South-East ready to beg for presidency – Anyim, Ezeife - Punch Newspapers

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2023 Election, Anyim

12/5/2021 4:28:00 PM

South-East ready to beg for presidency – Anyim , Ezeife - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

5 December 2021A former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim, and Chukwuemeka Ezeife, an ex-governor of Anambra State, has said that the South-East was ready to beg in order to clinch the presidential seat in 2023.The statesmen said this on Saturday at the United for Better Nigeria Initiative National Convention in Abuja.

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According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Anyim said it was neither a right nor was it legal for the southeast to demand presidency.The former SGF further added that they would need to persuade other regions to support their dream if they would produce a president in 2023.

He said, “Is it right for the South-East to produce the next president? My answer is legally no, and the reason is that the constitution is clear, the constitution says every Nigerian of 40 years is entitled to aspire for that office.“On the other hand, morally is it right? Is it an entitlement? I will say yes because the federal character principle enshrined in the constitution encourages rotation.

“The reason I have to make this clarification is that when the right you have is not legal, the only approach and the instrument you have is persuasion.“So the approach, the language will be to persuade others to see reason with you that morally they should support you to take a turn since it rotates.”

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Anyim, therefore, encouraged the Southeast that as they go ahead with the movement of advocating for a president, it should be with an attitude of persuasion.

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This should embarrass any Igbo person worth their salt. It is what happens when the clueless capture power in a land where there are those who may have trained and groomed all their lives for the responsibilities of leadership. It is a say the very least! I can't beg for what rightly belongs to me

Two of them will never be forgiven by our ancestors. Our fathers could not bow for Queen Elizabeth let alone the Fulani minorities. God forbid bad thing. Tufia Aru. Fake news LIARS And you all we come out and say you are representing the south east, wat a big disgrace. You are begging people that are not up to one percent of the population of the zoo and you want the world to take you serious, wat an insult to the south east to beg for a country they built.

Una with who? Useless bunch. Shameless elders...ifere unu na emezim, nke bu eziokwu. I urge the chief council in ayim community to revoke his elder title. He is a disgrace to our ancestors What a disgrace Igbos don’t beg …these punks are begging for their pockets

South-East ready to beg for presidency – Ayim, Ezeife - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria I don’t believe Chief Ezeife can stoop this low. Let’s just pretend “brown envelope” journalists are work. Shameless men No need to beg. South East deserves it.

Why do you beg for presidency in your own country? Doesn't that say a lot about Igbo leaders? Allow the youth of South East to speak on your behalf. You have all expired. Two ment Don't beg for it work for it because it's workable Beg who? Nigerians or Fulani We have been so brow-beaten by the ineptitude of our political class to the point that they've almost succeeded in convincing us that there are no better ways to strive to build a prosperous society.

This should embarrass any Igbo person worth their salt. It was what happens when the clueless capture power in a land where there are those who may have trained and groomed all their lives for the responsibilities of leadership. It is a say the very least! See Anyim face! Na wa o! These efulefu’s are shameless! They have mortgaged everything Ndi Igbo have, including our dignity! If you own one of these old efulefu’s, pls have them leached. Mkpari nkea di too much!

BEG? Don't mortgage yourself again. Bring a good candidate from southeast. We will vote for him/er. Please don't sell your birthright. We can vote for Okonjo-iweala, Moghalu, Peter Obi & several other Igbo women/men not evil men you are parading. Everyone knows that you don’t represent the Igbo race, and nothing you say has meaning for our noble race. We will never beg, and we will never be slaves to anyone!

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Why begging please? I don't understand. Everyone knows that you are not representing the Igbo race, and nothing you say has meaning for our noble race. We will never beg, and we will never be slaves to anyone. If he's really sure what he's saying, let them give a date for the people to decide if they want Igbo president or Biafra Republic.

Useless set of people Very shameful Shameful. Beg chai !! Igbo people have suffered because of people with this kind of mentality This people don't have shame You people should stop embarrassing us, for we are not beggars What a disgrace

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Capping rubbish. Why do you want to beg for it? You don't beg for presidency; you earn it.🙄 Build political bridges across the divides. You can't keep other regions at arm's length and think of presidency. Red cap thieves... I hail una This man right has just give a reason to vote any south east candidate for president, This how elders should address talk

These people are a disgrace to the south east You don't beg for presidency, you dont blackmail your way to it either . 😂 Both of them are confused Slaves and cowards as elders. Shameless people tufiakwa Igbos reactions 🤣

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Every Igbo man that have assumed a position thinks he is entitled to speak on behalf of the people. CThief Anyim Mad people everywhere Meaning you don't deserve it! Hmmmm Anyim & Ezeife pls speak well and respect the hard work, intelligence and economic prowess that great sons and daughters of the SE has contributed to this country.

The only Beg we need from the Nigerian Government and rest of the entire world Leaders is for them to give us the Dates for the conducting of ( REFERENDUM FOR THE SEPARATED STATE of BIAFRA AS NATION).. SHALOM Which kind embarrassment be this one again? Just look at how old greedy looking they are 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣 Nigerian presidency is a game for the locusts called elites in Nigeria. Igbo presidency will not improve the life of an average Igbo. It is good that an average Igbo isn't excited about it. Igbo elites can do whatever they like. Na dem sabi.

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His gluttony and potbelly not me. Useless Tabloid, SE will never beg for President and non of those prominent people said that. Shameless useless Tabloid Both of you deserves 👇 Una just carry Red Cap for head....they talk shameless. I won't blame them sha. When Red caps this days are bought. What do you expect. They feel the North will give them Power? Keep on sleeping.

Beg?😀😀😀 You don't beg for it, you work for it Bullshit

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