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Bandits, Speakers

State assembly speakers ask FG to declare bandits as terrorists - Punch Newspapers

State assembly speakers ask FG to declare bandits as terrorists

10/23/2021 11:25:00 PM

State assembly speakers ask FG to declare bandits as terrorists - Punch Newspapers

State assembly speakers ask FG to declare bandits as terrorists

23 October 2021The Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures of Nigeria has lamented the deteriorating state of security in the country, urging the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to declare banditry and kidnapping as acts of terrorism.

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This was contained in a communique issued at the end of the third quarter meeting of the Forum held on Saturday at the Katsina state government House which was sent to our correspondent in Bauchi.Chairman of the Forum and Speaker of the Bauchi state House of Assembly, Abubakar Suleiman, read the communique.

He said, “The Conference again, decried the spate of insecurity in the Country and resolved to work out legislative frameworks to complement the efforts of the Federal Government to fight insecurity in the Country.“The Conference called on the Federal Government to declare banditry and kidnapping as acts of terrorism and as such deal with the perpetrators decisively.

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TheBiafraExit No body asked Buhari to proscribe an innocent people, now you want Him to proscribe his people to please you! NO body that loves his people can do that. UK Afenifere: Linking Igboho To Terrorism & Not Sheikh Gumi Is Why People Seek Breakup Of Nigeria News: Soldiers flee, bandits kill 150 in Sokoto Sheikh Gumi: Stop Killing Bandits, They Are Victims Too Army: Gumi playing his part to solve insecurity EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives

It won't happen, not under Buhari. Bandits dont carry flags, it's only groups who carry flags and wants a separate country that works for them that are supposed to be declared terrorist. Wetin declaring go do now Everytime ayemojubar So in Nigeria and buhari government, terrorist is not a terrorists. They have not declare bandits as terrorist yet but they can arrest Kanu and igboho for speaking up it’s only God that can help us in these country becuz nothing can ever work again even the constitution they’re telling us about I don’t believe in it becuz is it not working at all

How can number one of a gang kill his members? Who releasing boko halam terrorist from prison?giving them uniform sent to killing many people day by day?Same terrorist fulanis Buhari has his fellow friends involved and as such, he is unable to act. They are now begging but they declared IPOB terrorist with begging. Tribalism

Open talks with IPOB, Nwodo tells FG - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Lol see how confidence this man is backing a terr0rist organisation Who is d ipob... aside Kanu and the oversea comrades funding with proceeds of crime who are they.. let them show face first.. No talks with terrorist 🙅‍♂️

If he declares them terrorists,they will kill all of them Buhari will never do that, he can try to prove us wrong They are friendly criminals na Lol 😂 😆 🤣 it has indeed reached a crescendo, even the yes yes crowd is asking the right questions 🤣 Every body must enjoy the soup they've prepared. Enjoy your ethnoreligious terrorism in full.

Buhari has a hidden agenda, we just too blind to see it Boko Haram is an official terrorist organization, in 🇳🇬 today, because Buhari was not in power, when they were designated terrorists. If Buhari was in charge, BH would have been “fighters”. Remember Lai Mohammed was against the designation, and Buhari was against their deaths.

To be declared a terrorist, you must belong to an organisation or be affiliated with a terrorist organisation. Banditry is not an organisation. They're just loose gangs of criminals. Ground and tactical assault teams can deal with bandits. No need for all this. Personal interest over the state's

Livestock programme: Edo civil society chides Obaseki for demanding funds from FG - Punch NewspapersThe Edo Civil Society Organisation has chided the state Governor, Godwin Obaseki, for demanding funds from the Federal Government for a National Livestock Transformation Programme. I really think this dude is in a heavy gbese, owning to the last governorship election and he's looking for money anyhow to offset the debts. This man think he is the emperor of EDO state, this is what has become an hallmark of the political class in Nigeria, when they have fights with their colleagues they run to the people for grace as soon as the fight is won they becomes enemies of the people. Obaseki wants to import Fulani’s to klll the People of EDO, history is about to repeat Itself with the name OBASEKI. He has betrayed all those who help him climb to the top, the last people to betray is Edo people. Who in their right mind import Fulani’s killings to her state.

He won’t cos they are his organization . keepee101 Why? Do they have a flag now? What's the proactive FG Response, and did they even need to ask a proactive Fg like they claim before they know they would declare them? tbh ... i don't know y this is hard to do .. y ? Wetin do ona mouth? They're his brothers, he won't declare them terrorists

Bandit declaring bandit terrorist, who does that. So Fg declares them as righteous people before? Omo this Nigeria tire person EndSARS But why is the whole country begging Buhari to declare bandits as terrorist? is there something that we don't know? Terrorist ke? Are they? They are our brothers that just needed money o...

Sunday Igboho: 'FG frustrated after losing in court, chasing shadows', Ilana Oodua slams Malami - Punch NewspapersSunday Igboho: 'FG frustrated after losing in court, chasing shadows', Ilana Oodua slams Malami Very soon the AGF will tell us that, it is IPOB that shot people at lekki toll gate and also tell us that Sunday Igboho bought Suya from a suspected Boko Haram member, so he is a terrorist financier. D painful aspect is our media houses, dat will rush N report it as breaking news Quota system AGF. Malami.

FG completes repairs of bombed Abuja-Kaduna rail track, reopens today - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria 😂 FG ndiala Nigerians wishing Nigeria good. Praying for good things to happen to their country, identity on the face of this earth means asking God to better your individual lots too. “Exodus 33:17 God said to Moses, He will do what he has asked because he knew him by name”. His identity and

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