Teachers to get free data regularly - Minister – Daily Trust

Teachers to get free data regularly – Minister

10/10/2019 5:32:00 AM

Teachers to get free data regularly – Minister

Minister of Education Adamu Adamu has said public schools teachers would be given 1GB (Gigabyte) data free to enable them to access and browse the internet on a regular basis. Adamu, who was represented by the Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, at the 2019 World Teachers Day celebration on Saturday in Abuja, said …

Minister of Education, Malam Adamu AdamuMinister of Education Adamu Adamu has said public schools teachers would be given 1GB (Gigabyte) data free to enable them to access and browse the internet on a regular basis.Adamu, who was represented by the Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, at the 2019 World Teachers Day celebration on Saturday in Abuja, said the ministry was working with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and other stakeholders to provide at least 1GB of data free to each public school teacher to surf the web and obtain educational materials.

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ADVERTISEMENTHe said government was also working to obtain life insurance policy for all public school teachers and that families of all insured teachers would be given benefits upon the death of the holder.ADVERTISEMENTOVER 5,000 NIGERIAN MEN HAVE OVERCOME POOR BEDROOM PERFORMANCE SYNDROME DUE TO THIS BRILLIANT DISCOVERY

In that regard, government would pay N1 million as premium for male teachers, N1.2 million for female teachers while science teachers would be insured with N1.5 million, he said.President Muhammadu Buhari, represented by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami said the theme of this year’s celebration, ‘Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession,’ highlighted the need for attracting and keeping the brightest minds and young talents in the teaching profession.

He said teachers were in the forefront of ensuring the achievement of inclusive education.“Inclusive education is achievable through accepting, understanding and attending to student differences and diversities which include among others physical, cognitive, academic, social and emotional differences,” he said.

He said there was the urgent need for policies that would provide allowances and initiate annual retention benefits for teachers to attract them to rural communities.“The federal government shall collaborate with state governments with a view to providing incentives to teachers, especially in the rural areas with a view to encouraging young talents to the teaching profession,” he said.

L-R: Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, Elusakin Agnes iyabo, Minister of Water Resources, Engr. Suleiman H. Adamu and Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki at the 2019 World Teachers Day celebration in Abuja,

A total of 24 awards were conferred on different beneficiaries including Elusakin Agnes iyabo from Lagos State, who won the best public school teacher award, given a new Hyundai Sonatra car and Owabi Ifeoma, from Anambra State, who also received new Hyundai Elantra car as winner of the best school administrator award.

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Also, Adebiyi Abiola Temitayo from Ogun State, winner of the best teacher, private school category award got new Hyundai Accent, Flora Azikiwe Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Neni, Anabra State, winner of best school, public category award got the donation of 18 seater bus from JAMB while Pearlville School, Avu, Owerri, Imo State, winner of the best school, private category, also got 18 seater bus.

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki won the most education friendly governor award. Read more: Daily Trust »

Implement their salaries is far better then that of 1GB Sir. So funny Why not Mr Minister provide wireless to all public schools? Is this what we need? This man, knows nothing.... 1GB a day or 1GB a month, there’s a big difference Another Major SCAM to embezzled Funds This man is confused. What is that for? Instead of him to fight SexForGrades, he proposed nonsense. NaijaStory

That is if they know how to browse. Eehhhehhhhhh!!! Na bad market u want to start...blue film go finish for internet... Chaiiiii....see mismanagement Lol, don't the minister realise how little 1GB is for the purpose of learning? Another scam when will these people stop deceiving people Its cheaper if we put free restricted wi-fis

Another Scam like the school feeding program Great! When I see it happening seamlessly, I will applaud the honourable minister. He should also fasttrack teacher training, radical infrastructure rehabilitation, including cutting edge across the board upgrades of school facilities, up to date school books, safety & security..

I want to ask these questions pls: 1-Who will pay for the data? Federal or states governments? 2- Where and when are they going to be using it? Home, school, during school hours or after closing.... Give them better salaries. Good step but funny 1GB doesn't last more than 3-5 days, let them do more! Good Idea to give teachers internet access. Why not provide wireless networks for schools so that teachers and students can have access to the internet while in school.

Is the 1gb for one day or a whole month? It is a good plan. But note should be taken in order not to deviate from the main plan. Forward ever smart phone before the data pls, That’s commendable but they need more than that coz if actually yo pay for data, you would know that 1 gig don’t pass a week and it done

Hope they will use it to chat on Facebook ShehuSani Nice initiative but most of them can't afford smartphones ShehuSani In the instant of our first breath, we are infused with the single greatest force in the universe--the power to translate the possibilities of our minds into the reality of our world

Another way to embezzle funds and to make teachers lazy....they will do more of Facebook and watch Nigerian movies online than research. Stop wasting your time, Teachers are not after data; they are after welfare ShehuSani Adamu Adamu. 😂😂 Do they all have phones, which part of the country are you referring to, electricity nko to charge n recharge phones n or laptops. Finally sir, at what cost, one of the former minister of agriculture tried something like this for the farmers sometime ago, it never worked.

ShehuSani Hmm lol.Don't forget most of the teachers are using small phone that cannot browse and even those with android phone will use the data for it purpose. I think it's better if you increase their monthly salary than this 1GB Majority of the teachers will use it to download nude pictures instead.

New tactics to steal ShehuSani But thats not our problem at all. This is just another opportunity for the opportunist. Nigeria is so unprepared for the future. Have you even done any research to know how many have smartphones or are internet savvy? Did they even have the android phone to use, talk less of data

Will it get to private schools teachers too? ShehuSani See the face of minister of education, what is in this head that I'm seeing? hope your qualification is not by affidavit too o The idea is welcomed. But why not trying something like providing Wi-Fi to all public schools across the country that's only accessible to the teachers. This would be more effective.

A welcome idea but for how long? Active Instagram uploads don set for our teachers😀 ShehuSani How can 1gb be enough when some of the teachers are still going to use it to download porn Install WiFi in this designated schools instead of 1GB. Provide textbooks and pay them there minimum wages ShehuSani They need motivation not browsing Data

ShehuSani Wrong leaders at the wrong place. They will kuku forget their job and focus on browsing Data is not their problem. Facilitate the new minimum wage which will improve them I wish you focused on easier ways of making registration for TRCN easier for intended members Sir. It is difficult at the moment, please.

It must be weekly shei🤔 1g ni ooo Are they going to get free Android phones too? Mitchew this is not what is needed if you want them to have access to the internet build comp labs for communities or schools. Do the teachers have the required devices to use Gb? Any way, it's good but you should also know these schools need more teachers. Or does d GB means bonus for teachers to celebrate World Teachers Day?

How many public schools are digitalised in the first place? Lol. When in Europe its unlimited access Nice step. Hope you people have settled ASUUNGR oh, because I need to complete my school at ones. Your the reason I am not done yet. So make una try reason them before 1GB matter Who will give them. This is the character MBuhari REAPPOINTED as Education Minister fa

ShehuSani Teachers in the village without phone talk more of internet will collect 1GB? Another fraud is loading. EFCC take note. and again where is the electricity in which these teachers can utilize this 1GB. Chai!! So this is what they call innovation Is this a sick joke or something? Or maybe he doesn't know how long 1GB lasts

What a shame and disgrace Please let them be giving the 1GB to students in tertiary institutions too, students need data more than public schools teachers🤷🏽‍♂️ It is a gladly accepted and welcomed development. Not enough Jazakallahu kairan, minister 1gb really? A step in the right direction. ..kudos ShehuSani It may well be that a lack of good ideas is the obstacle hindering us. Giving teachers 1GB data regularly and erecting a WiFi mast, which one is much better? We can easily see WiFi networks in many private schools.

1GB......Two quality YouTube video it finished. Even the 1GB will take months or even years before approval. ShehuSani Pls stop talking, go ahead and do it FRee sub o aw i wist i'd a teacher as a parent ShehuSani NigeriaGov Should declear StateOfEmergency on our public schools. Investing in Education reduces social vises HRGG_Advocacy Right to education is a legal right of all Nigerians AdamuAdamu do you think this schools have internet access.👉 Follow us HRGG_Advocacy

In some other planned society the students are the ones that gets the free internet Once more other countries are like This is the standard, let's all follow suit And Nigeria is like Don't worry we will follow this other route Please Sir you don’t have to degrade Nigerian teachers, the only favor we need is make internet available 24/7 in our schools library

Instead of this, why can't you increase their salary with the new minimum wage at least? The hard working among them will buy this for their use. ShehuSani Good one, I think I'll become a teacher 😂 😂 Help student of bauchi to go for school and pay the waec fees because you are a member of bauchi state not stupit issues you are talking about

ShehuSani And I hope you will facilitate them with something they can use the data with, because not every class room teacher has a smartphone.. Not all teachers have access to Android ShehuSani Pay them their salaries first With which device or smartphone... How can a farmer hold a seed without a farm land naija my country 😂

ShehuSani 😔😔😔 IGb?He must be a joker.We contine to treat the symptoms instead of proper diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. Woes of a failed country. ShehuSani Why are Nigerian leaders this daft, what will 1gb of data do concerning the downloads or even browsing of quality education materials online...

ShehuSani I'm not surprised, someone that has never subscribed on his own, how would he knows that 1GB finishes in 1hr on a Nigeria Network What a brilliant fool Another way of diverting public funds, why not build equipped computer Labs and mount wireless data,if uh really want to help... We are going no where like this

We appreciate your though sir That's good. 1GB is ok. Something alot of us finish within one day. I just want to know who’s advising the minister 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Nigeria my country. Are they aware some of these teachers live in remote areas that doesn't even have just incase we assume they have android, no light to charge it. My GB last 2weeks max if I manage it well. Make una lemme o

Another avenue to embezzle money. Hmm! We are all ears. So now Public School teachers should prepare for getting new Tablet with 1GB What stops govt from providing WiFi in public schools and pay d substription on a monthly basis What is wrong with this country for God sake Ar u doing them a favor by doing what will better d lots of the pupils and their teachers This is appalling and disgraceful.shioorr

Are these people understand what they are saying,may be the minister will out iPhone to the. Whose idea was this? PLEASE WHY NOT FREE WIFI IN ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS. WHY AM I EVEN COMMENTING ON THIS EXPIRED IDEA!!! Hmmm 1GB its last for few min And some billions will be allocated for this. Issokay. Why not have a network in the school

Hon minister empower teachers with smartphones first before you talk of data. Misplaced of priority How many teachers get smart phone Which means they will be teaching the students how to browse the internet abi We need increased salaries nt GB 😂 way of squandering people wealth 1 Gigabyte... Really! With which phone or device?

Thank you sir Better than non, it's a welcome development With this our '4times in a month' monthly subscription?. I bet you didn't mean it. Except it going to be 1G every day That's a good development aimed at brightening the future of our young ones. But.... Some teachers doesn't have the smart phone to enjoy the data😂😂😂 What are you planning for them

They'd rather u pay them quality wages QuotedReplies In addition to this,we can also look forward to an enabling environment for WiFi for all. For how long should we be depending on data? WiFi should be affordable and available to all. Hhhhh how d you know Please provide internet service in all Schools. Let everyone pay the bills.

What does the honorable minister knows about information and communication technology. We can excuse his ignorance. Most of the comments aren’t any better🤦🏾‍♂️. God when No doubt the internet will improve them,but do they have the smartphones or computers? The man was deluded and typical grandiosity has appeared in his talk.

Why not just install WiFi in public schools and spaces? Pwahahaha, I know some that will use your data to download porn. Nonsense how would the gonna operate it without electricity? Hahaha,teachers will become regular on Facebook and whatsapp. pay their salary Who are these clowns sef 🤣🤣🤣 Is that a solution to educational system of Nigeria. Who is fooling who? Please FG consider the plight of people of this great country. Is it certain that the labour of our fathers would not go in vain? Dear God!

This is rubbish. What is 1gig? Surfing the net for information is data consuming. With a router, Nitel unlimited data 17,500 for a month will serve better. Mr. Adamu Adamu you can do better. Hmmm! If you want upgrade the system of education, you people should do. What is 1GB will you offer. You better provide the public schools what they want, and what will boost the system of learning.

'Regular basis' is not a basis Another avenue to steal money With all due respect, 1GB of data is not sufficient but better than nothing. That's not the right way, make internet facilities available to all schools. Imagine...1gb How many teacher even have the android phone...!!oga increased there salarie kawai...

Oga on top, what about market women and men. How many GB are you giving them Another Billions of Naira to be looted in the name of data. How many teachers are within data coverage areas? How many of them use smartphones? Add that money to their paltry allowances! Thieves !!!! Don't just buy mtn or glo.

Facebook & nollywood😏 🤦🤦😂😂😂😂🙃 Hahahaha. 1GB? When most of them are analog teachers? Hmmmmm. What a misplace priority. How did we get there? They need you to increase their salary not 1GB data 😂😂😂PDiekola progress That's in a school that has internet facilities. There are scores of areas that are network dead zone

ujahmycine This is a good one Sounds good but is the 1GB monthly or weekly? From the news they didn’t specify what “regular basis” is. There is no such plan, na bobo. Trash 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 1 Gigabyte?😳 Daily free. What is uses of the data? He many govtsch that even have infrastructure shame to the naijagovt

We need clarity. What is 'regular basis'? Is it at instance finish, weekly, monthly or how do they intend to allocate the 1 GB to the teachers. With which electricity are they going to access the internet? 😀easier said than done...😁😂... shey na for this same Nigeria abi... I dey wait...😂 Coming out to tell the media that you will start giving teachers 1GB for browsing😂😂😂

I cant wait to see the invoice... Facebook ti daran😐 All this 'innovative' ideas. Are they workable, sustainable? Without adequate data, do you know who is a teacher? Can you monitor the use of the data? How many teachers do you have, where are they teaching? Do they have data coverage? Please implement

🤦🤦! Very good idea None sense. KadariaAhmed Kai ban sa karya It would encourage them more in terms of research and many more. Probably a backdoor deal with TelCos. 1gb lol okay Lol...nah home video they will use ahm download Some thing sensible Finally But on what basis regularly monthly or yearly And then do what?

Provide WI-FI for every schools and let each teacher connect on it, I it's more way cheaper and effective Mr Adamu 🤷‍♂️😆 Misplaced priority I think I’m done straight to bed 😂😂😂 ahhh that was a good laugh Have u digitised there desk? Lmaoooooo 🤡 Just another smart way to siphon public funds on misplaced priorities🤦🏽‍♂️

They want to enrich somebody What will that impact in there Life. In fact this is another way of pocketing our money Cc OmarMustie don't say I have not done anything for you today. 😂 😂 1 GB is Enuf for me for one day..... Give them unlimited jor Why don't they equip teachers with internet enabled devices for them to advance their research instead of giving them just 1gb data monthly. How they will administer this 1gb is what I'm even interested in. Before you know it, you'll hear they've spent N200 billion to finance it

And by the way who says they don't access and browse the internet. They just don't use it for work but on whatsapp and facebook. You may not accept this fact that is the truth. Audio data Bia this govement with the level of criminal stealing your doing on daily basic. Step up this shit. Stop abusing teachers please. They are the grassroot of every child, including Mr Adamu Adamu.

😂😂😜 Why not provide free wifi in the school for teachers, One in a month or daily please? ThIs is a joke... Wetin 1GB wan reach do? Kai! This country wetin curse Nigeria? Some of them don't even have smartphones. Watch my peo abuse this dawisu Clueless government.another angle of corruption dawisu I hope the will not be using it for livescore, betnaija or download games AAbdulface

Give them quality wage instead most of them can not afford smart phones because their monthly salary can not buy 1 gig is that enough ? We need thinkers in the education sector not this kind of Adamu Adamu minister dawisu Another source of corruption....scam....what is 1g data per month.....waste of resources....some teachers can’t even afford smartphones

It is not free data is the data from nta or Nitel looting what happened to nijasat This is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Let us clap well. Nonsense, that's how a whole ministry of education wrote on a flag, match past, when a bricklayer is made DG of an hospital, such is inevitable. 1gb ko, misplaced priority

Soapy They don't need data... Use that fund in improving on all infrastructures... That would have better impact in the sector. That's the honorable minister ,that's his priority towards education,where 1G data may be 1million. What a waste! The way the Govt thinks alone is Mad. Why not provide in the staff quarters and classrooms for the teachers. This is another means of.........

Good information sir. 80% of them will end up downloading films or football highlights, if care is not taken Porn vids. 70% of them can't differentiate between Search bot and a website. So please before that, lecture them first on how to use it. Then, is the government providing electronic tablets? although it is a good step but hope it is not that after giving it once you would stop cause that is Nigeria government way for you😏😏😏😏😏.

Internet cannot give them reasonable knowledge whereas books do, we need more supplies of books and more libraries, our states and federal libraries are just bunch of old book museums. Haba minister not 10GB Great! Students should get 2GB on a regular basis too 📢 Only 1Gb ..its not enough pls Good job! Some teachers will actually browse important stuffs with it. Be positive always...

Wifi in all public schools would be better... For research. These guys...hmmm. teachers that need training, how many of them have smart phones, how many public schools have good facilities eg. Classrooms, teaching materials. How many of them have been paid salaries? Mlrw questions. Nice move towards digitizing our educational sector

Not good enough Fix the classrooms and provide condusive learning enviroment...Another rubbish way of wasting resources. That data will be used for facebooking, WhatsApping, Instagraming and Twittering. At the end they won't have time for the pupils. Oga, what they need is just salary increment. Period

Zahradeen_ Wait 1GB?😀😁 Una no fit give them laptop Public Schools need equipped laboratories and other teaching aids too Baba Adamu. Them go use am whatsapp finish Minister pls improve their welfare packages and pay salaries on good time instead of 1G thing. Nawa for dis country, what is 1GB can do mrsulaimn UMH_manga Londy_b3

Tab Nigeria they will give public school teachers 1GB data like they will give them some huge money.they are spray the news on the media. A misplaced priority On what network is that going to happen, when you can not even use 1GB data for 30minutes here in Nigeria. Please before you do that try and regulate the rate at which these network providers consume these data. Or better still implement a good minimum wage.

Give them cash instead of GB. Attach a tab along with it and improve their welfare. This the only form they just need to finish the said small billion our lifeless president present in the budget Next level of 1GB for public teachers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What's 1GB, watching one instructional video will finish 50% of the data. I suggest you, to Digitalized the school, this idea of yours is too cheap for us.

Better still, there should be a pilot program where some schools will be provided with facilities to have high speed internet eg Wi-Fi such that learning will improved. You can't use a teaspoon to kill a bush fire. Enhance their pay, provide capacity training, enhanced environment and demand enhanced productivity. Teacher that is using Nokia torchlight phone will be given 1GB. This Adamu is not innovative at all

Good move. U will provide new Sim for them? WOW That's absolutely unattractive sir. Better ideas are with us if you really care on what should be done to revive public schools. Till then Is that the way forward? Advice the FG that we should go back to free Education in Nigeria. Forget about 1GB or whatsoever

I hope is not GloWorld network, because it won't last for 2days. Just Imagine all the money that will be spent on data,is save cumulative and used to build ICT center in school across the country. These will enhance computer literacy What is 1g data? There should be unlimited internet access in all the school.

Good idea the great minister It will finish in 2 days 1GIG.. What a joke I will be a teacher soon🙌 na banza tasamu I thought I saw 10GB! Group admins will increase in our midst. Do it let's see. Facebook will consume this within 24hrs If they've get this I don't think they can do their work perfectly Because they'll be busy browsing every day

Would be! Potential Amaka waiting to happen 🚶🏽‍♂️ This is nuts...These teachers need increment in their salaries,a functional educational system n not this bullshit 1gb data. They will be watching movie Yes, the only thing you will do is to make the teacher salary to be great you are paying a primary teacher 7k in Borno state especially in my LGA how can encourage some one to join the profession. That's why congratulate the Governor of kaduna state. You have made it

Another angle for corruption Scam What is 1GB? Another misplaced priority Our universities should also have access to free internet to help the lecturers and students in conducting research and other academic activities. Nice 😂😂😂😂 jokers Them go use am for Facebook 😂 What will even 20gb of data do for teacher nothing but we want to give one to teachers and expecting to do magic only one click data is gone

I Gig? Lol. This is non sense I am a teacher government are paying me 7k per month I don't need any data I need good salary What kind of stupid ideal is this? What is wrong with all this people. 1gb 😂😂😂 Adamu Adamu that will increase COLD ROOM activities 1GB per term? 1gb is too small, they should subscribe it for one years

Misplaced priorities Thats laudable. But an increment in the amount will be better. Good one. What Is 'On a Regular Basis'? Weekly Monthly? Quarterly How Regular? That Was Vague!!! Why not use the money in providing furnitures in those dilapidated schools scatter all over the country? In no capacity will 1G be enough to teachers except if they're using their personal mobile phone and not school accessory i.e laptop or computer. FG can do better than this

So we no go watch porn, how we go teach biology. What about the phones or are we gonna use our pens and text books as phone? Clueless government...Increase the minimum wage so they can do it themselves I hope this will also get to southwest southeast ' SOME' will not use it while 'SOME' will use it to download films

I hope and pray that they are giving handset that can browse too Good effort Are you sure this Man knows the duration of 1GB in this Nigeria network.before those teachers download one PDF online document or research from a website, data don finish.

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