‘This Is Heart Wrenching,’ Kogi Commissioner Weeps As He Inspects Damaged, Vandalized Medical Equipment

‘This Is Heart Wrenching,’ Kogi Commissioner Weeps As He Inspects Damaged, Vandalized Medical Equipment

10/29/2020 4:25:00 PM

‘This Is Heart Wrenching,’ Kogi Commissioner Weeps As He Inspects Damaged, Vandalized Medical Equipment

‘This Is Heart Wrenching,’ Kogi Commissioner Weeps As He Inspects Damaged, Vandalized Medical Equipment

 Kogi State Commissioner for Health, Saka Audu was moved to tears on Wednesday as he inspected the vandalized Kogi State Medical Store complex located in Lokoja, the state capital.Audu, while addressing journalists in an emotion-laden voice said equipment worth billions of naira were destroyed by the vandals.

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According to him, the Kogi State Health sector as lost its medical equipment which includes Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machines (MRI), Computer Tomography Machines, Digital Mammography, Digital Radiography, Test Kits, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals Consumables, Refrigerators for vaccines, Solar Power unit, laboratory equipment’s, among others.

“We lost the entire contents of Kogi State medical store.“Equipment worth billions of naira were stolen. Those that couldn’t be stolen, like the walk-in refrigerator for immunization, where our vaccines are stored, components of our MRI and CT scan were vandalized beyond repair. Others were moved from the store and broke into pieces in nearby bushes.

“It is indeed a very unfortunate development that the state will find it difficult to recover from as we don’t have the capacity to provide what have carted away or vandalized in a short time,” Audu said.The Commissioner said the state government is currently quantifying the extent of the damage and would eventually make public the list of the stolen items and their cost implications.

The vandalized Kogi State Central medical store complex was built under the essential drugs programme of the state Governor Yahaya Bello.Drugs and hospital equipment are kept in the store before distributing across the 21 Local Government Areas of the state.

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Yane dadama It's God that will punish this thief. Weeping is is the current slogan of our political office holder Na wash, fake people lies everywhere. He looks like a thug What should sanwo do then,kill himself? Awon original actor Ohhhh.... 🤦🏾‍♂️ channel please stop it. This man did not weep anything. He made a caricature of himself.

He has a humanitarians heart Kogi get medical equipment to vandalize? 🙄 Joker of all times Nonsense and Idiata! Tell these people to stop insulting the intelligence of kogites. Which stupid Heart wrenching Fake tears . charlescapone4 How long till we shoot a movie with the entire country This kogi commissioner is a fool to think that Nigerians will fall for dis stupid pretense

He is faking it,politicians😜😜 This man is a better actor than Desmond elliot the creole ever was Even the number of the comments have much to say about the tears 😢💔 Show us the video evidence of the vandalized equipment LugardHouse phrasical equipment. i think he should be happy because is another means to embezzle as usual. parasite politician niwon

Rubbish..... A very talented actor who needs one film industry to sign contract with and be fully active in catching cruise Look at this 🐐 The last person to leave should switch off the light and keep key under Musa’s carpet. See you later. Criminals Rubbish Hehas never wept for the conditions he and other Politicians destroyed the future of the Nigerian youths. Hypocrites everywhere

I felt like sh00ting this man 4 bad acting, even a 3yrs old will know that he is faking it🤢 Thief So there is no single security camera in these places, with items worth billions of Naira? Abeg this acting will soon end. Billions of nira, no security camera both inside and outside. Something is fishy Just crocodile tears, do the right thing for ur people, they will defend you to death

He is weeping over the state of Kogi destroyed by Governor Yahaya Bello. Hypocrite. Our politicians hv chosen to be deceiver kogi commissioner weep 4 substandard medical equipment vandalized bt NEVER wept 4 kogi indigence dt lost their lives nd even d recent incident at lekki toll gate sure day of accountability is far approaching our activities wil be replayed

Nice acting Crocodile cry. Nollywood politician, he'd been practicing that for a lengthy time. Yeye Hypocrite Crocodile tears All these theatrics and shenanigans from politicians should cease or better still, take it to our decaying Nollywood industry!! Drama Comedy Werey wey soji Idiot See him mouth like flat tyre

NIGERIA AND THE CRYING LEADERS . Can any one pls write an article on that. Leave all this people na politically cry him dey cry ooo we know them. Heart wrenching my foot.. I guess he's weeping over their failures Nice set......movie title plz Idiot Go and relax, who else known your plan between you and your boss...this is an expensive dramatic.

Medical equipments The ones wey dey work abi the ones wey dem loot. Who be mumu? Mumu na somebody Hypocritic channels TV Fake cry Fake foolish man, shameless idiot! That was crocodile tears that it's a pity, we Nigeria politician might not die were their cloth is....which cry him cry self ,werey dey disguise

This can only happen in Nigeria. What!!!! Nollywood actor Let Nigeria government not think we are fools the same way they introduce Boko Haram is the same way they introduce this so called hoodlums soon they will over power you guys like Boko Haram did I wish they visit leaders more and more They keep shading croc tears!

All na settings This government is sure full of clowns The governor of Kogi State and his appointees must resign immediately because it is their bad governance and abuse of office that must have caused the damage to government assets. Let the governors resign now.. Another cry me a river😏 Our politicians are so dramatic. Oga, e be like say... cry for some seconds dey the script. We hail ooo

Mtchew Werey dey disguise Is this the new trend?... This crying thing by politicians .. NAWA!! ..d next one will come and cry us a river that goat ate yam...hmmm I hail! 👍🏽 Fool, idiots 😡 How wish he cried for the politician oppressing Citizens with poverty policebrutality and badgovernance issues that lead to this it would have been ok, Watch out for the amount cost for replacement , you will hear N80 billion, while it was purchased for N50 million. Naija!

Heart Wrenching my ass....man is a stupid clown Sorry Mr commissioner the results of inequality in an unjust society is what you saw. Until we all come back to the bases and work on the workable constitution, we would just be dancing around, there won't be any meaningful progress. Embarrassing Lof cry evil commissioner you deserve the loot because you had many home crying for those that have a better chance of surviving if those medical items was administered to them to either cushion sprade of disease or permanently cure them. Hmm,hmm, you hide it for your own belle.

Nigeria a land of comedy Oga is disguising. He is secretly happy cause he knows he will enjoy CocoNura Oloshi ni gbogbo yin😠 My state governor cried during his campaign because of non payment of salary. Presently his the governor and he's not different This is just the beginning. You will all pay for what you made the Masses go go through.

Crocodile Dundee!!!!!! How do you cry and have a clear strong voice Fashola should investigate this. 😂🤣 Lol Fire 🔥 We are no more moved by weeping mtchew He don chop kogi soap.....werey dey disguise Heart wrenchigbukwa una there The guy script was not well written n his acting is still on 35% POLIWOOD scammed tears.

Go and cry at the abandon road ur principal refuse to construct. Dey fool ursef. Don't weep here, go and weep at the abandon road ur principal did not contract. Dey fool ursef. What's his name Dr. Saka, stop all these 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Marijuana is not good for his brain You surely need alot of skill to be Nigerian politician...Africamagic

They're bunch of Jokers!!! Ewo lekun egbere 😏😏😝😝😝 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 We've been weeping so much than this from the way you polithiefcians loot our resources. These guys no rate us at all. Imagine this idiot acting on national TV. Na person papa be this oo May cardiac arrest not visit you!! Werey they disguise

Dorcas_Bee Heart Wrenching? He is a very big fool to think we are a spectator to his failed acting He is nothing but a pretender. Ask him if fmc lokoja is working. Nigeria government officials better at acting, he just told the states they should not expect repairs soon with that fake tears...jokers 🤣🤣

Because is his father's investment I guess. Our wicked leaders attitude is the cause of all this Oh my goodness! It's actually heartbreaking. Werey Dey disguise🤣🤣 Crying inside Glasses ....hypocrite These guys are good at acting ooo ....did you mentored uncle Fash or the other way round? Ur cry dey learn you don't no how to act 😛

The idiot can't even act. Terrible performance.....werey will make crying sound and then talk with a clear voice that will show he isn't even crying I'm not in support of any kind of looting but why are we talking about only those that went to loot physical items and not talk about the pen looters in government. They deny us development but continue to develop USA and Europe with looted fund.

First dino, then your governor now this. Is there something these kogi politicians are smoking?!! even Jesus wept. Koko died tears bi this one don't fall for it. Why not installed those equipment all the why? Na hin papa money dem take buy those equipment dey spoil?.dem swear for this guy. 🤣🤣🤣 this county is a joke Ah swear 😂😂

Crocodile tears...😂😂😂😂 Format werey Baba nla acting .. The mumu is also a youth o... You will hear the figures of naira they will feel out soon to fix the damages.. Awon ole Crying for what, that he love the people or his plan have been stolen. People should just stop this pretence, the people are wisher now.

What is heart wrenching in this video now? Its disgusting and d acting is so fake. His colleagues are even embarrassed on his behalf. Crocodile tears. Mtchew Nigeria politicians will soon form POLIWOOD Not well acted script though, Crocodile tears Ewo wa lekun? Bro we no want any crocordile tears Abeg.. We don see enough crocordile smile from the Army.

Please don't tell me someone fell for this BS🙄... Just say the state cannot afford to help those affected financially. He cannot even pretend to cry well, Bad acting!, very bad acting! This one is mad oh What kinda drama is this? Fake Crocodile tears kee him there.🙄🙄 oluwakonquer ErnestOlabode coman see this new comedy skit

The sarcasm is appreciated handler... 600 years of enjoyment for you Very disturbing for Kogi health sector, more worrying is the inability to provide routine childhood immunisation and the unthinkable consequences, as I don’t foresee a quick fix. Very similar to the extent of deprivations and loss caused when politicians embezzle public funds.

Adewhunmy This's a humanistic feeling! I beg keep quiet, even the smallest child in your house will know that this men are just faking everything, that's why they feel LEKKITOLLGATEMASSACRE is photoshopped because is not their children it happens to let's EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW EndSARS endinjustice

I swear these folks are not taking us serious! Them vandalize hospital too? Haba But you couldn't weep for LekkiMassacre2020 God dey.. Osim heart wrenching 😂😂😂😂 Are you people normal at all All na cruise He can't even act self...which type of cry is this, that's making me to laugh God please come an judge this people very soon 🙏 ENDBADGOVERNANCE EndSARS awon werey gbogbo

Upcoming Nollywood actor 😂😂😂 Shame! Audio tears 'The rich, and the highly-placed in business, public life, and government, are running a dreadful risk in their callous neglect of the poor and down-trodden'. Obafemi Awolowo✔ The vandalisation and equipment is strongly Condemned and act of treason , My take is why weren't the equipment quickly deploy to the needed health care center, why the delay?

Meet Omugo Omotiogo; author of “Weep not child!”If you know you know 🤣 Drama politrictian Coward n hypocrite. He never cried when pple were murdered in cold blood during election. Happiness in disguise bcoz of how much kick back he will get in re-purchasing the equipments. Crocodile tears, when yhu guys stole what is generally owned, what do yhu expect?

What's all this crocodile tears for? Laughable, drama shall never end Na Photoshop joor, hon commissioner is hereby recommended to join the league of of best actor of year 2020, though u have pple like fash,sanwo competing with the same award 😂. Na hin investment? Where is the video of him crying? LordSky has some beats to make.

Are you whining? Channels? 😄 What's is hear wrenching ? 😂 Clowns,keep deceiving yourselves If commissioner is weeping what will the ordinary man do, Then the sick ones ? Lol, Mental Disorder! Ur heart go wrench ni ....oloshi Looks like the actors and politicians are dragging career 🙄 Wahala for who no get acting for CV oooo

'Commissioner weeps as he inspects damaged medical equipments' That is hipocricy! The same government that turned her citizens to thugs to win election, the same government the contributed to the death of her citizens to retain power. Is now weeping over equipments? Ékun égbére ......🙄🙄🙄 Na them gan gan be film makers

Hypocricy Crocodile Crocodile cry, when they were Looting our Economy he was not crying Tears of happiness. Opportunity to thief 🤣🤣🤣 My country.. how many Oscar do we have? Wayo weeping, he know wetin him dey do. The man behind him can see through his BS 😂😂 In Nigeria all the corrupt politicians in a ruling party are saints, we the youths are coming to take our mandates for good governance and sustainable democracy. endsars EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA

Them don start ooo... They will cry and steal EndSARS GiftRotua All this things na acting na..na Desmond Elliot be their director. the werey just dey disguise See disguise.. We sabi dem wellaaaaaa Why are all of them crying all of a sudden... This is business not a pity party You will be held accountable no mater the rivers of tears you pull up...

Werey lo po ninu yin honestly Big Cow Can Thunder fire smeone please ? lol 😂 no be only Mercy Johnson sabi act for Kogi State 😂😂 Where d emotion dy when rain comot covid19 isolation centre tent worth millions of naira? ... These ppl just dy put us for cruise Eya take heart sir😭😭😭 DEVIL'S TEARS Idiot The suffering of masses , death of hungry Nigerians do not make you cry, now when a property is destroyed you're crying, why? Bcos you will loose ur job? Mumu his plan don spoil.

He is learning from the Cross River Governor Hypocrisy Hahahaha. Please what's the name of this movie. LekkiMassacre , S kaduna killing, Benue massacre, Boko Haram and herdsmen slaughtering. You didn't come out to any newslet to condemn the killing like GEJonathan wife did back then. Why do you guys chose things than human life

Hoodlums loot Kogi medical store, destroy equipment, consumablesSuspected hoodlums who invaded the Kogi State Central Medical Store between Sunday and Tuesday have reportedly looted...

End SARS: Police framed me up - Pastor accused of looting medical equipment in Kogi - Daily Post NigeriaA Pastor, Edinor Sunday accused of looting medical equipment from Kogi medical store has accused the Nigeria Police Force of framing him up. Sunday was Omo 🙆🏻‍♂️😂 pastor him self It would cost you just ₦0.00k to follow me I follow back immediately Every Community should organize and resist any form of searching in any home by any agency. Let them go and search for looted funds and padded-budgets first—those are the main problems in the society (not searching for Noddles in Nigerians homes) This Government is so shameless!

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Plateau governor relaxes curfew in two local councilsLalong had imposed the curfew after hoodlums invaded, vandalised and looted some warehouses in the state. Well done sir blaqboi_vic The most hopeless Governor, how do you lock down a state for any flimsy excuse. how can the state become product. no concern of persons that are doing genuine business here. nonsense

Video: Nigeria soldier begs youths to stop vandalizing NYSC CampVideo: Nigerian soldier begs youths to stop vandalizing NYSC Camp vanguardnews

Dino Melaye accuses Yahaya Bello govt of mobilizing hoodlums to attack his village house - Daily Post NigeriaThe former Senator representing Kogi West, Dino Melaye, on Tuesday accused the Kogi State Government of sponsoring hoodlums to attack his house in the That's right!!! 😒 You are all criminals. Take the case to your criminal circles where y’all commit your atrocities. Seeking cheap popularity and please stop lying