Sensors needed to detect explosives on rail tracks, says Shehu Sani

Sensors needed to detect explosives on rail tracks, says Shehu Sani

10/22/2021 1:42:00 PM

Sensors needed to detect explosives on rail tracks, says Shehu Sani

A former Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, on Friday, said sensors are needed to detect explosives planted along rail tracks.

“Yes, there was an attack, but right now I cannot confirm if it was an explosive or bomb attack as people are saying,” he said.Nnorli added, “Investigations are ongoing and I’ll give you updates as they come in. Our engineers have been mobilised to the area. And right now we have suspended services.”

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The suspension of service on the Abuja-Kaduna route, as announced by the Nigeria Railway Corporation, was commended by Sani. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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Eliminate the problem from the root; and not cosmetic solutions. Not part of the desl with China As Audi Amin would say, there freedom of sensing is guaranteed, freedom after sensing is a different matter. The only sensors you need on that line are checkpoints. Deploy all d military in the SE in addition to the BMC urchins in the SW to that route. Let them guard that line 24/7 to prove their loyalty to the zoo.

With the soft target approach of the religious extremist terrorist ,they will continue to make attempts on the train, as it provides them opportunity to kill & kidnap large number of persons for d purpose of media publicity and propagating terrors in the mind of d masses The problem with 🇳🇬 is our leaders trivialise the momentous, and complicate the obvious'' Gidi_Traffic

Anoda Chopin money venture By sensors, he meant dogs. The right thing just has to be done, crime must be fought to the finish, the terrorists will always try to adapt to counter any kind of new measures adopted to neutralise them. I stil say, H.E, Fashola wants our unborn children to borrow, while his GovT is not able to protect the said infrastructure & debt his unborn children is incurring. *laughable! But one thing is sure, many of them may have gathered so much for theirs.May his be forever indebted.