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Amotekun, Hisbah

Support for Amotekun shows how primitive Yoruba people are – Miyetti Allah

1/21/2020 4:01:00 PM

Support for Amotekun shows how primitive Yoruba people are – Miyetti Allah

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore herdsmen group has said the support for the South-West security outfit, Amotekun, shows how primitive Yoruba people are in politics.The National Secretary of the group, Alhassan Saleh, said this during

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Channels Television’s ‘Sunrise Daily’ programme on Monday.Saleh said it was unfortunate that both the Yoruba intelligentsia and political class could support such an initiative which seeks to curb the activities of herdsmen in the region.When asked if he indeed told

The PUNCHlast week that support for Amotekun could cost the South-West the Presidency in 2023, Saleh admitted saying so but said it was not blackmail.He said, “It is not blackmail. Unfortunately, with very strong apology to my South-West friends, despite the education of the Yoruba people, they still remain the most primitive in terms of politics. They are not tolerant to opposition and if you allow them to have an ethnic army, definitely there will be fear from Nigerians.”

Saleh recalled that in Lagos during the 2019 governorship elections, many persons in Igbo dominated areas were not allowed to vote because of the level of intolerance.He said if Amotekun is allowed to see the light of day, worse may happen.“We know what happened in Lagos during the last elections. The Igbo were denied voting and the oba even threatened to throw them into the lagoon. So, if you now have a Yoruba ethnic militia, what do you think will happen?” he asked.

The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore secretary was, however, cautioned by the Channels anchor, Chamberlain Usoh, who asked him to be civil in his speech.Saleh, who adamantly insisted that Amotekun was an ethnic militia, wondered if persons of other tribes would be recruited into Amotekun.

He called on the Federal Government not to allow the security outfit to begin operation.READ ALSO:‘On Amotekun We Stand,’ says Yoruba World CongressWhen asked why Sharia Police, Hisbah, and the Civilian Joint Task Force in North-East were allowed to operate in the North-East, Saleh said they were backed by law and were working in concert with the police.

“Hisbah is legal because it is backed by law. That is clearly different from what you have now as Amotekun,” he said.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Indeed our true God will soon visit u with his WRATH. Thank you. Let us be primitive. We, Yoruba people know quite well that we are the most modern and polished tribe alongside our Igbo counterparts in this country. Meyetti Allah people who are the most tyrant and wicked people and group should be told of their wickedness!

They are primitive now because they've suddenly refused to be killed. What more can you say to prove to the whole world whom you truly are Nobody will ever blame you. Since FG is the only one that has maintained that you're saints when we all know you are one the major problems in Nigeria Yes we are all 'primitive', that's why we should all ensure our survival.

People should watch what they say concerning issues like this. We think we are wise but when we are in the head of leadership we not allow our brother's to come close to us so we will please a constitutional roles. This is wisdom in play buhari won and hand over power/leadership to his people and they are using it they way they like. Think

Can someone please tell Myetti Allah to stop displaying their senseless publicly. If their blood thirsty-members had not been what their they (Terrorists), are there wouldn't be any for the regional security outfit Lol dis pple funny...a zone wants to protect them selves and it's now an killing and kidnapping better?

Not their fault, it is the fault of some Yoruba politicians that are beggars OyinkuroJames COW REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA SPEAKING. grandespinale 👆🏿Amotekun 4life That should not be Miyetti allah concern. Amotekun was created to protect its people in the southwest region. Thunder fire the mouth you used to say this crap. 1 Yoruba man is better than 1 million Miyeti rubbish that u represent...oloriburuku

Are they (Miyett) pressure group now? Stupid I really don’t blame this barbarian , saying Yoruba people are primitive, a nation that has envy-able civilization , great culture and history.Barbarian Fulani will always , talk nonsense, cause the useless liberals among the Yoruba’s have lost their brain to liberalism.

Stupid talk. it's High time for yoruba's to support Nnamdi Kalu for his struggle.. This issue of security is more than what eyes can see. How can issue of protecting your people and yourself become public debates. Pls where are this people when life and property are been destroyed? Where do they kept their voices when people are been killed daily?

Ogun kill you there ...... animal ...when you talk from both side of your mouth. Sad really. 😊😊...words are cheap! Very idiotic statement. Imagine mayati Allah for that matter.. It's not your fault, it's the fault of Tinubu and the bastards politicians that sold us to your task master. But our freedom is here.

Did u say primitive? It is getting more interesting SW vs the North. Let’s other Southern Nigeria sit and watch this hypocritical drama. As for me , I can smell blood. na see finish be this Could anyone imagine what this senseless idiot whose only reasoning is how to feed his cows calling a whole tribe primitive? Isn’t that hate speech? Since when has nomads begin to dictate our progress in this country? How did we get here? This forceful cohabiting is over.

Where are all these Fulani cows coming from? If you don't have anything to hide, you don't need to go against it mr modern... When did miyetiallah become Govt spokesperson? Well I aren't surprised by what he said. Am very sure he forgot his senses at home. If not, he would have known the kind of adjective he would use to qualify the people supporting Amotekun. I just blame the idiot that plan the 1914 marriage

The north are really enjoying their fan fare!!! The fear of Amotekun is the beginning of wisdom for all jihadists and their useless political sponsors planning Fulanization and Islamization. Will you keep quiet. Is roaming about the street with Cattle the new way of rearing cattle. In any case, don't worry if we are primitive. We like it that way

OyinkuroJames If Yoruba are primitive, honestly I can't find a word good enough to describe you and your tribe without being insultive. Why are the North so afraid if Naija splits, West and East not afraid, there must be something so special they're benefiting from this unholy union which they don't want to let go

Why blame or insult this cow? Do you expect less from a cow? With all the wealth your people stole from Nigeria treasury all these years a yoruba man still gave your hopeless children billions of Naira to help them. Oloriburuku person Really 🤣🎶 normalds, almajiri are indeed very, very sophisticated.

At least our Yoruba neighbors have gotten some gutless balls. Let's see how the ball rolls, If it's like egg roll... Or roller coaster!🤛🤛 What's the problem with this people, is SW their region,i thought this people are group of cattle rearers,but now it's clear they have backups from the FG,no wonder when they slaughtered people in Benue and Jos nothing was done about it...

Chamberlain had to end the show after that statement and I was like WTF!!! Is it your support? I watch him speaking on channel TV yesterday morning, he speaks as an educated iliterate, he lacks wisdom in every aspect.. And Creation of HISBAH and other security outfits in North shows how modern Hausa are. Rubbish.

You are a mumu Miyetti Allah now speak for presidency, Presidency now Boko Haram spoke person. It's a pity we are here. Primitive? Because they are now standing against you terrorist and criminals supported by GMB? Amotekunisheretostay. DoubleEph I have been looking for your comments on this chief. Highest level of see finish...

Look at this mumurous imbecile. I don't blame you. I blame Lord lugard that brought your amajiri fore fathers and my educated and intelligent fore fathers togther. May thunder fire your silly mouth there. So Miyetti Allah has turned to federal government and the height of terrorism in the north shows the level of civilization in the north

In all he said, I couldn't decipher what makes the tribe revered as the most educated primitive.Yorubas are without a doubt the most tolerant tribe.Which part of the law backs Hisbah and the civilian JTF but proscribes Amotekun? Yoruba people deserve the insult the day they let themselves down by supporting a man with only affidavit to show. What a shame!

I laughed in Ijaw. I bet this guy from miyetti Allah don't even know the meaning of the word primitive, in this age of civilization, they still move their cattle by road, Sokoto to Lagos, who does that. Miyyeti Allah you are more primitive than everyone. Is this not hate speech? I wonder who could be more primitive, a group of educated people and another group of cattle rearers giving birth to so many children they cannot take care of...causing social problems everywhere.

This is how wars start. When a region remains unreasonable and doesnt want to move with the times and other regions are set to move forward. County or city police is not new, as a matter of fact we are far back. People who still roam the street with cattle. Lmao the gull It is a shame the our media are giving such irrelevant person the opportunity to come and attack Yoruba nation just because he sells cow. This is just so bad.

RealOlaudah Where can we find hisba? What is the difference from AMUOTEKUN? This guy needs help, kindly take him to Yaba or Aro in Abeokuta for necessary assistance pls Religious bigot and extremist. Your Entire North stinks poverty and illiteracy. SS, SE and North Central are not perturbed by Amotekun. Only Miyetti allah, a union of herders with no real ties to Nigeria nor patriotic to it are worried sick. Clearly there is clandestine and nefarious plan by you that Amotekun poses a threat to.

We accept with our heart. We dont want to be killed like the middle belt and the North. It was predicted that when its END time the sons of slaves we become KINGS. This government is no doubt a Fulani government, General Buhari has given his kinsmen more power than ever, imagine a bloody terrorist cattle rearer derogating a whole race.

Chai, who ever sent him to the studio didn't coach him well. Primitive is when in the 21st century that you have ranches & do mechanized farming, husbandry & livestock rearing but instead you herd your cattle allover the place damaging peoples farm land, raping and killing them. 😂😂😂 who is more primitive,those that lives in the bushes & forests with cows or those living in cities with human beings

What exactly has Amotekun got to do with the Miyetti Allah? Amotekun is going to operate in the SW and not in the north, why is that a problem? Is he afraid it will be the end of his killer herdsmen? ? Suddenly, this Miyetti guys are relevant?!?! Who is this bastard? Menamma No wahala we hear you but amotekun as come to stay

Look who's calling others primitive, ppl that primitivity is in thier lineage They are not insulting Yorubas. They are insulting the South. They only chose to insult Yoruba or Igbo as it suits them. Let's come together and end this madness. Using obnoxious comments may not unite this country instead the other way round, so, am urging us to watch d kind of words we use. We are one.

Imagine a stark illiterate calling us primitive. Where is Tinubu and south west politicians? God will punish you and your forefathers Look at the spawn of barbarians talking about his superiors! Not your fault. It is the fault of those who created this artificial country. It is appalling that yorubas share same country with you people.

The idea of living in the forest with cow prefered by your brothers in 2020, trekking hundreds of kilometers in the bush destroying people's farm is call what? See mumu generation calling someone primitive, better check dictionary next time because you use words in the public. It is time PMB Call this ilitrates to order if the unity of this country won't be reviewed as soon as possible, imagine this level of ignorance, how much efforts have your channeled to address the sicknesses and poverty among the people he represents? Boko haram infested brain.

Lol🤣🤣🤣...Photo credit: Egbon Ogundamisi I'm not sure he truly know the meaning of being primitive , he should rather address the level of ignorance, illiteracy, poverty and sicknesses in the region he represents , why the group he represents carries ak47 and dangerous weapons about all in the name of herder.

If Buhari seeks for third term southwest has given him even before he ask, so u guys shd stop the attacks on this guy, Let me remind you irreverent, irrational, irresponsible son of Almajiri that the Yourbas are the most educated ethnic group in Africa. Well I don't blame you, our leaders such as Tinubu, etc are bastards, they have sold their birthright for politics if not who dash monkey banana?

I just wonder how this ppl think, their plan was to eliminate us all with their pet killing squad BH. Amotekun is here to stay and let them rot in hell, why this forced marriage 'Yoruba+Ibo+hausa' when this 3 tribes can disintegrate and be on their individual accord peacefully Do this man have any immunity that prevent the security agencies like d DSS from arresting him, if any other person constantly speak in tribal manner as this man do all the time Buhari will order d DSS to arrest him, but why is this man case exception?.

A cattle rearer calling civilized Yorubas primitive just because they were eager to defend themselves where the police has failed. Can you imagine? Since hisbah is legal bound by sharia law. I advice other tribe in the country to have their constitution that will back their militia and make it legal. South west borrow head. Lol, one country different constitution.

Pot ? Kettle ? I prefer Yoruba primitive compared to Hausa prmitive🙄 Come o, please is not Miyetti Allah a cattle breeders association? Are they not a mere trade union? How come they are being arrogated this influence by the Nigerian media? What is the Nigerian media in on? How much of us has the Nigerian media sold away?

Amotekun: Fear to the terrorists. Beginning of the end. I am not a tribalist but we will continue to be insulted until the day the 'PRIMITIVE' southerners (South-West, South-South & South-East) close ranks to demand for Independence from the ENLIGHTENED NORTHERNERS. Primi....what? Not ...Yorubas😃 We are now in the situation where every nuisance can be interviewed which gave them right to open their gutter and emit disastrous odours. Malu calling princes and princesses primitive. Oma se ooo

I'm so sure this gentleman don't know what primitive means. Wandering with cattle from one state of another in year 2020 is primitive not defending your homeland against criminal elements. Why are we even responding? Nibo ni won ti ri dindinrin dadandini afofun gbefun mu yii......? Lol 🤣 see painment 🤣

You are not primitive yet you don't want western education It more primitive to be replying a cow dunk fura drinking primitive he goat like this Mayetti Allah's peasant This almajeri is nothing close to being civilized. The media is helping to promote their foolishness . I don't see what's wrong with providing indigenous protection where conventional policing have failed

What makes you think you should have your way in everything? If you are in your right senses or a step close to were there's education you should understand that the yuruba's most highly educated people in Nigeria, Marauding around with sticks and sandals shows how primitive Ur thoughts are. Talkless of how wicked u r with guns

While are you people so concerned, it means you people's hand is not clean The governors refuse to fund state police. Who will fund amotekun? Why this thing Dey pain Miyetti Allah Na? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This man may have taken awopa(gogoro) for this unguided comments. When this regime wine down, your relevance is dead.

Hahahah Chia... Them don finish you Yoruba people Eranko to n pe eyan L'Araoko. And support for Hisbah show how modernized you are. Why is this Amotekun a headache to this man. Is west your village? Why is he slimming down like Amotekun will kill him and his village people. Who's this moron always speaking for the FG. Always!! Federal Government of Miyetti Allah.

That's so unfortunate and provocative at best. Emboldened by impunity They want to continue to savage our lands. They have failed this time around, any Fulani herdsman that misbehave will face the full wrath of Amotekun simple. No going back. Its obvious that this people lack brain Rude and tactless! A cow head wearing Baba Riga said Yoruba people are primitive, this is beyond be careful!

Useless man. So U don't want them to support it In the North they are also using Sariah law and they hired ppl in this area of security. blsd100 I don’t know why y’all media houses grant these guys audience. They don’t seem bright a bit. AkureMan Lmaooo the ionry in thus statement. No be Una fault sha na the gap toothed fraud I blame

Better primitive and the race preserved than to be civilized and wipe out I hope you know the meaning of Primitive. I watched this guy talking rubbish with confidence on a live TV & It was disgusting, and the worst of it is that no Northern has condemned him for such reckless word,which in my view is an indication that they endorsed him & those derogatory utterances agst the S. West Governors.

In the past government,we did not hear anything about Miyetti Allah but I wonder why they have become so relevant now. It's the fault of our elders who have traded us for political and economic gains. Sorry your evil plans had been primitively blocked as you can see with your double primitive eyes Miyetti Allah

Excuse miyetti Allah, the man wanted to say. 'Proactive' he mistook it for primitive. 🙄 Just wondering, 'What is Miyetti Allah's own in this Amotekun thing? Region no be ur own, states involved are not in the north, your money no follow, Amotekun no steal ur cow, so what exactly concern u with how a region wants to protect themselves? 😩Am in severe pain

Coming from a fulani/hausa to yoruba It's very obvious that he's a foolish cattle in man's clothing I don't expect anything better from a classless nomadic cattle rearer, just reasoning through his feet. Lolzzzzz Hahahahahb bullies when you stand up for your self. Primitive? I would rather your opposition to it was primitive because the security of lives n property of a people is paramount to the existence of those people. Sir, ur sense is till primitive.

While Hisbah and CJTF shows how educated and mordernised fulanis are. Yeye de smell Hahahahahaha... Aboki must open gate. 😃😂😁 Wow! See talk,this thing dey vex me like mad,see oooh! Just to protect ur people & ur land is na a problem for this people I don't know how witches & wizard behave just listen to this Fulani's speaks about amotekun u will know how witches & wizard behave

If seeking protection from fulani terrorists is being primitive it's OK Mr. Miyetti Allah. Your people killing, maiming men and women, raping and killing our women, and destroying people's farms are the most sophisticated in crime. Seek blood elsewhere pls. See Miyetti Allah calling Yoruba primitive, it’s 2020 yet they still taking there cows around on roads for meant for vehicles, you see there cows on pedestrian bridges and even in classrooms, what’s wrong with setting up ranch, and get vehicles like to get the grasses

Miyetti Allah and all their sponsors, E TI YA WERE. From top to bottom.... Shameless People.. Please I need the Twitter handle or handler of this fool called spokesman. Please.... Why are the headers suddenly scared self. If their intentions are not devilish. We want to protect our land and keep bandits away how is that supposed to be a headache to these animals

Very funny. Bushman calling educated elites primitive.🌶🌶🌶 them See this one calling us primitive? Lmao If person say him no go talk,this cow incarnation won't allow the sleeping dog lie.. Inform your fellow bloodthirsty vimpire that Amotekun has come to stay and thousand of your ancestors cannot change the fact..

This is like eating feaces with your mouth and you think you are talking. Imagine , Fulani calling Yoruba primitive. Wonders shall never end. Is this not hate speech? Primitive? Lol E no go cool 4 ya mouth,abi no bi cattle dis people dey follow around . Na our leopards go kill n chop ur cows if you trespass

I dont think thieves will love the idea of self defence, in america, you think twice and thrice before jumping into peoples compound bcos you know they have guns This group is preparing to set Nigeria on fire. And whoever is backing them will realize that you can start a war but not guaranteed to see the end. They are killing and kidnapping here and there. That Yorubas are not shouting like this group does not support miyetti Allah

u,,,,,,,111¹1~ They are primitive, but your herden walking about with AK47s, maiming and killing people at the slightest/no provocation, destroying livelihood of farmers by having their cattle graze their entire crops (I could go on and on), are not. I am beginning to get upset with this talk Keep quiet Miyetti Allah

Why are they afraid of amotekun by western . Why some pert of the country decided what other want. Where did we get it wrong Nigerian, Did our political leaders has humanity and, are feeling the ways mercies feel. Some elders have eat dodo they can not speak. This loepard will eat all your cattle if they are not well keep and control in the southwest,😂😂😂😂😂

Cow 🐄 calling Leopard 🐆 primitive You are saying the opposite Let them tell us one policy he has made to eradicate Almajir in Kastina not to talk of the Hausa States! Let south east and south south start their own too quickly because when snakes moves in group no hunters will wait to see any one of them

Nonentity Because it will be wrong to hold the view of this narrow and self center, political class as the position of the ordinary H-F citizen, they use ethinical politics to get power but when they get to power they forget so quickly the language the speak, the Buhari example! This guy is a p***sy. What do you mean this man

Just watched the interview In conclusion The miyetti Allah guy is ignorant and not civil at all ...simple question e no fit answer. These people... 😂😂😂😂 What is the Problem of the Corrupt,Inefficient,poorly educated, self centered,Huasa-fulani Political class with Amotekun? Because I can't get it,they are so jealous of any progress made my other region which they have not immediate capacity to achieve, they feel so inferior!

And refusal of Miyetti Allah to embrace ranching and the likes shows how primitive they are too. And gracing on the farms of people with readiness to murder anyone that resists shows how wicked Miyetti Allah could be. Reckless set of people. Yoruba are primitive and we allow you importing people with trailers from Niger republic, chad into the south west everyday to save you from hunger and starvation, o gbadun rara

If being primitive is what will keep them alive and safe from herdsmen then so be it Why amotekun dy cause dia headache ... , I dont understand how S.w issue con b dia prob See this one Illiteracy is a disease. When ignorant people are tagged as leaders that is a prelude to disaster. Fulanis are so civilised that they sleep and wander in jungle at this age and time . Lol

This is below the belt I guess he doesn't know the meaning of primitive and that is primitive. And he BALANCE talk ham oh.... Hummm voice of jechob hand of Esau Silent is the best answer to a fool wonderful 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That young man is speaking the minds of his people. They are saying that this country belongs to them, that despite their affinity with the Yorubas they do not trust them. If the western governors dare Buhari, he will use the kind of force that would be unprecedented.

Your non-house inhabiting, cattle rearing & usurping progenitors are stupendously primitive & naive MiyettiAllah. Amotekun has come to stay so eat the dust! Is this man above arrest? It's unfortunate miyetti Allah speaks for FG. Coming from killers... Miyetti allah? They're afraid of amotekun. South East Govs are coming too... Bunch of clowns!!!

The Yorubas are so sophisticated intellectually that we don't reply dudes with low pedigree and no self esteem. I will continue to say it anywhere anytime, what is it that the fulani's are not comfortable with in this creation of a vigilante group by the yoruba, or is there something they want the whole nation to know

The cheek! Who the blooming hell does this verbal dinosaur think he is. When animal dey wear agbada, wetin u expect.... Shioooorrrr!!! He must be high on something See this MuMu saying Yorubas are primitive This man is a Malian that have no manner What an insult? First class animal in the animal kingdom See this wanderer group, which tribe is more primitive ? Is it d Yoruba that is calling for ranching method or d fulani that still wants to stick to pastoral method. In fact, that primitive is d best for u as it wld bring sanity to ur criminality. U av not seen anything, u go run

Just let him know that we are happy to be primitive if that is what defines primitive people. All in the name of regional security? No wonder. Who are even this Miyetti Allah sef? Haba Suddenly, miyetti Allah turns spoke person to the presidency I don't understand what this cow is saying. This is on Tinubu.. Sold the whole SW to these people. And some fools are still supporting him while he keeps selling you into slavery.

What is miyetti Allah itself? Why are the Fulanis smashing support for it? Miyetti and his people are so contemporary that they still move their cattle from one state to the other, trekking like wanderers. They are the true definition of the state of nature 😄 Empty drum This sub is for tinubu and APC cretins in southwest

The war is coming from both side be ready after that senator will come and be talking about hate speech, social media bill, they will not see this one now Oyigiyigi wetin dey segregate? Against Amotekun show that ur hiding agenda against other tribes,Will soon bring to light. We as a Yoruba has rights to their life,to be protected against d destroyers of life and properties.

Ęti rii nkankan sę ę. (You've not seen anything yet) 😂 Hate speech That’s rich coming from an archaic cavemen that are still herding cows and goats in urban areas up and down the country in the 21st century. Tell them to go ranching, they will be looking at you like what the heck is that? The worst primitive people on earth, calling one of the most civilized people in Africa primitive. What an ignorance!! Anyways I can't blame him much, because they were illiterate if not for Baba Awolowo and Co. that opened up their eyes.

Has Miyeti allah become an arm of government in Nigeria? Why is what they're saying having so much effect on our dear country and no one is saying anything? Go to Hell.. So they should fold their arms and wait until they all will be slaughtered like hens. Even when we all know that right to self defence is everyones duty

Ę ti shiere What is wrong when primitive people want to protect themselves ... Only super-primitive would think that as a problem If we surrender Amotekun we have failed! realFFK kfayemi AsiwajuTinubu segalink DokunOjomo seyiamakinde raufaregbesola Amotekun_WNSN U want only show how bad our region is. How can you call them primitive when they want depend their people lives from killers? Why dont you do the same to protect even our child that are round all over the country for begging? This is an insult to we at whole!

Bloody terrorists. Would you blame him? Silence too is an answer ayemojubar Who is this Male 🐮 talking shit plz? The fear of Amotekun is the beginning of wisdom to Miyetti Allah Why is he suddenly afraid. The Yoruba people have decided to provide security for them selves..... how does that affect the Fulani man🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Yes! We like being primitive. We are 100% traditionalist & we still uphold the values and ideas of our four father's in their primitive ideology in respect of the welfare of their people. Part of the welfares is ensuring their security of life and properties which we just did. 🤣🤣🤣🤣e dey pain dem...until dem kill everyone finish? So we now know the people behind herdsmen issue and their motive is clearer now. Why do they have issues with people trying to protect themselves? Amọtẹkun is just like any other security outfit..make dem no fear

Thunder fire you See weyre alagbada ooo Their biggest fear is YORUBA starting to think independently. And see the 'Sophisticated' Fulani face.. Oga apply Vaseline ur Murderous Lips are to dry!!! Well, it isn't your fault. It's Papa Awo and Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe mistakes that caused it. Else a subhuman whose wilderness dwelling savage race knows only one thing: trick people into believing you're a friend then kill them and takeover their land won't be among civilized souls.

The guy de talk rubbish eh Who is this uncircumcised, minion that always call himself miyyetti allah and voices nonsense unchallenged? If the FG doesn’t act by allowing the Yorubas to protect their land then the agitation for secession will be inevitable. They won’t be able to contain the Agitation from West,east and south. There will be chaos.

Primitive, if they know the real meaning, they won't go against Yoruba, or Amotekun in the first place, because this squad is to safe us from the likes of them, that shield themselves under the name of religion doing evil. Wait let's am ourselves miyetti Allah or whatever they are called, where are they from, seriously we citizens of this nation needs to think very well ooo

RealOlaudah Volenti non fit injuria... (nigeriasbest) 😂😂😂😂,see this clown. So killing people is civilization to the fulanis. Self defense to void been killed is primitivity....I like this kind of primitivity. Animals in human skin. Ena. Who born cow? Oloriburuku ni yin , how does amotekun affects ur life ?

When your first citizen is registered under an association like these. Your should expect more free dishes from the kitchen. No one dares to question why there was much salt in the food. Some Southerners will still validate these to validate their party affinity, this phase will pass and normalcy shall be reactivated

Watched ds 'maluu' spew d irrational on channelstv ds morning,everytime I fd it difficult 2 fathom/reconcile d fact dt my ancestors culd ever gt so low as 2 share same country wit ds scumbags........ Am not a Yoroba but Amotekum has come to stay Say that again, miyeti Allah. Sure you know better!!! Primitive?. Wonders shall never end.

Ghen ghen ghen ghen!!! I don't blame you because you don't even know the meaning of primitive. Be der calling the fulani's fools nd illitrate..while dey re ruling every important section of the country without certificates...until the yoruba's wise up, dey continue to be taken as cowards by the fulaniS

I'm happy the other guest on the show put him in his place. See his face like that of a cow. We'll all hear it in this country. Yoruba and igbo politicians should continue playing selfish politics This moron. The Yorubas add most to the $22B that Nigeria earns as remittances; if the Yorubas were as primitive as most Arewa 'elites', Nigeria would've have tired even the Arewas. Yoruba peoples maturity & civility has made them the cement keeping Nigeria together.

Pls can someone get me a popcorn 🍿 Where is ogundamisi. Come & defend your Lord & master. This is a big blow to the Oduduwa's. If an Hausa man can refer to the Yoruba's as primitive, what then is left to call the Hausa's who hardly take their bath, or prefer to watch the penis part than take a proper shower bath, Lol.

Hmmmm because his own herdsmen militia carry AK47 and Amotekun carry dane gun 😃😃😃😃😃. This man is suffering from diarrhea of the brain I won't stop laughing here. That is one of the effects of associating too much with bush.Has he forgotten that his kinsmen still live a primitive life of bush colony?

🤣🤣🤣 wetin Musa no go see for gate? So they should allow fulani herders kill all of them killlers are not primtive Who brought in Miyetti Allah to Nigeria ? Why are you guys against AMOTEKUM? Nobody stopped miyeeti Allah why must you stop AMOTEKUM? What gives these guys so much courage to speak against every sensible action. They need help.

Lol May your so-called demonic miyeti nonsense continue to receive condemnation, it is your generation and those yet unborn that are primitive. Anyone and I repeat anyone including you and yur nonsense miyeti that do not accept ÀMÓTÈKÙN should go and HANG him/herselve on transformer Marriage between Yoruba and Fulani will never work

How many southern tribes have had clashes with the Fulani in Nigeria? How many southern tribes have had clashes with Yoruba in Nigeria? Do the math... Who is more primitive. I really want Amotekun to kick off fast I tell you. Only Oduduwa and BIAFRA Republics will save us all You were warned!!! Imagine the insult from this guy. Why is even the media making him so relevant.

Loool.the entire south should team up and have a plan to truly develop the region with whatever resources we are given. Who is primitive? The people that live all his live in the bush with cattle and refuse to change their mode of operation or the people that live in the city and rise up to protect themselves from land grabbers?

See him mouth like chingum wey don twist What Nonsense is he talking about? The No support of Amotekun by him and his FULANI people, shows how Illiteracy rules among Fulanis It’s the governors that are primitive. Majority of Yorubas think it’s a stupid idea and those clamouring for it are just crooks looking for ways to loot!

I think it's high time journalist stops giving this man audience and attention. They are making him relevant when he is not. Nah thunder go fire 🔥 dis stupid miyetti guy One can only hope that this insult from the secretary of miyetti Allah proper the yorubas to aggressively pursue this Amotekun and see to the implementation without fear or favour.

introduction of AMOTEKUN. The coming of Amotekun and the unreasonable remarks from some of you in the North has opened the eyes of many of us. If you know what is better for you at this point in time is shut up bcos what you don't know is bigger than you. Slaves want to get freedom from their master and the master said nooo. You have no right to be free. Why can't they just obey their master and abandon amotekun.

When did securing lives and property become primitive? Anything for clout sha.... Hahahahaha twitter fam please don't talk oooohhhh. It's a fight between the master and his slaves. I don't expect our brothers in the sw to reply cos a slave should not reply his master. Can you imagine Pot calling Kettle black. Between Miyeti Allah and The Yorubas who's more primitive. Miyeti Allah has been supporting and defending the heardmen that have murdered thousands of Nigerians in the past 5 years. I don't know what gave you the got to challenge the...

Ah weyrey Let it be primitive,.miyetti Allah wasn't a primitive society when it was established and recognised by FGN?,... firstly be in support of it before U categorise it as premitive...Amotekun will exist...💪 No clearer instance of hate speech than this! Lets see who wins this political mind game .

Lol. coming from one of the cows that just sniffed gum and soakaway Only primitive solution can be effective to solve the present killing of innocent farmers since modern solution is not within reach. OMG,I hate it when people like to use big grammar that they don't know the meaning.Aboki calling Yoruba 'primitive'LMAO

The body language of the head gave them a voice... Primitive and barbaric tribe calling a civilized and modernized tribe a primitive tribe is making me laugh so hard right now. But this is not funny sha cos an insane man do call sane people insane 😂 🤣 Dirty uneducated almajiri calling yoruba primitive..smh

This fool deserve no attention though Igbos will not be drawn into this showdown. Both of you face each other Biko. Where is my bottle of Chateauneuf Du Pape let me have a glass and watch the movie I would like to hear him pronounce 'amotekun'... The sense of ownership these people have is so brazen. How can people not be sane for once in this country?

Miyetti Allah people that own zoo republic call Nigeria SelfDetermination BiafraExit biafrareferendum biafra Is there something more to this? I seriously don't understand why these guys have an issue.... Rubbish talk! Myopic he goat who supports arewa movement just gave his silly opinion E pain am! 😂😂😂 What's more primitive than Fula philosophy? Lying & stealing while pretending to be close to God. Do civilized people have sex in the bush and with beasts to boot? Bushman! 🤣

If the yorubas need to do the job the FG is failing in flying colours to do then you who say they are primitive must be a 'tabula rasa'. People are being killed daily in this country and the fulani are the most accused yet nothing has been done. Silence, the best answer not violence... 🙄 Hate Speech At least his talking to Tinubu and I believe that fool head him well. He sold his own people to the north now he can see the pay back.

I don’t blame this mouthpiece of terrorists, I actually blame channelstv & for lending him their platform to propagate their idiotic comments 🙄 Moving with your cows from one place to another is not primitive abi Koni dara fun e. Idiot. Just negodu this uncircumcised Philistine calling Yorubas primitive!😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

You allowed boko haram to kill almost half of the northerners with your handicap. Now you want to force your handicap on others. So myopic. Does this dude knows the meaning of primitive Yourbas sold themselves one pound ten to the Fulani's. They can talk to them anyhow and they won't do anything. MBuhari NigeriaGov can you read hate speech from this nonentity who should have been caged for long

Look who’s talking ... Chaiii This guy should keep quiet. He has been talking as if he's more than what he is Your area lack of education shows how the politics played by the Northerners are parochial,oppressive,divisive,intimidating and murderous. They were not primitive when the North was advocating for support for their beloved MBuhari until now. Anyways, the SW sha deserve all this shii

😂😂😂yawa The restlessness of the North as regards to Amotekun is nerve wracking.. SW that have decided to defend themselves from Marauder's have now become primitive? Their grand plan of surrounding the SW is failing b4 their very eyes. Politically.. report it as it is.. he used the word politically.. He's a stupid man tho

I still don't understand the headache of this group of people concerning the Amotekun initiative.... mad cow uncircumcised Wanderers comes in to Our Land and call our people primitive. The earlier we do the needful and face whatever outcome that we arise the better for us. Can someone tell this guy to wake up from his sleep

Amotekuns are perfectly on ground 🙄 Why does this concern miyetti Allah like this? What exactly is he scared of?by the way who is he again?! Buahari is backing his boys I'm less concerned about whatever the Fulani perceive about the Amotekun initiative as, if they can't dance to the Yoruba's tune, let them go back to their region... Yes, the Yoruba region won't accommodate any form of misconduct in form of banditry et Al.

What is there business in south west hummmm there is more to it their game is up ogundamisi you support Miyetti Allah... See how they rate you! Says the man that follows Malu around. Such sophistry 🙄 The West never see anything yet, 2023 go shock Yorubas Who is this man sef Eranko jati jati omo ale Lol 😂 😂 🤣 🤣. Chai! Wetin Musa no go see for gate? See Miyetti Allah o! So they have no right to protect themselves? Please!

Is not your fault oo, na Tinubu gave ridicule Yoruba people.. Useless fowl See primitive human being dey another person primitive.He is just talking and air is coming out.They actually need re-orientation,education and knowledge including wisdom to relate with Yoruba people.Well I no blame you as you manage come Lagos come know how to read and write

Can you imagine an hausa man talking when a yoruba man is talking! How dare you use the word 'primitive' when addressing a yoruba man,when you guys are still in the dark ages,i weep for you! Herdsmen destructive act show how nomadic and destructive Fulani are Every time this guy talks I want to vomit, thinks through his Anus.

Amotekun say no to unguided cattle rearing/rustling and you think they should not talk. Let them say whatever but should not cross the boundaries. Ajekuniya is loading. This one they craze . I suggest journalists stop interviewing these kind of people. Amọtẹkun is based in and made for the South West, why are they the ones pained?

A fulani calling the Yoruba's primitive,inside life! I'm so loving this 😀😀😀 Foolanis always showing themselves. East and West must Leave their past and form new and Strong chain. Those who don't allow their past to away will definitely pass away with their past~~Ikem Stephen . Tobi it’s like your people behave like you oooo plenty mouth

Come o! bunmifasae you should say something nah! Stop using those nagative energy on Igbos, at least make a little response to this issue at hand now. When you mention amotekun they get scared as if they gonna die.l blame tinubu and others for supporting buhari cos this rotten mango won't make this senseless can call us whatever you like and that won't make us change our minds over operation amotekun

It is not their fault but that of Lagos intellectual frauds that sold out in 2015 $ 2019. Sure you guys don't even know the meaning of 'primitive'. Msheeew. Ehn leave us alone nah😂😂😂😂 Amotekun If Some group of persons can use AK-47 gun to protect there Cattle, I see no reason why Amotekun should not use missile to protect Humans... AmotekunHasComeToStay

You are too small to call a whole tribe primitive, it means you are insane.. Go an commit suicide because of Amotekun My dear yorubas, better enforce that Amotekun....I don't even trust the Nigerian armed force again.... create an 'Amotekun Accademy' to train those willing to join the force, only then will I be sure of ur security to an extent

Says, a herdsmen, whose main pre-occupations is to kill and main other ethnic groups Shame on you I don't blame them, but the Yorubas that brought to power in the first place. I am an Igbo guy oooo.....but I must say, the yorubas are more civilized than any tribe in Nigeria, talk less of a Fulani man....go back to ur ranch

See a killer herdsman calling a region of learned people primitive. Such joke. Always airing their stupidity. Odua ,Kila maa npe enito onba were gbohunoro? Hahahaha... wonders without end But what is this guy's problem, what does he have against something that has not even started? He was just beheaded 😭. Nigeria has failed. Yoruba people don’t loose Amotekun.

Nigerian journals should stop given this group audience Na see finish Dey bring this kin word.. Listen to the herdsman talking! Bloody illiterate.... He even said that the Yorubas should forget about 2023. Can you imagine that? Thank God I am not a Yoruba! Blackmail.. But , it has come to stay. juwon_Catalyst But in a normal society, is this one supposed to hold a public debate. Who's giving him this platform?

Hissing... I watched this live & I felt sorry for the Yoruba in particular and Nigeria in general. This nation really belongs to some persons; others are just tenants. How would a normad who has no regard to lives and people's property and farms have the guts to call a Yoruba man primitive? Terrorist you taught that Yorubas will let you kill them as you do to innocent BIAFRANS

See his face like cow running diarrhoea And they are the ones with brains right along with thier cows 🤣🤣🤣🤣 When somebody has no home education, he always insult people who are better than him. Almajiri language is a gutter language. This is laughable,calling a set of people what his people are ten times over. 😂

Yoruba people are Primitive? lmao in ijebu.🤣🤣🤣 2023 here we go, primitive yorubas by miyetti Allah 😂😂😂😂😂 and they are crying? You saw humans and decide to romance with a wide animals bcos of what exactly? We go dey one side the watch this game but mind you we 100% support Amotekun. These people will never cease to amaze me.

Under whose payroll is Sharia police? Is Nigeria Islamic nation? Boko haram is destroying lives and properties in your region, you have no meaningful solutions to it but you can cry fowl of those trying defending lives and properties of their people. This is misplacement of duty Such a silly statement... Why are they so worked up about it?

Yoruba people see your mate ..... OgbuefiAkunede Fulani man is trying to transfer small sense to a Yoruba man 👨, let me come dey go 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ 🤣🤣🤣 Now, this small boy has started insulting us and he shouldn’t be glorified with our responses. He can take his talks to his men for secession, we had always been ready. This parasite doesn’t need to insult anyone.All he needs to do is sponsor some northern lawmakers for secession

OgbuefiAkunede When you support a cow 🐮 to become your president both the Goat 🐐 and the sheep 🐑 will definitely see you as chick 🐥, so my Yoruba people accept your primitive way of life. Hahaha 😂 😂 😂 no be me talkamooo!!! 🤔 Your father is primitive. Son of a nuisance That's laughable!!! Marauding, killing,and kidnapping, banditry shows how sophisticated the Hausas are I suppose. Hissss

Miyetti Allah should not bring Igbos into their matter with the Yoruba. In fact we Igbos support Amotekun.. I think they are correct else they( Yoruba) won't support the one we have now as president This Miyetti Allah groups ARE BOKO HARAM COUSINS. They ARE CRIMINALS and alternative to PEACE. This statement is hate speech. It is capable of stoking civil unrest. It's time for the DSS to get this man arrested.

Live with it ! Someone should land this guy a slap 👋 Yorubas supported this present administration like hell. Anyway enjoy your solidarity with the fulanis. Northerners are people of Darkness and Bloodsuckers I doubt if the Yoruba race have been so insulted before now. Imagine miyetti Allah oo. Nothing wey person no go see for this naija sef...

Imagine the insult this man rained on Yorubas on live TV. Anyway, its evident that there is no way there won't be misinterpretations about the objective of Amotekun. Lets wait and see if this matter will get to the courts TERRORIST GROUP 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 cbngov_akin1 abikedabiri ogundamisi Ayourb DOlusegun otamssweet OfficialAPCNg the_davidatta 'We Igbos put all our eggs in one basket.' Now see the insult you guys are receiving from the northerners. Una be coward.

Stupid Miyetti Allah Who is more primitive ? People who rather prefer their children to die than cattle He means the other way round.......Even western world knows yorubas are highly sophisticated beings. You’re just making this fulani cow popular Oh, Nigga please! If there wasn’t an ulterior motive, you wouldn’t be worried about Amotekun.

According to the SW, Se has put all their eggs in one basket. Now the abuse they are receiving from the north. Ntoor! It is better to be primitive than dead Can someone stop granting this fool interviews. Because you can no longer kidnap their children I felt like punching this dude from my TV set this morning. He spoke with so much 'arronfidence'🤣🤣🤣

Somebody who sleeps and wakes up with cows everyday with no human brain calling the race that produced the first lawyer in Nigeria primitive, then what do you call them? If not because of colonial nonsense what would one be doing with this animals. hate speech!!!🤓 An appeal:This attention seeking so called leader of miyetti Allah should be ignored by all.The media should also avoid publishing his unfortunate and ignorant statements.Nigeria needs to be peaceful and stable to achieve the progress we all yearn for.

We want to remain primitive o.atleast we wont die when we go to the farm 'AMOTEKUN IN PROPHECY 'Wherefore a lion out of the forest shall slay them, and a wolf of the evenings shall spoil them, a LEOPARD SHALL WATCH OVER THEIR CITIES: every one that goeth out thence shall be torn in pieces: because their transgressions are many,.... Jeremiah 5:6 KJ

That's a very stupid thing to say. Fulani shitting in their pants because of Amotekun. This is nice. Amotekun will take its place as the best thing to happen to Nigeria since 1960, historically. Thunder fire u.... Tche nay by force u must gaze in our land. What kind of rubbish talk be this? Encroaching our lands without our consent.

Not a surprise this coming from a cowheaded figure. Without the 'Primitive' Yorubas, your Fulani despot wouldn't have emerged president. Idiat just try anymore nonsense and see how primitive the Yorubas can be. Nnamdi Kanu told y'all this in 2015, y'all thought he was mad. So who's right? Who is this idiot sef

Voice of the Nation have spoken 🙌🏽 Rankadede An aboki for dat matter!! This Miyeti Allah punk is not slowing down with his barrage of insult to the people of South West isn't it? I think he should concentrate on finding his baba Buhari who is missing in London. You are a cow with no lineage If I may ask is this guy a Yoruba man ? Why is he so pained about this Amotekun or does he have any hidden agenda that yorubas don’t know

Wooow. The score is now 10 : 2 Miyetti Allah : South West. Game on. South East is yet to score anywhere. We are still watching Modern man. Why are these people panicking? Amotekun is all about self preservation and should be encouraged. There is something obviously wrong with these Fulani people. So including APC party leader Asiwaju?Am not surprised in anyway,our Yoruba elders have sold us so cheaply to them..they will go back to Abuja and start licking their ass.

Miyetti Allah now does comedy can he define the meaning of primitives... He's ignorance d word he's using n learn to be civil in his speech. Wow! This man is a licensed criminal. Naive and blind in reality of events on ground. Myopically induced and speaks from his anus. I see the cards the Sokoto Gadali was trying to play there. I see it.

Oh my God! Who are the most civilized people in Nigeria? Things to take into consideration: *Education *Tolerance *Family Planning *Hospitality *Creativity *Liberalism *Organisation *Mood management *Political alliance *Non-belligerence *The quest for equality & justice *Diversity *Vision Eleribu What are they really scared of?

Lol... I'm loving this. BabajideOtitoju see your people o. realFFK adeyanjudeji femiaribisala femigbaja tvcnewsng akin_adesina Interesting support for the killings of farmers in their sleep is not primitive . Cow Chisos That's hate speech. Oya DSS But they used Yoruba man to get the mandate for ruling the country at the moment, the Miyetti Allah must be insane

Am just laffing.... When they voted for change supporting fulani.... When Igbo man see bad market They know.... Well we easterners will support you if you ever need our help but this time not like the sabotaged of 1970 Mmm! Coming from a man whose lineage understands nothing that living in the bush with cows. what is your business with how yorubas secure their lifes and properties if not that you are one of the killer herdsmen.

Me I will not put mouth in this matter. After all,na majority of Yoruba people that supported MBuhari with the hope of getting 2023 ticket . Let me jes be looking all of them What is the literary definition of Primitive? If we back down from this, we fuck up gan Is this not hate speech? I blame the presenter for not asking this fool the meaning of what he said, because it's should explain the meaning of 'primitive' and let's see maybe he actually knows what he's saying

Eleribu 😂 Hahaha, coming from miyetti Allah that walk from Maiduguri to ekiti with cows.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 😁🤣😂 When low life human being become government spoke person. Nigeria is in big trouble. And you having issue with shows how backward your thinking can be. Check out dancefametv It is high time the DSS & other stakeholders questioned &cautioned this Miyetti man before he causes a crisis. He should stop such cow statements, such words won't promote peace in any way.

'Where are the cows?' 'The kidnappings are exaggerated.' Always say what you can stand by any day anytime. A tribe that leaves the road and move through the Bush A tribe that still move with a dirty stick in the modern day A tribe that prefers unrefined cow milk over refined once, calls another uncivilized!

It still beat my imagination why this harlequin isn't in jail and his messengers, the killer herdsmen Imagine animal that lives in the bush calling educated and very intelligent set of human beings primitive! This is Nigeria!! Who is this fool actually? Miyetti Allah, miyetti Allah, miyetti Allah , how many times did i call you , fear of amotekun is the beginning of wisdom, amotekun has come to stay

I know you people are just stoking tribal tensions but it really is laughable if those words truly came from Miyetti Allah. I just love this 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 So wonderful 😂😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Wow! Thank you Not bad Can you imagine.This is hate speech. I am sure Buhari and his gang in APC are not blind.

Any people who, in this day & age, still practice the savage, primitive open grazing belong in the stone age & need reality check. Miyetti Allah people are unconscionable savages, who need to be kept in quarantine, for all-round rehabilitation. They are a plague to humanity. It is unbelievable that this man can insult Yorubas like this. It goes a long way to show hw the north rates SW. Lesson here; don't go the extreme to please anyone. Who ever doesn't like or respect u will never do so no matter what u do. Igbos learnt this long time ago.

He has a point. The Igbos were prevented from voting in certain places and threatened by the Oba. Some so-called Yoruba leaders and 'techno-rats ' have also sold their souls for pittance, so who's truly primitive? The likes of MC Oluomo has become a star, who's primitive? Where are the cows? That is the next question Yoruba leader will ask his people.

If we are truly primitive as you said, I trust you wont be so bothered. Now if I quote this verbatim and twit, some paid goons will come after me. The cow sellers at abattoirs and the abokis at our gates seem to be more powerful than the learned all because we want to impress some cabal who will dump us soon

Animal in cow skin. This man is a bigot And it is begun! He said that on sunrisedailynow this morning but the other guy from Southwest was so civil in the his analysis despite the obvious annoyance on his face. Will you blame him? No, when the so called leader of Southwest was quoted to have said Amotekun is illegal.

That man no well Who's primitive? You must be a fool I dont want to talk politics today but these fulani cows wont seize to annoy my fingers...A Northerner calling Yoruba people primitive is definitely a Cowly way of thinking... Ofo lo se citizenc400 Primitive? Chai! Wetin Musa nor go see for gate.😄 This is a no-brainer.😄

This one no be hate speech Why is amotekun a problem to all these aboki's, are you the only tribe in Nigeria cus I don't know why it's only you people complaining? Yoruba's are primitive in aboki's mouth is irresponsible. Yes, the Yoruba are primitive and the Fulani herdsmen are technologically advanced. Turkey makes biggest money from cattle in the world and they don’t move cattle all over people farms and destroy lives in the process. Primitive is good for me

Hate speech...! Stop it. For Miyetti Allah to call Yoruba primitive it shows they(Miyetti Allah) is suffering from psychosis and in urgent need of psychiatrist attention. Saleh Alhassan must be having diarrhea of the mouth. S/W governors know what to do he should just wait and see. Is it possible that my understanding of the meaning of the word, 'PRIMITIVE' is wrong?

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 These Cattle guys sha, una head correct so? 🙄 😂😂😂😂 laughs in the sophistication of Southwest This is hate speech, this mumu should be picked & locked up before he unwittingly creates crisis in the polity. From his unguarded utterances, it is evident he's not that bright. He shouldn't be granted audience in the first place,unfortunately our media thrives on sensation.

Imagine kettle calling pot black. I think at this point we should clap for Tinubu and many other Yorubas for supporting the present disaster called Buhari because of power The Media now gives Miyetti Allah more coverage than Lai Mohammed. I am loving💚 the Yoruba primitivity 😀 and I dislike your Fulani modern life

Primitive for protecting our people,lands and properties from unknown gunmen that Nigerian securities couldn't arrest? ...if Nigerians are really serious and we have a good electoral standard any of these 3 men has all that it takes to rule the country better the current affidavit presidents that is destroying all national institutions to achieve his ethnic and religious hidden agendas

watched it on channelstv and i was shocked when i heard him say this . Says those who cling to medieval ways of rearing cattle smh Very unfriendly and patriotic language for our fellow country men, please that phrase is too hash my brother. I was like who is primitive BTW who is living in town and d one that lives in the bush when I was watching him on sunrise daily on Channels TV this morning

I hope those who changed their name to General/major-gen will now use Primitive in their names. He who sells his family cheap won't be able to buy them back at the market rate. Nonsense! While roaming around with cows in the 21st century is in vogue. Chai!!! This one weaks me. Meyetti Allah that are predominantly leaving in the jungle are calling Yoruba primitive

Stupid Miyetti Allah.Who is primitive here?Stupid cows rearer that refused ranching but prefer walking thousand miles with their cows destroying farms ,killing people here and there It would have been nice for you to keep mute and not to prove to us of your dirty deeds This man needs to do brain surgery.

They are using him to start some problems... A govt who negotiate with terrorist is more primitive. Primitive? If Nigeria isn't indeed a zoo the likes of govs Akeredolu, Fayemi and Makinde cannot come up with an idea to solve a problem GMB and his cabal have failed to solve in 5 years and some terrorists disguising as herders will have the guts to condemn it...

And BH is civil Is it your primitive ? Abeg go and sit down.. noisemakers it has come to stay and you can’t do nada... With what dis terrorists just said I can categorically say that fulani r nothing but animals, anything to stop herdsmen from killing our ppl in south west is welcome Alakori omo ati miyetti allah!!!! Loriburuku ni gbogbo awo northerners!!!! Werey ni

Is it possible to hand over the tail of a leopard (AMOTEKUN) to the hand of a cow . Who is afraid of leopardAmotekun I enjoy the attention Amotekun is having. Going by the word “Primitive”, we aren’t primitive to be going about with cattle in a modern world even in CBD areas. This Man is a Nobody, we can see how Primitive he is in understanding.

Another hate speech on national TV, tomorrow same folks will come out telling the Senate to pass hate speech bill. I wonder,if this Saleh is psychological okay with all utterance & no one within the so-called group that can caution him. His utterance means they value animal life than human life. This guy need to be caged

Stop this insults please. The FG, Miyetti Allah or Nigerian Police said or did nothing when states running Sharia est. Hisbah? I can bet that The guy does not know the meaning of the word....😁 cow head This insult enter boluxxxx .. come and see oo.. he said Yoruba 😃 Emi primitive... Let's meet outside. I will show you who is primitive between you and I

I don't blame you, the same Yoruba people gave you the voice to speak All these nomadic folks are just a bunch of idiots. How does a security outfit in the southwest negatively impact on a fulani herdsman? For your mind you don talk animal Some people are really getting high per day. Such effrontery. Why are these guys so concerned about Amotekun, are they planning on killing all of us and they angry we found a way out.

You call them primitive yet they are holding the largest commerce in Africa, you call them primitive yet they are one of the most educated people in Africa while the North is the most poorest and uneducated in Africa. So who is actually primitive. What a nonsense. 😂 😂 😂 See ad He be as Cow Says a cattle herder in 2020.

He just finished sucking cow breast the word primitive coming from a fulani man!!!!! wonders shall never end!!! What In Orunmilas name is the headache this guy is having over amotekun? Is he scared? I guess his cupboard is full of plenty skeletons I love this movie, I can't wait to see the end Who is this fool?who the hell did he thinks himself for?

Who can be more primitive?LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who is this man, how can he make such a call? How on earth can you call a whole nation of Yorubas primitive? Some people need to be re-educated We from South east will be watching the drama between Husband and side chicks I watched this idiot this morning on channel TV very rude , dishonor and lack of courtesy .to the extent channel TV have to cut him off because lack of decency in is words.... Eranko

A cattle header insulting a renewed tribe and calling them primitive for taking a rightful decision on what will benefit their people and protect them. Yorubas have been insulted big time, the smell is so bad that my phone swift off. Someone should reply this man immediately Miyetti Allah 1 : 0 Yoruba people If na me be Youruba people, i no go gree o 😫😫😫😦

Why is this amotekun program making this miteti allah people paranoid When nomadics calls others primitive, then something is wrong We agree to the primitive approach. We cannot allow unabated killing of our people. The federal government promised to bring a lot of these killers to book may be their book is lost.

This square headed who's picture we can all see, during his interview on channelstv this morning 21th of Jan. 2020 could not firmly discuss the need and reasons for his criticism toward his claims. He was very abusive and uncivilized. Shame After being responsible for many crimes, this one still has mouth to talk? If Nigerians don't rise up against this nonsense. There might not be any Nigeria left in fews years to come.

funny for some group that pratice open grazing Over 50% of those who changed their names to Major General after Punch's editorial are Yorubas..I was deeply concerned.. Miyettti Allah isn't totally wrong here n it's not too late for Yorubas to say NO to Tinubu and yes to Afenifere. Southerners should be 1! Yourubas Wake up!!

It's better to be primitive and support Amotekun than to be Miyetti Allah and terrorize the whole country. Wouldn't you rather be Amotekun than to be a fulani terrorist? 🙄🙄🙄 Imaging these toads insulting people,nothing we no go see for tyrant buhari govt. 🤣🤣🤣 This one funny die! If protecting lives and properties which the FG has failed is primitive, what will you call interstate cow rearing on foot?

Ọmọ ìrankíran... Ọmọ Àlè játijàti 😈 BASTARD! they should wait until they are all dead from those dead animals threatening their existence... not all sections of nigeria take the lawlessness of this govt. miyetti Allah is a terrorist org. 🤣🤣🤣🤣I just don't know why I'm laughing OK nah supporting community policing is primitive, but Fulani kidnappers and rapists are modern ?

Mad oo Why are they giving this kind people audience? So rich especially coming from someone that beats cows from Maiduguri to Lagos. Why do you guys always air the views of this nonentities, the more of their view you air, the more valuable they think they are! Snub them! i would love to hear him pronounce that word *primitive* 😂😂

Lol Ori é bi ori agbò lol saying we are primitive ☝🏽🤣 Think he's high on tram.......ori é gbagi. what gave them the effrontery to refer to Yorubas as primitive?Its unacceptable.PMB should call them to order-Afenifere ,Agege Mother-f****r see this cow!!!😕🤨😲 Yoruba's see yr political allies calling you local. Nothing when Musa never see for gateman work oo

You are the only primitive fool i see. 😂😂😂 Leave them it your primitive, why is this thing paining you like this? Saleh is sick upstairs anyway the SW Governor as matter of urgency should pass AMOTÈKUN into law in there various SHA. End of qoute From people that lives in the bush That is how wise we are than ram who don't have brain

This one is not normal right from time For God's sake, why do you people have to always interview these groups.. Miyeti, IPOB, Afenifere, PANDEF etc. Who do they represent, not me, not my family... not any one I know. They just continue to foment anarchy, so that they can reap from the chaos. Nonsense newspaper

This guy is a nuisance to whole federation. It's better he kip kwayet. If anyone else from a different background made the comments he made on live TV, he should expect some gentlemen in balaclavas waiting outside to 'take him for lunch' Despite they have high numbers of lawyers and very intelligent brain people they still fall our hands

I once told a Yoruba man, that the Fulani man doesn't hate Igbo man compared to a Yoruba man. He didn't believe me! This is just the beginning.... I hope the Yoruba nation finally wakes up, the sneeze of Amotekun got the Caliphate on their heels. Wake up! Iyanlaya e. Werey nse Olori Ebi yin In 2015, The SE, SS appealed to the SW to join other Southerners but they refused. Tinubu has led Yorubas to being conquered, subdued, cowardice,slavery and mockery. Igbos would never bow to illiterate cow herders n with d SW level of education, they shldnt either!

Irony of life. HateSpeech at the very best I don't get it. Is miyetti allah the new spoke arm of the government? And why are they so bittered the yorubas decide to protect themselves in the face of insecurity ravaging the nation? This terrorists called meyiti Allah,are sick to their marrow. Imagine aboki calling someone PRIMITIVE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Amotekun is a threat to fulani herders, they can do anything to stop it. Shey awon Fulani Yi Yawere no? Is it your primitive? Allow them to be primitive in their land na. If you don't have a motive then why those it bother you so much? We igbos are not bothered, middlebelt are not bothered, why are you Hausa and fulanis bothered about yorubas protecting themselves?

And our olori buruku Yoruba leaders will be like them no see anything the Ram said here now ! Well Ram will surely be ram forever Chai.... Fulani man telling yourbas that they are primitive... Cnt stop laughing, that is hilarious... He is starting to think like his cows Who is granting these sons of nobodies audience

Pls do they have twitter handle so that we can continue the conversation there NaijaFlyingDr Draging yoruba people 2020 I don't blame him . Who granted him audience? 🤣 🤣 This clown does not deserve attention. I cannot agree with your assessment of the Yorubas as collectively primitive. Conversely I find them truly advanced in their methods of negotiation and attainment of group goals.

Shameless Watching it this morning and I feel like crying. Our selfish leaders sold us to them. U and ur ancestors lives with animals in the forest, go back there because this fake union is being set ablaze anytime from now Imagine someone living and sleeping with cows in the forest calling people primitive.

Same with support for Hisbah police. Nonsense Ogun kee you and primitive there. Primitive dey call person primitive 😂 Coming from the mouth of Fulani man that still leave in the bush. Look at him very well. He be like one Mai-Guard for my Estate. And he's over there attacking the Yorubas. We're primitive but they're the ones roaming about with cows and giving birth to 15 kids each. Since we're primitive go form your own country... I'm sure you'll be just fine 👀

What a time to be alive.😂😂 This view by the Miyetti Allah representative is not only provocative but irresponsible. Does it mean the Yoruba are not entitled to how to provide security for themselves if there is a strong need to so do? Bastard,primitive or not.Amotekun will stay. How is this idiot walking free? Zoo

🤣🤣 Calling Yoruba 'primitive' is hate speech. Abi oloribiruku ni bobo yi ni Insulting us? Lol Why this people Dey fear shuu? Mehn..😐 Who is this guy? Imagine... Lmao, the fulani calls someone primitive, what irony Support for herdsmen incessant fights against Farmers shows how brutal and uncultured the Fulanis are.

Mumu Who's this guy?! Is this man normal! I love this guy. You are a ram Ori okpe

Youths hold rally on Tuesday over Amotekun - The Nation NewspaperYouth groups under the umbrella of Yoruba World Congress (YWC) are to hold a support rally for the Western Nigeria Security Network codenamed Amotekun on Tuesday...

Amotekun: Atiku Supports Community, State And Zonal Policing Amotekun : Atiku Supports Community, State And Zonal Policing. I can't be the only one that doesn't concern my self with this leopard news If the FG can't provide security, let the state government do that for their citizens That's the way to go.

Operation Amotekun: Yoruba World Congress holds Solidarity Walk Tuesday – Daily TrustThe Yoruba people within and beyond the shores of Nigeria have been urged to come out enmasse on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 for a solidarity walk in support of Operation Amotekun , a security network recently launched by governors from Western Nigeria to curb the spate of insecurity ravaging the zone. Very welcome development...our heritage and pride most not be sold or traded for political power which is not even sure What is needed is not just solidarity walk but an undertaking by president Buhari that He (Buhari) or IG will resign in case of any attack or kidnapping in southwest. Amotekun

Amotekun: Yoruba World Congress plans solidarity walk tomorrow – Daily TrustThe Yoruba World Congress (YWC) has called upon Yoruba people within and beyond the shores of Nigeria to troop out tomorrow Tuesday and stage a protest rally in support of Operation Amotekun , a security network recently established by governors of Western Nigeria to wage war against insecurity in the region. The protest code-named ‘ Amotekun Solidarity …

Amotekun’s first fight“No State Government whether singly or in a group has the legal right and competence to establish any form of organisation or agency for the defence of Nigeria or any of its constituent parts.” Hisbah is there Welfare,protection of lives and properties shall be the priority of Government. If government breaches this section 16 of 1999 constitution as amended,(FGN failed in its capacity to secure lives of citizens) security architecture can be breached to protect lives and properties. Who created hisba Police?

Amotekun: Police block solidarity rally in LagosThe police in Lagos have sabotaged the a solidarity walk in support of the Amotekun security initiative that was scheduled to hold at Gani Fawehinmi Park, Ojota on Tuesday. Is protest not supposed to be the right of the citizens? What’s Jagaban’s end game? Political analysts have said it’ll be easier for the camel to go through the eye of the needle than for him a Yoruba Muslim to get the ticket in 2023. So why is he so much against Amotekun? This is sad.