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Stock your homes with food, minister tells women

3/30/2020 4:39:00 AM

Stock your homes with food, minister tells women

The Minister of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen, has urged Nigerian women to take precautionary measures and stock their homes with food to remain at home to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Addressing journalists in Abuja on gender dimension of coronavirus urged women to adhere strictly to the directives to curb the spread of …

Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development (FMWASD), Mrs Pauline Tallen.The Minister of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen, has urged Nigerian women to take precautionary measures and stock their homes with food to remain at home to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Addressing journalists in Abuja on gender dimension of coronavirus urged women to adhere strictly to the directives to curb the spread of the virus in the society.She appealed to women groups and organisations to respect constituted authorities and adhere to all government directives on hosting of public events such as village meetings, town meetings, weddings, burials, celebrations and all festive activities during the period.

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Did u give them money to buy food? Stock up home with which money? There are many women that feed from their daily market we have most markets and kiosks closed..what become of them? What of the ones that don't have money eh. Where the money? She is stupid for saying this This is a very irresponsible statement

I'm speechless Lol.... Buy foodstuffs with paper🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wey Dy money? Stock their homes with food, using what to purchase? Wow can they do that ? The food Na for Free? Seriously must everybody talk? It's very simple to say But were is money to stock food With what madam minister May the omnipotent protect us.

Na money dem dey use stock home What about those women that earns daily? Or do you think they r in the same shoe with you? Pls be wise to say out words like this. With which money abeg? Stock up food with which money? You are eating alone and advising others to stock up. Did they give the women money to do that or you ask people to stock their homes with food items if they don't have the money to do so

Most of the money individuals are donating, should be channeled into subsidizing food commodities, to make them affordable for ordinary people. One painter of Garri is now N1200. How many people can afford it? Government should subsidize food commodities. Please Mama Pauline help us tell Baba B to Provide us with Something because we are not salary earners. talakawas

Were is the money cant she see the hardship in the country? Share food for people I ADO Nasarawa state I don't understand this, how do you expect women to do that, when even the Head of the family has not been paid Na money people they use stock Food for house From they money they gives us.... 😧😧 With which money?

Thanks for your advice ma. But through what means are these women going to stock their homes with food so as to remain at home to avert COVID-19? I advice you sit up and fight this scourge to avoid COVIDHunger in the country. U are very stupid. Did u provide for them to stock their homes. Foolish people

Hi guys, let's go with this WithWhichMoney With which money? Is like this woman reason through her anus. The women should stock their home with food stuff. So they can now pack food free on the street without cash to do all of these? YEYETALK Naive minister that does not know the real situation of most women in Nigeria!

Some of these Nigerians, quite a no don't have the means of stocking their homes with food When Nigeria government have no provision for the poor citizens millions Nigeria only bring food to table for the family by going out for daily meal Help out ma'am for storage pls , no money to stock d home Wea the money dey biko

No be when u see money, u go buy food? With which money? Is she going to give them the food? Na Dia teeth dem go take stock am? Stock their home with foods, with which money naa? Where's the money With which money? Give m money ma...... Nah wa oo with which money Stock up food ! How is bills gonna be paid? No money for food stock

Honourable Minister, where is the money for them to buy the food or have you & the government provided such? abdoulmajeeed ji wannan matar don Allah kaji Empty handed... 'Stock ur homes with food'! With which money? Where are they getting it, pls Daily Trust ask her to provide the means to the women's Are u serious,where the money, madam u be fool

I beg no dey talk that nonsense,stock ma food With which money oo A large portion of the total population depend on their daily earning to survive. So where do you expect them to get money. Some of us just think that Nigeria is like the western world where basic infrastructures are available. Do you think everybody is stealing government money.

Momma we need money to do that Did u give them any money to stock there food . No money helps us Them they stock for free? How can we stock when governments haven't pay the salaries yet🤷 Madam minister is on a codiene diet With which money?.this people thinks everybody eat free food, drive tax payers finance car like them, that's why they just run their mouth anyhow

Give us the money naaa How will we stock the food, without money in our hands? Rubbish How much did you provide With which money? Stupid government Where is the money With what? Do you think all women have access to loot Nigeria like you We're going to that once they paid us our one month allowance, how can we pay our bills and buy food stuff when have nothing in our account. Here is my details 0023080948 Unity Bank

Nonsense! How did you give then to buy the stock.... Stock your homes with food, with which money. Came out of university and served 2015, without any job. Abeg the hunger is too much With due respect, pls with which money are we going to do that..... No money to stock food... They've stocked the moneys away.

With my bear bear abi? Rubbish talk, how are they supposed to stock up with no welfare package from the dumb leaders at the helm of affairs 😏😏paulinetallen Mbuhari ProfOsinbajo Give them the money to do that please. Na teeth we go take buy food abi?! smh Hmmmm Bring the d money now. Morris_Monye There’s no reason why oil-rich country like Nig can’t generate 24/7 electricity. Fashola was boastful it can be done wtin 6 mnts of APC govt, 5 yrs on, greater level of corruption has destroyed previous govt effort. Now wt Covid-19, the ord Nigns are left hopeless. shame

A hungry man or hungry families might defy Corona virus & chose to live by searching for food for survival or chose to die whichever way. Bad governance & previous poor planning is beginning to hunt us now. I think government will learn from this Corona virus now & think twice Morris_Monye This advice is for d privileged class who hv uninterrupted electricity or huge capacity generators to power their chest freezers & American fridge/freezers. Or has the govt provided resources for preserving fresh/perishable foods? Nign l’ders love suffering of their pple.

Sorry pls with which money pls What about those people who are yet to receive their salaries? Where is the money? No light, no money and you don't get the food to buy because security is pursuing food sellers forcing their shops to close. Would Nigerian die of hunger at home. There must be a better way for govt to get across to at least 90% of d populace and they in turn reach out to d rest

Our ministers and government know how to talk nonsense. Madam, talk to government that Nigerian are not having money to stock homes. Only you in power from federal to state to local government are d one who can stock your home's becos u have diesel in storage to power your homes. Probably you are benefiting from this disease

Is it not money you will spend to stock homes? For dos who don't hav money now & already run out of cash where do they get money to buy food to stock homes. In wat way is government going to help people out. There is no data to reach everybody. Your advice/warning is only to few. With which money With the money u dey share in Aso rock

Single men nkor? Shebi you think it's everyone that's financially endowed as you.... From the money you gave them?. Many of these women you are talking about only feeds daily after a certain sale of a day. U people just use ur inability to stay in ur country to give us wahala. No go, u go, .stay there u no gree... Rubbish

Will they use paper to stock house or what Where we get the money. For which market, With which money, with which refrigerator, with which electricity? I think we're naturally wicked to ourselves, if it affected only the national assembly, relieve funds would have been disbursed. None that if being shared to all Nigerians with BVN would go a long way.

Morris_Monye Ask her with which money? Na thief we go go thief the food abi With which money 💰 pls madam minister Stock food up in our house with which money abi you give us Money ni as I dey now not even garri dey my house sef are you not a woman is because you have more enough to eat in your house that's why you're saying all this Abeg this women you better know Wetin you dey talk

All you talking foolishly....which electricity do i preserve that food? With which money do i buy them? Dont blame you are just reading scripts. Hmmm..u should tell your boss to bless the country with little fund before total lockdown, people that go out before the eat,your telling them to stock homes with food, Is it free?

With de money you gave them kwo? Hmmmmm like as if she gave all the women money to do that Shameless This woman is finally mad, people should stock food at home without money. The women have nothing to stock their homes with. Uwarku zasuci With whc money madam We don't have capital to do it Abeg, we need support. Money biko

With which money? No be person wey get money go stock am With the money you provided for them about abi Where is the money? The elites are screaming stock your houses as if you don't know millions of Nigerians survive from the little profit they make from their sales on a daily basis. Please just keep quiet if don't you know what to say

With the money u gave them right you as a lady how many women have u assisted in this difficult period I swear I dey shame for u Idiot ..with which money..fools everywhere.. With which money,don't you know that 85% of Nigerians eat from hand to mouth, useless talk. Which minister b DAT self .. Stock with d money wet dem give baaaa..,? Some of us are out here living from hand to mouth .I wonder what will become of us... Abeg mk I here word.

Who no get nko can you provide for them? Not all of us can With which money Hanti? 🤔🤔🤔. If you have money to stock your home what about the old woman in the village who doesn’t have ? They want the women to stock up with their kidneys. Nonsense government. Where is the money 💴? With which money ASUU members have not received February and March salaries.

thank God there are stones on the road ,they will just pick some and take to the market There's no money ma , you can help us with money ma 0141638949 GTB With which money? With which money? Your mate are giving relief packages, you are just giving orders Stupid talk wey de money to take stock food does she have sense at all

did you give light also? Stocking with which money? Wicked people in our govt circle. Have all salaries been paid? Where's the money to do dat If they have d money Foolish people So I ask: If the ordered is 'stay indoors' with no real stocking up done prior to that as salaries are yet to be paid, yet food retailers (e.g supermarkets, etc) are to remain open, how is one suppose to get supplies? Can someone please help clear my simple mind urgently

While you guys stock money in your houses, leaving the majority in hunger. How people talk disjointedly from the reality on ground! Have they not yet realized that the cluelessness of Buhari has further impoverished more Nigerians! With which money are they going to restock their homes? With which money

mumu talk na sand you go use stoke See this 1 ooo! U even get mind to stand there and read that useless speech. Thunder wey go fire u still dey do press-up. Awon oloshi gbogbo!!! Stock them with money FIRST before they stock their homes with food with which money? With which money nah? These people just open their mouth and talk, it is better to keep quiet if you can help the people, with which money will they buy?

With which money when everything is on high price now. How? With Wetin when there no money no light Nonsence With markets closed? I thought mbuhari said you guys will distribute materials? Hmmmm while some are yet received their salary Morris_Monye Do you provide money for anybody to buy food stuff? Useless government

Your a fool, you they have same work of yours? They struggle to survive not stealing the national cake. Stocking requires money. They should stock the home with empty hands. Yes u said it but where is that money?.. pple on top class can said so but what about middle & lower class pple. May God help us nio

With her two front teeth 🦷 Did you provide any money for them to stock food at home. Wicked and shameless mother . Where the money they Morris_Monye Paulen tallen never had sense Sumtimes i just wonder what the so called our appointed leaders take us for, so yuh believe everybody has the capital to stock up their houses with for with the hardship in this country b4 this Covid-19 step in..... Abeg if yuh dnt av any reasonable tin to say, just keep shut 😷

Morris_Monye With all the billions laid down even 10 naira to each Nigeria you guys can’t give . Is food stuff in the market now free? With which money? the fed government should do something concerning the poor masses who depend on daily income Not everyone has the money to stock food mam, why not advise the FGN and the rich to help out with door to door foodstuff money etc

Wey money to stock the food Stock home with stones abi With which money...? Where is the money? With d money u gave dem abi? Hopeless govt aft lockg down d nerve centre of Naija's commercial activities ur govt is stl yt 2 fd a reason 2 provide palliatives most needed nw whn ds is d norm in other sis African natns

With what would they use to stuck...? na you give us money? Morris_Monye With which money? Shebi she gave them money Money from your grandmother account? With which money...? Idiots! With cowries or? Stock ur home with paper Ur foolish govt havent provided for these women With your salary abi .. tah 'No be with money? Stock your house stock your house

Where is the money With which money ma? Bring money jhor That is a no-brainer....stocking the house with food. The foodstuffs are not like is needed to answer to it. Say something else sis. Don't do panic buying, stock your homes with food, why r u people confusing us With what money Where is the money you provide for them to stock food with

They go talk like they no no say money 💰 no dey Advise ...... Where the money dae . Where is the money to stock the house? Rubbish talk Where is d money With the money your family gave them abi😠😠 With which money? How cruel and selfish can these people be; my Goodness 😒😒😒 We should stock our homes with stones ba?...

No money With empty hand? Idiot Where is the money to buy the food madam So we should use our tooths to buy the foods? What minister are you? Shameful woman, have you given money for them to stock their homes with food...wicked animal in human skin No money Where's the money? Where is the money With the money she dash them abi

Where is the money now? Useless leaders like u which money did u pple provide to us With which money? Wat is coronavirus still waiting for, coronavirus go soon catch dis woman Did u pay workers salary or u expect to go n pick food from market. Noise makers U guys don't have any plans for the poor Masses.... We Will surely come over this by the special Grace of God with or without the govt support. I pity those that they will buy their heart come 2023

D food wey Federal gvnmt provide 4 us Free of charge or how.. Unah no dey reasons before saying trash anymore... APC...🤣 This woman is sick! Dirty mumu talk🤷😏😏😏 I use to know you cared oh! Stock our homes with what exactly! Aunty Fallen don't say something which can be used to drag you. Out of d money u provide for less privileges who r not government worker or not talk of having small scale business......

Wit what?😡 With which money? With no salary? Senseless advice did you give them any money They should go and steal the food What's your palliative measures to get this food? Sebi you gave them money right? With which money? Am an npower beneficiary up till now we have not been paid our stipend even at tjis critical time

U people are crazy, how much did u give them? Useless woman. Where is the money to stock the house, where is power to preserve perishables? - women ask minister. They can't just stock their homes with food by words... Hon. Minister let the needful be done Na their age them go take buy the food 😏😏 Ma there are women that sincerely can not. No money.

Heartless leaders With which money With the money you gave them abi? Mtcheew Give us d money na. Stock ur house with food, what is ur contribution. From which money ma, work no dy, pay we never received. How can they stocks their home with food without money to buy. Share money with them you don't need to tell them what to do.

You wan go slap them collect food How do we stock our home when we have not worked for a week now it will be good if you can do the stocking for us thank God you are woman Stupid order! With which money? With which money? With which money Why are this people so wicked?, as if they do not know there is suffering in the land. Where will we get the money to stock up food items?

Where d money? Is dis woman OK?she should channel her speech to d federal govt for not living up to expectation. Many companies couldn't pay their workers,they close down indefinitely due to this pandemic.And you said citizens should stock dier homes wit food. How do u want dem to do so madam? With which money madam !

Look at her were is d money Which food?....what about millions of almajiri in the North? Which house are they going to stock food? Which money will they use to stock food? Na stone we go take go stock am Bunch of fools They should stock with you blood nah. Thunder kpadiara there now now. These people talk as if don't know people are extremely poor in this country. I don't blame. U people will arrest tire. I just pity police BC at cause of arresting people they will all contacts COVIK ONE NINE BIRUS

Food from where? With which light? Nigeria is the only country where citizens are being told to stock their homes because govt wants to shut the economy in a time like this... Stock homes!! Stock homes.. with what na.. without lockdown ,people struggle to feed, talk more of lock down with no relief package.. naija govt.. smh

With paper.... other countries made provisions for their citizens....while you people 're busy given orders....bull shit. Just go to where the foods are and say minister say we should stock our homes with food, then take as much as you want. Meanwhile Minister hasn't paid salaries yet With which money?

With which fund ma? With that money you gave me to keep for you abi? We wey no sabi how to cook nko With which money Mumu stuck your home with food did you give us 1 She saying women should stock their homes, how many of this women have the cash to stock up. With what? With which money wey una ancestors give people😠😡!!

Our leaders think from the back.... Wisdom is profitable to direct. Brain they don't have...let us be suffering it together those who voted 4 dis man called president. Na teeth them go use stock their homes with food When we leave on daily hustle and don't get paid humongous amount of money monthly Nonsense... Provide cash for them naa

How will that happen when ur decorator in command has restricted movement without prior notice? D presidency think-tank committee are bunch of norm skulls. Why don't you start sharing food to stock homes 2 months ago...attention seeking minister. Telling almajiris Nigeria country to stockpiled homes with food, nonsense.

I wish you were here with me so that I can dash you one slap 👋 werey☹️ Money to buy them nkor ? With which money abeg? Park well madam You're a big shame to womanhood Have dey started sharing free food? Where is the money you want the Woman to use to stock good food. STOCK HOMES WITH FOOD ON EMPTY POCKET? WHAT IS EXPECTED OF GOVT & AGENTS OF STATE AMID COVIDー19 PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN👇

With Which Money Stock Kor Suck Ni... Awon Speaking In The Rubbish Geng ehn!! provide the money now. no d give show case advise Give them the money With no refrigerators nor constant electricity? Wishes, wishes, wishes. Send your home address and let them come and carry foodstuffs from your house...u guys just like to get d masses talking

Nah sand you expect dem to buy the food bunch of fools With which money... Is it mama Nkechi, that sell a bottle of kerosene before she can eat will be able to stock up food... Talk better thing jooor... Awon weyre Give them money not shouting up and down for media Will u keep quiet 🤫, where is d money?

With which money? With Which Money 🤷🏻‍♀️ How will those without money stock their houses Ma'am Where’s the money for the food 🥘? Foolish talk... Did they provide what to eat for the people... Where's the money... Where's the electricity too? E be like say this people dey mad. Stock food with which money

Where is the money male With which money madam With the money she gave them

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