Some spend money on cocaine, homosexuals but I prefer cars- Melaye

Cocaine, Dino Melaye, Homosexuals

Cocaine, Dino Melaye


Some spend money on cocaine, homosexuals but I prefer cars- Melaye

Dino Melaye and his luxury cars Eniola AKinkuotu, Abuja A former Kogi-West lawmaker, Senator Dino Melaye, has said he will rather spend his money buying cars than on cocaine and homosexuals like some others. Melaye said this in a post on Sunday while reacting to criticisms from musician, Speed Darlington. The former lawmaker, who boasts of over eight luxury cars including a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz G Class and a Ferrari, had posted photos of his fleet of cars on social media. Darlington, who expressed surprise at Melaye’s collection, said, “Oh My God! Look at one man’s wealth and all he had to do was to be a Nigerian senator. Good thing he did not win the governorship election. They broke his leg during that election. No single man should have this much wealth and his only job was to be a senator.” In his reaction, however, Melaye said he had a penchant for buying cars and no one should pester him. “Everyone spends his or her on what he or she likes. My passion is to collect automobiles. Occults can buy blood for any amount. Homosexuals spend so much on same sex; some on babalawos (witch doctors); some hide their money in Switzerland while some bury ego (money) and some spend on cocaine. I am happy. I no even know say you dey vex. Kuro lona.” Melaye, who is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, was sacked by the Supreme Court late last year and lost a rerun election ordered by the court. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Iyen na daa distinguished Senator Dino,evidence of God's Grace. Aanu lorigba!! Nigerian youths, we have a nation to build and leave the legacy for our kids, its definitely time to take over Nigeria, Goodnews is we don't need a fight or placards or bloodshed, the watchword is 'Unity of mind' this guys are done and they've got nothing to lose.

That's good . It's tangible and Gody Ghalisco10 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌💯✔️ You are right Will you carry them to Heaven. Vanity Luxury is good and sweet but remember the less privileged who long to be educated. You can assist them in various ways. On which roads are these cares driven? Abuja central area, ma itama, as okoro. The ferarri won't survive a kogi state. Lol well I love cars and I respect your for that. That's being honest only to a fault.

Good for you because it’s your choice One thing must kill a man! You prefer buying car's, but many Nigeria's are going through hell... What are you doing about it?

Abacha loot: Buhari given 7 days to disclose how recovered funds were spent since 1999 - Daily Post NigeriaThe Scio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, on Sunday gave the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government seven days ultimatum to

Talk true wehdone, that's what u were sent to the Senate to do, so u can raise dust on ur constituents, cos I never see the road for kogi wey u go drive these cars .... Continue How many people can these cars employ? Have you not hard of cottage industries? Pls their names so we know them ooo My brother no blame them.... Many judge by what they hear and see, never what they understand.

It interesting mysteries for choice my senator That's a great achievement, Dino. Well done. Exactly sir may God continue to guide And be wit us Some people are singlehandedly helping their generation and community through empowerment but senator melaye's own is buying fleet of cars and also bragging with it. What an irony of life.

...... If you won't do same or even more, if you were in his shoes please cast the first stone..... Will you critizes him if he was your pastor?......

Buhari could not achieve more because Nigeria does not have money - BMOO - Daily Post NigeriaThe Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) has said Nigeria does not have money. BMO Chairman, Niyi Akinsiju, stated this on Sunday at the News Agency of Nigeria Nigeria have no money and you people are laundry our wealth worth of billion everyday. Sick man he had money to contest for power but none to govern what a pity,Excuse Excuse for nonperformance and incompetence! Sorry to say, you are not OK sir..🚶🏻

Both of you are intoxicated by passion and greed. Where does your passion for cars assist the people you represented One is at liberty to spend his legitimately acquired money on anything of his choice, provided it does not jeopardize the living condition of his neighbor or community. Whatever! A bane is a bane.

SDM you are the voice of the nation I always be interested in your articles dino_melaye pls sit.. gift me one.. even a spoiled one...🙏🙏 Pls listing to this statement omo think ooooo And there are atleast 200 Million Nigerians who want to be like you. 😂😂😂 I love Nigeria. Hmmmm! Like seriously? Spend more on the less privileged Biko!! Buying of cars won't help our society! Oga senator

Nonsense Dino call their names

Abacha loot: Buhari govt asked to effect agreement with US - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari-led government has been advised to involve the Nigerian media and the civil society in the spending of returned loot to ensure Haba baba

Your senatorial district's money. You're not even an entrepreneur! Ride on bro.. We don't know what brand of car heaven aprooves This is shameful and worthless coming from a reputable law maker. This is how you people spend our Money while the masses go hungry and plunder. Hey Dino, that's okay...I love posh cars too(though I don't own one). But how about if you touch lives of the indignant in a very tremendous ways?

Why dont you build a toothpick factory and create jobs in nigeria. so that we dont have to import Them from China. Wake up senator, time to transform Nigeria into a manufacturing powerhouse. Do you sweat for it? I know you won't spend it like this. Free money from national assembly. I'm happy to announce to you that with all the fleet of your exotic cars none will be used to honour your dead- body after you're gone .. na one ambulance for road side wey dey sleep car wash not even a garage dem go use ..

All is still vanity But dey r ur friends sir.. Mr cars ....dino likes cars like small pikin ,,,,😅😄


Are u telling nigerians this what happened in national assembly, chaaiii God is able If those are the options available to our leaders, no wonder we are in deep mess. Some spend their money building infrastructures and developing their constituencies Instead of comparing his spendings to those in philanthropy and other humanitarian services. This ex public servant(dino_melaye) chose to make his relative comparison to those in evil and abominable acts.

“Mumu”! Enjoy ur life Pls spend less on cars rather spend more on human capital. Just an example each of those who spend money on cocaine and homosexuals? It's your money sir, yet you can do better. A lot are dying of hunger. Some are looking for 50k to start a business. Baba olowo

Tension in Imo community over death of two oil company workersA number of cars and several other valuables were destroyed in Assa Community, Ohaji Egbema Local Government Area of Imo State,...

most you spend on cars? can't you help others, you cannot ride ten, nine, eight, seven and or two cars at the same time you can only ride single car. please think wisely we now has a very short life. Use your E. Q please. And the poor are getting poorer More liabilities... More trouble you sabi! *sniffff*... *Taps head repeatedly* : yeeeee pa ri pa! Àfàkú cocaine loó fàà o...🤣

Hope his village has motorable roadways to showcase such cars... Is the you spent to acquire those vanities you called cars truly yours? His now a car dealer But for me na Lmaoo. these are the people who make you people laws and whose actions you debate and cuss over. 😂🤣😂🤣 Not me.

SERVICOM warns against ‘bribe for service’ – Daily TrustThe national coordinator of SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli, has warned civil servants against demanding money or other forms of gratification for service delivery. She gave the warning yesterday in Abuja at the opening of a three-day sensitisation workshop for staff of the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) on grade levels l4 to 17. Akajimeli, who …

His he a car dealer Hmmm Why not spend the money to invest in his local economy? Start a table water company or something to employ the youth of his constituency who voted him into the senate? The kind of funds we have pumped into the NASS since '99 is enough to set us on the path of industrialization.

Bro its your money enjoy what you like. Awon oloribu deede😡😡 It’s about d value and influence u make to peoples lives...all this material things are vanity upon vanity Since you have enough cars now and ply them on dilapidated roads without insurance, road taxes and tollgates, you should delve into building affordable hospitals for both the rich and poor. Black men love luxury life but let's create wealth through health facilities.

😭😭😭😭 😂😂😂😂 clap for your self Pill the beans already, who are those 'Some'

dino_melaye Ppl are still dying in hospitals for lack of good medical equipments, kids are still sitting on d floor cuz der are no chairs and tables in Schools. Unemployed Youths are still roaming d streets. U are no different from ur colleagues. Let me win some cash this lottery stand to buy some tooo

This is not wise,that is why d white call us monkey. kogi is one of d poorest state in Nigeria,heeaa u don't need al these cars for God sake can Africa b free ? Na we f* up😐 Waste Thanks for the nugget! We will dig further from here. Remember me sir in your kingdom It through sir What about use the resources to create more wealth and in the process create more jobs for people. Oga senator this one weak me oooooo!

Na naija we dey not surprised you politifians are a curse to this country.

Some politicians u mean? imagine it's a young boy standing with those cars,EFCC no go rest till dey investigate and catch him What different does he make? He prefer cars, why doesn't he prefer to spend the money on the IDPs?, he could have just chosen to help the poor. He's a waster of resources too Think on something that doesn't depreciate. Think of Properties, and others!

When you die,your families should make your grave wide enough to accommodate your luxurious vehicles..Mad man! What of the less privilege in your immediate community? All over the world are rich people with expensive hobbies like yours but the only difference is that most of them either come from old money, or are stars earning millions, or won lotteries, or inherited wealth or are rich entrepreneurs. Whr & how did you make your own money?

Just imagine what a former senator of my dear country sounds like. Is D's what life is all abt. Shame. No intellectual reasoning Hmmm,the life we are living. You should think of a better way of spending money other than acquiring cars that you will not be buried with, why not think of touching the lives of the people around you, I believe God will bless you for that

You no see those ones that spend on charity

That's right ✌✌✌ Nice We've always known that many of your old colleagues are the real drug dealers and the very ones sponsoring homosexuality in this country or is that not what your statement means? This table you are about to shake is very fragile oooo. And this is madness You mean from the money 'God' gave you for your needs?

You're right Mr. Dino but could be helping neediest We love cars Everyone has a passion for something. I may not agree with your particular passion, nor you, mine. But I respect SDM because he's not a hypocrite. We've seen some politicians' charitable works, which was just a facade to hide their greed & avarice. But with SDM, at least we know

Melaye, do you've cars, or you've car na car.

Dino is officially stupid by posting ds nonsense, I hope soon, we won't be hearing stories of e contribute for medical reasons for so so ex Senator who refused to invest d free monies wisely except in luxurious cars! Exotic and powerful cars. I hope they can fly? apart from the G-Wagon, you can't drive others from Abuja to your home towns Ayetoro Gbede. Kogi state is the headquarters of bad roads in Nigeria. Thanks Dangote for smooth journey in Obajana axis.

Yes we know, but where did you acquired all this luxury? Is it also your monthly pay as senator? Awon Barawo. Better person.. remain bless sir Good choice U are right sir Nice .... and you got the money by what dint of hardwork? Only in Nigeria.... Some invest it in developing and helping the less privilege...

Shots fired!!!

That is very good oga baba dino I no blame you at all! Kowa da abun da ya dameshi. Good I like u way jare.. Greatest senator of our time. It obvious alot go on in politics......politics is she-it Oga, fine we hear you but still try dey help people. Please invest in the life of our youths, Jah bless What all you politicians have cause Nigeria, either you spent tax payers money on exotic cars or not. You didn't impact anything in charity nor did you impact in youth empowerment.The day that Nigeria youth will revolt war against all you politicians.

Of course you prefer cars, especially when it's OPM used to buy them At the expenses of good roads,portable drinking water ,good schools for your constituency? Miscreants masquerading as Nigeria leaders..

There4 you're admitn you av a problem too,just like those who crack on cocaine and oda vices. Nigerians y do we have these kind of leaders who brags about their stupidity&wickedness with confidence. I rem d senator who brought his 3wives to the house bragging .....smh.who do us One thing must to kill a man..

So why cant u spend the money on helping the less privilege in your community. Nigerian politicians sef Ok But hope you have enough passive investments to guarantee you steady income to maintain this very expensive and wastful ego toys. See as naija money dey waste. Is a choice and freely to choose what makes you happy ... many buy houses abroad and pay millions to side chicks to have one night but yoi choose car so no one should envy me i prefer cars to drugs and sleeping with side chicks

U just hit d punch line by telln dem d truth dino_melaye you have entered the punch with your tweet of yesterday. You'll be topic for today's discussion. Always be cautious. It's your money but slow it down to avoid prying eyes. Anything you get from this, you caused it so live with it. 👌 The car is meant to carry his ppl along. Well done sir .

Sad but truth Mugu 10 years time those machine will not be there, why didn't you build industry I'm ur place so people can be employed. Remember its constituency money meant for ur people Try scholarship for the indigent students in your home town. They won't forget you but cars will. Huuuuuuun ! Heeeeeeeee ! Our money .

.... He knows his VANITY afterall. SMH!!! It's a matter of choice sha. When I get rich, I'll prefer building homes for the poor. EmperorSheriff Who legit help? EmperorSheriff So your colleagues promote homosexual? I see hints here. That's simply vain. Vanity. He should rather spend money on motherless babies and less privileged in society.

I removed you as my role model with this reckless statement of yours, all you envy dangote, do you think dangote misused money the way you guys did. Which of this cars can last the next ten years, Africa mentality indeed. This is where Atiku is better than you. He, at least, invests in businesses Dino should stop this exhibition of childishness

Please prefer me ooo....I need money When you are supposed to touch the lives of those in need. A man's wealth is not measured by the number of cars and houses he owns but by the number of lives he touched positively. 🇨🇦LIVE,WORK AND STAY PERMANENTLY IN CANADA 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Migrate to Canada as A Permanent Resident or as a Temporary worker to become a Permanent Residence in Canada Call 07065091681 for your visa today. Canada is Safe Country With a Strong Economy and Tolerance place for inhabitation

If you had acquired all these things before u joined politics, nobody go care but you ursef think am, r u supposed to have these as a politician? Dangote sef no fit boast of all these thins openly even though he might have some, stakeholders go wan knw how com? Shameless thief. Can we test-drive your FERARI please?

Wasted generation and you can't even think of investment that people will benefit from? But Melaye use to be an activist oo😱😱. Profitability of activism!

Great Money for constituency project, you spend on cars and you have the guts to say so. officialEFCC won’t do anything until someone sends a petition or something, this country is a joke What a pity. Tell them sir! Cars💯🤝 Same crime to the government, as same sin to religion. Warefaa!!! Gerarahieh... Mehnnnn.

No one will pity you again when efcc and police will come after you , this is where you spent your constituency project money , I don't really know what EFCC is doing that keep them off from arresting and investigating you immediately, thief And you have army of poor people in your community , why not channel this money you're wasting on these toys to charity where God will bless you the more ? I now see reason why you were stopped by all means from returning to the Senate , you're a disgrace to humanity

Please, Sir, spend some on me, I will be grateful See idiot... Is that a pride? Some open industries to better the economy and put foods on some families' tables

Boss,can the children inherited one of d two?the preferred one seems to me as extravagance, eradicate by what God gives u and also bring best out of less privileged..enback on students scholarships.all these expensive cars will never give u name bt d life of poor u change to good As investment, liabilities or show off ?

Vanity!!!! Better Yeah. If you legitimately earned the dough, why not? Albeit ain't nothing wrong in 'dashing' me one of dem really exotic cars. Solving the excruciating transportation headache of a citizen (or citizens) is a worthy cause, I think. Amiable Dino, what's your take? Hmm, deep. Lawmakers in other countries are fighting and being proud of narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, but in my country the opposite is the case; so sad😥😥😅 😔

How many are you driving at a go? Oloye chop money people fear you For a country like Nigeria, private jet is a better option. The roads are bad on one hand and robbers/kidnappers on the other. God save us.

So some Nigerians politicians do men 😂😂😂😭 Oga Dino, I be like you that year. But wait oo... You should be flaunting the projects you did with the constituency money you got as a legislature instead of cars. Just an opinion though Our stolen money!! Sorry ass muffuckazzz!! See comparism. Oh God what kind of mindset these men have

Nigeria need men of goog virtues once more! Life's choices. Nothing wrong in that. monica_achenyo I concur Why not build projects that could sustain your name for posterity?. It could be school or hospital and it would still serves as investment. God bless you Yes the poor people of Kogi and Nigeria's money....can you imagine? This is the Nigeria you all still believe in?

Thanks for telling us what your former colleagues and friends are using our money we paid them to do a good job but refused is using our money for. But plz can you tell us the ones that spent on cocaine and homosexuals ? Don't worry we won't tell them you told us. Dino don smoke crack Dino low-key telling us what his senator colleagues spend their money on🙃

Wrong ideas, wrong thought. Use your money to make life a better place for the needy. 1 car can pay ssce fees for all children in 1 local government. Those cars won't remember your name but I bet d children will. I like your style senator Nonsense See table shaker o Stolen money, useless and shameless people, the voters that Vote for them are languishing in poverty and his showing off his luxury cars and shamelessly he still has useless mouth to say it

With our money abi. Diaris GOD o

Imagine the kind of idiots we produce as leaders & some daft youths still see this ones as role model. When did he mention cocaine on his tweet? Too much money Confess what ur mates are doing. Hon Sen Sir, may God reward you. I run an NGO Omni Charity Linkages. I collect items that you no longer use to give or sell and feed some people . sir, kindly consider us and be our partner. 08035790336

So after the fleet of cars what next? Hmmm, useless man. This man is revealing something here How gullible he is, there are better ways to spend means, employment, empowerment and no cars....a shameful leader he is Imagine the level of indifferent one can be to the sufferings of his people. So you beat your chest cos you can buy exotic cars for yourself when a lot of persons in your community goes to bed hungry.

Enjoy yourself Sir dino_melaye You need divine encounter, Sir While some others invest it on building an enduring legacy that is not affected by transient technology. The dumpest thing I've heard all day This man nick name na chilling senator Stolen funds 'Oh My God! Look at one man’s wealth and all he had to do was to be a Nigerian senator. Good thing he did not win the governorship election. They broke his leg during that election. No single man should have this much wealth and his only job was to be a senator.”

Ẹpẹ̀lé ooo....Carbondioxide While some spend money on the constituency they represent. Some spend money to develop their economy and uplift other citizens but you prefer cars issokay

Shey dis one Na news ahbi a eye saw Hello distinguished please we will like to know those that spend their money on cocaine and homosexuals Constituency allowance is working Kogi people just smart like that. Oga mind your business stop showing off before efcc will start eyeing you some politicians don’t hav 🧠 they are just too stupid can’t he just stay on a low key must ou show off

So politicians do spend money on 'Homosexuals' ? Plz Sir what 're you using all these cars for? Oversight projects execution is on the verge of probe by EFCC! We shall see who those properties belong to. We shall also discover your hidden airplanes.... Some spend their money on setting up foundation to help the needy.

Which money, if u work genuinely for d mny, u wnt b lavishing it on cars. U r all crooks. Where were u before senate, which work were u known for before bcoming senator? Some would hv used their mny also on charity as well oga. U r a beneficiary of a rotten system. It's a shame

We have issues in this country. The problem is in our heads. Spent d mone on Ur primary asimet, that's were d mone come 4rm. Basterd Some politicians deserve stone on sight Ordinary V boot u don’t have, which car do you then have? Those doesn't worth reading. Oga Dino, Spend your money on the poor. I think you should be ashamed for saying this.

See the people we enthrust our mandates with. How can a man meant to represent his people come out publicly to spit this utter nonsense?. We are retrogressing drastically in this God forsaken country. Even me self I prefer cars like benz ifeanyiokoye04 1984. This time it is Baba God that is watching you.

I hope you also spend this much on your constituents you stole from. Wow no wonder they misbehave A white man is wiser, generous, honest, less greedy. A black man loves 40 cars fleet and titles he can't defend, while his neighbor is starving Any examples There is power in this message... But others spend on charity and youth empoerment not only cars and themselves dino_melaye

Is it true some are still engage in homosexual. Yes. You love cars. But you didnt state the other one you like apart from automobile- women.😀😀 Yet Nigeria cannot make ordinary tyre. Continue to ride them on pot holes and kidnappers infested roads. Bushy. Those cars are his constituency projects maybe O jebi

Everyone gives to the direction of his love. Drunkard patronise liquor, as smokers to tabaco and so on.... Craziest senator or politician ever exist. God is watching over you dino_melaye, I am ashamed of you! There is nothing wrong in being a car freak but yours is insanity and gross insensitivity! I think most Nigerians would be happier seeing you, your cars and some poor people from Kogi State whose life you changed.

dino_melaye baba pls spend money on me too oooooo dino_melaye Honourable I love that red one 80%of our politicias spend their money on cocaine.. Dino knows what he is saying Is DAT a word Shoroniyen? Una hear am? Real men love expensive toys ! Big ups SDM Vanity upon vanity. Little wonder a French sociologist said African leaders practice 'politics of the belly.' After they have swallowed the resources meant for others then they empty its contents from their derrière on the heads of the masses

Even plane.mchewdeno melaye He's indirectly unveiling the hidden truth about some politicians..... Well done O jare ! Senator, na the carry go carry you go yonder be dat. dino_melaye is killing some people ambition in this country. I don't think his children enjoy what he's doing with his money. SenatorJob

Some spend money on charity and youths' employment too. Best of luck have it been, we have a well planned and effective tax system, you will have think of abother way of spend your money. Some spends theirs in projects to benefit the common man Nigerian politicians waste on themselves a large chunk of resources that could have saved multiple lives, and they do the wasting with a sense of entitlement. It's a cursed situation that almost feels like God's wrath on Nigerians

God bless you my G 😎

Not some, say ur fellow thief politicians like u. Why won't Dy spend it on useless things. If only they worked for it una no go turn gay self. Mk una Dy thief d money Las Las na una we go start with. He likes to spend the money mend for poor on cars. His constituency projects' money. One of the wicked legislators

I just pity the those supporting you, and also pity the constituency you claim to have represented........... I identify with dino_melaye as I am also a lover of classic and muscle cars. So, if have those old Benz etc keep and maintain them, someday it will worth your effort. I see That's true. I've seen your baskets of exotic cars. We the young people really need to double our hustle and pray for grace. 15k monthly salary can't buy us just one tyre or Dino's cars. 🤦🏿

dino_melaye should try and established car factory in his constituency to provide jobs for his people. Since he has passion for cars. Truth SDM is for cars, I want to one day see him giving out some cars even if am not a beneficiary. Crush love for the guy gaskiya 👀👀👀Dino Melaye wan scatter this table wey plenty politicians dey stand on😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

This one loud

Thief! Every one with im own mentality sha

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