'Covid-19', Distribution, Exotic Cars, Reps

'Covid-19', Distribution

Reps suspend distribution of exotic cars over COVID-19

3/28/2020 12:10:00 PM

Reps suspend distribution of exotic cars over COVID-19

Leke Baiyewu, AbujaThe House of Representatives has said it is not distributing the exotic cars purchased for members.The House said it was rather supporting the fight against coronavirus.Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Benjamin Kalu, in a statement on Friday, confirmed the delivery of the cars, but said they were not sharing them.

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The PUNCHexclusively reported on Friday that the House had begun taking delivery of the Toyota Camry 2020 model acquired for members.Our correspondent saw some of the cars at the National Assembly Complex.However, the House has kept mum on the cost of the cars as the contract for the supply was not awarded to accredited Toyota dealers.

Our correspondent observed that the House procured the V6 Limited Edition variant of the car.Giving a breakdown of how the vehicles are to be shared, a legislator, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they would be allocated to each of the 360 members and some top management staff members, Chiefs of Staff to the (two) presiding officers as well as some of their special advisers and assistants.

The lawmaker said new members who did not get committee appointments would be the beneficiariesHe said, “I was told that 100 cars had already arrived and they are sharing them to new members who are not chairmen and deputy chairmen (of committees). The next batch will be for returning (ranking) members who are neither chairmen nor deputy chairmen. The last batch will go to ranking members with appointments.”

Kalu said, “A newspaper report on March 27 insinuated that the Green Chamber was distributing official vehicles to the 360 members of the House at this critical moment that the country is battling to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.“This story is rather unfortunate. The National Assembly has been closed since Tuesday following the coronavirus pandemic and most lawmakers are also in their constituencies.

“We are not unmindful of the mood of the nation at this critical time and are committed to ensuring the country stands united in these trying times.”He said despite adjourning for two weeks to curb the spread of coronavirus, the House had expressed its readiness to reconvene at any time to consider the measures aimed at addressing the situation, including a review of the 2020 Appropriation Act, “if need be.”

Kalu said, “We are committed to joining hands with the executive arm to take measures aimed at containing the pandemic and providing succour to Nigerians as a result of the economic shock necessitated by COVID-19 all over the world.’’“We, therefore, urge Nigerians to disregard the newspaper report on the vehicles’ distribution as it is mischief taken too far. The paper chose to ignore all the House did within this time – the special session on addressing the high number of out-of-school children, intervening in the strike action by FCT health workers, et“We also call on Nigerians to join hands with governments at all levels in addressing the issue of COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s all adhere strictly to the preventive measures taken by the government.”

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The cars, which belong to the National Assembly, are usually auctioned to the lawmakers after four years.A check on the website of Toyota showed that the price of the car, depending on the variants, is between about $25,000 to $35,000, excluding the cost of shipping and clearing at the port, which takes about 100 per cent of the actual cost of each unit

For instance, those with higher specification, as the National Assembly usually goes for higher range of vehicles, are XLE at $29,455, XLE V6 at $34,580, XSE at $30,005 and XSE V6 at $35,130.Already, about 14 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado were said to have already been shared to the presiding and principal officers as well as chairmen of select House committees.

The Committee on House Services and the National Assembly Management, led by the Clerk to the National Assembly, Mohammed Sani-Omolori, had constituted a joint committee to oversee the acquisition, verification and distribution to the lawmakers.The Committee on House Services, which also exists in the Senate, serves as the protocol and welfare department.

The joint committee was set up as some members have decried that the National Assembly had been turned into a “dumping ground” for smuggled and refurbished automobiles.Some of the Peugeot 508 cars delivered to the members of the House had developed faults barely 90 days after the automobiles, bought with N6.1bn, at N17m each, arrived in Abuja.

Members had started complaining of faults in the cars just weeks after taking delivery, especially electrical and mechanical issues.Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Misfits! They should send it back and collect the money or sell it off. This people lack human empathy. They should sell the cars the country needs the money No they should continue distribution the car Suspend or cancelled? Meaning they'll share later😁😁😁 Ride on dear Reps...Karma is fighting for the masses already...let’s wait and see

Good radiance to bad rubbish Bunch of fools... Imagine Y suspension and not outright cancellation of the order and ask for a refund? U suspended it now to resume distribution later. Shame! It's about time They are seriously mad and they have no one, to tell them. No point, the money has been spent already

Naija my country where a leader become a king and followers become a servant, but should be very careful a time will come when politician will not be able to move in street of this country Uninformed lawmakers. They'll distribute it eventually, at the slightest chance they'd get. I fear we've lost this fight against corruption until 2023. Right now, we're at their mercy. Shelving their cars isn't going to help. They need to fund a door to door relief team. ASAP

Hahaha. naijaleaders Nice one iamhorllysmart It's already glaring that they're all insensitive of the happenings, they're selfish to the core. News have told us they've stopped, make I hear say them go stop. Forget what the media says, it's all controlled by them! Speaker of the HouseNGR, SpeakerGbaja should auction off those exotic cars, it’s absolutely abnormal at this critical moment of global pandemic COVID-19 for HouseNGR to still have the interest of sharing exotic cars in the nearest future. It’s time to think about the masses.

Scam yinmu They won distribute it silently.. they just the sleeping dog to lie Jokers. Are they suppose to SUSPEND or RETURN the rides... Mtchewww Cars that you dont even know you will survive to ride. Still survive the pandemic first and lets see who remains. It's going to be shared in secret Imagine. They've bought those cars. They don't care about us.

Cars they’ll still distribute laslas Let them share their thing o Nothing concern us Ejebi o AtoyebiBamidel2 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂naija twitter. We dòn win we dòn win we dòn win we dòn win😎

Useless people! Confirmed delivery, but they are not sharing?...why is this funny ?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Stupidity can never elude from your generation, with the crisis on ground you people are still planning to share cars, ogun we sock your blood, the car we end up to be your casket. Those doctors and nurses risking their lives during this pandemic are not even going to be rewarded with a car and I'm sure they will be owed salaries after we get through.

Retired doctors are called back to save lives during this pandemic and active doctors & nurses are at arms way trying to save lives as well without enough ppe or ventilators and hospital beds so why can't these thieves sell off these car to buys ventilators for each state. Donkeys Did they or did they not buy them.

Immediately u become a politician, ur identity changes from respected to irresponsible, from being truthful to an undiluted liars. Only few pple can relate. It wont come out of my mouth that those cars will b a coffin cuz it's my sweat and I have right to know how my tax is spent These set of selfish leaders are after their stomach and bank account, no more no less. Whether they continue now or later will change nothing, their priority we've known from the first assembly, no difference, besides some have been there for over a decade. Glutinous entities.

Imagine headline in my country.... I'm sure my placenta wasn't buried in this country.... I'm in sifia peins Instead of this Mobile Nuisance to admit they sold a goat with a broken leg to us, look at this, how art the punch fallen. ... then share later ? We'll see how many of them will remain to claim the car!

SEzekwesili But you claimed they have started distribution few days ago. Na wa o. It’s almost as if MPs have no brains. Must anyone even raise issues first before thinking is done...? 🤔 Idiots Are these leaders not useless? REVOLUTION Sigh* Misplaced priorities😥😥😥 But you purchased it already 🙄🙄 Useless people

SEzekwesili Awon Alaye baje !! They continue. Useless old fools Y'all should take all these anger to the next election, STOP electing armed rubbers..... They should sell them and donate the money for Covid-19 response. FakeNewsPunch. Your stories are incorrect. The cars had long been distributed months ago so why carrying the story. Journalism shouldn't be like this by amplifying fake news and causing discord between the citizens and their elected leaders. You guys just lost me as a customer

Make dem sell d cars and add the proceeds to relief fund of Nigerian citizens. But another question is : 'Who is ready to buy cars for now?' Bunch of nonentities Suspend 😂😂Assholes Suspender kee una der These people are mad!!! All of them People that will die and leave the car!!!! Nonsense craziness in the air

It should be disbanded and called off. One of those cars can get about 4 Ventilators. With 400 cars ordered, imagine how much ventilators we can acquire!! Selfie Criminals. But akinalabi said they already collected these cars and he's even planning to add money to his own car and swap for a bigger car. Apparently Akin Alabi ain't different from those we are dissenting

Grown fools Belated suspension which was necessitated by the viral public outcry of Nigerians on the insensitivity of the leadership of Nigeria's House of Representatives and her members. I'm not surprised at their action after rejecting Innoson SUVs and cars. Stupid and selfish people, u should have continue sharing the while the masses are crying over covid 19.

Lol Mstchheeeeeewwwwwwww No they get their exotic cars Foolish people and one idiotic rep was denying it earlier Other countries are busy buying ventilators to rescue their citizens. Our lovely country Nigeria was busy sharing cars to the lawmakers. And you expect Ogun(God of Iron) not to kee you with the car. Okay o

Suspends distribution? These people are MAD oh.. I Tell you it's getting to our neck. I don't think I will continue to pray good for our leaders anymore. whenever this car will be distributed, as they enter the car, covid19 will be waiting for them IJN AMEN There's nothing 'exotic' about a Toyota Camry to be fair🤦

Better They should return all these exortic cars to the car dealers or car manufacturers and use the money to build world class hospitals in all the 36 States of the federation. At least pressure works at times. they should not only suspend but resell those cars in exchange for ventilators and much-needed equipment. But you and I know how E dey go for igboro🤣😂

DebsExtra I bet they heard u loud and clear Clueless leaders, u hope they learn from this,the adage' as you lay your bed so shall you lay on it' They can't even pretend to be nice a person at this juncture to their people. They don't know whether they will be alive after d whole thing. Greedy people Lol Useless set of people God will surely judge

Mumu people them for share their deatiny Na the car go kill all of them. You people should shut up jare Their father Toilet newspapers, trying to play safe 😂😂😂 What a nation 🥵 🤣🤣🤣 unna dey mad Please give akinalabi his own. He added money for his car. Why didn't they suspend the importation? I thought Mr alabi said they had shared it all months agoa

They should buy ventilators with it. You are been they shared it b4 but now they have suspended it! Eeeeeeeehn You borrow money to fund budget and buy exotic cars. True meaning of wickedness and foolishness They shld not suspend it but d card b return to convert to cash & buy ventilators, medical equipments or build Hospitals for the people. This as a token to Nig at this crisis period.

These people no get sense sef.. una still dey talk about car when the people you govern are all crying of hunger and afraid of dying.. Na Ogun go kill all of una irrespective of who or what you are But they have bought it. So shameful of them Highly insensitive, heartless and greedy set of people. No good roads, no good hospitals, education section is nothing to write home about, no security and all these fools could think about is cars? How does law making and exotic cars tallies?

Am we supposed to be happy that you spent our to buy urself cars and you suspended the distribution till we have all died. Most of you will be driven to isolation centre in dose cars and will not return. If those cars would not be sold and the money used for the national good, It is better shared. Does it make any difference? The cars have been delivered to the house either they receive it now or later makes no difference. Give them and let their coro multiply ✖

This money for cars should be given to innoson to produce ventliators or procured from china Typical Nigerian government, even in recession senators and ministers go still get takeaway of billion consisting of taxpayers sweat and money Them no wan share for who go die. make Dem no need to order another one after coro go

Blunt morons Maybe our honorable want to quarantine and sanitize those cars before they roll it out. And also fumigate the roads and send their drivers to a special anointing. The protection of citizens is more paramount to anything else by any meaningful Government. Good decision. After the COVID-19 pandemic is over soon, please, let all the exotic cars bought, be sold and used to build more health centers and also rehabilitate the dilapidated ones.

The money should be used in fighting this pandemic faseun4you The last time I checked, the car price is $31,995 to naira using the N360 to $1 as the exchange rate, you will get N11,518,200 in Nigeria. Selfish people representing themselves instead of representing the electorates. Ride your car before you died. We don't need it,Nigerians can survived without you guys

Oya sell it and share the money Funny part is they are all crying and saying akin alabi is not different from them just because he came out to debunk rumor, twitter people are the most set of gullible being have ever came across Scam This is rubbish why suspend it. Give it to them of what use is it to just lay around? If you want to take action then do so by selling them off get something cheaper give the balance to setting up health centers.

See me see our Reps akinalabi They bought the cars already, it's just to distribute that remain.....Money has been spent already, so who are they deceiving Na that Toyota Camry go kill them 1 by 1 Shameless people.... To be continued. Ogun kill Rep They must be forced to sell off the cars and use the money to support relief efforts for COVID-19.

And so, did they return the cars in exchange for ventilators? ayemojubar They are still going to distribute the cars, but in secret and without fanfare. They are unconcerned about the welfare of the nation as they only serve their own selfish interests. Suspend fire Why not come out straight that you toilet paper experts goofed? Is your ego that much? 😂😂

will change nothing mother fuckers The dingbats will still collect it after all these is over, Olohun ku suru See all these mumu .... 419... HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think twitter needs to create a dislike option beside the like option. It should been 'Reps suspend distr2of exotic cars after public outcry'

Shameless media. Shameless people.. Amadioha kee all of u Thunder We have less than 100 ventilators in Nigeria. Premium or high-acuity ventilators cost $25,000. And our 400 Reps ordered for car worth of $32,000 per one, which equals $12.8m. With this, Nigeria can buy 512 ventilators. Our leaders are worse than covid 19. Worseleadership

can lie sha. They should go ahead with the distribution, its the new antivirus. Nigerian politician are Heartless... No they should order for it so that it protect them from Corona Ndi ara Vagabonds in power .........y’all will die exotic death with the so called exotic cars since you people don’t have plans for this country

All this politicians will never go unpunished ...eat the sweat of Nigerians very well but the torment of the grave...will burn you and the judgement of God will come upon you... Return those fu*king cars and order more ventilators.... Greedy people suspends sharing of cars, not thinking the other way round if they are going to see out the CoviD'19 phase...

They must all be crazy LMAOOOOO the clownery in this country knows no bounds Power is sweet when money enter power is sweeter . The members of the green chambers are balling hard. Gbogbo won ati rep oo ati house oo ati minister all of dem dey draw mad Insensitive people, God will judge soonest. Am so sorry for nigerians

Ayinkea39371904 Before nko it's shows where their loyalty lies our so called representative 😂😂😂😂JOKER😂😂😂 All the moto go loss ijn Suspend or to cancel? Shey you people are not mad like this? 🤷 Wonderful... now can it be counterbalanced for ventilators? If you guys have been doing like this, would we have any problem with you?

I thought you said they took delivery & started distribution already. Insensitive lots. Citizens are hurting and you guys are distributing vehicles amongst yourselves. I thought the death of sen rose oko will teach this fools in the national assembly that life is more than exotic cars at a time the world is grappling with coronavirus. But, what do i know ? Maybe, this exotic cars will drive u idiot's to ur various graves this year.

Return the cars and tell them we ask for refund to the last penny... Awon oloshi Conscience. Heartless irresponsible ppl. And one of them was here defending them yesterday, saying it's an old story, that the car was disbursed since February.. seriously these guys don't rate us... 🤔🤔🤔 Punch should atleast accurate with their news, yesterday Reps were distributing exotic cars now today Reps suspended distribution! Which one should we citizens believe self? Punch shd Stop confusing us biko🙅🙅🙅

Una get serious problem! When you create chaos what do you gain Better Let it be returned and cash use for solutions for covid-19 femigbaja nassnigeria We didn’t ask you suspend the distribution of the said exotic cars, we demand you return them & buy ventilators instead This is a little token for your redemption

Return those cars and order for ventilators How convenient! Good riddance! They will not survive coronavirus Abimberry Iberibe at its peak The representathieves will still come back to that. Poverty-stricken minds. Finally! 🙄 You cannot be distributing cars when there is a global pandemic NGRSenate CoronavirusOutbreak

Why now? They should continue cos I never get my own as representative of the poor akinalabi thought you said it was distributed already Exotic cars will turn to their exotic COVID-19. Awon were , mad people orumax Ogun go kill them all in this era of corona virus. They must be infected with conona virus.

Awon werey tun fe kpin moto..... ogun a kpa yin fun mi🙄 Deluded fools I hope all of them get infected and die by Covid-19 before they can drive those cars. Rubbish Ani won ti ya were are we still talking about cars . When millionaires are donating money for relief in other countries. Real leaders forfeiting their salaries in this hard time but this lunatics are sharing exotic cars. Waka

Were they supposed to purchase it in the first place? How did they even import it? Amen o But Akin Alabi said the cars have already been distributed Now House spokesperson they have not been distributed Who is lying here ? Ndi Ara Ndi Ara Better... Imamofpeace have you seen this? Start a new campaign please

Hmmmm, this would amount to being recklessly insensitive and stupid, especially at this period. It's bad enough that the citizens disapproved the purchase of these 'vanities'. In spite of our borrowings to sustain the economy, our elected officers are busy feeding their greed. God will punish all of them

Are you've paid for already, just share it idiots You people are mad , until it gets to your family members before you know how serious it is. The idiots are not even concerned This people don’t think straight before ...are they even meant to be sharing anything at this moment And someone is still expecting me to have empathy Wicked politicians .

Suspending is not the best,sell the cars & donate the money toward the fight against this pandemic outbreak. That word Exotic dey very annoying.. No they should not have suspended it ndi ara But one honorable said, they have distributed the cars already na. So why suspend something you have distributed?

Nonsense! What's the difference? It's already yours except you return back the exotic cars and give us our tax money or use it to build standard hospitals. segalink DrJoeAbah how is is that we spend such ridiculous sum of money 💰on car purchase meanwhile the reserve is🩸.Suspending the distribution does not change the fact that the cars have arrived the ports smh 400 units of 2020toyotacamry 25k USD. Pls where d 💵 from come

If not that I don't like cursing, I would have said the exotic car would kill you bastards. A country that will only make the life of a politician comfortable and not it's citizens in this COVID19 self na country way get head? No,they should resume and share their cars. Don't believe this people's oh , they get better plans

'suspend' lmao... Yahoo ni gbogbo yin Imagine our soldiers are dying and you’re enjoying distributing cars to yourself😢😢😢 God will punish ALL of them. I just pray that all politicians who has been tested positive to COVID19 die ASAP🙏🙏🙏☺☺☺ Though akinalabi said it happened months ago? BuhariResign

ayemojubar Don't suspend. They should reject and convert the money to good public use that will be beneficial to the masses and the country at large. Something they are driving already They should return the cars.. What nonsense.. Return the cars and share the money to their constituencies Lol ayemojubar Pressure Pays

...but they will still distribute the cars later!😀😀😀 Shameless individuals BuhariResign Accident that won't b curable and later turn to die my prayer for them is not much than that ayemojubar Not true. These cars have been distributed months ago according to akinalabi No Make seem proceed 🙄 Aye wọn ma bajẹ ni, awọn werey eyan.

ayemojubar They are thinking it's the timing dats the problem... they don't know or dey have refuse to accept their deeds of extravagant spending of public funds on some selected few as the problem. Lies And u shall All get accident in it insha Allah whenever u start sharing it akinalabi, is this a stale news also?

Oh No you don’t have to halt it... please distribute it because you’ll still do it after all. You might need some more money as well... please take loans just as you’ve always been taking it. It won’t kee you. We like it that way... Spend this money please and please They should go ahead and distribute it. I wish them and their family d tragedy dey wish dis country

No now, why They need those cars now!! Which car will they now be using Pls share abeggg!! Let us suffer Exotic cars that will lead to your deaths Why now.... I thought they have become monster's. This nonchalant attitude of our elite will one day trigger the inevitable. You for no suspend am We will swear for you with corona virus

Even in the midst of a life threatening epidemic we are going through ?This people get mind to demand for car. At this point every man has to bear his father's name and Carry his cross. And how is that going to help their useless course? I hope gullible Nigerians are getting wiser now. Come 2023 when they come with their lies again, stone them. God purnish any politician that will include borehole, youths empowerment, poverty alleviation in his manifesto coz they are lies.

Ndiara.. Sell it off and add the money to whatever that's been given to ncdc to fight this pandemic.... Are u whining me ni. the Nigerian reps that I know. If they cannot distribute in peace in public, privacy will be activated. Deceiving the populace House of criminals To think that none of them has been confirmed to have tested positive to COVID-19. A group of selfish and shameless lot.

Those cars should be used as ambulance NCDCgov ShehuSani SPNigeria NGRPresident Look at the type of things discussed in the house of rep. Imamofpeace come and see something Nonsense Akin Alabi said the cars have already been distributed. He said you peoole are lying. Right? akinalabi Ori gbogbo yin ti yi danu... are they returning them to the factory for refund? Are they not gon share later? Better share the cars and explode

chaplinez70 Fake news to distract us which suspend, once coronavirus clear, u will see them riding up and down You people need to stop with your click bait headlines!!!! Eventually a proper news outlet would come and knock you guys off. Bastards Let them sell those cars and use the money to upgrade our health facilities

They are mad! They should return the cars and exchange them for ventilators!! Idiots!! May y'all rot 6ft beneath the earth this year. Amen! It still doesn't change the fact that they will still collect it. I think cancellation would have been better. And beside, who is taking records of the donations made so far and why are the masses not been tested.

Lol i love the emphasis on the word exotic There is no need suspending the allocation. It's even better to share the cars for no one knows who amongst them will survive the COVID-19 pandemic That is another suspicious move, they should return the cars or sale them all to nigerian car dealers then use the proceeds to do something that will be beneficial to all, until then am still suspecting this new twist.

Why did the idiota even buy it in the first place? After distributing the cars, they now announce suspension. Of course there's nothing to distribute. This covid-19 has been very kind to evil rulers. Share the cars and share Covid_19 by God's grace E jebi 🙄 Shame catch dem but why recieve the order in the first place

No oo continue na People that God will punish We are cursed with leaders who will place their need for luxury over our well being. I pity Nigerians na only God go punish una akinalabi Over to you tickin_clocks Won stupid gan So Dem go still buy the Exotic cars Las Las our Rep Sha Aye yin ma baje ni. Sopona lo MA PA yin

Scam.. How about a return of exotic cars and then a request for refund as the country wallows into recession. We can’t afford their luxurious lifestyle In the rubbish Because of the Swift publicity,abi? Stupid Nigerian reps Why not continue with the display of foolishness Shameless people Awwwn criminals Thanks to covid 19 I guess this is making you people to start repenting Useless set of people

It should be handed over to those involved in making interventions in Covid-19 and giving back to them, after fumigation, when this is over. thedamiade Why was punch giving a false news previously exactly what akinalabi was mad about yesterday! It’s well a whole punch Those cars will explode. Won jebi! Ori won ti buru

They need not to stop the nonsense. Suspend or return? No make them continue... awon jartijarti To be shared on another day Hahahahaha. Hypocrites 🤣🤣 thatgoddess____ Useless fellow Ndi ala They will return it and order for 2021 model if covid-19 persits beyond 3months. ...hmm i know this people I wonder where and on which road they will drive the cars if the don't fix this mess up before it's get out of hand

Useless set of people give them exotic sicknesses!!! They should return them.......not suspend distribution I often know these NGRSenate and house of rep meant no good to the well being of the masses selfish pple But the cars are already bought😂😂😂 Clowns 🤡 🤡 🤡 Varnished various things 🤣😂😂😂useless ppls in wicked country 🤣 😭

Only suspend? Not suspension alone, they should as well abrogate the act of distributing cars to themselves since they are collecting huge money Very terrible sets of people.... They should return it back and use the money to buy ventilator machines if actually they have Nigeria at heart They can never emulate good things the US is doing .. J.Trump signed $2.2trn stimulus package for all citizens.. but here they care more about material things ..rather than humanity..

People that the Covid will kill How does this help covid19 are they going to return the cars for cash, use it to distrubute aids n transport aid workers or just hide n collect it in secret BuhariResign Clowns 🤡 Shameless people It will get to you big time, after all most Nigerian have nothing to loose. Eyin were

One of the reps is a liar... Punch continue, don't go down with buharists. Koni da fun awon rep Nigeria Let them donate half of their pay for the masses who are sitting at home now Nigerians politician with chi-exotic cars I’m ashamed for them that such is their concern at this time. These people are after people’s money even at this point. Greedy set of leaders

Clowns Does that mean they won't s distribute it later They will still bury them in that car Elect a clown you get a circus. I know that soldiers will be the one guarding the cars. They should return the car and use the money for the much needed control of the pandemic. Suspension is not good enough Lolzzzz awon warey oshi

Just yesterday they were discussing it and now today they've suspended it.. Why would they even thinking about this at this point in time? Stupid old people... BuhariResign StayAtHomeAndStaySafe StaySafeNigeria Money they would have used for more ventilators to help patients suffering with This deadly virus.. they used it for cars like they don’t have enough... selfish bastards

What is exotic about any car for God sake? Why, how are these people excited over some Toyota cars? This only show they were all poor in the first place. Here in 🇬🇧 anyone can buy any car if you ve got good credit history Na motor go jam them People don murder them on SM😂 Why suspending what they have already wasted country's resource. They should rather return the cars

Naija Twitter 1:hor 0 Wickedness in high places. You guys should sell it off and use the monies recovered to support other well meaning Nigerians to ensure we beat this Corona virus. Self centered set of human beings in power Chaiiiii who do us na They have enough already... We need ventilators sell the cars and get ventilators

Stupid lots Greedy and senseless people Suspended ! But kept safe, then continue after lives are lost, loved ones are gone. This people don’t care about the masses , only themselves. Camry government. Will they get the refund of the awarded contract and channel the funds to flattening the curve? Do as I say, but not as I do nassnigeria .....Preaching local production patronage for the citizens, but having foreign appetite!

Exotic Cars that will kill everyone of you, none of you will last one year with it Am sorry, but that's the only prayer I have for them Even at that, the $25,000 dollars for purchasing each of the so called exotic cars should be use to get ventilators but they won't do that, rather they will wait until the pandemic is over and resume the car distribution. PrayForNigeria

Better news would have been: Reps sold exotic cars and refund money to support COVID-19 fight. awon wereyy. Corona afflict all these insensitive lot Great move. Nice thoughts but not just suspending but sending them back and demanding for refund of funds spent purchasing them exotic cars. Those funds will sure build an least two standard hospitals

I don't sha believe anything from this government Suspended? Shouldn’t it be rather turned over? Better Awon werey oloriburuku. They have another plan... government that doesn't care about their citizens (bunch of fool's)🤧🤧 I thought Akin Alabi said the cars has been distributed long ago. Government so full of lies. BuhariResign

Oh wonderful, can they start working with the money they loot too, please send this to them. useless people Better

Six test positive for COVID-19 Six test positive for COVID-19An International Olympic Committee taskforce has been called 'irresponsible' after the Turkish Boxing Federation said two fighters and a coach who took part The nation need some sense why can't write the country to avoid confusion. Headline not consistent with article.

COVID-19: FRSC arrests 144 for overloading of passengers – Daily TrustThe Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has arrested a total of 144 offenders for overloading of vehicles in persons. The FRSC, in a statemen... These ones pose for photo ni Are they not isolating themselves too? SocialDistancing We are not ready. COVID19NIGERIA

COVID-19: Italian football President predicts ending date for Serie A season - Daily Post NigeriaPresident of the Italian Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, has predicted that the 2019-20 Serie A season could be concluded in August this year

COVID-19: FG begins fumigation of offices in Aso RockThe fumigation of the State House, including the office of President Muhammadu Buhari, commenced Thursday morning.The Nation reliably gath... Are you only genuine and living souls in Nigeria? Make Dem flash ur bank account too atall atall Selfish people.. They should start with public places and residential area before the Aso Rock.. The leaders of Nigeria are very selfish and self centered.m

COVID-19: World Athletics Commission hails postponement of 2020 Olympics GamesThe World Athletics Athletes’ Commission on Thursday said it welcomes the decision from Japanese Government and the International Olympic Commission...

COVID-19: Katsina postpones Pension verification for Civil ServantsThe Katsina State Government on Thursday postponed the ongoing Pension verification exercise and other forms of internal and external ...