Childbirth Boom, Pastor Adeboye

Childbirth Boom, Pastor Adeboye

There’ll be a boom in childbirth in 2021 –Adeboye

6/1/2020 10:00:00 AM

There’ll be a boom in childbirth in 2021 –Adeboye

Kayode OyeroThe General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has said the lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic will produce “great things.”The 78-year-old cleric stated this on Sunday during a sermon broadcast live via the church’s media,

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DOVE TV.Adeboye, who traced lockdown to the era of biblical characters like Joseph, Elijah, David, John the beloved, and many others, said one of the “great things” that would come out of the lockdown “is an increase in birth rate” all over the world.

He said, “A lot of great things are going to come out of this lockdown. Let me advise those of you who are pastors – you are resting now; I am busy. Get ready because early next year, you’ll be having a lot of naming ceremonies. You’ll be going from house to house naming newborn babies as a result of the lockdown.”

He noted that the rate of coronavirus recoveries across the globe was “amazing”.Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Who ask u that! Rubbish prophecy. Nothing to say, we know that already Very true! That's obvious Pastor Is that all the prophecy? See this baba,who that one help even five years old boy don talk this ham over 7weeks now baba we are not expecting this cheap talk from you here. We alredy knew that. Is that the only thing he can foresee? He sees nothing about the economy, people getting back their jobs etc. Chai, sorry. It's the home visits borne out of pecuniary interest that is still propelling these merchants calling themselves pastors and all sorts of appellations.

Common sense knows that nau,can this be called 'prophecy'? Common sense tells us that not prophesy. I pray am among in Jesus name Amen They have started again. This man should just retire and allow young people with fresh anointing to carry with the gospel. Na normal tin🤣🤣🤣 He wants to exploit barren couple ,so they will bring their post covid offering & make it big.

My people abeg make una support me by watching, like my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel, I really need your help to make me blow in my new endeavor. Abeg help me na corona make me discover my talent🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 More like stating the obvious Wow Our biggest problem in our society today is the media house. They always try to generate headlines that causes controversies, hatred, and antagonistic views. The media is one of the major causes of the ethnic rivalries and hatred in Nigeria today..

Why do you all think any statement from Pastor Adeboye is a prophecy? Can the obvious be called a prophecy too? 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 What do you expect after the lockdown, Is production of children. Everbody knows the result of the childbirth in 2021 is 2020 Covid-19 QUARANTINE . Permutation with present occurrence. Mathematics at play.

Is this suppose to be a prophesy? After all these 'Lockdown '. Planned and unplanned pregnancy everywhere. This one will just be speaking in the nonsense Is this a prophecy or what? Lol. Nigerian's and stating the obvious sef Sir! You've started again o. Even a blind man can see this coming! Abeg abeg!!!

We have fuck ourself tired now! I just finished 4 round Nigga Raw like this self, but she no go born Sha.,,😃😄😃 Is this a prophecy or just common sense. Even 5 year old kid knows this. It’s even going to be a global thing. Don't trust these news pages.. they have a way of twisting headlines. You can say this again and again: Be prepare for population Explosion.

I pray for my friends and family who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb to be among those who will carry their babies come 2021. Amen in Jesus name Bobo all the way!!! Punch newspaper! The man probably just made a comment everybody knows about in church as a joke. Is this news worthy? You guys need to trim up o.

This was joke, obviously dont have news again What's the meaning of that. it not the obvious What do you expect affect the lockdown Wow so nice This we know right from April 2020... It's common sense And what is the cause? Is this prophecy? It is evident already from events Scientifically proven...b4 una start talk plenty...

This is no prophesy. The lockdown would have encouraged and will still encourage procreation where it still persists. Those babies will be born next year. Amen This is just a prediction which everyone knows. Madness everywhere Amen. Your medulla obloganta is faulty.. or let me say you ran out of ideas.. it is visible to the blind that there will be bloom in childbirth, so stop echoing what everyone already knew

I hope it's not prophesy sha. After months marathon lockdown 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Duh We know you don’t have to tell us . It's a general idea already 😏 For sure ... Finally am becoming a father 2021 🤗 We know sir,it's common sense . Predictions not prophecy This is not a prophecy it's very obvious.. Ds people again PastorEAAdeboye again Who doesn't know, there was lockdown nah so we all know. EndTimePastors

But he never said he's prophesying, I don't know why some people are wailing. So he can't make a valid statement again? So people are high by default sha! Sure, that is the result of quarantined This people self, so cunning Dem don start again o. This one na prophecy again? Old man go and rest. Amen People will eventually have more sex after the lockdown so it will result to childbirth boom that's crystal clear... Why not prophesies economy boom? Economy stagnation is our major problem in Nigeria currently and not child Or is there any year we face recession in childbirth?

Easy guess work This one na prophesy?criminal Very obvious sir Is this suppose to be another scam prophecy? Old conman Aole's curse on yorubas should be your concern This punch sef... I watched dis on Sunday and he said it jokingly, he wasn't prophecying! Hian! And he didn't put it this way abeg He should also know what will claim most of them lock around the corner.

Because there was boom in sex in 2020 Wisdom will not kill me 😃 😃 Media be doing the most. Smh I key ti. That prophecy Normal psychology na Prediction because of house sit at home I have said that before Coro pikins These media guys sure know how to get people's attention. THIS WAS ON A LIGHTNOTE BY BABA MIDWAY HIS SERMON YESTERDAY. HE TALKED ABOUT IT DUE TO HOW LONG THE LOCKDOWN KEPT SPOUSES TOGETHER ALL DAY. NOT A PROPHECY. But as usual, someone needs to be dragged, ride on! Drag Baba!!

I think we know about this logic already sir!. Amen This is not a prophecy is what is sure to come. G O should tell us why Nigeria is failing under his supported govt. He never said it is a prophesy. So, why are people hating? Punch explain in detail please... This is out of common sense Is this suppose to be a prophesy?

Is this a prophesy or what? Are you the National Population commission chairman. Scammer It's natural na, it's not a prophecy, most couples are bored at home, not doing anything except having sex, so automatically, there will be lots of child birth in 2021. Jesus said use your head Why e no go be so wey he be say na so so f**k Una dey f**k , pikin dey fall come from sky . Abegi make I hear word joor!.

Covid-19/lockdown wud be responsible! After effect of covid-19 Really? Is this what’s left for you guys to report ? 😂 😂 Corona babies😂🤣 Obviously pastor Is this supposed to be a prophecy? Isn’t it obvious already? What did you say Isn't it obvious Obviously A boom in childbirth 😂😂😂😂😂 there’s always a boom in childbirth especially in Nigeria 😂😂😂😂 we’re good at that so it’s not new next!!!

In fact I taya for Una matter 😂 Yep; You locked up, get down. It's common sense sha but okay. Is it strange to you daddy G.O? I do not understand this man again See where him mind dey go Shouldn't there be a population control ? Must every birth be an achievement and testimony ? Control your urge or plan your family. Nigeria is over populated and citizens are suffering. Churches should even be in the fore front of child birth control not extolling it.

Story.....we all know that already Do we need a prophet to tell us this? It is easily deducible. We have been home for about 2 months +, gosh No doubt about that, besides, there'll be plenty of yam harvest as well bcoz people did planted a lot of yam heads dat were stored in deir homes dat did began growing.

10yrs old kid know that..: is just common sense. That what will happened when u locked people indoors for months We be know na. Its obvious Everyone is already aware of this! This is no prophecy! I could see this clearly from my workplace(pharmacy), do you need more sir😏 Baby boom is the least of all the things we need in Nigeria now, the government can't even take care the ones we have on ground now

This man only said this joking during the online service yesterday just like every other person have been saying it. Is like you people don't have anything to talk about We know now , say another one Amen 🙏! I receive it in Jesus mighty Name Well, we all know this without prophecy cuz daddy and mommy stays home more these days and there's is greater chance

Obviously It was actually a joke Na de quarantine bring dis prophecy Amen I receive my babies Covid19 babies. This is not a prophecy, it's simple logic. The lockdown is responsible. Wow, what a prophecy. Like its not so obvious to a blind man that would happen considering the situation we're in is it prophesy or forecast?

Is this also a prophecy? Fake pastor Big vision from the ‘man of God’😳 No be only boom is boom shakalaka 🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂 Liar It's not a rocket science! What manner of prophet is this? Always telling us the obvious. Who doesn't know more women will get impregnated worldwide due to this 2 to 3months of Covid19 lockdown?

Baba hope this is not supposed to be prophecy bcs we all know that next year there will be mass production of babies is this a prophecy or normal pamutation Is this a prediction/Prophecy or what everyone knows as we have been at home since March firing in all cylinder.... My two neighbors' wives are pregnant for 6th and 7th times respectively. Babes are coming! We know.

That's sure now .. Amen Hahaha Is this really the topic we should be discussing now,is this a prophesy, vision, quotation or forecast.someone should help me please. Amen. I partake of it Rubbish. Is that the problem facing you today? Is that the Fulani that are occupying your land today? You are rejoicing for boom in birth rate, where will they live when Fulani have occupied every space?

We all know na. Which other work will couples that stayed 1 full month at home do? It's procreation na. Uncle predict another one Is that suppose to be a profecy or what? We all know that... Everyone is aware of that. Fake man... Non of the so called prophet had ever predicted Covid-19 Is this a prophecy or a fact, couples have been at home having sex and eating. What other outcome should we be expecting?

😄😄😄 LOL, This can not be a prophecy is just commonsense! Don't tell us want we know already, what results are you expecting when people of opposite sex are lock down for months. Please we are not interested with all this news, where is your son VP Prof Osinbanjo May Lord protect us. For this pandemic again

This publication is as useless as punch toilet paper itself, joke as become headline. I just hissed Naturally You didn't read the article, you didn't check through comments to see if there's a catch to it. You just came and started criticising. Nigerians deserve the media they have Everyone knows this. The lockdown keep husband and wife in for too long. I actually had prophesied that long ago. See something else!

Do we need any prophet to tell us this? Are you anticipating that the lockdown was used for making babies? Meaning what? We know already.....this quarantine Is just a marathon sex for couple.. Single stay out of this ...... Lol. This man and all this talk dem self. Really? What a revelation! This is not a prophesy na , we all know 🤣🤣🤣

This man is using psychology for people.Pastor my foot.!!! So? Child bearing hav been there hope this is not prophesy? This ain't prophecy but jst a normal prediction anybody can predict...exactly the outcome of lockdown! How far my fellow inmates🙄 how many kids are you expecting next year?😂 Lol This journalist will not kill someone , na wetin he talk be that? This is how you people cause problem everywhere

Plenty children in the midst of abject poverty Amen ijmn Who doesn't know that It's not rocket science na, people are doing compulsory honeymoon termed 'isolation', what do y'all expect? Just common sense. Common knowledge to all that population of Nigeria, Africa and whole world would explode the signs are already visibly there, women are now seen with protruding stomachs

Is this also a revelation? 😂😂😂 This man you're not serious. Is this a prophecy? People have been indoors having fun, so what do expect...? Its called multiplications Yes oooo😊 We all know that. Next please! AMEN!!! This is no news. Corona holiday must certainly have more pregnancies evolving. Talk another thing abeg

Knowing That Lockdown Have Made Many Pregnant 🙄🙄 That's Not Prophecy But Pure Anticipation And Analysis 🙄🙄 We know already. People dey house since It's logical. Couples have time to stay and attend to each. We already know that sir We already know that one nah. You can't lock men n women at home for months n expect massive graduation afterwards. You get massive child birth

That's ain't a prophesy Result of lockdown 👶👶👶👶👶 Who doesn't know that's the result of all these lockdown sex? False prophet ! We know this one already, results of lock down sex will manifest 9months later which is approximately 2021, so needless telling us there will b boom, it's obvious already Lol I understand as parents are at home lockdown bcos of covid-19. Na fire down between

People will take this as a prophecy now This is not a prophecy because even devil knows that... just lockdown for 4 months plus every body knows what gonna happened next year... husbands have time for their wives But u didn’t see Coronavirus coming Oga pastor pls pack well Mr. Obvious aka Daddy GO. People have been locked indoors for almost 3 months. With nothing else to do for fun, boys will be boys and girls will be girls = babies. Very obvious. No prediction needed.

Amen Fish inside geisha A boom in childbirth ffs, is it economics We are still on the matter This is commonsensical Baba want to invest in diaper company. And I think that is better than church investment. See Wetin lockdown cause Is this supposed to be a prophesy?😂 There was an atleast 2 months lockdown around the world. More sex was sexed. The result will be more pregnancies and then more babies. I hope no one shouted any AMEN to this talk? CommonSense PastorEAAdeboye

Amen Logic!! NASO_E_BI 😂 🤣 I honestly hope he didn't say this. Please let this be a misquote.. 🤣 🤤 Cos if it isn't then all the sheeple are really brain dead. 😂 🤣 🤡 🤡 Let's do this 💪, follow... ✔️HagzDGeniuz ✔️HagzDGeniuz ✔️HagzDGeniuz I follow back instantly 💪😍 Nigerians are quick to attack pastors. 99% didn't read the whole story or watch the video. They only read media captivating headline and boom they are attacking pastors.... This man didnt say it as prophecy, he was just talking normally

Obviously because people are stuck at home as a result of lockdown,so yes,that is very much expected!! The dead must be replaced while we pray for their repose. Is this one a prophecy or prediction? Its obvious. Husbands have been with their wives, boyfriends with girlfriends, some people now believe in YOLO n other factors put together. Prediction I say

Oga why state the obvious mbok? After keeping people at home for so long what do u think the end result would? Msteeeeeew 😌😌 I hope you won't call this a priohecybbwcause we know this already. But ofcourse, what do you think people were doing during lockdown Copulating ofcourse And you call that good thing with the level of poverty and population in Nigeria

Is this a prophecy or are you saying this based on your instincts? Most husbands stayed home for close to 3 months owing to lockdown, so it's expected. Punch! Don't you guys have meaningful news than all these gibberish from these desperate pastors? Pathetic! What kind of news is this one This is not a prophecy but the reality and the effect of being lockdown with your woman for 2months

And I'll be among fathers next year! abortion doctors might have a lot on their hands also So he’s just realizing this now, Is what everyone has predicted since the lockdown started Okay. Social distancing. Social hmmm with the family will result into multiple birth. Amen Is that a prophecy or the obvious based on the lockdown?

Oga what's in your head? Unthink it now Daddy don old Is this supposed to be a prophesy? Mschewwwww Na normal level, you don’t expect couples to be together during this lockdown without making babies Is it easy? There's an economic downturn coupled with the fear of contracting Covid19, and this will lead to an increase in libido and fertility in Nigeria? Dream on.

And u consider this news? Wow! So much for journalism. Before. My mama self is aware of that, Sir Did you spoke with the Creator of heavens and earth and He SWT told you that? Stop Prophesizing lies and falsehood in the name of prophecies please. God told you nothing! All this men of God always guessing and Nigerians always fall for it. I like this 😂

I watched this live yesterday, this wasn't his message but he only mentioned it jokingly when he talked about the effect of the lockdown. So it's just what media will always fo; sensationalism to drive traffic. It was a joke.... You see this media sef. Of course. Result of staying in lockdown Hope to have enough resources to go round

When the government can not provide for it's citizens over population becomes a problem to the Nation o. But all the same Amen to the prophecy. nothing new Hopefully there will be a boom in farmers too. Can he actually a dress the The rape issue that happened in onenof his Local church and leave Childbirth to people that want to have childbirth 2021. JusticeForUwa

O.M.G Really?! 😱 Ride on papa It's common sensical due to long time lockdown, it's not any prophecy or revelation Amen Pastor It's very funny how my generation filter sense and hold on to nonsense. Wow. Tomorrow will be Tuesday and the 2nd of June in 2020 No food oooooooooo,Hmmmmmmmmm Thank you Jesus 🙏 Pls Nigeria is suffering from over population already. Its common sense that Nigerians should take birth control seriously.

What a joke, even a 10 year old child can sit and make such a revelation. Nigerians, especially his tribe men don't believe in birth control so why won't be BOOM in birth rate? This one na logic na... Taking into consideration d whole stay at home thing that happened this year That should not b a prophecy

The one that am afraid of is this SS1 to SS3 girls ,thier mothers and fathers should keep a close eye to avoid wahala. Helleluyah I predict this on day one so come to my church idiots... Amen Prophecy based on statistics This one na prophecy Technically, yes. But don't come and tell us its a prophecy🚶 😂😂😂 Who doesn't know

If you are here and you insult men of God be informed that the same seed in you causing you to abuse them will soon lead you to rape and kill someone. Is this supposed to be prophecy or prediction due to the Covid-19 stay at home 🏠 order? This man isn't well. We all know nah. There was lockdown. We've been quarantined for weeks , it's No Rocket Science

See guys be it prophecy or joke we don't have to speak against or criticize our spiritual leaders as we criticize our political leaders. Leaders are leaders for they see far ahead of us that's why they are our leaders. There will be January in 2021 We already know I have never commented on any of papa adeboye's prophecies.. but this one I will use style and reject it.

Is he adding this to his prophecies? Because we all knew that after two months of lockdown and better fuck going on the results are just going to be babies.. Some fools will still shout I receive This man is funny, staying at home means a lot of women are at home with their husband. So need to say na prohency haba we are have ideal of this. Just say another thing

It’s a no brainer Without saying we all know that. During this lockdown what do you expect us to do with our spouses? Looking at them with 2 meters apart? I strongly believe but I hope the fear of God will be in them Sure effect of Covid ajokukk Udedibia Who no know before , I beg shut up Is normal oga when govt lock us insides for almost 2 months what do you expect. This one no be prophecies abegi

Going through many replies here, it shows how dumb people are. Either you didn't read the details or you have problem with understanding things. He never said it was a prophesy, he said 'there will be many babies in 2021 because of the lockdown' Baba tell us more about corona not what we already know How many people will die more? When will corona end?

Being a man of God is pretty easy. Check weather forecast , read journals, follow up latest news , Gather up your predictions, use common sense and....... boom! “PROPHET JEGUDUJERA says there will be plenty rain in 2020, and sinners will suffer” 😂 amen? Yeah... what the world seriously need right now heh?

We know cos of lockdown Pls they should spare us all these bunch of lies if they can't use their miracle to cure Covid-19 Common sense will tell you that! Duh!! How is this news? Them don come again o 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 na wá be sheer logic? CHARLATAN Ne_yoo12 Even a dummy could tell Fantabulous! Is that something we should be happy about.

We don't need prophecy for this one naw. When you lock man and woman for house say na lockdown... Children go follow up. What did expect, when husband and wife are on lock down. Is that one a prophecy? Its an obvious fact glaring in our eyes Amen, amen and amen. 🤣😂 lockdown matter Courtesy of lockdown....another population density in view...

Even a dummy could tell SamuelAyeni3 Come and see demography expert 😁 Everybody knows this already. We no that one already Prophet prophesying Is this one prophecy too? You don't need to say it because covid19 lock down necessitates that since husbands are mostly close to their wives. That's logical sir......

Before you start shouting this is a prophecy, please note that nobody needs spiritual connection to predict 2021 baby boom! As a result of lockdown This is general knowledge and not prophecy because of the lockdown Nigerian youths exercise their power and vocal strength on the social media. I wish they can do the same in real life and when it comes to voting.

Hehehehehe😂😂😂make I start to check myself!🤣 Someone will eat beans today ... prophesy omo yeyeyeye Obviously. I only pray it extends to those women who have been crying secretly... God dey Every well thinking person should predict this..Lockdown due to Covid19 a huge factor. Our munmun don do. No brainer

Is this a Spiritual Vision or a mere deduction from the mass copulation obviously imposed by COVID 19 Lockdown? By the way, not a few brethren are at a loss as to how & why COVID 19 & its huge socioeconomic & political disruptions managed to escape most GOs' new year predictions! Professor of Mathematics using his expertise 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Are we just passing off common sense observations as prophecies now? We know...he should say something else Normal thing . people ain't going out what do u expect to be the result ? Boom in car buying Environmental sanitation 😂😂😂😂 Even me know that I’m not a prophet but I have forecast that tooo Genius

That's normal without being told, world population will still be at balance even if not increased. Around January/febuary,there will be a spike in global childbirth. Pastors and Alfas should be prepared because all the money lost during lockdown will be recovered soon.Good news! So what happens then? Yea. I'm sure he didn't say it's a prophecy. It's just common sense.

We know! Not a must to talk if there's nothing new to say! People should be wiser now! Time of speaking with psychology is over. So, who no sabi this one? Nah wa o A joke from the sermon hitting the headlines? A lot here didn't read. A click bait most people fall for. Read ! Read!! Read!!! Predictable. You should talk about the girl that was killed in your Church at Edo state sir. We already know because goals have been scored and we are still scoring. E Sir say something else.

It's common knowledge Obviously now.. That's the only kind of prophecy you can see And this supposed to news🚶🏼🚶🏼🚶🏼 So I Would Be Giving a Free Lecture On mini importation from China, Turkey and how you can source for goods 10 different site with cheap products yourself. This webinar is coming up on 6th of June 2020 Paid class inclusive. Click here to join the class

Gracious Lord, extending 2 Chro.16:9 to his immediate servants! Not even things behind closed doors.☺ And Nigerians will believe this to be a prophecy when the shit is obvious to even a toddler but your God didn’t tell you a lady will be butchered in his temple. SMH It's a common prediction that even the blind can see. What the hell is NEWS about it? Because it is Adeboye who said it? Mtcheeww....

This isn't a prophecy at all. Even a fool knows this - considering the lockdown of 2020. This one no be prophesy na....even the blind can see that...ppl been staying at home for months,what do u expect Amen Amen This is a basic thing everybody knows. Not a spiritual or vision matter. dey bam Ofcourse!! Soo many couples had unprotected sex and in 9months time, invariably in 2021, they will give birth. Too much sense

How do we embrace this kind of news considering the situations of things. Hmmmm The covid 19 lockdown contributed greatly to it. So this is not new. Before nko,🤷 Prophetic prowess from our Daddy in the lord.... I just dey laugh here I still ponder why media house carry such news, dash it to soft sell papers or people that practice yellow journalism. I don’t expect this from Punch, abeg!!

What are we to do with this now? Why people like others to listen to they shit.? this is nonsense Laughable This is a normal prediction.. Who doesn't know this after keeping the people at home for 3month..this man is just a scam. Why wasn't there a prediction of this COVID19 pandemic. Just curious. God must have surely revealed it someone. Where are the prophets?

People are doing more overtime at night and day.. God is good all the time 🙌🙌 Una no get news to publish? Is this a prophecy or? 2019, you no tell us say Coro dey come for 2020 o. is dis supposed to b a prophecy? bcoz it's an obvious fact for evry reasonable human. Is there any year we don't experience childbirth boom? We are not through with the pandemic of 2020 na 2021 childbirth be matter. Childbirth boom is the hobby of mankind and there is no special thing here. My naija people no go wound me with 😂

joker There will be rainfall in August. Amen B4 nko? Logically and statistically it's gonna happen. Even you, na ur age go stop u from impregnating ur wife dis period. Wow! Meaning more tithes? Bless God! Come and grab a copy Thedami_wahab 😂 Soft work Rubbish Na your members we go fuck na Is this one a prophesy?

I receive mine... I’m even short of word ..... This is logical now!!! Is this a prophecy again? Haaa..... oma wa ga bayi oooo... 🤐🤐🤐 It's obvious... this one no be prophecy o Amen, most sincere and dedicated and respected messenger of God. May ya live long in Jesus name. I don’t understand why people are still believing this set of people calling them self prophetess is it God that told him that child birth will increase by next year because I believe as a normal person you should know it will definitely happen 🤝🖕🏿

I receive the prophecy in Jesus name Amen. He's indirectly urging his followers to have more births. Its not a prophecy. Its just a simple fact. That's not rocket science na. Do we say we don’t know 🖕🏿🖕🏿 Okay, so what ? From the whole did Una see carry. Press seff😒🤔 Common sense......why them no talk say Coro go come for 2020....nonsense, with all the plenty predictions for 2019, wey them no gree let us hear word.

It is obvious, u locked people up for months and u expect them not to get their groove on My people have you ever seen a pastor in this country that always preach against Nigerian politicians and look into their eyes and tell all those politicians truths.. to let them know God Vengeance are upon them Pls check if there is something abt their safety & security on the same server

Exactly. There will be sunshine in Nigeria today. How many times will u post this? Una no get another news again? Hypocrite Hmm hmmm a word is enough for the wise all u brothers that doesn’t like to wear raincoat this year might be your year of unexpected miracle God is Good. Liverpool will win the Premiere League this 2020

This one na prophesy? It stands to reason We all know Natality rate will be so so high You don't need to be a prophet to know this! Lol confused people is this a prophecy? We already know 😊 Fools everywhere We purse know this not until u come online to tell us I agree totally What are you doing to create a future for them because the once already here can't eat well

You ran out of ideas. You are echoing what everyone already knew. Col Umar warned against nepotism, so does obasanjo. Ayo Adebanjo insists on return to founding agreement, nnamdi kanu exercises right of Self determination etc and you are sermonizing already known natural result AB g Amen. Anybody can prophesy this one

Those that want to reduce the global population through covid have mistakenly increase it through the same covid lockdown. A paradox. Is this one prophesy again? Can't you people see that this man is a clown? A mere prediction.. we all know the impact of this lockdown Is this suppose to be a prophecy of what?

You don't need any prophecy for this na, we had same during Ebola Really, am expecting my grandma to have a twin be that ooo We already know this so it should not pass as a prophesy sir. And who dont know that people stuck at home have been having sex and will be having babies next year? That's not the major issue.. Anyways, I follow back

You don start again, mumu man When you are on a lock down with only your wife or babe what do you expect Nah baby manufacturing is activated Like what do u think has been happening doing lockdown? All day all night !!!!

Pastor Adeboye reveals what God told him about COVID-19 death, releases early 2021 prophecyPastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), on Sunday said a lot of great things will come out of the lockdown imposed due to the deadly coronavirus. Adeboye in a sermon during a live broadcast to his members on Sunday, predicted that many babies will be birthed in early EmmanuelOkoch20 U people like making issues out of ordinary speeches and it's disgusting...very disgusting Scammmm!

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Man United to extend Ighalo’s loan until January 2021Lol I said it, More goals pon Ighalo’s Head top. Odioooonnnn!! ⚡️⚡️ Like I know 😏

Athletic Bilbao coach, Garitano, extends contract until 2021

Pastor Adeboye reveals what God told him about COVID-19 death, releases early 2021 prophecyPastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), on Sunday said a lot of great things will come out of the lockdown imposed due to the deadly coronavirus. Adeboye in a sermon during a live broadcast to his members on Sunday, predicted that many babies will be birthed in early EmmanuelOkoch20 U people like making issues out of ordinary speeches and it's disgusting...very disgusting Scammmm!

Lockdown’ll lead to baby boom – AdeboyeNa person wey need baby o Hmmmm And that's double the poverty level 🤭🤭🤭🤭