Ncs, Rice

Ncs, Rice

Stop eating imported rice, it’s poisonous, says Customs boss


Stop eating imported rice, it’s poisonous, says Customs boss

The Comptroller-General, Nigeria Customs Service, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd), has appealed to Nigerians to stop eating foreign rice because it is poisonous.

He said that the imported rice was poisonous because before coming into the country, it must have spent a minimum of five years in the silos.

“So, I appeal to Nigerians to please patronise our own rice, it is available, more nutritious and if you do that you will assist Customs by making sure these people are put out of business.”

“We always ask for assistance from Nigerians to apprehend these smugglers, but up till now, there is no private citizen that has walked up to us to give us information, the only people giving us information are the rice millers.

He said because of the smugglers, the NCS enlarged its task force specifically to fight rice problem, especially in the season of fasting, a celebration period which smugglers would try to import rice.

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Na lie If imported rice is poisonous, what will you say of our local rice that is sandious. Though I eat local rice, I plan to stop cos the starch is in quantum n the sand/stone? No be here ooo It's Foreign Rice till I die. Nonsense and ingredients When has imported 🌾 rice 🌾 become poisonous in Nigeria 👧 👚 👗 👜 👠 👡 👓 today or yesterday

The ones you've seized, did you throw them away? No. You gave some to less privilege, some to IDP and others to your house. Is this a way of discouraging is from eating imported RICE. You have failed, Sir , change this tactics , E no go work at all. Where is d local made one Rice wey we don dey chop since is suddenly poison. Nigeria is d most potent poison.

All custom officers eat imported rice 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Nigeria have the perfect recipe for cooking up shit

Nigerian govt to stop patronizing individuals, firms owing AMCON - Osinbajo - Premium Times NigeriaThe Nigerian government will stop 'patronising' all individuals and companies that owe the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said in Abuja. Awon onigbese!

How do the rice get into the country.? Shameless statement Your fada! What happens to the ones you sieze edhiri How about foreign Medicare? Is that one not poisonous too? E-diats everywhere 😅😅 Who told you? how many people have died from eating imported rice? Tell your president to stop gallivanting upanda various hospitals in the UK He can contract inconclusiveness and riggery...

And were is the Nigeria rice Is he the one that poisoned the rice? Hilarious man.

$1.2bn Malabu Oil Scam: Court refuses to stop Adoke, Etete, others' arrest - Vanguard NewsAn Abuja High Court sitting at Jabi, on Monday, declined to stay the execution of a bench warrant it issued for the arrest of the immediate past Attorney ...

Don't you worry about us, we av used to poison tay tay, living in Nigeria that has Buhari whom do hire SAN to defend whether or not he has a WAEC cert as President, what is more poisonous than that? Rubbish Does he have a rice farm at his backyard or the ones he's has been eating over the years has killed him? When they get l stashed with cash in their mouth they start speaking from their shit hole. Make agriculture friendly and people will embrace it.

So sad! The Next level warriors only want to exterminate Nigeria from being the Gaint of Africa to the Ant of Africa. Cc UN UNHumanRights IntlCrimCourt amnesty WFP USEmbassyAbuja UKinNigeria Doctor See your life but when you seize you take it to your respective houses or sell .. from the hugest rank to the lowest rank in custom is there one of you who don’t have country ban cars , foods or electronics in your houses .. nonsense

He has eventually taken over d duties of SON now. Ara gbachie gi nti. Olodo Are you sure rice is Nigeria's problem? Leave us alone . What about imported frozen chicken, fish and turkey. Stop traveling to abroad for treatment, foreign hospitals are poisonous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop beating drums of war, FG tells Atiku, PDP – Daily TrustPDP: Accusation shows frustration of a failed govt The Federal Government yesterday said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar should stop beating the drums of war in the country.ADVERTISEMENT Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, told State House correspondents that the PDP brand of opposition politics poses great … AbadaEfeJulius - how is pdp and Atiku beating the drum of war? Another brainless statement from the Buhari led government

Allow us to die. Nigeria is cursed. Does the importation not go through your supervision? CustomsNG, you have failed. If only you could connect to the level of hunger on ground. You will pity Nigerians and bury this advice. The most disturbing aspect of this advice will shock you when you make it to border towns and the market. You will see the uniforms behind this deals.

You see I read the article to see if there is any sense. But none. I thought there were scientific tests to make this assertion. None. Whatever he said were hypothetical. Everything was 'may have'. This is not intelligent people approach issues. Which one bubu with e children dey chop? No be he foriegn rice ,abi another man na garawa

I read this hoping to find some form of empirical evidence to his claim, none was found. This man thinks we are all illiterates such he can say stuffs with no fact to support. It’s really a shame. OK sir we don hear Don't use your inefficiency to create unnecessary fears in the mind of the citizens. Even if it is, did you have an alternative for them? When the govt has failed whole fully in its responsibly.

I don't know when custom becomes nutritionis or food expert o. Says the customs minister of health! Lol

Ya Allah, My Du’a: To Stop the Violence and Massacres In Nigeria, By Hannatu MusawaWe must remind ourselves of the dangers that are intrinsic in the emotion of indifference to the suffering of others. No. Next level please. Udung yak mbre otongho I thought u guys use to keep quiet 🤫 abeg next level Ameen

My only conclusion is that our politicians and government people have a common supplier of weed and the brand they ingest must be the most potent weed ever taken in Nigeria Stop travelling abroad for medical treatments, its deadly. Na today!!! And every day it’s been taken in your home and getting stronger sheet

We should ask him what is he eating also I am sure he has a rice farm and they are tryna propagate it. IFB Which one do you eat at home, Mr Custom, 'oh god' rice? You are mad Ok sir.... Minister of health Yet it's a full course meal in ur house. Bunch of hypocrites!

Court to EFCC, DSS, CCT, others: stop fresh probe of Saraki - The Nation NewspaperA Federal High Court in Abuja has restrained the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) and three others from proceeding with their renewed probe of Senate President Bukola Saraki. Also to be affected by the restraining orders issued on Tuesday by Justice Taiwo Taiwo are the Department of State Services … chop chop court?🤔

If imported rice is poisonous Nigeria Stony rice is what.........poison*poison*poison But una dey carry am go give una family members chop.. U dey Mad Shat up dia now Oga Fake propaganda. A very wrong way aimed at demarketing. Yet, the poisonous rices passes through customs. Mumu Country Okay 👌 Hmmm thanks sha but the bags of rice & Chicken seized end up in custom House, Wonder shall never End.

I don't see how telling people foreign rice is poisonous helps protect the local rice industry and increase patronage. This government is just full of mad people o. What does CustomsNG boss expect Nigerians to eat? The phantom Nigerian rice, Ogun rice pyramid or sand. Why do people open their mouths just to try and prove they are working. Yesterday it was Audu Ogbe today this

Nonsense! Embrace the benefits of Loom peer to peer community platform. It pays!

Treason: Stop Whining, Face Your Self-Inflicted Woes, PDP Replies FGThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday charged the Federal Government to stop inventing excuses and “making frivolous allegations of treason for its mass failures.” The opposition party added that the expectation of Nigerians is for the Muhammadu Buhari Presidency to live up to the demands of their offices instead of blaming them for their self-inflicted woes. […] Yet they can't tell us one meaningful achievement in the last 16years.. Yet they can't explain to us why Nigeria is not eldorado after spending 16years in power with Oil boom. Yet they can't tell us how our foreign reserve plumetted from $62billion dollars in 2008 to $32billion in 2015 under the oil boom. Yet they can't tell us how 16billion was earmarked for power yet didn't even generate any electricity. Yet the come here trying to claim a 16years of prosperity in Nigeria whilst they were in power. It's either OfficialPDPNig Is mad Interesting to hear that from a gang of hoodlums

Sakamanje And U de collect bride on it at d border Liars Story for d gods Something must kill a man Fake news The custom boss must be the head of NAFDAC too. Foolish cow headers. THIS IS A LIE........Buhari administration is out to completely ruin the masses. Only NafdacAgency is authorised by Nigerian laws to give such verdict.

Nigeria is a theater of the absurd. Ai kuwa we must eat basmati rice 🍚 ko za a mutu

HDP Asks Tribunal to Stop Buhari's Inauguration - THISDAYLIVEBy Alex Enumah in Abuja The Hope Democratic Party (HDP) on Tuesday asked the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, Abuja to stop the swearing-in of President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29, 2019 as president, pending the hearing and determination of its petition against the outcome of the 2019 presidential election. The HDP, in a motion of …

How many home grown rice do we have? Oga Custom don turn to food control boss. You better mind your business and let us enjoy our life with what we sabi Lecture on na😂😂😂 Stop driving second hand cars AKA tokombo So what do we eat when our local rice is nowhere to be found. Please what is wrong with all this buhari men. They have a common denominator. They speak whatever comes in their mouth. I am sure Audu Ogbe gave him the line. 🤣

Nah them!!!! na only for Nigeria dem dey eat foreign rice,abeg make I hear words jareh Are you NAFDAC? So what does out leader's eat?

BREAKING: Tribunal Asked To Stop Buhari’s InaugurationBREAKING: Tribunal Asked To Stop Buhari's Inauguration. lol Chai the worse is about to happen let wait and see

Kindly help me ask what type of rice is he eating in his home. Hypocrisy! Which one is MBuhari ProfOsinbajo eating? Pls tell PMB that foreign hospitals are poosonious. Ode customsboss this is hate speech you can't say foreign rice are poisonous without proof rather explained to us that its contraband in Nigeria

Nigerians have been eating imported rice for decades...everybody should be dead by now. Nonsense and ingridients When did you become NafdacAgency Director oga custom? Leave us and our poison alone, poison dt you will add better pepper stew and you will want to eat more poison iamSaraina The ones your men transport to their homes are 100% safe for consumption?

You are mad, we were you when it’s enter into the country useless people Bad belle is allowed.

Court Orders Ganduje To Stop Implementation Of New Emirates In KanoCourt Orders Ganduje To Stop Implementation Of New Emirates In Kano. does the court has the right to stop legislation and executive from performing their constitutional obligation? That's good Yinmu

Funny enough they aren't eating Nigeria rice o Bros what is d bases of ur claim 😁😁 This one go dey eat Basmati rice for house come dey preach another thing here... Flood the market with good quality, stone free rice instead of abandoning your job, looking for smugglers to report. Someone is paid to look out for them.

Na who you won decieve ,which one you dey eat? OfficialAPCNg government is planning to import poisoned rice to discourage consumption of foreign rice. I hope they have enough local rice and will not bring in good foreign rice from Niger Republic for the North. Lol Una sha wan make Nigerians stop to de buy foreign at cost Nice try

Na so That means the custom boss must be a ghost. He would have died many times

Ramadan: Stop playing politics with workers’ entitlements - Faleke warns Gov. Bello - Daily Post NigeriaFormer running mate to the late Prince Abubakar Audu in the 2015 governorship election in Kogi State, Hon. James Abiodun Faleke, has warned the incumbent g

If this is true, then the custom officer is delusional. Laaammbaaa..... 😂 Where is my Uncle Ben o je? 😏 Are you the one that poisoned it? 😂😂😂 when our local rice are something else ...sands and dirts everywhere No, we should be saying 'stop importing foreign rice. You're poisoning your citizens '! Which one he's eating?

Which poison is worse than the government of d day? Abeg let us choose our poison... That man must be insane Customs boss is a medical expert or a food scientist? And wish one are you eating sir? You collect bribe to let it go through

Presidential tribunal asked to stop Buhari’s inauguration – Daily TrustThe Presidential Election Petition Tribunal in Abuja has been asked to stop the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria from swearing-in President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term. The presidential candidate of the Hope Democratic Party (HDP) in the February 23 election, Ambrose Owuru, made the application on Tuesday.ADVERTISEMENT Owuru and HDP hinged their application sections … He shouldn't be sworn in abeg, we're not doing again

Who made him an expert Ori Custom ti daru.. That's what you say when you don't get enough cuts from those who import rice.. We don't have rice like the type which diabetic patients can eat etc, but they can be exported & you're saying rubbish Tell me then did he eats locally made rice in his house if asked? Charity begins at home.

Useless customs officer...... Stop allowing imported rice, it's INCOMPETENT

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