Dr. D.K Olukoya

Dr. D.K Olukoya

The Prayer Battle II

The Prayer Battle II

8/1/2021 7:18:00 AM

The Prayer Battle II

Last week, I began to explain to you that if there is another name for this world, it is trouble and battle. Life is a battle. We all have battles to

O God arise, and let my enemies be scattered in the name of Jesus.Some who have confronted the true children of God just received arrows of torment from God’s angels that torments them day and night. Some have been eaten up by worms.Others have eaten their own flesh and drank their own blood. Some have been skinned alive and thrown into dungeons. Some have been converted to animals and made to partner with beasts and animals.

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Some have had their power base cut off and dismantled. I can testify to each of the things I am telling you now. Some have had invisible whistle from heaven, turning them to mad dogs.Some who are Goliaths have received holes in their foreheads. Some have become victims of their own weapons of war. Some have had their faces smashed in their crystal balls or in their dark mirrors.

Some have been forced to carry their own load of wickedness. Some have had forces from heaven throwing stones against them on earth.Some have been dealt with as written by the Psalmist”Let their way be dark and slippery, and let the angels of the Lord pursue them day and night. Let their loins shake continuously.” headtopics.com

Some have had their idols turning against them simply because they decided to attack a true child of God.Powers gathered to attack me, hear the word of the Lord, destroy yourselves in the name of Jesus.In spiritual warfare, there must be discernment on who and where the enemy is. You must know what the problem is. Is it that the body is just simply malfunctioning?

Is it a curse? Is it a covenant? Is it demonisation? Is it self inflicted? Is it the activities of eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood? Is it an enemy in the camp? The Bible says members of the household of Samson bound him and handed him over to the enemy. The Bible also says the enemies of a man shall be the members of his household.

 Is it domestic witchcraft? Is it bewitchment? What kind of problem is it? If the root is unknown, sometimes the problems just remain because you do not know the root of the battle.Many are unable to see the root of the battle and because the enemy has blinded so many people’s visions and they will not see the root of the battle.

And the reason some people do not dream or they dream and forget is because the enemy does not want them to know the root of the battle.And so because the enemy does not want the person to see the root, the person is not able to pray sharp shooting prayers. headtopics.com

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 The enemy has dealt with so many people by putting a concrete on top of their spiritual lives. So they come to church, and all the preaching, all the teaching, all the prayers are like sowing seeds on a concrete.No matter how regularly you water a concrete slab, no matter what fertiliser you put upon it, no matter how strong your seed is, no matter how experienced the farmer is, the seed will not grow on concrete. Why? Because there is no contact between the seed and the soil.

The devil has put concrete slab on top of the soil of so many lives and this can be discouraging and frustrating.I am praying that if there is anyone in that category that the enemy has put a concrete slab on the person’s life, let the concrete crack open so that good seeds can grow in the name of Jesus.

When there are situations like this, you need the ministry of the prayer battles. There are three major ways to be delivered when you are in trouble or you are under the attack of the enemy:1. Becoming mature in Christ: When you grow in Christ. There is automatic deliverance by growing in faith. When you grow, you sort of grow above the attack the enemy is bringing.

As your life gets more and more on fire for God, certain spirits just have to leave because they find you uncomfortable. The fire upon you and your growth subjects them to discomfort.That is why the Bible asked us to grow. It says if you remain as a baby, the enemy will just be messing you up. headtopics.com

 Know the truth and let the truth set you free. You read, study the word of God, memorise the word of God, know your authority in Christ as a believer, claim the promises of God.But when you notice that these two are not solving the problem, or the concrete is becoming harder, then you are only left with

 The ministry of prayer battle which some people call “The Ministry of Conflict”. And this is why we are declaring this prayer battle.A lot of people have passed through a lot of stress with the current situation going on in our world. Many have become mentally imbalanced. Some have never been so sad in their lives.

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The enemy has used the period to launch warfare against the body, soul and spirit of many. Wicked powers, hiding behind the pandemic to attack me, die in the name of Jesus. Battles in my life assigned to disgrace me, what are you waiting for? Die in the name of Jesus.*

How Do You Engage in Prayer Battle and Succeed?1) The first key is the key of repentance. Perfect repentance requires the truth concerning the areas in question.Without being truthful, you cannot be set free, because truth sets free. No one can see a demon in operation until repentance is complete in that area of your life.

Complete repentance is essential because without such a foundation of repentance, the spirit will re-enter. Some people have areas in their lives by which the enemy is using to come back. For some people, it is anger. For some, it is lying. It keeps entering back.

When a sinful activity is stopped in the flesh, all the spirits that are attached to it will run away because they no longer have a legal hold. Ignorance of this principle of repentance has produced so much sorrow.An unrepentant person is a failure in the school of prayer battle. Each hidden, unconfessed, unforsaken sin makes you a laughing stock in the eyes of the enemy, because the enemy knows that they are still inside.

You will say “you power troubling me, get out now in the name of Jesus” and the demon will say “calling Lucifer over” who will say “come with your message”. He says “this is demon 770, this woman or man wants me to go.” He replies “okay, let us check our records”. He checks and says “demon 770, remain there. This one is an adulterer, you cannot leave, remain there”. So, they just stay.

Anytime you say “you demon, get out!”, he says “I demand a phone call”. They call their headquarters to see whether they can go or they can still remain.That is why the first message on any deliverance ground is repentance. Discernment. It is important to discern what you are fighting about. It is important to discern what you are fighting against.

 Most bad spirits are not so easily identified, for their survival depends on concealment of their identity. When you are able to identify that this is the problem, then they know they are about to go. Persistence. It is rare to see a demonic structure that has taken many years to build, destroyed in a single prayer meeting.

Something has been going on in somebody’s life since he was a baby and now he is 50 years old, one session will not destroy that thing. However, the enemy can be wounded and hurt in that encounter. So what to do is to attack. And attack. And attack. And attack. And attack, giving the enemies no time to regroup, no time to reinforce. You keep the enemy off balance.

Demanding the release of all occupied territories emotionally, physically and spiritually and in the case of multiple conflicts, all of them must be defeated before complete victory is known. When somebody has just a single battle to fight, it is sometimes easy to just get over it. But when you see somebody, the person is fighting seven different battles at the same time, you look at the person:

i. She has married into warfare. That is, when you marry into a demonic family, you have married into warfare.ii. You are suffering from what we call in MFM envious witchcraft. You have not done anything wrong but they are fighting you out of envy.iii. The enemy has decided that you will not even marry.

iv. Your mother is from the marine. She has marine powers, and so you have been polluted with that power.v. The enemy has decided to attack you with poverty. So here she is, five different battles fought.So, if you do not have discernment or no good prophet who will now help you separate the battles into (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5), and say “madam, start with battle (1). After that, go to battle (2).

 If you do not have that kind of person to assist you, or if you are not going to places where they understand prayer battles, you will be praying general prayers which will affect nothing.This is why I decree by the anointing that breaketh yokes, and by the spirit of the prophets, that anyone here with long term battles: tonight, I command the battles to die in the name of Jesus.*

 So, repentance, discernment, persistence. You keep attacking. Some people may say sometimes “why is that we always keep repeating prayers?” It is because you must keep the attack on.Violence. The Bible says “the violent taketh it by force”. You need violence. Violent prayers, violent praises.

In battling stubborn problems, you keep up the barrage of prayers. Give no rest. You can ask the angels of God to chase them and harass them. You can ask the angel of God to bruise them and flatten their heads. You can cut off the heads of their serpents and cut off the tails of their scorpions.

You can order their princes and rulers to be bound with chains. You can tell the enemies that they must fight themselves. And the smaller enemies will begin to fight the bigger enemies.You order them to dispatch and attack each other. You must not be ignorant at all. Spiritual violence is required. Violent prayers are required for violent situations.

 A lot of terrible things are going on all over the place. We should change our realm of praying. Wicked enemies, wicked prayers. Violent enemies, violent prayers. Merciless enemies, merciless prayers.You may find some christians who say “no, we do not want to pray these kinds of prayers”. No problem, let them stay where they are. Let them remain on their lane. You remain on your lane and keep the bombardment on.

PRAYER POINTSVoices of my glory stolen by the enemy, I recover you by fire in the name of Jesus.2.) O God arise, let my stubborn enemies bury themselves in the name of Jesus. 3.) Powers swallowing my favour, you are liars, die in the name of Jesus.4.) Satanic bullets lodging in my body, catch fire in the name of Jesus.

5.) Voices of “thou shall not prosper”, you are liars, expire in the name of Jesus. 6.) Satanic priests on the payroll of my enemies, die in the name of Jesus.7.) Powers commanding my glory to die, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus. Read more: LEADERSHIP Newspaper »

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