Tinubu, Atiku, Obi, others face Nigerians in debate

30/09/2022 10:52:00 AM

Tinubu, Atiku, Obi, others face Nigerians in debate

Tinubu, Atiku, Obi, others face Nigerians in debate

The United Nations Development Programme, human rights organisation, Yiaga Africa and Channels Television have launched a televised programme series designed to provide a public platform for citizens to conduct political debates and focused dialogues to promote electoral awareness for the 2023 general election.

Obi to unveil campaign council after PUNCH's report He said key focus would be youth empowerment and women’s empowerment as they relate to other critical development issues in Nigeria, such as inclusive economic growth, peace and security, and climate change.John Owen Nwachukwu Former Arsenal and Manchester City right-back, Bacary Sagna has hailed Manchester United’s newly signed centre-back, Lisandro Martinez, describing him as a ‘proper’ defender.a footballer.Nsikak Nseyen Brazil legend Rivaldo has predicted the game between Manchester City and Manchester United.

Yiaga Africa said the debates would be informed by current challenges and opportunities while being guided by questions and topics raised by the Nigerian youth.“Providing citizens with the information required to make informed choices and giving them a platform to market their ideas, will alternatively have inspire them to turn out and vote”, Itodo said.Martinez joined Manchester United over the summer in the deal around £47million.The television series would create opportunities for engaging in a two-way dialogue between citizens and relevant stakeholders to increase citizens’ participation in the electoral process, rather than the traditional one-way communication of information delivery on election processes.“I told you guys.This will be critical in reversing the decline in voter turnout which is mainly attributed to voter apathy and a dearth of information on the political and electoral processes in the country.And Sagna pointed out that Martinez is exactly the type of player that the Red Devils have been missing in recent years.The UNDP Resident Representative in Nigeria, Mohamed Yahya, said, “This series is about highlighting the key issues confronting Nigerians with the upcoming general elections.They have won five and drawn two of their seven matches so far and are only one point behind table-toppers Arsenal.

The electorate needs to be fully informed on the process and be able to voice their concerns.“He is serious – there is nothing flashy about his play.“Sometimes if you’re coming back from injury or something like that you’d go and train with the reserves, he would do even more stupid stuff with the reserves.By being active participants in the electoral process, they can hold their intended representatives accountable to deliver on their promises.” The chairman/CEO of the Channels Media Group, John Momoh, said, “We are pleased as always to be the medium through which citizens of the country would engage with political office seekers and by so doing play a role in deepening the electoral process in Nigeria.Not only does he have great ability on the ball, but he relishes the duels – he engages attackers.” Tags:.When his contract with West Ham ended, he moved to Italy to join Lazio.

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Akilo, which tinubu 😳 The vote has been cast today we are waiting for the certificate of return for those who came out for the walk God bless you those who couldn't but your obedient God bless you always keep your eyes on the goal post aso rock. Is it not too early to start debate there is still much time to do so

U will start being real n taken serious AishaYesufu when u start seeking peace by asking for referendum among different regions or tribes amalgamated in 1914 by some whites and named Nigeria.We are not the same,not in culture,customs,lifestyle,religion,tradition never the same Yeah!!!! Way to go! No representatives allowed only candidates on the debate floor. 😃😃😃 It's about time we start separating the wheat from the chaff. Water get level no be small

Lmao your joking.. innit? THERE IS NO NEED FOR DEBATE WITH APC AND PDP BECAUSE ALL THEY WILL SAY WILL BE LIES ! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM PETER OBI ONLY. Which yeye debate ? Tinubu doesn’t need that crap, his achievements in his state will speak for him and let the others show what they’ve done, may the yeye debate kee you dere.😉

Abeg remove Tinubu from the list. Just put Shettima If Shettima represents Tinubu in the Presidential debates who is going to represent Shettima in the VP debates? Disqualification of candidate who refused to attend a minimum of three national debates would have been a clause in the the Electoral Law.

Tinubu will never show up

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Tinubu will not come , Atiku will come late and wish the debate never holds Why is a UN body organizing presidential debate in Nigeria? When is it happening.....so I can tune it to watch It is IMPERATIVE that all the candidates participate in a public debate this time around. What happened with Buhari should not be allowed to repeat itself. These people must satisfy we the people of their capacity to act in our best interest and uphold the Constitution.

Na shettima go represent the placeholder again.. Tinubu will not attend this debate, we all know it. He will just send Kashima shettima to overshadow em all. Let's go we are always ready💯 If Tinubu no come dis debate, I think we should write to Inec informing them that APC has no candidate so they won't be contesting because u can't b confusing us here, Tinubu can't b a candidate n Shetimma shows up more. We need to clear dis up

BAT will not attend any debate. He will tell you he is not in competition with any of the other contenders, and that he towers way above all of them. Oga leave that talk which corrupt debate are you talking about. What we have is three mejor contender

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Shettima will represent Tinubu once again. Agbado ewa When is this coming up Is it for Eba Ekwealor_chike1 APC has a plan, na why dey no send anybody for debate and media appearance Elo fokan bale😂 Omo dis one for sweet me pass but Agbado, Cassava, Ewa no go show up... Make them push Shettima come as usual 🤣😂😂😂🤣

Emilokan won’t be present 🤣🤣🤣 which speech that old man wan deliver 😹😹 it will be shettima that will do the debate again not him Ekwealor_chike1 Tinubu will send Boko-Shettima.

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You are lying tinubu is absent Tinubu will be absent mark my words Very important. BAT will be in d bush. I'm sure he will never come. The organizer should state it clearly no representative is allowed to come only the presidential candidate. Those who showed interest in running the affairs of the nation

Disqualify any candidate that didn’t show up Tinubu must attend or dash out of his far-fetched ambition. This finally addresses Tinubu incapacity I will bet 100k with anyone.. Tinubu will not show up. you are biased in your reporting about Nigerian candidates. You always omit KwankwasoRM in your report.

Which Tinubu? Tell us Shettima, Atiku and Obi, other face Nigerian in debate. We already know the plans of APC, to make shettima the president. Where is Tinubu?

Federal Govt To Market Nigeria’s Tourism Assets, Culture To WorldThe federal government is set to market Nigeria’s tourism assets as well as culture and creative industries to the world through the upcoming United Nations Mr.Lie are you a good marketer to do that? But i know you're good in marketing lies. 8 months out of your regime's 8 miserable years, to go, you're still using 'will' in the implementation of such policies that ought to be from word go! You want to take your lies to international level 😉

This is not 2015 where they employ high level propaganda so Buhari will avoid debate / media scrutiny. Nigerians are wiser, it will no longer be business as usual. Have they found Tinubu? Nice one I can bet my last 5k Tinubu wouldn't attend who is in? And you are very sure Tinubu will attend? Pls remove Tinubu's name o, because he has a very busy schedules especially the one in UK

Is PETER OBI.... Tinubu is 👀👀👅👅👅 You and who? I didn't say I want to debate with anybody so count me out Emi Lo Kan When Thiefnubu won't appear before any Debate o Abeg abeg abeg... Tinubu will dear not

UN Women tasks President, governors on peace building | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsUnited Nations Women, Peace and Security (WPS) has urged President Muhammadu Buhari, state governors and other policy formulators to involve women in peace and security matters.

I am sure Atiku is ready We shall see who carry the day minus BAT, others can face it. What a lie…where’s that Tinuburuku I can't wait already to watch this Also, if you have a smartphone and you want to be making legit money online here's the opportunity Tinubu will not come Obi will finished them See how APC messed themselves up by giving Nigerians Tinubu why Osibanjo and Ameachi is in their fold.

🤣🤣🤣 if you see Tinubu for the debate make I bend If you're doing debate, involve all candidates including the minority parties. Stop all these corrupt debate practices. If you select only 3 out of about 17 what are you saying to Nigerians?

Africa needs $2.5tr to deal with climate change disasterFrom November 6 to 18, El Sheikh, Egypt, will host the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, often known as COP27. This will be the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference. Booharry no go miss am o... Travel lord

We don't want to see shettima there ooo. Tinubu CAN'T run the country in absentia The waiting is too long When!!!!! Atiku will win this debate hands down while asiwaju will win the election election Tinubu is in a very tight corner with APC abysmal performance he will sweat profusely to defence more 7years of APC misrule,only few Nigerians will take him seriously and again his split personality is another sore point.

If Tinubu can not attend due to his handicapped nature , we do not want to see shetima there I laugh in Spanish because we all know one person won't attend Where is Tinubu 😂😂😂😂😂 Good When please

You mean Shettima, Obi and Atiku? Tinubu that has been hiding is coming to Debate with other presidential candidates. Campaign has started official Tinubu ran away. Tinubu is Sick, This was him 2015 lying and Deceiving the Youth. Put Shettima there, his the one who came to sign yesterday he is the APC next president Tinubu Buhari Pro max. I pity my fellow Nigerians in coming election vote wisely another 8years no be beans

Tinubu? Is he back? No sitting down ooo. They should all stand all through the duration. We wan check something Channel television will be a good platform hearing the rubbish their political correspondence has been gushing out Nigerians... please don't make the same mistake come 2023. Let's think of our children future

We all know that Tinubu won't attend. A man who won't even grant a television interview is who you expect to stand up or even sit down and debate? Let's just wait for the excuse from his camp! Is baba back?🙄🙄🙄🙄 Abi na Shettima go represent him at the debate!!!

Forget about Tinubu. Let Obi, Atiku and kwankwaso tell us how they want to move Nigeria forward. Tinubu can explain his own to Ogon deity. On a serious note: Tinubu is not physically fit to lead this country. Why are some people hell bent on frustrating some Nigerians with sick old MAN? Tinubu and debate in one sentence?

Which tinubu Na shettima we know oooo Bring it on Tinubu hands are too shaky nowadays. There is no way it wouldn't have been too obvious to see how sick he is . This election is gonna be a two way race between peter obi and atiku