School feeding programme will continue despite closure of schools - Minister

School feeding programme will continue despite closure of schools – Minister

3/30/2020 11:22:00 PM

School feeding programme will continue despite closure of schools – Minister

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Farouq, has said that the school feeding programme will be implemented despite the closure of schools nationwide.

Schools across Nigeria have been closed for about one week to check the spread of COVID-19.She said talks with state governors to ensure the continuation of the programme as directed by President Muhammadu Buhari has commenced.She said this while responding to questions at the joint national briefing of the Presidential Task Force in Abuja on Monday.

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Mr Buhari had, on Sunday, directed the ministry to develop a strategy on how to sustain the school feeding programme.“Furthermore, although schools are closed, I have instructed the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to work with State Governments in developing a strategy on how to sustain the school feeding program during this period without compromising our social distancing policies,” Mr Buhari had said.

Some Nigerians had wondered how this could be implemented with the pupils currently at home after schools had been locked down.The minister did not provide any clarification to that ambiguity. She, however, provided more information on related matters.

ImplementationMs Farouq said the ministry is considering modalities to see how it will extend the president’s directive beyond the states where the lockdown has affected.“In paragraph 50 of Mr President’s speech, he directed that our ministry works with the relevant state governments in developing a strategy on how to sustain the school feeding programme.

“We will be doing this and I have already started contacting the governors on agreeing on the modalities to adopt.READ ALSO:Nigeria moves to overhaul N-Power, school feeding, other NSIPs“I have accordingly contacted the programme heads of the programme. This particular task may have to go beyond the affected states because as we are aware, all schools are closed down and children are at home.

“So, we are looking at modalities to see how we will extend this directive beyond the states where the lockdown has affected,” she said.The school feeding programme was introduced in 2016 as part of the N500 billion funded Social Investment Programme of the Buhari administration. It was projected to provide 1.14 million jobs across the country, including community women, who would be engaged as cooks.

The programme, with the support of state governments, aims to support states to collectively feed over 24 million school children, which will make it the largest school feeding programme of its kind in Africa.The goals include tackling poverty and improving the health and education of children and other vulnerable groups.

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According to a 2019 government document titled “Investing in Our People,” the programme was feeding over nine million pupils in 52,604 schools across 30 states and empowering 101,913 cooks with bank accounts.Relief materialsMs Farouq also said trucks conveying relief materials have been deployed and are expected to arrive at the affected states before the end of Monday.

This is following presidential directive to ease the sufferings of the vulnerable that might be affected by the lockdown following the outbreak of COVID-19.“For residents of satellite and commuter towns and communities around Lagos and Abuja whose livelihoods will surely be affected by some of these restrictive measures, we shall deploy relief materials to ease their pains in the coming weeks,” Mr Buhari had said.

Sharing modeOn how the relief materials would be distributed, Ms Farouq said “To achieve this, we must identify and reach the targets in such communities and residents using available data at our disposal.“This we have started doing, NEMA has deployed all the trucks, they are on-site and before the end of today (Monday), these trucks carrying relief materials will be deployed to these affected states of Lagos, Ogun, and Abuja,” she said.

She said the three months moratorium for all Tradermoni, Marketmoni, and Farmermoni as directed by Mr Buhari, would be immediately implemented.“We have already carried out the directive and we have contacted the officials handling the programme and we have directed that they implement this immediately.

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We're not seeing anything on ground! How? Let be realistic. How funny! She who gonna eat that food when the school close already You want Nigerians to believe Govt has addresses of all pupils to enable distribution of food to their homes? Unprecedented. Fraudulently shameless. Who are you then feeding? The same pupils that are at home and not allowed to come out? More explanation on how you intend to carry out this suspicious 'plan'.

Don't forget to budget for transport fees to that will take you to the students houses. It'll get fatter Misplaced priorities and people not thinking outside Lagos Are they now feeding the desks? This school feeding thing has always been a 'nonsense' that only encourages irresponsibility and entrench a culture of laziness. It can't, had never and could never have improved education.

Scam All this our politicians no go die better ooh, Na hungry and intimidation go kill them and their generations. Even inside this Covik1-9 Birus, politicians still dey Cary us play...hmmmmm Someone schooling in Ilorin and based in Kaduna, abeg, how the food go reach us to cheating abeg .....the more you look the less you see, Nigeria

How will this continue? Are they going to take the food to all the pupils homes? Keep on looting God will surely judge everyone of you You will take the food to their various homes Money about to enter voicemail. Who are they feeding.. ghosts!! Abeg na who go chop the food?...nonsense! This is just a obvious scam minister of finance , buhari

School children are not being fed at all. Please Govt should treat this, it's truly a display of wickedness and extortion. Am not sure all states are carrying out this directive, the last time I checked some states are hoarding the stipends for their selfish interest, community mothers appointed as cooks are lamenting they are not seeing anything for a very long time now.

Feed pupils that are at home? Madam minister, take it easy Hope this woman is ok sha Did she really say that? Oh my God! Abeg dem wan dey feed empty class? How? Why are you people so deceptive? Are you guyz feeding desk and chairs? How are you going to continue with the programme after tthe same person closed down the schools... I am not understanding this government o

Is the feeding taking place in their homes or the closed down schools? Scammers mtwss😡 Who will now be fed please? They want to be feeding the lizards and rats in the school. They are also part of the school nah The food will be sent to their homes I guess... Naija I hail ooo Ndi Ori. Audio feeding This Nigeria govt scatter me o. Are they magicians ni 😷

Who will eat the food? Armed robbers in government She is joking sha? Who do Dey want to feed?, the tables and chairs Who do you guys want to feed, when the kids are StayAtHome, StaySafe... With all due respect ma,you are a fraudster. This is another looting agenda How do you intend to achieve this madam? Am really anxious.

Home delivery noni So who are going to feed since the school is closed? abi una no fit stop eating the moni This government is just very useless and full of lie and fake speeches. Which school children are they feeding , the ones at home or where. There is no doubt that this is stealing at the highest level. God is watching all our footsteps. I may not be seeing you but God, the omniscience and the omnipresent is seeing you.

What happened to staying home. What they mean is that, despite the kids not being in school to eat the food we claimed we were feeding them with, we've already stole the money, so whether the kids are in school or not, the money allocated has already been shared so 'feeding programme' will continue. We understand the funds to be embezzlement through school feeding programme has been earmarked, do tell us how you want to continue in this pandemic without making us look as fools.

How? Well that's where you make your money just consider the poor people in your kingdom ma This is not necessary Are they gonna feed them even in their homes or what? When kids are now home who do you plan on feeding Are you going to feed the shool building, please stop fooling urself and Nigeria How? How? How? Oh! My Country Nigeria! Who has bewitched you?

It seems she has a built in Scam system operating in her persona. Smart way of sharing our money, useless and dumbest government ever. Fraud Who will you be feeding when the students are at home? Scammers You want to feed desks and chairs whoisfrance this was your dumb argument yesterday. What do you have to say about this? It clearly shows there’s no difference between you and buhari. Incompetent people .

Who you wan feed? I have never been this confused. Ehn... How many Lagos,Abuja and Ogun school children were they feeding before? Is it goat you want to use it to feed in this lockdown period.. common sense no dey at all I don't just get it To who then? It stopped in cross River state since January! It’s a scam. She didn’t think before talking. Go there and feed ghosts. We already know that you data on school feeding is full of ghosts pupils. This is just a confirmation of it. Continue.

Which school feeding? There is no school feeding in my state So, this is a scam you are using to embezzle public funds? How many states are running school feeding programs? You hav turned Nigerians to Almajiris. We go to school to learn, not to eat. Give the food to the family How can this work Pls educate further .where are the schools n pupils to be fed ? In thier homes

Schools are closed, yet school feeding program will continue... Ayam not understanding. School feeding programme Ogun state have not done since the beginning of this suspended 2and term? FG, pls say something else... So they’ll be going from house to house giving school children food? What’s wrong with you people?

Let's assume the person that wrote that thing that MBuhari read in that recording u called live broadcast made a mistake, why is this one too talking in the rubbish? 🙄🙄🙄. Looting by all means. Could this be on home delivery? 🤯😷😅 Who are yu feeding in d schools since all are on lockdown? Corruption gone wild.

I dont understand these , how do u feed people dt are not coming to school. Is there any me hanism to contact dem at home ? Wouldn't dt b endangering d personal sharing d food its sef . Pls dont let us strt wt we cant strt pls I wonder the kin people we hav in this country Look at this one saying rubbish

Who be this na? Are these people really normal upstairs? Is she crazy or what? Are schools opened? Madam who will you be feeding there? Or is it to have what to balance account with? Fear God oo!!!!! Expantiate on this Madan Minister, would you be taking the meal to the pupils in their homes? When I was a kid ..we were used to saying....'there is no school if you come birds will teach you' this woman want to feed those birds

who did u want to feed my sister Corruption unlimited una wan feed ghost students Yes! Cos you will be feeding the school building. How will you feed them? Who dem wan feed abeg as schools don close so? Whom will you be feeding? Avenue to keep looting! You guys don’t have the fear of God at all........ Who will they be cooking for, when schools are closed

Who are you feeding when students are not in school.... They must sha embezzle money even during a pandemic. You want to feed ghost abi? We shall be asking parents to bring their ward to collect cook meals in schools premises For the remaining ghost pupils. You try. Whom do you want to feed after school closure

The students go de from house go chop for school na Where are you going to feed them Hanty Stop lying to the Gods this Woman. Are u not afraid of the Gods? Even this trial period, u're still playing Politics with these innocent children who are not in school the moment that 'feeding program will continue' how? Even when they were in school how many u don feed?

Pls who are you feeding? How do you achieve this? How!? Are you going to be feeding the chalk board? Nawao I am short of words not because of feeding pupils at school even though schools have been completely shut down nationwide, rather because of the over 200 savagery replies! How exactly mma? At which school Pay NPOWER their stipends

Nigeria government plans to intensify the feeding of ghost school children . Who will you be feeding. Abi what rubbish are saying madam. Who will they be feeding oooooo School feeding that has stopped in ipinsha,akure since day 1 schools resumed..... Our govts never think! They know we have so many gullible people in this clime. When the students were on how many do they feed? To account for PMB the feeding programme must go on even during lockdown. Nigeria we hail thee...

I tire... Who una want feed-the classroom? 🤔 How? So who the Fu*k you all gonna be feeding? The chairs and tables or the chalks and blackboards.. damn my country can never have sense again .🙆🙆😭😭😭 Which children are you planning to feed during Coronavirus pandemic that you asked them to stay home? Corruption govt.

After this lockdown someone will investigate how this crisis was used to loot Is she stupid? Who is she feeding? Are we a joke to you guys? Who are they going to feed...our ancestors? Scammers So you steal more money.... oley barawo Who are you feeding? The chairs or the board or ghost? May Corona locate you there. Thieves

Una just dey embarrass us left and right Useless and senseless. Are you feeding them from home? They are always looking for a way to embezzle our money. God will soon judge you all. Share money to Nigerians jhoor 🙄 They want to continue looting as usual. Where will they steal money if they discontinued the program?

Nedeua School feeding will continue despite closure of school, FG will feed school children the don't have their data at home. The minister wants to defend Jubrilbuhari ill statement. This tells you all you need to know about this APC failed government. Incompetence Fraudsters!!! MBuhari is nothing but a thief and a liar. Clueless, Inept, Corrupt, Colossal Failure.

Foolishness in highest level. Pls are govt and the ministers animals? You close all school and feeding program is on. Why do the country find pressure in waste and looting? Those that say that buhari is a good choice of leader, can buhari collect Ibrahim Mo award of excellence Who will eat? Who do this to us the Scholl feeding only for one state

School is a place not a pesin!!! Fools And Thieves Everywhere Fraudulent Government of MBuhari ProfOsinbajo aishambuhari GarShehu BashirAhmaad. Feeding who at school? You steal, cheat and tell lies. This mad govt. How? The First Lady must hear this. I'm no longer surprised by government. Odd things are now very normal.

Then who are you feeding 👏👏👏👏 Who are you feeding the student are at home😂😂🤔 Which school are you feeding madam? In North? This can only work if you go door to door. How do you feed the kids if they can't come out? It has to be well coordinated. I guess you'll be feeding the school buildings and desks this time

Abracadabra... 🔮 🧙‍♂️..... the more you see, the less you understand..... Who would these incompetent feed in schools? Nigeria is a jokes! To give ghost food or what? Pupils are to be fed in their dreams. Parents don't be afraid when your wards wake up asking for water or tooth pick. Thank Buhari. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I guess they have included logistics to take the food to individual homes. Professional scammers. The cash cow of the canals must be fed continually. Praise God. To whom?Wasting of resources.Give aid to the poor.Who don't have anything to eat during Covid19 period. Which school are they feeding? Na was for this people oh

Is it ghost that u re going to feed or I ve u forgotten that all schools are closed Foolish media. Yesterday she clarified the issue by saying they're looking at possibilities of feeding the Pupils at their homes. Useless media, always on the frontlines to misleading public But the school are closed now

LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Their spokespersons and aides can do better.... This is a just a way to embezzle money, I guess they want to feed the lizards in those empty schools. I don't get it o! Are the pupils and students getting the allowances from their various homes or how? Make una no go dey do anyhow o! Because I know many fraudulent activities will happen this period of unease, because e no dey tire una.

Seems they want to be feeding them at home 😁😁 How? All talk. Excuse me, the scam program will continue doing what exactly? Makaryatan Banza Creating leakages for looting Y'all asking how, like you didn't watch Buhari say it himself. When APC is done looting Nigeria, the country will be empty Some students travel 4km to school. I wonder if they will still travel that far to collect a plate of food or the vendors will track every ward to give them their meal. The person that sold this idea should be sacked. NGRPresident NGRSenate HouseNGR

Who will they feed ? 🤣🤣🤣 Feeding them at home or what? Sadiya_farouq So who would you be feeding? Who will they feed ? Rubbish. Thieves Am APC but this is really sad I just wonder why the FG is so keen on giving food to pupils whose schools has been closed instead of implementing models of subsidizing Feeding Funds for parents/ citizens.

This people are annoying......where are the students you want to you even care where they live Na who we offend for Nigeria especially these leaders we have in government. Families are hungry including the school children who are all in lockdown. Are they going to feed the walls or blocks. Father God help us by giving this leaders at least spirit of understanding.

This minister needs a special attension I. Quesss she don't know wat. She is saying With due respect, is it the empty classrooms that will be fed? How and where, why are these people taking Nigerians for a ride You are not serious All of this just so it doesn't look like he didn't know what he was saying 😂😂😂

Audio This could be awrong headline or some one is about to thief You want to feed the chairs and the tables in the schools?. Feed Nigerians with the money under this critical Coronavirus situation. People are at doing nothing. How possible is this. That is the job, do little and steal some more How? Who are you going to feed? Please let's be responsible.

This woman again How do you plan to do that? Goto their houses and feed them under their parents because you refused to provide welfare for them during this pandemic outbreak? So now you will goto their houses and give only students food while their parents would be looking or what? SO WHO WILL YOU BE FEEDING IN SCHOOLS? CLUELESS PRESIDENT AND CLUELESS MINISTERS

The question is how? Ahn ahn.... Who will y'all be feeding if the children re at home? Lizards? And who will be the school children? So who are you feeding when the schools are empty? Confussion Shey you and yours don turn school pupils la...Ubanku!😷 Buhari syndrome... Baba na wa. Do you intend to feed d classes and desks

How do they hope to achieve that it is called school feeding programme but schools are closed so how do they expect to achieve that Are feeding the schools or the pupils that have all gone home? Somebody wan kwantinue thief be dat! Theivies from pit of hell Pinnacle of scam Wicked minister To whom the gods want to destroy, they first made mad. You guys are not tired of lies & deceit. Let's see how the feeding will continue despite closure of school.

Who are you feeding when the school is closed spirit or what Hmmmmmn Lol Are they fvcking with out brain ? Ha Are u kidding mi? Won ti tun de o! No be snake we go see dis time around, na desks, tables and chairs go 'swallow' d money? This does not make any sense at all. How Mad people in the seat of power It's either MBuhari is shamelessly extremely corrupt or he is no more with us. School feeding? Did he not read the speech? Smh. This Government can use basket to fetch water.

Iru agbako ilu wo leleyi nitori olohun.😥😥 Are you feeding empty class rooms or what 🤣😂 I am really tired of this sycophants, I dont blame them I blame Nigerians who have decided to go dumb. No one can talk nowadays, no one can arrange for public speech anylonger, no group or ethnic group can gather like they did for President Jonathan anymore, serves us right.

😁 Sorry madam! So you will now engage in home service! Who says God is wonderful! It’s obvious our leaders are comedians Bunch of fools 'Some Nigerians had wondered how this could be implemented with the pupils currently at home after schools had been locked down. The minister did not provide any clarification to that ambiguity' Y'all read this? People are looting at a time like this, heartless individuals

Please who will they be feeding? Continue how, where, when? I thought it's a stay at home policy? Who will be doing the feeding? Make money no loss...if you know you know. Which School are this people feedind while áll schools are shut down How else would you account for all the money you have collected...?

Feeding her ancestors and her shrine priest. Who are they feeding 🙄❓ It would be difficult. Are u gathering School children again How are they going to feed them when dey are home. MsTyma_ For where? To who and how? This is suspicious. Please who are they feeding, Thiefs No crazy Dey worry u madam minister

How? Lolz ... who Dey wan feed Abeg, who de shop the food when the children are at home. This government will not kill me!!! When will corruption stop in Nigeria, who are they feeding when everywhere is locked down, how will you feed a child under the care of his/her parents. I will advise FG to feed the parents not children.

Who cursed Nigeria bayi...ejo w sanu wa Who are they feeding, this is to show MBuhari OfficialAPCNg government is a scam and they are fraudsters, citizens are suffering and this wicked government is busy looting and they're telling us to pray for them, you guy's will not die well, shameless fraudsters.officialEFCC

T H I E V E S with Integrity. Almajiri feeding programme will continue, even though schools are closed. Misplaced priority. Mad o. Scamners in glasses Lol who Wana wan feed Who do they want to give...since schools are close 419 Gov't YAHOO YAHOO GOV'T GMAIL GMAIL GOV'T School feeding scam will continue despite closure of schools - Minister.

How? Audio feeding!!! Money must flow Schools are lockdown Haba ? Who will you be feeding? Are they going to feed chairs & tables? Una go carry the food go give them for house abi? Goats Is it school feeding that will continue? Or home feeding? Or is their a misplacement of thought somewhere? How can school feeding continue when schools are on lock down? Let wisdom come upon our leaders....

Who are they feeding or do they have the address of all the students in the school The government really care for the masses. Are the kids leaving their homes to come to school so they can be fed? Is that safe? Awon ole How will it work?! Please I am available for participation in the home feeding progamme. In my area I know where all the pupils leave i can deliver it to them. Is it during break time, ooh that is not a problem.

How? Shey ee ya weyrey ni Almajiri school are still open, Abeg, who go dey eat the food? Or is this another avenue to steal money? Ndi ohi How is the question and u people should stop all this prophesy and start telling us how it will work wen the kids are at their verious homes. please available for the house or home feeding for students. Employ me please.

Please who will eat the food mbok Side chicks be doing the most...smh How please? This justifies the quote' May your tap never run dey' How please Madam Minister? We simply have many clowns in charge of our very scarce resources. Perhaps you too lack sense. Any monies used at this time for this purpose, is considered stolen. Madame just be careful

Who will eat it Which yeye feeding program? This is sad as it is just an evident that we've failed as a nation and MBuhari administration has failed us more than our usual encounters. A slap on our faces and a shame to MBuhari himself! To feed who and at where will the food be served? Already there's information that about 40 per cent of the food is being taken by the staff.

MBuhari School feeding programme is a waste of resources when all schools are under closure, why not keep the fund until schools reopens back. How ? I'll just unsee this try! That's embezzlement tactics. Will they be feeding goat You can keep fooling yourselves. The president goofed in that regard as per mentioning a school feeding programme. What should suffice now is providing relief items to Nigerian citizens especially the most vulnerable ones.

How stupid are these people bikonu? Where are the pupils your are feeding. Ooh maybe you will go to there homes. But wait ooo. I have many of them in my house and I have not seen any food shared. Criminals... How will you manage to do that? What's the meaning of all this, worst ever government Some Nigerians had wondered how this could be implemented with the pupils currently at home after schools had been locked down. The minister did not provide any clarification to that ambiguity. She, however, provided more information on related matters. Implementation

Huh!!! How ma? Who do you want to go and feed in the schools, just another way of stealing Nigeria money. tajudine2013 the understanding issues is that the feeding will be directed to the people and State affected by coronavirus, under the feeding school program. Idiots😈😈😈 Which pupil will they be feeding?

To feed who abeg? Maybe the building or perhaps the birds and lizards... Lool You sha want to swallow all the money Even in this days of deadly virus food stuffs are so expensive and prices of everything has gone high. I don’t blame them. Imported economy You want to feed them at home? Imamofpeace please we need your help. You are the only one that this government fears. Come drag Buhari concubine for us biko

Please let the supporters come and tell us how this 'America Wonder' will be possible What is the need Is it gonna be home delivery 🚚 or another way of looting. 😠😡 Stop to b fooling us ,schools have closed will u b going from huz 2 huz and even as that many has traveled so pls tell us how possible are u going 2 do it

Another excuse to loot Where are the HAILERS ooooo, make una come see una gods, your gods must be crazy. So who will she be giving the food too? Minister,judgement day is coming when u will give account of thy self.i hope ur books are intact.hand of God will touch everybody.buhari's govt can be defined as the govt that keeps scamming Nigerians.they think all Nigerians are olodo like them.time will tell.

What kinda talk is this? Is it the building and chairs you want to feed? Channel that money to somewhere important How? When schools are closed... Scam Are you going to serve them from ? plexxypc don_fejak I really don't understand anymore... I think I have reach that point that I will stop engaging myself with local news.

Scam continues even this time of hopelessness. This government... 'Gost school children' feeding program. We have not seen anything in this present Government How do these people think? Who are they or will they be feeding? Which of the schools please? Or will the food also be virtual? X Guess you guys are gonna be doing home delivery.. Economy is at standstill, but our people in power are more concerned about continuous embezzling. E be things.

Feeding who exactly Yes o. Let's go feed the lizards and birds in the schools I wish we can bring back stoning to death like in the days of old some people deserve stoning. How? and who are you feeding during the lock down? Madam, who will you be feeding in these schools, if I may ask?😡😡 Who will you now feed and how?

How does that work? If you vote for Buhari and complain here, Sango and sakpanna go kill you Will you feed them in their houses? Na ghost then won feed with the food Shey home delivery ni? This is one of the channels Buhari use to loot money, hence it must continue despite having no children in school at this point.

Who are you people deceiving and which ghost pupils do you want to feed, abi you guys are trying to cover up for the statement buhari made to make it look like its a normal statement or another way of looting. You want to be feeding the gateman? Who are they feeding? Ghost or who How and where do you intend to feed the children?

Hajiya! Even be4 the closure school feeding has been stopped for almost 4 weeks One of the programme's objective is 'empowering 101,913 cooks with bank accounts.' 🤣😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂 this government is looking for all means to carry Nigeria money, please which children are you feeding, no government school is in session, so I wonder who you are feeding

Nigerians need pocket money, to feed in their respective home, tell ur president, what is rong with you guys Apc Govt This guys are bunch of criminals How do you feed those who are not in school. How do you locate them? Who do you want to feed...Thieves... Way of looting money......dead govt How? Mrs. Minister; you told us days ago that we may slide into recession in months and now you are talking about deliberately wasting/embezzling millions of naira.

Ole o fe kowo je huh I never see Who are they feeding? Who will they be feeding? Are these people Ok at all? Who are you going to feed? Where are these people from? Oh my Gosh! (in my 4 year old son's voice) Who will you feed,the agama lizard abi They think we're fools. How? 🙄 Yes,,, feeding of your children and your family at home ,,,💬💪🏾🤘🤘🤘🤘mumu people

Transparent embezzlement 🤣 I can see some of the students. Who do you guys want to feed biko? Desk and chairs?Monetize this things and send cash to their parents bank accounts oo Who will they be feeding? Your ancestors I guess. Please we need the list of schools where this program is being run across Nigeria!

Having gone through this, it's clear this part wasn't properly thought out. Even the minister couldn't explain the modality indicating she might not have been consulted. This should just be dropped asap. Another scamming scheme, this programme had been stopped in my state for over a month before the Lockdown, now that pupils are at home they want to continue to feed them.

No be ghost pupils dem wan feed? All of una na scam! Just as henryshield said (paraphrased) anyone still supporting Buhari at this stage needs submit himself for brain check up mssnlagosau commend the FG for the continuation of the school feeding program...these kids and their parent deserve it and FMHDSD pls make sure it actually reach these pupils

Make una no vex they are trying to cover up for the mistake statement that their clone oga made...Maybe they going to be doing home delivery. Let's wait and see. Really! To continue school feeding without the school been opened? So who is going to eat the food? Guess the food will be delivered to their homes. You are working but not sure if is in the right direction

This is actually FEEDING. Who will they be feeding? This makes me wonder if this woman is sane at all. Who will she be feeding, when the schools are closed? Am I the only one that dnt even knw d specific skul the Govt. feed in my area 😩 Will they share the food to them in their houses How? Way to siphone our common wealth

Imagine, that means the program is a scam, the school children are at home been fed by their parents, who are feeding then Scam How are you going to achieve that or what do you take Nigerians for. I give up on this guys, I don't know under what influence they make such statements Such a fool Apc are just pure lies, and full of uneducated people. They say total shut down and yet dey want to feed the spirit in schs not students

May be they are feeding the ghosts in the schools after all karma will follow wuna Another scam. How will you reach the pupils ? How? This is ridiculous, you call it school feeding program, schools are closed. Please tell us how you intend to go about it. At this juncture ya'll will agree with me all isn't well in our country

Who are we feeding again when kids are home...O Lord pls come NOW This government is just embezzling money anyhow... Can't wait for their time to be over. How... How? To feed the pupils at there various homes? I don't understand why the school feeding will still continue when the children are at home, this is another measure to embezzle Nigeria resources

... Does it make sense Who you wan feed na, lizards? You shouldn't have called it feeding but looting of pupils will continue despite the closure of schools. I don't know what you even take us for in this country, you just open mouth and talk Who are they going to feed when all school children are at home, share the money to their parent they won't very pathetic country.

To be normal in Nigeria, you must be abnormal How please?😀😀😀 What is wrong with Apc...they take us for fools that they are!!! Does this really make any sense at all? FG wake up! Hey, everyone listen. They now want to feed empty classes while everyone is on self isolation..... covidiot How will you achieve that when those children are with their parents at home

Another scam waiting to happen. Schools are closed. How do you feed them. Just asking for fellow Nigerians because we are surprised at how you can do that. Are you bringing the home to our home? How do you feed the pupils with there schools closed? Please explain. Will the kids go to school just to eat and come back home? When una want get sense abeg?

Who una wan feed, Biko? Scammers OMG. In this hard time we have some reasons to still laugh. Minister to feed ghosts. Go ahead. Lol Abeg who and who will they be feeding in the schools? Empty chairs? How's that possible with pupils at home? Government magic Twill be home delivery right? Weyrey wa Lara yin

Yeye dey small....I wonder how long these fools will keep fooling themselves. Which school feeding everyone is at home who you one go feed for school.Are these people normal atall.They are just looking for away to steal money.🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Hmmmm how?😬 then who will eat the food..? Even when school was still on, they stopped the feeding when this woman came on board, now she's telling us another lie

Dear Minister, Please who are you feeding when students are at home ? Who will you be feeding? Some people's pocket But how, school is closed, abi na ghost una wan feed, I tire for this matter oo 🤦🤦 Do you know their address?😂😂 Anything yall hear on CNN from foreign politicians, you jus repeat it. No caution. I wonder if this people have kids cos my parents know now that they cant do anyhow or give wrong infrmation. We will correct them immediately

Who are they then feeding when the pupils are at home. Are they going to bring the food to their individual homes? Awon Ole. I told my house help never to eat their food because I can't even guarantee the safety. Who are they feeding? Because it seems I don't understand. 😂😂😂 I don't understand why this people are bent on spreading this Corona one way or the other

Ole l’everybody Who will they be cooking for? 💁 Ode fool Cluelessness at it's peak. How Could she be referring to Almajiri schools? Yahoo Yahoo government 🤣 It is all lies they are just trying to cover up for the slip they made in the President's address. How do you get to the children. APC and lies are 5 & 6

Scammers everywhere Money must be stolen at all cost... Please are you feeding the desks and boards in the classrooms? Abi it's home delivery things? 😂😂😂😂 The woman said they will supply to the children's home. Hausa don kill Nigeria economy, who will eat the food? Sometimes it is better you say nothing than to spew trash as lies.

Are they feeding the ebora in the evil forest. Thank God I never supported the 419 government. They have proved that they are the worst ever in the history of Nigeria. So who are you going to be feeding in school?🙄 Just say you have loot the money rather than your monese talk. Yes she's right. They'll be feeding a 'school of FISHES'. Our money don enter cat-fish business.

Catch am catch fela voice Stealing will continue despite covik-19 take note. Yahoo government Who are you feeding? Are schools not closed ? Why are you so wicked that you lacked sympathy to humanity? How can this government be stupid & useless the same time There's lockdown How do you feed those at home?

Abeg who will dey be feeding🤔🤔 How will it continue. Will they take the food to the children's houses Will the food be taken to thier houses pls? Or the kids will be asked to come to school for it? Stealing Nigeria's money will continue despite school closure you wanted to say. home delivery 🤔 kenan Ok, how?

Another avenue for looting Hmmm! 9ja leaders have the good entrepreneurial minds to make biz and become richer and richer again! Feeding students while schools are closed equals to Stealing citizens wealth while people are suffering, thinking, and fear to be infected to Covid19! Mutuwa dai tanajiran kowa

Anyone that stole this convid money convid will kill the person and the entire family Home delivery I guess. Looting continues despite absence of a channel for looting. Scam No plan just making this statement over and over again People who defend this government, how do you go about it? oleeee I'm sure they do think we fools!

Mtcheww, which people will they now be feeding when all students are at home. Rubbish If it will continue despite the closure of Schools, then who are they going to feed? Sakamanje. You are not talking to dumbs. Home delivery or what? Na wao. See people that are leading us These men are yet to see how senseless they sound with this. You want to be awarding the monies to your household but we hope Covid19 for you all. Imagine this sucks. Are your children the ones to eat in schools they don't go? Infact I'm getting angrier

How? By sending the food to them at home Fada Lawd😭😭😭😭🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ You will feeding them in their house nawoooooooooooo Scam Stop misleading the public. How many parents will release their children to go and scramble for food Whr will dey av access to the little children to give Dem dere nonsense food...Sendrelieftonigiria.

Who will you be feeding then? This country is a huge joke 😂 😂. Asing hw ? While the students are at their various places wll u take the food to their houses! It is either you don't have sense or your sense is paining you Who u wan feed when schools are on break And how would the feeding continue? This is funny as fuck🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Minister She wants to defend Bubu's speech na. Rubbish Scam of the highest order How does the govt intend to feed these kids who are currently at home? Mediocre minister This sounds stupid Yes shell right, they'll be feeding a 'school of FISHES'. Our money don enter cat-fish business. Please how? All schools have been closed. You have no address of these kids, COVID-19 gets transmitted through contact, u need social distancing. Madam minister what is it sef?

You ask kids to stay away from school, yet you chose not to suspend school feeding programme while lockdown is on. Will the vendors take the food to individual kid's homes? All I smell here is fraud. Personal account would be well fed. My advice is for government to stop this covert idea forthwith. The school is obviously closed and singing this anthem at this critical period is nothing more than daylight robbery. Enough of this charade. We are tired of having elephants in our room. Let be serious for once!

The needful now, is how to systematically change dimension of the scheme to Poor Parents Feeding Programme Who will the idiots be feeding now? Monkeys and baboons? Since the commencement of this feeding programme, I have not seen such in my village. Is the programme assigned only to APC states cos my state is full of criminals PDP!!! How will the FP continue when schools ars closed? Is it house to house searching of pupils?

This people are mad pupils currently at home. Sleeping on duty. How? She couldn't provide answer self when asked how the program will be carried out. What a set of clueless individuals Is this not another fraud? Continue School Feeding Programme when the.beneficiaries are in their home. How? Lmao!!! Like.... Did you hear yourself Ma'am!

🤣🤣 In Nigeria , the more you look the less you see 😂😂😂. Feeding of ghost kids. Who are you feeding madame Minister? All associate of Buhari are criminal This one deep o School feeding when the schools are closed ?! O su mi....I am sued ! Who are you feeding Scam 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Una no go kill us How madam Nigerians! Schools feeding to continue despite the closure of schools. Who wan eat the food? Or is it going to be delivered to the pupils in their various houses?

The money to keep escaping as when school was opened School feeding program are meant to be for students in dier various schools, not homes or streets, when all schools is closed down , who do u want to go and feed in the schools (A) tables and chairs if dey have (B) blackboards (C) school compound (D) ghosts student Choose one ?

Will you be feeding them from home too? 🙆🏿‍♀️ And who will you be feeding when schools are closed? You'll not change, still looking for how to steal amidst this looming pandemic. Are they feeding pupils and students in their homes? Do they intend feeding the buildings or desk? Why are people being unreasonable?

Who will you be feeding? First Lady academy it should interest you to know that schools are on lockdown. What sort of alooter continua is this? Who you want come feed na, empty class rooms? Na there the Raba dey The more you look, the less you see government. PresidentCovik BuhariResign Na spirits una wan feed?

Who are they feeding when the children are at home? Use the money for giveaway joor For vanishing 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Kwontimuo d looting naaaw Fear of correcting the President How?What's wrong with apc Gorverment for God sake Who will she continue to feed. Don't understand This is confusing, will the students be in schools during the closure. If the schools are closed what are to students still doing there. PM should educate me o. I no go school o.

Just like in the USA 🇺🇸, unlike the USA 🇺🇸 kids come to school to eat. Where will the food be taken to? The houses of the unknown kids? The shut down schools? Or better kept as cash 💰 to be further looted? 🙄 Bunch of confused being. How? Are you going to their individual houses and share the food?

The looting continue. Who are you going to feed when all schools are closed? This government is 'working miracles'. Doesn't make sense sha As in you feed them in there homes abi? Ndi-ara of the highest iberiberizm. No be only feed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yahoo Yahoo government officials Which minister is the source of this witchcraft?God who did we offend

sarnchos Oh no!! Scam in the highest order, they are less concern about the Pandemic instead money must be looted by all means. I pray they don't live to enjoy all the looted funds, werey set of people😡😡😡😡 Who are you feeding.... Anything wey government see talk e follow. Feeding school children who are home? Meanwhile my kids in school never got this meal once. Government should continue scamming us, it is their time, nothing last forever.

Tell her to pay lecturers their two months salary she is holding in the name of IPPIS. They need this money to take care of their families and dependents in this time of lockdown. Looting ll continue,Dats what she is trying to say.. Who are the people currently in school to be feeding now? These people are really sick right in their brain.

Headless politicians, Nigeria et all. How please. Ghosts feeding program continues. One for you, two for me syndrome. But no movement and no schools. Sound like someone need to embezzle some money. This woman is a joker fit cast 😂😂😂 Ode so who are they feeding ? Just to keep your means of looting wide open

Who una go con dey feed? Chair and locker? This woman self na ole Another of way of looting our money As mind boggling as this idea sounds, I will advise d govt & d hon. Minister not to belabour themselves on this act of generosity. D logistics would be too cumbersome & will expose more people to d dreaded covid-19. Let them monitise d feeding and credit d parents or guardians.

This government is full of mad people I swear The_SMD_Oladele This is the most stupid Government Who will be eating the food? 😆 The cash cow can't also stop for this initial two weeks ? And to feed who? Chai! The scam and stealing must continue Will they buy food distribution vans to take the meals to every home?

Is this woman okay at all Misplacement of priorities. Oops🤭 You say 👂 Wetin person no go hear for nigga Bovi officialBovi and Akpororo Akpororo_Comedy, report here right now. Which of you wrote this ? They are yet to pay npower beneficiaries. Misplaced priorities. Which school are people feeding, other children in other states what do take them for? Politicians u people are greedy and self-centered!

These people 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 God when will this people stop taking us for a fool 🙏🙏🙏 Owo sinzu🤣 Madness So who will you be feeding? Will u go to their various houses to feed them? Them don scam us ooo Na thife go kill una for this country,who una wan feed for school wen close abi na lizards una wan feed?

This useless minister might end up being the Diezani of APC. From helping to siphoning the recovered Abacha loot in the name of ghost humanitarian Intervention to this school feeding programme that's a white elephant project Na wao,abi you go follow pupils reach their homes with the food? Looting will continue despite closure of schools - Minister

Feeding them at where... looting continue evil forest call Nigeria... what they need now is home rescue support foodstuff and money like 50k into their account in each home in Nigeria... not this rubbish stealing call school feeding... U suppose to be query over ds heading walahi What a nation! You're better than this Hon. Minister ma'am

Madam How Continue, lies upon lies. This pandemic has unveiled a lot of extremely wrong things in our nation. Rulers not leaders it's time to advice yourselves if you have mirror to do so too. They will be served in their dreams. Palapala. Who are they feeding wen the students are at home? How? Just an easy way to steal the money.

How ? Will the meal be delivered at the pupils residences ? Interesting, are we planning to feed ghost students 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Thieves, who go dey chop m Madam is it in their house or when come to school.? You mean the allocated funds to school feeding will continue to be syphoned? Just checking 🤔 MBuhari NigeriaGov CoronaVirusInNigeria

Who is going to be eating the food when school is closed? 🙄 Foolish talk, school feeding will continue, with who? How.? Zoo Who will they feed tho? Feeding a dead man after burial, that's the meaning. What is wrong with this people How? In other words, the flow of embezzled funds must be protected. Change the name to home feeding programme because they are all at home or something is fishy .

Thief's Will the foods be served to pupils in their homes? Lool... How? Aaaahhh, this people matter tired me o...Yahoo Yahoo govt. How? How? How will the meal get to the children? Are we going to trace them to their houses? StaySafeStayHome Sounds funny to me. Will they be going from house to house to feed the school children?

CoronaHunger kills faster than Coronavirus To who na Criminals in charge of our government. Are you going to feed class room chairs? To APC folks, everything done by this regime is right. Why continue with the school feeding programme when schools are on holiday. Are you helping their parents feed them? Are you giving the money to their parents for their lunch while they are home? Is it for all regions?

Shey you dey whine me ni Ah... Who we offend? Remind these people schools are closed because of Coronavirus pandemic How. How. How. How. Pls is it the school feeding program that never happened or which one then abeg who dey won dey feed ooo...wen all d kids are at ome alredy Criminals in Government God is watching

You want to feed ghosts! What's wrong with this 2nd lady sef? Where are the children you want to feed? Are the ghost? Madam who them want feed all those goat inside the school or who Why are going to feeding ghost or what? This is a fraud. I can't believe that. It's untrue officialEFCC How will the pupils get this food, are they going for home delivery? When are we going to stop this kind of drama for God sake?

And whom then are you feeding 8n the school if the schools are closed!!! This people every thing is a way to scam Nigerians Tough time for the minister, she must find a way to manage the situation without painting baba in a bad light. I pray she finds wisdom to sail through. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

How?....will government visit all the children's family......i thick some people want to embezzle public funds This is the worst Democratic govt in the history of this country Now I see where u are syphoning money from this is worst than pension thieve, stealing food from children. Shame on u APC/herdsman. Crew

Ole Fraudsters.... Are you going to be feeding them at home? Haaa, we are in big trouble in this country. Who did we really offend? What is our offence? Can you just imagine human beings? Dorging from the right thing, and doing the Worng thing Is parent that stay home that need support, not school kids on vacation Tomorrow these people will come out and tell you how many billions they have spent! It is not well with all of you

Are you feeding ghosts, all avenue to loot is what this government is always working on. Who will be fed when all schools are closed and children are expected to stay st home?! Idiotic statement .....who appointed this one What do these fools take Nigerians for? How do our kids get access to this food? Wuna get head at all. Cook the food and follow every child to his parents house with his share.?

Ministers dumb too... they think Nigerians can't read Please who write this joke ? I suspect basket_mouth Kunada hankali kuwa Who una won feed abeg Thieves, knowing the 'poorest homes!' Chai.. Na who do 9ja this thing... Who use 9ja pant buy Benz oo iamSwaga01 How is this possible please? Schools are closed last I checked

Who won chop the food Madam fear God oooo who is going to be eating the food? Looting continual, stealing ascerta....!!!! Madness! You don't want to swallow your boss' blunder. Is it home delivery or how 🤣🤣🤣🤣... joke of a country lol School feeding programme dey Ngerian? I mean not the one some states are financing oo, one that is being handled by the federal government.

Then who are they going feed while schools are shut down Will continue for who? Are you going door to door to give food? Is it the empty class rooms will eat the food? mumu people in government... Which school feeding program? There was Never a food program better leave that SCAM How? Office Who will u b feeding

Abeg who go eat am Please, lets know how you plan to achieve this knowing that these children for whom these school feeding has been planned for are at home. Or are you planning to deliver food to them in their various homes? How ? Criminals How.. When schools are closed ..Buhari mistress Are you going to feed spirit, hanty?

Spiritual food? Or what kind of food? Are the pupils not expected to be home during closure of schools? I don't understand This Minister is a thief 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Who did this to us? Another Lai Mohammed Our political leaders are worst than the virus... Bt how? Corruption kept getting the system mire. What a miraculous way of siphoning public funds.

My suspicious on you is clear madam minister.... which pupil you wan cook for? Ko Yemi o “Since 1960 dem dey play us wayo 🎶” Which schools and where? Is there a school feeding program in Nigeria? Please is there another place called 'Nigeria' or is it the one whose capital is Abuja? How can that be possible afterall d schools are closed?

If you ask me, na who I go ask? If you ask me, na who go chop? All 4 One... To Who will you be with cooking for and if you take it there, who will you meet to eat the food? Nigerians lawmakers. Have mercy on this nation for crying out loud. This bleeding is too much. Kai Madam Minister who una wan feed abeg...

This bambiala government has started their mumu magic that can't work again. Pls what is the logic behind this school feeding programme without anyone in the school? What is going on here? Are we glided folded with jazz? Are there still schools functioning with children to be fed? Anywhere in Nigeria? Barawo go feed your ghost pupils

It is always better to have no ideas than false ones. Crude oil price is at 18 years low, MBuhari govt need to be prudent with the scarce resources. Schools are closed, the govt wants to continue the pupil feeding programme, will it home delivery ? See another barawo Madam, pause for a while and listen to yourself. Have you done that? Now, does it make sense to you? Babu Ankali ko?

wr understand the logic you wan chop the money ba? dey chop am na Corona go fight for us... how ?🤔 Maybe we should read it from the back to make more sense .... Schools closed despite the feeding program. How? What magic are they going to do? For empty class or quarantine pupils ... Later Dem go talk say we be anti-bubu..

How possible is this? Home delivery to school children? (which is impossible). Gather school children to their various schools and feed them? (How about quarantining and social distancing) diversion of public funds into personal funds? (very possible)🤔🤔 Who they want go feed for dey school .. Sent de money to their parent at home

Laughing wan kee me oh... Who would they be feeding in schools na? Enn! Schooling feedeing programme continuing while schools are closed! Transparency indeed... Chai! Kontinu! Do you intend to feed ghost at the school premises? Am even tired of seeing/reading any thing from any of this covikcult people ,they are getting more annoying by the day .

Haba why who is going to eat the food? Corruption! Will you feed them at home? How? Ole ole ole Haaaa, fear God ooo Money choke. Some people will surely live large... africaupdates Is this people mad How? I don't get it Imagine a minister is saying this? Then who is goin to eat the food? Who are they feeding Like we have a lot of ghost school children in Nigeria.

Who do they want to feed when all the pupils are at home with their parents. What a nation Where is the wisdom in this iniative Pay npower stipend ooo Are they going to feed classroom walls... ❔ Welcome to Nigeria, Good morning mah How ? TheEnike Who will u be feeding, or do u guys now do home delivery? Are this pple mad,where did u see the students?

Shameless criminals ChidiOdinkalu MBuhari NGRPresident even wen students and pupils are not in school. I seems not to understand the line of thought. You see say they are more interested in looting than fighting the plague called COVID 19? Children are home you still wanna feed lizard 🦎 in schools Oshe feeder👍

Okay... It will be home delivery 👏😁... Please let's give her a round of applause 👏 How ,? Is that how dumb she is or she just refuses to see beyond her greed? How can you continue school feeding programme when schools are closed? Who will eat the foods? Where will they take the foods? These thieving politicians never cease to amaze me... Lol!

I swear this country Robbery at its highest, who will de feeding be for You guys a fools keep hiding dead buhari it will end soon and all the ppl involved am sorry. Stay at home cos covik 1 9 then you that in positive to come and give us food is not true Spending don come again Way of looting money.. people in charge of this feeding stuff in my community ain't cooking any shit.they take d money and put in their pocket..this scam..indeed,there was a country....

Who are going to feed when everyone is at home? Stay safe don't you here? who are they feeding inside empty schools,we know it is not possible to go house to house feeding pupils - so stop rubbish talk, if they write nonsense inside that speech and the president do garbage in garbage out- rather than bit the bullet and correct it u people keep digging

Because of the allocation. We hear you Madam Kotokoto........who are those you are giving the food when all children has been locked up. Radarada oshi. How pls? We don't even have a social security number. How do they intend to track the student's home address esp those in remote areas. This government is a joke

How please? Olenieverybody How? Could it now become home feeding Programme? Ndi Ara Walahi this people are big scam. Who this one dey give food when children dey house....How to chop money ni dey again Me I want ask how? who are they going to be feeding? R you going to there house to feed them? Just tell us that, you want to continue looting our money.

I don't really think this APCNigeria MBuhari and NigeriaGov really know what they are doing. School feeding which was on hold months ago even before the break of COVID19 will now continue when all schools lock down. Who is the fool here Biko? How do we get here? These are the people you gave the control of your economy

Let's stop this joke abeg This people are something else Lol Una wan steal another money... Well done ooo Why can't you be accountable for once But how? Hmmmm I see the reason why imam of peace called this Gov't dumbest! Shame on you and your handlers Who una wan feed? There's one thing worse than the Corona Virus; The Nigerian Government. Connect to God through His Son Jesus Christ Now! He alone can see us through this dark times... StayHome Staysafe

If schools are closed, how do you intend to feed the children. The govt is a big joke, which modalities her ministry will implore? If I say something now, they will tag it as hate speech. Who is going to be fed when schools already closed down? Is it the chairs and tables to be feeding? Then who are they going to feed?

How? With total lockdown u want to feed them.. Maybe you want to feed ur extended family E- warriors it's your turn to defend, please explain Hmmm this government is funny sha, when there is lockdown across the federating states. I think the Hon. Minister has some explanations to make. I had thought Mr. President made the statement in error in his address, but 4 the minister to say this, it shows there's something we are yet to understand. Perhaps they will go to their various homes to serve them the food

Who will they be feeding in the schools? How? Who is the producer of this film, SCHOOL FEEDING FOR EMPTY SCHOOLS? Hahaha. I'm sure officialEFCC is getting feeds Who will they feed? I think the right headline should be the 'the channel through which some individuals are making silent cash will continue despite closure if schools'

How Who the hell are you going to feed aunty abeg with all due respect go back to drawing board and check before you talk cause if you are mad we aren't here Who dey won give food...Minister are you high ni... Audio program, this govt has completely gone gaga í dσn't undєrѕtαnd Parents should take their children to school to collect their food.

Who are they feeding? This government is worse than an will make account someday. So who will they be feeding? I’m tired of you politicians 🤦🏽‍♂️ They see everything as an opportunity to loot Confusion 101 It is when this Government leave Power that people will know the high level of loot in this Government. .

Query this What are you saying What a government! Who will they feed? Let's stop Covid19 first, baba not closing the border at the right time has messed up the whole thing. You're talking about school feeding when the life of the people are at stake. Save now before you feed. ? How? Are they planning to do home delivery?

Balderdash! Yahoo yahoo government! Who will you be feeding? How Would they get the food to their homes?

Ekiti begins ‘school-in-the-air’ programme for pupilsOfficialDcH01 For who ? 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾 School on the online nkor? Which air biko 🤣🤣🤣 Is it the one we breath in 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sierra Leone scraps pregnant girl school banSierra Leone has overturned a ban on pregnant girls attending school, the government said Monday, adding that it sought to build a state that embraced every citizen.

COVID - 19: Ogun converts school into isolation centre – Daily TrustOgun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, has converted one of the multi billion naira...into isolation centre for treatment of coronavirus patients Nice one Where are the Hospitals It's good for every state government to provide the isolation center of affected people with covid-19 May almighty god protect us against this pandemic 🙏

Coronavirus: Ekiti state to commence teaching of primary school pupils on radio - Daily Post NigeriaEkiti State Government will on Monday 30th March, 2020, commence teaching of Primary school pupils on the State-owned radio station, Ekiti FM 91.5 as part Wow nice it is Yoruba people no de use book play 🤣🤣😹

Ekiti begins ‘school-in-the-air’ programme for pupilsOfficialDcH01 For who ? 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾 School on the online nkor? Which air biko 🤣🤣🤣 Is it the one we breath in 🤷🏻‍♀️

COVID-19: Airforce postpones entrance exams into schools – Daily TrustThe Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has postponed the entrance examination into the Air Force Military School (AFMS) and Air Force Girls’ Military School (AFGMS), Jos. NigAirForce Stay Home Stay Safe We need NEPA And DATA