Princess Diana’s Former Lover, James Hewitt Revealed In A Book

Princess Diana’s Former Lover, James Hewitt Revealed In A Book

11/24/2020 11:39:00 AM

Princess Diana’s Former Lover, James Hewitt Revealed In A Book

the book, the speculation, which has dogged the Prince ever since his childhood, has endlessly been fuelled by the fact that they share close resemblance such as ginger hair.

commentators have continued to speculate that Prince Charles may notbe the real father of Prince Harry. The report said; “As a consequence of Hewitt’s romance with Diana,fans have frequently speculated that Hewitt could, be the father ofPrince Harry, citing a resemblance between the two—their red hair, in

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particular. Hewitt has uniformly denied these claims. “Likewise, Wharfe wrote, ‘A simple comparison of dates proves it isimpossible for Hewitt to be Harry’s father. … Harry was born onSeptember 15, 1984, which means he was conceived around Christmas

1983, when his brother, William, was 18 months old. Diana did not meetJames Hewitt until the summer of 1986.” However, wild claims that Prince Charles is not Prince Harry’s real dad resurfaced in April this year after the future king tested positive for coronavirus.

 The publication also said, “Not long after he became Diana’s riding instructor, the two became romantically involved—an arrangement that would last for several years. “The Princess’s marriage to Prince Charles was known to be rocky bythe time she met Hewitt, and Charles was reportedly already carrying on his own liaison with his former girlfriend (and future wife) Camilla Parker-Bowles, which Diana’s bodyguard, Wharfe, posited may

have contributed to her willingness to begin an affair with Hewitt. “Hewitt, a natural womaniser, gave her the attention and affection sherelished, and then the passion she yearned for,” he wrote. “The pairusually met at an old cottage in Devon belonging to Shirley, Hewitt’s

mother, where the creaking bedroom floorboards told the story moreloudly than any confession.” Regardless of how the relationship carried on, by the end of the 1980sHewitt was given command of a tank squadron, which led him abroad. “Diana felt betrayed: he had chosen his career over her. At first, sheb did everything she could to prevent him from going, even threatening

to speak to his commanding officer.  Read more: LEADERSHIP Newspaper »

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