2023 Presidency

2023 Presidency

President from North-East will end insurgency, says Fintiri

President from North-East will end insurgency, says Fintiri

10/22/2021 10:57:00 AM

President from North-East will end insurgency, says Fintiri

Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri, has said electing a President from the North East will bring an end to the insurgency being witnessed in parts of the country.

The governor noted that insurgency in the North East would end within the first term of the Presidency of any candidate of North Eastern extraction.He added that though the former chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, did his best in trying to bring the insurgency to the end, he said his effort only resulted in modest gains because the counter-insurgency efforts did not get the 100 per cent support required from the presidency.

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“The Boko Haram insurgency will be wiped out in the first term of a president from the North East. It is a popular saying that he, who wears the shoe, knows where it pinches him. Lt. Gen. Buratai did his best when he was at the helm of affairs.“If he had been given 100 per cent support, I want to believe, he would have snuffed out the terrorists in Sambisa forest, Fintiri said.

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Nigerian Army On Rampage: How Security Forces Are Killing And Maiming South Eastern Residents

Hahaha. Where is the brain?. Possessing AK47 will not make north east produce a good president. God forbid....we know ur plans.....and it will never work What is the implications of this statement? Regional system of govt is the answer to all this nonsense happening in Nigeria Another political campaign 😂😂😂Let it continue since you don't have sense

Like the one from North West eliminated terrorists and killer herdsmen. Some people vote in former Boko Haram spokesperson as d president with mentality he will put an end to insecurities,now see were we are? Woo is this not PDP? So the president person on sit is from West abi It seems you're working with the terrorists.

#EndSARS: North-East Youths Join Memorial Protest, Demand Justice For Lekki Tollgate Victims | Sahara ReportersThe youths converged on Yola, the capital of Adamawa State and took to the streets in a peaceful procession, chanting solidarity songs with the departed. What changed? Invest in yourself such that you can build wealth to travel anywhere in the world ...jump into Affiliate marketing and build your income! Uhmnn....🤔

Another story line You are right. South-East wants their person to be President, Norh-East wants their person to be President, so let each region just have their own Presidents so we can have peace. 😂 😂 😂 😂. Those Top military officers are from there Ok Godforbid so presidency from south east not in the agenda?

😂 Mumu man, you think say you get sense. Buhari is from Dahomey Useless head, Buhari is from where? The present one is from the east abi? Someone should smell his mouth

North-Central govs, RMAFC brainstorm in Kogi on new sharing formula - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Nah the only thing wey dey Sabi wella be that ☹️

Nigeria is just the north now? They should elect him as north east governors forum chairman. Certified moron... Aye fintiri onida Just tell us that you're campaigning for your boss Atiku instead of this long story. But sorry to disappoint you; Nigeria has done enough for Atiku, let him support Peter Obi. I hate nonsense 😚

Yes ooo.... President of Northern Nigeria Caliphate Lol Because Buhari is from North Central. Am with you sir I completely agree with him,a president from the North-East to lead a newly created country like Northern Nigeria will certainly put a stop to the Boko Haram insurgency, while Southern Nigeria will then elect a president that would develop our new country. Let's end this nonsense

Gunmen kill 43 in Nigeria’s troubled northMaybe when the north realize I pray it's not late for dem

E be like say fintiri don smoke igbo....wield smoker Peter obi is the only reason I'm still interested in 🇳🇬 politics if he doesn't contest under the pdp I will not vote for the pdp I know alot of young people are only interested if peter obi's presidential candidature if he goes back to apga I'll follow he deserves to b president

Tik Tik Tik Mad ppl everywhere same way Buhari came wt fake promises President association of Jihadists. For the fact the Afghan story ws celebrated ascertains the fact that Insurgency in NE ws deliberate. Pushing for Presidency is just formalities. Una sha know it won't be easy If the person is currently from the northeast & has not collaborated with the government to stop the killings, even if he is made the president of the universe he will still not solve the problem. The elites from the northeast are profiting from the killings.

Go tell that to the Pikins please. Another tramadol politician always seeking power without governance idea Statement like this will make me to withdraw my support for Atiku. So you're sponsoring it for your selfish reasons just like MBuhari

#EndSARS: North-East Youths Join Memorial Protest, Demand Justice For Lekki Tollgate Victims | Sahara ReportersThe youths converged on Yola, the capital of Adamawa State and took to the streets in a peaceful procession, chanting solidarity songs with the departed. What changed? Invest in yourself such that you can build wealth to travel anywhere in the world ...jump into Affiliate marketing and build your income! Uhmnn....🤔

A serious contender for the presidential race will think twice before using this carrot of 'end-insurgency'. If Buhari has not taught us a lesson then we are doomed! Nigeria is too cumbersome to manage. Arewa should stop being afraid of having their own country. They should join Niger republic and form bigger nation of need be.

ONI KATI-KATI, e dey disguise AkimAlasan Forgetting the Atiku you are pushing was the VP when BH started in the northeast . Ok one nigeria indeed. South want to disintegrate, north wants one nigeria but also want a north Eastern president cause they believe that's the only way to end insurgency because they don't trust the southerner enough to do the same even when a northerner is doing a very bad job

Drunken sailor 🤣🤣 OkechukwuNwadi5 Ndiala Ndiala everywhere. MAD PEOPLE. RULE YOUR FULANI AREA AND DON'T BOTHER BIAFRANS. KEEP YOUR EVIL IN THE NORTH AND RULE YOURSELVES. STOP DRAGGING BIAFRANS INTO YOUR EVIL UNION WITH THE BRITISH. MAD EVIL PEOPLE Onpe make e no end. Another quota presido loading . These northerners will just open mouth n spit nonsense

Oh sorry I just remembered Buhari is not from the north but Niger

#EndSARS Memorial: Police arrest, arraign 34 suspectsPolice say hoodlums took advantage of a traffic gridlock after the protest had ended. Suspected of What Exactly!? I thought jidesanwoolu said he has direct the release of all protesters arrested. Man jidesanwoolu is a bloody liar. We will never forget your atrocities.

It is sadly idiotic to think the geo-political zone the President comes from has any leverage on containing or stopping the insurgency. To go as far to saying so is most unfortunate It better not end and remains with you there 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣 Nigerian politicians, fear them Buhari is from South- South, òdè!

Do the maths..maybe we just found one of the sponsors Has anything change from buhari. So east or south are dead people. Even if all d imam in Nigeria from north rule Nigeria.. only ur evil intention will just be plainly seen by d blind. South East presidency will end agitation for secession Our politicians talk out of sense n yet another one says if youths wants to make impact, they should join politics. Most senseless I have heard from a brilliant brain. Not everyone wants to be a politician; not with the way things are going in our home politics

I've said this several times this cap and sense are always in opposite direction,no sense at all when the cap is on your head. Akunya

End SARS: Army, police killed 12 in Lekki, Alausa - Amnesty InternationalAmnesty International says one year after End SARS protests ended in a brutal crackdown by security forces, no one has been brought to justice for torture

Bla bla bla Very useless Where is Buhari from? Oh yes, from Jupiter In other words insurgency ll not end until we have a president from north East. Oga fintiri wat is the work of d president? And why must he come from north east? Nig army can kill Ipob and end sars protesters but terrorists are absorbed into the army.

Change the north to south Interest interest personal interest ....has the one from the northwest ended banditry? Werey Dey yarn OK...we will consider that in 2031 The funny thing is that northern Nigeria has been in power since like forever, yet they're the most backward, the most undeveloped and the most ravaged part of Nigeria. Give them power now, and I'll wager my entire funds that insurgency will INCREASE 50 fold.

What if not from north - east will insurgency not stop That will happen when Nigeria breaks up

Going by what we have see, President from North -East will increase insurgency and division of Nigeria. B4 it was a president from the north will end it. That one is stale. It's now a president form the' North east' He's positioning for Atiku. He is talking rubbisH. Even military intelligence officers asserted this about Buhari in 2015. Went as far as convincing the US, how did it go? How long will they continue to use this to negotiate for power?

Is this to say the APC and Buhari can not end the northeast insurgency as they promised in their campaign? Is this also to say that Buhari is insensitive to the insurgency in the northeast because he isn't from the northeast? Just because the president from the northwest started and ended banditry in his northwest abi.

Just lik the president from northwest ended banditry 🤣🤣🤣 Story-story Brain-dead fellow! So, Buhari is finding Katsina safe? It's a great indictment on the sanity of our polity & society that such idiotic statements from equally idiotic & lunatic personalities are allowed center stage in public discourse For any news media to report such asinine statements is quite daft & damaging to our sensitivity

Humm! See talk! North East ko na North BH nii. Thinking aloud, Why do the Northerners never even for once agitate to rule themselves or seek self determination Is it that they don't believe in themselves or they loved the present Nigeria ?

Just like that? How will electing a President from the North East bring an end to the insurgency being witnessed in parts of the country? What did Fintiri mean by saying Buhari did not give 100 per cent support to the counter-insurgency measures posited by Buratai So now is clearly that the one there is not from north is from Sudan his now you wanted to bring and elect the real northern man Sha eeeee. Darkest country in the world NIGERIA . a country were foreigners we come and be president , costom , police, soldiers and more shame shame

Hahaha the present president is from the West abi ,jokers everywhere in Nigeria And I am almost agreeing that wearing this cap makes one not to think properly. What happened to the man from Katsina The idiocy of some of this 'leaders' is of Picasso quality. Buhari will tackle insecurity while Osibanjo handles the economy = handicap

Lol,e be like say this cap de make dis ppl no de think properly Them Bandit’s are your families, talk to them to stop 🛑

we need a system that works not people who govern on the basis of tribal sentiments. Dream on brother, you guys should go and lecture those cows 🐂 seen as humans how to live in peace with fellow human beings. Presidency from your region will not save anything. Although we're all clamouring for atiku, if you guys don't go all out to teach ur people, I'm afraid.

President from North West did not end banditry. Has presidency from North-west prevented the carnage by Bandits in that area? Fintiri campaigning for his boss atiku . The truth is who ever APC brings is going to win the 2023 election because the PDP are serious anymore. Those who hate northern president will also vote who ever PDP bring for them, and their population is just about 5% which means n

Akpamu continue with your insurgency GovernorAUF This is an unfortunate statement from you. Self centred opinion though. I don't know him probably he's looking for a way to be popular. Attention seeker. 😂

Anytime you see Fulanis power is behind them both are working together Say it directly atiku is the best President from which region will control inflation? He is only giving reason why we can’t continue as one country. Ending insurgency requires western support ,as the sources of the funding can be traced by the west since transaction are done in US dollars ,The Nigeria nation have to get close to the west and request they cut off dollar supply root to the terrorists

Just like Buhari the General fighting from the front stopped them. Na God go fitino you Have Buhari been able to save his state. Right under his nose, terrorists kidnapped OVER 600 school children and he couldn't stop it. Until the North wants to end insurgency,it will NEVER end Naso buhari talk Drunken master!

Another madness: Is better you say: atiku should be bestowed with Presidency without holding election to mitigate banditry

In your dreams Where have they been coming from? South East? Low reasoning IQ 😆😆😆😆😆 another mumu PeterObi can do dt as well 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Story For The gods 🙄 We at Stonegig sell and install wall stone tiles. We endeavour to make it available for you anytime and anywhere in Nigeria...we always deliver at

If that's the case then insurgency can continue there forever! What nonsense! North has held power since and the country has only gone from bad to worse and ur solution is another northerner? Them u guys can die with the insurgency but no northerner should even contest 2023 So u need presidency to end insurgency Pls let the insurgency continue.

The Northerners' love & hustling for power that they know not how to use to make positive & lasting impact & build bridges of love & unity is most unimaginable & inexplicable. This love for power for the fun of it is what has continued to sadly bring Nigeria to its knees.

Buhari is from which region again Normadic people with Normadic mentality. 😂 Mad people everywhere! Clowns Better go and receive sense. Isokuso. so what will ease hunger in South, kidnapping in south? what, what Small boy sitting ontop of looted funds and money 💰 launders Nigeria 🇳🇬 is a scam and must be disintegrate Nigeria is no man's land that's why Fulanis are clamouring the own IGBO'S YORUBA'S HAUSA'S and the entire population in that contraption called NiggaAreal.


Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!!!!? Yes I totally agree but before that a date for referendum must be fixed to determine the faith of the MASSES. lol E be like say this one brain dey shake You must be mental Shatap !! Dog ! where is Buhari from? Oponu! Just say Atiku will end insurgency. Nonsense! Just like the way they have ended it now. Deception everywhere. FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow BiafraReferendum

President from the North didn't do anything. President from the North East will be too busy with the North East and will neglect the rest of the country. Nah. Not again. Why stop it when you can keep benefitting from it? Jungle-animals Chai It's a pity Very shameful Rest bish..... Abeg getat So the man from Kastina is no longer the messiah. Rubbish

You are saying trash Criminals Rubbish!