Five-Year Jail Term For School Sexual Offenders

Five-Year Jail Term For School Sexual Offenders

Senate proposes five-year jail term for school sexual offenders

10/10/2019 12:26:00 PM

Senate proposes five-year jail term for school sexual offenders

Sunday Aborisade and Oluwatosin OmojuyigbeThe Senate on Wednesday revisited the sexual harassment bill passed by the 8th Senate.The 8th Senate had proposed a five-year sentence and N5m fine for lecturers convicted for sexually harassing male or female students.

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However, the passing of the bill into law had a setback because it was not given Presidential assent after its passage by the 8th Senate.The revisit of the bill was sponsored by the Deputy President of the Senate, Ovie Omo-Agege on Wednesday.According to the bill, an educator will be “guilty of committing an offence of sexual harassment against a student if he/she has sexual intercourse with a student who is less than 18 years of age; has sexual intercourse with a student or demands sex from a student or a prospective student as a condition to study in an institution, or as a condition to the giving of a passing grade or the granting of honour and scholarships.”

Omo -Agege in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Yomi Odunuga, on Wednesday urged Nigerians to support the bill.He commended Aisha Buhari, Bisi Fayemi, the Academic Staff Union of Universities and those who supported theBBCfor beaming the light on the hidden menace

He said, “Concerned parents and youth should help energise support for proposals towards enacting an effective law against sexual harassment in workplaces and educational institutions.”Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Oops! Anyway Let See kawai! They have a lot of little things they can do to make Nigeria great again. We need leaders that are willing to serve not to be served. What about persons in authority stealing state or federal funds Y 'school' alone nd national Assembly not inclusive? Nigeria's government doesn't have serious issues to talk about. They left insecurity, unemployment, falling economy, high cost of governance, epileptic power supplies, lack of good roads, high rate of corruption and a list of others. But talk about sex scandal in school.

I love this one so much Let d jail term be 10yrs & above. Don't also forget to propose 20yrs jail term for corrupt & budget padding politician Wat abt d honourables,nnba dishonourables dt send der drivers 2go pick our girlz in campus kwanuHypocrites How i wish it come to reality. *Even if they don't sleep with lectures, they still sleep with boyfriend, sugar daddy for money to sort the course! Still on sex for grade!🤭🤭🤭🤭👌*

Misplaced of priority. Not this ones👇 Is that what we want no blame on me I don't vote anybody How many years for political sexual offenders ? is too small😑 The Senate did not go far enough in proposing a five year jail term for school sexual offenders. What about corrupt Politicians? The bill will die right in the thinking or their imaginary minds. Funny people

Lawmakers sexual offenders nko? Just 5 years, what the fk - because they senate also do same things as this animalistic lecturers to offer ladies jobs or contract and in some cases may say 'why not be my gf and enjoy the money freely' shame SexForGrades Ibuodimma1 How many years for this Fulani Herdsman? FreeBiafra

They are all guilty of it, what's 5yrs? Five years for what? They should all rot in jail. Just 2 and half years.... What did they propose for Sex for employment letters and referrals from Senators? Good job Elisha joined in proposing this law, no be so? One day sha, Nigeria go finally dey right. How about our corrupt senator sir ?

It was proposed during Saraki's tenure. Just get it done with and put those randy lecturers where they rightly belong:zoo How many years for corrupt politicians Five years Do something more punishing!! 5 years pere haaaaa segalink need to see this. Oops! Anyway Let See kawai! Five yrs is ok cos some of them are in their late 60s + 5yrs will be ok....

Is the best 15 years minimum upon conviction and registration as a sex offender that will be published quarterly online. No.... 5 years is too small. Plus that '18 years' clause should be removed. It should be sex with a student of whatever age. Indeed and what about the office,work place,politic. Corruption should get a life imprisonment or death by hanging

ayemojubar Minimum of 20 years abeg! 5 years ke? Give very stiff penalties so that individuals do not even consider perpetrating the act! Finally...some freaking action! Nice one More punishment dude !! What of those diverting money meant constituency projects 5 years only How is that our problems please ooo.

Sex for grade Cash for grade Becoming errand boy for graduation ( post graduate students) Cash for Votes Family/political affiliation for employment slot You can add to the list. These are all ( in my opinion) in similar class. 5 years ain't enough How many years for public office looters mrsenatepresident?

What of their Political Counterparts .... It should be more than 5 years and it should also include all the offices and not just schools only. The perpetrators of this inhumane act are found in all facets of our society NGRSenate senatorFADA DrAhmadLawan should propose 15years jail for looters of public fund.

And what will happen to big time Treasury looters ? Reactive Nigeria. Just 5 years? It should be minimum 15years. 5years only? What of looters....what punishment do they get 20years more like it. Well not so bad Was there never a jail term for this act before now? NGRLEGISLATIVEARESCAM Good. But how many years will legislative offenders get? The people that collect jumbo pays, but add no single word to legislation? The people that live fat on public funds, only to sleep in the chambers?

Laws are enacted no class exclusivity as all is equalled b/f the law,no escaped goatism, so as to be breast with bodycameras on tasked ahead No.... make it 25years and not just for lecturers but all public office holders which should include the police, military, politicians..... The system is broken cuz Abj houses most of these predators.... We need to do better.

Good one though five years is too short This country is a country of fools over one documentary these idiots in the Senate are pass laws. Is there no sexual laws in Nigeria before. Including any of those politicians caught in the act of embezzlement isn't there a jail term for Sexual Offences anyway? Anytime this Senate want to pass laws that dont affect them,it takes twinkle of an eye but when it involve their stealing of votes,cutting down their costs,fighting for the huge vat and bank charges that is when you will hear 2nd and 3rd readings..stupid and greedy legislations

only 5 years? u ruin someone's life and all you get is a paltry 5years? Come! who do us this thing sef They’re now talking and proposing because of the BBC documentary. But people have been shouting for years how they’re been sexually harassed nobody listened. So it’s outsiders that will tell us our problems before we find solution. Too bad.

Sexual offence or harassment must be punished at all levels. Not only Schools. Office, business , NASS, all over. This evil must not be allowed in any civil society. Too small.... Make it 15 years 'the passing of the bill into law had a setback because it was not given Presidential assent after its passage by the 8th Senate' Well what do you know? 😔😔

Thank God, one good move by the NGRSenate Good step in the right direction. What of election malpractices, stealing of public funds and other crimes Fools Life in prison Jail term for all politicians caught in the act of embezzlement and looting public fund will improve Nigeria as a Nation Five years is too short, it should be nothing less than 30

Electoral fraud and affidavit should e how many years?

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