Ramadan Fasting Responsible For Recent Reduction In Banditry – Ex-DSS Director

Ramadan Fasting Responsible For Recent Reduction In Banditry – Ex-DSS Director

4/19/2021 12:11:00 PM

Ramadan Fasting Responsible For Recent Reduction In Banditry – Ex-DSS Director

A former Director of the Department of State Services, Mr Mike Ejiofor on Monday said the recent reduction in cases of banditry across the country could be attributed to the Ramadan fasting currently being observed across the country.

The Sultan of Sokoto last week had signalled the commencement of the Ramadan fast, after a moon sighting.READ ALSO:There Won’t Be Elections In 2023 If We Don’t Sort Out Security – Ex-DSS Official“It (banditry) is not coming down,” Mr Ejiofor said. “There’s a lull, especially in the North-West; you know we are observing fasting now. So that’s responsible for what we think is a lull in the issues of banditry, especially in the North-West where it is very prevalent.

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“Some of them too pray. They are religious people. They don’t come from the sky. At times, they also want to pray to God. Even an armed robber will pray to God to save him from his operations.”Nigeria has been experiencing a series of security threats ranging from terrorism, banditry, militancy, cultism among others in several parts of the country.

The country has been battling terrorism for more than a decade which has killed 36,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands in the northeast.The Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) split from the jihadist group Boko Haram in 2016 and has since become a dominant threat in Nigeria, attacking troops and bases while killing and kidnapping passengers at bogus checkpoints. headtopics.com

On March 1, jihadist fighters burnt down a United Nations humanitarian compound in the town of Dikwa after dislodging troops, killing six civilians.Nigeria’s jihadist violence has spread to neighbouring Chad, Cameroon and Niger, prompting a regional military coalition to fight the insurgents.

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While my jaw and right hand sustained damage that still gives me issues today, my wife however couldn't live to tell her story.

Says who?you guys are lucky to have security men around you,you don't know what ordinary Nigerians go through everyday in the hands of bandits,real leaders like late chadian head of state are always there to defend thier country,stay here day twitt okpata In other words? Say it loud oga Make them fast forever then lol

Quite unfortunate. God almighty wants us to be holy, kind and human at all times. It not true Islam is peace always If that is the case, then Muslims should fast forever, as your claim insinuates that they are mainly responsible for banditry. I come in peace Ramadan must not end! One just happen today in Anambra

So in other words banditry is associated with Islam? Definitely most Muslims are terrorist Hmmmmm so bandits pray too

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ We should know now who the terrorist groups are. MBuhari should apologize to Igbos pls Are you sure this people don't know all this bandits and headsmen one on one, how did u know this thing u just said here. so this implies that the bandits are mostly muslims You just confirmed that it is Muslims especially in the north that are responsible for banditry.

In other words,they are on break....issokay Religion would eventually finish this country The Presidency has not uttered a word on the PantamiGate? Truly amazing. It's only during Ramadan that Muslims are holier....eyeservice.....why can't they embed that in their lifestyle So, the reduction in banditry is not by your own efforts and actions? Shame on you....

This statement has different meanings. We all knew they are the ones terrorising the whole world.....Christians are peaceful paople all over d world 🌎 Are the bandits Muslims? Oga dss? Oga, what are u insinuating? That's just the whole truth.... cos all don't want to offend Allah so they are holy for this month of Ramadan then after the Ramadan, kidnapping and killing continues...

What are the measures put in place by the DSS to stop all these. DSS should be able to stop the issue of banditry. At least you are agreeing that they are Muslims. So once fasting is over,they will resume abi? But where's the lie So it is confirmed!!! Can we then have Ramadan everyday

They are fasting too🤔 After the fast, they will come back. Too bad. Them declare everyday Ramadan! 😂😂😂😂😂 Nigeria Ntọọọ! How come I find this idicting Is this man Okay? All of you are mad, there is nothing we won't hear from u shameless old fullz. One can only wonder what they pray to God .. sometimes I wonder what Northerners prayer points are and what southerners prayer points I bet they’re different


2007 Toyota Corolla for sale location Abuja DME if you interested. Don't stop the fast then What are you trying to say? you need to plug it before you talk sir or else you will say rubbish if you speak,like the one you just did now. Is this the type of idiotic news that Channels TV can carry? You will pay for complicity in what APC government is doing in Nigeria. If Nigeria belongs to the Fulani, is that why APC government rules with impunity without a word from Channels TV? Not fit to be a media outlet!

Mumu DSS They went to fast. After fasting they continue 🤣😬 Cruise country Hypocrites. They are just on hunger strike. Pls speak in plain English let's understand Islam is pure, true but it doesn't mean all members are clean. Remember it was an imam that was mediating between the bandits and the govt. What does that tell you? Truth could be bitter but the man has a point.

VERY DEEP FACTUAL Free speeches everywhere with a Chronicles of excuses.🤔 So, they are Muslims? Then, this is the time to act before they get energy again. There real identities have finally been exposed. The Ejiofor guy should just show his Pdp card always pedestrian, never showed any intelligence, stop inviting the Bigot to tv.

This is an insult and disrespect to our military. So its not because of the intensified bombardments and Ambush by both military and local vigilantes? Wow! Ex DSS Director 😲😲 Ya Allah pls let the fast continue, till 600 years