Reps order 400 exotic cars, reject Nigerian brands

Nigerian Brands, Reps Exotic Cars

Nigerian Brands, Reps Exotic Cars


Reps order 400 exotic cars, reject Nigerian brands

Speaker, House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila Leke Baiyewu, Abuja The House of Representatives has resolved to acquire Toyota Camry 2020 model for members as official cars, otherwise called utility vehicles. The resolution was reached at an executive (closed-door) session held on February 5, 2020, The PUNCH reliably learnt on Friday. A source in the chamber, who spoke on condition of anonymity as members were forbidden from disclosing details of the discussions at the closed-door meeting, said the National Assembly would purchase 400 exotic cars. The lawmaker, however, kept mum on the cost of each car. When contacted on Sunday, a representative of Elizade Nigeria Limited, a foremost Toyota brand distributor, said the 2020 model had yet to arrive in the country. The representative, however, said the 2019 model was N26.75m and N35.75m (for V6 engine). The 2020 model is expected to be costlier. A check on the website of Toyota showed that the price of the car, depending on the variants, is between $25,000 (N9,000,000 at N360 to a dollar) and $35,000 (N12,600,000), excluding the cost of shipping, import duty which is 70 per cent of the net cost and other clearing charges and taxes at the port. For instance, those with higher specification, as the National Assembly usually goes for higher range of vehicles, are XLE at $29,455; XLE V6 at $34,580; XSE at $30,005 and XSE V6 at $35,130. At the meeting, the lawmakers were said to have rejected Nigerian brands, insisting on foreign ones, preferably imported and not locally assembled. The lawmaker said a proposal to patronise Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing, a Nigerian brand based in Nnewi, Anambra State, was rejected. READ ALSO: Oshiomhole loyalists compile evidence against Obaseki The lawmaker said, “It is Toyota Camry 2020. Manga will supply 300 of the vehicles. The person who supplied the Senate will supply the remaining 100. Someone suggested Innoson. I feel he was being sarcastic. He is from Anambra.” Already, about 14 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Jeeps were said to have already been shared to the presiding and principal officers as well as chairmen of select House committees. Giving the breakdown of how the vehicles would be shared, the source said the 400 saloon cars would be allocated to each of the 360 members and some top management staff, Chiefs of Staff to the two presiding officers as well as some of their special advisers and assistants. Another member of the House, who also declined to be named, said some of the vehicles had been supplied while new members who did not get committee appointments would be the beneficiaries of the first batch. Copyright PUNCH. All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. Contact: DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Because they are all omo akotileta. Why? with all due respect make everybody just shut up. Plz Oga Rep people, you guys should order additional 400 making it 800.. Because all we can do as Nigerians is rant and rant on social media platforms while you guys visibly rip our flesh off our bodies. We won't protest..

......and they want us to EAT LOCAL RICE? You all are selfishly-heartless! Ndi oshe.Ole. Can't they apply for loans to buy their brand that is not Nigerian made. Why must they continue to feed fat at the expense of all the hardship in the land? After 4 years they will be asking for severance package? What a country!

Wicked & insensitive lawbreakers ! Looters in d house. Useless people. Charity begins at home How is this helping the economy Government are the real scams International community and those giving LOANS to Nigerian govt should now know how Nigerian govt spent the billions of dollars they borrowed, and should be ashamed of themselves for giving a highly corrupt contraption like Nigeria a loan

What Happened to Buy Nigerian and Grow the NAIRA? Hypocritical set of Rulers called politicians.

Alleged fraud: Reps want NIGCOMSAT mgt sacked – Daily TrustChairman, House of Representatives Committee on Finance, James Falake, yesterday said he would recommend that the management of the Nigerian Communications Satellite, (NIGCOMSAT) be sacked for alleged incompetency. He spoke when the NICOMSAT’s management, led by its Managing Director, Abimbola Alade, appeared before the committee at the resumed investigative hearing into the under-remittance by major …

if I say something bad now. Stupid mumu Dem.. Idiot reps Naija Don burst Mad o The Security of this Country is never their problem , the killings and Death everywhere in this nation is never their concern CNN channelstv AJEnglish When I see most of these things I feel like running Facebook Ads for the Boko Haram guys.

Brands? With ‘s’? Really? Lets close the border on foreign rice and brands and patronize made in Nigeria but the reps want Foreign Cars, please this country is a joke. JosephAnyaa the nairabet man is in the house of representatives right? 2moro they want us to eat Nigeria rice, buy Nigeria goods, oga na by example

Kidnapping now lucrative than any other business — Namdas, Chairman, Reps committee on army

Are these guys serious at all? Abi our mumu never do for this people..... woodswenabi27 'buy Nigeria, sell Nigeria', but they're busy buying non-nigerian.This country is in disarray. We can't buy foreign rice but y'all can buy foreign cars Gbogbo yin o ni Ku re Nigeria politics is a scam all from A to Z .I wish youth we open there two eyes and reject this people offer and believe that if there is no youths there we be no future

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 wandafuu Alawada gbo gbo I heard this and I was not surprised at all My country is a mess These people

Reps laments state of correctional facilities, says inmates being held in inhumane conditions – Daily TrustThe House of Representatives Committee on Reformatory Institutions has said inmates of Nigerian Correctional facilities are still being held in inhuman conditions in violation of the Correctional Act.

But this government preaches MADE IN NAIJA PRODUCTS !!! What a nation. POSTERITY WILL JUDGE YOU ALL Exotic cars for egoistic legislators in an epileptic economy The citizens are the enabler of this injustice The president's hospital is abroad, their children schools are located abroad, even their snacks are made abroad, their clothes and shoes are either Italian or Paris ..... don't you think is will not be comfortable doing all of these in a local car?

One-day the budget is what they will use to buy shoe They don't practice what they preach Allah ya isa 😥 Ask these house members d response would be I am there to represent public interest. Call to service indeed. My own point of view is that igbo’s should support there own person by buying innoson cars, not only igbo’s even the hole all the house including mr president, let be proud of our own made cars and boost it in the international market.

When we pray that the Lord should destroy Nigeria's enemies, these are the ones we are really talking about.

Nigerian Air Force did not kill 250 insurgents – OfficialThe Nigerian Air Force says a ‘Breaking News Flash’ with the headline “Nigerian Air Force Kills Over 250 Boko Haram Fighters In Maiduguri” is totally fake. Is it the killings in Kaduna? Its Nigerian police that did it We didn't hear Nigeria airforce what you foolish bloggers said is Nigerian police

Our leaders are not encouraging us at all but they can fight us for our local. Omaga oooo No problem! I thought Nigeria was broke. Guess we've solved Education, Power, Security and Transportation problems. 🙄 Thieves all of you Interesting people . these r the policymakers dt r suppose to build made in Nigeria goods. They r rejecting it. Someone pls tell me. Is dis not selfish interest. Dey dont even have the Nigerian flag flying in their hearts. Sorry for this entity we call Home

Next Level! Ah😲😲 segalink please are u seeing this? They told us that our borders were closed bcz they want us to patronise Nigerian made goods but then turn around to do exactly the opposite of what they're saying we should do. Nigeria's biggest problem is religion...2nd is Not simply tribe but Northerners....Then Politicians.. They become united when its time to feed their pockets.. But To help Rescue Nigerians in Wuhan none of them has said angthing on that matter. And also why reject Innoson motors

' preferably imported and not locally assembled' this simpled means they don't even trust the system they pilot. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Anybody should be killed watin CONCERN this our law breaker God dey ooooo So innoson cars are not fit for NigeriaGov reps but local rice is good abi,don't worry we shall all wake up someday.

Security: As Leaders, We Owe Nigerians Actions, Not Only Explanation – LawanSecurity: As Leaders, We Owe Nigerians Actions, Not Only Explanation – Lawan. You are just waking up 😂😂 And this talk na action one abi? Well done ooo.. Action Congress people What's the point in saying out the words again, put them to action instead.

Selfishness... they will never contentment The soaring heights of hypocrisy. Corrupt presidency, more corrupt legislature and whitewashed judiciary. Which way Naija? Nigeria my kwantree😂 If I hear peem🤐, this happens every tenure and we rant just like we ranting now. Ain't nothing change reps gonna rep, and senators gonna senate till we get sense

BLACK HATES BLACK 😑☹️ Just imagine how this guys are lounging God and it's citizens are being denied basic amenities, soliders and lots of our Armed Forces are not giving process care and attention. God will frustrate every one making us go tru pains in Jesus name. Amen And they are saying use Nigeria products where as they don't use it.

What they do with our money And they want me to continue eating that stone filled rice. Mtcheeww...ohh our Nigeria😭

General elections: Speaker Gbajabiamila reveals plans to allow Nigerians in Diaspora vote - Daily Post NigeriaThe Speaker of the House of Representatives Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila, has assured that the 9th House is committed to the issue of Diaspora voting. Grand Theft auto! Did I say it right!!! Not enough questionable votes in Nigeria now seeking them from outside U can’t even control the system in Nigeria, how much more external system!! Grand theft lacerny!

The most amazing job in the world They never made laws to represent Nigerians. Why must their cars do so? Imagine... Ordinary House of Rep members and they are still alive. Are we not completely doomed like this? People that should be locked up in one room and burnt to ashes. and we still wont say anything.

let me not type what came to my mind so I don’t grieve the holyspirit Empty grade bums Am I really in the right country?hmmm because all these set of people called our representative are nothing but a very wicked and bad leaders . As usual...there's nothing any zootizen can do about it...😎 In a country where hard working people could not even afford a fairly used car for themselves, God will judge y'all. This is part of what monies borrowed are spent on. Na autocrash go kill una

Izzy_lion your people

All we do is just hide behind the keyboard and type shit ...we are all cowards All of them should be removed from office Thank you punch for reporting this kind of story. It's a hard reminder of the kind of hypocritical leaders we have! I thought they said the problem was YakubDogara. femigbaja is now in charge but similar results. Seems these guys only represent themselves.

Congratulations on your new cars.. The car will be the source of you death (except those with real good intentions for the country) Only if your heads are stringers than those of the tax payers you're living on their sweats This is fine since National Assembly is not under bukolasaraki , we wonder where those sponsored jesters occupyNass are today that they are mute at this time when this assembly is killing Nigerians with their wobbling policy

Lmaoooo. More of it. please do ban more local, sorry foreign products. And they forced us to be eating stone called local rice. Thank God there is improvement this days sha Eleribu ppl These are the visible criminals killing Nigeria .goch. They think and plan not for the unborn generations of this nation.

Wonderment Tomorrow they will be talking of buying made in Nigeria products. Are these crop of reps not hypocrites? Why don't we support/promote ourselves Wicked law makers.They r busy allotting money to themselves while millions of Nigerians r living in abject porverty. We urge Nigerians to start preparing for insurrection.

femigbaja u people close borders for foreign this not to come in like rice but today u people rejected Nigeria brand car and going for foreign cars government of lies and propaganda These are the so called leaders killing this country, tomorrow they shout ' Patronise made-in-Nigerian.....the ground will open 1 day and swallow that Aso rockand all that dwell......

Funny See Unity when it comes to money matter.. Fools. But they want us to eat locally made sand filled rice.

The kalokalo federal house of Representatives. What happened to all the cars used by the previous house members? HouseNGR what the hell do you want to use 400 cars for. You people are not God fearing human beings at alll 🖕 You voted them in naa. During election campaign they will share money to Nigerians and all these will be forgotten. We never see anything

This is our parliament Decisions like these are unanimous. These ones never for once like anything Nigeria plus including the people. One day na one day monkey go go market... Japan is grateful. Sigh! But.there is a budget deficit and we need domestic and foreign loan to fund this 2.18trn in deficit, never mind cost cutting!

A time we come we are gonna eat dem all... Awon eleribu!

Is the border now open for IMPORT of foreign EXOTIC products? Who are they representing? Obviously not a prudent being. Yet they want Nigerian Economy to Magically grow. These bunch are quixotic in ideas and reasoning. NGRSenate HouseNGR NGRPresident MBuhari What a country! What happened to 'buy the Naira to grow the Naira'

After the forced us to eat local rice.. Layeee. But wait... Why is this country like this... 2020 model!!!!! . They closed the borders and forced poor masses to eat Nigerian rice but they opened the borders to import very expensive foreign cars for “special “ Nigerians. What a country If we are forced to eat local rice full of stones, our lawmakers must be forced to use innoson vehicles even with any technical fault. That's patriotism, economic saboteurs shouldn't be sitting in our Hallow Chambers.

Exotic cars....... Chai! Am leaving this country for south sudan 😭😭😭😭😢😢

Hope yall include the bullet proof customizations I hope that one day we will all stop ranting on social media and actually takes to the street and do something about it National assembly members are the greatest thieves in the country presently. so wicked and self centred Nigerians enjoy being treated like dirt by the people serving them. They’re unbothered. The Igbos are busy with entrepreneurship, the Yorubas are busy fighting the Igbos, the few different Northerners are besotted hating the Igbos and luring the Yorubas into their web of deceit..

We Soo dead in this country National assembly look like whre dey do birthday n act based on script These people will mandate us using Nigeria products but they will not seize to prioritize foreign products!. They shouldn’t give them any car again simple. If they can’t support Nigerian Brands. Very patriotic human beings

Nawa ooo!!! what is the point of closing down the border or Mr president always preaching patronize Made in Nigeria products or is Made in Nigeria products just for the poor Nigerian masses? 😥

Ogun kill dem all as dey enta d new cars Una papa, come collect Maybach from me. 😭 damolaade Imagine them telling us to grow Naija economy and they are going after exotic cars, we still have a long way to go in this country. Every man to himself. It is obvious the borders were closed against the poor masses and not the rich. Believe in Nigeria, buy made in Nigeria to grow the Naira. If we don't produce it, don't use it. SERAP, Femi Falana and Human Rights Activists, pls, save us from these vampires.

They closed the borders so they can grow the economy but they refuse to use what was grown and manufactured locally rather they prefer foregn cars and products at the detriment of the people they begged to lead But they block the borders because they want loyal citizens to patronize Nigerian rice n foods. conspiracy

You had a closed-door meeting on the luxury cars you want to get but not for the insecurity bedevilling this country.....Smh🤨 These people are bleeding this country of its foreign reserves. Buy Nigeria to grow Nigeria. If we don't produce it don't use it. SERAP, Femi Falana and Human Rights Activists, pls, save us from these vampires.

Wait o. Is there no law that states that Nigerians can protest over this? Someone suggested Innoson but you felt he was being sarcastic...🙄

If they can compel us to eat local rice they must drive made In Nigeria cars. Poor Nigerians, feeding fat on tax payers money and buying expensive and luxury cars after they are belle full. Who do we offend self to have deserve such a cruel treatment from these wasters? Close border on foreign rice but buy foreign cars. Hypocrites in power.

Useless people , see how people are killed by BokoHaram, they increase VAT , still company that produce in the country and pay Tax , they refuse to buy our own product , Indian buy there own , China do the same and the United state , How can the Country become developed when we don't make effort in working towards that? When we patronise our own products, we are bringing back value to our currency and boosting our economy. Lead_with_example

But we can eat sandy rice ... that’s good Nigeria brand of democracy is a fraud! It’s about (me, I, my, mine and self). Yet they make us eat made in Nigeria rice and make us wear and use made in Nigeria 🇳🇬 things. Is not bad to use things produced by us. But lead by example... hypocritical beings!! How can the Country become developed when we don't make effort in working towards that? When we patronise our own products, we are bringing back value to our currency and boosting your economy. Lead_with_example

2011 lincoln town car still a prime executive car for politicians in Washington DC. Wat a fairly used country we are Abeg who do this country na And the funny part they always have a justified reason for this purchase. Please these guys should go and be educated on what to do with tax payers money please 🙏

Bikonu let them divide this country let the north and the west enjoy Nigeria... I'm tired 😪😪 Imagine rejecting ours They preach that we should patronize made in Nigeria, but they can't lead by example. Shameless lots Nonsense ideology. Shame.. It's sad to hear the politicians across board sing new song when they secure a political office

Things will get worse than this until we stand our ground and let them know that OurMumuDonDo The money is enough to start a Tpyota plant in Nigeria! In Kanye's words these ain't even Christlike How do we grow?

They call themselves lawmakers, but they are rogues. Why can't they patronize innoson? There was a country. Please, is there anyway this can be stopped?.. Like is there annnnnyyyyy possible way. We are a nation filled with learned individuals.... This is obviously wrong!!! Is There Any Way This Can Be Stopped?..

Which Nigerian brands do we have These ones are just representing themselves. No joy for the masses NIGERIA MUST DIVIDE,WE ARE NOT ONE AND WE CAN NEVER BE. ANIMALS ONE NIGERIA IS THE BIGGEST SCAM OF THE CENTURY May God punish all of them. There is no way u want to defend this goverment that you won’t look stupid

I thought we have 360 HOR members, whats the other 40 for?

Eat Nigerian rice, they say but drive Japanese Cars when behind a wheel. Dear Orwell, your farm is blossoming with all cadre of economic CASH crops:Executhieve, legislootive, and Judicial-thieves. Signed: The farmworkers. Nigerian youths, get your passports n move, these people v no plan for us. Ban foreign rice and buy foreign cars

I am just tired of all this news And how do we grow the naira These people are in different world. They closed border on the poor. The borders are open to them. U shall die in those cars Nigeria scatter scatter And it shall not be well with them..... Àwọn oloribu Innoson should produce exotic cars too. I will love to buy one of its car. But I can only see SUV

Our Patriotic Leaders leading by example.... Kudos QuotedReplies It shows their real motive 😈 And we Nigerians will continue attacking ourselves whilst the thieves continue stealing. I am APC, no, PDP better....they're all same mad people. Currupt, ravaging elements They want us to use made in Nigeria products but they will rather import.

This bastards. God will punish every one of them that's around N3,557,400,000.00 (3.55billion). And they still have mind to ride it on the road they over budget for. Well, the Rich must stay awake because the poor wouldn't sleep. Brother Gbaja, what was the purpose of the 'Buy Nigeria' and Borders Closures? Nigerians we're gradually getting there, brace yourselves.

Na today? Las las....We go dey alright one day Sigh. Adoju tini gbogbo🤦‍♂️

I thought they said this 9th assembly leaders will be better.Apc keep fooling fools since 2015 They're busy buying cars when they cannot pay their citizens gratuity for 16 months living like beggers after servicing the nation for 35 years exotic rice vs Nigerian rice. If that be the case,we Nigerians reject Nigerian foodstuffs and materials?we need our borders open and we need foreign foodstuffs and materials.

One is driven to wonder, are we really this selfish ? Are we solely structured to draw each other down I WEPT! And their voters will get pepper and tomatoes grinding machines , isorite ....yet, someone asked, how in this world we'd have a constitutional review? with all these jumbo extravagant wastages

D budget is always for d politicians no doubt. But they want us to eat made in Nigeria stone rice!! What happened to buy Nigeria to grow Nigeria? You see yourselves? Muyivva Dotun_Popson AdedapoTreasure realDonaldTrump

These people don't care about the state of the economy as long as it is good enough to ensure the comfort of their office These people are just eating the country's money for nothing o How can you order 400 exotic cars and even go ahead to reject innosson Whereas some people are finding it hard to afford the Nigerian made rice full of stones

Great that our reps( leaders) are promoting made in Nigeria goods.femigbaja FemAdesina MBuhari ProfOsinbajo DrAhmadLawan You all are the problem of this country. You want to get rich and buy expensive exotic cars but when reps or senators do it you start saying this and that 400 so-branded exotic cars for our lawmakers. Have they not been driving to the Nass since they became Honourable men and women. Wonders shall never end in Nigeria. Another wasteful expenditure. Mr Gbajabiamila, watch your steps.

They couldn't patronize our products. Such a shame! Bad example! See the kind of people we voted in to represent us. Such a shame! Colombians say 'God made our land so beautiful it was unfair to the rest of the world. So to even the score, God populated the land with a race of evil men.' Nigerians say the same too.

I will be so happy if a law is enforce that no Nigerian politician child or children should travel out for schooling until they finished there university here in Nigeria... Think of it, The root of Nigerias' problem are it's people...The Nigerian government are not up to 30% of our total population in its entirety. They make life difficult for us, and we aren't boiling yet?!... we love suffer.

I weep for my country.

🙆🏽‍♂️ 😂 All ma guys are ballers What jazz are these people using on us? This isn't oju lasan. They have finish work on 200million people. 😭 iam_Daposh I’m so done with this country. So when it comes to the Reps using locally made products they rejected that but enforcing us consume locally made rice. What makes the difference btw the two? Hypocrites oshi🤦‍♂️😏

This Country is dead Na only English we sabi speak. Call protest everybody go lock door. Lead protest, if police nab you everybody go close your case. Everybody please get back to work until Nigerians begin stone this guys in public,nothing will change.This one is just 1.0 version,2.0 upgrade is coming...probably a choice mansion in dubai for each of them

Buy Naija to grow naira is not for these ppl. Those guys don't want Innoson brand to flourish. In a country with debt crisis, the poverty capital of the world, and we have reps member are going to have 2020 model cars... Cars bought with tax payers money. These are the real robbers...These are our detractors...these are the real devils

This goverment don't love us Thepeople

But they are forcing local rice down our throats. I bet if Innoson is from the north it would have been a different narrative all together. femigbaja sir, is this really happening? Common sense is not common in that house africaupdates A group of selfish and greedy people! Where in this world can you find law makers reject their locally manufactured car in favor of a foreign brand. This is a flagrant display of greed, selfishness, unpatriotism and impunity. On whose money? They should all be sent packing!

All of you at house of rep are mad big MAD, you clamour for indigenous product but you rejected innosonvehicles, don't worry, import your coffin. Demons on seat Nigerian government is a typical example of do as I say but don’t do as I do. They can't swindle funds if they buy Nigerian brands.

but wait o. I am very sure all these senators already have a car or even cars. is it necessary to get a new one with public funds. what about the cars that they bought for the past senators or do they go with the cars after their tenor? Nigerian 'leaders' are showing the younger generation who are mostly unemployed or underemployed pepper. Yet they hail. Researchers need to study this type of humans trapped in Nigeria.

People that vote these guys in are the bigger clowns aligthebaptist Can we just blow up the country and start all over. IDIOTS!!! Can someone refund my nationality All of a sudden APCNigeria & OfficialPDPNig members of nassnigeria HouseNGR & NGRSenate are pals & in unison over the use of foreign cars over locally made brands. No quarrel, no fight abi? Issoraite I'd understand if NigeriaGov is not a begging for money all over the world

Y’all ain’t shit smh And these are the bunch that preach buy naija to grow Naija.. una dey mad! i firmly hold D opinion that it is rather unwise 4 any Nigerian especially the Youth with future ambitions to believe Nigeria will be great 1 day. As long as we are unable to get rid of this cycle of leaders, Nigeria is a sinking ship..either you bail out or you sink with it

Can we all see now that these people are the same? I have not read nor heard anyone among them be it in APC, PDP, apga etc who raises objection. Rogues in govt Closed the border for food and open it for vehicles... you can't promote Nigerian made product (innoson motors) but sha... There's rice in kano.

Restructuring will stop this mess. I pray my God will punish all of them. After eating stone rice for months so now they can reject home made innoson. They're rejecting innoson motors cos he ain't from the north ....buh forcing everyone to buy dangote cement... But foreign rice is an issue .... NGRSenate no wahala..... We will do as you did

Anyways I don't blame them, the people sold their rights for bags of rice and foodstuffs and some for minute sums of money, The people are largely ignorant and illiterate if not,a good number of these guys would have been recalled by now.... When we don’t buy our product how will our economy grow and tomorrow Buhari will run to China to borrow money

My Father! My Father,, please enable the sense button of our Leaders. In Jesus name I Pray. Amen. Clowns of the highest order.

Abeg which brand punch dey use do there work? If as a young Nigerian you believe fighting for your country isn’t worth it then just shut up and accept whatever comes. This can’t happen in western countries simply because the leaders know the people will speak up in mass. Oh That is the only thing these ones know how to sanction ..Disgraceful lot

And dey wnt us to be eating local stone rice For as many of una when dey waste our resources but no dey do una work, make God punish una. Selfish country 😥💔 Ahhh and you say I won't be a politician seefinish Tax payers money not good enough to be spent on what's generating the tax money 🙄 seefinish Who did we offend in this country

🤦🏼‍♂️ Oga o! Amidst low pay and bad welfare for our troops and security agencies! Shey the one wey dem dey use don expire ni? Demikiwala militaryblower The laws they make do not bind on them, majorly, laws are made for the masses 👌 emmaikumeh Neither MBuhari nor the Ruling Elite would do NADA! Just an over 15,000 Nigerian Youths, who are PATRIOTS can FORCE a RestructuredNigeria on these Elite. READ👇👇👇👇 2023: NIGERIAN YOUTHS, WHAT STRUCTURAL CHANGE ARE YOU DEMANDING FROM YOUR ELITE?

Shame!!!see your lives in the public as yoruba will say.😁😁😁👎👎 femigbaja Mr Speaker, i think you will tow the part of honour and write your name in the history of this nation as a true people’s leader if this plan to waste tax payers on cars is shelved. There is hunger in the land and you and your colleagues cannot be insensitive to it.

There was once a LEGISLATIVE... House of Reps? They're all jokes... The main problem of Nigeria is from these sect of demented individuals womenvoiceNG_ This is shameful, we the people and leaders have no idea of the sacrifices that leadership calls for. At a time like these nobody wants to make sacrifices. We see the religious leaders spending profile when they gather money from mostly poor people. Poverty is driving us all.

These people just dey use Nigerians catch cruise. Order 400 cars just like that, damn!!!!

Watch Nigerians React To Reps Rejecting Innoson Vehicles As Official Cars - Streetpinions The day you ask Nigerians to patronize made in Nigeria goods is the day God will destroy you. On top of our 7.5 VAT may God judge them femigbaja una too no mean well for us..... We leave you for God........ These people are only there in the interests of themselves. God is watching every single one of you.

akinalabi pls how true is this? At least you're a member ,a word from you will be of a great deal here.. But they want us to eat Nigeria rice😂😂😂 What are the electorates going to do about it? Nothing ☻ We are fooling around thinking that we have effective NA, they too are fighting for their pockets This people should be in rehab

They will never change from their extravagant life style!!

Shame on them... After they will come here and say buy made in Nigeria It's not funny anymore, try different jokes Nigeria, lost cause! womenvoiceNG_ nassnigeria NGRSenate HouseNGR NGRPresident you people have started.. Why are you all greedy, are you not all comfortable the way you are.. Is this the change or next level you all clamored for.. Is this why you all rig elections jus to amass wealth. Your all the same

But they want us to be eating Nigeria rice Niggas shld have the opay bikes, 200. Then gokada 200, take uber go convoy. Una no need am. Fraud makers Nigerians elected people to be squandering their money. That's democracy in Nigeria Shame on them Jokers

Ya all need to really take time to see this video to understand what exactly is going on in the country and why there will never be a solution without revolution or we just split. In Nigeria,the poor are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer,what will the next generation say about you,naa waaoo.

Afterall we know what they're there for. They even display it under our watch. Demonstration of........ Leading by example for sure That promotes the interest of workers in foreign lands at the expense of Nigerian youths to be employed. Many Nigerians will find it hard, as I do, to accept a situation where public spendings shrink opportunities for Nigerians. It’s their rights only if they use their own money.

Voters! Over to you. Democracy works Must we do this everytime (year in year out) both at the state and federal level? Can’t this money go into something better We can’t even afford this kind of luxury as a nation but we have decided not to have sense. Selfish lot!!!! Money that can be used for far better things.

How many brands of cars do we manufacture here in Nigeria, you people with rubbish headline. Because you want to get people's attention Naira Marley -. Our leaders don't even lives in Nigeria' I thought we have 300 and something Reps in Nigeria as at 2018 when I heard last from Nigeria. Which among them is taken 2 cars.

Wawu These people are big problem to this nation BLE__SSING On which road are you gonna drive these exotic cars? Hope not on our potholes/expired road. They know we can't do anything about it ...there is no vision or mission to liberate the economy... this is an economy of wanton sense of micro-economics wrt to the nation's economic dilemma...😑

And you want to end corruption when politics has become lucrative 😓😓😓 See the idiots Nigerians have a parliamentarians? Our biggest problem! They'll keep using our funds to satisfy themselves and keep lying and making us enemies by using religion and regional issues to take our eyes off them, this people are representing themselves alone, they're rulers not leaders!

ifeanyiokoye04 aga na aku... Shame on them. Booo. 😡😡😡

CPI2019 Are the rep members not nigerians? Or A system is corrupt when it is strictly profit-driven, not driven to serve the best interests of its people. If they want to eat local food, why can't they use local made car? Nigeria leaders while deceiving us? I don't think there's any better paying thing in the world than been a Nigerian senator

ChebeFabian Thought the borders were..... Well, never mind. And you say Nigeria will move forward One may only continue to wonder where they have buried their conscience such that it can no longer feel the pulse of fellow Nigerians. Just too, too bad! Lol Na that car go kill you all

When you're corrupt, there's no two ways about it, you're corrupt ...but every average Nigerian does not have access to imported rice bcs government put a ban on importation (so-to-speak), but our 'so-called' leaders rejects Nigerian made cars... These fools aren't proud of this nation... shame Change indeed. What's the difference between now and when YakubDogara was the speaker?

U people are stylishly exhausting this country while life keeps gettin harder for ave Nigerians,5-20 Yrs from now most of u will exist no more,your children & grandchildrens will be on the run their whole lives !!WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!,our kids will tell their kids.. And they shut the borders that we should patronize locally manufactured goods bunch of hypocrites

To be faithful, loyal and honest...🙄 Shame on them. Yet they want to fight corruption Pleasure, at the detriment of the economy Nawa ooo 😢😢 You still will close borders in order to grow our local industry abi? Could it have happened if Dangote owns Innoson Motors? femigbaja DrAhmadLawan you are fooling yourselves. Like in the words of Abaribe,those who live on propaganda will die of it

akinalabi please we need your enlightenment on this. What's the car actually needed for and this is done almost every year Lawmakers get new car for what exactly sir. I love this country When are we going to start stoning them on the streets? See, forget optimism, this country may never get better. Selfishness and avarice has destroyed Nigeria. I can't see anywhere in the future where Nigeria becomes a good country.

WITH THIS ( NIGERIA ) ECONOMY WILL IMPROVE , IT'S LAUGHABLE , ONE NIGERIA MY FOOT , they forget that good leader live by example, GOD BLESS NIGERIA Ha We are robbed everyday in no measure by this incompetent &God forsaking political robbers,we pay heavily for their unworthy service to the nation. like Fela said,few people they fat with big money and the rest they hungry,egba mi oo,with this crop of robbers backward is the word.

Brand or brands? All Nigerian Politician's are the same. Leaders without vision.

I hope they don't order Corona virus alongside the Toyota. They are patriotic Nigerians with the interest of Nigerians at hand let them continue with their selfishness, God is watching United Fraudsters Can't we youth's do something about this old men misusing our funds, Las Las na we go suffer am.. E go b things bro 🚶

Toyota Camry 2020 model for members as official cars. $24,425 per unit. Nigeria is doomed. We are our own problem, The black man is selfish ThePsalms_NG It's baffling as to why EFCC can't go after our government n leaders... Are they now gods? There was once a country that sank by the greediness of the custodian of her interest and wealth.

Talk about developing Nigeria!

The Sheer Audacity in a Sensitive time like this when ple are dying at an alarming rate from insecurity but hey let's buy Exotic Cars.. Boko Haram, Bandits , Herdsmen.. Shud take a Cue from this and start attacking right. We will support them. I hope Party Supporters noticed that they have shared these vehicles without quarrels over religion, political affiliations or tribe of origin.

I am not naija Ingrates Japanese, Chinese, German, American or British MPs, will not buy Nigerian cars! We have Innoson vehicles..that is our Nigerian brand. To think that these are Federal lawmakers paid & funded w our taxes..they are a real let down.. Innoson is yet to pay is dues to NASS.

God punish you all... Lord 😳😳😳😳😳 Thought border was closed for a reason That is unpatriotic on their parts

These people ...hmmm They are quick to ban foreign rice eaten by common man but they can import foreign cars for their selfish use. What a lopsided country ObaJaiyeoba I guess the hypocritical preaching of we the masses to encourage the local products isn't applicable to our law makers? Buhari replace rice with stones, the so called local rice while they eat the best foreign food.

Terrorist they attack everyday these ones dey buy car God have mercy Shame on them. They are not Nigerians. One youth needs to come out for Presidency and we all support him or her. We are the true Nigeria spirit. Anything we touch is gold... Our generation is the beginning. Check out our music industry. NigerianSpirit

And these are idiots that represent you UUzochukwu86 Useless lots, every single one of them. SERAP and other related groups, please.... We the citizens need to take back our country from these vampires. Buy it locally or internationaly na the car go break una spinal cord NGRSenate HouseNGR If they don't patronise Innosson cars who will.. Please if you have the means leave that shithole

Nigeria is doing well Ooin Ooin We should have 360 House of Reps member, so the remaining 40 is for who? But we are in an administration that supports made in Nigeria products. Is it only for the poor? I am not understanding. And they trying to force local rice on us? Wait..... shouldn’t we be getting motivation to patronise local made products from these people? Well, since they will have the opportunity to divert millions to their pockets.... they won’t mind.

Don't they own cars before been house of reps members? What kind of joke is this? I sorry for my country, I sorry sorry oooo, I sorry for Nigeria. They are just heartless. We are benefiting nothing from these people aside being an albatross on the nation. As individuals can they afford that? Awon alaijoberi.

Na their Time!!! It's only the poor who wants the country to grow. The rich acquire more riches by attacking the growth of this country. I wonder the day Nigerians will wake up and realize.. these government is slaving us. (Let me kuku watch my mouth what do I know) Reject Nigerian brands ☹️☹️

Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria We the masses hereby reject Nigeria rice too What is this 😠, what is wrong with this people. Why can't dea just choose cost efficiency and quality. Always extravagant with funds. Shame on selfish mentality Why won't the reject it. That's what we are talking about. Do what you like with our money jare. All my guys are ballers. Please 400 is too small, I think they should order another 400, cars for each senator. Preferably Brabus or Rolls Royce. If the money is not enough, we can always borrow😁😁

Its unfortunate that our leaders are Children with Beards and Pubic hairs. Must they demand for new cars every 4 years. Those cars should be government property. If not re-elected or when a house member is leaving, you keep it for the next person taking over your position. Going with it, is not fair. Every 4 years it is costing the country billions.

NGRSenate ProfOsinbajo NGRPresident MBuhari so this buy nigeria is just a scam for the masses... should they not lead by exampls oh I forgot they not leaders so how can they give what they don't have. So irresponsible of them. HouseNGR if this is true then you are not ready to build a nation.

I wonder the kind of evil spirit that possesses these guys when they are up there. And they closed borders telling us to patronize made in Nigeria goods!!... While them are going for Foreign of reckoning is at hand 🖐️ Jesus This is why we need shekau to visit them..... maybe they will have brain and face the real issue n leave cars

And buhari closed down the border for the masses to use made in Nigeria.. Lol na Tesla dem wan start to dey use now In Malaysia high and exorbitant taxes were put on imported brands, especially luxury brands, all govt vehicles were locally sourced to encourage local brands to thrive.. Promote your business cos no one will do it for u...

Awon Oloriburúkú ppl order exotic cars with our future treasure. Moto yen lo ma pa gbogbo yin. Useless set of ppl reject Nigeria brand. Who dem rep? Group of mad ppl 😠😠😠 And u are forcing us to eat local rice... May Allah punish all our cruel leaders These government charges us almost everything and will soon charge us for the air we breath and use our money in purchasing exotic cars for themselves, God is watching

this is a shame...i wonder who put us in this chain....... Where are the last cars used by last two memebers and I am sure some of then are returning, does that mean they will still get new cars? I tot the cars are official cars meant for the office? If so, where are the last cars purchased by the former reps?is it their private property

What a shame to this useless county called Nigeria all our leaders shall perish soon... This is the only time they put party aside and agree on one thing KOLO MENTALITY Fela said 'The thing wey Black know, no good. nah Foreign things dem dey like. NO BE SO? E BE SO!!!' Goverment na scam There is massive fraud going on in some of CBT centres in Ogun state,where candidate are being mandated to pay 700Naira before they can be participated in an on going mock exam.

If Innoson is for a northerner, Rep will force that brand down everyone’s throat like the cement but guess what...water is wet!!! Don't believe they are after the good of the land rather they are there to grab whatever come to their table from the nation cake and leave the nation in a ruin. God Almighty will by His grace judge them all for wasting our wealth under the shameless pretext of being in the helms of affairs of this nation while the innocent masses can enjoy ordinary malaria treatment in our hospital nor free education for our children. Allah yaisa

Haqhaqhaq These leaders whether apc or pdp, they form wicked and sophisticated collabo as long as it favours their personal interest. May the good Lord run their lives the way they are treating the common man, amen Ko ni daa fun yin!Eyin oloriburuku dede! useless people An average politian is greedy bastard all things for himself only

Meanwhile we are chewing stone-filled rice like say we get gizzard Criminals as rep members womenvoiceNG_ These guys are cancers killing this country Useless law makers.

For this our insecurity I feel sad because all over the world, countries that manufacture cars patronises their own brands first, before you think of luxurious ones not made in your country. Our local content is just lip service and not genuine. So much for local content🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ The same you that ban foreign rice is going for foreign cars.

*Nigerian low quality cars A country that consumes what it doesn't produce and produces what it doesn't consume. No country can progress on that kind of economic equation. It's sad that we know this. Fedral universities to defer sessions of continuing students who failed to pay fees before the deadline, reps rejecting made in Nigeria exotic cars, when would we figure tis out?

The same idiots that supported patronise made in Nigeria to grow Nigeria now reject made in Nigeria cars? Nigerians, una go get sense by force. You think OfficialAPCNg and OfficialPDPNig are the most common and responsible parties to move Nigeria forward, right? Una never see anything... I am very sorry about the sorry and hungry law maker in our country, they are worst than the presidency

Life is nothing but a struggle between the looter and the looted. Posterity will judge them all. Only the masses are entitled to buy Nigeria products to grow Naira but the leaders NOOOOOOO Dis reps sha innoson no good Scrap the nassnigeria akinalabi how true is this? Encouraging... Detriment Way to lead by example.

So they cant use Naija made cars,iam sure they're not eating naija rice too but they want to impose that on us,Shameless leaders,I thought we are endorsing Naija made now🤔🤔🤔 Waste of money.... useless people I weep for our dear country What happened to buy Nigerian to make Nigeria great again?

Are we not deceiving ourselves? Useless people Nigerians leaders why don't you guys PRACTICE what you PREACHES ? Whatever you say or post here does not matter. They will purchase those cars anyway. Until Nigerian workers decide to get sense The written is bold enough for us to see. And you want a robust economy and want it to flourish? bunch of swindlers. Syphoning national treasures.

There is nothing wrong in this, what is wrong and evil is the populace allowing it. How can the indigenous companies and individuals be encouraged to boost the nation economy? See the real fact Nigeria Is either a foolish nation or shit hole. S KOREA, Japan US all patronize home made cars and product ,why can't Nigerians be reasonable for once? Dead mentality

Lol... Gbaja rides in an S63 AMG V12 BiTurbo engine.. car worth over 60m if its bulletproof. He will def see a nigerian brand as inferior Derek74399105 That's our problem group of idiots Nigerians never see anything. 😂😂😂

Next 4 years this will happen again. Nigerians when are we going to get tired and revolt against this nonsense. This is disgusting. Abeg I don't want to ruin my day We have said it severally these law makers are completely disconnected from the ugly reality plauging Nigeria. Instead of making laws that will diversify the economy and make Nigeria a global brand , their irritation is their comfort.

Rogues at the helm of affairs doesn’t understand what exemplary leadership is all about; give them a little access to the treasury and they will loot it up!! bamisen19 Awon eranko gbogbo Wastefulness. Thousands of youths are roaming the street of Nigeria searching for jobs. Our best Doctors, Engineers and Nurses are migrating in large numbers out of this country due to bad government. I weep for our leaders

💔 And they said Saraki and Dogara,were the problem.Having Buhari's lap dogs Lawan and Gbajamila at the helms,it's continued enjoyment,while the taxpayers pay the price. Everyday na nonsense things them dey do until some groups rise up and start launching anonymous attacks on y’all n your families, thats when you lots will focus on important matters. Y’all safe up there and don’t care.

Can't they even accept the cars and buy exotic ones later. This people have to leave office for this country to move forward. Awon omo ale jatijati oshi🚶🚶🚶🚶 MBuhari , this isn't what ur administration is encouraging us to do as a patriot. innosonvehicles is What the Fed should patronize.Even if d quality of d vehicles produced aren't up to d imported ones,let's still encourage him & grow Nigerian. It'll improve. God bless Nigeria🇳🇬

You have all failed this country Craziness is in their head Awon eni eleni After making noises here on social media, will you guys carry placards and go to the National Assembly to protest it? At least show that you too are truly concerned for your Country and her progress? Made in Nigeria brand for what? Our daddies have exquisite taste.

Forgot Hope and Faith... this two can't work in Nigeria. This country is gone. Killed by selfish and myopic leaders. If you find your way our, don't return. They are economic saboteurs To even refuse to buy innosonvehicles is a contradiction of all economic policies of MBuhari .... I thought made in NGR 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 was a cardinal policy of this administration. 😪😭😪😭😪😭 femigbaja

Most stupid reps The Big issue😭 Returning members would still get new vehicles barely 3-4years after getting in the last house. Returning Presiding Officers would also receive new sets. Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 is truly sick‼️‼️‼️ Same set of no goods who can't even summon service chiefs...what a country we live in. Bunch of rubber stamps

Implosion imminent... This is just official or constitutional looting of scarce tax payer's money. It is also unacceptable and wholesome selfishness for them to reject home brands. How can this country develop? How can GDP improve? ...and it's these sets of what that wanted the service chiefs to appear before it...

To Let 2 bedroom flat at ireakari estate via Peluseriki, Akala express, Ibadan. Rent: ₦350k Thieves that closed our borders supporting their nefarious action with the mere parlance of encouraging local production. The hypocrites! And yet we continue to deceive ourselves in this country at all levels. And so it came to pass by Funso Aiyejina. And so it came to pass many seasons after the death of one Savior that a new crop of saviors, armed with party programmes came cascading down our rivers of hope...

Anybody that has been thinking of this country to get better should please stop wasting their time

These are people that are meant to govern. Insane. Where is the slogan, “BUY NIGERIA 🇳🇬 TO GROW NIGERIA?”. It's always been obvious that these politicians don't give a rat's a*s about the populace, until something drastic or out of the ordinary happens, this will be trend, ordinary Nigerians suffering and smiling and while 'they' live fairly take lives.

Pls my question is, is that buying of car's our problem now. Useless leaders Astounding greed ‘nd immorality from the representatives in general. However, I’m more interested in those representatives from the region where Innoson operates - how exactly do they speak up for their region’s development through the adoption of their manufacturing prowess?

Bastard sets of human being Heheehehe.... That's self protection. But this kept me speechless. Akaa_Chukwudi Seeing this is a definition of not wanting Nigeria to move forward. Because with there l this kind of people, Nigeria will remain stagnant. No progress at all.. things would only get worse How many Nigerian car brand do we have?

To those telling us to patronize local rice that will look like semovita after cooking, hope you are seeing it now? All these inferior products are for the poor.

Have they been trekking all this while? Is Nigeria truly broke? And we truly can't afford living income for the workers? PADI PADI government. Since you have failed to educate Nigerian youths, instead cars is ur problem, what goes around would surely comes around, remember u have families What then, is the essence of the boarder closure. OK, so these guys don't count Nigerian brand innosonvehicles as part of our home made goods? Could u plz.. make a list of products that fall within the home made goods and the ones produced here, but excluded?

the thing about selfish desires & want is that you never get satisfied. exotic cars today, bumpa salary tomorrow, fat allowances next... all in search of satisfaction. But it never comes. when you rob others of their happiness to attempt to satisfy ur desires, it goes deeper! Things are not working in nigeria,insecurity,lack of jobs,npower beneficiaries stipend are yet to be paid and they are talking about exotic cars

And you want Us to be eating local Rice... Chai 9ja.... And these ones too are to be called leaders abi. The country is facing a very difficult period in all aspect, but all that concern them is buying of foreign cars for themselves. Nigeria!!! Nigeria was never mature for democracy. AtoyebiBamidel2 Order from where,make i order my own join

It's really disappointing

Na their way. Awon oniranu. WE BUY FAULTY OR CONDEMNED SOLAR INVERTER BATTERY.PLS HELP ME RETWEET THOSE THAT HAVE MIGHT BE ON YOUR TIMELINE Thanks 🙏(08107105177)(09090839033) Leadership by default cannot lead us to limelights. Exotic cars are good for them but masses must eat local rice.. Something must kill this country.

Misplacement of priorities, the system is very dead 💀 how do we votes for these clowns 🤡, Nigerians must fight for a country we love. Same people will tell us to patronise 'made in Nigeria good' Charity begins at home. Wonderful femigbaja see your life. And you are broke It's pains me a lot that all this market woman won't see this because they are the one they use for there campaign after giving them 1k and two 2 cups of rice madness

If they can't use made in Nigeria cars. They should buy foreign cars with their private money. INNOSON and other made in Nigeria cars should be made official car brand.

And they want to grow Nigeria and her economy... Jokers! The hardest working, most maligned and badly treated, poorest paid law makers in the world. Should have just ordered brabus G65 benz suv's for themselves and lexus LX570's for each of their aides. Well played I only pity those who kill themselves for these useless fools during campaign and after , c what they are doing ?

The elites are same irrespective of their political inclinations. All about self, nothing to do with service They are taking us to the next level joo. Yeye Rejecting Nigeria brand, our bother was close so that we can buy Nigeria brand, but that law did not affect our Reps and senators.yeye dey smell What's new.. ?

Bhummie If this was done by saraki and do garba,by now APC urchins would be saying they are against the “change” mantra Criminals ruining our great nation

'Nigerian Brands', how many car manufacturers does Nigeria have?..... Trust me, Innosen is not a reliable brand. It has serious technical issues and the build quality is not good. Nigerians must wake up! If it's possible to kill all these Reps, we should. WTF I can't wait for when the masses will turn on our Government. oh that the day

iykimo Can anything good comes out of NASS Set awon olofo geng....they can't even invest into their own economy Let them buy their self airplane ✈️ each, while millions of their citizens are dying in IDPs camp and being killed by Fulani terrorist and this criminals are talking about cars shame to this criminals in government

no surprise there! These guys are part of the problem why we are the Capital poverty of the world. They preach local content but patronize foreign goods. They never believed in Made in Nigeria And they want to drive policies that would lift the economy!!! Shame on them.

We doomed in this Kwontry And we'd be the one's to be taxed out shey? A country where the legal system is highly corrupt, where rule of law is abused, where people worship criminals, is bound to experience all this nonsense, am very sure someone in the government is benefiting from that contrast of importing 400 vehicles.

400 exotic cars not just normal card ooh we are talking of billions of naira to be spent. Is time for Nigerians to wake up enough of this nonsense No sane government or corporation should borrow Nigerian government money again with all these executives and legislators rascality. tribalism and selfishness in display

When it comes to sharing of money, they will always be united. But will always use religion and tribalism to divide us. Our leaders can only order for exotic vehicle but can't look into the security of the citizens To tell you that in this country called Nigeria, everybody knows the right thing to do but bluntly refuses to do it. And someone keeps telling me that this Nigeria will get better one day Hell no, Nigeria is a closed case.

And we're eating Nigerian rice with stones and foul smells.

And they are forcing us to eat local rice .....we are getting closer to ...........tion ! Very soon ! ...and here we go again. With the way things are going, the country will never get better 400 What a shame. How can we progress with these lawmakers? Wanton consumerism is our bane. Am not surprise with it. We have inferiority complex in this country.

How can we recall these ignoble men? KAHZKAHZ People are getting killed and car is dia problem? And they want to grow the naira? Collateral damages It's so obvious this people don't want progress for Nigeria.

They must buy innosen motors, or no vehicle for them The people killing us and impoverishing the masses and leaving the nation broke This is exactly what I mean when I say we need restructuring lol 😂 we really need this Nigeria is dead 💀 Uselessness has taken over them. The house of assembly in Enugu, Abia, anambra, IMO and ebonyi . . How many of its members are using Nigerian brand?

I will reject Nigerian brands too.... Ahh nizooria

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