Adesina, Buhari

Adesina, Buhari

Presidency raises alarm, reveals those trying portray Buhari as not in charge of Nigeria - Daily Post Nigeria

Presidency raises alarm, reveals those trying portray Buhari as not in charge of Nigeria

12/24/2020 12:08:00 AM

Presidency raises alarm, reveals those trying portray Buhari as not in charge of Nigeria

The Presidency on Wednesday alerted the general public on an alleged smear campaign in the works against President Muhammadu Buhari and his office by

According to Femi Adesina, in a statement on Wednesday, these politicians have been shopping for pliant online media that will serve as accomplices in their nefarious act.Adesina claimed that these politicians’ game plan is to launch campaign of calumny in the coming days against the President.

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According to him they are plotting to portray President Muhammadu Buhari would “as not being in charge of the country, a narrative already started from a procured offshore medium by the instigators.”He further claimed that money and other attractive inducements are being offered to the online media to cook up unsubstantiated stories against the President all to sow seeds of discord and discontent in the country.

He called on Nigerians to disregard such stories when they come across them, urging them to be wary and discerning in what they consume as news.“President Buhari remains focused and single-minded in his determination to serve the country to the best of his ability, bringing change to different facets of our national life,” Adesina said.

He said that the President’s performance in the area of infrastructure such as construction roads, rail, bridges, airports round the country and even agriculture, testify that the Buhari is in control. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

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While my jaw and right hand sustained damage that still gives me issues today, my wife however couldn't live to tell her story.

If course we experienced the Changes... Pls Stop deviating ur fellow citizens and Nigeria is in Difficult situation... His action portrayed that he is not in charge. But the Presidency is already aware that Buhari is not in-charge! It is not the refutal of the news that matters but actions from the President and not the Presidency that I am in charge. This can be done by granting direct interview with journalist and not through any Special adviser.

Mad People Everywhere FYI: MOHAMMED BUHARI is long a DEAD MAN and was Buried in Saudi, in 2017. Please the so called Presidency prove me wrong if I am. If Booboo is still alive, I challenge HIM to present himself flesh in Lagos Toll gate and address the Nigerians They will fail as usual by God's grace

Looking forward to see our President in the Media Chat, where our President will be answering questions posed to him by journalist and people calling in That ought to have taken place long ago before now. If presidency dey raise alarm / clock for these yeye country, We go blow trumpet na!!! Jokers!!! Where is the list of their names? You don't reveal anything here

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Nigeria 🇳🇬 president don die no be today...Na ye ye boy from Sudan 🇸🇩 dey rule us ..bunches of hypocrites 🙅🏼‍♂️ Buhari is not in charge. His so-called government is been taken over by vultures. Every one in the government is trying to show how powerful he/she can be in the government. When the people needed to hear from their president, they only hear from the presidency (I wonder who that is). Who leads a country a president or presidency?

AsoRockIsEmpty Where is the lie? Buhari is dead . Evidence are everywhere where. Only golllible Nigerians you can deciieve. But we must continue to expose you jubril Please who actually is this PRESIDENCY. I voted for a president not presidency Buhari is dead We only have presidency in this country, we don't have president.

Is Buhari in charge of Nigeria before?. Why will the presidency send a deligation to kankara from Abuja when the president himself is in Katsina. Who is the presidency?.

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Convince us that he's in charge Buhari is NOT in charge. Yes I said so. 🤡🤡🤡 Why crying and shouting off? What goes bye comes bye. Propaganda master 😎 We are not from jupiter, so we all sees it ourselves So who is in charge of Nigeria then?

Demonic Fulanis sent to destroy Nigeria, Buhari not in charge - Prophet El-Buba - Daily Post NigeriaProphet Isa El-Buba, President of EL-Buba Outreach Ministries, has said some Fulanis are under demonic influence to destroy Nigeria. El-Buba said though Stop lying, buhari is in charge forget about demonic here oga When God say yes no one can say no. God is our strength Prophet El-Buba thank you so much No sane person in this country wey no no say no b Buhari dey in charge, even Buhari wife talk am, she say 2 powerful people Don hijack her husband position

Herdsmen crisis: Buhari not talkative President, must not speak on everything - Presidency - Daily Post NigeriaThe Presidency has said that President Muhammadu Buhari is not a talkative and so he is not expected to speak on every matter that comes up in the True true __________ COBRA BITTERS Non alcoholic and Permanent solution to Premature ejaculation Weak erection And Small penis Save yourself from female partner's embarrassment today DM cobrabitters To order or whatsapp 09023245320 I pity you Mr. Ade Shina I thought you are a Yoruba man . Resign and go home the nation is ashamed of your role stop defending nonentity. I'm not Surprise at all

DSS raises alarm, names states ethnic, religious violence are being plotted in Nigeria - Daily Post NigeriaThe Department of State Services (DSS) has warned against plans by some Nigerians to launch ethno-religious violence in the country. The warning was To hell with FSS, Fulani Secret Service!!!!! Our brothers plot we raise alarm I'm sure the list should qv like 36 States😂