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Sahara Reporters: One Step Too Far

Sahara Reporters: One Step Too Far

8/1/2021 7:48:00 AM

Sahara Reporters : One Step Too Far

Back in the stone age of the social media world, Sahara reporters used to be the only online news medium; where Internet users could readily get

 Eventually, they perfected the art of going to press without fact checking what they were churning out. I am not sure if they are aware but they have gone down the drain of tabloids, full of sensationalism, and notorious for spreading fake news and gossips about celebrities– as they are no longer considered as a reliable source of information. Their proprietor turned politician has since become a menace to society, after losing most woefully in the elections. Today he is defacing public property, tomorrow he is organising protests that the President has eaten 4 times a day, as against the constitutional 3 times! If you were knocked down by a motorist who was ‘good samaritan’ enough to take you for treatment, and then after being healed and discharged from hospital, Sowore would be there to urge you to go to court and claim psychological disrepair. He will be there in court with you holding placards and cajoling the police to shoot him on his leg!

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ADVERTISEMENTIn an unholy alliance, Sahara reporters and Afenifere, went to press with a headline, denigrating the Holy prophet of Islam, Muhammad SAW. Afenifere; is ordinarily supposed to be a Pan Yoruba group, serving as custodians of the interests of the Southwest, promoting the progress of the region. One would have thought that with their son as the number 2 citizen of the country, they would promote peace and stability of the country; especially with the poise of the ruling party to field a Southwestern presidential candidate, in a bid to effectively give the region the Presidency. Unfortunately, they are not directing that script. They have a different script of destabilising the polity and adding more salt to injury, and throwing more straw into the flames of discord that is fast ravaging the country. They seem to be cavorting with other opposition elements to cause strife and war, thereby rubbishing the day’s government. Those statements are not in tandem with the proposition of promoting a Southwestern Presidency, because if they were, then they would be more cautious even in altercations, let alone unwarranted statements.

Comparing Igboho to the Prophet of Islam is a cheap cheeky joke which should not be heard by anyone, else the person uttering it would be termed a lunatic. The prophet of Islam is the most popular person in the world. Google it if you want. The prophet of Islam is the most named after ‘name’ in the world. The prophet of Islam has over 2 billion living followers and that is minus those that have died. Muslims revere Jesus christ and the qur’an captures him as a special miracle of God. His mother Mary, (Maryam A.S) has a whole chapter in her name. Non of the prophet’s wives or sons has a chapter to his name. That is how revered Jesus and his mother Mary are, according to the teachings of the Prophet of Islam. Who is Igboho?

 He came to the fore as a political thug, threatening fulanis in his land, brandishing a ‘machine gun’, while giving them a quit notice. When he speaks, most yorubas I know duck for cover, as the yorubas are acclaimed as the most western-educated Nigerians. He ‘tabons’ from beginning to ‘hend’! You cannot even compare Igboho to Sheikh Tahir, or to Sheikh Mahmud Gumi (late)! Can you even compare Igboho to Sardauna or to Tafawa Balewa? No! Can you compare him to Sheikh Othman Bin Fodio? Going the stretch to pick the prophet of Islam was masterfully crafted to inflame on the sensitivities of the muslim umma in the country. It was toe-poking an orgy of violence from the predominantly muslim North. Before now, scores of northerners were killed in the South, especially during the endsars mayhem. They remained resolutely unprovoked and didn’t reciprocate with similar killings in the North.

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You will find out soon when Nigeria separates & those promoting religion above meritocracy will have nothing but banditry, radicalism & unimaginable proportion of poverty due to untamed out of school children who will be completely out of control & all out for destruction. The number 1 creator of problem in the world is religion & religious fanatics that are hellbent in create chaos, deaths, and destruction. It's saddened that religion has been used to brainwashed and kept many in perpetual bondage. Religion is not same as spirituality.

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Olympic Games: Disqualified Nigerian Athletes Protest With Placards On Tokyo Streets | Sahara ReportersThe aggrieved athletes, however, stormed the streets of Tokyo carrying placards to lament their plight. I'm disturbed with this picture, truly dreams and hopes shattered,what a country. You guys are not qualified no sentiments period These zoo people, look at your condition, you're running for Buhari a terrorist. Shame on you .

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Nigerian Government Reveals Date To Launch Six Super Tucano Aircraft From US | Sahara ReportersThe Minister said the government was satisfied with the progress and cooperation with US, noting that there was no contract of such nature and sum between Nigeria and the US. This one that will crash tomorrow Nigeria do not have the capacity to maintain that jet US know they where all going to sink they don't have the brain, what they know is how to Abduct, to kill there innocent youths, and to kidnappe. This chopper is expected that the Nigerian government to stabilize the country and brink back peace we are tired of living in fear Its soldiers and policemen on the ground, intelligence gathered from people on the ground, that is what will solve our problem insecurity!!

How Nigeria Police Consistently Ignored Criminal Petitions Against ‘Super Cop’ Kyari — Activist Reveals | Sahara ReportersAccording to him, many police units — including (Special Anti-Robbery Squad & Intelligence Response Squad) - headed by Kyari have been indicted in recurring cases of killing ‘wealthy’ suspects in custody and taking over the property perceived to be proceeds of crime. PoliceNG Dog nor dey eat Dog nau PoliceNG He knows they are corrupt too. FBI should come faster, before he goes hiding. PoliceNG Hello everyone this is my business your RT n patronage will go a long way for my brand whatapps no:08090916669