Shame Of A Nation: How Nigerian Military Paid Bandits N20Million To Protect Buhari — Report | Sahara Reporters

Shame Of A Nation: How Nigerian Military Paid Bandits N20Million To Protect Buhari — Report | Sahara Reporters

10/17/2021 4:19:00 PM

Shame Of A Nation: How Nigerian Military Paid Bandits N20Million To Protect Buhari — Report | Sahara Reporters

The gun truck with 12.7 calibre anti-aircraft fire was reportedly disassembled and transported back to the military on motorbikes after the deal was concluded.

Oct 17, 2021A report by the Wall Street Journal has revealed how the Nigerian Air Force coordinated ransom payments to armed bandits in exchange for an anti-aircraft gun seized from the Nigerian Army.According to the report, a Nigerian Air Force official paid N20 million to bandits in Rugu Forest in a bid to secure President Muhammadu Buhari from being the victim of insecurity that has escalated since the beginning of his regime. 

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The deal was brokered when the military realised that it would be too risky to leave the weapon in the hands of violent criminals operating in an area the presidential jet would fly over. However, the report had not stated the period the deal was made nor when the presidential trip was planned. President Buhari had visited his hometown at least twice in 2021. He had travelled home on January 29 and on July 14. 

The rugged, lawless jungle that covers parts of Kaduna, Zamfara and the president’s home state of Katsina has served as a vast haven for bandits terrorising Nigeria’s northwestern communities. A large portion of kidnapping plots emanates or terminates in or around the forest, security agencies have previously warned.

A part of the report reads: “The mission to buy back the antiaircraft gun began with a handoff from a high-ranking air force intelligence officer in the capital Abuja: a black zip-up bag he said was full of 20 million Nigerian naira.” SaharaReporters had earlier reported plans by the president to visit his hometown this weekend. 

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According to presidential sources, the President wants to go to his hometown, just to get some rest.“He's departing for Daura this weekend for home rest. He just wants to go and rest. He will return next week,” one of the sources told SaharaReporters on Wednesday.

However, the trip was later cancelled. It is not clear why the Nigerian military opted to settle the bandits with the said amount. However, it may not be unconnected to the bandits' strikes against the military. Gunmen in August invaded the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) and the handling of security by the Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

Gunmen had invaded the Afaka barracks of the academy around 1 am, killing two soldiers identified as Lieutenant Commodore Wulah and Flight Lieutenant Okoronwo.

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Is very unfortunate nigeria is failed state They didn't tell us exactly how much was involved. It was more than what they said. Buhari is dead and his impostor becoming a terrorist organisation with Niggeria government now. Some shameless people will say fake news,this is not the first time Nigeria gov has paid terorist,they have been doing it and we know it's a business,when they borrow they shears and give terorist their own,one Nigeria my foot

South East governors will regrat what they doing to kill innocent security,the most useless leaders are from East,the first to hand over Sunday and Kanu so buhari can give the peanut shame, Hope they are seeing this I thought by now all youths would have say enough let's end this British company but damage pastors has done in them will not allow them reason properly

Bro just imagine the kid kind news coming from the zoo And all they're good at is to send 34,000 police (de to) department to Anambra.. 😅😅😅🤠🤠🙈 Shame true true.. U.S. confirms Boko Haram, bandits working together to extort Buhari regime Big shame It’s a big and messy shame .

Bandits Attack Zamfara Community, Kill 12 Residents, Burn Police Van | Sahara ReportersAt least a dozen persons were confirmed dead as the attackers continued with their operation until around 4am on Friday. Why is Sahara reporters joining the govt narrative to call them bandits... Then what is terrorism If killing people, burning Houses, sacking villagers and kidnaping them is Banditry. What is TERRORISM. No longer new If it was in the east they will say ipob

Instead of fighting the bandits, right? Sahara mind how u publish fake news This is one of the reasons why Nigeria must end . FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow How else can we define failure? Not a news because Nigerians know that there are romantic links between Buhari admin and Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. These Terrorists are reportedly paid to avoid international shame . Govt hides number of innocent Nigerian soldiers killed by terrorists.

I don't know who the man is but this is the video. Happening in your country. Where did they pick him from and why did they give him that post. Why Nigeria media always promote lies of curropt jihadists tyranny Buhari regime?Punch newspapers make a change,Nigeria media make a change.Challenge this govt with truth.Since 2015 lies to lift millions out of poverty but have not build one factory,industry for employment. Shame

NAF just denied this report and regarded it 'FAKE NEWS' It's so unfortunate that SR always lead in spreading of Fake news, many Nigerians are not gullible, do the proper investigative journalism What a shameful. ..shame ... Was Gumi involved?

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Nigeria as a nation no longer knows what shame is, what do you expect from a government that its foundation is built on a lie Nothing about these type of news shocks me again! As far as I am concerned, Buhari and his appointees know who and where the bandits are! Chimereucheya19 🔥 🔥 🔥 Press Play ▶️ Can Be Add On Playlist ?

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Jefe_says Shame on you liar. FAKE NEWS The fulani military only know how to send the terrorists fulani Reintegrated boys to south east, they where deliberately recruited to attack Southerners

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And so many rallying round the failed apc to still vote them see omoagheghe and co in delta Real shame You guys should stop publishing rubbish....this is a fake news !!!! Some actually believes this Pathetic ayemojubar I have the receipt When Sahara Reporter write up this lies its only meant for one region in 🇳🇬 to get hard on,my cousins from SE eat it up hook,line and sinkers. They start running mouth all over the place

Abomination One thing the present and the past Nigerian government failed to realize is that there is a limit to a man's patient and everyone knows it. Nigerians aren't gonna take this anymore. As usual, the NAF has come out to deny it. That there was nothing like that oo. Hmmm am not surprised sha, I was not expecting them to admit it

BREAKING: Panic As Nigerian Army Detonates Explosives At Cross River Barracks, Causing Explosions | Sahara ReportersSome residents said the explosions started on Thursday, expressing fear and apprehension. Boko Haram dey bomb, Nigerian Army dey bomb😂 Only Nigerian navy will bomb communities instead of boko haram base. Only Nigerian soldiers detonate bombs at their barracks instead of bandit hideouts. Without notice to the people living within the environment, oh what a mess country is this?

U can fool everyone in this zoo the intellectuals the big big degree holders and the rest of them. but u can't fool me the dot man And all wicked mass murderers are cowards and Tyrant Buhari is not an exception. The regime paid $50,000 cash to bandits to retrieve the anti-aircraft machine gun for Buhari's safety. ElbinawiTweets

Ever wonder why N76.67million earmarked 'Aso Rent rent' in 2022 budget? The money is to pay the landlord (fulani bandits) whenever they come to collect. No where else in the entire world except Nigeria, where fulani janjaweed bandits call the shot on over 200million population. Britain has finished the zoo called Nigeria that's y they all run to London for further instructions on how to carry out their evil plans......tinibu and buhari using medical trip as cover up

Nigeria military are not different from terrorist This is a very shameful fake news. Haba! Bandits is the new Nigeria forces Nigeria Army is in the east killing unarmed biafrans. WHAT A HIPOCRICY!!!.TALIBAN STYLE IS ON THE PLAY. Tale of a failed nation! The youths need to protect them selves ,,, we need protections HouseNGR SpeakerGbaja

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They are paying their foot soldiers, who will carry out their Fulanization and Islamization agenda. Sahara Mis-Reporters at its best again with a new set of junknonline ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ For a whole president of a country? Sorry to say nigeria has no sitting president. Bandit self Dey kidnap military 😂

Terrorism in Nigeria is state sponsored. Mike Pompeo. Sometimes daredevil kidnappers will write you about their intention to kidnap you & urge to pay to avoid abduction.People mostly paid because the threat is real. That commander-in-chief of Armed forces paid such money in his country/hometown is a joke to you? Jungle Oba 👇🤣

We are borrowing because of insecurity funding. When the hunter becomes the hunted what happens..... Seeking refuge in insecurity for security will lead us to both disaster and safety, our choice.

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