SERAP Asks FG, CBN To Provide Spending Details On COVID-19 Relief Funds

SERAP Asks FG, CBN To Provide Spending Details On COVID-19 Relief Funds

4/5/2020 3:59:00 PM

SERAP Asks FG, CBN To Provide Spending Details On COVID-19 Relief Funds

SERAP Asks FG, CBN To Provide Spending Details On COVID-19 Relief Funds

Updated April 5, 2020 Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has asked the Federal Government and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to “provide spending details of public funds and private sector donations to provide socio-economic benefits to the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people, including details of beneficiaries of any cash payments, cash transfers, food distribution and other benefits during the lockdown in Abuja; Lagos and Ogun states because of COVID-19.”

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SERAP also asked the Federal Government and CBN to:“disclose information on the details of the implementation of the school feeding programme during the lockdown and closure of schools in several states where the programme is being implemented, including the number of children that have so far benefited from the programme and the names of the communities, since the lockdown and closure of schools, as well as the number of cooks, engaged.”

In two Freedom of Information (FoI) requests sent to Ms Sadia Umar-Farouk, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disasters Management and Social Development, and Mr Godwin Emefiele, CBN governor, SERAP said:“We are seriously concerned that millions of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people have not benefited from the announced palliatives, donations, reported cash payments, cash transfers and other benefits.”

READ ALSO:Nigeria Records Ten New Cases Of COVID-19, One New Death RecordedSERAP said:“Providing socio-economic benefits to the country’s poorest especially at this time of COVID-19 crisis is a matter of human rights, not charity. It is also implicit in Nigerians’ right to freely use their natural wealth and resources, which ought to be spent for the public good. Ensuring that relief funds and donations are used to provide much-needed benefits to beneficiaries is critical to keeping people alive, and addressing vulnerabilities and inequalities in the country.”

In the FoI requests dated 4 April 2020 and signed by SERAP deputy director Kolawole Oluwadare, the organization said:“Providing the information would help to address the concerns by many Nigerians regarding allegations of corruption and politicization in the distribution of benefits, improve public trust, and enhance the integrity of the entire processes and modes of distribution of reliefs/benefits to these Nigerians.”

The FoI requests read, in part:“Rather than making physical cash payments to the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people, we urge you to begin electronic cash transfers to all beneficiaries through individuals’ Bank Verification Numbers (BVNs), already available through the banks. This would be cost-effective at this time of crisis, provide immediate and significant benefits, as well as give individuals and families the freedom to spend the money on goods and services that best meet their particular needs.”

“If we have not heard from you within 7 days of the receipt and/or publication of the FoI requests, the Registered Trustees of SERAP shall take all appropriate legal actions under the Freedom of Information Act to compel you to comply with our requests.”

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“Nigerian authorities are locking down states without adequately making provisions for the access of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people to basic necessities of life like food, healthcare, and other basic needs during the duration of the lockdown, and to address the corrosive impacts of COVID-19 on these Nigerians.”

“Rather than sending relief materials to the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people, which may be diverted and in any case, may not be what certain individuals and families may need, we urge you to focus more on urgently making electronic cash transfers to these Nigerians to determine by themselves how they wish to spend the money to meet their peculiar individuals’ and families’ needs.”

“Providing direct, regular, and unconditional electronic cash transfers to the country’s poorest and the most vulnerable people, including workers and pensioners that have not been paid for months is the best to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the country, and to save millions of Nigerians’ lives. The power to spend cash helps preserve a person’s basic human dignity.”

“We urge you to refer to the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for prompt, thorough and transparent investigations of allegations of corruption in the distribution of relief funds and donations for COVID-19 and the politicization of the process for the distribution funds, as well as to urge the anti-corruption bodies to effectively prosecute any credible cases of corruption.”

“We are concerned that some 80 million of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people would be negatively affected by the lockdown and stay-at-home order without effective, transparent and direct socio-economic intervention funds, food, standard health care services, clean water, and other reliefs by the authorities.”

“We request you to provide us with copies of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) and the social national registers and the lists of beneficiaries under these registers that have so far benefited from any palliatives, donations, cash payments/transfers and other benefits during the lockdown.”

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“According to our information, following the announcement by President Muhammadu Buhari of lockdown in Lagos and Ogun states and Abuja to reduce the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the Federal Government reportedly started disbursing N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer to each of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people at the Kwali Area Council of Abuja.”

“According to reports, over 11 million of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people have been identified in 35 states to benefit from the Federal Government cash transfers and other palliatives and reliefs.”“We urge you to publish weekly spending details on COVID-19 relief funds and donations and the list of all beneficiaries.”

SERAP also urged the Federal Government and the CBN to provide:Details of the number and list of all beneficiaries, including people living with disabilities (PWDs), who have so far benefited from the relief funds, donations in the forms of palliatives, cash payments, cash transfers and other benefits in Abuja, and Lagos and Ogun states and other states, because of COVID-19 pandemic, as well as details of what the authorities are doing to make these benefits available to the country’s poorest an equitable basis;

Details on modes of distribution of funds, donations, including the total amounts of food items, cash payments, cash transfers and other benefits that have so far been made;Details of the total amounts from the proposed N500 billion COVID-19 intervention fund that would be spent to provide direct electronic cash transfers and other direct benefits to the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people, as well as the number of such people planned to be reached in the next 6 months;

Details of the total amounts of donations from the private sector being coordinated by the Central Bank of Nigeria that have so far been received by the authorities and the list of donors that have not yet redeemed their pledges;Number of trucks deployed to convey food and other relief materials to the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people, and the total number of states that have so far benefited from such materials;

Details of any plan to provide social and economic benefits to the over 80 million of the country’s poorest and the most vulnerable people, beyond the 11 million targeted by the Federal Government across 35 states, as well as details of what the CBN is doing to use the donations to provide direct socio-economic benefits to the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people on an equitable basis, and with geographical spread

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They are condemned to do it. The NigeriaGov NGRPresident cenbank owe that to us. This how it was spent..... Yes, we need to know dem nor go provide anything,once it come to money just forget am I blame the billionaires for funding the corrupt government instead of alleviating the suffering masses. I simply believe they're just trying to give back to the political class since most of them are products of corruption

SERAPNigeria SERAPNigeria is likely Africa's most irresponsible orgn. Is d fight over? Has SERAPNigeria ever accounted for d grants d deceive orgs abroad to collect? While others are thinking about how to fight coronavirus, serap, a fraudulent org is interested in d money at this time. Yes thank u for speaking for the masses. Pls put ur search light in lagos where food meant for d poor& vulnerable r bn diverted by hypocritical lagos politician sharks where they short changed lagosian with useless slogan - eko oni baje.

Story Hmmmm dey will soon download lies on how dey spend the figure..... Nigeria is a ZOO. Are we supposed to be talking about funds in the middle of this deadly disaster. This is stupid. Till Jesus will come the breakdown of the spending will not see the light o theday,and even if it does...scam Yeah, they should.

Waste of time Drop your account numbers now. I will be back soon, let me attend to the people on instagram and facebook. Make sure you are following me to get pick and turn on notifications...follow Donjazzzzyy OgbeideSmith Yes we need to know. 𝘛𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘺! 𝘈𝘭𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘧𝘳𝘢𝘶𝘥 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘣 𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘵𝘦𝘥

Backing Dogs! Toothless Dogs! Ranting on our Preasures space. What has been your result on all request from the FED till date? Doing your Jobs ba? No problem just let us rest. Like you can sue and win? You know its all fraud from scratch don't you? We really needs that ooo👌because I'm very certain after this Coronavirus pandemic FG of Nigeria would eventually tells us 'they borrowed 10billionTrillions dollars from one country outside the whole world planets.

We need accountability N19bn donated is looted already. All the approved funds. Looted. About time actually They are keeping the money for the next election. If not, there's nothing bad in telling the people the spending details Only if they will be transparent enough. Before they pad the spending like they usually pad budget.

Who have they account to? Make them provide how they wan spend the money plus the free donation by the good citizen nko? Not just serap asking MBuhari followlasg jidesanwoolu a massive number Nigerians are asking how 5.2billion was shared to poor households. How Useless government of MBuhari and OfficialAPCNg. Nothing having the masses at heart at all

The mongloid govt of Buhari is never ashamed of displaying his incompetence, illiteracy & tribalism to the World. Imagine a Minister sharing money like 419ners, encouraging the almajiris to be backward in this banking age. If COVID-19 kills Nigerians, Buhari will kill Nigeria. Channels we are watching

issokay Please the funds the FG need to distribute, why is it not reaching the South, South East regions? Nigerian leader Buhari is not sensitive to plight.He is joking with Nigerians . SERAP, why are you guys shaking the table so early? Don't create another pandemic. A good one Nothing like accountability in their dictionary.....the system is corrupt the protocol sucks do the needful show the citizen u're working to favour them

You'll hear 'Wii gave da fiful of laagos tiin billion nuira' They are scam and criminals.. the poor ones are dying the rich are stealing more and more untop the poor masses...they are worst than terrorists .. NCDCgov SERAPNigeria if i can get this Message, then i can also get the relief material i guessed ?

Provide keh I pray dey have d records 4 d ones dey av spent Nija politicians I hail o Stories that touch. Money that has been looted. Many intellectuals have claimed the donations are audio NOT ONLY SERAP! I, ME, MYSELF, MUAH, I AM ASKING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE EVERY DETAILS OF COVID 19 SPENDINGS

Yes oooo let’s ask them while it is still early ooo Better True. Because in my area in Ikeja, Anifowoshe (Balogun) to be precise, no food stuff or cash was given to any of us OyedapoPaulO SERAP sha wan shake this table. Federal govt will not give any form of accountability whatsoever. Am very sure !!!!!

Theiving activated Can they deal with the Pandemics first. The survival of the Nigerian people is more important than anything else. Serap asking FG and CBN are they not the same government organizations mtceeww shift make I pass abeg Foolish SERAP,toothless barking dogs in Yoruba land They should also show spending on the fight against book haram, we need to compare notes with what chad is using at the moment

People are not smelling.i can't imagine Nigeria government sharing bread... They have to start from Lagos Buhari’s admin. is the least transparent govt. He’s like a semi-autocratic leader. They don’t care about us only when they need our votes. Expect no transparency from this govt. Lai Mohammed already said they spent N3billion in 48hrs. It’s either u believe it or go f*ck urself.

They will come out and tell more lies. Story for the gods. There's not accountability in this government's dictionary. I hear about donations from everywhere but we can't see or feel non of it. O berra Spending details indeed, FG and CBN are the same thing😡 Mr corruption can never disclose the spending/looting,that is his stock-in-trade. This is d most corrupt govt, full of deceit and secrecy, no amount of transparency in their dealings.

Another Saka Manje Who serap epp? Pls serap should step up about this donations In Nigeria Accountability remain a very strange conception bearing the current situation is an opportunity for some to do that for, which we are known... MBuhari one Naira never reach my hand paliative none we no see abeg which kind country be this

As usual, some govt parastatals are yet to be paid March salary in April fifth, amid this life claiming pandemic outbreak ravaging the world at large! Headless Fg! Better This question need urgent answer with detail explanation. It high time we became transparent in Nigeria covid19Nigeria SERAPNigeria please how much have you contributed to the fight against covid-19 in Nigeria. Thanks in anticipation

Nigeria is funny oo so federal government has turned poor masses Cox of money Better After all the donations from different firms and personels,the FG under the leadership of MBuhari will still come up with a whooping sum they borrowed from World Bank to fight covid19 Tell them oo...I dey house no light, no food

They have to clarify things, we have been listening to so many things. As a matter of fact billions of Naira not millions anymore. Covid 5000 is coming soon n it's the ministers it's coming for next be guided Hahahaha Mission impossible Am expecting FG and CBN to come up and say they have spent 10-20billion naira sharing money for the poor masses. I won't be surprised at all.

I laugh in Greek We need to know, especially those money received from donation, Federal government have not seen caese yet They will not answer or mind these ones. They still have mind lieing about money they stole, I blame those who could not help the poor directly they want to make name in history I laugh

COVID-19: Niger relaxes curfew, asks civil servants to resumeHope they will be paid this time you guys kidding ? After you have finish installing the 5G ba

COVID-19: FG Seeks NASS Approval For N500bn Intervention FundCOVID-19: FG Seeks NASS Approval For N500bn Intervention Fund This is real bullshit Good What for? What about the donation by well meaning Nigerians

Contributions to COVID-19 relief fund hit N19.4bn — CBNJoin the lucky subscribers NOW RT&FOLLOW 👉 Free Online Courses For All: Sciences, Management, Administration, Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Graphics, Social Media Marketing e. t. c 📚 Udemy Courses 📚 (Udemy, edX, Coursera, SkillShare & Others) I am appealing to the rich in our Society, instead of donating cash money to government for COVID-19 response, please set up funds for direct transfers to our health workers and volunteers. This will motivate them. NCDCgov segalink nigeriamedicals Pray4NigeriaHealthWorkers rudeboypsquare this your song na beta Banger 💥💥🤭💯

Contributions to COVID-19 relief fund hit N19.4bn — CBNNike Popoola\nMonetary contributions to the account set up at the Central Bank of Nigeria under the Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19 have hit N19.48bn.\nA statement issued on behalf of the... So? Na Inside Earpieces all of Una Dey!! Audio Shit All these people made mistake donating this money. They should have give us directly because FG is still going out to borrow thereby putting us into more debt. There must be accountability and transparency.

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COVID-19: FG Working To Structure Medical, Life Insurance Cover For Health WorkersCOVID-19: FG Working To Structure Medical, Life Insurance Cover For Health Workers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Is not possible Is it now they suppose to start planning this, This country is a huge joke