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When will the right and overwhelming views of Nigerians form part of government decision making processes, if one may ask?

6/4/2020 1:16:00 AM

When will the right and overwhelming views of Nigerians form part of government decision making processes, if one may ask?

Many have, and are still wondering how the minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Sadiya Farouk Umar

Majority have come to the conclusion that it is practically impossible for the ministry to achieve such a mean feat under the situation we have found ourselves.They are of the view that the palliatives claimed to have been distributed by the ministry in the course of containing the COVID-19 pandemic was a disaster; hence mooting the idea of feeding pupils who are nowhere near the schools is suspicious, uncalled for and should be stopped immediately.

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How will a nation without reliable data of pupils benefit from the minister’s benevolence? There is a good reason to doubt that primary schools in Nigeria have good file records of students’ primary data such as house addresses with phone numbers of their parents and guardians.

With all that have happened so far on COVID-19 and the way and manner states and federal government woefully handled the palliatives, one tends to align with the notion that when intelligent and reasonable people in Nigeria find themselves in position of authority, they lose their shine, and grip of issues.

Read Also:On the school feeding programmeThe nation is stagnated today for the simple reason of good leadership. We have a nation where policies and programmes no matter how excellent are always implemented in reverse mode.How can anyone believe that a programme meant to feed pupils which never succeeded at a time schools were in session will yield the desired result now that the schools are closed?

Well-meaning Nigerians should rise up against it and prevail on the minister to shelve the idea until such a time when it is appropriate.And if the ministry is itching to deliver on its mandates so to say, then the money should be channeled to other meaningful and convincing people-oriented projects. However, the take of majority of Nigerians is that the feeding programme should stop and it has to.

Nigeria belongs to all of us and we all have equal stake in deciding the right way to governance, growth and development.When will the right and overwhelming views of Nigerians form part of government decision making processes, if one may ask?Sunday Onyemaechi Eze,

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Overwhelming? You mean those on social media? Whenever you've a government that isn't ready to do anything. Since people's opinions will always be diverse in all matters,so government will wait forever for you to have agreement,then they will start to implement your opinion. Kindergarten thought from lazy opinion moulder.

Only wen u are ready to listen to the overwhelming views of nigeria at the expense of ur greedy decisions and ur effort in sabotaging their ideal expectations from u Yes. People's views such as restructuring the country for a better economic viability . Until our public policy processes are robust enough with accurate data to justify every kobo. We will continue to have this policy summersault year in year out.

Not in this generation. They'll tell you Nigerian's will have their say while they'll have their way. Help me ask them please,is the food taken to the childrens home to feed them? My love for this country nah die .... Be on top and see the real life .... This is Nigeria ..... Nobody can question anybody fa.... Democracy in our world

It will never happen as long as we remain Nigeria . Till we go separate ways

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