resides and dwell in Abuja is saying something about the state he governs from a distance Is this part of Nigeria This is not worrisome to MBuhari government but what happened in UAE is his concern

Tinubu with overnight generosity, continue, we are watching Our money is going round. Collect money from these wicked men and refuse to vote for them. 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 day just break ? Baba dey donate anyhow Lagos money is speaking. Moving with Lagos bullion van. Baba ti binu What manner of desperation is this?

I said it before now that this old baba is coming to do giveaway I said it Water went back into river.... Throwing money around won't help him, he should rest

Otitun bo card ooo Local politics Useless man. Na this time we dey see them. Once in 4yrs If you like share 50m to each state in Nigeria you will still fail We young people will stay on Twitter and criticize all we want, but in few months time all this donations will lead him to ask rock 2023 That's when we will know that it's not by Twitter noise

The idea that some Nigerians are refugees in their own country is disheartening and diabolical… Bàbá Kérésìmesì Bourdillon. Money dey ground Dr. Oby said money will fall You can see the signs If 50m is the solutions to insecurity in Niger state, I doubt any government would be waiting for any individual to donate the 50m before tackling it. How many more 50m will he donate when the root of problem are left unaddressed?

This man works harder than the devil. All because of presidency 😐

Valentine's day is almost here, which of these do you plan to gift your partner/crush; A portrait painting A Pencil/Pen Drawing A Text Portrait DM/WhatsApp: Let's get it for you at a discounted price. FREE DOORSTEP DELIVERY NATIONWIDE Why donating money , also donate solutions...... Donatus Tinubu...nah only North you want their votes abi AsiwajuTinubu

MAOgunremi Yeye man Good man. Baba daada 😂 We understand the game Them go dey chop that him money. Sales of vote don begin? They just opened one bullion van. Giveaway time,he'll still lose sha. Abeg follow me, I'll follow back lost my old account. Elections are around the corner now nd this show of shameless in the name of philanthropy is on display. Sir please keep your money. You will need it for your medical trips when you loose.

He keeps making himself look shittier everyday Baba dey do investment We see through all these games He won't go anywhere...all of them were saving and stealing money for this same purpose. Lmao 😂 I laugh in French Kudos to him we totally understand why ...... Specially at this difficult times ... 2023 waiting

Indirect settlement of each governor

This was during a visit to the Government House in Minna where he was received by Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, on Thursday. Tinubu Support Group disclosed this in a post on Facebook , saying, “Asiwaju in Minna, donates 50 million naira to the state government to support security challenges faced by the state.” This comes days after the APC chieftain donated N50 million to the families of victims of the recent killings in two local government areas of Zamfara State. Photos courtesy Tinubu Support Group Read Also