Buhari Revised 2020 Budget, National Assembly Renovation Budget

Buhari Revised 2020 Budget, National Assembly Renovation Budget

Revised budget: FG gives National Assembly N27bn for renovation, cuts health, UBE votes

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6/3/2020 8:23:00 AM

Revised budget: FG gives National Assembly N27bn for renovation, cuts health, UBE votes

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• Govt slashes primary health care centres’ fund from N44.4bn to N25.5bn; UBE, N111.7bn to N51.1bnEniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe Federal Government has reduced the N37bn budget for the renovation of the National Assembly complex to N27.7bn.The Federal Government, in the 2020 revised budget proposal, according to documents obtained by our correspondent on Tuesday, cut N9.3bn from the budget for the renovation of the National Assembly complex.

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The renovation of the complex at the initial cost of N37bn, which is to be executed by the Federal Capital Territory Administration, attracted criticisms from a large section of Nigerians last year.However, following the drop in the price of crude oil and a fall in the projected government revenue, it was learnt that the Federal Government decided to reduce the budget for the renovation.

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), had on Thursday presented the 2020 Appropriation Act (amendment) Bill to the National Assembly, which both the Senate and the House passed for second reading same day.Buhari explained that the amendment became necessary in view of the sharp decline in crude oil prices and the cut in Nigeria’s crude oil production quota occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Basic health care slashed by 42.5 per centIn the proposed revised budget, while the National Assembly complex renovation budget was reduced to N27.7bn (a reduction of 25.1 per cent), the Basic Health Care Provision Fund, which is meant to cater for all the primary healthcare centres across the 774 local government areas in the country, was significantly reduced by N44.4bn to N25.5bn, a decrease of more than 42.5 per cent

The BHCPF is made up of one per cent of the Federal Government Consolidated Revenue from international partners such as the World Bank, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development.It is the fundamental funding provision under the National Health Act and was appropriated for the first time in the 2018 budget since the Act was signed in 2014.

UBE fund reduced by over 54.25%The Universal Basic Education fund was also reduced significantly from N111.7bn to N51.1bn, by more than 54.2 per cent, according to documents obtained by Dataphyte, an open data organisation.The UBE is a reform programme aimed at providing greater access to quality basic education throughout Nigeria.

It seeks to ensure an uninterrupted access to nine-year formal education by providing free, and compulsory basic education for every child of school-going age.N’Assembly, NJI’s allocations cut by 10%Incidentally, the budget for the National Assembly which was N128bn was cut by only 10 per cent, bringing its revised total budget to N115.2bn.

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The same calculation was applied to the National Judicial Council as its N110bn original budget was reduced by just 10 per cent, bringing it down to N99bn.Cut in critical sectors’ allocations, a setback– DataphyteSpeaking with The PUNCH on Tuesday, the Founder, Dataphyte, Mr Joshua Olufemi, described the cuts in critical sectors like education and health as a setback to Nigeria’s quest for development.

Olufemi said, “But the bigger dilemma borders on Nigeria’s priority. While budgetary allocations to the National Judicial Council, National Assembly, Independent National Electoral Commission, and other agencies of government have been reduced only by about 10 per cent respectively, budgetary provision for education is reduced by close to 55 per cent.

“Similarly, provision for basic health care fund is reduced by over 42 per cent. With the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, reduction in budgetary share for education and healthcare does not reflect the prioritisation of the citizen’s real needs.“With the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the country, an increase in budget share to the health sector is expected. To expand education access to the teeming Nigerian schoolchildren who are deprived of education during this period, additional budgetary commitment is also required. This is to cover up the cost of setting up virtual learning alternatives.”

It’s shameful, says CACOLIn his comment, the Executive Chairman, Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, Debo Adeniran, said it was unfortunate that Nigeria, which is the poverty capital of the world, would relegate the health and education sectors.

Adeniran said Nigeria had one of the highest maternal and mortality rates in the world as well as out of school children and the government ought to give priority to health and education.He said, “Why should we waste N27bn on building that is not showing any sign of distress? It is a misplaced priority and a total waste. The National Assembly doesn’t need repainting let alone renovation.

“Nigeria is the poverty capital in the world despite being one of the most endowed countries. It is the misplaced of priorities that brought us to this sorry state we found ourselves.“Nigerians are dying from treatable and preventable diseases and the government thinks it is right to slash the health budget while maintaining the N27bn for renovation? It is a shame.”

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N27bn allocation for N’Assembly renovation, injustice to Nigerians– HDAAlso speaking to The PUNCH, the Executive Director of Human and Development Agenda, Lanre Suraj, said Buhari could not claim not to be aware of the injustice being done to Nigerians.

Suraj said reducing the health budget showed that the government had not learnt any lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.He said, “It will be very difficult to absolve the President of the blame. This is a disservice to young people and Nigerians in general. It is obvious the government doesn’t have the interest of the masses at heart.

“The pandemic has exposed the poor state of the public health centres as they have failed to meet up to standard in the pandemic. To reduce the basic health care fund by almost 50 per cent and then maintain the budget for National Assembly complex renovation which has no bearing on the people is a betrayal of trust and all citizens must reject it.”

When contacted on the telephone, the Special Adviser on Media and Communications, Yunusa Abdullahi, asked our correspondent to send a text message so he could respond appropriately. He had yet to respond as of press time.In December last year, there was outrage over N37bn budgeted for the renovation amid dwindling allocations to important sectors.

Curiously, before the budget was reviewed, while N37bn was budgeted for the repair of the National Assembly complex, N36.6 billion was allocated for the repair of federal roads.But the Senate had said the outrage was misplaced on the grounds that the National Assembly leadership played no role either in the approval, the execution or the cost of the project.

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This is absolutely unnecessary and total waste when so many pensioners have not been paid their due rights and entitlements. What a wasteful generation and posterity will not forgive us. MizCazorla1 Despite increase in death rate and illness during lockdown ! What a misplacement of priority ? Is this governance or enrichment of the privileged ones

What a country Nigeria !!!!!! Renovation this time of the day. Now I understand the Nigeria FG & NAAS, Help me rub my back & I will help u remove d spell in ur eye. Is there future in dis country And I thought that kyari's death and that of some high ranking men would have helped to reset their brain! Now I know that this country can only get better by drastic action from the people.

Continue the looting while genocide is going on unchecked in some parts of the country. We tried General, no results, we tried Dr, no results,we tried scratch illiterate no results. Who did we offend? Padi padi God open doors that I may flee this country Soon Nigeria will turn to Sudan Yet people will argue that this fellow and his gang of both APC and PDP demons mean well for us.....rhistooshallpass

Be honest Punch Newspaper, your heart no shake as you tweet this thing? Talk true Buhari don kill this country Blood of God🤦 Wait... 27b to renovate or to build?😂😂😂 Criminal's Do you know what 27 billion would do for the health sector to some extent? We have destiny wasters in the system. StopNassNOW

nothing wey no go happen for my country 🙄 This kind of news tells me there's no future for Nigeria.Develop agriculture to create jobs & run mutual education program dt will make our youths advance in life jidesanwoolu seyiamakinde RotimiAkeredolu GboyegaOyetolaI kfayemi dabiodunMFR DAWNCommission TheofficialYWC

Why are Nigerians complaining? What was the scorecard of this administratition before their Re-election? You dont put a crown on the head of a clown and expect a King. Personally, i am not surprise and they av never surprised me. My only surprise is Nigerians that wnt dif actn. Oleeeeeee The National Assembly is where everything happens. Oga must do him boys well so more loans can be approved 😀👏

All man for himself We obviously don't know where our seniors have passed us. Misplaced priorities and 🇳🇬 re like siamese twins. Kmt! They should rather use this money to play 2 odds instead of wasting it! Nonsense. Depressing.. Couldn't have gotten any worse. AbuQaadirr hopkinsnoni this is the kind of govt you want to keep running? The National Assembly has that dick head Bubu by the balls. They cut money for education for them selfish selves

What a joke! Renovation? For what? Health and Education need more funding. I'm not surprised because Buhari is lubricating his looting machine for 2023! I pray for betterNigeria It is only in a country like Nigeria that you cut health and education budget, but allocate N27billion to renovate National Assemly building that doesn't need renovation during a pandemic!

Nigerians, when will you make a nationwide protest against this continuous exploitation and hampering of your future? This budget should be protested and forced to be revised appropriately. Come out of your skin. They can't kill or remain mute to a nationwide protest by all. This government is useless and really annoying.

I am tired of this country Nigeria The days of true unionism in Nigeria is gone & dead. NANS/ASUU - toothless Labour Congress - toothless TUC - toothless Most Journalists & Media outfits are afraid of the govt. Judiciary is weak. Our Voices have gone low. Silence everywhere. Our leaders does what pleases them.

I think is one of the most corrupt government ever Trash! Too much wisdom! 😜 Nigeria 🤝🏻 misplaced priorities with toppings of chronic madness.🤦🏻‍♀️ Cutting down Health and Basic Education for Renovation. When will Nigeria grow up? C'MON! This idiot of a government, when the world is going to absolute hell and we need an increase in healthcare, that's when these buffoons decide to slash the budget allocated to health. Next election cycle, let me see the fool who will say he was a good president.

God help us . We are really trying to survive. They are trying to choke us Hmmmm interesting make them continue with their wayoooo,God see us through for this country o. This one do for us to revolt as a nation Thatmikee_ And be reminded budgetary release to the National Assembly is guaranteed. The rest is not, and it is not certain they'll receive all the amount budgeted. This is happening in uncertain times!

Here we go again... Not the time for this type of project naaa. Haba!!☹️ Since you people don't want to stand up and protest, let's take it how we see it. The last time I checked, the national assembly wasn't in any state of collapsing and it wasn't looking like it needs any renovation. This is a pure scam and a way to compensate them for granting the FG loan request. This country is finished!

Cut health budget this is absurd God please send someone to save us from this day light thiefery.. That's why they approved the loan in the first instance. They knew that most of the millions would be wasted on them. Who goes for renovation of national assembly when we don't have resources to restart the country or even return children to school? You know the answer.

That's why they approve the loan in the first instance. They know that most of the millions woukd be wasted on them. Who goes for renovation of national assembly when when don't have resources to restart the country or even return children to school? You know the answer. 🤦🏽‍♀️ 27bn for renovation Nd most people are out of cash during dis period are dis people not heartless like dis

where is Waspapping_ ? The NATIONAL ASSEMBLY is a mere Rubber stamp, NIGERIANS should remember that Senate President once said that anything brought to the N/A by President BUHARI is good, approving the loan request in a jiffy shows that NATIONAL ASSEMBLY has a stake in it Nigerian should protest o...after all the COVIK-1 9 talk ,na to use 27 billion renovate one nonsense building be the next level decision..Chai,Nigeria is finished

This coming just hours after nassnigeria approved the FG's new loan request. I weep for my nation Mr INTEGRITY. MAI KASIGIYA INDEED. Now its glaring we don't place priorities right. We have learnt nothing from this pandemic at all. I will continue to say it. The only way Nigeria can progress is by going separate ways

MBuhari please forgive us na. You want to carry all the money in the country. This your own wickedness and theft na new level oh. It is only God. That will punish National Assembly. He's just talking nonsense in the rubbish 🚶🏽✌🏽 Buhari mai gaskiya....... you see this man does not have sense . what a country .

We are not even ready. What are they renovating again inside this pandemic? But what manner of clueless government is this? Is health supposed to be something they should cut at this time? What kind of country is this😩 *in lasisis voice Just take a look at the headline ,this is total trash ! How na Kai So the pandemic have not taught them lesson. They only know themselves and not the people they represent. God will help us

The only government that can continuously give you migraine irrespective of your status. Even if the brain isn’t working, current situation should tell them what is paramount. Extremely useless set of people. Wickedness in high places. The most clueless group we ever had... Imagine, amid health crisis?

Now i can easily conclude that Buhari, Lawan and Gbajabiamila are clueless. You want to renovate NASS building when our hospitals are not well equipped. Kilode Allah ya tai Mai ke mu okay!!!! A complete absence of priorities. adafarida Honestly, this type of news is worth flooding the streets over. But what do I know, before I'm accused of inciting violence.

This is simply a govt that lacks sense of direction and purpose. Isn't it obvious that Buhari led adminstration lacks clue about governance from the word go? N27bn, if not for renovation of cosmetic projects, where else will they hide to loot the treasury? So much for change! Sinzu steady cashout, na we be the client.

Isn't Nigerian politicain the most clueless set of politicains in the whole world? At a time like this? What arw you renovating? You arw Sharing the COVID19 funds right. Government is the Chief rapist and they don't discriminate. Male, female, old, young and generations unborn This is foolishness.. Pure foolishness. Madness everywhere.

I see nothing to renovate at that house on my recent visit, anyway there's God. This country na rubbish Trade by barter. THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE APPROVES THE $5.5BILLION FOREIGN LOAN AND IN RETURN THEY GOT THEIR 27BILLION NAIRA FOR NASS COMPLEX RENOVATION. What a joke .Gidi_Traffic segalink Deji_OoniAbj SaharaReporters RealSeunKuti taiwasc

Mehn! The leaders of this country lack basic sense and they're utmostly selfish to their own cause and not redeemable. Which rubbish renovation..... Make we get cartoon as President e better this guy. ...and sadly the persons in charge of these sectors(health and education) will still take their own cut🤦‍♀️

We are not ready at all!!!! 911hero_ ....how goes this? OsikomayaOmogb1 Our Oga is about to school us how the principles of budgeting works. 911hero_ ...you have the floor Sir... Oluwa eleda, iru kiwa leleyi nitori olohun 😔....Haa egbekegbe oturugbeke Koro koro waste. Leave the NASS building out of the budget please. Manage it.

I swear Nigeria is a scam. They haven't learn their lesson yet. Still not making the health sector a priority. The revised budget shows self centered and heartless animals in human skin who are only concerned in their pockets. Imagine a country where the National Assembly budget and its renovation is more than the budget of the health sector, universal basic education and works sector.

Must they still renovate? What is the importance of that renovation to the nation at this trying time? Renovation with 27billion. How much would it cost to even build a new one if it takes 27fucking billion to renovate.... This country is a mistake walahi And they say no money in Nigeria,what is there they want to use such amount for?

Incredibly stupid N27bn for bribe or to cover up d mess. Nigeria government.The scams of highest order.N27bn for renovation of NA while as there is no good hospital, no electricity, no job for youths, no water, no good road.God will destroy you people one by one for rendering the citizens hopeless Buhari you won't die well

kensmallz A reason to protest. Tuehhh!!! These present set of politicians will sink this country for ever,if we don’t rise up and chase them into the sea and wilderness for ever,because they are animals in human skin and agbada and babariga.they don’t mean well for Nigeria,they should be in the pits. So national assembly is our national monument abi Awon people yi sha 'ya werey si ni. We are going into recession, the only thing matters to you is renovation of national assembly of thieves?

Cuts health?. I'm not getting How can we make this Clueless people accountable for useless expenditure they make every year. If these was truly a democratic nation, we suppose protest against this bill but who won die. Rubber bullet no dey Nigeria. We hv delapedated schools and hospitals yet this government reduces d budget for this sectors,National Assembly building renovation is not as important, in fact it should be bottom of d table, yet they get 27 billion,I’m shocked that some people are still defending this govt😳

N27bn for renovation of National Assembly in a society where the health system has been dilapidated and roads are in deplorable state. What else do you expect from a country where illegality has been legalized and priorities misplaced? Gaskia if Buhari should sign this yeye budget ammendment proposal, gaskia zamu yi riot. So he would rather deny kids basic health care than cancel national assembly renovation? I think mutumin nan ya fara shaye shaye. Haba mana shatushettima

akinalabi Is renovation more important than health that 75% of the funds going to renovation can't go into the health sector? You engage here always, pls enlighten me Even national assembly too. mad oo Animal farm A failed country I know this government Bunch of thieves!!! Very clueless. He does not ve value for education.

Na wah ooo. Infact, I dont even understand my country anymore. Am I in a country? Somebody should please tell me where i am. Wicked people So, the loan was for renovations seriously? For my next life, instead of Nigeria eh, make i rather be dog for yankee. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Dead country MBuhari and his co thieves are just stealing wawwwww. Una want change abi now Na morning

What are you people renovating? What have y'all renovated all these years? Y'all kept on finding excuses for a place to stock up money. U people ain't doing shit. Just Lying all the time to the citizens. This is disheartening😔 And y'all think only Buhari is the problem. Lmao🤡 The entire building is N6bn they are renovating for N27bn😏

These people are just hell bent in satisfying their lust. How much was spent in building the assembly from scratch. Nigeria!!! Oh Lord help us Very useless leaders Kuna wuta muna binku da petur When people that values Cows dominates leadership of a Nation,You will never see human feelings in them. Restructure Nigeria now,If not it will disintegrate.We are loosing it everyday. MBuhari Aishabuhari UKinNigeria BBCWorld NigeriaGov Fmohnigeria NGRSenate

Request for loan one, granted. Loan two, granted... Rub my back, I rub yours. This is another historic episode. Kwaropsean pighting gormont. Compensation for the approval of the foreign borrowings! E be things! Una Neva see anything What do you expect, after they have spent d assumed health budget for KOVIk19 nko

Just imagine! Someone whose certificate is questionable. What do you expect? These people have no integrity whatsoever.! This is the worst government ever since independence. How on earth would they cut health budget during this crisis when every individual health matters most! Am just fed up with this administration...let them do and come and be going! We have had enough!

Juz imagine... 27 billion for renovation.I weep for our country Nigeria. MISPLACED PRIORITY!!! I MEAN, WHAT IS OUR OFFENSE? YOU CUT HEALTH,AND IGNORED THE WELL-BEING OF NIGERIANS? ITS OUTRAGEOUS ☹️☹️☹️. D most corrupt and vissionless govt in d history of Nigeria. ? This makes absolutely no sense! This is uncalled for and not good for the present situation in the country

Amid a global economic downtown like this This is sooo sad. Corruption of conscience! This is the issue they think is pressing? Renovation? Not Kaduna’s current state? I’m weak 😓 The legislative building of the National Assembly was built in 1999 at a cost of nearly $35.18 million (13 Billion) then and the contract was awarded to ITB Nigeria, on February 18, 1996 through the Department of public building, FCDA, Abuja. But how can they use 27 Billion for

renovation now. Nigeria is fucked up Country I swear. As at 1999 1$ to naria will be like 150. All our senator and representative will cash out soon because no one will stop them. 💃 'LIKE PLAY' MUSIC VIDEO YouTube: iTunes: Love a RETWEET. THANKS 🙌🏾 This country is a total joke. This pandemic revealed the ruins in our health sector. Instead of our government to push hard to make us have access to better and quality healthcare, they're cutting budget for health and education. Quid-pro-quo is equal to Corruption

This is bad and wicked 😢 It's only a matter of time. We will get our country from you lots! See misplaced priorities animals political congress (apc) Paddy paddy government we dey good evening hmm na wa oo Ehn which kin wickedness be this ehn? NationalAssembly cut funds to Health n UBE to renovate during coronavirus hmm like Evgdagreat I go tell NASS biko GiveYourSelfBrain oo ika ni e le yi oo

Wicked souls.... Who is this FG sef? When we're still complaining that budget is not enough.. UBE's budget was slashed again. Even Health care budget Can we just reset 2020 Alot of children are out of school! Many in school do not even receive 'quality' education Sdg4 Thieves is what they are all of them these people deserve public executions

Rashin hakali Ahahahaha Clueless govt even in with dwindling revenues,and covid-19 they still want to scam us N27Billion ,why can't they divert that to health and education? Fvk NIGERIA Nonsense it seems covid19 has not teach us anything, boss mustapha publicly stated that our primary health care is in a state of sorry

This is a disaster. I'm helplessly pained Warped priorities 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. Even after all our outrage & complains about the ridiculous amount to renovate the National Assembly, they still went ahead. Na OGUN go kill all Govt officials wey dey run us wayo!! Rubber Stamp Senate is not even in hiding anymore...Karma will visit you all one day...

Is this a country😩🤦🏾‍♀️ Reward for being a Rubber Stamp. 9th Assembly = Prat Birdbrains We can only hope we still have a country by 2023 good evening hmm na wa oo Ehn which kin wickedness be this ehn? NationalAssembly cut funds to Health n UBE to renovate hayyy hmm like Evgdagreat I go tell them biko GiveYourSelfBrain oo ika ni e le yi oo

We have jokers leading us as a nation. I just can't understand cutting the budget and renovation of the national assembly is not part of that cut. inecnigeria Hence forth we need credible elections PLEASE. That's all we get from Mr integrity I have said this Long ago That something is fundamentally and more spiritually wrong with Nigeria.. There's is a Curse place on the stool of leadership in this country Cos no amount of good intent you have, step in and you are ruined by Greed reversethecurse

This was the CHANGE 'some clowns' voted for? This man is losing it!!! Haha! 27b for what now? Show me ur leaders and I will tell u who they are. This present leaders are bunch of useless leaders. Cut education and health budget for the renovation of NASS that is not a research or innovation centre. Not a curse, with this present leaders, am not sure naija can progress.

Na wah o. You rub my back I rub yours. Of what importance or urgency is the renovation of National Assembly complex to Nigerians with the reality of the economic situation we are facing now? Ha, ati wo one chance yi na. Iponju country Nigeria Misplaced priority everywhere. N27bn allocation for N’Assembly renovation that adds no value just a building ooo whereas health and educational sector which should be more germane is reduced beyond 30%.Blockheads 😑🙄

Unfortunately all these ranting here will not solve anything. Is this the first time? Una dey joke o😂😂 Give and take Nigeria. As far as these people will be recycled, forget Nigeria ain't go nowhere Misplaced priority everywhere. N27bn allocation for N’Assembly renovation that adds no value just a building ooo whereas health and educational sector which should be more germane is reduced beyond 30%. Blockheads 😑🙄

Can we actually protest this national assembly stuff Let everyone go to their state house and condemn their representatives decisions. This is sadly also a result of not using our votes wisely. Can , SaharaReporters, BudgITng, FinMinNigeria give us budget on MBuhari feeding, Aids, cabinet, wardrobe and other allowance and plus ProfOsinbajo as well. So we can learn and know

I told people prior to the 2015 election that buhari was the most corrupt man in Nigeria and that he wasn't going to do anything for the country but loot it. I guess I was right This country no hope Make it make sense! More money on National Assembly than on Primary health care Imagine FG cutting health budget at this time and still giving National Assembly 27b Naira. Who do us this tin?

Toh Allah ya isa.... Why attack the tail when the head is left untouched?who brought you MBuhari femigbaja and DrAhmadLawan their so called Godfathers AhmedTinubu the Bastard of our time.touch the head and the tails are gone.I bet you all still believe he and they are the saviour of democrazy They reduced d budget 4 healthcare and basic education up to 40-52 percent but reduced National Assembly budget only 10%. D voters can die in their LGA due to poor health funding but d leaders will still get their complete allowances cuz dey are too precious. Yeye leaders

It's highly disappointing dat our leaders value renovation of NA dan Edu and Health sector, am very sure d money is for d benefit of demself on how to share it all together. Seriously we don't v hearted leader dat v citizens in mind. See your government 🤣🤣🤣 Irresponsible and insensitive government. Just imagine the number of youths 27 billion Naira would have employed. When you don't spend money on the people, you will continue to waste money on crimes resulting from the consequences of joblessness.

Lol. They still got that renovation allocation in the midst of all these 😂😂😂😂 What a Shame...Cutting off Health budget in this trying times.. What a waaaaawu So this is why they refused to give people stimulus money during the lockdown? That counts cursed Very unfortunate Government This contiri is doom

Tomorrow some people will say they are working, 2nd Niger bridge is almost done, for 5 years na 2nd Niger bridge dem deh use deh wash us. We deh look dem Wow! This Govt. isn’t clueless. They know just what they are doing. They are doing well😂 What will it cost to build a new national ASSEMBLY ? You help me sign my loan's, I fulfilled all your request

The life span of the NAC remains 'just six months'! Many Nigerians are 'blind', & can't see all the CRACKS on the complex, and the TREMOR experienced each time an ANT walks around the complex! We risk losing all the mbrs of both chambers, hence the urgency! MISPLACED PRIORITY🙆 And we are all at home , hoping and praying for God to help us. People that are serious should be on the streets by now. Opps, I forgot is not GEJ that is the president!!

Messed up government Canada when are you giving me PR please? I need to leave asap!!! I get more discouraged by this administration with every new news cycle. They’d rather ‘renovate’ a building than sustain the already comatose primary health care system. It shows we haven’t even learnt a thing from the ongoing pandemic. When will this country wake up?

God abeg punish this people Is time we take this madness to the street..No country demand a change in government via twitter rants🤬 Hahaha scam Damn see thieves... APC really a thorn in the flesh Unfortunately, this lack of empathy and common decency from our leaders, for the plight of the average Nigerian is not a new thing. The question now is what can we add citizens do to change this?

Nigeria Don Finish, in short no value on education, i.e it's not a must for you to go to school, and if you don't go to school to learn,how will you become a nurse or doctor, and on the absence, what's the essence of hospital/heath care facility. Common sense I swear we're finished Looters. Gives or shares

Oshe Sinzu money 😂😂😂 Na wao....renovation not even construction I cry for this country. The building is more important I presume Why did you cut health budget MBuhari NGRPresident this must be a lie sha🤔 Because if it’s true, then what’s the Essenes of believing in this country’s future 🤷🏽‍♂️ when the main elements that holds the future we all hope for is been maligned👌🏽 Can all your crusade be termed ‘blinded’ TheMatter on ground

Imamofpeace please they are at it again. Well, our votes don't count so they don't fear what we can do. They have the guns and thugs. What any sensible Nigerian should be glamour in for now without distraction is ElectoralReforms nothing more. Anything else means we're willing to endure more failed leadership.

Misplaced priorities! Now you don see your MCM bah , e tok say d paint of NASS building is worth more than Nigerian lives and future . Now you don see your general wey won fight corruption bah ? Quite unfortunate MBuhari nassnigeria NGRPresident ...weyrey ni gbogbo yin...aromodomo yin ma shofo ni...eni ri bati she...awon Omo Omo yin koni rona gbe gba...ofo lomi efo she..

Agba Sinzu. Always cashing out That means we're wrong all this time calling them rubber stamp NASS. Na chop make I chop dem be. No be last year them renovate so? Scratch my back I scratch yours...Governors, legislative arms and judiciary are the main plague ravaging and stalling the growth of this country from moving forward. They are all failures

So,you're going to cut from health and UBE to.give to Assembly renovation?What do they renovate every year for these figures?The health sector as it is already is dead and you now wants to hammer in the final nail to the coffin. How important is renovation to health? Clueless We are suffering for God's sake! We are dying as a result of no road, electricity, food, water! Why for God sake! Why? What have Nigerians done to deserve this from Nigeria govt! 😔😔😔

MBuhari does not have the constitutional right to cut the budget of National Assembly, be it 27 Billion for the renovation of NASS Building. NASS is an independent arm of govt. the only thing the Presidency can do is to verify and ensure the money are spent for the purpose N27billion for renovation . How much are this people going o build another National Assembly Sectariart .. Make you people fear God na and remember that you go die one day o ...

Why can't we protest against this? The building will collapse tomorrow, renovating house of corruption with loan. Confused politicians. You cut down what affect the masses but you couldn't on politicians largesse. God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬. Ile Oni wo payin oo. NGRSenate NGRPresident history will not forget you.

One question i would like each member of the national assembly to answer is 'what is the importance and impact of the renovation to the common Nigerian' ? E be like say dem curse this country. It's not looking clear to me anymore. Sinzu I had to read this three times. You mean we are still unbothered? We won't should out 'Thieves!' On the streets. Don't our lives matter? Retaliation now Nigerians. Let's not let these guys have it. Enough!

Imagine, what nonsense More funds✊🏽 Not at times like this when we re expected to learn our lessons, by prioritising and investing wisely Lol Behold your 'servant leaders' this people will never change,even Corona Viruse pandemic couldn't soften thier hearts. 'Some animals are more equal than others' They have plundered Nig into the Ground. Recession is here but instead of Saving for a rainy day we r renovating NA but hey Lets keep Complaining and Protesting on Social Media.

Who do Nigeria this thing? N27bn to renovate National Assembly complex when our hospitals are the way they are? I thought our politicians have learnt something from the CoronaVirus pandemic to focus on improving our health care, than these their white elephant projects that is of no benefit to the masses

Sinzu June update. Cashing out is a must And can’t feed Nigerians in one day...ogun kill all of una wey dy that government I think this man has a mental issue or he’s just plainly stupid! Bubu have sink Nigeria totally And they say the Nigerian government knows what it's doing? Clowns in power. If they like they renovate Aso rock.

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The thunder that’ll fire Buhari’s government is doing press-up and also making bombs. You cut health for Infrastructure that doesn’t exist. Ko ni da fn gbogbo yin. Aye yin de ma baje ni. You are are approving 22bn loan and approving 27bn for renovation. National Assembly over Education and Health hmmm I give up here.... who wan settle this matter na😞🧐

You would rather invest 27billion on a standard building but won't invest it for proper generation of electricity, education and security. Buhari is a decayed conman a hopeless fellow Hmmmm, just speechless, renovation of a building that is not collapsing, no hazard to human life is more importance than health of people and the future of the young ones (education), na only for naija we deh reason from the back 🤔

This a shame. Shame to all the people that are taking Nigeria backward and in the process looting our common TREASURE! Smh. So these guys went ahead with this. It shows what they truly care about. Scratch my back I scratch your back. Look, every position in governance in Nigeria today is complicit in the institutionalized theft ‘nd misappropriation of the country’s resources. If I’m doubt, a cursory view of the 2020 budget strongly supports this.

You chop, I chop Party. We are completely lost, I can't imagine this, pls when will Nigeria be managed by reasonable people? 'Rocket science govt' the word our dear civil service scholar wanted to chunk down our throats....buh they are just too predictable nah, not difficult to understand at all, rogues favouring rogues, corrupts fighting corrupts. Buharists that are not getting anything, how market?

The only thing we could do is lament on twitter, few days from now it's all forgotten, I smh for the youth of this country Lollylarry1 what do you have to say? Nigeria shame!! We are we borrowing to fix our electricity once and for all. I'm happy it's happening this way. When we shouted that this Buhari its legislative arms have nothing to offer most of us were busy pouring abuses. If Buhari didn't become a president we wouldn't know that he is not even fit for a primary school headmaster

🤦🏻‍♀️ SHAME! Shame on us all for letting our leaders get away with selling out the future of our generation & generations to come. Nawa oooo When will these nonsenses come to a halt in this country? Only God can save If this $22b loan Buhari wants is in good faith, why will he has to 'bribe' the National Assembly with N27b Renovation budget approval? Make una de see am naah. Na like this we go dey?

OccupyNass All the fools that supported this administration. I guess tey can see! But on second thoughts if Buhari has not won, they will be saying “if only Buhari was president, Nigeria would’ve been like Dubai”. 5yearsoffailure I dont know when and how Nigeria will be a better country .Allah gamu gareka.😡

I get more tired of this country with every news cycle. They clearly haven’t learnt a thing from this pandemic. To cut the primary health care budget by over 40% and the renovation budget by just 27% tells you all you need to know. No one cares about Nigerians, not even our govt QuotedReplies Government of the rulers for the rulers themselves, selfish leaders without conscience, they cut the budget of areas that concerns the masses.

Why do we even need the National Assembly? One would think we should be allocating more funds to the health sector instead of cutting the allocation. Obviously we don’t know how to prioritize in this part of the world. You people still want to renovate despite the dwindling economy. These people are bandits in government

Negode, Ndi ara Ndi ara People are dying of hunger, you people have the conscience to use 27 billion for renovation when when don't have any standard hospitals and all the borrowing... F*CK ALL THESE OLD POLITICIANS IN NIGERIA PLEASE, YOU PEOPLE SHOULD FOCUS LESS ON TACHA & TROLL THESE THIEVES. WTF? Imagine slashing the budgetary allocation for Health by over 40% in the face of the Pandemic, while the NASS allocation was slashed by 10%. Quite an eyesore.

Yet Clueless Buhari keeps Borrowing 😳😳😳😳😳 Irrational and wicked decision! Child and maternal mortality continually soar in Nigeria besides the raging pandemic. All MBuhari could do is slash health budget by over 50% and give nassnigeria 26b naira for renovation? Horrible! For just renovation.... When are we going to settle this matter

Is there nobody who still get some brain in the National Assembly Another pattern of looting. I honestly thought we were going to learn from this pandemic? 🤡 This news gives me so much anxiety. Ai na dawo daga akiyan guys nan Live n Direct day light robbery.... Smh Ai na dawo daga rakiyan guy nan... For renovation Wen people dey die anyhow other states in Nigeria.... Nigeria mehn 🤦🏼‍♂️

Mtccewwwwwwwwww oliburuku is all I can say sha Cuts what!! Omo!! Yall are gon sell this country for scraps...reno vation at a time like this helps me to know that their priority ain't Nigerians These set of ppl are just setting the pace for a new level of corruption in this country PDP tink say dem dey thief since them just realize say dem dey learn for 16yrs in power. This is the real deal

Sighs! What kind of a Government prioritize the beautification of a building over the health and education of the citizens? Is this what Buhari promised the NASS in return for their speedy approval of his recent loan application? Princywillis Shame🤦‍♂️ This is nauseating & reading this makes me want to throw up. What a set of uncaring beasty rogues in govt! You cut down health & education votes to make way for more looting of scare funds?

Mo smart mo pawo ni temi in NM voice 😂😂😂😂 Now telme if sm1 is douting the genuineness in the fight against covid19 pandemic in nigeria will you blame him? With dis rubbish goin on in this country God give me the grace to leave this country for good next year ! Amen 🙏🏽 Foolishness Is there anything wrong if they forfeit the renovation for now and focus on health and education we talking about digital education why not focus on that project?

When you have an illiterate as president how can he value Education....my naija people we played ourselves. I want to see what will be in his 2021 budget....Moreso we need to see the before and after pictures of the National Assembly....MBuhari Selfishly corrupt idiots. Your editors should do a better job at educating ur reporters. Defence, Health and Education are top 3. UBEC & BHCPF your reporter mentioned are statutory transfers, they cannot be altered by the President. BHCPF is funded from 1% of consolidated revenue.

We still don't have stable electricity Most of our roads still in bad shape. We still don't have good hospitals. We still don't have companies to provide jobs for us Killings are still happening Strike is still happening Those are the changes I was hoping to see when I voted him Buhari is scam Na Werin we Dey collect Loan for be this sha!! E be things for this country 🤦‍♂️

Misplaced priority!!! Wrong move Misplacement of priorities. OfficialAPCNg So this Administration cherish renovation over Health care and Education. Even after what we've seen during this Covid-19? This is indeed NextLevel of a clueless and incompetence government backed by a rubber stamp NAS kubumshel see wetin ur country dey do

The Executives and the Legislative are basically doing 'Give and take'. The legislatives approves the loan and the Executives gives back to the Legislatives with respect to the loan approved. Misplaced priority It takes someone conscience to defend this government. This man isn't fit to be a PTA chairman talk less of a President; no foresight whatsoever. It is well

Nothing surprises us any longer...we know they are ready to bury and auction this country finally... How on earth do we explain this impunity and the boldness used by Buhari and Co in displaying not only their incompetency but canny attitude with no regard for the citizens. What are they renovating bayi? Is that what we need?

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Very lousy and criminal government chymer22 What happened to the current assembly complex? Please it shouldn't be renovated. Wait are they renovating the whole country including Africa? This is Nigeria baddestcash_ This make me sick. Why not channel this money into something more important. Our public health in poor condition, public school in a very poor condition, unemployment rising everyday and the country go into borrowing to finance it budget. The same Govt go into this 27b Rv. why?

MBuhari NGRPresident yemiosinbanjo so renovating National Assembly is better than renovating and kitting up our dilapidated hospitals. God is watching you and you will all rot in hell fire. I will personally lead a riot at the gate of heaven if I see you there. Demons! Aye Nigeria pada ta You borrow money renovate a structure that won't give you money. How do you intend to repay the loan?

Isn't it obvious that we're bereft of leaders. With these set of people at the rudder, this ship is bound to sink. They're selling our future. They've been selling our future for over 50 years. For how long? The constant borrowing and approval must be appreciated😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 e be things FG gives National Assembly N27bn for renovation, cuts health, UBE votes The relationship between the FG and the National Assembly has become 'approve my loan requests, and I will approve yours'

Reading comments and seeing exactly what my inner voice is saying, but bruh, we v been complaining, lamenting and talking same talk since I was born, yet things are getting more alarming. Talk is cheap, let’s do smt concrete about this. This democracy ain’t working for us Nigerians u have always claimed to be religious, no one will fight for us only God. If you can't fight physically fight spiritually. The bible says the power of life &death lie in our tongues &wherever He is called He is there. Let's jointly pray these devils &blood suckers away

How do you give such money for the renovation of a building that is not suffering any damage when you don't have steady power, good road, better health in this damned country. Nigeria don't even have an airline. Dis sum is enof to buy atleast 3 a airplanes n generate revenue!!! These thieves and monsters are getting away with this because they know Nigerians can’t do any fuckall. They can only make noise on the social media and when the election comes, they will lineup and collect N5,000 and sell their votes and lives.

Nigeria can never be great And we still think Nigeria is a country. 27billions for renovation while Mr President is still borrowing loans this is unfair o So this morons slashed health &education then got 27b for renovation? When they finish sharing the money may sickness with no cure besiege them &may they expend all the stolen funds on treating one disease or the other. All they've looted will not be enjoyed in peace.

I don't even know exactly where this country is heading to This is total madness ..prioritizing renovation over health I think renovation of NA can still wait till next year instead cutting down UBE budget which is more vital to the people. We are not ready for important things in this country Mr President is a Man of integrity.. Ooin he is doing well

Millions of Nigerians are homeless, starving, jobless, no good roads, no power, no money, no life, no future and no hope. Still this evil uncaring corrupt and thieving government led by Buhari are budgeting billions to renovate a useless and hopeless building? Renovating what? What are you renovating with ₦27bn? What is the actual cost of construction? A trillion?

We should be out in the streets for this nonsense. We can't keep talking and taking nonsense from these people. That money should be put in health, we're dealing with a pandemic for goodness sake! After revising capital budget and he squeezed put N27b for flamboyancy?. One day we'd wake up face our Chinese Colonials

National Assembly was built in 1999 at the cost of 7billion naira. In 2020 National Assembly want to use 27billion naira to renovate it, The worst part is they cut down health sectors budget to achieve this, Nigeria youths its time we wake up these old men are ruin our lives🇳🇬 Herding cattle is more important than going to school

Oga bunmifasae great defender of Buhari abeg can justify this irresponsible spending during this time of great economy recession. Hasn't corona taught this nation a thing or two about the health system. A second breakout of this virus is deadly but it's more important to renovate the NASS and cut the budget of the health system. This country is heading towards doom if this system of govt continues.

criminals all over in the ZOO REPUBLIC 🤦‍♂️ I think that kind of money is on the high side! You are slicing off part of the health bugdet in this period...like wizkidayo said; someone is clueless. SMH Insensitive! 27 billion for what renovations? The health sector, educational sector and other sectors are lacking so many amenities and other vital things (arrears, earned allowances etc). And the amount FG decided to disburse, is 27 billion naira for renovations🙆‍♀️ This country is a joke!

The leaders of NLC, TUC are supposed to call for a nation wide industrial action, but no , they will come on NTA and channels and start blowing grammer We allow this anyhowness and they kept running it on our faces. At the end. This government will come and go. I hope we don't vote in another set of clowns again.

We told y'all but u didn't listen.. Weeree lawon people yi. National Assembly don collect their own share I don't get it at all!!!! N27bn for renovation What are they renovating? How much are they earning per month and how are they contributing to Nigeria? Misplaced priority big time! Very wrong Insensitive people. Even with all we're faced with, this people still going ahead with this their heist. Sad

Now, how can one not be ashamed being called a Nigerian? How can this government amidst all that is happening reduced significantly allocations to critical sectors like Health and Education but still want to disburse N27b to National Assembly for Building renovation? Muhammadu Buhari and his failed government.. Imagine the nonsense....

So curious to find the cut in health, even under the current COVID-19 pandemic situation! Mr. President sir, please have a rethink!!! Jokers it is finished!!!!!! Mr. Integrity! This is SAD I read and hear lots of people world over say the world & the way we do things won't be the same as we prepare to live with this pandemic going forward, however, with headlines like this, we in Nigeria should expect more of the same.....

And Buhari has finally kill me....... This is pure evil We just gonna talk or what We should ask femigbaja and DrAhmadLawan whether in good conscience this is the way to go at this time. FG is cutting votes for health and education because of National Assembly renovation! Will the world come to an end if the renovation is deferred?

Why is Nigerian leaders so heartless, how can this deal be possible and approved Shebi after renovating National Assembly, 50% of Nigerian youths will be employed? Clown of a government, instead of them to invest in things that will bring money into Nigeria,,, ... Naira keeps falling everyday but what is more important to them is to Renovate national assembly

I have said it, will keep saying it...”Buhari if investigated properly, will loot much more than ABACHA did.” Until then ! Looks like FG just reiterating what matters more to them. Ehhmmm cut what? Health budget. Ahhh! Buhari you successfully broken my heart again💔 So renovations of NA can not wait or what?

The same National Assembly that will end up selling off all the equipment at giveaway prices when their tenure expires. This shit happens all the time. We are not ready for a revolution. Will there ever be a Messiah to salvage this nation from the hands of this jegudu-jera style of leadership? The government is all about scratch my back,I scratch your back.Senate approved buhari's loan request,burahi's approved Senate renovation cost,N27bn.All rubber stamp NASS unlike the 8th NASS.

So, with the state of unpreparedness that we found ourselves during the outbreak of Covid, our leaders still haven't found sense? The best thing to do is to slash health allocation? Wait, who exactly are you special advisers? Una sure say una normal so? This is their last Tenure. Never mind buddies Se awa daran bayi

These people are MAD! In the midst of a pandemic you cut health budget to renovate one useless building. May it collapse on your heads. I don't even want to imagine how this country will be when this present administration is done. When FG is finding it so hard to pay academic staff Union salaries.... Soon China will take full control of Nigeria because of debit.

What exactly are they renovating? bamidelesalamBS this one don pass abacha loot oh This news makes me feel like I lost something important. So painful See what your government is doing Laurestar reymidee 😖 how can they be so inhuman 😲🙆🙆🙆 MBuhari aishambuhari pls who r those advising Mr President ?This is not nice at all haba.If nassnigeria did not renovate this year will d building collapse?

People are beign killed in Plateau, Sokoto, Katsina, Benue, Kaduna.... There's are 'Pandemic' going on. This man just sits there, quiet, approving loans and budgets. I only wonder when the Nigerian revolution will come. It will get to a stage where we all will carry guns. Watch Criminals Buhari is coming for 3rd tenure and nothing will stop him not even God will. National assembly will approve him and we will only use our keyboard and cry blood. Mark this.

For approving your foreign loans, you gave them a 27billion largess 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Odi egwu Yepa You for just talk cuts life cos.. 🤣 Also, left hand gave minimum wage and right hand took it back as VAT/stamp duty... The BMC will not see this Simply put madness Vision 2020🤣🤣🤣🤣 I need to leave this place

Boohari oloriiBoo! Renovate what,their destinies?..😠 27 Billion naira, to renovate what actually? Is that not enough for a new building entirely? How did we even get here? 2023 is coming, people will still vote for this set of clueless morons... I'm disgusted! You all expecting anything good from this administration, hypertension is real o.

You think they care Renovation of National Assembly is more important than Health and Education😡 we are not ready in Nigeria this is how we will keep on until everything is taken from us We are not ready yt toby_oloo We can suspend the renovation for things more important! This country en 😒 If this news is true then I pray everyone involved in this bullshit shall know no peace 😡

I've given up on this administration... Please, can we have 2023 already. Corruption itself is even ashamed of us. oh! Finally full reason for borrowing. I wonder how Mr.Adesina or Uncle Lai Mohammed are gonna justify this one.we're in d middle of a pandemic and they cut Health and education budgets to renovate a building.Change is so glaring!e go tayyyyy for Naija.after den go say person get integrity.smh.

Shameless people It's unfortunate that the government don't listen to voices of the citizens over decisions that favors them! With the economic reality occasioned by covid-19, how can a reasonable government continue with a renovation of a facility of such amount of money, at who's interest? There is no way, they can avoid the wrath of God. Absolutely no way!

Hmm, nawa for us ooo. In a countrywey some people no get roof to live under Dear God , of you're up there please save Nigerians Sinzu facilities and services and a functional education sector working to bring out the best out of her youths. No wonder, they send their children overseas to study while those who can't afford it remain & wallow in ASUU strike and poor quality education. I hate being a NIGERIAN! 2/2

Unfortunate buhari government is very unfair to our shambles hospital, our University lecturers that are on strike, our tertiary institutions' staff and medical unions threatening to go on strike and buhari unfortunate government is unfair to the suffering Nigerians. And they are borrowing money for this😭😭😭😭I cant fit cry anymore

Hahahaha. What did you expert from the Government with such set of peoples? Hmmm Na who do Nigeria dis kain thing?😭 This is the height of gross inefficiency and intellectual indolence from an administration to reduce Health and Education but reserve whooping 27billion naira for renovation of a building.This government has corruption attached as it's surname

I hope people will remember all this when it comes to the next election and act as one like oyostate did last election, they abandoned all sentiment and fought for a better leadership 27 billion for renovation for a building where the MOST ineffective, callous oloriburukus of the highest magnitude convene to share money & floss . if u're Nigerian& still inanely biased in support of govt present or past,your progeny will also benefit from the ruin you enabled.

jhamme101 This people never still get sense sha.. The worst group of thieves in Nigeria history, tomorrow Buhari will come out to claim to be fighting corruption, corruption kiii you there Y’all slashed budget for education and health this much? Lol. These guys hate Nigeria. Seriously I blame every citizen that voted this man. I don’t blame him.

This is not my country ..... I feel sick I'm disturbed that during a pandemic, we are renovating NASS. This shows a lack of prioritization and focus. FG has also significantly slashed funds meant for primary healthcare centres even though health workers are still complaining of lack of basic PPEs. FG needs to do better

I think we should start our own protest o. What’s all this rubbish na Why FG nor go give National Assembly Money when they do approve another $27 billion dollars loan for am(Buhari) again..... 😤😤😤 E be things... I'll still drop this here again We have to cut the education vote and funding so we can have control over you so you won't challenge our power and we can keep milking and killing you. Plus sick and vulnerable can't start a revolution or take the Streets and protest.That's simply what they're saying in our faces

We are on our own in this country Really 😲 Please what are they renovating? Ah God help Nigeria Behold the value we place on health and education in this country The most annoying part is Nigerians will see this and tweet for 6hrs online then move on😠😠😠😠😠 we should be protesting for this at every single state!!!!!!!!!!!

But you know this is just a clear message this administration is conveying..they know that an educated and enlightened population is a threat to their power and so they're telling us straight in our faces: we can't have you lads be too educated now. Ah, Nigeria citizens are the worst of all ... why can’t we act against them segalink

Why Renovation of NASS at this trying time that our economy is heading to recession? What's the effort the upper chambers are making to put our HEALTHCARE in order to save the lives of the poor citizens that can not afford treatment abroad. Fix our Healthcare and forget money bag Health need more money now and you’re cutting it, can’t you see we don’t have health facilities in this country howdidwegethere

Isorite This is the priority of Nigeria right now They cut the Health sector to renovate a bloody house for meetings?! Imagine 27bill This the breakdown before you all feed your brains with biased and inaccurate news The next viral pandemic is coming for you politicians. Just wait. Naija 🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️

In a country of persistently high maternal and child mortality amongst our many problems. Until these people we refer to as our leaders have the proper direction on what's actually important and what's priority, Nigeria will remain a 3rd world's nation. Am telling you , just look at We keep on going round in a circle in this country . Even with the covid19 pandemic,we expect government have learnt their lesson and work actively in upgrading our health sector. No ! Nigeria,as usual,don't learn. Round and round we go ......

Why do you think they keep approving his loan requests speedily? Scratch my back I scratch your back So this is why the HouseNGR and NGRSenate approved MBuhari loan request. Haba, who are the advisers of the President for God sake? This is nonsense. Health, education budget cuts down for renovations, don't you think this measure is sickening?

They have proving to be rubber stamps senators, renovating materials things very year and buying new cars yearly but they can't feed the masses. Buhari and APC cronies are evil, blood sucking demons. Paddy paddy government I weep, 27bn for renovation of an edifice While pry health care suffers among others I weep, I weep, I weep

Kai we don suffer.. This is the height of I don't care attitude and nothing concern me.. Even in this kind of crisis and the borrow borrow, we still dey this.foolish... Kai I hope a day would come when this tweet would not apply to Nigeria anymore 🤦🏾‍♂️ The only reason why these men have consistently served us trash is cos we sit & do nothing. As if this pandemic is not enough lesson for us, they still have the guts to push through with this unreasonabe dole. God go judge una

“Cuts health” perfect Someday, Mr. President, you'll be alright las las. ENKR fun gbogbo iwa werey yi I see Nigeria retrieving APC loots after this administration. We are in a deep mess. Something is just wrong with us as a people. If you scratch my back i scratch your back govt Nigerians arise take back your future now.

You guys are Jokers Nigeria can't be fixed😔🤦‍♀️ MBuhari with Carrot officialEFCC with the stick. sen_ahmedlawal if you like, dont be prudent. These are shepherds that feed only themselves and not the sheep. They not only feed themselves fat with our resources but they devour the sheep through increment in taxes and loans. May God deliver us

It my first app. Please guys I need users, download from playstore, sign up and also help me RETWEET... _Thank You_ 👏👏👏 Tueeh!!!!!!! Useless administration Evry1 is lamenting on wht we cause by ourselves, if dis nation will exist come 2023, they'll still be the set of people running the administration cause.... Come 2023, when they begin to give u 1 Congo of rice, beans, 1kg of semo and one useless vest, u will forgt all dis pain.

Mumu dey worry all the politicians that thinks through their nose in Nigeria. First, you borrowed billions of $ and started disbursing them for such an irrelevant projects as this? How will the borrower get back their money? Is just like a trader who borrows to pay for wedding. plz DM Davina fashion stores for your all kinda footwear's and contact lens's

In colonial times we were used to finance the industrial revolution in the West. Today our government is using us to finance their fantasies. Where is the priority of citizens interest/public interest? Who are these people really representing because it's definitely not us. Evil & most unpatriotic coterie of corrupt entities, who develop other countries WITH NIGERIA'S DOUGH, by patronizing their hospitals, schools, etc., leaving ours to rot. They don't care about Nigeria & Nigerians. This scourge will surely pass. And soon too.

Cash out again Can all of you now see that MaziNnamdiKanu is right. Can we all support the call for BiafraReferendum? TheZooCalledNigeria is unworkable!! MBuhari u disappointed us wlh No comments! Budget for basic health care slashed by almost 50% budget for basic education slashed by over 50% budget 4 NASS renovation by 10% budget for judiciary slashed by 10%. Well done Mr President this shows how much you care about the citizens. So this is wht all the loans will finance

Shame Ha! 🤦🏾‍♀️😭....Africans are going through alot . When will all these stop? If concerned citizens go out to protest, they get killed or arrested without getting justice. Which kain life be these oluwa😭🤦🏾‍♀️ Nigeria RevolutionNow SayNoToRapist I don't think we are ready to grow just yet. Our priorities are definitely misplaced.

Which country in his sane mind renovates a national assembly at this point in time,our senators n house of reps are among the best paid in the world despite Nigeria been labelled poverty centre of the world it should tell u something.we are finished This country is a joke, fuck everything...how do you wanna stop crime rate when we are being led by criminals (jaguda) , there are other sensible areas to channel money in this pandemic period (scamdemic as we have it in Nigeria) but our clueless leaders 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

This Apc has surpassed Pdp in looting. Its now u rob my back then i rob urs. All the loans has been passed 27bn is now welldone boys this is urs. But we are still lacking basis medical amenities yet non priority projects are being spent on heavily. I laughed when they said Corona virus was going to help redirect our leaders on more important sectors like health, Education. A leopard cannot change the spots on his skin.

PMB is indirectly giving them their share from the billions of dollars borrowed for covid 19 to loot. Imagine 27bn for renovation,,,is it the world they wanna renovate or what When I talk now my friends will say I talk. I'll not tag you but you sha know say I de talk to you This is a government of 'Rub me I rub you'. National Assembly gets N27 billion for renovations. That's why they quickly approved the loan request from Buhari.

Nigeria is getting worst each day In some years to come i see Nigeria going back into slavery if cares not taken 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Buhari is a ioker naiightt i regret say them born me for this country. FG has to give bribe to NA for them to approve the loan. It is what it is. Madness..Nigerians must get sense by force

wonders shall never cease 🙀🙀🙀🙀! Which kind human being b ds people sef? All ds act fit jst make poor man commit. Kilode? 👹👹👹👹👹 This is to show that this government is fullish, God where you bring this people from, use them as sacrifice na Billion for renovation? God where is Nigeria going to? I weep each time I see things like this. Asiwa ilu ni Nigeria yi gbaaaaa

Our politicians have not learned from their predicament during the Corona virus lockdown as they were not able to travel abroad for healthcare. I felt by now they'd change. Maybe it's a hopeless situation. Our leaders are just wicked and clueless...at a time like this, when the rest of world are reshaping their health sectors to make it fit and to serve it purpose...look at what they are prioritizing, these people are heartless.

Everyone act like they don’t care when it comes to big thieves in cooperate wears ...but if they have a chance to visit the Pos they fight with thier last breath over 100🙄🙄 if you take this company quite serious like that there won’t be charges of 10% over a thousand naira 😡 And buhari is a saint,my integrity,corruption champion

The interest of all Nigerians should be first Haaaaaa Cutting education & health votes for a 'renovation'😏 Prioritizing what they WANT over what we NEED🤦‍♂️ Cuts health So this pandemic isn't teaching you people anything. We are on our own in this country 💔 Nigerians should be out on the street for many reasons. 1. Minimum wage 2. Electricity 3. Water( social amenities) 4. Health care and a whole lot more. Our Govt officials don’t care about its citizens. Renovation for N27bn is reckless and outrageous

In the middle of a pandemic that has already claimed SEVERAL lives, including the life of a top Buhari administration official, Buhari & cohort are defunding the health sector to fund NASS renovation. Where is the outcry from all your SM-active NASS members? Scammers & crooks! E. B. Things for the Nigeria government sef. Them just dey dambaru the economy.

How the fuck do you cut a health budget during a pandemic! Follow me and I will follow you back we both gain followers ... Nigeria is doomed with Buhari and his covik cult members in power. Daylight robbery ‼️ What's really our problem in this country Budget cut on health again despite the abysmal state of our health sector.... but wait,,, 27billion for national assembly renovation? How much is the cost of building a new sef One day we go dey alright Las Las!!!

see farmers the suffer, and this people, tomorrow will say come and vote me..I'm the best Those people who abused and attacked bukolasaraki on twitter when he was the Senate President,Hope u are aware that he is the 1 stopping them 4rm borrowing money then, it just a year now that Lawan became SP they have borrowed money dat Nigeria can't pay back in the next 5 years

Misplaced priorities. Reasons why the National Assembly always assented to anything the president requested for. Just imagine cluelessness How did I fine myself here Lord God😭😭😭 Exifam Fraudulent headline, Buhari slashed NASS renovation budget from N37b to N27b, that is the true headline. 🤡🤡 27BN for renovation? How much does it take to build the entire NA complex? Who did we offend in this country to deserve such leaders. 😔💔

They'll probably defend this by saying 'it was reduced, so nothing spoils.' But we basically have morons in high places who are meant to curtail reckless government spending but are rather concerned about owing each other one. 'We grant your loan wish, you give us our cut.' Even America that is very rich will not spend this much to renovate their National assembly in this post pandemic era . Shameful

A failed Nation Naija Matter don tire me, No good road, No stable electricity, U guys still dey renovate place wey no need renovation.. God will Judge Una, like this tweet for follow, make sure u follow back They worst govt ever seen. This is very ridiculous. How can a sane person cut health and UBE budgets to favor NASS renovation?HONESTLY BUHARI IS NO MORE IT IS OBVIOUS

E. B. Things We now know the reason why they approved his loan request. Nigerians must get sense byforce To live a life of luxury while offering nothing to the masses you'd rather borrow than cut costs of governance and reduce your bogus salaries and allowances... 27bn for renovation. Kukuma buy new estate naa. On too covid 19 pandemic you are still cutting down on health votes. When can you greeds learn. I expected health to take the lead in this budget. Hnmmm!!. I don't understand this nonsense government

This is our country were the poor continue to be poor and the rich continue to get richer. 9ja why nah. Which way Cut health and education for renovation work I give up. I tire. I surrender All to you Lord. If you are keeping disturbing yourself on Nigeria matter you fit die young... Nigeria leaders matter sef don tired God.

So this people still get mind dey tamper any health related budget Forgerrit!! Nigeria is gone So the building could be renovated for 9 billion lesser. It shows even another 25% off, the project would be done. I weeep for Nigeria 😭😭😭😭 So buhari finally gave NASS this 27 billion for renovation, a man that was crying a few years ago that he has not been given the opportunity to fix Nigeria. This is absurd

It is not really for renovation but a bribe for the NASS to continue to approve the unending loans and condone the executive's reckless spendings and incompetency This is bad How can anybody justify cutting primary health funds? And in spite of the general backlash, they're still bent on carrying out the renovations! Unfortunately, majority of us will still support their actions?

🤦🏾‍♂️ Cancel the NASS renovation. Nigerians need to march against this as like GeorgeFloyd We are having health challenges and the govt is cutting health budget...what a country! What a shame on the current government. You guy's never cared about we the masses that put you in that position. Millions of student are at home sitting. They don't have any idea on how to go back to school. I hope this country comes to be a better place one day!!

Do they even think? Are they human beings or animals? This completely irrational bunch of grown ups old mistakes..... Hi time we run this country ourselves. Gofund health and education. Once we fix these 2 every other thing will follow. Lol Our priorities..........hmnn This people are so wicked despite huge deficit but see the amount they allocated to useless project that has notin to do wit common man's life, and all dis happen under Mr Integrity's watch, God is watchin n he will surely judge us all

Cuts health and Universal Basic Education haa!!!!! Sai Baba, Hailerrs hale Nigeria 😂😂 Just imagine the country we are. How many constituencies can vouch that they have been working on any project since this pandemic issue. There have been more bad roads, no good education. Just take a look at it 27 billion naira for just renovating the national assembly

I thought akinalabi said he will move against this once plenary resumes .... Naija na cruise 😂 At this point I don't even have any more tears to shed, na to dey laugh remain 27bn is just tomuch for renovation. Every member of the National Assembly that will have a share in this blood money, May your Children and your grand children sell off every property you purchase cheaply. May the spirit of selling family properties not depart from amongst your family

Eben_Ik What are they renovating? Hell no what a country are we, our government place priority on irrelevant things 27bn for stomach renovation. I will follow everyone that likes this Please kindly follow back. God when are we going to be out from the hands of this wicked leaders ...😭😭😟😟 Health workers pack your bags and geddifok 😤😤

Sigh..... It's a surprise anyone is surprised 🙄 Stupid government..27b for just renovations. Madness only1austine Apparently we didn’t learn anything from this pandemic... There is no need for renovation at this time. What is wrong with our politicians!!!! E no go better for Lord Lugard Government of illiterates. It always reflects in their decision. AlmajiriGovt

Good lord! Would we ever protest against all these decisions in Nigeria? Fools Another money to embezzle akinalabi kilo happen. Let them kuku ma just build na,27billion for renovation?sigh Naija citizens why can't we stand up an say no to all this shit going on in this country. Which kind country be all this self

If the building is about to collapse on their heads they can hold sessions under a canopy . We need to build our health sector . That's the priority right now! At this point, it's just wickedness. We suppose riot Now they cut Education and health but still cash out for renovation and the lawmakers will not reduce salaries ndị ara

Renovation of d National Assembly during this Pandemic & economic uncertainty is the most selfish and inhumane thing a country’s legislators can do to their citizens. How many of our schools/ hospitals are being renovated so fiercely? Can’t you let this year pass? Heartless ppl Scratch me, I scratch you. Ffs

Shame to be in a country like this. I once told a friend that nothing will change in the health sector after the COVID-19 incident. Soon, all these will be over and they will continue their behaviour of traveling abroad for their medical check ups, surgeries and all health related issues. Really sad. And I hope the government is ready for more deadlier virus that may show up in future. This coronavirus should be a wake up call

Scratch my back, I scratch yours. Government of the few, for the few. What are they renovating when the country is experiencing an economic melt down That's why politics is a dirty bizz...tic for tac, he got his loan request speedily approved they get what they want...d rest of the country can perish for all they care

Can this be true? He who pays the piper detects the tune. Is there gold in the cement That is why National Assembly signs all these loan requests without questioning. Because of what they will receive. Selfish, wicked lot. Did they cut UBE and Health for renovation? After this Corona issue? Ok, you all will be the one to regret it, not I or my family.

This is terrible So we still haven't learnt? N 27bn for renovation. You insist in your foolery FG? I want out of this country! I am tired of complaining and hoping things might eventually get better. But no!, it won’t! Complaining without actions won’t change anything . We will keep suffering in this country. These men don’t give a single fuck about us! 😭

Misplaced priority Wow!!! Very good Were these not the folks crying upndan for ventilators from Musk and Trump? The FG should be increasing the health budget given the circumstances we're in. With the new technology like zoom for virtual meetings, we are still spending billions to renovate buildings .. I thought this renovation has been stopped upon the outcry. 🙆🙆🇳🇬🇳🇬 DrAhmadLawan NigeriaGov SIAmosun Toluodebiyi2019 senlekanmustapha lanreEdun. We don't even get feedback from them! Sad

What are they renovating all the time? Opoor👍 they don cash out again Hmmm... even in this current situation of the country. In the midst of a global pandemic, while other countries are augmenting their healthcare systems, your FG decided to slash Health budget to accomodate renovating 1 fucking building!!! Our leaders always think and reason upside down!!!!

🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ How!? Just when you think COVID-19 have taught them a lesson ( they still believe they can travel out when push comes to shove) and Bokoaram (cuts on education), they know they can send their kids abroad to study. The chicken will soon come home to roost. Pay back. this govt is just a virus 🤦

Buhari dealing with Nigerians as if we kill his ancestors. We're not surprised. Let's see something else Why not borrow for the renovation? Disheartening!!! What are you renovating with 27bn. Failed Government I thought d effect of covid19 will reset d brains of our rulers, but it's obvious nothing can ever seperate these apc politifcian from stealing 2dia grave. At a time when d world is chaneling all resources to health and education to save its people Nig, govt is borrowing 2reloot

YourAnonCentral please help us get dirt on the Nigerian government This is their share for the job well done....and we're here dragging irrelevant issues. Priorities, Nigeria.... Priorities Nigeria is a dead country 🙂 All of you in Asorock and national assembly are mad. You all will not end well. Selfish and heartless people. God punish you and all your family. Ndi uchu. Thunder gbagbuokwa unu Nile, ekpenta n'enweghi nwanne rachapukwa unu anya. Amadioha machapukwa unu isi.

Renovation ? Corruption is fighting corruption! Wonderful! This guys re useless and worthless and heartless All we “Nigerians” do Is to censure to bad leadership on social media. Is it going to change anything? We need to stand up and start acting, Nigeria is for all and not the 1percent. SayNoToCorruption

In this period. This government is moving Nigeria to anarchy CutNARenovation CutNARenovation CutNARenovation We need to speak up Lol.. Awon weyrey The rule is:: you scratch my back, I scratch your back.. DrAhmadLawan i will approve all my loan request MBuhari I will sign your nass renovation request. Nigerians will just rant on social media for days, they will forget and adapt to it. Next year the cycle continues.

Cutting down health budget in a pandemic. The irony. You're surprised? You thought the National Assembly will not get something in return for the approval of the loans? Cutting UBE for 2020 is understandable as children will spend a significant part of the year at home. You cut the health budget in the midst of a pandemic? SHM 😏

N27bn for renovation? To build a new N/Assembly will cost how much? No wonder the recent loan was approved. Reps approve $5.5b loan for Buhari Revised budget: FG gives National Assembly N27bn for renovation, cuts health, UBE votes Fall for me, I fall for you politics So covid19 has not taught Buhari any lesson on why he should invest more on health care. I hope NASS will reject the N27billion for their renovation and add it to health care.

We have not learnt our lessons. I pray we will not learn in the hard way. Yet people will keep saying this President knows what he is doing. I knew coronavirus will not change the mindset and priorities of the Nigerian government. We no dey learn What are you building, a city? Lol hummm Wtf is wrong with this system and the people controlling it Don’t they have conscience atall

Dadiyata07 Useless bastards The principles of check and balances are irrecoverably lost, when the legislative power is nominated by the executive. The present nassnigeria under the leadership of DrAhmadLawan don't ask questions, they just approve. A clear scenerios of scratch my back, I scratch yours.N37B

We are battling corona virus and others and you're cutting health sector? Your problem is not of this world o omovee Bro are you seeing these bastards Renovating at this time Rapists everywhere, they have rape the country account again justicetonigerianaccount Integrity my foot! Because when borders open, these selfish people will abandon Nigeria and seek better health facilities offshore

We have not learnt our lessons. We need to demand accountability we need to start asking vital questions Just because their family members don't take treatment here in Nigeria 🇳🇬 and their education is outside Nigeria 🇳🇬 so they don't give a shit 💩. To renovate a single building is more expensive and important than national education and medical sector. This is Belecracy

This is a reckless move, what’s all these for God sake. Sey una Dey craze ni🤷‍♂️ With this; how do a reasonable soul support MBuhari government? Even the so called APC members? What's is rationale for this? Can I get explanation for this barbaric act? This Man as president is worst thing that happen to Nigeria.

But Health and Education get the knife. Cest fini! 😫haaaaaaa Playing with the future of this country Wonder how much debt before 2023 Dj_Gazah we can only laugh and rant on twitter coz in Nigeria, it can always get worse no matter how bad the situation already is.. and all the media can do is report A wise government would learn from this corona virus outbreak. These budgetary allocations show the priorities of this government and I must say, they aren't wise.

Useless President with Cow Head! 27bn to renovate? Renovate what? U rub my back I rub yours that's how it's done. Babu get biz sense die Priority is a big problem mehn....bunch of idiots....in a pandemic,you are cutting health budget but you are giving billions to renovate a useless building Largest...sharing formula... money spender... Sir loan🤣🤣 ... CONTINUE..!!!!

RENOVATION!!! after all the problems of this country,the next thing is renovation? arghhhhhh!!! Can these leaders just negotiate Nigeria with some other strong countries and sell this country😖😖😖 It’s very very sad being a Nigerian. They would never change. NEVER!!!😡😡 Haaaa! Can Nigeria survive? I think a good government would at first consider the health sector of it country and then education before other things wtf is cut health and UBE votes 😥😥

There you have it, the president MBuhari and the rubber stamp National assembly in control. You cuts health by 40% and UBE with more than 50% this has shown how much this govt really cares about you. sad Health care you cut 42% n education more than 50% What are they renovating because it looks like they plan on building a new complex. How did we need up here that the most important things ain't considered anymore Hmmmm

Cut health 😢 😢. So those laws they will make is far better than our health? And this pandemic still didnt teach us anything? Who do us this thing for this country? I weep for my country 😢 😢 Pharaoh : There can never be a more heartless person after me!! Adolf Hitler : You say? Idi Amin : Am just looking at you guys. Nigerian Government :

Cutting budgets for health and education, what you get when you give someone with less value for western education power. Stupid leaders!! Shameless lawmakers!!!!! Nigeria failed as a nation before it was even birthed. Nigeria should never have been a country. What shouldn't have been can never be. That's the truth.

Why is renovation a priority at this current time. That money can be used to support small businesses but no. This is scratch my back and I scratch your back. The senate approved Buhari's loan on Monday. Buhari approved their renovation money. Win-win situation. Pathetic That is the change 27bn just for where those thieves sit to steal n run us dry? What a wasteful country. And we keep borrowing for this kind of frivolous spending.

Lol. Hmmm They'll all rot in 🔥. Kooks leaders You give me, I give you back You touch my head I touch head You scratch my back o scratch your back. Clueless government Omo this people don sell this country oh So Nigeria is not a trading stock for executive and legislators. They approved the loan because buhari gave them money to loot in the name of renovation... The joke government

Inept clowns.. me_gcon Nigerians wouldn't notice this o! This deserves a protest. My word!!! Buhari is the worst thing that ever happened to Nigeria 😡 I don’t understand, if they don’t renovate NASS at this moment would it collapse or what. His excellency Mr Peter obi said clearly that federal government of Nigeria borrow money for consumption and not for investment. This is a typical example. We youth need to protest and demand for electoral reform to elect a good leader we deserve come 2023

A govt that feels the NASS needs renovation but federal secretariat where only one lift works, toilets don't have water flowing etc doesn't, a govt that feels one building is worth more than the PHC centers or UBE for 774 LGA's Selfish visionless leaders Assu is coming.... Leadership in Nigeria will make u appreciate the fact that God isn't man... Buhari is a plague

What are they renovating yearly with such money? This country will be never go forward And they still cut funding for primary health care. Couldn't the renovation to the national assembly be put on hold. 27Billion. Renovating the Nat'l Assembly when we have a dilapidated healthcare system. How smart. You all should stop lamenting. They promised you all CHANGE and the gullible ones voted for him. You forgot to ask if its a NEGATIVE or POSITIVE CHANGE but all you just wanted was CHANGE. The CHANGE is here. Nigerians that voted for these DICTATORSHIP should stop lamenting

What sort of renovation are they doing with 27 Billion? I'm so pissed rn. Wtf!!!! 9ja done finish When wizkid said this man and Trump are clueless people were dragging him. Look at this now when we have other important sectors that this money can transform. 27b for renovation, with the health sector in shambles, you stilk cut budget for health to serve your selfish gains, hmmm

So this renovation is so important that it can't wait till next year if it must happen at all, and still cutting health/education budget? What a nation! What will posterity say about these people? This is a matter of rub i your back, you rub mine.this is what got them to approve the mortgage of our future.

Just look at. This idiot would take loans and the rubber stamp in the HoA would just approve it like fools just for them to share among themselves. This is just pure evil. Build schools, good health system not National Assembly. Dangerous freedom is better than a peaceful slavery. This was done to lobby them so the sign the loan grant. Buhari is looting our future.

Clowns. May God deliver you people Who are the people in the president's cabinet? Are these people okay. Like ... Hmmmph. This is a zoo. There's no going forward until this country is divided or restructured. This is all levels of FUCKED Cuts health..... Approves 27bn......building renovation... Who brought us this set of swindlers!... 2015 will neva be forgiven

Does it mean we don't have any reasonable and responsible individual at both house of rep and Senate to caution this rubbish? It is not too late to act pls. Rescue this country from this clueless, shameful and corrupt moves with no iota of empathy for the masses. Useless shameless leaders Ehix07 you go they ok

The Nat’l Assembly’s renovation is more important and of more priority to Buhari than our health sector. How can you give the Nat’l Assembly 27b for renovation and budget 25.5bn for our comatose health centres when your citizens are dying daily due to bad hospitals? Cruelty! Education for the whole country 25b while you spend 27b on a complex, shame on you

What are these bastards renovating that they are using N27bn? SMH How can we fight this I am tired This people have finished us in this country. 😭😭 Renovation in times of pandemic where people are hungry and dying ? These people don't know what we are passing through. APC led FG gave APC dominant NASS their own cut... Scratch my back. I go scratch your own...! Chei, Nigeria!!

It's Dj khaled.. Another one 👆... That's what a failed structure does This government keeps sinking to new lows, they are looting this country w/o any regards for lives and wellbeing of citizens, they are going to KILL Nigeria at this rate 💔 So if buhari decides to talk tough about all these,will he die...I am over dissapointed in this man walahi...It is a shame to have this man as president

CBN offered millions of entrepreneurs N50B post covid financial intermediation while FG gave less than 700 lawmakers, N27B to renovate an already palatial edifice. And this is our country that's still borrowing to meet critical needs? What are our priorities as a country? This is bad and irrational from the executive and the judiciary, if all the news is NOT FAKE

Yommi_A For a country that is supposedly going into recession and u release 27bn for renovation. Our leaders are just the worse. It's always Health and Education budgets that gets slashed. The two most important sectors! We are not serious yet. When democracy is on life support... Goddammit. Just because the world is relaxed and they will travel out in no time for their medical checkup, they have cut health budget. You mean health Sector that was our only hope for 2 whole MONTHS? JOKERS!!!!

This country apart from being a foreseeable mistake is also a calamity...what we lack in Nigeria is the concept of review..it's been long this country was allegedly formed..why not come together and checkmate the progress..if it's not been what we expected then we find other ways saintPa96170886 . 30K man come and defend this

So FG Cut Health and Universal Basic Education Vote and gave National Assembly 27bn for renovation. What are they renovating? In this pandemic when health/ Education is of paramount importance. Will these people ever die a peaceful death? Nigerians need to wake up DokunOjomo I am paying 1.5k per 5 crimes reported in a week(or 500mb per crime 4 MTN users only)(student project). How: ON phone location and internet(important). Picture/video of crime(or after crime scene evidence). Upload to this link pls retweet. DM if interested

This w build 5 standard hospital here in Nigeria y this people are like this tori olohun😦😦😦 What sort of renovation are they doing with 27million? I'm so pissed, one day someone will run made in this country. This is more than rape o. Lives are destroyed base on all these decisions every day o. I wish we can all in one accord go out and protest against this beast call government officials 😭😭😭

Where re all dose bastard BMC bots !! Its second niger bridge dey will be highlighting for us ...awon werey Federal government gives Senate 27b for renovation. Renovation of what, hospitals or national assembly? Allah ya Isa😭😭 Nigeria needs a Revolution... What is going on this country? God save us. Health and Education are priorities and you are slashing and cutting... Failed state

Nonsense...misplaced priorities...they should be ashamed of the grey hair on their head Nigerians,before u put this on OfficialAPCNg alone, remember u have OfficialPDPNig members in both chambers,they do it together all the time,they cut health budget to renovate a building that is perfectly in good shape,its all about them,looters. Who is fooling who Nigerians?

How is this okay? What they renovating? Na my paddy paddy, do for me , I do for u This is what they call 'Your rub my back, I rub yours too' 😋😋 FG bribes NA, simple AlphaYommex see your mcm Chai, this country. God, your children are crying o😭😭😭😭 We are mad in this country, nobody miss NASS during lockdown, can we please switch them to part time and pay them per sitting

Nigerians let it be known today that the current administration values the building that holds the NA more than our lives. They basically halved our gealthcare and and spent more on a building for theives. If anything let's us march there and show how much we value them. Same corrupt government every 4YEARS...when you guys have had enough hit me up lets hit the streets and protest

last last waytin they sup for us go soon happen for here protest go start like joke Pls let other countries refuse them Visa when they are sick so they can all die here since they dont want to improve our health sector... useless Buhari and APC led FG All d folks who keep pretending that this regime is led by Mr integrity, I pray you find peace here n in d life after.

🙁🙁 And u cut down budget for health again. Foolish government. Band of thieves. For what I love the spirit, no quarrel. I fall for you, you fall for me- $5.5bn, $22.2bn facility then N27bn renovation facility. Where are those retards protesting black lives matter in US, when their life is insignificant in their country and can be snuffed out any time.

A man without vision, is what we have in this country.... May God show us mercy Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Once upon a time, National Assembly used to be an actual National Assembly. Today they're just a group of over paid, scared men and women who just do as the presidency deems fit. Shameful.

Abeg I dey into interior Decoration Oo ... Se be na Spending you na be now..... 10milliin dolls is cool I don't need to do evaluation and estimation.... Eyin eleribu 😂 This is unjust, how about EDUCATION? Buhari is a man of integrity 😂🤣😃 femigbaja DrAhmedLawan MBuhari you guys are 🗑 Nigerian government will shame you 😢😢

Change...... N27b only The corruption under BUHARI government...only a matter of time...😀😀 all will be revealed..😀 So N27 billion could do the renovation? This is a clear indictment that the original N37 billion was meant to be looted. That renovation cannot cost more than 1 billion Naira. At this critical moment of time. Is Renovation the next step?

27Billion just for renovation?..... Cuts health budget? ..... Doomed country For their job Weldon 27billion in this pandemic God why ? Look where the priorities are. Fools in Government Houses Misplaced Priorities... What's the problem in giving Health Sector more funds than NA renovation... Na wa ooo...

For him mind now he has done a big project Let's grow together ✅ Hit the follow button I follow back asap 🙏 🙏🙏 ♥️ Money approved by Senate and still allocated to Senate. Hmmm. Must the renovation take place? The economy is on its knees. What a shame! Tragic !! So FG is still going forward with this renovation of NASS that doesn’t even need a repaint. Yahoo government!!

God bless come visit our country in your anger if that's the only thing u can do for us we will be grateful. As citizens we have been intimidated and made cowards....Lord we depend on u to visit the evil leaders than to their fourth generations we beg of u lord!!! He Keeps bribing the Robber Stamp 9th Assembly nassnigeria so they will keep Cowardly approving his BORROW- POSE

A building is worth more than an entire health budget amidst a pandemic. Nigeria is a joke Secure ur car from theft Monitor the activities of ur driver Recover your stolen car Listen to conversations in and around your car With just a tap on your smart phone. Be proactive. I'm just a DM away I give up for this country 😢

Seriously we should protest against dis This men are playing us like ludo I heard some billions/millions of Dollars where found in ABBA Kayari's office after his death. Please why wasnt he buried with the moneys and why cant our black skin learn from these things? At a point all these money becomes meaningless and useless.we are tired!!!

What would remain of Nigeria after this Buhari, Lawan and Gbaja administration will render even a competent leader incompetent. From worse to worse and it's even getting worse, what again are Nigerians expecting from this decayed FG? The 25bn to primary health care will be looted by the corrupt ones. Governance in Nigeria means paying money and awarding contracts to individuals in government and their appointees.... APC where is the change?

This situation is like a man with two children one is seek and needs medical attention the other child was sent out of school because of unpaid school fees but the man decided to borrow to renovated his building which didnt really need renovation at the expense of his kids. RIP Nigeria 🇳🇬 Omg Nigeria waiting the play 😢

No wonder dem dey quick approve loan, na give n take I think it's time to march on the streets. EnoughIsEnoughNigeria 27 billion for renovation, mean while they will still give one of their goons the contract...this country ehen, i tire oo MBuhari please is this true? useless and worthless...as usual The earlier we divide Nigeria the better for us

Devil suppose take corruption class from Nigeria.. We just dey underestimate ourselves.. Country dey borrow money to renovate a fucking Assembly.. Fantastic.. We too hype Devil, na we be Devil Gan Gan.. What can be done about this rubbish, can we protest about this and, if it's possible to protest it how can we go about it because this is pure wickedness.

27 billion to renovate what? 27 billion that can build a brand new nass assembly? What’s all this😡😡😡 Smh... These people are mad. We leave una to God Una kukuma dey rule the country as if na una birthright. Evil men, u lots won't go unpunished! Health and UBE pay cut and National assembly renovation money approved, when there is pandemic ravaging the world. When someone refers to the country as a zoo, we will shout crucify him.

I don't pity or respect anyone lamenting. One of the hard truths I learnt early in life is to every action there is a consequence. One way to know the consequence of your action is to learn from the past about the person or situation. That's why when you are seeking for finance for your project, they ask for your financial history.

So they didn’t learn anything from the Corona virus? Cutting healthcare budget when the healthcare and educational sectors are in a state of utter rot. What a shame to the presidency. And National Assembly accepted this? Such wicked politicians Nigeria has! Is ok na...I beg drink cold water and follow me I follow back

Come and see your people Adeyemi15944317 can you see why they keep collecting loans? Not for the development of the nation but to loot, if you are truly not one of dense buharist, then open your eyes, stop defending evil & corrupt govt. Do better. Later some idiots will ask me to pray for Nigeria.OLAl38454684 later you ask me what borrowing for consumption, Renovation of National Assembly is one of the examples.

This people are just plain wicked. Smh!! Sense by force! Can we pray for crude oils to become $10? Let these thieves wake up. Presidebt Cowmmander Bokohari and Apcies Members will finish this country and turned it to Modern Iraq/Liberia. These guys are bent on fleecing this country no matter the cost. 🤡🤡🤡

What a waste Simply put, be responsible and take care of your health needs, every man/woman to him/herself...Govt for its own people Can God just pls wipe all these thieves away So Nigeria can be great again These are the wrong choices President is making everyday that makes borrowing inevitable for us.

And yet they are borrowing everyday, but hell bent on wasting scarce resources. If it's not wickedness, tell me what do you call this? So they actually approved the loan bud cos of their settlement ,anyway there's God ooo and his watching u all EvansOruore whalz88 but them played dey d senate na. Cut down on health!

I voted for this man but now I’m in pain 😢 Reducing the health budget showed that the government had not learnt any lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, probably Covid - 19 never existed in Nigeria What do you expect from a rub my back I rub your back government So a Nation that is borrowing like fools are the ones spending 27BN to renovate a building... Mehn people are so unfortunate in this country.

Are you aware that unbridled corruption in the form of opaqueness in government spending, nepotism, I rob your back, you rob mine and rent seeking is the bane of this MBuhari administration. They've started sharing our COVID-19 intervention funds to their so called 'appropriate quarters' When he said this, Nigerians thought he was JOKING or WHAT? Well he still has 2 years plus left so you people should get ready for more SUPRISES.

27B for renovation at a time we are crying for hospitals. Education zero chai this government really are evil because what is this even in these hard times It’s such a shame..... they couldn’t even give palliatives to the public 😳😳 If you are angry don't just tweet go out and protest. We battling with Covid19, Ebola is looming, Lecturers are on strike, yet FG cut N27 billion from Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education Budget to renovate the National Assembly. 🙆‍♂🙆‍♂ APC take your change elsewhere and give us our balance abeg.

This country we would never learn The most painful thing here is not about this current administration, it is about us, Nigerians, especially youths. Come 2023, we would have forgotten all of these misappropriations, then we will be shouting APC and still vote them in. So why lamenting now? In a nation where every aspect of life is not 21st century compliant. We ought to take advantage of the pandemic to be at par with other nations of the world as regards; sustainable 1. Health 2. Education 3. Agriculture 4. Data management 5. Power etc. ....we rather mesmerize!

You thought you were being smart without learning from history - 1983-1985. A man who plunged the country into recession the 1st time, desecrated the fourth realm of the estate and the judicial arm of government is the one you elected to be your president. 27bn to renovate national assembly for those idiotic dummies, when the health and education sector is in a horrible situation. Continue.

ChiefOjukwu What kind of govt is this for Christ sake? Why? This is terrible. Stupid govt! This is why Nigeria will not get better. Misplaced priorities. Terrible leaders. Terrible choices. Tueh! Cut health budget, chei big wahala dey ooo Buhari is working 🚶🚶🚶 They don’t even care about us anymore. They’ve lost their conscience

Clueless government! Shit holes All I know is that our God neither sleep nor slumber over the affairs of Nigeria. He has done it before and He will do it again. Let's be patient. History shall soon repeat itself. But what did we expect from a bunch of clowns we call leaders but it’s all so tiring...a country without Power, Pipeborne water, good roads and basic amenities.Also where 80 percent of its population lives under a dollar a day are using this much for renovation...hmmmm

When saraki was there, they called him all sort of names for not approving some things _wahabyusuf Ooa1st_ look at the infrastructure developments.😂😂😂 I follow back During a pandemic? I said it : 'We won't learn any lesson from the COVID 19 Pandemic' Instead of increasing health quota to strengthen our Healthcare system, FG did the reverse.

'The straw that broke the camel's back' Cutting the health budget in the midst of a pandemic?! Where exactly are we headed in this country. Wattttt? You are all groaning now but in 2015 you were rejoicing. Thunder, where are you? Bookmark this tweet. It will be useful in 2022 during campaign. You all saying this people will learn lesson after the whole Covid-19 ehn jokes on you. When they die, I see no reason for pity.

Are we surprised? In a critical time like this where the world is battling with Covid-19 and a way not to get into recession but FG gives NA 27bn for renovation. One day you all in Aso rock will understand that 'No Police or gun is bigger than the people' Se were lawon people yi ni, 27billion for renovation...

Till they milk this country dry? I think this is their mission and vision Pls what exactly are they renovating in the National Assembly that will cost that much? Whatever it is, thus is certainly not the right time. 27B for N/A renovation in this period is simply insensitive. It's a case of rob my back I rob ur back. This same N/A has being approving the FG loan request with great speed.

This man has always gets his priorities wrong. Areas where budget aren't slashed are areas where looting can be perfected. Is it compulsory to renovate a building that's not showing any sign of decline?. Think Nigerians think. Same government will borrow money to feed invisibles. Misplaced priorities? Yes it starts right from the top down to the commoners. How can you protest police brutality happening in the US while you’re being molested and killed in your own country? Call Trump dictator while you’re being cruised upon by the worst kind of gov🤔

Tomorrow we will all be asking why OfficialPDPNig is not loud enough as opposition, pls where are all the other parties? APGA, Labour, Sowore, Moghalu, Oby & co? Are they only good for election season? At least atiku is speaking out where are the rest of you guys? They want to use big money to renivate and with that , they still cut the health budget of a moribund health sector which many of them died of in this corona pandemic. Even if you don't rate Nigerians, don't you think you deservw to walk into any hospital and get best care?

Decayed nation led by decayed minds. Government of the thieves, for the thieves and with the thieves. So that's all they have been using the loans for? Ẹ́ múrasi. Good will judge all of you. Nigeria is dying a natural death with the way things are going. Where does our priority start from Gives National Assembly N27bn for renovation at the detriment of health and education. Why am I not even surprised. Truest the presidency is wicked and evil. This is beyond being clueless.

Aren't these guys crazy or something? Even with recent events. It's very difficult for a leopard to change it's skin Bubu if we catch you for street we go Beat you no reason am Don't you people reason at all, you cut primary health care with that amount with is the only hope of common man, UBE that is dieing already you cut it with that bigger amount & you only cut 9.3b from National Assembly renovation haaaa nemesis will soon catch you up

God will judge you people Oluwa oo!! But really is their God!! Cause I don’t think this people believe so!!! This is our racism corruption 27 billion to renovate an already existing building? How much did they build the building itself? This is terrible...gosh Na here the rant go end and FGN know so! Sadly, all we can do is rant, nothing changes!

Nah so dem dey run am.. Renovation kee dem I make these Ehyah! This is why we have to borrow money shey What is wrong with these people Is dis really true....OMG Now I know we can't progress as a nation. Definitely after the convid19 health sector will be budget for abroad and education sector will be almajiri system.

Is the really a government? The future of this country is uncertain 😢😢☹️ There was a country called Nigeria. Unfortunately, Nigeria is now a shit-show. Health and education budget is tampered with yet 27 billion is available for some folks who are on vacation in a building called national assembly for some renovation. How are we going to get out of this mess O mother nature!

You slash health budget in times like this😔😔...misplaced priorities This is what you get when you select bunch of crackbrains to rule. You cut health budget in a pandemic ..... What a paradox National aseembly is in good condition what are they really renovating nonsense! Clueless and criminally minded government.

Such a Shameless leadership. Renovation N' Assembly high priority against Health and Education sectors. Covid-19 is a pranks to them. SERAPNigeria where huna dey? Come and follow me see wonders that can never end in Nigeria. ChidiOdinkalu ShehuSani BudgITng segalink seunokin BWemimoTVC realFFK AbdulMahmud01 gbengaaruleba Mazigburugburu1 TheTrentOnline adeyanjudeji NOIweala obyezeks

Ahh! Whoever swear for Nigeria with this man it shall not be well with that person! Your economic status is going down the drain as the days goes by.... But you're still borrowing money to renovate national assembly. This man is a way too dumb! Nice1. You people are doing well ooin.. Thank you Gen. Buhari, you are the best...

Jokers!!!!!! Blue Murder!!! ..... loot_them_gang No wonder it was approved 😁 A whole N27bn...... I thought covid-19 put an end to this low thinking. You fail me. N27bn for house renovation in this day and age This people are the most insensitive set of human being. Now I know, this government is clueless

Hahaha Nigerian government chaii Alumelu tufiakwa OPEN TO SERVE YOU BETTER ☎️🛍️🛒 08035282099,09029462586 EkoNo1LaundryTycoon You fund your pocket while you cut health and education budgets during this pandemic, right? 🙄 I have told people several times that it disgust me to find myself in Nigeria....😢 I don't belong here, I swear 😢😢😢

When your president is not educated and people working with him are incompetent, they will value renovation more than education and health. Awon were. OfficialAPCNg egbekegbe and rubber stamp Senate president and speaker house of Representative DrAhmadLawan femigbaja Misplacement of priority. Now you can see that Nigeria is never going to prosper if we continue like this. These leaders not just Buhari, are evil. Lawmakers that don't have the people's interest at heart. Shameful

Now you see why rubberstamp NASS approved another loan sharp sharp. When are we going to pick stones please Oh! Nigeria who has bewitched you... 😔 You reduce basic health care budget by 42%, UBE by 54%... But renovation of NASS complex (that should have been totally shelved) is reduced by 25% only... Ah! My chest is paining me 😢

Even with the pandemic we are currently faced with, still u thieves are cutting down health sector. All of u will die in the hospital las las Some clown still think bubu is not corrupt Tit for tat, sign for me I give you your share It's really crazy out here. Keep cutting 'basic needs' budget. It will get to you!

No wonder all loans were approved with the speed of light. Awon oloriburuku Buhari doesn’t even care about Nigerians, I remember vividly how Nigerians were against the particular amount budgeted for this renovation and one would have thought buhari was going to listen to the cries of the populace but it’s quite unfortunate he doesn’t care about us

WHO UNICEF UN BillGates melindagates WorldBank How una take see this matter? 27b for renovation? Is that what we really need in this country now. I don't know who we offend to deserve treatment for this people The pandemic showed us sectors where we should be focusing investments on (Health, Education, Welfare and Social Security) but renovating our National Assembly complex still gets more allocation than Health. We are not ready. The leaders don't care

bunmifasae The govt you defend day and night? ishakaa jeffphilips1 should this be the next on our priority list? I rub your back (NASS approves FG’s loan request), and then you rub ours (FG approves N27billion for NASS renovation)😏 Also slashed budgets for health and education, who did this to us😭😭

It's really just unfortunate. Every inactions of this administration is one way or the other linked to the irresponsible traits of the country's citizens. 2023, we would still blindly give arms to APC and PDP, then when they assume office and invoke wickedness, we complain. Imagine spending massive 27.7bn on National Assembly renovation, is the government building a new structure? How come renovation is costlier than erecting new structure. The country is doomed if these people continue to be in power.

Next please This people are somehow,look at this kind of selfishness, how can things be better for Nigeria after all the people leading us are on their posts willing to make themselves rich with the citizens money I was expecting change as I believed we have learnt from this pandemic. I guess there is no hope at all for this country.

You hate to see it, UTTER DISGRACE! Happy independent Day To you all🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️ We as a people are not even ready. We are more concerned with BLACK_LIVES_MATTER . When we are ready, this nonsense will stop. Hahahahahah why do you think the approved another loan? We go hear am. To avoid heart attack in this country, nothing buhari and his co-horts do in this country should shock you. Expect worse till 2023,we all had eyes but tribalism, religion and selfishness allowed him in even the second time. Corruption fighters.

So renovation of the NGRSenate is more important than health and education of the citizens...What are they even thinking before coming up with this? Besides what are they renovating when schools cant resume coz of inadequate schools and teachers? SMH The so called National Assembly needs to be burnt down sebi u people are crazy, make we craze together now. Since u started this lockdown how much have you given the citizen? I can see that this govt of yours is only for the politicians. Walahi Almighty Allah will judge you😞😭

We don't want Presidential system of government, it is too expensive to run. We want parliamentary system of government. Imagine, N27b for renovation. What are they renovating? This government is corrupt. FOLLOW ME Alubarix ⊂_ヽ \\ AND \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ⌒ヽ / へ\ / / \\ I レ ノ ヽ_つ / / / /| ( (ヽ | |、\FOLLOW | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / ノ ) Lノ BACK (_/

National Assembly renovation, how much was used in building that national Assembly? Here we go again This country is just a joke. During this period of health crisis, these people have the guts to cut health care budget and even much more than they did for the renovation of the place where they share our money. Please tell me there is hope for our nation.

TRADE YOUR DEAD,CONDEMNED SOLAR INVERTER BATTERY FOR COOL CASH FOR ENQUIRY CALL📞08107105177.. 09090839033.PLS HELP US RETWEET🙏 It has been foreseen that no Nigeria leader in Power ever love the masses, all they think about is themselves and their fat purse, why will they not reduce money to be spent on Health by over 40% and education for that matter by over 50% whereas those that concern them by 10%?

I am not surprised. Cut health budget in this bloody pandemic😮 Then N27bn approved for renovation 😏 “what a blast💥” Health workers are getting half pay while some are still owed. If you know anyone that works for a government health facility go and ask. This is a monumental disgrace. Politics is a poverty alleviation program for Nigerians. You’ll never go stealing from others.

We are jokes to this people A country govern by rogues, execute by rogue, legislate by rogues, judicial by rogues. If you look at all the head of three arms ,they are all rogues and bad leaders 27B for renovations in country ravaged by poverty. Your people did this toluogunlesi Missed place of priority, any prudent in that ?

Even in this pandemic where lots of people have lost their jobs, they prefer to renovate national assembly with such amount, painful We are not ready as a nation Am sure this is a Mistake. Punch probably meant N27m. All these was what they didn't have privilege to wen saraki was nass president, now they have rubber stamp there, approve mine, I approve yours, wicked set of people

Same health,the reason why we all hv been at home and they still want to renovate❓This govt is not just insensitive,it is wicked and the worst since independence.If there is anybody like Buhari,he gets wat he wants and gives d NAS members what they want too.Rub my back I rub urs mobilepunch they're cutting already meager budget for health? This government has learned nothing even during this pandemic.

Obviously they know this is their best chance to cart away all the needed, plunge the country into many debt to develop the north and when the time to break comes, northerners won't wail anytime soon. Nigeria 🇳🇬 is heading towards the rock. This Is Nigeria! A most insensitive government not knowing what's urgent...u cut allocation for health & expect us to believe the Covid 19 figures isn't a scam?...it's alright!

God have mercy. What kind of country is this? Are this people human beings? No conscience, no morals, no clue !! You simply kidding!! What are they renovating in National Assembly sef So you don't care about the poor who only have the primary health center to run to whenever there's decline in their health

These people wont abandon evil enterprise Wehdone Sir. Better to steal 27b than to improve on healthcare. Covid 19 taught us nothing. realFFK ShehuSani segalink BabajideOtitoju BWemimoTVC FG releases money for NA to loot. Too bad. This is silly. With what the world faced, why is health vote reduced?

Nigeria Matter Don Tire Me💯 Aswear🤨 Booboo is the worst thing that has ever happened this country....people of no vision Hmm misplaced.... Is Nigeria still a country Is it not possible to be calling this govt. out for their wrong policies and nonsense, as we do against other evil on this platform? So, national assembly is more important than health and education sector.

N27bn for renovation?!🤦 Tueh for this maladministration! 😏 But sir u can't give just 5k to citizens of this same country there is God ooo These people are just wicked, they don’t give a fuck about us, what a shame! This country is doomed. For 27bn, the national assembly sold Nigerians into debts. 😭😭😭😭

Health is nothing to this clowns ! 😂 Give and take N27bn for renovation of the National Assembly complex at this time with the dwindling FG revenue especially falling oil price is insensitive. This may not stop them but they will remember later that someone told them this truth. Hahaha Nigerian politicians haha! Make una fear God ooo 😫😫

Because this old witch goes to UK for his health matters , why will he care about health in Nigeria MBuhari this is wickedness. You borrowed money to renovate National Assembly See Dem o... Animals way wear agbada , they want to dash us human right.... Kokoro jobijobi See momo him no go school nw.. I weep for my country. How did we get here in the first place! Covid 19 increasing and you are cutting health budget? liars!

Mumu_mmadu boohari is the most corrupt person in Nigeria.....Shameless conman. Tufia The worst group of thieves in Nigeria history, tomorrow Buhari will come out to claim to be fighting corruption, corruption kiii you there This is not good. All is not well with these people sha!! 😨 if y'all looking for what to protect about ,here it is .....the fools going to u.s embassy

Left to me National Assembly is the major problem of this suppose great Nation Is the renovation of nassnigeria building more important at this time to the primary health care.. Oh God help us... N27bn to renovate a well equipped house.. Who say 9ja no get money? They have started again. That’s how billions were wasted in Aso Rock hospital without the least panadol to show for it. Tragic!

Useless set of rulers... What kind of country is this, renovation at a time like this, u cuts health, we don't have leader in this country Grant NASS N27billion, then cut the allocations to Healthcare and Education yet, there will be no outrage and street protests from acclaimed elderstate's men, youths and Hailers, after all the president is not GEJ. Failed nation.

I don't blame them. I blame Nigerians for our ineptitude and I-don't-care attitude towards governance in the country. 27B for renovation when University lecturers are on strike and many tertiary institutions' staff & medical Unions threatening to go on strike? Gosh!! Must the renovation be done this year? Can't that be shifted and money allotted to something more pressing? This doesn't look like a year for frivolities to me😱

naija Which way Is the renovation of the house of reps building very important compared to the livelyhood of the citizens of this country. May all the curses in the two holy books be the portion of all the leaders that are just interested in suffering it citizens. AllLivesMatters WeAreTired Why not move the 27billion to health instead... What type of government is this?

But reluctant to give ur citizens anything.. Imagine what renovation when the country is in chaos. Cutting health and education vote! I thought this people will change ni but it seems I'm wrong. So callous, heartless and thoughtless set of people. I fear for Naija's future oo OK Una do well....renovation at this difficult time were there is no money to save life's and properties.

I don't get it.. Renovation is better than the health sector...? wizkidayo , machala is right for his saying.. N27billiom for renovation. Pls how much does it cost to build a new Assembly Useless govt This is sad. Mr integrity has compensated them for a 'Job' weldone in approving his loan request I have headache! who have medicine pls

Here we are again! When will the economy be renovated? You cut health budget in a pandemic 🤣🤣 27bn just for Renovation,what is this administration up,is Renovating the NA Nigeria's pressing need!!? Re-no-va-tion? Your country is gone if you don’t take it back now then y’all will be refugee in Liberia Let’s rub each other’s back

No sense of priority at all. Shameful administration How you know this govt is delusional. So they are still going ahead with that renovation? Very reckless spending of scarce resources To whoever I told you to vote this man in power that year. I am sorry. I hate that came from this part of the world🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. This is the height of misplaced priorities just to please a group of criminals because you agreed for the loans which you seek. Looters in every dispensation. Black man is indeed unpatriotic and cursed.

Terrible Country!!! Animal farm No wonder they were approving his request for borrowing fast. Tit for tat Scratch my back, i scratch ya back regime since they have approved the loan FG must find a way to pay them back. Bunch of thiefs and animals Gave National Assembly 27bn, then u cut health budget... This Administration is worse than Idi Amin of Uganda and Abacha of Nigeria. Spits*


FG urges agencies to send relief items to survivors of Sokoto attackThe Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has asked agencies under it to send relief items to survivors of Sokoto’s bandits’ attack. The minister, Sadiya Umar… What about those in southern Kaduna? That what some corrupt leaders want. To have access to support fund to be diverting them to their pockets😭😭 what s failed country we need OfficialPDPNig back This woman is the worst minister ever, though the whole this government is corrupt except Governor of Borno and Cross River states. The rest are are the same from top to bottom😏

FG lists guidelines for mosques, churches’ reopening – Daily TrustNo worship must exceed 1 hour Religious centres must sign undertaking for guidelines’ compliance It’s safer to worship at home-PTF Islamiya, Sunday schools, night vigils remain suspended Insists states take over COVID-19 battle The Federal Government on Tuesday released the guidelines for religious centres to resume activities in the country. National Coordinator, Presidential Task Force […] This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (07032949264) Bullshit

FG Issues COVID-19 Advisory for Places Worship - THISDAYLIVE*Use of mask mandatory *Bans children Sunday school, Islamiyya school *Restricts mosques to five daily prayers, Friday jummat *Urges governors to ensure enforcement Olawale Ajimotokan in Abuja Following the lifting of restrictions on places of worship the federal government has issued a safety advisory for Churches and Mosques across the country on how to contain … Education can not wait, MBuhari lift the ban against Schools

NLC backs FG on autonomy for States’ Judiciary, LegislatureThe Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) says it supports total compliance with the Constitutional provisions on Autonomy for States’ Judiciary and Legislature in the country.

Vulnerable Nigerians laud FG on fuel price adjustments – Daily TrustLow income earners and vulnerable Nigerians have described the recent downward fuel pump price adjustments by the federal government as desirable to improving their businesses and called on the government to sustain the fiscal regime in the downstream sector to grow the economy. The commendations came barely after 24 hours after the Petroleum Products Pricing […] Please Watching my video on YouTube easy abayomi ft DJspiri oko oku & Maxivibe( turn by turn) please don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, love you....

FG relaxes ban on gathering, shrinks curfew by 4 hoursNigeria is to relax the ban on religious gatherings from June 1, reports say.