There's no place in Nigeria we have not impacted positively - Buhari - Daily Post Nigeria

There's no place in Nigeria we have not impacted positively - Buhari - Daily Post Nigeria

6/21/2021 10:35:00 PM

There's no place in Nigeria we have not impacted positively - Buhari - Daily Post Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday said his administration has impacted positively all parts of the country regarding infrastructure. Buhari spoke

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday said his administration has impacted positively all parts of the country regarding infrastructure.Buhari spoke during the maiden edition of the APC Progressive Youth Conference held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, on Monday.

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On security, the president, who was represented by Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, restated that anyone found unlawfully bearing arms would be brought to book.He charged the youths to work towards the the betterment of both the country and themselves.

The president admitted that the country at the moment is plunged into unusual security crises ranging from banditry, terrorism, herdsmen and farmers clashes and the activities of the unknown gunmen in the Southeast.He measured that his administration would end the menace, stating that no effort will be spared in the fight against insecurity. headtopics.com

“So far, all the policies, initiatives, projects and even appointments by this administration have been guided by equity and inclusiveness.“There is actually no part of the country that has not been impacted positively in the areas of infrastructure, agriculture and economic support initiative based on peculiarities of the regions.

“Remember, we have no other country but Nigeria. It is the responsibility of every one of us to work towards the development and advancement of this country,” he said. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

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Its true there is no place you never touch by killing innocent citizen of Nigeria ,enemy of youths. 🙆ori iya mi eleko o dis government will neva come back to life again It’s true sir,your Fulani is all over the country killing everything they saw. Thanks very much sir. Don't mind PMB, he meant negatively

Only in the Northern Territory thats why they are still very Heavily blessed with abject incurable poverty. Best solution is giving Biafran Nation independent Really? Which student will write an exam and still mark his/her script and also scores himself /herself Of course, no place have not been positively impacted by your incompetence and sheer negligence.

Yes of course he has speculated terrorists all corners of Nigeria this is his promise

I will never restructure Nigeria, you're naive, ignorant of war - Buhari tells agitators - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has vowed that his administration will not restructure the country. Buhari warned that those agitating for separation and Oga do carry your wahala go abeg 😏 Gambari oshi What is he trying to say Buhari one on one can you beat me?

What’s exactly wrong with this man? Iyandaibadan1 Apparently with the 200% inflation You have impacted positively in these areas; Banditry, Kidnapping, Supporting Terrorism and negotiating with Terrorist Bandits Thunder 🌩 where are you please trick Basket mouth don dey leak again ooo,ooo oo o Abi man yi ti ya werey ni?

That's true! Positively with insecurity and limping infrastural and economic development. Absolutely correct but the looters are blind to see your good work, therefore presido keep doing your best and we lovers of Nigeria and your good work will continue to give you our FULL support.

Revert VAT to 5 percent - Onochie urges Buhari - Daily Post NigeriaA People's Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart, Nnamdi Onochie, has advised the President Muhammadu Buhari government to revert Value Added Tax (VAT) from 7.5

Fact 😂 True with hunger sai Baba Buhari With hunger, oh yes..... That's true The level of hunger and killings are different Oloriburuku somebody this is what happen when you put an illiterate in power u see he did not know the meaning of positive. mumu bubu is a mumu man. JESUS ....of course nah Banditry , killer herdsmen ravaging d country And hardship is up there

Oga you haven't impacted in my community..... The only impact I will say is negative impact with ur maluding brothers destroying our farmlands with ur cattles. I don't like reading anything from dis confused government, government of decit, lies, murders, nepotism. Who has reduced Nigeria to d stage of life support.

Then go to Enugu Onisha express way,,, and drive in that so calld fedral high way then we se....

Libya threatens Africa, UN failed to disarm fighters - Buhari - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated his position that Libya remains a major threat to Africa. He spoke at the 59th Ordinary session of the Authority Go there and do it Buhari will never be honest for one day. Imagine what is coming out from his mouth that “foreign fights are threat to Africa”.How many foreign Fulanis killers in Nig have he arrested or deported?They keep kiling Nig’s and he keep saying the are foreigners. Ur agenda is not hidden You haven’t disarm your own people and you’re talking of another country

It is obvious this man has lost touch with reality…. What is the opposite of positive again? Okay,swap it.....the answer you get is the reason why we have violence everywhere. I come in peace. Baba are u afraid to leave the power My village Nko? We no even her electricity Hahahaha 🤣😂 MBuhari is correct, he has watched and surprised the killing of Nigerians in all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

Shetapp der joor me impact Thunder💥 Impacted rubbish. I first know say you dey mad no be today You may DP posting this news, do you agree with this buharia? All media houses in Nigeria were orderd to boycott Twitter or face sanction... poverty is winning war against majority of the population, insecurity of lives and property and Mr President is saying this

Mali must return to civil rule - Buhari - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday urged West African leaders to mount pressure on the military leadership in Mali to return to civil rule. The Nigeria is a problem to you, leave Mali alone for now and focus, kposhi kposhi Eaya Mali must return to civil rifle rule like in the regime Naija 🤐👍👆 Are your there president, what is your bussiness with mali

With bandits? What about naija Twitter? We felt it here in orsu Imo state with your air bombardments of peoples homes.. BiafraReferendum Oga bu u lie, A very BIG lie Yes,from insurgency, banditry,kidnapping, free speech in the mud and the oga patapata of them all is killing of peaceful protesters. This is the problem. This man is wrongly fed with inaccurate information by his aids and sycophants.

It could be you really dish out monies to your Ministers for Capital projects and for Human youevelopments but majority of them are thieve ... looting and sidefun our commonwealth Wẹyrey Sọrọ Sókè, This version 5.0 Buhari is worst than other ones o. Even Jubrin Al Sudani didn't do up to this Yes , you are absolutely right, impact all parts of Nigeria with hunger, pains, death and poverty.

You are right..we are all feeling the heat

Restructuring: Buhari deceived Nigerians to get votes - Omokri - Daily Post NigeriaReno Omokri, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of being responsible for the secession agitations of Deceiving who? Expect the person has fish brain cos i don't see a herdman scamming anyone in their right mind. My concern is what are we (Youth) putting in place against 2023 election!!! Bcos I personally feel like this wickedness and evil will continue until 2023 when we will get a shot at making a change by voting! But until then WHAT ARE WE PUTTING IN PLACE OOOOOOOO 👀 Idb

Man na big fool It is well with this people.... they can lie... As can be seen, the killings everywhere, speaks for him. As can be seen, the killings everywhere, speaks for itself. Yes, buhari you have impacted positively poverty, hunger, bandits, fulani, killings, terrorism, and you have impacted in the history of Nigeria good inflation and indeed there's no place you have not impacted in Nigeria. Buhari you are great mistake in Nigeria history.

Clowning as usual. Lies like Lai Mohammed LateBuhari is know for failure Werey! Asuu nko Liar 🤥

Stop threatening us with war, we can destroy government - BNL to Buhari - Daily Post NigeriaBiafra Nations League, BNL, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari against threatening secessionist groups in the East with war. The BNL said the people of Which one is BNL again? The land of Biafra is bigger than you can imagine. The ignorant of buhari and other efulefus in Nigeria called it dot in a circle

Baba is just dey throw ironies like missile. Thank God our hailing Haller's are enjoying this wonderful impact with us the wailing wailers.... ndiara everywhere, Sai baba 2027 jor Is it not true? Now that agege bread is been divided into two or three for people just to eat You've done well joor Carry on

Na lie. You only brought pains and agonies to the people of this nation. You really impacted Orly by nearly turning it to a desert. We thank and appreciate you sir.🤡🤡 Are you sure Dear Thor, please it is so important that your hammer that comes with lighting and thunder visits a certain place where a certain man resides and scatter everything. You can even borrow the Holy Ghost fire just incase your own is not enough. Humble request!!!

Is a pure lie This man really needs medical attention Buhari is a teacher an a student at the same time,fulani brain get as dey work🧠

He is simply deluded 🧐 trying so hard to take us back to 1984. I thought Twitter was banned in Nigeria? Please define positive impact again Yes o baba Zahra. You're the best after bread and beans. Kindly list the positive impacts on the south eastern part on naija... Positive Impact in Banditry, Fulani killings, terrorism, inflation. Now the NPF are arresting Igbo youths tagging them IPOB and collecting millions for their release.

Poorly informed due to nepotism Yes, you have richly impacted the whole country postivenagatively. May God forgive you.😭 No three square meal again, businesses no longer interesting. $1 - N508. Hia ooo. One day this man ga ekwuta credit. We are counting... He should've stopped at impacted. Yeah they've impacted everywhere, hunger and insecurity are evenly distributed across the country.

Some one should wake him up form the dream Positive impact how can someone think of saying this with the situation of this country even animals can testify not to talk of Human This man just dey take us catch cruise. You are not telling the truth to the world just think very well before you talk Ofcourse yes. With hunger, starvation, banditry, kidnapping, fulani herdsmen, bokoharam etc.

A day dreamer... This dude is campaigning for an elongated stay in office it seems Well I understand you very well sir I know you are incompetent so i understand so i am not surprised Janjan weed