The brief: Assassinated monarch; Abiola care; Kano school murder

1/25/2022 11:39:00 AM

In the Brief today, a monarch in Ogun is assassinated, several others killed; Abiola's medicare peeps beyond the grave; school death killing prompts revoking of private school licences -

Good day. >Hello, and welcome to the Brief. From Bayelsa to Ogun, it is about monarchs. One is assassinated in Ogun, another is deposed in Bayelsa.June 12 - and its memories - are haunting the country again. Abdulsalami opened a can of worms about the cause of death of MKO Abiola. The family fires back about how Abiola was denied medical care.

The death of schoolgirl Hanifa in Kano has prompted the government to revoke licences of all private schools statewide. What more to be expected in ongoing investigation?Monarch assassinated, others burntClash over a chieftaincy title has resulted in the assassination of the Alagodo of Agodo in Ogun, Oba Ayinde Odetola, and the

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Hakn yy kyau It's so sad It's so crazy 😫 that the Authorities are the one's killin' the people they should protect JusticeForHanifa Nigeria, one day, one trouble. This is crazy.everyday fuck news

Abiola died after falling ill, was not killed - General AbdulsalamiGeneral Abdulsalami Abubakar, a former military Head of State, says late Moshood Kashimawo Abiola, acclaimed winner of the June 12 1993 Presidential So he was an insider...? I thought only Mustapha and probably Rogers - the 2 chief principal executionísts of the Abacha junta can speak on Abiola's death. So if this 1 is saying something now, then, lots of the fulani/northern officers in the Army back then would be in the know. WHERE WERE YOU DURING OPUTA PANEL ERA?, . EVEN 2,3,4 YEARS AGO WHERE WERE YOU. OH, MAYBE YOU JUST REMEMBERED HOW IT HAPPENED. THIS NEW GENERATION OF YORUBAS WON'T BE BOUGHT LIKE THEIR FATHERS. FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow REFERENDUM You gave him a cup of tea, and after drinking the tea, he became very sick and died shortly after. What did you put in his tea?

Angry Youths Set Kano Private School On Fire Over Hanifa’s Murder | Sahara ReportersTanko masterminded the abduction of Hanfia, while on her way from Islamiyya School in December and subsequently killed her. Just a teacher in a school, but see what you have brought to the owner of the school and you have also render other teachers jobless. But i don't support the burning of the school. There is nothing about that school at all! 🤬 Only if Lagos pple can but na so so social media hype and photo ups activist...

BREAKING: Aisha Buhari backs calls for public execution of Hanifa's proprietorThere has been reactions from different people concerning the murder of a Kano 5 years old Hanifa, who was Abducted and killed by her school Proprietor. One thing I like about Northern youths is that Dem no dey wait for God to revenge They revenge immediately So what about all those bandit and boko haram that where captured? The child killer deserve more

Angry youths set ablaze school where Hanifa Abubakar was buried in KanoNoble Kids Comprehensive College, the school where suspected kidnappers buried a murdered five-year-old girl, Hanifa Abubakar, has been set ablaze by angry youths in Kano. Fine and good I think that is what we need in Nigeria now🙌🙌 Setting the school ablaze will not stop what has happened. Now how many children will be at home just because we donot think before we act?

Hanifa: Kano revokes licences of all private schools, to commence recertification | TheCableHanifa: Kano revokes licences of all private schools, to commence recertification via thecableng Why throwing away baby with bathwater? Alakoba. In what way is revocation of licenses a solution to what happened? I hope this is not a ploy to milk private school owners. New criteria can be developed and enforced on schools not revoking unexpired licenses.

Kano police arraign three suspects over Hanifa's murderKano State Police, on Monday, arraigned three suspects over the kidnap and murder of Hanifa Abubakar at a Kano Chief Magistrate Court 12, Gidan Murtala.